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Archive-name: Changes/scholboy.txt

Archive-author: Daisy Ambersen

Archive-title: Weekend Away From School, A

       Christopher Reilly woke up early that morning and quickly showered 

  and dressed in his school uniform.  He was a freshman at St. Mark's 

  Academy for Boys, and although his studies were progressing nicely, he was 

  still homesick.  It was November and he had been away from home for over 

  two months.  He had always been an excellent student in grammer school and 

  from his earliest years had been something of a teacher's pet to the nuns 

  at St. Stephan's.  Boarding school was a new experience, however; he 

  missed his mom and sisters and, although he never would have dreamed it 

  before, even the nuns.  St. Mark's was a small school run by an order of 

  cloistered priests.  There were no females at the academy at all; the 

  teachers as well as the support staff were all members of the religious 



       This morning promised to be interesting at least.  A small group of 

  ladies from the local parish had been invited to share breakfast with some 

  of the students and their teachers.  This was to be something of a "get-

  acquainted" session in that rarely had the academy grounds been open to 

  outsiders, especially women.  As a reward for doing especially well in his 

  classes, Christopher had been selected as one of the half dozen students 

  invited to take part.   The breakfast was held off the main dining hall in 

  a seperate room.  The boys helped serve the breakfast, bringing each of 

  the ladies food before taking their seats which alternated around the 

  table, one of the ladies, one of the students, and one of the priests.  

  Chris served Father Tom and then brought a plate of bacon, eggs, and 

  pancakes to the woman he would be seated next to.  He guessed she was 

  nearly forty and although on the heavy side, had a very kind and even 

  pretty face.  She thanked him as he took his seat and introduced herself 

  as Mary.  Her perfume filled Chris's senses and after being seperated for 

  months now from any female company at all, Chris delighted in the 

  conversation and seldom let his sight off her.  He spoke of his studies 

  and his participation in intramural sporting events, and she in turn spoke 

  of her life in the small community just down the road from the academy 

  gates.  Mary explained that she was a widow with one daughter away at 

  college on the West Coast.  Chris listened attentively and impressed Mary 

  as a perfect little gentleman.  


       The breakfast over, the boys cleared the dishes and the Fathers 

  expressed their gratitude to the ladies for attending.  A suggestion was 

  made to continue this interaction, perhaps by permitting the students to 

  visit off campus periodically.  Chris returned from the kitchen and moved 

  to take his seat, but Mary motioned him to her lap where, although a 

  little embarassed, he felt very comfortable.  With her arm around the 

  young freshman, she cradled him affectionately against her massive bosom 

  and ran her fingers thru his curly hair.  She told Father Tom how Chris 

  was such a cute little child welcome to visit her home at any time and as 

  the priest agreed to allow the boys off grounds and thanked her for the 

  kind offer, Chris was lost in a flood of senses.  He let his head rest 

  against her wondrous breast and let the smell of her heavenly fragrance 

  fill him.


       The Thanksgiving holidays were now upon them and this presented 

  something of a problem.  While most all the other students were from the 

  region, Chris' family lived almost 1000 miles distant.  Although this was 

  unusual, Chris' father was an alumni and hence the selection of St. Mark's 

  for the boy's education.  While his family wasn't poor, flying home for 

  Thanksgiving and then again in a few weeks for Christmas, was more than 

  they could afford.  It was presumed Chris could remain on campus, and 

  while that was possible, it would cause the staff inconvenience in that 

  repairs to the dormitory had been planned while the students were away.  A 

  solution was quickly found.  The subject came up on Sunday as Mary was 

  chatting with Father Tom after Mass at the local parish where he 

  assisted.  Mary offered to open her home to the boy for the long weekend 

  and the priest agreed subsequent to approval from Chris and his parents.  

  Of course, after a week of dreams filled with visions of the older woman's 

  breasts and the heady aroma of her perfume still in his mind, Chris' 

  answer was quaranteed.  His mom & dad also thought it an excellent idea 

  after a recommendation from Father Tom.


       Wednesday, after the other boys had already been picked up by their 

  parents or taken to the bus depot, Chris anxiously awaited his ride.  His 

  small suitcase was packed and ready to go.  Just as he realized he was the 

  last still waiting, Mary pulled up in the driveway.  He sat his suitcase 

  behind the car near the truck as Mary came around the car and motioned him 

  to her.  She lovingly wrapped him in her arms and gave him a kiss on the 

  forehead, explaining how pleased she was to have him for the holiday.  As 

  she enveloped him in a warm hugg and drew his head against her bosom, 

  Chris once again seemed lost in her warmth.  She opened the passenger door 

  and the boy, almost in a trance, took his seat beside her and off they 

  drove.  (Did you notice that?  Where's the suitcase?)


       As they pulled in the circular drive to Mary's house, Chris looked 

  out in awe.  Obviously Mary was wealthy, the house appeared almost a 

  mansion and the grounds leading up to it were nearly as large as the 

  entire campus.   To his surprise, they were greeted as they pulled up by a 

  tall young woman dressed in a maid's uniform.  Mary introduced the woman 

  as Carolyn, her personal assistant and maid.  The boy, his eyes glued to 

  the woman in her short black satin dress and dark stockings and heels, 

  blushed as Carolyn curtseyed and taking the lad by the hand, led him into 

  the house.  Dinner was about to be served, and after being shown the 

  powder room where he could wash up, Carolyn ushered the boy into the 

  formal dining room and seated him next to Mary at the large table.  The 

  table seemed almost too empty, but then Chris remembered that Mary had 

  been recently widowed and Mary explained that like him, her daughter Susan 

  had decided to stay on the West Coast with friends for the holiday.  

  Everything about the house was beautiful; it was huge and decorated with 

  ornate lace curtains and fresh flowers on every table.  Never had he been 

  in such a wondrous place.  As the two of them chatted, Carolyn served the 

  meal.  At such an impressionable age, his body and thoughts affected by 

  the rush of hormonal change, Chris couldn't help but steal glances at the 

  maid as she scurried about, her brief uniform showing off frothy white 

  petticoats as she bent to place the various dishes on the table.  Mary 

  smiled knowingly at Carolyn as she took note of the boy's distraction.


  "You've had a long day, hon.  Why don't you draw a bath for our little 

  guest, Carolyn, and he can get what I'm sure is some needed sleep.  You'll 

  be sleeping in Susan's room, Chrissy" Mary went on to explain.


  The boy noticed the affectionate manner she had addressed him, and while 

  blushing slightly, liked the sound of it.  "Thank you, Ma'm.  You've been 

  so kind to me."


