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Archive-name: Changes/sam4.txt

Archive-author: W. Eastburn

Archive-title: Sam - 4

                            Monday Morning

     The first gray rays of sunlight were beginning to come through the

window in Sam's bedroom.  He was not awake yet, and his mind only half

registered the muted buzzing.  Susan's alarm clock was going off in her

bedroom, and the sound was deadened by the wall between the rooms.

     Sam's unconscious mind halfway heard the clock, and his dreams

turned abruptly to thoughts of going to work.  Somehow, probably by

habit, his mind recognized that this was a workday, and he should be

getting ready.  As the muted buzzing stopped, his mind lost the

thought, and allowed him to drift in a lesser degree of sleep.

     The sounds of water running in the pipes came from the bathroom. 

Still asleep, Sam's brain registered this, and he drifted closer to


     He was still too much asleep to register the door of the bedroom

being opened, as Susan came in.  

     "Wake up, sleepy head," she called cheerfully, shaking Sam by the


     Sam made some unintelligible mumbles, as he began to come to full


     For a moment, he thought he had slept over with one of his

conquests, a thought which brought a smile to his face.  He had

registered Susan's obviously feminine voice.  Then, he recognized that

voice.  He awoke with a start, recognizing that the nightmare was


     He got out of bed groggy.  Something made him aware that Susan

wouldn't be going away until he was on his feet.

     "Go on into the bathroom, Sam," Susan said, "and finish waking

up."  Her voice had the ring of laughter in it.

     Sam went into the bathroom, and ran some cold water over his face,

bringing him to full consciousness.  He felt his bladder was full, so

went over to the toilet.

     As he pulled his panties down, he saw the soaked maxi-pad in them. 

He performed the necessary functions, trying to recall how Susan had

handled the pad yesterday.  Finally recalling the incident, he stripped

the pad from the panties.  He'd already inserted a tampon from the on

the toilet tank.

     He pulled the panties completely off is feet, and took them to the

sink, where he washed them out.  He hung them on the towel rack, and

stripped off his nightgown, hanging it on the hook behind the door. 

Then, he went into the bedroom again to face Susan.

     Susan had already made the bed, and laid some clothing out on it. 

He went over, and began putting on the frilly underwear.  The panties

and bra were the same style he'd been wearing yesterday, though the

panties had a bunch of lace sewn all over them.  The silly garter belt

was there, so he put that on as well.  He recalled how Susan had shown

him to put the garters through the panty, and how difficult it had been

to go to the bathroom before she had shown him that trick, so he did

that as well.

     The dress he picked up was at least more substantial than those

he'd been wearing.  It had shoulders.  It was sleeveless, and had a

scoop neck, flowing to a straight skirt.  He put the bright red dress

on.  It fell about halfway between the bottom of his panties and his


     He looked at Susan.  She was not dressed informally, as he'd seen

her on the previous days.  She had a white blouse with a black bow on,

and her skirt was a gray checked thing, falling to the middle of her

knees.  She was wearing about two inch heels with her clothes.  She

looked good to him.

     Susan had him come over to the dressing table, and told him to put

on some lipstick and comb his hair.  She went out to the kitchen to

make coffee.

     Sam picked up the brush, and began combing.  He looked at what he

was doing in the mirror, and was appalled to see he was mashing the

hair down.  He hoped Susan wouldn't come back in until he figured out

how to fix it.  He ran his hands through the hair, mussing it but

getting it to stand up again.  He recalled that Susan's touch with the

brush had been very light yesterday, so he made a concentrated effort

to brush lightly.  He was rewarded by seeing the hair brush into its

now familiar style.

     Finding the blue purse, he dug through it to find the lipstick. 

He opened it, and began smearing the stuff on his lips.  He managed

without straying from the outside of his lip line.

     Susan returned, and looked him over, complimenting him for getting

things right for a change.  She then handed him a pair of stockings,

which he put on.

     The red pumps she got out for him slipped on as easily as he


     Susan hastily clipped a necklace and bracelet on him, then took up

the cologne spray and zapped him with that.  He smelled like a flower


     Susan got a bright red purse from the dresser, and had him put his

belongings into it.  It was a shoulder bag, like the one he'd taken to

the mall on Saturday.  

     When she was satisfied, Susan led him to the kitchen for some


     "Only coffee this morning," she apologized.  "I have to get to

work early."

     Just then, the doorbell rang.  Susan indicated that Sam should

answer it.

     He went to the front door and opened it.

     Gwen was standing there, dressed in her white nurse's uniform,

with a cute little cap.  He stood back so she could enter.  It looked

like everyone was going to work but him.

     Gwen accepted a cup of coffee, which she drank hastily.

     "I have to get to the office," she explained.

     "Come along, Samantha," she smiled.

     Sam looked at Susan inquiringly.

     "You are going with Gwen today, Sam," Susan said with a smile.

                            The Hard Truth

     Bowing to the inevitable, Sam followed Gwen downstairs to her car. 

He got in, and she made sure his seat belt was secure before she headed

out into traffic.

     Gwen probably been the most helpful of the women so far, so Sam

thought he might try and talk to her a bit.

