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Archive-name: Changes/shag-dog.txt


Archive-title: Shaggy Dog

    This is a brief forward to set the background for this

story.  I have noticed television shows lately that involve

humans changing into dogs.

     Disney did a recent update on the "Shaggy Dog" story

(you remember, teenage Wilby triggers a curse that turns him

into a sheepdog whenever anyone reads an inscription on a

ring).  Well, Wilby is now a lawyer in the 90's, newly

married, except his wife (Darla, since I couldn't remember

her name) doesn't know his canine past.  Well, some bad

people get control of the ring and Wilby begins to get furry

again.  Of course, being Disney, it all ends well.

However, I got to thinking about their marriage and Wilby's

problem and . . .



     It was the second week of their honeymoon and Darla was

still thrilled.  Despite the strange things that had happened

on their marriage day, Wilby had turned out to be as

wonderful as she dreamed.  Their first week was spent at the

Grand Canyon, and the second at a quiet little ski resort.

This was their first day at the resort, and they had their

own cabin with all the privacy they wanted.

     Sex was everything she had dreamed about (since this is

from a Disney movie, of COURSE they were both virgins!).

Wilby was so kind, and considerate - he was willing to do

anything to please her.  Darla smiled to himself at how much

Wilby seemed to enjoy "going down" on her.

     Earlier that day, the maid was cleaning the room Wilby

and Darla left at the Grand Canyon.  The maid found this neat

old ring with some kind of Latin inscription.  Since it was

too late in the day to give the ring to the manager, the maid

decided to keep it.  Her boy was taking Latin, and she was

curious about that inscription.

     She took it home and very early the next morning,

when her son woke up, she gave it to him to figure out.  He

puzzled over it, muttering quietly to himself.  A little

while later, he laughed and told her it was some kind of

curse.  It was supposedly made by the Borgias and said

something about dogs.  She laughed, and told him to read it

in Latin.  He did, making sure to sound very scary - they

both laughed about it and forgot about it.

     Well, about the time they were reading the inscription,

Wilby was starting to work on Darla.  They had just woke

up, and had ordered room service.  Darla was laying on the

bed looking at the ceiling with her legs dangling onto the

floor.  Perched between her legs was Wilby, licking his heart

(and her) out.

     As usual, whenever anyone read the inscription, Wilby

began changing into a large sheepdog.  However, he usually

did it so slowly that he didn't notice it until it was almost

completed.  This time, he was so caught up in what he was

doing, that he didn't notice it at all.  His eyes closed in

concentration, the only strange thing he noticed was how much

deeper he was licking this time, and how much more he could

taste his dear wife this time.

     For her part, Darla was in heaven.  Always before she

had loved it when Wilby licked her out.  This time, he was

amazing!  It felt like his tongue was two feet long.  She was

so caught up that she couldn't move from her position except

to wiggle her toes at the hot feelings.

     Finally, Darla began to come in an awesome explosion.

Wilby pulled back a little and opened his eyes to watch, but

didn't notice anything unusual right off.  Then he realized

he could see a lot more nose than usual.  He looked down and

was speechless - he wondered how long he had been like this.


Before Wilby could do anything, Darla recovered enough

to lean up and begin to thank him.  She opened her eyes, and

was about to speak when she focused on her canine husband.

She let out a quiet "peep", and just stared at her.

     Wilby looked as worried as a dog could possible look,

and was about to speak when . . .


     "AAARRRGGGHH!!"  Darla screamed, "I've been letting a

dog lick me out!  Willby!  Damn you, this isn't funny!

Come on out!".  She began screaming wildly about how horrible

it was, and waving her arms around.


     Taking it very calmly (after all, he had lots of

experience), Wilby thought to himself that she sounded a lot

like Lucy after being kissed by Snoopy - he wondered if she

would begin yelling about dog germs.


     "Darla!  Settle down - there's something I've been

meaning to tell you.  Uh, you know all that weird stuff

that happened the day we got married!  Well, it all started

back when I was a teenager. . . . . . . . "


     Maybe it was the calm, cool and factual way this was

presented to Darla.  Maybe it was because it was a dog being

calm and cool as he presented it to her.  Anyway, Darla

calmed down somewhat and began to relax.