  With that, Mary excused herself and Carolyn led the youngster up a long 

  curving stairway to make an early night of it.  Following the young woman 

  a step of two behind, Chris couldn't help but notice how her long shapely 

  legs disappearred beneath the froth of petticoats.  From this new vantage 

  point, Carolyn's also displayed the frilled garter tabs that held her 

  stockings taut.  Glancing over her shoulder, she smiled as she noticed the 

  boy's stare and gave her hips a more pronounced wiggle to tease him 

  further.  She lead the boy into his room for the weekend, and while he was 

  too polite to say anything, he couldn't help but feel strange.  Susan's 

  room was far different than any he had been in before.  It was definitely 

  a girl's room; the walls papered in a delicate pink floral pattern and the 

  bed which dominated the whole room looking as if it belonged to a 

  princess.  It was covered in a canopy hung with wispy lace as were the 

  curtains and the vanity.  


  "I'm sure you'll be comfortable here" Carolyn said with a gleam in her eye 

  as she entered the bath just off the room and began filling the tub.  

  Chris stole a peek into the bath and saw that it too was definately that 

  of a young lady; everything in pink, from the towels down to the thick 

  carpeting.  Chris waited sheepishly, anxious for the woman to leave him in 

  privacy.  Carolyn re-entered the room and noticing the boy being ill-at-

  ease brought him relief "I'll leave you to your bath, sweetie; you'll find 

  everything you need in the bath.  I'll be back later with your things."  

  With that she left the room and Chris quickly removed his clothes, and 

  leaving them folded on the bed, hurried into the bath.  For as long as he 

  could remember, he had only taken showers, and this bath was not just a 

  bath.  The large tub was near overflowing with a froth a fragrant 

  bubbles.  Being alone, there was no need to feel embarassed, so he slowly 

  slid into the warm luxuriant suds.  Just as the boy settled into total 

  relaxation, he was startled by the door opening and Mary entering, Carolyn 

  at her heels.  


  "I'm afraid we have a slight problem, dear" spoke Mary.  "Somehow your 

  suitcase didn't make it into the car when we left the academy.  I've 

  called the school, but there's no answer."


  "Oh, that's right, I don't remember putting it the trunk; it must be still 

  there in the driveway." said Chris as he tried to slide deeper beneath the 

  bubbles.  "I guess I will just have to wear what I came in; it's no 



  "I'm afraid I already sent your clothes to the laundry, hon" Carolyn 



  "I'm sure we can find something for you to wear, dear.  Here, Carolyn will 

  shampoo your hair and I'll look for something.  You needn't worry your 

  little head."


  The boy, although embarassed by the presence of the two ladies in the 

  bath, being in such unfamiliar surroundings, didn't dare refuse the 

  kindness of his host.  Covering himself beneath the suds, he sat quietly 

  while Carolyn soaped his back and scrubbed him with a soft brush.  He 

  hadn't been "given" a bath since early childhood.  Despite his confused 

  state, Carolyn's efforts were pleasurable.  As she knelt at the side of 

  the tub and began lathering his scalp, Chris' eyes were drawn again and 

  again to the bodice of her uniform.  Carolyn was obviously well endowed in 

  that department, and peeking thru the sudsy lather, Chris watched intently 

  as her cleavage shook so closely to his face.  Taking the handsprayer, she 

  rinsed the soap from his hair, running her beautifully manicured fingers 

  thru his curls.  Retrieving a fluffly pink towel from the cabinet, she 

  held it out and motioned Chris out of the tub.  


  "Don't be embarassed, dear" she said with a grin. "I do have brothers, you 



  The boy quickly grabbed the towel and wrapped it tightly around himself as 

  he stepped from the tub.  Carolyn had already taken another and began to 

  vigorously dry his hair.  She then wrapped the towel about his head and 

  giving it a twist, left it bound as he had seen his mother do so many 

  times before with her hair after shampooing.  She surprised him further, 

  however, when while he looked away, she had begun to douse his hairless 

  upper body with body powder.  His face turned bright red as this was 

  certainly not for men.  She had used a feathery puff and the powder had a 

  decidedly feminine fragrance.


  She giggled.  "There you'll smell so sweet for bed now" she said as she 

  turned and left the room.  "Let's see if the mistress has found you 

  something nice to wear."  At last he was alone again.


  Just as he finished drying himself, he heard the two women return to the 

  room.  "It seems you'll have to borrow something from Susan's wardrobe, 

  Chrissy" Mary said from the bedroom.  "I know these are hardly suitable 

  for a nice young boy, but they'll have to do under the circumstances."


  Carolyn entered the bath, and what she carried in her hands caused the 

  boy's jaw to drop.  Carolyn offered the frilly pink nitie and matching 

  panties to the stunned adolescent.  The little babydoll had a lacy bodice 

  and silken spagetti straps.  The panties were equally brief and like the 

  top, were trimmed in lace.


  "Oh God!  I can't wear that!" said Chris loudly.


  Hearing that, Mary joined them in the bath and put her arm around the 

  boy.  "Oh, don't be silly!  It's only till tomorrow and we'll get your 

  things from the school."


  "But I'll look so funny in a girl's nightgown" whimpered Chris.


  "Now now, you put them on and I'll find you a robe to wear.  That'll be 

  better then, won't it?" asked his host.


  "Well, I guess so" replied Chris, his face still beet red.


  Mary and Carolyn left the room and closed the door behind them.  Chris 

  lifted the dainty little panties and resigned himself to a night in girl's 

  frillies.  He stepped into them carefully and pulled them up his legs.  To 

  his surprise, they felt wonderful, so soft and silky.  Then raising his 

  arms, he slipped the short nitie over his head and let it float down over 

  his slim body.  It too felt delicious, but that that was something that 

  would forever remain his secret.  He turned to look in the full length 

  mirror on the back of the door.  The sight that met him gave him a 

  shudder.  Standing there on the fluffy carpet, he could have been mistaken 

  for a girl, his hair bundled up beneath a thick pink towel and and his 

  body sheathed in such a sexy little babydoll of the same hue.  His body 

  gave away what his mind was thinking.  As he gazed at the reflection in 

  the mirror, his penis began to grow and thicken.  How could he think this 

  wayhe thought.  I'm a boy!


  Just then the door opened and Carolyn inched thru.  Chris just about 

  jumped out of his skin with embarassment.  He turned away to hide the 

  source of his shame as Carolyn let out a giggle."


  "You look darling" she said, grinning inside as she caught a peek of the 

  boy in the vanity mirror, his attempt to hide his erection failing.  

  "Here, let's put this on" she said as she held a diaphanous pink robe out 

  for the boy to slip into.  This was almost as bad, but it was, at least, 

  somewhat longer and offered a degree of modesty.  It too, was trimmed in 

  lace at the shoulders, hem, and sleeves.  With that, she took the boy's 

  hand and led him back into the bedroom.  Mary was there waiting, a glass 

  of warm milk in her hand.


  "You look so precious" she said as she handed the glass to the boy and 

  kissing him on the cheek.  "Drink this now; you'll sleep better, dear.  