     "Gwen," he began.  "I have got to go to work.  You girls have

already made me miss one day of it.  Can you change me back, and let me


     "Why, Samantha," she replied, her eyes twinkling, "you have only

just begun your adventure.  Why on earth would you want to leave us


     "But I have to go to work," he protested.

     "We have that all taken care of," she reassured him.

     Some reassurance, he thought, as he sat back in the seat in


     They drove into the parking lot of the professional building about

halfway between Susan's place and his old apartment.  Sam had passed

the building a number of times, but had never been inside.

     Gwen took him inside.

     Sam followed Gwen through the doorway, where she smiled and

greeted the watchman, then down the shined hard floor to an office with

a frosted window in the door.  "Lois Bryant, MD, OB/GYN," it read.

     OB/GYN?  Isn't that where women go to have babies, Sam thought to

himself.  He'd never even thought about going into a place like this


     Gwen opened the door with a key from her key ring, leading Sam

into the waiting room.

     The waiting room was typical doctor's office.  Several old sofas

were placed around the walls, looking like they had been rescued from

some Salvation Army store.  There was a low coffee table in the middle,

and several end tables scattered around the walls.  Like most doctor's

offices Sam had been in, there were hundreds of magazines scattered

around, though the stacks did seem neater than he was used to.

     "Just take a seat here in the waiting room," Gwen instructed.  "We

have some patients today, but we'll work you in as we have time."

     Gwen went into a rear office, and appeared moments later at an

open window/counter.  She began shuffling some papers.

     Sam picked a the end of a couch in the corner of the office,

hoping the plant in the corner would hide him.  He was uncomfortable in

this place already.

     A few minutes after Sam was settled, Lois walked in.  She was

wearing a navy skirt and white blouse, and navy pumps, he noticed.  She

saw Gwen, greeted her with a cheery, "Good morning," and glanced around

the office.  The plant didn't hide Sam.

     "Good morning, Samantha," she said.  "You are looking wonderful

this morning."

     Recalling the chastisement he'd received yesterday morning, Sam

thanked Lois for the compliment.

     "Why don't you move up here," Lois said, pointing to a sofa near

the counter.

     Reluctantly, Sam got up and moved to the indicated position.  He

didn't even have the plant to hide behind now.

     Lois went into the back, leaving Sam alone in the waiting room.

     He wasn't alone for long, because a woman entered a few minutes

later.  She was dressed in a conservatively cut suit, Sam noticed, as

she walked to the counter, said a few words to Gwen, then sat on one of

the sofas.  She reached out, and began leafing through one of the


     While Sam was observing this, another woman came in.  This one was

obviously pregnant.  Sam noticed that she went through the same steps

as the first woman.  

     Another woman came in.  This one was dressed in a white uniform,

like Gwen's, but she didn't have a hat.  She went into the back, and

took Gwen's place at the counter.  Sam surmised that this was the


     Gwen stuck her head out of the door and called, "Helen, you can

come in now."

     The pregnant woman went to the door and followed Gwen back into

the back.

     Another woman came in, went through the sign in ritual, and sat

down before Gwen called the first woman to the back.

     Sam was getting bored by now.  He picked up a magazine from the

stack next to him.  "Modern Motherhood," it read.  He dropped it back

on the stack immediately.  He lifted several others, noting that most

of them were dealing with parenthood.  He guessed that these might be

appropriate for an office of this type, but he was not in the least bit

interested in reading that kind of material.  He finally came across a

Vogue in the pile.  Sighing, he began leafing through it.  At least it

was better than reading about babies.

     Gwen came to the door and called the next patient.  She smiled at

Sam before she led the other woman to the back.

     The pregnant woman came out about this time, discretely adjusting

her clothing.  She went to the desk, talked to the receptionist for a

minute, then accepted a slip of paper and left.

     Another pregnant woman came in.

     Sam was beginning to figure that this was going to be a long wait,

when Gwen came to the door and said, "Samantha, I think we can take you


     Sam was eager enough to follow her.  At least there would be a

change of scenery from the waiting room.

     Gwen led Sam into a small examining room.  

     "Let's get you started," she said.

     "Step out of your heels, and stand on the scale," she continued.

     Sam stepped out of his shoes, and stepped on the scale he saw at

the side of the room.  The floor was cold on his stocking clad feet.

     Gwen went through the moving of the weights to weigh him, then

pulled the rod up to measure his height.  She had him sit next to the

desk in the corner, and took his temperature and blood pressure.  

     Sam was used to these thing, his doctor did them every time he

visited him.  So far, there was no big secret to being in this women's

doctor's office.

     Gwen then put her stethoscope to her ears, and began pressing the

cold metal disk to Sam's body.  When she put it on his breasts, he felt

the nipples grow hard from the cold metal.  He'd been noticing his

nipples hardening at almost any provocation.  Other than that, he was

not unfamiliar with the procedures.

     As Gwen finished writing her findings in a folder, she told Sam to

disrobe and sit on the examining table in the middle of the room. 

Hesitantly Sam complied, though he only took the dress off.

     Gwen looked sharply at him, "No, Sam, take everything off."

     Resigned, Sam stripped and sat on the table.