     Calming down, she apologised "Oh, I sort of believed you

then, but it was just so. . . And tonight, to look up

expecting your husband to be there and to see a sheepdog.

Well, I . ."

     "I know, I know"

     "Well," getting up, she went to her purse, "it was in

here yesterday."  Looking around and finally dumping the

contents on the dresser, she couldn't find it.

     "Oh no!  I just remembered, I took it and was playing

with it - I must have left it out in our room and the


     "Well, if that's the case, we can send for it tomorrow"

Darla was getting back to normal now and she calmly

continued, "but I don't know how we can get anyone to read

the inscription without telling them why."

     "Well, I really don't want to stay like this", Wilby

griped.  "But I guess you are right.  But let's get it here

as soon as we can!".

     They both sat there for a while, recovering.  After all,

they had both just gone from orgasms, to panic.

     Wilby began to whine, and it took Darla a minute to

realize that he was actually crying!  She couldn't help

herself - she ran over to him and sat beside him.  Not sure

of how to continue, she hugged his head to her breast and

began stroking him.

     "I know dear, I'm sorry for yelling.  I know you didn't

ask for this.  I do love you."  She began telling him, all

the while stroking his furry body like she used to rub the

dogs she had kept when she was a girl.

     Wilby began calming down under the rubbing she was

doing.  She kept on, and after a minute or two, Wilby began

feeling something strange he couldn't identify.  He lowered

his head, and quickly realized what he felt - it was the same

thing he felt when he was a man and Darla rubbed him like


     Darla too was feeling something strange.  While petting

this dog that was her husband, Darla realized how strong and

powerful Wilby was as a sheepdog.  As her hands passed over

him, Darla felt the muscles play across his body.  He smelled

like fresh-cut hay, and she found herself thinking of how

much she enjoyed herself a few minutes ago.

     Thinking about that, Darla let her hand slip lower on

Wilby's belly.  She suddenly brushed against something that

felt real strange.  She looked down, and saw that Wilby the

dog had a hard-on!  Looking at it, she felt feelings racing

through her that she could hardly understand.  She realized

that she loved her husband no matter what he looked like.

(She also realized that as a dog, he had a much larger cock

than as a man).

     Wilby stiffened as Darla's rubbing had brushed across

his hard cock.  It immediately got harder and began to ache.

Wilby tried to get up, but Darla quickly wrapped her hand

around his cock.  He swung his head to look at her and saw

a big, evil grin on her face as she began to slowly jack him

off.  He struggled to say something, to tell her how wrong

this was.  Before he could say a word, she smiled and said

"My turn."

     Darla could hardly believe what she was doing as she

held Wilbys throbbing dog-cock.  It felt different from a

man's cock - it was much warmer and wetter.  His dog-cock had

some kind of a bulb close to the tip that seemed to be

swelling as she stroked it.  She looked up and into his large

brown eyes and said "My turn".  Then she bent over and licked

his cock like an ice cream cone.

     Darla couldn't believe the taste!  It was like the best

meal combined with the finest dessert in the world!  She

licked again, then began to gently suck on his cock.  Darla

could feel his body quiver, and he began to pant as her

tongue began twirling around the canine knob at the end of

his prick.

     Wilby was still in shock.  He had turned into a dog

while having sex with his wife and she didn't seem to care!

He realized that dogs must have a lot more senses than a man,

because Darla was about to make him explode with her tongue.

Wilby got his breath and jumped back as Darla paused for

breath.  "Darla!  I can't let you do this - I'm a dog,

damnit!  You don't have to do this."

     Darla looked at him, seeing not the dog, but her

husband.  "I don't care what you look like, Wilby.  I love

you and you excite me no matter what you are.  Just looking

at you, I can see that dog or not, you are excited by me.

I am still so horny, I'll do anything for satisfaction."

     Wilby knew she was right.  He could barely control

himself - now he knew why dogs always wanted to hump anything

that moved.