  Carolyn will stay and dry your hair for you and tuck you in; I'll be up 

  later to kiss you goodnite,"  Turning away, she winked at the pretty maid 

  and left the room, closing the door behind her.


  "Sit up on the bed here, chrissy" said Carolyn.  "Finish your nice warm 

  milk and I'll take care of your hair."


  Despite his embarassment, the boy felt a delicious warmth sweep over him.  

  He had never been pampered as he had since his arrival.  He sat on the 

  bed, his frilly robe spread out around him, as Carolyn removed the damp 

  towel and began to brush his curly blond hair.  Whether it was the result 

  of such a long and exciting day, or warmth of his milk, his whole body 

  seemed to relax.  As the beautiful servantgirl drew her soft hands over 

  his scalp again and again, he seemed to float away into another world.


  "Isn't this nice?" asked Carolyn as the boy could only nod.  "You're as 

  pretty as a little girl in your nitie.  You smell so sweet and lovely, 



  Chris felt lovely, too.  He had never felt anything like this.  He 

  couldn't explain it.  One part of him wanted to scream and run, but 

  another part of him, held captive by the light caress of the silky 

  lingerie, the gentle attentions of the maid, and the warmth of his bedtime 

  drink refused to leave.  


  "So soft, so pretty" he could hear Carolyn whisper in his ear.  He could 

  feel her fingers gently trace along neck and down the bodice of the 

  nightgown.  "My beautiful little Christine" she whispered as he laid back 

  against her bosom, his mind lost in a trance.   He felt her red-tipped 

  finger draw across his lips and his body seemed to shiver to her touch.  

  He hardly took note as she lay him back on the silken sheets, running one 

  hand thru his hair and the other down and under his frilly babydoll.  She 

  pulled the lacy little panties down a bit and freed his penis, now hard 

  and throbbing.  He shuddered in delight as she took a frilly hankie from 

  her bodice and wrapping it his shaft, began milking him.  His senses were 

  overloaded; the touch of the silky nightgown on his body, the fragrance of 

  the room, the sight of Carolyn bending as she ministered to him, and the 

  featherlike stroking of his genitals controlled his mind.  Finally, as she 

  caressed his lips with her own and he tasted the creamy red gloss that 

  covered them, his whole body shuddered in spasm.  His boyish juice 

  exploded into the silken hankerchief.  Carolyn smiled down at their guest 

  and gently cleaned him.  He had never in his life felt so wondrous.  

  Lifting his back from the cool sheets, she removed his robe, and now, 

  dressed only in his babydoll with their matching panties, she pulled the 

  coverlet over him.  


  Kissing him on the forehead, she whispered "goodnite chrissy, sleep 

  tight."  She turned off the light and closed the door behind her, leaving 

  the boy asleep and dreaming.

     The boy's sleep was filled with dreams that would have 

disturbed him had they remained in his memory more than a fleeting 

moment.  In his dream, Christopher had found himself back at St. 

Mark's Academy for Boys in the room he shared with two other 

students.  What surprised him however, was that while the other two 

wore their pajamas as they climbed into bed, Christopher found 

himself dressed in a blue satin gown.  The dream was hardly 

surprising for that night, visiting the home of Mary, a local woman 

who had befriended him, he had, indeed, gone to bed dressed in a 

frilly nightie borrowed from her daughter's wardrobe.

     He awoke from his slumber suddenly, light streaming into the 

girlishly decorated bedroom as Carolyn, the beautiful housekeeper 

flung the curtains wide.  "Wake up, sleepyhead" whispered the maid 

in his ear.  "Breakfast will be ready in just a few minutes."  As 

the cobwebs cleared from his brain, the activities of the previous 

evening flooded back into his consciousness.  As if somehow 

disbelieving, he quickly peeked beneath the satin sheet, blushing as 

his feminine attire was confirmed.  "Come on, sweetheart - we'll 

have to hurry" Carolyn said as she threw back the covers.  The 

teenage boy, startled tried to cover himself, but the maid just 

grinned and, taking his hand, pulled him from the bed.  "Here, hon, 

slip on your robe and let's wash your face" she said, holding the 

diaphanous, lace-trimmed bed jacket.  As the boy slipped his arms 

thru the flowing sleeves, she smoothed it over his shoulders letting 

it settle lightly over the much shorter pink babydoll.  Leading the 

youngster into the bathroom, she draped a fluffy towel around his 

shoulders and then, lathering a soft facecloth with fragrant soap, 

began to wash the sleep from his eyes.  After rinsing the lather 

from his smooth skin, Carolyn gently patted his face dry with a soft 

absorbent towel.  Just as the night before, Christopher stood 

passively, unsure of his feelings but somehow almost under a spell 

as everything was being done for him.  Unused to such pampering, he 

found it quite pleasurable.  Taking a toothbrush and even squeezing 

the paste on it for him, "You finish brushing now, Chrissy; I'll 

find your slippers."  


     Newly refreshed, he sheepishly returned to the bedroom where 

Carolyn motioned him to the small seat facing the mirrored vanity.  

Seated before the mirror, his eyes were drawn to the lace trimmed 

bodice of his dressing gown.  As the maid stood at his back, slowly 

brushing his longish blonde hair with an ornate silver brush, his 

mind reeled.  "This is crazy" he thought, "she's treating me just 

like a little girl or something".  Despite his embarassment, 

however, the more overpowering emotion was guilt, guilt that beneath 

the blush, he actually delighted in her ministrations.  He felt he 

should put a stop to all this, but the gentle stroking of the brush 

and the silky touch of his gown and panties on his skin seemed 

excuse enough to postpone any rebellion.  His mind was brought back 

from his revelry as Carolyn knelt and slipped a pair of pink satin 

slippers over his feet.   The image of a princess being attended by 

her ladies-in-waiting rushed thru Chris' brain as the maid took his 

hand and brought him to his feet.  "Oh dear, we'll have to hurry; we 

can't leave Mistress waiting."

     Though the backless slippers had but short wedge heels, the boy 

took hesitent steps.  "Let me help you, sweetheart".  Reaching her 

hand around his smoothly covered waist, Carolyn assisted the 

femininely gowned boy from the room and down the wide stairs to the 

brightly decorated dining room.  Again the input from the boy's 

senses seemed almost overwelming.  Here he was, being supported by a 

beautiful woman dressed in the briefest of costumes and smelling of 

the most wonderful perfume, her arm encircling his waist and pulling 

him close, all the while his own skin sheathed in the silkiest of 

fabrics; and more, not only was his attire softly arrousing as it 

brushed his thighs, it was exquisitely feminine.