     Gwen came over with a rubber hammer, testing Sam's reflexes.  Then

she told him to lie down on the table, helping to move him into the

position she had in mind.

     Sam's feet dangled over the end of the table, but Gwen didn't seem

to mind.

     Gwen lifted one leg up by the knee, and placed it in a stirrup

that Sam hadn't noticed earlier.  She repeated the process with the

other, then moved the stirrups out form the table, spreading Sam's legs

wide apart.

     Sam turned deep red.  He was terribly embarrassed to be so exposed

to Gwen.  

     Gwen draped a green cloth from Sam's knees to his waist.    Sam

couldn't see anything below his waist now, but the coolness he felt in

his genitals reminded him how exposed he was.

     Gwen was doing something at the side of the table, when the

support below Sam's hips fell away.

     Gwen went to the small refrigerator on the wall of the room, and

removed a bottle with a big rubber hose coming out of it.  She went to

the foot of the table, and began doing something.  Sam felt her fingers

on his groin, then the tampon being removed.  He felt something enter

into him.

     "This may be uncomfortable," Gwen said cheerfully.

     Suddenly, Sam felt as if a hot poker had been jammed into his

stomach.  Then, it turned cold.  He felt the coldness seeping up from

his groin to his belly.  It felt like ice water was invading him.

     Sam felt the coldness warm up inside his body, and the tube being

removed from him.  Then he heard the liquid dripping into a pan.

     "I kept that in the refrigerator just for you," Gwen laughed.  "We

usually douche our patients with warm water, but we wanted you to

remember it."

     Leaving Sam supported in this precarious and exposed position,

dripping water into the pan, Gwen simply smiled and walked out of the


     It seemed like a long time to Sam, but must have been only a few

minutes before Gwen returned, this time accompanying Lois.  They both

smiled at him.

     "Good morning, Samantha," Lois began, as she moved to the foot of

the table, Gwen at her shoulder.  Lois now had a white lab coat over

her blouse.

     Lois moved the pan out of her way, and sat down on a small stool,

directly in front of Sam's exposed parts.  He could feel himself

blushing again.

     He felt her doing something to his groin, then something entered

deep inside him, feeling like it was filling a passage.  He felt it

wiggle around, then withdraw swiftly.

     Something cold entered him next.  It warmed quickly as it squirmed

around inside him, then he felt a sharp pinch.  The instrument was


     Lois kept down there for a while longer, her fingers probing his

genitals, then she stripped off her surgical gloves and left the room.

     "We'll have to wait a while for the tests to come back," Gwen


     Gwen followed Lois out of the room, again leaving Sam in the

awkward position.  Sam tried to move to get more comfortable, but his

legs stuck in the stirrups restricted his movement greatly.  He sighed,

and lay back accepting it.

     A few minutes later, Gwen came back in the room, this time leading


     "Good morning, Samantha," Gloria said.

     Sam wondered how they could all be so cheerful.  Oh well, they

weren't hanging out over this silly table.

     "I came over from the University Hospital as soon as I could get

away.  Now, let's see what we have here, " Gloria continued.

     She sat down at the end of the table and proceeded to duplicate

the things that Lois had done a few minutes earlier.  The only

difference was that the pinch was missing.

     Finally, Gloria stood and looked at him, "It looks excellent,

Samantha.  But, we'll have to wait for Lois' tests to be really sure."

     Gloria smiled and left the room.

     Now, Gwen took her turn at the end of the table.  Sam felt her

inserting a tampon.

     "All finished," Gwen smiled, as she restored the table to it's

normal position.

     "You can get up and get dressed now," she concluded as she walked

from the room again.

     Sam got up, still humiliated, and slowly began dressing.  While he

was not yet familiar enough with his clothing to be fast in any case,

he was dressing slower than normal.

     After dressing, Sam sat down on the chair by the desk.  He

wondered what was going to happen now.

     Gwen walked in a few minutes later, saying, "Oh, you're dressed. 

Good.  Go back and wait in the waiting room."

     Sam got up and returned to the waiting room, noticing that more

women had arrived while he had been getting examined.

     His old seat was open, so he sat down and picked up the Vogue


     A number of the other women went into the back, and returned while

he was waiting.  He'd finished looking through the Vogue, without any

real interest, and had picked up another magazine.  It was one of those

baby ones, but it was something to do.

     The waiting room cleared out, and Sam noticed that it was 12:30 on

the clock on the wall.  He hadn't noticed what time it had been when he

had gone into the examining room, but was sure it had been several

hours ago.

     Gwen and Gloria walked out from the back and turned to him.

     "Come on, Sam," Gwen said.  "Let's go get some lunch."

     The three of them went across the street to a small restaurant,

and had small house salads with coffee.  Sam ate every leaf of lettuce.

     As they left, Gloria said she had to get back to her office.  She

went her way while Gwen and Sam went back to Lois' office.

     "Wait here," Gwen smiled, in the waiting room.

     Sam sighed, and picked up the magazine he'd been leafing through. 

He got through three more before he looked up at the clock again.  It

was 3:30, and he was still waiting.  He stood, to stretch his muscles.

     The receptionist glared at him.

     Sam sat back down, sighed, and picked up yet another magazine.

