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Archive-name: Changes/saramia1.txt


Archive-title: Sara Mia: Sara - The Beginning

     It was a summer I would never forget but prayed everynight that I did.  

By the spring of the following year I had the hottest girlfriend in town and 

two secret male lovers too.  Sex with a woman was still the first priority but 

occassional sex with a man was still a craving that I could not deny myself.  

That summer I made sure I didn't return to the islands with my parents.  

Instead, I took a trip around the country with my girlfriend May and our best 

friends Jon and Mary.  We 

 were a foursome both as friends and lovers (though not bisexually) during the 

entire trip.  Things changed when we got to Texas.  We were in Austin, Texas 

at a place called Hippy Hollow.  It was a freshwater creek in the middle of 

the forest and it nude bathing was permissable.  I was naked, of course, and 

walking through the creek up ahead of everybody else.  There was this guy 

leaning back on a big rock ahead of me.  His body was firm and lean with a 

washboard stomach.  His cock was long and mean as he stroked it hard and 

beautiful.  He was smiling as I approached him.  I didn't recall ever seeing 

him before.  When I was close enough he said, "Sara Sister Sara come suck my 

beautiful cock!"  Instantly my eyes glazed over with sexual lust as I opened 

my mouth, bent over and deep throated to the hilt his delicious prick.  

Moaning my deep appreciation and satisfaction I heard him say "Sara Sister 

Sara you suck cock so good", as he stroked the sides of my chest. 

  I was concentrating so fully on his massive wonder I did not hear May, Jon 

and Mary approach.  May's screams and Mary's gasps did not affect my new and 

sole purpose in life at that very moment.  Sara had been commanded by MASTER 

to suck his cock and that's exactly what Sara would do until ordered 

otherwise.  And Master's cock tasted so good.  It had been so long since I had 

sucked such a delicious cock and I moaned, groaned and slobbered my pleasure 

as I gobbled his hard love pole down my throat.  Sucking all of his love cum 

down by throat, I stood up with his cum still dripping down my chin awaiting 

his next command.  It mattered not who gave the command, for as long as I 

heard it, all I could see was the face of Master or Mistress looking back at 

me.  Unless another command was given within a few minutes I would revert back 

to reality and act like nothing had happened.  But the man who had uttered 

Master's words just got up and walked away leaving me with no explanation to 

May and his cum smeared across my lips.  Because of it, the rest of the trip 

was uneventful and when we returned to our home we went our separate ways.  

	A few months later, the phone rang and mother said it was for 

me.  When I put the receiver to my ear all I heard was, "Sara Sister Sara, 

come to your Master at 14 East 66th Street."  This was repeated again and 

demanded an answer.  I said yes but resisted.  I didn't want to go.  I didn't 

want to change things.  But by not obeying Master's command, I became sick 

with stomach cramps and drew a fever as each day passed without following out 

his command.  My parents took me to the doctor but the doctor could only say 

it was a virus and it would pass with plenty of rest.  On the tenth night 

after receiving another call that same afternoon, I could stand it no more.  I 

had to obey.  My mind was blank as I took the bus across the river and the 

subway down to my destination.  The cramps lessened as I approached the 

address I had heard over the phone.  Walking up the stairs of the brownstone, 

a warmth of security enveloped me.  I rang the doorbell and felt absolutely at 

ease when the door opened and I stepped inside.  The lovely maiden who had 

opened the door for me asked me to step out of my clothes.  When I was naked I 

heard the three magic words.  "Sara Sister Sara welcome home."  At that moment 

I felt a sting in my left buttock and then the room spun around and I passed 


	After a period of time of which I no not how much time had passed, I 

remember opening my eyes as I was sucking what seemed to be Master's cock.  

His voice soothed me as I lusted over his meat.  "From this day forward you 

will only be Sara.  You will be a woman who is the best of both worlds with 

tits and a cock.  You will always be Sara, Samuel no longer exists.  In fact, 

for Sara, he never did."  Then everything went blank again.  Time stood still 

for me as I could remember nothing but a blur of images and waves of erotica 

swimming through me time and time again.  The first real thing I remember out 

of the haze was smoking a cigarette in the front parlor.  Lounging out on a 

loveseat, a gentleman caller sat down next to me and immediately drew his lips 

to mine.  After a deep soul kiss, he got up smiling and walked away.  Then I 

heard Master's voice and went to him on command.  My gentleman caller had gone 

upstairs and I was to join him.  Would I do this for my Master?  With all my 

heart I told Master.   

As soon as I entered the room, my new lover embraced me into his arms.  Our 

lips met and separated so that our hot tongues could dance wildly together.  

Pushing me down to the floor with his weight on top of me, loverboy lifted up 

my baby doll lingerie to suck on one of my hard nipples.  His tongue drove me 

crazy with lust and I moaned with delicious delight.  Sucking on my other 

nipple his right hand reached down to stroke my rapidly growing cock while my 

free hands strove to rip off his clothes as fast as they could.  Once almost 

fully naked, we crawled ourselves into a tight sixty-nine position sucking 

wildly over each other's delicious love meats.  Moaning, groaning and writhing 

about like savages in heat on the floor we explode in mutual orgasms.  Then 

with me lying spent on the floor, my lover will put his clothes back on, thank 

me and walk out of the room.  There are other times when my lover will be my 

slave, or I will be his or we will just suck and/or fuck.  They are different 

lovers but I do it for my Master and the reward I treasure so deeply, Master's 

fist.  After loverboy leaves Master calls for me to crawl before him 

downstairs.  The drug has worn off a little bit as I straighten myself up in 

the mirror. Looking at myself full-length I can see that I have nice tits, 

firm, full and succulent.  My auburn hair flows in wavely just above my 

shoulders.  My skin is soft and smooth and my hips have perfect curves that 

accent my six inch cock between my thighs.  For a moment I think about 

arriving at the brownstone as Samuel, then shake off the daydream and notice 

the calender says its one year from whence I last remember.  On the vanity 

below me is a long line of love powder.  I snort it up quickly and a new burst 

of warmth pervades me and I forget about my curious daydreams and go 

downstairs to my Master.  Downstairs my Master draws me into him arms and sits 

me back onto one of the day mattresses.  Drawing my legs over his shoulders he 

enters my love hole in one full thrust.  I open and accept histool with my 

love.  Our lips meet as he thrusts his tool in and out of my "cunt".  With 

each thrust he demands my praise.  I tell him he is all I live for.  I am the 

possession of my Master, my body is his to do as he wishes.  I live only to 

fulfill the desires of Master.  After emptying his hot cum deep in my "cunt", 

I clean Master's cock with my lips and tongue then bent over at his command.  