     "Good Morning, Chrissy" greeted Mary, his host as they entered 

the room.  "Did you sleep well, darling?" she queried as Carolyn led 

the boy to her waiting arms.  "I know a big boy like you doesn't 

want to hear it, but you look very pretty in Susan's nightie" she 

cooed as she enveloped the boy in her arms.  "I'm sorry about your 

lost luggage but it wasn't so bad, was it, dear?"  Blushing deeply 

as she gently brushed a stray hair from her young guest's forehead, 

he could only nod.  "It's a shame boys never have the chance to wear 

such pretty things and look so nice" she continued.   "It's just not 

the same around the house with Susan being away at school; she loved 

playing dress-up with all her pretty clothes".  As the boy took his 

seat at the table, he noticed what must certainly be loneliness and 

heartache in his host's eyes.

     "Oh Carolyn, you'ld better try calling the school again and see 

if they've found Chris' suitcase" Mary called to the maid as they 

finished their breakfast of melon and toast.  Unsure of his 

emotions, Chris looked forward to finally getting back into jeans 

and shirt.  "I just tried again, M'am; they're still no answer at 

the school" said Carolyn as she returned to the room.  Noting the 

distress in the boy's expression, Mary motioned him to her, and 

cradling the still nightgowned lad in her lap, she hugged him 

close.  "Don't worry, sweetheart; we can't have you spending the 

whole week in Susan's nightie, now can we?"  Again, a sense of guilt 

and shame came over the boy, for that very thought seemed somehow 

appealing.  "I suppose we'ld better drive over to the school; 

perhaps your suitcase is still in the driveway where we left it" 

comforted Mary.  "In any case, it's time you were out of your 

nightie and dressed".

     Carolyn, take Chrissy upstairs" the maid was directed. " We'll 

have to find something else for him to wear in the car."  Taking her 

charge in hand, Carolyn led him from the room and back up the long 

curved stairway.  Knowing that he would soon be out of the silky 

gown, Chris seemed to take special note of its whisperlike 

softness.  As he climbed each step, he secretly delighted as the 

lace hem caressed his thighs and panty-covered rear.  Before they 

were halfway up the long staircase, he couldn't help but notice 

another sensation.  The sensuous touch of the filmy fabric had had a 

dramatic effect on his adolescent member as well.  Growing more 

tumescent with each caress, seemingly out of his control, it 

strained against the lacy confines of his silky panties.  This new 

"problem" did note pass the notice of the sexily clad maid.  

Smiling, she let her hand glide around the boy's waist and teasily 

slowed their pace a bit.  Her proximity made matters worse as the 

added sensation of her touch roused the now flush boy even further.  

     At last reaching the bedroom, the boy, now almost quivering, 

broke free and rushed into the bathroom to hide his embarassment.  

"What is it? sweetheart" responded Carolyn, hurriedly following the 

boy into the bath.  There she found the boy, his cheeks ablaze, 

covering himself with his hands as best he could.  "Darling, don't 

be embarassed" the maid said softly.   "Did your lacy little nightie 

do this?"  she asked.  Moving his hands from their position, she let 

her fingertips glide over the front of his gown, her nails barely 

brushing his now engorged penis.  Her eyes noting the tentlike 

bulge, she teased "It seems our little Christine enjoys being a 

precious little girl, doesn't it?"  Near fainting as she reached 

beneath the hem of the babydoll and caressed his throbbing malehood, 

the boy had to grab the edge of the sink to keep from falling.  "Oh 

Chrissy, look what you're doing to your frilly little panties; if it 

wasn't for this, I'ld think you were sweet young girl".  Moaning 

softly, the boy, now a captive to the maid's intoxicating caress, 

surrendered to the rush of pleasure.  His body sheathed in delicate 

silk, his feet shod in pom-pomed satin slippers, and his pantied and 

swollen penis gently milked by Carolyn's enveloping fingers seemed 

ready to explode.  "You like your little panties? don't you, 

sweetheart?  cooed Carolyn.  "You want to be a sweet little girl, 

don't you?"  At that, the young boy's penis shuddered and released 

its pent up excitement into his pink panties.  




       Christopher stood quivering, for the second time since his 

   arrival, Carolyn had excited him to the point of sexual climax, 

   this time, however, he had erupted into the silky pink panties he 

   had been forced to wear after forgetting his own clothes back at 

   the academy.   On the verge of collapse, the scantily dressed 

   maid helped the embarassed boy to the padded bench opposite the 



       "You do look precious, Chrissy, but you really needn't 

   blush.  It's plain you love your pretty nightgown and panties; 

   I'ld find it even more unusual if you didn't".  The teenager 

   looked up into the maid's eyes quizically.  "What do you mean?" 

   he asked.  "It's just as Mistress said" she went on, "Boys are so 

   deprived, never able to dress up in pretty dresses and nighties 

   like girls.  Forgetting your suitcase has given you an chance to 

   see just how nice wearing silky frillies can be."   


       "But I'm a boy!  I shouldn't feel this way" he answered 

   ashamedly.  "Don't be silly, honey" she said slowly lowering the 

   now stained panties down his legs.  "There's no reason boys 

   shouldn't be able to feel pretty like their sisters."  Taking a 

   soft washcloth, she carefully washed the boy.  Not since early 

   childhood had anyone seen him so intimately, though considering 

   the occurances of the last day, there was little left to feel 

   embarassed about.  Both Carolyn and her mistress had treated him 

   with a kindness and love he'd been without since leaving for 

   school at summer's end.  "Come along now, Chrissy; let's find 

   something especially pretty for you to wear in the car."


       "You want me to wear a dress when we drive over to school?" 

   he questioned, his voice almost faultering.  "Don't worry 

   darling; before I'm finished, your own own mother would swear you 

   were her daughter rather than her son" Carolyn joked.  "And I 

   don't want to hear any excuses; I know you're just dying to wear 

   a cute little dress and have your hair curled."  Though he didn't 

   answer, Chris knew she was right.  Yesterday he wouldn't have 

   imagined it, but like so much that had transpired since his 

   arrival, he was certain the day ahead would prove most exciting.


       Just then, Mary entered the room.  "And just what are you two 

   scheming in here? she said with a smile.  "Why, Christine was 

   just telling me how much she way looking forward to going for a 

   little drive" the maid answered, her eyes twinkling.  "Oh, I 

   see....didn't I tell you wearing Susan's things wouldn't be so 

   bad, sweetheart? she asked as she hugged the boy to her.  "It'll 

   be just like having Susan home again, won't it, M'am?" 

   volunteered Carolyn.   "Indeed it will; come along now Christine, 

   we'll have to pick out something especially pretty" Mary said, 

   leading their guest back into the bedroom.  Remembering his now 

   lack of panties, the boy clutched the lace-trimmed robe tightly 

   around the nightgown, and sheepishly followed, the anticipation 

   of actually leaving the mansion while dressed as a young girl 

   building with each tick of the clock.  