     At last, Gwen called him into the back again.  This time they went

into a more standard office setting.

     Lois looked up from the papers on her desk, smiled, and indicated

a chair.  Gwen sat in the other one.

     "Well, Samantha," Lois began.  "You will be happy to know that all

of our tests show you to be a normal, functioning female."

     Sam was shocked.  He'd known it, really, but hearing it said out

loud crushed him.

     "I saw no abnormality in your sex organs at all," she continued,

"and Gloria's examination showed the same."

     "Incidentally, your hymen is in tact," she kept going.  "I guess

that makes you a virgin."

     Gwen and Lois both giggled at this pronouncement.

     Sam turned beet red.

     Lois wrote something on a piece of paper.  She handed it to Sam,

saying, "This is a prescription for oral contraceptives.  You will want

to get it filled this afternoon."

     My god, Sam thought.  I'm really a girl now, and a virgin to boot. 

Now, she's giving me a prescription for the pill.  Sam had no intention

of needing the pill.

     "Gwen," Lois continued, "why don't you take the rest of the day

off.  Take Sam home, and make sure to get the script filled."

     Gwen and Sam stood and left the office to Lois' cheery, "See you

later, Sam."

     Sam noted it was 4 PM as they left the office and went to Gwen's


     Gwen drove out into traffic, and pulled in at a strip mall further

down the street.  The big neon sign in front of them announced,


     Gwen led Sam into the drug store, and back to the pharmacist's

counter.  The clerk looked up inquiringly, then said, "Hi Gwen."

     Gwen smiled, then turned to Sam.

     "Give her your prescription, Samantha," she ordered.

     Sam gave the paper to the clerk, receiving a number in


     Gwen led Sam into the store's aisles, stopping at the cosmetics

displays.  She pointed out various cosmetics to Sam, often saying

they'd look good on him.  She picked up a couple of them before Sam's

number was called.

     They returned to the pharmacy window, where the clerk gave Sam a

small paper bag.  "That will be Thirty Four Fifty," she said.

     Gwen quickly said, "It's on our office.  And would you ring these

up as well?", placing the cosmetics she'd selected on the counter.

     The clerk merrily began adding the purchases on the register, and

Gwen paid with cash from her purse, after getting a receipt.

     Gwen drove Sam back to Susan's apartment.  Susan was home, and let

them in.

                           To Tell the Truth

     Susan was now dressed in jeans and a plaid blouse.  She looked

inquiringly at Gwen.

     "Oh, Sam's normal," Gwen said.  "She's even a virgin."

     The girls began giggling.

     "Lois gave her some pills too.  Oh, and I noticed her flow was


     "That's great news," Susan replied.

     Sam, once again a beet red, wondered what language these women

were speaking in the last sentence.

     The doorbell rang just about then, and Jane came in to join them.

     Seeing Jane, Gwen said, "Oh!  Samantha said something about having

to go to work today."

     The girls began laughing harder, much to Sam's increased


     Jane looked at him, saying, "Sam, dearest, you resigned from the

office last Friday.  I typed up the letter myself, and stamped it with

the signature stamp in your desk.  Something about personal problems."

     The girls began laughing even harder now.

     "Oh, I got your severance pay check.  Mr. Grant had me type it,"

she said, proffering the green check to Sam.

     Sam saw it was clearly made out to Samantha Gordon.  His heart

sank even lower.

     "Just write your name on the back," Jane said.  "I want to get it

to the bank before it closes."  She handed Sam a pen from her purse.

     Sam didn't know what to do.  Susan made a motion like someone

giving a shot, and Sam decided to sign the check.

     Jane left quickly, with a, "Be back soon, girls."

     Susan and Gwen began talking together, mostly about things

incomprehensible to Sam, though he knew that they were talking about

him.  He sat glumly on the sofa.

     Jane came back after a while, and held out a check book with red

roses all over the cover.  She handed it to Sam.

     Sam looked inside, and noted that the checks were printed for

Samantha Gordon.

     "How did you do that," Sam sputtered, knowing you had to sign a

bunch of forms to get a bank account.

     "Easy," Jane laughed.  "Do you remember all those forms you signed

Saturday?  The bank application was in with them."

     The girls laughed again.

     "I opened the account with my money on Saturday for you," Jane

continued, "and I picked up the checks from the printer today."

     "By the way," she said, "you owe me a hundred dollars."

     The girls began laughing until Sam could tears streaming down some

of their faces.  He wondered what was so funny.

     "I'd better keep that for you," Susan said, taking the checkbook

from him.

     Just then, Sharon came in.

     Like Susan earlier, Sharon was dressed in attractive suit, with a

ruffled blouse.  Her navy bag and pumps matched the suit.  Recalling

the price tags on some of the things at the mall the other day, Sam

figured the suit must have cost $500, easily.

     "Hi gang," Sharon said.

     "Let me look at you, Sam," she said with a smile

     Sam stood for yet another inspection.  These inspections by the

women were getting old.

     "You look absolutely, lovely," she said, and, as soon as Sam

thanked her for the compliment, turned to the others.

     "I'd have been here sooner," she said to them, "but I had to meet

my lawyer at the Club."

     "Anything interesting," Susan inquired.