Now I feel Master's hand pushing into me.  Because of my intense training, I 

easily and wonderfully open up to him so that his whole clenched fist easily 

fits inside me.  As Master fistfucks my hole, I thrust back and forth on all 

fours to drive him deeper inside me.  My cock is so hard it sends waves and 

waves of multi-orgasmic sensations through my body.  With his free hand, 

Master strokes my cock and I explode in a violent orgasm that spews my hot 

semen all over his stroking hand.  Wildly, I take Master's hand and suck all 

of my cum clean off his skin.  After a wonderful french kiss, Master hands me 

a joint and tells me to relax.  Snuggling up to one my slave companions, I 

lazily bend down to take her soft cock into my mouth.  There's nothing like a 

good joint and a juicy cock after a good fistfucking.  Then after licking and 

giggling we would all happily climb the stairs to go to sleep.  Either 

sleeping together or alone it is always on new satin sheets and covers.   

	I awoke with great cramping in my stomach.  Clutching myself there, I 

crawled over to my morning troph and begged for morning cock from Master.  

Whining near tears for several minutes, I begged to have my morning cock.  

Other slaves were probably doing the samething right next to me.  But I, as 

they were, was only aware of myself, my world and my addiction.  When a 

anounymous cock was presented to me, I sucked on it with relish as my body 

felt a rush of energy enter into every nerve cell.  Once finished, I felt 

alive and exhuberant.  I could do anything.  My bubble bath followed where I 

was bathed by mysterious hands because I always wore a blindfold for every 

morning bath.  Next came weights and aerobics class.  Tone up those muscles 

and firm up that paunch.  Right after lunch I would give myself a hit in the 

arm and feel the glorious rush hit the back of my head.  In the afternoon, I 

would either help out on daily chores in the brownstone or go out shopping.

	I would always be back before the evening, for it was in the evening 

when I would perform for all of Master's friends and desires.  After taking an 

afternoon shower I sit in front of my vanity while other slaves who are 

trained in the art of preparing Master's toys (of which I am one) for the 

evening's pleasures.  I need only sit and watch my reflection in the mirror as 

the female slaves prepare me for the evening at hand.  They dry my hair and 

brush it out, they apply my makeup, shave my legs, apply cologne, and finally 

dress me in the lingerie Master has approved for me to wear that night.  All I 

do is sit and stare and wonder how I could have been blessed with such a 

wonderful life.  I smoke the best marijuana and have a never-ending supply of 

my wonderful love drug.  I snort and hit as much as I want whenever I want.  

Life would not be worth living without it.  I live for Master's pleasure and 

the sexual pleasure he gives me twenty four hours a day.  Ready for the 

evening at hand, I enter the downstairs' parlor and sit on one of the 

loveseats provided.  When Master enters the room, I fall to the floor on my 

knees with my head bowed, awaiting his command and pleasure.  I hear Sara 

Sister Sara suck your Master's cock.  I lift my head and take the cock in 

front of me into my mouth and close my eyes as I suck down its essense.  My 

body shivers with euphoria as I suck Master's massive cock down my throat.  My 

eyes glaze heavily over with intense lust.  Master's cock tastes so good.  His 

massive member fits so snugly between my lips and gum. Everytime my nose 

brushes against his pubic hairs my body convulses in ripples of erotic bliss.  

I know Master is pleased when I feel his hands roughly take hold of the back 

of my head to take better control of the scene.  Holding my head stationary, 

Master thrusts his cock in and out of my mouth with savage intensity.  I 

passively stay limp like a rag doll awaiting the splash of Master's hot cum 

into the back of my mouth.  As always, without warning, his cum hits the back 

palate of my mouth and streams down my throat.  I swallow hungrily to drink 

his honey nektar of the gods.  When his grip loosens around my head, I take 

great care in lovingly kissing and licking his cock clean as it grows soft 

within my touch.  Pleasing Master is my greatest rush and satisfaction.  

Thinking I am the most treasured of his possessions makes me orgasm just 

imagining it.  I live and breathe for Master.  He is the reason for my 

existance.  Master orders me to stand up and presents me to two of his 

friends.  Sara Sister Sara please these friends of Master.  With pleasure and 

love Master!  Their faces are of no importance.  Who they are does not matter.  

I have been ordered to please Master's friends and that is what I will do.  

	In the privacy of a room on the second floor, I please Master by 

allowing his friends to ravish and rape my body to their heavenly delight.  I 

suck their cocks and drink down their nektars.  They rape my cunt and whip my 

breasts.  I eat their assholes and fuck them on command.  We fall into a daisy 

chain and suck each other off again and again.  When my body is limp and 

spent, they leave me alone on the floor and depart.   Slowly but with 

determination, I gather myself up off the floor and proceed down to Master in 

the parlor downstairs.  Crawling to Master's feet, I beg to serve him forever 

and ask what else I can do that evening for his pleasure.  Master orders me to 

stand at attention before him.  As I do, a hooded male slave pricks my arm 

with an added boost.  Another hooded male slave attaches various leather 

restraints to my lithe body.  Wrist and ankle cuffs, a leather waist harness, 

a slave collar with spikes, and taut clips to my hard nipples.  My wrists are 

cuffed behind my back and a ball gag is inserted in my mouth.  Master strokes 

the side of my face and then spits a gob of saliva between my eyes.  Grabbing 

my cock, Master squeezes so hard sending ripples of agonizing pain throughout 

my body causing me to bend down to the floor on my knees.  Master growls that 

I will obey or die.  Then the male slaves lead me to a room on the third 

floor.  I am left standing alone in the room awaiting the fate that Master has 

chosen for me.  Suddenly the lights dim and a figure steps into the room.  

Sara Sister Sara Mistress is here to command you.  Mistress!  Mistress is here 

to abuse and humiliate me.  Mistress is dressed in full leather that is so new 

I can smell it from across the room.  In one hand is a paddle while in the 

other hand is a massive horse whip.  My heart pounds as she slowly struts up 

to me.  I tremble from her presence.  For the rest of the night I am beaten, 

whipped, abused, raped and degraded by the violence of Mistress.   Mistress is 

cruel, demanding and very sexual.  The extreme pain she inflicts on my body 

sends me to a higher level of sexual esctasy.  At the end of our session 

together, Mistress allows me to erotically and slowly fuck her bringing me off 

to a sensational orgasm.