       "Let's see now" Mary thought aloud, throwing open the sliding 

   mirrored doors lining the wall of the bedroom.  The boy's eyes 

   widened as row upon row of delightfully colorful dresses, skirts, 

   and blouses were revealed.  "What do you think, Carolyn?" Mary 

   queried as she removed an exquisitely feminine pink dress from 

   the rack.  Their guest couldn't take his eyes off the airy 

   creation.  The dress was a beautful pastel satin, its bodice and 

   skirt highlighted with wide band of white lace.  "I think our 

   little girl will look adorable in this, don't you agree, 



       "Oh Yes, M'am" the maid replied, her beautifully manicured 

   hand caressing the boy's cheek as he blushed deeply.  "Isn't it 

   pretty, Christine?" she asked excitedly, winking at her employer.

   "Well? Christine, what do you think?"  


       "Yes, it's very nice" he finally answered, both women smiling 

   at his obvious embarassment.  "Nice?...judging from the look in 

   your eyes, I would have thought something more than just nice" 

   giggled the satin and petticoat clad maid.  "I almost forgotten; 

   we'ld better find you a new pair of panties, hadn't we 

   sweetheart?"  Opening the top drawer of the large chest near the 

   bed, Carolyn searched for a moment, then returned to display a 

   darling pair of white satin panties.  They were trimmed in frilly 

   lace at both the waist and leg openings, and even more 

   elaborately across the seat with several rows of lace running 

   from one side to the other.  "My goodness!  Those are precious, 

   just perfect for my new niece's first day out and about" gushed 

   Mary.  Stooping low, the maid held the panties open, and 

   steadying himself with a hand on her shoulder, the boy, one foot 

   at a time gingerly stepped into them.  Trying to remain modest in 

   the presence of the two ladies, Chris attempted to hold the hem 

   of the babydoll nightie down as Carolyn slowly raised the 

   wondrously smooth panties up over his knees.  Smiling up at the 

   red-faced youngster, she continued on, tugging the panties up all 

   the way and her hands hidden beneath his gown, smoothed them over 

   his recently drained member.


        "There now...that's better, isn't it Hon?" she asked the 

   boy.  Not waiting for a reply, she stood and began removing his 

   filmy robe.  "Let's not waste any time, Chrissy dear" Mary said, 

   taking the hem of the babydoll in her hands and lifting it over 

   the boy's head.   Standing before them in only his girlish new 

   panties and slippers, he tried again to cover himself.  "Don't be 

   so shy, Chrissy; we'll have you all pretty again soon" laughed 

   his host.  "I think our little girl should be properly powdered 

   before donning her pretty dress" mary directed the maid.  

   "Certainly, M'am" she answered taking a feathery puff from a wide-

   mouthed jar on the vanity.  His eyes closed tightly, she dusted 

   him generously with the sweet smelling body powder, coating his 

   shoulders and then moving down over his hairless chest and 

   finally down over each thigh.   Returning from the dresser, 

   Carolyn held out a wispy white training bra.  Unsure of what was 

   happening, the boy took a step back, but Mary promptly instructed 

   him to raise his arms and quit tarrying.  His arms outstretched 

   before him, Carolyn slipped the lacy confection up over his 

   elbows, and reaching behind, clasped the hooks which secured the 

   silky garment.  Though hardly needing any support for his non-

   existant breasts, he did feel somewhat more modest.  


       Any relief was short-lived however, as turning to Mary, he 

   spotted what he knew to be a garter belt in her hand.  In his 

   mind at least, wearing panties and a dress was one thing, but 

   being attired in something so totally feminine was somehow moving 

   to an entirely different plane.  Entirely at their mercy however, 

   he resigned himself to whatever they had in mind.  Circling his 

   waist with the satin and lace belt, Mary motioned him to the 

   vanity stool.  Seated, he watched in apparent awe as Carolyn now 

   approached, a pair of sheer white stockings flowing from her 

   hand.  Removing first one slipper then the other, the maid 

   carefully gathered the sleek looking nylon and then slipped the 

   stocking over his foot.  "Raise your leg, sweetheart; a girl 

   should always take care to keep her nylons straight."  As she 

   glided the wondrously silky stocking up Chris' leg, he breathing 

   became more of a gasp.  It didn't help as she reached beneath his 

   little panties and guided the frilly garter tabs under and thru 

   before attaching each tautly to the lacy tops of the nylons.  

   Just as Carolyn fastened the last of the garters, Mary returned 

   from the large walk-in closet with a pair of white patent leather 

   low-heeled pumps.  The front of each was decorated with a pink 

   satin bow.  Still kneeling, Carolyn took the shoes and slipped 

   them on the boy's feet.  "Oh, those are darling, Christine."  she 

   said as standing, she looked down at the pretty little shoes.  

   "It's fortunate Christine and Susan are almost exactly the same 

   size; our little girl will certainly have quite a wardrobe from 

   which to choose" beamed Mary.  Checking the length of the dress 

   hanging from the closet door, Carolyn remuged thru the back or 

   the closet and shortly reappeared, a shiny slip in her hand.  

   Though somewhat short like the dress itself, the skirt was very 

   full.  Constructed of multiple layered taffeta and edged in 

   delicate lace top and bottom, it rustled deliciously as she 

   lowered it over the boy's upstretched arms.  Together, with the 

   lad sandwiched between them, Carolyn and Mary adjusted the thin 

   shoulder straps until it hung perfectly, the smooth bodice 

   hugging his chest and the frothy skirt tickling his thighs.  

   "Don't you just adore this wonderful petticoat, honey?" Mary 

   asked, giving the skirt a shake.  An almost impercepticle moan 

   escaped from their charge's lips as the loud frou-frou and the 

   silken touch of the lace brushing his nylon sheathed thighs 

   seemed to envelope him in a kind of soft cloud.


       Taking him by the hand, Carolyn again led the boy to the 

   vanity where, after showing him how to sit properly in a skirt, 

   she turned him away from the mirror.  "It's time we fixed your 

   face, dear" the maid said taking a broad bib-like cape and tying 

   it around the boy's neck and shoulders.  "Just wait till I'm thru 

   with you, Christine; you won't even recognize yourself".  After a 

   few minutes, the change was remarkable.  Eyeshadow, a bit of 

   mascara, and blush had served to remove any hint of boyishness.  

   Lastly, lifting the youngster's chin gently, she brought a tube 

   of lipstick close.  "Purse your lips for me, sweetheart" she 

   asked, and after responding with a coquettish pout, she coated 

   his lips with a pinkish gloss.  "Excellent" complimented Mary; "a 

   little touch up with the curling iron and our little Chrissy will 

   be perfect".   Still facing away from the mirror, the boy sat 

   quietly while Carolyn brushed and curled what had been longish 

   hair for a boy.  After looking thru a small drawer in the 

   dresser, Mary approached with two matching satin ribbons, the 

   exact color of the dress.  After tying each into a pretty bow on 

   either side of his head, both women smiled.