     "Just something I've been playing with," Sharon replied.

     "We all know what that means," Susan said, laughing.

     The others had joined in the laughter, leaving Sam alone in he

lack of knowledge.

     Sam must have had a look of incomprehension on his face, because

Gwen asked, "What's troubling you, Sam, dear?"

     Sam stared at Sharon, and questioned, "Sharon, your suit is

terrific, and I'd sure love to do something about getting you out of


     The girls broke into hearty laughter at that.

     "If I were able," Sam amended, recalling his present situation.

     "But, it must have cost a fortune," he continued.  "How does a bar

maid afford such beautiful clothes?"

     The girls were doubled over with laughter now, and Sam could see

the tears streaming from all of their eyes.  He must have said

something really funny.

     "Sam, love," Sharon spoke, as soon as she had composed herself a

bit, "you really don't know anything about the women you have chased,

do you?"

     Sam had to admit to himself that knowing about the women he'd had

was not the topmost thing on his mind.  He'd always thought of women as

something for pleasure.

     "Sharon," Susan interceded, "is DOCTOR Sharon Wilson.  She has a

ScD. in Electrical Engineering from MIT.  She invented a computer

system that so changed the industry that it is now an industry

standard, and she makes about ten dollars in royalties on almost every

computer sold around the world."

     "After that, she left IBM, and went into business for herself as

an inventor.  IBM let her go with the agreement that she'd continue on

a consulting basis.  Every few months, she gets an idea with her

tinkering, and sells her inventions for big bucks," Susan continued.

     "She got the Nobel for her computer thingie.  She OWNS the bar we

got you from.  She just likes to work there sometimes to meet the

common folks," Susan concluded.

     Sharon had turned crimson hearing the recitation of her


     Sam sat back stunned.  He had no idea that Sharon was such an

important person.  He'd always thought of her as a pleasant, good

looking bartender who he hadn't gotten into the sack yet.

     The others were now laughing even harder at Sam's discomfort, and

obvious puzzlement.

     Sharon recovered, and laughed, "I'll bet he knows next to nothing

about any of the women he's bedded."

     The others agreed, laughing.

     Sam responded eagerly to Susan's suggestion he go make coffee for

the group.  At least the kitchen was away from the scene of his last

faux pas.

     Carol and Lois had joined the group when Sam returned with the

coffee.  The others were cluing the newcomers in on Sam's latest

blunder, and all were laughing heartily.

     Sam endured the discomfort, as Carol was brought up to date on his

condition.  He was beginning to wonder what else there was about these

women he didn't know.

     Tom rang the bell after a few more minutes, and walked into the

room carrying two large pizza boxes, and a couple of six packs of beer.

     "Oh, Tom," Susan laughed, "you always did have a way of knowing

our weaknesses."

     Tom laughed easily, "I saw all the cars in the lot, and just knew

my 'harem' would be up here.  So I went over to Antonia's, fixing to

ply you all with good food and strong drink."

     Jane punched him playfully on the arm, and took the pizza boxes,

placing them on the coffee table.  The girls unceremoniously ripped the

boxes open, and began lifting wedges of the gooey pizza.

     "What's the matter, Sam," Susan said, seeing Sam abstaining, "not


     Sam was, in fact, hungry.  He'd been hungry for days, and been

frustrated in satisfying it at every turn.  But he also remembered that

each time he'd gone for some good food, the women had stopped him with

warnings, and even threats.  He'd decided to wait for permission this

time.  With Susan's words, he grabbed a wedge of the sloppy pizza as


     Tom came over to the sofa, and always the gentleman, perched

himself on the wing.  The fact that this placed him right next to Sam

didn't bother him in the least, but left Sam uneasy.

     "Where's Gloria tonight?" Tom asked, between bites.

     "Oh, she called the office just before I left," Lois replied. 

"Somebody got into an accident, and she had to go to the hospital.  She

sent her regrets."

     The others sobered at the thought, but then became playful again.

     "Wait 'til she hears she missed the pizza," Gwen exclaimed.

     Everyone started laughing again.

     They all finished with the pizzas and beer.  Even Sam was allowed

to have a beer, the first real drink he'd had since this adventure

began.  Sam was still hungry, but the reproving eyes of some of the

girls had limited him to two slices, like the others.

     They all leaned back and relaxed in the good cheer and company,

when Sam felt Tom's arm circle his shoulders.

     "Samantha, you are looking especially lovely tonight," Tom said.

     Sam smiled his pleasure.  Something made him like this handsome

man.  He seemed to be changing his perspective.

     "Um, Tom," Carol began.  "There's something I think we need to

tell you."

     His arm still draped on Sam's shoulders, Tom looked inquiringly at


     "You knew we all love you," she continued.  "And you're always

there for us."

     Tom laughed, saying, "And I'm handsome and good in bed too!."

     The group broke up into laughter again.

     "Listen to this guy fishing for compliments," Jane said, as she

punched him playfully again.

     "And a real hunk," Carol continued, laughing.  "And maybe

trainable in bed."

     Even bigger laughs emerged from the whole group.

     "And modest, too," Susan volunteered.

     Tears filled all the girls' eyes as they laughed.  Tom was

laughing just as hard as the rest of the group.