	Sometime in the late morning I woke up.  Though exhausted and spent from 

the strenueous night before, I still fall on the fall with the awful cramps in 

my stomach.  Only after my dose of morning cocksucking do I regain my 

composure.  Carefully but quickly I prepare a syringe of love juice and inject 

myself.  My body relaxes as the love drug settles my nerves.  Then a moment 

later it jolts me backwards, the rush hitting my brain and rebounding back 

down the rest of my body.  Now I am ready for my slave attendants to 

administer my love bath.  While I am relaxing in the tub, one of Master's sex 

slave kitten comes to me and tells me that Master has given her to me for the 

morning for appreciation of my submissive obedience the night before.  Sighing 

with appreciation and love for Master, I have the sex kitten slide between my 

legs and slowly suck my cock while the hooded slaves attended to my bathing 


	Standing before the full length mirror, the hooded slaves toweling off 

my wet body, I tried to remember my past.  All I could think of was this boy 

called Samuel.  Lifting my fingers to my nipples, I massaged the tips between 

my thumbs and index fingers.  One of my slaves injected another hit into my 

arm and almost instantly the thoughts of that boy named Samuel whistfully 

escaped from my mind.  With the love juice flowing through my veins, my cock 

became rock hard.  Motioning for my hooded slaves to back away, I fall 

backwards onto the floor and bekon sex kitten to straddle my cock with her 

cunt and fuck me to orgasm.  

	Night after night Master commands me to satisfy his friends and 

associates.  Night after night I revel as they ravish my body as one orgasm 

after another sweeps through my body.  On certain nights, after I am exhausted 

and spent, Master will awaken the sexual lust within me as he allows me to 

satisfy his pleasures until the sun streaks its rays into the morning sky.  

But it is the nights that Mistress abuses and tortures my body and violates my 

soul that turn my stomach with revulsion.  I am helpless to not obey her 

commands.  To disobey her means certain punishment in hell from Master so I am 

wise to obey Mistress even though I wish not to.  It is the times after nights 

with Mistress that I wish I could break my bonds of servitude to Master and 

escape from his realm forever.  

	One night after Mistress, Master sensed my discontent and had me 

gangfucked by his many friends.  With constant lips and tongues tightly 

sucking my hard and aching nipples, with another mouth constantly sucking my 

cock, I was fucked in my cunt and mouth by one faceless cock after another.  

What a glorious night as I swallowed delicious cum and accepted countless 

ejaculations into my rectal cunt cavity.  All the while those wild lips sucked 

and grinded over my hard nipples and kept sucking my cock like an automatic 

milking machine.  As a reward for my orgasms, Master whipped my ass till I 

bled and in gratitude I sucked his cock and asshole till I fell asleep from 

pure sexual exhaustion.

	After that episode of lust and discipline, Master allowed me to rest for 

several days until my wounds of servitude disappeared and my skin became soft 

and smooth once more.  

	My tits are larger and more firm now.  My nipples stand out hard and 

solid as I tweak them with my fingers.  Gazing at my supple body in front of 

the mirror, I watch my hand glide over the curves of my perfect breasts and 

down over my flat and firm belly to circle and grasp my flaccid cock that 

hangs between my soft, smooth, beautiful legs.  Not an ounce of unwanted fat 

is concealed within my skin.  And my firm ass complement my entire figure.  If 

I ever was once only a man, this is no longer noticable for even the adam's 

apple in my neck has all but disappeared.  My long flowing brown hair falls 

gracefully down my back.  I am truly in love with myself and my body.  

	One piece at a time, Master's hooded slaves hand me my clothing to be 

worn for tonight's festivities.  First the silk panties followed by the garter 

belt and black stockings.  Next comes the black lace bra that uplifts and 

accentuates my already firm and supple breasts.  Sitting down by the vanity, I 

extend out my hands so that one of my maiden slaves can paint my nails while 

another applies my evening makeup to my face and another brushes out my hair.  

Finally Master's favorite perfume is applied to the nape of my neck, behind my 

earrings and around my cock.  My low cut dress is handed to me and I step into 

its tight fit and a hooded slave zips me up in the back.  Finishing off my 

evening ritual, I puff on a joint of heavenly grass as one of my maidens 

inject a night supply of love juice into my veins.  With my body floating and 

my sexual lust aroused, I trace my lips with my tongue and descend the stairs 

of Master's brownstone to the parlor below for the anticipated evening ahead.

	Leaning against the open bar, I sip white wine and smoke a cigarette 

with my fellow she-male slaves and await as Master's friends slowly start to 

arrive.  Their faces are meaningless for I will pleasure whoever Master 

desires me to please.  I am but a mere possession of my Master.  I live for 

his command and I obey for his pleasure.  Suddenly I am aware of his presence.  

I feel his firm body slide across mine and his arm glide around my waist.  

Master commands me to follow him and I do without a moment's hesitation.  

Master introduces me to a couple, a man and a woman.  They are both in their 

twenties.  She is a beautiful blonde and he is of no consequence.  Her name is 

Dawn and her partner's name is Steve.  Master commands me to please him by 

giving this couple a night they will not forget.  He transfers his power of my 

soul to the woman and leaves me with them for the evening.  Sitting on a 

loveseat, Dawn and I talk as her partner goes off for some more drinks.  While 

we talk, Master returns with my purse.  Inside is my entrance key, $1000 in 

cash and a sufficient supply of the love drug for myself and my masters for 

the evening at hand.  It isn't long before Dawn and I have licked our lips and 

tongues together in a slow love dance.  She tastes invitingly good and for the 

first time in a long time I relish the events of the evening that are about to 

take place.  Mistress then surprises me by announcing that I am to follow them 

for dinner and a nightclub.  In a corner table of a dimly lit restaurant, 

Mistress Dawn massages my breasts as Master commands me to kick off my shoes 

and massage his enormous cock that bulges inside his pants.  After the main 

course is served and taken away, Dawn tells me to follow her into the Ladies' 

Room.  Following her into one of the stalls, Mistress Dawn sinks to her knees 

and commands me to lift my dress.  Sliding her nails up the sides of my black 

stocking legs, she hisses with delight as she slides her hot mouth over the 

head of my cock.  There, in the stall of the ladies room, she sucks my cock 

like a slut in heat and I ejaculate hard and fast into her warm and 

experienced mouth.  Standing up, I see my cum bubbling between her lips.  She 

orders me to suck my cum from her mouth and swallow it and with my body hot 

with lust I oblige her command with heated relish and lust.  