       Still beaming, they pulled their guest to his feet.  "Don't 

   look yet, Hon" instructed Mary, "let's slip your lovely dress on 

   first."   Taking the pink satin smock from its hanger, Carolyn 

   directed the now petticoated boy to raise his arms carefully.  

   Watchful of his makeup and new hairdo, the women lowered the 

   beautiful garment over his head and outstretched arms.  They 

   fussed and primped, tugging it down gently until it settled over 

   the fluffy petticoats.  After fastening the row of buttons up the 

   back, the maid removed a long sash from the hanger and wrapped it 

   around the boy's waist, forming a large bow in the rear, giving 

   the dress an almost bustle like appearance.


       The anticipation was excruciating, but when the two women at 

   last spun the boy to face his reflection, he almost fainted in 

   wonder.  Looking back from the mirror was no teenage boy in a 

   dress.  Instead was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.  

   His eyes moved from her delicately painted face, down over the 

   bodice of her lace and ribbon trimmed dress, lower to where her 

   legs seemed to escape from a bouffant cloud of frothy skirts, and 

   finally down to the tiny pink bows which decorated her girlish 

   slippers.  Christopher, now Christine seemed lost in a trance.  

   "How was this possible?" he thought to himself.  As he turned to 

   see the reflection from another angle, it hit him.  As the layers 

   of taffeta swished about his nylon-covered legs, there was no 

   mistake.  This was no dreamlike image - this was him!  He could 

   have remained before the mirror for hours had the two women not 

   awakened him from his reverie.  "It's almost 10:30; if we're 

   going, we'ld better get along"  warned Mary.  


       "Ooops, I almost forgot" exclaimed Carolyn, rushing to the 

   closet once more.  After briefly searching, she turned with a 

   small white patent leather clutch and a pair of white glace 

   gloves in her hands.  "We can't have you going and forgetting 

   your purse, now can we Christine?" she grinned.  The gloves, 

   though snug, fit over his hands, ending just above the wrist in a 

   ruffled lace cuff.  "Now, come along, sweetheart" said Mary, 

   trying to rush things along.  With one last look in the mirror, 

   the girl raised a gloved hand and lightly patted a 

   stray curl back into place, then turning, was led from the room.

     With the two women, one on either side, he was led down the 

wide stairwell.  Each held one of Christine's gloved hands to steady 

the boy as he manuvered slowly down the stairs still a bit unsure of 

himself in the low heels.  With every step, his frothy petticoats 

made a delightful frou-frou as they bounced and tickled his nylon-

sheathed thighs.  Once again, the youngster could feel the 

excitement build within the silky confines of his lace-trimmed 

panties.  Embarassed by his own reaction to the soft touch of his 

exquisitely girlish attire, he tried to think of something else, but 

even the smallest movement seemed to defeat him and hold hold his 

mind captive to intoxicating caress his borrowed frillies.

     Being November, there was an autumn chill in the air, and as 

they stood in the entrance hall, Carolyn went to fetch her mistress' 

sable coat.  "You'ld better find something for our little girl, too" 

Mary instructed.  The maid quickly returned with a beautiful pink 

woolen double breasted coat.  Carefully she slipped it over the 

lovely dress and fastened the front.  Lastly, Carolyn took a hatbox 

from the upper shelf and opening it, took out a wide brimmed straw 

skimmer.  "Hold your head up, dear" she asked as she tied a fancy 

bow under Christine's chin.  "There now, you look just adorable, 

Honey" she said, her hand straightening the flared skirt of the 

coat.  Bending, she gave the boy a little kiss on the cheek and 

opened the frontdoor.  

     "Come along, sweetheart" beamed Mary, taking the delicately 

dressed boy's hand and with his skirts bobbing, walked together to 

the car.  Looking back as they drove down the avenue, he could see 

Carolyn smiling and waving.  Just yesterday, he had sat in the same 

seat, but now, everything was so differnet.   Instead of jeans, his 

legs were now sheathed in smooth white stockings, and despite the 

weight of the woolen coat, the multi-layered petticoat made his 

skirt puff up all around him.  He felt he was sitting on a cushion 

of frills, his ornately trimmed panties only adding to the froth of 

his skirts.  Folding his gloved hands on his lap, he looked over to 

Mary.  She smiled down at him; "Don't look so nervous, dear.  No one 

is going to recognize you now."

     They drove on, heading down the shaded boulevard toward the 

academy.  "I'm sure we'll find your suitcase, but it will be so much 

of a shame; you look so pretty as a girl."  


     Blushing, the boy lowered his eyes in embarassment.  "Really 

dear, you should have been born a girl; wearing pretty dresses is 

only half the fun."   The gates of the school came into view.  

"You'ld better let me do all the talking, dear.  We wouldn't want 

you to give yourself away."  Christopher froze in his seat.  "Oh 

God" he thought to himself, wishing that he could somehow become 

invisable.  The large iron gate was shut, so Mary pulled up and 

stopped just in front and got out.  Seeing a lone priest working in 

the garden, she called to him.  The boy recognized him as Father 

Patrick, one of the older faculty members who was more or less 

retired now and spent most of his time tending the grounds.  

"Father, I'm Mrs. Alexander and one of your students is staying with 

me over the holiday.  It seems we left without his suitcase.  Did 

you happen to come across it in the driveway last evening?"  


     "I'm afraid not; I was just up that way a little bit ago."

     "I brought my neice along with me in the car; would it be an 

inconvenience if we came in and looked for just a minute?"

     Looking out to the car, the old priest smiled and waved to what 

appeared to him a pretty young girl.  "Oh, I'm afraid that's not 

allowed; the academy is cloistered to women."

     The boy couldn't overhear the conversation but noted the look 

of surprise on Father Patrick's face.  "Well, is it possible you 

could ask one of the other fathers if they might have come across 


     "I'm sorry, Mrs. Alexander, everyone else is away for the 

weekend now."  Mary interupted "Oh, don't worry then Father; I'm 

sorry we bothered you.  I'm sure somehow we'll make due.  Happy 


     Christopher noticed the woman smile as she turned and returned 

to the car, waving to the priest as he toddled away back to his 

gardening.  "Is something wrong?  Won't they let us look for it?" he 

asked her nervously.

     "It seems it definitely against the rules to allow ladies 

inside the grounds" and with a gleam in her eyes added "and as cute 

as you look, sweetheart, I'm afraid that applies to you, too."

     "What are we going to do?  It'll be four days till it opens 

now" the boy wondered aloud, a tone of alarm in his voice.

     "Now, don't you worry your little head, dear; it seems you'll 

get to play dress-up a little longer is all.  It'll be wonderful 

having a sweet little girl in the house all weekend, you'll see."

     The teenager's cheeks turned a bright red, but not out of 

embarassment from wearing such girlish clothes.  Rather, it was 

because deep within, he couldn't imagine anything nicer than 

continuing this new and exciting experience for as long as he 

could.   The soft caress of the silky fabrics on his powdered skin 

and the way the two women (especially Carolyn) pampered him was 

drawing him in like a fly to a spider's web.  There seemed no fight 

in this little fly either,  despite arguments to the contrary, he 

inched toward their silken trap willingly.  