     When the laughter subsided, Carol continued, "We have all noticed

how you seem to have taken a liking to Samantha."

     "We have been having some fun at your expense, though not

intentionally," she kept going.

     The girls were giggling again, and Tom was paying amused attention

to Carol.

     "But we all love and respect you too much to let it go on."

     "Do you know Sam Gordon?" she continued.

     "Well, I've never formally met the guy.  I've seen him around,

though," Tom conceded.

     "What did you think of him?" Jane inquired.

     "He was something of a braggart," Tom answered.  "He was always

chasing new women, and letting everyone know about his successes.  I

guess I didn't think too much about that, or him, for that matter."

     "Well," Carol continued, "I think you had better hear what we have

to say."

     "I think you'll need to be sitting down for this," she cautioned.

     "Samantha, why don't you give Tom your place on the sofa," Susan


     "Oh, she doesn't need to do that," Tom hastily injected.  "I'm

fine here."

     "No," Susan kept on the track, "Sam will move, and maybe you can

let her sit on your lap?"

     The girls giggled. 

     Sam was shocked, but he got up to allow Tom to sit on the sofa. 

As he did so, he took Sam's hand, pulling him down onto one leg.  He

circled Sam's waist with an arm, then turned to listen.

     Sam was terribly uncomfortable now.  He had mixed feelings,

though.  He was being humiliated, and showing it by flushing red.  At

the same time, he felt a strange, tingling sensation though his body. 

He also felt a dampness in his panties.

     Carol then related the whole story of how Susan had gone to the

bar, seduced Sam, and brought him back here, where Lois had done her

medical magic on him.  

     Sam was now a brilliant red with embarrassment.

     "You're so cute when you blush like that," Tom whispered into

Sam's ear.  "You flush all the way down through your bust."

     Sam turned even redder.

     "We took Sam over to The Game Cock Saturday," Carol continued. 

"We didn't expect to meet you there, though it was a pleasure as


     "Anyway," she kept on going, "you seemed to like Sam.  So, we just

let you two go on."

     "I think we aggravated the situation," admitted Susan, "by

inviting you over to the pool yesterday."

     "But Sam's really a woman now, isn't she," Tom inquired, knowing

of Gloria's work.

     "Oh," Lois chimed in, "that's for sure.  She's probably more

female than any of the rest of us!"

     The girls were giggling at that announcement.

     Sam retained his brilliant red coloration, becoming more

uncomfortable by the minute.  If these women kept up like this,

everyone in the city would soon know of his situation.

     "I don't see how that's possible," Tom responded instantly.  "I've

never had any problems considering any of you female!"

     The group again laughed until the tears rolled.

     "Yea," Jane interjected, "you spent so much time in our sorority

house lounge, we thought about pledging you!."

     Everyone rolled on the floor with that, except for Sam, trapped on

Tom's lap still.

     "We're sorry if we led you on, into something you might not want

be involved in," Carol concluded, contritely, when the laughter died


     "No problem as far as I can see," Tom replied easily.  "Sam's a

girl now.  If you hadn't told me I'd have never known.  Besides, I

still like her, no matter what her history might be."

     "Actually," Tom continued, "the real reason I came over tonight

was to see if Sam wanted to go dancing again."

     "Oh, I just knew you'd understand," Carol said brightly, as she

got up from her seat and planted a big kiss on Tom's lips.

     Gwen spoke, "Tom, you do need to know a few things though."

     She'd gotten Tom's attention now.  

     Sam was in a state of panic waiting for even more revelations.

     "Lois checked Sam out today," she continued.  "She's a virgin. 

And, she having her period, so don't plan on doing too much with her

right now."

     Tom laughed, "Have I ever hurt any of you girls?  Don't you think

you can trust me to be the same way with your creation?"

     "Oh, of course we do," said Susan, hastily, "but we thought you

needed to know."

     "Well, I DO thank you for that," Tom said.  "But it doesn't make

any real difference.  I still like Samantha."

     Tom was squeezing Sam more tightly around the waist now, and

smiling broadly.

     "I'd still like to take Sam out tonight," Tom said to the women.  

     "Is there anything you think I should do special?" he added, after

a brief hesitation.

     "Go powder your nose, Sam," Susan ordered.

     Sam went into the bedroom, being locked in as he stepped inside. 

He wondered at what insidious plans the group was dreaming up for him. 

He had no doubt at all that he was going out with Tom tonight.

     Well, the thought of going out with Tom didn't really seem all

that bad.  But, Tom was now in on the secret, and maybe he'd change the

way he treated him.  

     It wasn't too long before the door opened, and Susan beckoned Sam

to join the group.

     "Grab your purse, dear," she said.  "Tom is taking you out."

     "It will be good for you to have a real date," Gwen smiled.

     "And Tom is sooooo sweet," Jane crooned.

     Sam picked up his purse, and took Tom's proffered arm, as they

left the apartment for a night on the town.

     "Just get her back by midnight," Susan said at the door.

     "Just like college," Tom laughed.

                              First Date

     Tom, always the gentleman, held the door to his luxurious Lincoln

for Sam to slide in the front seat.  He closed the door, and got in the

driver's side.  After he started the car, he laid his arm lightly

across Sam's shoulders, drawing him closer.