	After dinner we speed off to a dance club with the back cab privacy of 

the couple's limo.  As her partner sits passively on one of the upraised 

jumper stools, Dawn and I hotly fondle and kiss each other.  Obviously this 

dude Steve is Dawn's meek slave I think because he sits away from us without 

motion.  At the dance club, Dawn and I dance one number after another with 

every partner we can pick up.  Eventually we dance with only each other.  It 

is in this ladies room that I turn my night partner onto Master's love juice.  

Naturally, after only a few more dances, Dawn is ready to leave.  Steve has 

been waiting quietly in the limo and is in the same position when our spent 

and danced out bodies reenter the limo.  Dawn tells the chauffer to drive, 

just drive anywhere.  As the cold air hits our sweaty bodies, Dawn starts to 

tear off her drenched clothing and tells me to do the same.  Her breasts are 

small, petite and soft just as I like them.  And my body is just what she 

needed.  My eyes widen with lust as I feast on the natural blonde curls that 

encircle her sopping wet pussy.  With Dawn positioning herself against the far 

corner of the large bench seat, she spreads her legs and I need no further 

invitation.  Just the sight of blonde curls fueled my fire as I dove between 

Dawn's smooth legs and covered my mouth over her pussy and love button.  As I 

munched and sucked, Dawn moaned and groaned her pleasure, squeezing her thighs 

tightly around my face.  Lifting her ass upwards, I followed her pussy, my 

tongue wrapped tightly around her clitoris and my lips ever widening to 

swallow her entire pussy into my mouth.  One orgasm followed another as I 

wanted more and more of her delicious pussy.  My cock was hard as a rock, so 

when she screamed for me to fuck her I couldn't wait a moment longer.  We 

rolled onto the carpeted floor as I mounted her supple body and slid my cock 

into her sloshing love canal.  Wrapping her legs around my ass, digging her 

nails into my back, our lips and tongues meshed together as I pounded her cunt 

with my torrid cock.  It was then that I felt the warm tongue against the 

crevice of my ass.  It was obviously Steve's who had now decided to 

participate in the action.  As Dawn and I slowed our rhythymic gyrations, the 

tongue lubricated my asshole cunt for obvious entry and possession.  When the 

tongue disappeared, I felt two hands grip my buns and spread them apart.  Then 

with a firm thrust, a very large cock pushed into my rectal cavity and 

proceeded to split me apart.  I had to stop fucking Dawn, leaving my cock 

buried in her cunt as Steve pushed what seemed his gigantic entire length into 

my asshole cunt.  Dawn growled what a nice sandwich we made.  We started 

slowly but built up into a frenzy.  I was possessed as I fucked.  It was 

wonderful.  Then we changed positions.  With Dawn on top, I turned my mouth on 

Steve's enormous cock and sucked his entire length down my throat with my 

expert action.  As Dawn pumped her velvet cunt up and down my love meat, I 

deep throated Steve and lusted over his outcries of apparent approval.  Just 

before Steve was about to ejaculate, Dawn ordered him to pull out of my mouth 

and spurt his hot cum all over my face.  As soon as he finished doing so, Dawn 

bent down and licked her lover's cum off my face.  Giggling she ordered Steve 

to dress and face away from the action.  As he followed orders she ordered us 

to meld our bodies into a torrid sixty-nine.  As our limo drove down silent 

and endless streets, Dawn and I sucked each other to one orgasm after another.  

Needing a rest, we cuddled into each other's embrace and smoked a couple of 

joints.  Dawn told me to get dressed the best I could as she did the same and 

told the driver to take us to her home.  Once inside their spacious high rise 

condo, Dawn ordered Steve to get into his uniform as she led me into the 

bedroom.  She asked for another snort of Master's love potion and I encouraged 

her to allow me to hit her with the needle instead.  I wanted it all.  

Carefully I mainlined some into Dawn's veins.  As she collasped from its 

intense rush of sexual fire, I inserted a good hit into my arm.  Very rarely 

had I ever mainlined, but I knew if ever there was a time to do so, now was 

the time.  The instant rush sent me reeling to the softness of Dawn's large 

waterbed.  As the sexual fire consumed my body, I ripped off my clothes 

wanting to be free and naked.  Dawn had done the same and had thrown herself 

against the large mirror on the opposite wall.  She was groaning and screaming 

and fondling her firey body as I did the same on the bed.  I screamed to my 

lover to join me, quickly, quickly as she could.  Dawn's face was totally 

contorted and her eyes completely glazed over with abandoned lust as she flung 

her hot body onto the bed to join mine.  With a savage need we meshed our 

bodies together into another sixty-nine, only this time we became even tighter 

than ever.

	Dawn sucked my cock like a vacuum and I sucked her delicious cunt with 

my entire mouth.  With each ejaculation I became harder, with each creamy 

orgasm her cunt begged for more of my riveting tongue.  The fire in our bodies 

grew with each orgasmic explosion.  Finally, standing no more, I pulled away 

and bounced on top of her, slamming my hard cock into her fiery pussy.  We 

fucked with a savage abandon neither of us would have ever thought possible 

before.  Even after our bodies were spent and exhaustion had set in, we fucked 

so more.  We fucked as my cock got raw and her cunt became sore.  We fucked 

until we passed out and when we woke up we fucked some more.  Waking up a 

third time, Dawn instructed her waiting slave to slide her hot tongue over our 

assholes as we sucked each other's demanding nipples.  In the ensuing shower 

we embraced and sucked our tongues over our hot and lusty skin.  We needed 

more and more of each other.  The love juice in our veins did not seem to wain 

with time, it only grew stronger by the sexual lust we sought from each other.  