     With his mind distracted with thoughts of panties and 

petticoats, Mary turned the car around and headed back home.  After 

parking the car in the drive and leading her young charge back into 

the house, Mary explained what had transpired to the waiting maid.  

Though she tried not to giggle, it was obvious to the boy, Carolyn 

took great delight in his misfortune.  "Don't look so sad, Chrissy; 

there'll be time enough to try on all sorts of pretty things now.  

It'll be just like having a real live Barbie Doll to dress for a few 

days.  Come monday, I'll wager you'll feel terrible wearing nasty 

boy clothes."

     Without her own family in the house (Mary was recently widowed 

and her daughter was in college on the West Coast), Thanksgiving was 

to be celebrated at a local restaurant.  "It seems we'll have a 

young lady joining us for dinner today, Carolyn, and not the 

teenaged boy we were expecting" the older woman quipped.  "Shouldn't 

Miss Christine have a bath before we go, M'am?" the maid asked with 

a mockingly serious tone.  "But of course, I'm sure she'll want to 

look and smell her best on her first time out to eat." Mary 

responded, her voice equally serious in tone.  The boy stood 

nervously by as the two women joked, and as he fidgetted, the 

rustling petticoats continued their unceasing caress.   The thought 

of actually going to a public restaurant while dressed as a young 

prepubescent girl disturbed him momentarily, but he knew he was 

powerless to alter their plans for him.  In fact, the stirrings 

under the boy's fluffy skirts spoke more of his concurrance rather 

than any complaint.

     "Go with Carolyn, darling; she'll get you all ready" Mary 

whispered to the daintily dressed youngster, and gently pushed him 

toward the stairs.

     Once again, taking him by the hand, the maid seemed to treat 

him more as a five-year old than the teenager he was.  Rushing up 

the stairs, pulling Chrissy behind her, the boy's skirts bounced and 

rustled while below, Mary smiled up at the frothy vision as it 

disappeared into the bedroom.  Everything had gone according to 

plan.  In just one day, they had transformed the boy into a gaily 

and exquisitely delicate little miss.  And much to her delight, it 

was obvious in his eyes that he was beginning to love this new life.

Part 5             A Weekend Away From School       

                     by: Daisy Ambersen

     Carolyn closed the door and directed her charge to the satin 

ruffled vanity bench.  The boy plopped down, one leg bent back under 

him and looked back over his shoulder, the look in his eye as if 

waiting for her next instruction.  "My goodness!  Christine!  Is 

that how a young lady behaves?   If that's the way you treat Susan's 

lovely dress, perhaps it's time to put you back into trousers!"  

Startled, the boy didn't know what to think.  Had she really offered 

to end all of this?  and, more to the point, is this what he really 

wanted down deep?  Reflecting on all the events of the previous 24 

hours, it didn't take long for him to stand, and spreading his 

petticoats and skirt carefully, more gracefully took his seat 

again.  "I'm sorry, Ma'm, I'll be more careful" he whispered, his 

eyes downcast in shame.

     "Yes, that's much better, sweetheart" answered Carolyn, a 

knowing smile crossing her lips.  "Sit here and I'll start your bath 

water" she said, turning and entering the adjacent bathroom.  The 

boy's eyes followed her across the room, drawn to her long 

stockinged legs and the brief skirt of her maid's dress.  As her 

hips swayed with each step, the youngster sat mesmerized.  The sound 

of water splashing in the tub filled the room as Carolyn re-entered 

the bedroom and stood behind the seated boy.  Lowering her head till 

her face was reflected in the mirror framed by the pink ruffles 

highlighting the shoulders of the dress they had him wear, she 

wrapped her arms around him and gave him a squeeze.  "You look so 

precious, Honey.  You've made Mistress very happy."  His carefully 

made up eyes looked at her in the mirror, asking for expanation 

without a word.  "Madam misses her daughter so much since she left 

for college.  Having you here dressed so prettily is just what the 

doctor ordered I think" Carolyn responded.  As the blush spread over 

his face, the maid began untying the satin ribbons from Chris' 

hair.  Then, taking the silver hairbrush from the vanity, she 

started brushing the tangles gently.  "You don't know how happy it 

makes me to see Madam smiling again" she went on.  "I'm sure she'll 

really hate to see her little girl go once the weekend is over."

The boy rested his head back against her wondrously fragrant bosom 

as she slowly moved the brush through his longish curls.  Closing 

his eyes, he seemed to melt into her encompassing warmth.

     "That's enough now, we have to move along" Carolyn roused him.  

Taking his hand, she brought him to his feet and removed the 

matching sash which circled the waist of the pink satin smock.  As 

he stood before the mirror, she undid the buttons in the back and 

sliding the dress over his shoulders, let it fall to the floor.  

After placing it on a scented hanger, she returned and did the same 

with the bouffant slip.  It collapsed into a mountain of froth 

around his knees, and extending her hand for support, had him step 

gingerly from the lace cloud.  No sooner had she returned from the 

large walk-in closet, then he felt her hands at his hips, taking the 

frilled waistband of the silk and lace panties and drawing them 

down, careful not to snag the delicate fabric on the frilled tabs of 

his garter belt.  As he tried to cover himself, she slipped the 

white panties down over his knees and then gently lifted one foot, 

then the other to leave him standing in only the matching training 

bra and garter belt.  He again looked in the mirror to see an image 

which now made him almost tremble.  With his hair newly brushed and 

his face still made up, the sight of himself standing dressed as he 

was with the sexily clad maid at his back unclasping his brassiere 

seemed a dream.  

     She delicately took the each ribboned strap between her 

beautifully manicured fingertips and pushed them down over the curve 

of his shoulders.  As she pressed her bosom against the now bare 

skin of his back, she glided her hands down around his neck and then 

lower till they covered the nipples of each breast.  Cooing in his 

ear, she brought him to a state of complete distraction, "You have 

such lovely little breasts, Christine."  Scraping the tip of her 

fingernails over the now stiffening flesh, she teased "See how your 

girlish little nipples stand up?"  By this time, the excitement had 

spread far beyond just his non-existent bosom; his thickening member 

could no longer be hidden.  Despite his efforts to hide it, his 

erection protruded almost straight out.  With one hand continuing to 

caress his breasts, Carolyn reached around and took the disgarded 

panties from the vanity, and placing them over his throbbing shaft, 

began to milk the boy.  "Ummmm, nice soft panties" she whispered in 

his ear.  She teased him unmercifully, "Does my darling little girl 

like her pretty panties?"  Her perfume filled his nostrils, her soft 

lips caressed the nape of his neck.  "You love your frilly new 

things, don't you, Christine."   As she slid the silky panties up 

and down along his member, he began to shudder, "Yes!  Yes!  Make me 

your little girl!!"  With that, his shaft erupted into the delicate 

little panties and he collapsed down onto the vanity seat.  