     Sam stiffened for a moment as Tom's arm touched him, then he

relaxed, instinctively trusting Tom not to do anything offensive.

     As they drove out into traffic, Tom started, "You have an

incredible story, Sam."

     "I had planned on taking you over to the Red Rooster for a few

drinks and some dancing," he continued, "but now, I think I might have

a better idea."

     His arm tightened on Sam's shoulder, but the drive continued in


     As they pulled into the parking lot of the small bar, Sam's heart

sank.  The bright neon lights proclaimed this to be, "The Booby Trap,"

a place noted for strippers, and which Sam had frequented often.

     "Hello, Mr. Benton," the doorman said, as they entered the club.

     "We don't see you bringing lovely ladies to our humble

establishment too often," the doorman continued.

     "This one's special, Jake," Tom replied with a chuckle.

     The Booby Trap was laid out with an darkened area of tables in the

rear, and a brightly lit stage area in the center.  There were tables

around the stage, and some chairs set right up adjacent to the long

walkway that formed the stage.  Sam hoped they would go to the dark

tables, but Tom led him to the lighted ones nearer the stage.

     A waitress came over to their table as they sat down, Tom seating

Sam in a gentlemanly fashion.  As all waitresses in the club, this one

was wearing a full micro-skirt, filled even fuller by yards of

stiffened lace fabric under it, some black mesh stockings, held up by

garters in plain sight, and high heeled pumps.  She was topless.

     "Well, hello, Tom," the waitress said, rubbing her hand over Tom's

shoulder.  "Long time no see."

     "I've been busy, Arlene," Tom explained.

     "I can see that," Arlene said, smiling directly at Sam.

     "What will you have?" she continued.

     "Oh, just a beer for me," Tom said, "and maybe a lady's drink for


     "Be right back," Arlene said, after writing the order on her book.

     Arlene had just placed the drinks before the couple, when the

music began, and two girls danced out onto the stage.  Over the next

three songs, they removed their clothing a bit at a time, until they

were completely naked, except their heels, at the end of the third

song.  They danced the fourth song unclad.  At the end of the fourth

number, they collected this discarded clothing, leaving to backstage

two different women replaced them.  The dancers appeared, now clad

simply in transparent panties, through the stage door moments later. 

They began mingling with the crowd as the women now on stage repeated

their earlier dancing.

     Normally, Sam would have become excited by the show, but tonight

he just did not feel excited by the women at all.  What he did find

more exciting was Tom's gaze at the women.  He even felt a twinge of

jealousy, though he'd have never pegged it as that.

     One of the former dancers came over to the table.

     "Hi there, Tom," she cooed, shaking her breasts in his face.  

     "I'd dance for you, but I see you have company already," the woman

said, looking fiercely at Sam.

     "Don't let that stop you," Tom laughed.  "I think she'll get a

kick out of it."

     The woman immediately stepped up on one of the chairs, and from

there to the center of their table.  She began to undulate to the

music.  Her crotch seemed to end up in Tom's face quite often during

the dance.  

     Thankfully, Sam thought, she'd only danced one song on the table. 

He'd known Renee before, but she'd never put on that kind of show for


     Greg stumbled up to the table.  It was early, but Greg was already

pretty well loaded.

     "Howdy, Tom," he slurred.

     "Oh, I know you!," he continued.  

     "You were at The Game Cock the other night," as recognized Sam.

     "You ought to try your luck," Greg said, looking directly at Sam

and pointing to the stage.  "It's amateur night."

     Greg stumbled off into the crowd, as Sam felt Tom's hand squeeze

his knee.

     Tom leaned over the table and whispered, "Well, Sam.  Want to try

your luck?"

     Sam panicked.  Tom could not possibly mean he wanted Sam to do a

strip right here in front of all these horny men, could he?

     Tom patted Sam's knee, chuckling, "Oh well, not tonight I guess."

     The sense of relief and gratitude Sam felt at being let off the

hook was profound.  Even though he'd seen, and enjoyed, amateur nights

at the Booby Trap on many occasions, he had no desire to participate in

one.  In fact, he felt uncomfortable just being in the place now, quite

unlike he'd felt on his previous visits.

     "Let's get out of this place," Tom suggested.  "Unless you'd like

to stay longer?"

     Sam smiled his acceptance of the idea, and was even eager to take

Tom's arm as they left the noisy club.

     In Tom's car again, with Tom's arm over his shoulders, Sam noticed

a couple of scantily clad hookers walking the street.  He had seen them

before, of course, but never in quite the same light.  He shuddered at

the thought of how they made their living.

     "Sam," Tom was saying, "we can revisit some more of your old

haunts, if you want to."

     Sam looked up to Tom, saying, "Please, Tom.  I just didn't feel

right in there.  You decide where we should go."

     Tom chuckled as he started the car and they drove off into the


     As they pulled into the front parking lot of the Holiday Inn, Sam

fell back into panic.  He'd been doing that a lot lately, but, with

visions of having Tom taking him up to a room and doing things with

him, his fright was more severe than he'd been subjected to before. 