The evening encounter spilled into the next day.  After our morning shower 

together, we were perfumed and dusted by Dawn's french maid.  Dawn allowed me 

to suck Steve's (the french maid) cock for my morning cravings. Then we slept 

by the comforting sun of her pool in the backyard.  I woke up to Dawn sucking 

vigorously on my cock.  When she saw my eyes opened, Dawn mounted me, her 

tanned skin gleamed by the rays of the sun, her hands reached out to tweak my 

hardening nipples as mine reached out to do the same to hers.  Dawn was a 

sexual tower of lust with an unquenchable thirst for nonstop sex.  After 

reaching another fantastic orgasm by the pool, I fell asleep once more.  It 

was when I awoke did I realize this second night would be far different than 

the first.  I had fallen asleep by the pool but I awoke between the satin 

sheets of Dawn's waterbed.  Dawn stood naked in the doorway, smiling and 

cooing for me to stand up from the bed.  When I did so she told me to stand 

still, approached me and gave me a warm and loving kiss.  Turning me around, 

she then took my wrists and attached leather cuff collars to each one.  As she 

purred sweet nothings into my ear, she took my wrists behind my back and 

cuffed them together.  Her hands trailed down my stomach and stroked my cock.  

As it grew, Dawn slid a cock ring to its base and then stroked my cock to a 

permament hardness.  Tonight was slave night and I was her worthless slave.  

She was Mistress Dawn and her every command would be obeyed.  Ordered to look 

straight ahead, I remained frozen as a two-inch leather slave collar was 

tightened around my neck.  A ball gag and leather strap harness was attached 

to my head and a leather harness around my waist.  Biting tight clamps were 

attached to my nipples forcing me to make screaming muffled moans through the 

ball gag in my mouth.  Lifitng my legs one at a time, Mistress Dawn and her 

assistant slid silky black nylons up each leg and secured them to the waist 

harness.  Then I had to slip each of my feet into pumps that lifted my soles 

six inches off the ground.  Leather cuffs were attached to each ankle and a 

small chain attached to each one which would make me walk in very small steps.  

A large vibrator was inserted into my asshole that I would later discover to 

be of the remote controlled variety.  Mistress Dawn scolded me for the tears 

that cascaded down my face and told me I would be severly punished later in 

the evening.  I was ordered not to show pain for my confinements.  Otherwise I 

should expect more punishment.  A leather strap was attached to my head 

harness and secured to my waist harness forcing my head to be kept in a 

slightly raised upright position.  I was naked, humiliated and totally 

enslaved.  Now in a position that made it very difficult for me to see where I 

was going or where I stood, Mistress Dawn attached a leash to my slave collar 

and tugged on it slowly leading me into what seemed to be the living room.  

Standing frozen in pain and discomfort, Mistress pressed me against a wall and 

attached my cuffed wrists to a hook that protruded from the wall behind me.  

Then she left me alone as her french maid slave cooked and served her dinner.  

Then they both disappeared from the room and I was left to whimper in my own 


	Sometime later Mistress Dawn came back into the room.  Taking me by my 

head harness, Mistress Dawn forced my head downwards inflicting much pain and 

forcing me to look upon her new outfit.  Mistress Dawn wore a black leather 

corset.  Her hair was primed into a ball above her head.  She wore heavy 

makeup accentuated by purple lipstick and fingernails and long black 

eyelashes.  Her golden pubic curls gleamed between the black corset and her 

black stockings and spiked heels.  Long cat-o-nine tails whip flowed from her 

free hand.  And she spat in my face to confirm that I was her slave and she 

was surely my Mistress.  Unhooking my body from the wall, Mistress Dawn led me 

to the center of the living room and commanded me to remain frozen until given 

my next command.  Then she began to whip me with hard, firm strokes against my 

ass, belly and legs.  As the frequency of the whip increased, the intensity of 

the vibrator in my ass increased as well.  Try as I might, I could not hold 

back the tears that poured from my eyes and the groans of pleasure/pain that 

escaped from my gagged mouth.  Mistress Dawn screamed at me for disobeying her 

commands and whipped even harder making sure that every other stroke made 

contact with my ever straining rigid cock.  I wanted to orgasm so badly but 

the ring at the base of my cock prevented me from doing so.  Suddenly the 

whipping ceased and Mistress stepped forward and squeezed my cock as she 

slapped me across the face several times with her open right hand.  Then she 

left me alone, frozen and silent in the middle of the living room.  A while 

later, the doorbell began to ring and I heard voices behind me.  Mistress Dawn 

was throwing a party and I was the central attraction!  Every so often I felt 

a hand there, a squeeze and a pinch somewhere else on my bound and exposed 

body.  They were having fun and admiring my torment and my servitude gave me 

pleasure.  After a while the talking lowered and I felt the leather strap 

removed that kept my head in a slightly raised position.  The ball gag was 

also removed as Mistress ordered me to my knees and told me to crawl to the 

first exposed pussy and begin licking.  One at a time, I sucked every cunt 

that was in the room.   Big ones, little ones, fat ones and thin ones.  Every 

so often the intensity of the vibrator in my ass was increased and also my 

bottom was soundly whacked by a whip or wooden hammer.  Though the ring was 

tightly around the base of my cock, I orgasmed just the same much to the 

displeasure of my Mistress.  But the pain/pleasure was much too much for me to 

endure and I had to experience release whether or not Mistress allowed me to 

enjoy it.  After I was through sucking all the endless array of cunts that 

were presented before me, I was led to the center of the room on my knees.  

There, my hands were uncuffed from behind my back and placed into a leather 

sheath and attached to a hook that descended from the ceiling.  Now assholes 

were presented to me to lick and suck while my bottom was whipped till I felt 

my blood trickle down my thigh and legs.  Then the vibrating dildoe was 

removed from my asshole and replaced by a seemingly ever gigantic and bigger 

dildoe that Mistress had strapped onto her waist.  Then as Mistress Dawn 

abused my already ravaged and swollen nipples, she fucked my ass in a savage 

unrelenting pace.  The intensity was too much for me, especially without the 

love juice flowing through my veins, and I passed out sometime later in the 

night of pain and abuse.  When I woke up the next morning, I was free of my 

leather restraints and wrapped around Dawn and the satin sheets of her 

waterbed.  Opening my eyes, Dawn kissed me and told me to join her in the 

shower.  Under the steam of the hot cascading water Dawn wanted me to make 

love to her but I was reluctant to do so.  She became angry and violent, 

beating and punching me unmercifully.  Spent and shaken, Dawn deposited me 

back on the steps of Master's brownstone after telling Master about her 

displeasure in my performance.  Then the woman who I had made such passionate 

love to only a few nights before, kicked me in the stomach and spat in my face 

as Master dragged me by the hair back into his dungeon for more savage 


	Dragging me down the stairs to the room where no one wished to enter, I 

was strapped to a table and electrodes attached to my body.  Master stared 

down at me.  He told me he was truly ashamed of my behavior and now he had no 

choice but to completely retrain and restructure my very existance.  Crying 

and asking for his mercy, Master cooly said it was too late for all of that 

and motioned for his hooded slaves to begin the process.  Clenching my eyes 

closed, I vowed to myself I would not forget who I am.  Then the electric 

bolts hit my body and brain and life came to a virtual standstill.