     Darla rolled over onto her stomach, then got onto all

fours.  Waving her ass in front of his muzzle, she looked

over a shoulder and said huskily, "Will you make love to me?

I can't stand it anymore!"

     That was all Wilby the dog could take.  He jumped onto

he back, in the classic position and began to hump at her.

Darla reached behind her and grabbed Wilby's cock, and guided

it into her body.

     "Ohh!  My God Wilby!  You're huge!" Darla wailed as the

immensely swollen cock-knob pressed against her lips.  Wilby

was past all reason, and growled mightily as he shoved his

dog-cock into Darla's shivering body.  Darla moaned as the

knob pushed its way into her and Wilby's cock sank deep into

her body.

     They stayed in that position for a moment, with the dog-

cock deep within Darla.  Darla shivered as Wilby's fur



tickled her back and his paws came to rest on her shoulders.

Wilby suddenly jerked back on Darla's shoulders as he shoved

his cock deep into her unresisting body.  Darla clamped her

muscles around his cock and was rewarded by a howl as Wilby

felt his prick grabbed as if by a giant hand.

     Then they began fucking in earnest.  Wilby was almost

totally lost in bestial lust.  Just enough of him remained to

make sure that his canine claws did not cut his beautiful

wife.  Darla really didn't care, she was just reveling in the

total abandon she was enjoying.  She was fucking a DOG and

loving it!  Even though that dog was her husband, Darla felt

chills running through her as she thought about how filthy

she had become.

     Darla was cumming almost continuously.  She was moaning

and shivering totally out of control.  Wilby was gone,

replaced by an animalistic fucking machine.  He would push

deep into her cunt and hold himself deep inside as Darla's

cunt-muscles clasped his cock-knob.  When she relaxed, Wilby

pulled out, only to push back in again.  Darla's back was

getting scratched by his claws, but she didn't care.

     Darla began to moan as she spasmed in a mind-blowing

orgasm.  Wilby lifted his muzzle in the air and howled as he

felt his dog-scum pour into her spasming cunt.  Darla was

amazed at the amount of cum that the dog-cock pumped into

her shivering body.

     Finally they stopped moving, with Wilby's dog-cock

buried deep within her body.  Darla moved around a moment

more, then totally relaxed - she had never felt so good in

her life.  Wilby was collapsed on top of her, stunned at the

sensations he had just experienced.

     Wilby felt great - his doggy balls were totally drained.

But he was horrified at the bestial lust that had taken him

completely by storm.  He suddenly felt ashamed at himself,

thinking that he had raped his wife.  He tried to withdraw,

only to be stopped short.  He tried again, uncertain of what

the problem was.  His moving woke Darla from her daze.  She

tried to pull forward off of his cock, only to drag him with

her!  They were stuck together like dogs fucking in an alley!

     "Wilby!  What's going on?  This isn't funny!  Let go of

me.", Darla said.

     Whining, Wilby gave a mighty tug backwards, suceeding

only in pulling Darla halfway off the bed.  "Darla, I .. I'm

sorry about all of this.  I couldn't control myself, and now

this ... please forgive me."

     "Wilby, I had a small part in this too.  But what's

happened?  Why can't we seperate?"

     "Uh, well . . . Have you ever seen two dogs mating?  Did

you ever notice what happened after they were finished?"

Wilby haltingly tried to explain.

     "Well, yes, I remember now - how long do they usually

stay together?"  Darla was feeling very dirty - she was no

better than a street mutt.  She was a bitch now, in more ways

than one.

     "I don't know," Wilby replied, "but maybe if we relaxed,

something would loosen and we could get apart."

     They might have managed it, but they forgot about the

breakfast they had ordered.  While they were fucking, they

had not heard the knock on the front door, or the sound of

the door opening as the maid came in.  Drawn by Wilby's howl,

the maid said nothing, but instead snuck to the door of their

bedroom.  When she saw them stuck together, and especially

when she heard Wilby talk, she was frozen in shock.  She was

shocked, not because of seeing a woman fucking a dog, but

because this was one of her hottest hidden fantasies.



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