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Archive-name: Changes/sewed-in.txt


Archive-title: Sewed In

One Saturday afternoon, my girlfriend Marcia called and asked 

me to come over to her apartment and help her out.  "Sure," I 

said, little knowing that this would change my life.  We had 

tickets to a play and dinner reservations, and I hoped she 

was too horny to wait until afterward to make love.  When I 

got there, it turned out she had something else in mind. 

She had her sewing stuff scattered all over the bed and was 

busy fixing up her wardrobe.  The help she needed was for me 

to put on one of her dresses and stand there while she pinned 

the hem.  I felt kind of stupid standing there in a dress, 

and then she said, "Darn. It doesn't hang right.  You need 

some tits."  She had me put on one of her bras, and filled 

some stockings with rice and tied them off to make falsies. 

Then she decided that to get the length right, I should wear 

high heels too, and of course that meant stockings, so I 

could get my feet into the shoes, and a garter belt, to hold 

the stockings up.  When she slipped a pair of panties and a 

slip on me, my growing hard-on showed that I was enjoying 


She tried one of her wigs on me and had me look at myself in 

the mirror.  "Wish I looked as sexy as I feel," I said.  

"Makeup will fix that," she said, and proceeded to apply 

base, blush, eye makeup, and lipstick.  It was fantastic.  

Neither of us could believe how pretty I looked. 

"One more dress," said Marcia, and handed me a black cocktail 

dress I'd always admired on her.  She zipped it up in back 

and went to work with needle and thread while I admired 

myself in the mirror.  I stroked my hard cock through the 

dress and said, "Why don't I take this dress off so we can 

have some fun?"  Marcia said, "I've sewed you into the dress.  

You can't take it off until I cut the threads." 

"How long do I have to wear it?" I asked. 

"I might let you out tomorrow night." 

Wow!  My dick was instantly hard. It felt like an iron bar.  

I was hoarse and trembling as I asked, "What about our date 

tonight?" "Well, you'll have to wear a girdle, I think," said 

Marcia, stroking my hardon through the dress.  I couldn't 

conceal my delight. 

Marcia had me take off the panties, garter belt, and 

stockings so she could shave my legs and paint my toenails, 

and then put a tight girdle on me with the stockings.  She 

did my fingernails too, and outfitted me with jewelry and a 

purse.  I spent the rest of the afternoon practicing walking, 

sitting, and smoking, while Marcia teased me about how sexy I 

looked.  I begged her to at least suck my cock, but she said 

it was much more fun to make me wait. 

We went to a swanky restaurant with lots of mirrors, and 

nobody guessed I was a guy.  The head waiter held my chair 

and lit my cigarette, and I blushed and ordered in a low 

voice, and batted my eyelashes.  Marcia nearly choked with 

laughter.  At the play afterward, I felt very sexy as several 

guys gave us the once-over, but we pretended not to notice.  

The feeling of my stockinged legs brushing together, the 

rustle of my slip and dress, and the sight of my "tits" in my 

dress was very erotic.  I had to hold my purse in my lap to 

cover my hard-on. 

When we got back to Marcia's apartment, we were both really 

hot.  She had me sit on the couch and sip a drink while she 

stroked my nylon-clad legs and slid her hand up to my crotch 

while she felt my tits with the other.  It was wonderful and 

strange to be seduced, and we were both so excited we were 

shaking.  Marcia lifted up my skirt and freed my cock from 

the girdle.  As she bent to take it in her mouth, I slipped 

my hand inside her panties and found that she was dripping 

wet.  I fingered her to a screaming climax while she sucked 

frantically on my dick, and came as I'd never come before a 

few seconds later. 

Marcia said she'd cut the threads and let me take the dress 

off, if I promised to dress up the next day; but I had to 

sleep in the underwear.  We didn't get much sleep though, 

because we'd make love, rest and snuggle a while, and then 

we'd be horny again.  We talked about how much fun it was to 

dress me up, and I promised to wear her clothes whenever I 


Sunday morning, we both woke up early and feeling sexy.  I 

shaved and Marcia redid my makeup and gave me a different 

outfit to wear, a silky flowered dress that looked really 

good on me.  We could have been sisters.  I said, "Aren't you 

forgetting something?  You didn't sew me in."  Marcia said 

that she didn't want to sew the dress, but that she'd sew me 

into the bra if I wanted.  I said, "Please do," and my 

already rigid cock got even harder. 

She got dressed herself, and got out white gloves and hats 

for both of us. Then she said, "Come on," with a grin, and 

led the way out of the apartment.  We walked a block or so, 

and she started up the steps of a church.  I followed, 

unwillingly, joining a crowd of others and catching up to 

Marcia.  There were too many people around to argue, so I 

ended up taking a seat next to Marcia in a pew.  The service 

seemed to last forever. I felt excited and scared sitting 

there; it was tempting to sing bass during the hymns, but I 

just pretended to sing, and winked at Marcia. 

After the service, Marcia introduced me to several people as 

"my friend, Lucy, from out of town," and we all went out to 

breakfast at a nearby restaurant.  My heart was really 

pounding as we sat at the table, but nobody noticed, and 

nobody guessed my real identity. After breakfast, Marcia and 

I went shopping for dresses.  I spent the whole Sunday 

dressed as a girl.  When we finally got back to Marcia's 

apartment, we were hornier than ever, and barely managed to 

get the apartment door closed before we had each other's 

skirts up and panties down.  

Since that day, I've worn women's underwear every day, and 

spent as much time in dresses as I can.  We've been to all 

kinds of events dressed as two girls, from ballets to cowboy 

bars.  We both love fooling people, but the part that still 

turns me on the most is when Marcia sews me into something 




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