	My name is Sara and I live to serve Master.  Today I awoke from what 

seemed to be a dream that I cannot remember except to say that I thought I was 

asleep forever.  But the cramp in my stomach consumes my very being.  I 

crumble into a fetal position and roll off my straw bed on the floor.  I begin 

begging for morning cock.  I don't know why I am begging, begging for this 

morning cock.  I only know I must in order to survive.  I must suck cock in 

order to live.  Crawling over to my feeding troth,  I continue to beg until a 

naked cock is placed through the hole in front of me.  Quickly I open my mouth 

and suck greedily, now knowing that only its hot semen will relieve the pain 

the consumes me.  As the hot semen fills my throat, the pain magically goes 

away.  Now, without thought, I stand in front of the wall.  Why I do not know.  

Because I must.  Because it is Master's will.  Suddenly a door appears in the 

once blank wall.  When the light hits my eyes I lower them for I am not 

permitted to gaze into the face of Master or his servants.  Commanded to step 

forward into the light I do so and extend my arms lengthwise.  Quickly my 

daily restraints are attached to my body.  The slave collar to my neck, the 

leather harness around my waist, ankle and wrist cuffs, eight inch leather 

pump shoes, leather head strap harness with ball gag, nipple clips, cock ring, 

and additional straps and chains and inhibit my movement at all times.  With a 

spiked leash attached to my collar, I am led downstairs to my place as 

Master's ornament in the parlor.  A little while later after remaining frozen 

in bondage for the amusement of Master, my ball gag is removed.  Ordered onto 

all fours, I am screamed to crawl to the bowl on the other side of the room 

for my first of three meals during the day.  I am served dog food right out of 

the can.  It is the only food I know.  It is tasteless but I eat it down as my 

ass is whipped, obscenities are screamed into my ear and I am humiliated for 

being such a worthless slave.  Afterwards I am sprayed down with a hose and 

ordered to assume my afternoon pose.  This is very painful but the pain is 

good.  I remain in this contorted, bent over position throughout the 

afternoon.  Every so often the ball gag is removed and an aynonamous cock is 

pushed between my lips.  I must swallow all of the cum and not miss a drop or 

I shall be whipped till the welts burn into my soul.  Other times, my asshole 

is violated by a cock or any number of a variety of objects besides the usual 

dildoe.  After my evening meal, I am bound and placed for my toilet slave 

duties.  I drink urine and clean assholes as I am commanded to do so.   The 

urine is warm and salty.  The assholes are icky and awful but I must lick them 

clean to serve my Master. I have no thoughts of my own.  My mind is a blank at 

all times.  My life is worthless.  I am worthless.  It is my life.

	I awaken in the morning on a bed of dry straw.  Instantly, cramps 

descend on my stomach.  I try to soothe my pain with my hands but they are 

secured to the floor.  I begin to cry and scream out pleading for morning 

cock.  I try to break free from my restraints to no avail.  I buckle and 

writhe in my own sweat as the cramping pain grows inside me.  Finally, as if 

by magic my arms and legs break free and I struggle into a crawling position.  

Growling like a dog, I grovel about the dark room.  I am breathing heavily and 

foaming at the mouth.  I growl "Cock, Cock!" over and over again.  Though I 

can't see, my nose smells it.  I crawl to that part of the room and with my 

heightened sense of smell bring my panting mouth to the cock that protrudes 

from the wall.  Hungrily, I suck its needy essense into my body.  I bathe my 

tongue around its majestic head.  The cramps go away and my body relaxes.  As 

the hot cum of the cock fills my mouth, my mind lets me know what I am do to 

next.  With the creamy cum still visible around my lips I crawl back to the 

middle of the pitch black room and stand up.  I come to attention, thrusting 

out my breasts with my hands and remain perfectly still with my eyes tightly 

closed.  I hear a door open and feel bodies move towards me.  I am shackled, 

chained, blindfolded and dragged out of the room.  My body is hosed down with 

hot water and sponges cascade about my skin obviously cleaning me down.  Then 

I am hosed down again and finally dried with hot blowers.  A voice tells me I 

am to be one of Master's art pieces this day.   


	At first I thought it was all a horrible dream.  Waking up one morning 

between the softness of my satin sheets, I passed up this nightmare as I 

begged for my morning cock.  Then a hooded slave hit me with a syringe full of 

Master's love juice and the rush hit me like a stream of sunshine filling my 

veins and awakening my energy for another day.  It was when I read the paper 

during breakfast did I realize that something was wrong.  Looking around, I 

noticed many of the faces were new and different.  And the date on the 

newspaper was two years older than when I remembered last reading it.  The 

shock hit me that the nightmare had not been only a dream.  It had been real.  

It all came back to me.  I had been sent down to the dungeon after my 

disobedience to Mistress Dawn.  Master had electro-shocked me and brainwashed 

me into one of mindless bondage slave for two years as punishment for not 

living up to his expectations.  Two years of my life had been erased as one of 

his mindless puppets.  And then I was brought back into the real world.  At 

least the real world that I had become accustomed to.  What had been before I 

still could not remember.  I knew then that I had to follow the rules.  That I 

had to obey Master's evey wish.  And when the time was right and I had all of 

my priviledges back, I had to get away as fast as I could.  I didn't get my 

chance until several months later when I was out on a shopping spree.    