The apprehension deepened as they entered the hotel lobby, arm in arm.

     Sam had forgotten about Grady's, the small, dimly lit bar off the

lobby, in his state of panic.  It was into the bar that Tom led him. 

Sam's relief was evident.

     Tom just chuckled.

     The waitress that came over to the table Tom had selected was

dressed in a skirt much like the ones worn by the waitresses in the

Booby Trap.  The similarity ended there, however, since she was wearing

a matching top, and dark pantyhose.  Her cleavage was obvious, but that

was about the most skin showing.

     Tom ordered for both of them, a mixed drink for himself and a

lady's drink for Sam.

     Sam was becoming interested in this lady's drink thing.  In his

discomfort, he had not even tasted the one at the other bar.  As the

waitress delivered the drinks, Sam took a small sip.  It tasted like

cherry soda water.  

     The small combo began playing a slow tune, and Tom took Sam out

onto the small dance floor.

     Better prepared than Saturday evening, Sam let his body melt into

Tom's as they began to dance.  The feeling of Sam's breasts against

Tom's chest, and the rhythmic movement of his legs pushing at his skirt

caused the remote tingling sensation all over his body to begin again.

     After three songs, the band began to play a faster tune, and Tom

led Sam back to their table.  They talked lightly about trivial things

for a while.

     "Tom," Sam began hesitatingly, "do you know the girls in the group


     Tom looked at Sam for a moment, smiling, and replied, "Sure, Sam. 

We go way back."

     "Did you ever," Sam continued shyly, "take any of them to bed?"

     Tom chuckled in amusement.  "That is not the kind of question a

gentleman answers," he said.  "If you want to know that, ask the


     With that, Tom led Sam back out onto the dance floor, effectively

cutting off further questions.

     Sam thought about this reply as they danced.  He also wondered why

he had asked the question in the first place.  He didn't think he was

terribly interested, and recalled that he'd have been happy to have

answered such a question just a few days ago.  He continued pondering

until Tom led him back to the table.

     "My gosh," Tom said, looking at his wrist watch.  "Where has the

time gone."

     "I promised Susan to get you home by midnight, and it's time to

leave already."

     Sam wasn't sure whether he was relieved or disappointed as they

drove back to Susan's apartment.

     As they got to the door of the apartment, they could hear voices

inside.  Obviously, at least some of the group was awaiting their


     Tom pulled Sam to him, and kissed him gently on the lips. 

Unconsciously, Sam responded, kissing back.

     Tom pulled back, sighed, and pressed the door bell. 

     Susan opened the door, and smiled.

     "You always did beat the curfew," she laughed, stepping out of the

way so the couple could enter the room.

     Carol, Gwen, Sharon and Jane were in the living room as they


     Tom walked over to the sofa, his hand still in Sam's.

     "Why don't you get a cup of coffee for Tom and yourself," Susan

suggested, seating herself on one of the chairs.  "There is a pot ready

in the usual place."

     Sam went off to the kitchen to get coffee.  He didn't bother with

the tray, as he brought two cups back with him.

     He seated himself on the sofa, next to Tom, after placing the cups

on the coffee table.

     "Where did you guys go," Jane asked.

     Sam reddened as Tom chuckled.

     "I thought Sam might have fun at the Booby Trap," Tom began.

     The girls began giggling, as much at the mention of the infamous

club as at Sam's deepening blush.

     "Samantha didn't seem to want to enter the amateur night," Tom


     The girls really began laughing now.

     "Why not, Sam?" inquired Susan, still laughing.

     Sam was too embarrassed to answer.

     Tom took up the slack after a moment of silence, "So we went over

to Grady's."

     "Did you have a good time?" Carol asked Sam.

     Tom hugged Sam's shoulders, answering for him, "It was a nice

night, after we left the Booby Trap."

     Sam smiled in agreement.

     Then Tom drained his cup and stood.

     "Well, I have to work in the morning," he began, "and I need my

rest to keep up with you girls."

     The girls giggles, as he kissed and hugged each of them.

     "Show Tom to the door, Sam," Susan instructed.

     Sam got up, and let Tom take his hand as they walked to the door.

     Tom kissed Sam again, whispering, "I'd really like to do this


     Tom walked off before Sam could think of anything to say.

     Sam closed the door slowly, returning to the sofa.

     "Well, you have had a big day today, Sam," Gwen said.  "I think

it's about time for us all to get our beauty sleep."

     The girls got up, leaving the apartment with hugs all around, and

big kisses for Sam.

     Sam collected the dirty dishes, taking them to the kitchen and

washing them before Susan could tell him to do the duty.  He was

learning some of his responsibilities.

     "Good night, Sam, dear," Susan said, as he went into his bedroom. 

"Make sure you take care of your things before you go to bed."

     She locked Sam into the bedroom and went to her own.

     Sam took his clothes off, washing the panties and stockings.  He

went to the bathroom, and had a bubble bath.

     As he lay in the bath, the heat from the water and the soothing

feeling of the bubbles made him feel how tired he really was.  He got

up, dried himself off, and put on his nightie.

     He fell asleep almost immediately as he got into the bed.

           ((c. 1990, W. Eastburn.  All rights reserved.)) 



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