     Hugging the now exhausted boy against her, Carolyn ran her 

fingers through his hair and kissed his forehead.  "That's my girl, 

my precious little Christine."   Unsnapping the garters, she drew 

the long white stockings down his legs, and removed them.  Drawing 

him to his feet, she unhooked the belt and laying it aside, led the 

compliant boy into the bath.  Shutting the water off, the large tub 

was near overflowing with fragrant suds.  She removed a silk scarf 

from the linen closet and wrapping it around his head, tied his hair 

up out of the way.   Helping Christine into the water, she knelt 

beside the tub and began to sponge the sweet smelling lather over 

his shoulders and back.  Lifting the yielding boy's arms, she 

swabbed under them and then moved lower over his chest and lathered 

his stomach.  As Christine sat passively, the strikingly beautiful 

maid reached beneath the surface and no part of his anatomy 

unwashed.  Taking a soft washcloth, she began to wash the makeup 

from his still beardless face.  "Close your eyes, dear" she warned 

as she gently cleaned the last vestiges of mascara and eyeshadow 

from his eyelids.  Using the long hose sprayer, she rinsed the soap 

off him, and then holding a soft towel up, had the boy step from the 

tub.  After Christine was properly powdered, Carolyn had him sit on 

the bed as she selected his wardrobe for the afternoon's excursion.

     A little over an hour later, Carolyn came into the den where 

Mary was waiting.  She no longer wore the brief maid's outfit, but 

instead showed off her stunning figure in a long blue silk gown.  

Mary, too had changed for their dinner out.  Though certainly not a 

beauty queen, the older woman still looked elegant in a stylish 

black suit.  "Is our guest ready?" Mary asked.  "Yes, Ma'm, she'll 

be right down."  With that, Carolyn called up the stairs "Come down, 

Honey.  We're ready to leave."  Christine appeared at the top of the 

stairs.  She was a lovely vision in white.  The maid had certainly 

chosen well for there wasn't a hint of masculinity left in the boy, 

rather he (now she) looked the perfect little princess.  The dress 

was all white lace accented by delicate pink satin bows across the 

bodice and at the puffy sleeves and hem.  From their vantage point, 

the two women could easily view what must have been several layers 

of crinolines under the wide almost floating skirt.  Around his 

waist was a four inch wide pink satin sash tied at the hip with a 

huge bow.  He stepped carefully down the steps, his feet in white 

patent leather mary janes, highlighted by white anklets trimmed with 

a turned down pink lace cuff.  Short white gloves covered his hands, 

each tied at the wrist with matching pink satin bows.  His hair was 

styled exquisitely, his blond curls piled high and circled with a 

tiny little tiara.  Though the dress gave the impression of girl no 

older than seven or eight, Christine's makeup appeared dramaticly 

more grown up.  It was obvious that in addition to lipgloss, blusher 

and shadow, Carolyn had also made use of false eyelashes.  His eyes 

lowered, he stood at the bottom step and finally, his long lashes 

fluttering, looked up expectantly at his host.  "Oh Christine, you 

look absolutely wonderful" exclaimed Mary, thoroughly pleased at the 

latest transformation.  "I wish Susan could be here to see how 

darling you are."  After donning their wraps, the two ladies led the 

daintily dressed girl to the car for the drive downtown to the 


     Though a small town, the eatery was crowded with those who had 

opted for Thanksgiving dinner out.  The restaurant was the finest in 

the area, it's oaken paneling and velvet draperies giving an 

impression of aged elegance.  The maitre-de greeted the trio warmly 

and escorted them to a table on the slightly raised mezzanine.  All 

eyes were on the cute little girl as she made her way between the 

other tables.  Christina couldn't help but overhear the whispered 

admirations as the other diners paused and noted the precious 

darling accompaning Mrs.Alexander.  Self-consciously, Christine took 

his seat as the waiter held the chair for him, making sure to 

gracefully spread his skirt and petticoat.  It was with an almost 

audible sigh of relief that Mary ordered for him.  While the two 

ladies ordered white wine, a Shirley Temple was suggested for the 

younster.  The meal itself was wonderful, though Christine felt on 

pins and needles throughout.  After the traditional turkey, 

cranberry sauce and stuffing, Mary ordered pecan pie and coffee and 

another softdrink for her niece.  

     Christine seemed to grow uncomfortable and Carolyn, taking 

notice asked, "Is there something wrong, sweetheart?"  Despite the 

boy/girl's embarassment, Christine couldn't wait any longer.  "I 

have to use the restroom" he finally whispered.  Smiling, the maid 

quickly summoned the waiter and asked "Could you tell me where the 

powderoom is?  It seems our little guest had a bit too much to 

drink."  After being shown the way, Carolyn took sheepish girl by 

the hand and led him down the hall to the door marked "Ladies".  

Thankfully, the elegantly decorated room was otherwise unoccupied.  

Carolyn latched the door to provide some privacy, and to Christine's 

surprise, backed him into one of the stalls.  Lifting the young 

boy's skirt and petticoat, Carolyn seemed to take charge, "Here, 

Honey, I'll help you.  Hold your dress up now."  As his cheeks 

turned a deep red, his lace trimmed panties were lowered to his 

knees and the maid inched him back till he was almost forced down on 

the seat.  To his chagrin, Carolyn then gently took his soft penis 

in her hand and held it down, aiming it for him.  "Go ahead, dear; 

let me see my little girl tinkle."  The boy felt totally mortified; 

never had he been treated like such a completely helpless child.  

Despite his humiliation, Carolyn smiled as the sound of water 

splashing in the bowl echoed in the small stall.  When he was 

finished, instead of replacing his panties to their former position, 

the maid had the boy stand, his petticoats still raised to waist 

level.  She took a tissue and gently dried the tip of his penis, and 

with the frilly white panties still around his ankles, she opened 

her purse and removed  a small container.  He looked down just as 

she opened it and watched as she removed a soft feather puff. After 

coating it with perfumed powder, she carefully dusted him, paying 

attention to cover not only his genitals, but also down along the 

length of his thighs.  With one final caress, she patted his now 

silky penis, and then reaching down, slowly pulled his panties back 

to their original position.  "All finished, sweetheart" she said, 

helping to straighten his petticoats as they floated down over his 

legs.  After washing his hands, Carolyn had him face the mirror, and 

taking a lipstick from the small white purse he carried, retouched 

the creamy gloss that coated his lips.  "Feel better now, Honey?" 

she asked, opening the door and escorting the embarassed youngster 

back to the table.  Still blushing, Christine took her seat as 

Carolyn's eyes met Mary's and the two women shared a knowing smile.



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