	Sometime in the late morning I woke up.  Though exhausted and spent from 

the strenueous night before, I still fall on the fall with the awful cramps in 

my stomach.  Only after my dose of morning cocksucking do I regain my 

composure.  Carefully but quickly I prepare a syringe of love juice and inject 

myself.  My body relaxes as the love drug settles my nerves.  Then a moment 

later it jolts me backwards, the rush hitting my brain and rebounding back 

down the rest of my body.  Now I am ready for my slave attendants to 

administer my love bath.  While I am relaxing in the tub, one of Master's sex 

slave kittens comes to me and tells me that Master has given her to me for the 

morning for appreciation of my submissive obedience the night before.  Sighing 

with appreciation and love for Master, I have the sex kitten slide between my 

legs and slowly suck my cock while the hooded slaves attended to my bathing 


	Standing before the full length mirror, the hooded slaves toweling off 

my wet body, I tried to remember my past.  All I could think of was this boy 

called Samuel.  Lifting my fingers to my nipples, I massaged the tips between 

my thumbs and index fingers.  One of my slaves injected another hit into my 

arm and almost instantly the thoughts of that boy named Samuel whistfully 

escaped from my mind.  That night I was on my knees and sucking Master's cock 

once more.  I was Master's favorite slave and as I slobbered over his cock, I 

reveled in my superiority over all the other possessions of Master.  Every 

night I please Master by providing pleasure to his many friends and 

associates.  At least twice a week Mistress demands my submission.  But before 

every evening session, I am first trained and ravaged by Master, my sole 

purpose for living.  

	It was while I was out shopping one day that I met the most fascinating 

woman at the grocery store.  She seemed so interested in me and was so sure we 

had met once before.  She had long brown hair with pretty hazel green eyes 

that sparkled everytime our eyes would meet.  Her name was Mia and though it 

sounded very beautiful, I knew that I had never met her before even though she 

kept saying that we had.  Mia said she had just moved into the area and hoped 

we would see each other again.  With a smile I took my packages and left.  

Three days later when I visited the grocery again, Mia was there too!  So 

instead of buying vegetables, we went out walking together.  After feeding the 

birds and talking for such the longest time, Mia gave me her phone number and 

asked me to call her and get together again with her soon.  My excuse for not 

giving her my number was that I didn't have one.  Suprisingly, she accepted my 


	Then one morning after a particular long night of pleasing many of 

Master's friends, I skipped my morning workouts after relieving morning cramps 

with my daily morning dose of hard cock.  I called Mia and she was home.  We 

made a date for the movies and I got very excited.  Before I left, I applied 

my most erotic perfume and took along a vial of powder just in case.  The 

movie was great and afterwards she invited me back to her apartment.  Sitting 

on her modular sofa sipping iced tea, we settled next to each other and 

continued talking.  Soon the conversation turned to sex and our eyes met and 

locked several times.  Mia took out a joint and we smoked it.  I took out some 

powder and we snorted it.  When Mia took a snort she moaned from the sexual 

rush it gave her.  Bringing her hands up her chest and through her hair she 

marveled at the feelings the powder had given her.  Instantly our lips met and 

we pressed our bodies close to one another, our arms outstretched and our 

fingers intertwining with each other.  Removing only our shirts and bras, we 

remained face to face, our tongues sucking each other's essense while our hard 

nipples brushed lightly against the other.  Mia took the lead by first cupping 

my firm breasts then trailing her tongue down my neck to encircle my right 

nipple.  Sucking on one then the other, her tongue made me throw my head back 

as spasms of joy electrified my body.  Cupping her face in my hands I brought 

her lips  

back up to mine and fluttered magical kisses from her forehead to her chin.  

Now I sucked on her own magical nipples and trailed my tongue down her 

stomach.  Sticking my thumbs under her skirt, I pulled down both the skirt and 

her panties in one motion as she lifted up her ass and fell backwards onto the 

modular sofa.  In the same motion that her satin thighs opened wide, I pushed 

my face against her pussy and drove my tongue deep into her wet and succulent 

love canal.  Mia writhed and bucked with passion, driving her cunt into my 

lips and tongue.  Mia tasted so good and my lust for her drove me to a higher 

intensity than ever before.  It was only minutes before I tasted her love 

cream of her first orgasm.  Pushing me backwards, Mia ripped off my blouse and 

immediately stroked my hard cock.  To my amazement, she told me she knew I was 

a she-male from the moment she met me and wanted me for so long it was driving 

her crazy.  Stroking my cock, Mia wondered if I had any more powder?  Quickly 

I let her snort some right out of the vial.  Mia's eyes gleamed like fire and 

a gutteral moan escaped her lips.  Then she drove my cock deep into her 

throat, deep throating me at once sending waves and waves of erotic pleasure 

streaming through my body.  The shock of the force of her passion made me cum 

at once like a piston.  But Mia didn't stop sucking there.  She kept bobbing 

her head up and down until I was harder than hell all over again.  Then she 

laid back against the velour cushions, propped up her knees and spread open 

her inviting thighs and screamed at me to fuck her brains out.  My cock 

slipped so easily into her cunt.  Our bodies fused together, our titties 

melded into one and our lips and tongues sucked each other as our groins 

slapped together to meet each other's furious thrusts.  Our fuck was savage, 

violent and desparate.  So much did we wish to merge with the other.  So much 

did we need this union.  We exploded together in orgasm.  But mycock remained 

hard and her pussy remained open and willing.  So we kept fucking and kissing.  

This time our rhythm slowed down a bit.  The pumping became grinding.  Our 

grunts turned to moans of pleasure.  Our kisses became of dance of love.  

Openly and with words we expressed our love for each other.  We knew from that 

moment on we would be lovers forever.  So enraptured with my new love, I 

forgot to return to the brownstone to serve Master. 

	In the morning I paid for my disobedience.  Horrible cramps ravaged my 

body and I doubled over to the floor in pain.  Mia screamed as to what was 

wrong.  But I could only crawl to the side of the room to my knees and beg for 

cock over and over.  Mia became hysterical as I continued to beg Master for 

cock, my eyes glazed over and looking nowhere as I voiced my desires again and 

again.  Mia returned with a dildoe that looked and smelled like the real 

thing.  It was good enough for when she placed it before my lips I gobbled it 

up and received my daily energy boost.  In tears and patting my forehead with 

a damp towel, Mia implored to know the truth.  Who was Master and why did I so 

desparately need my "daily cock"?  I needed to shower so we took one together, 

Mia lovingly washing my body with a sponge and begging me to tell her what was 

going on.  All I could ask her, after all that she had witnessed, did she 

still love me as much as she said she did the night before?  Oh god yes she 

still loved me.  That's why she wanted to know.  Toweling ourselves off we 

fell into a tight sixty-nine and it was the first time I had ever experienced 

sex without using the powder.  And with Mia it was wonderful and magical 

beyond words.   With Mia on top, slowly grinding her juicy cunt around with my 

cock inside of her, she twisted my nipples while I massaged her firm tits.  

Alive and relaxed, I told her about the brownstone and life with Master.  I 

couldn't exactly remember life before the brownstone except that I knew I was 

always destined to be Master's slave, even as a child.  What made me obey 

Master without question I couldn't say.  But it was a command of the simpliest 

nature.  I knew whenever I heard it, I had to obey the next command from 

whoever had said it.  Mia asked me if I ever knew someone named Samuel.  

Flashbacks in my dreams maybe but otherwise no.  Mia then told me we had known 

each other before in another lifetime and we had once been lovers back then 

too.  It didn't matter about the details, suffice that we were together once 

again and this time it was better than the last time and it was forever.  That 

made me happy as we lazily fucked the morning away.  Later, while I was fixing 

lunch, Mia was rumaging through my pocketbook.  Something interesting had 

caught her eye and she asked me about the emergency card.  That was the number 

I should call whenever I became lost or confused.  So she called the number 

up.  Slowly her eyes got wider and her face tighter after she said it was me.  

Putting down the receiver, Mia took a deep breath and asked if she could ask 

something personal.  Sure my love, anything.  "Sara Sister Sara".  It was 

Mistress!  Dropping the food, I threw off my robe and beckoned to the voice 

that commanded me.  Mistress had come and I dropped to my knees before my 

Mistress awaiting her next command.  Mistress looked down at me dumbfounded, 

obviously suprised by the emergence of her lost slave.  "Prepare yourself."  

Immediately I took out theglass vial of the liquid form of the powder and 

measured out an appropiate hit.  Quickly I injected it.  Sexual lust and 

erotica swirling around me as I rose to the zenith, I got on all fours and 

spread my love canal wide for my Mistress.  Mistress crawled around to face 

me.  Who was I Mistress?  I am your slave Mistress.  She was not my Mistress, 

she was Mia my lover.  She was Mia not Mistress. 

  "Sara Sister Sara, I command you to see Mia and not Mistress!"  And 

Mistress' face disappeared and there was Mia!  Letting go of my spread 

buttocks, I brought my hands and wrapped them around Mia's face and began to 

cry.  "Sara Sister Sara, Mistress and Master no longer exist.  Only your lover 

Mia."  My mind convulsed to the command.  "Sara Sister Sara, you will only 

obey this command when given by your lover Mia.  It no longer has any meaning 

when announced by someone else."  At that moment I felt somewhat free, 

whatever free was.  It felt better but most of all it felt better in Mia's 

arms and free to know I didn't have to return to the brownstone.   

	Since I wasn't going back to the brownstone, I needed a new wardrobe, so 

we scurried off to Saks and Bloomie's and use my credit cards.  I must have 

spent over $20,000 on new clothes for Mia and I.  We had the grandest of 

times.  Though the credit cards were in my name, the bills were still sent to 

and paid by Master.  So everywhere we charged, I opened new accounts in my 

name.  Then we got ten grand in cash from the American Express Gold Card and 

caught a flight down to Hawaii.  There, within the privacy of our own 

penthouse suite overlooking the ocean, Mia asked me to inject her with the 

same amount I would inject for myself.  At first protesting, Mia warned me not 

to make her command me.  Mia almost seemed to foam at the mouth when the drug 

hit her.  Telling me to hurry, I marveled at her lust as she felt her body up 

and down with her groping hands and fingers.  In a few moments after injecting 

myself, I joined her. Our lips and tongues locked together as our sensitive 

bodies melded together for hours of heightened lovemaking.   As the rays of 

the morning sunlight hit our eyes, we woke snuggled in the warmth of each 

other's arms.  But as my eyes squinted open my stomach began to cramp and my 

brain ordered me to crawl to the corner of the room and beg for morning cock.  

"Sara Sister Sara, from this day forward you will beg for morning cunt and not 

morning cock.  Repeat the command back to Mistress!"  I repeated the command 

back to Mistress Mia then opened my mouth as her cunt descended on my face.   

Eating cunt gave me as much energy as ever eating morning cock.  Within 

minutes I felt vibrant and fresh.  Mia wanted to know where Master kept and 

stored his vials of liquid powder.  Downstairs in the ice boxes I told her.  

Taking the phone off the hook, Mia instructed me to wait on the bed for her 

return and not to move or answer the door for whatever the reason.  I 

protested then she commanded me as Mistress and I obeyed.  Three hours later 

Mia returned.  She had boxes of the glass vials and sacks of the white powder.  

She also had a large manila folder under her arm and some cassette tapes and a 

recorder under the other arm.  I wanted to run and greet her but I was frozen 

by Mistress' command not to move.  Hastily, Mia went into the other room where 

I couldn't see her.   

	A half hour later she returned and injected me with a large hit of 

liquid.  With the room spinning around I fell backwards onto the pillows and 

passed out.  I awoke with headphones around my head and Mia lying next to me, 

her warm lips glued to my left nipple and sucking it so erotically.  There was 

a newspaper on the bed and it said it was Wednesday.  Then I passed out again.  

When I opened my eyes a second time it was morning and the newspaper said it 

was Sunday.  Taking the head phones off, I got up and took a much needed 

shower, and got dressed in a pretty summer dress that had been laid out for 

me.  It occurred to me that there were no cramps this morning and I had not 

begged for morning cock or cunt.  Mia was in the kitchen preparing breakfast 

and I snuck up to her wrapping my arms around her waist and kissed the nape of 

her neck.  Mia swung around and we embraced in a loving morning kiss.  Then 

she took me to this doctor who examined me.  He said I was in good health and 

complemented me on what a beautiful she-male I had become.  This intrigued me 

because I didn't remember being anything but a she-male all my life.  But 

anyway he then gave me a shot and prescribed me some pills.  Mia said the 

pills would make sure I continue blossoming into a female and she would 

administer them to me.  Next we went out to the suburbs of Jersey and searched 

for our new home.  Mia decided on a lovely two story Tudor-style house nestled 

in a lovely suburb with trees and and large fenced in backyard.  It had a pool 

and jacuzzi and also a suana.  The house had a large room in the basement with 

a large living room and a den on the first floor and an extra large master 

bedroom on the second with three other rooms as well. The attic was another 

room too!  That night we went and bought furniture for the whole house except 

for the basement and the next day started to move in.          




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