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Archive-name: Changes/sam3.txt

Archive-author: W. Eastburn

Archive-title: Sam - 3

                       Part 16 - Sunday Morning

     Sam woke as the sunlight from the window brightened the room.  He

woke confused, the unfamiliar feeling of the sheet fabric on his bare

legs deepening his unfamiliarity.  As he opened his eyes, he recognized

that he was not in his own bedroom.

     A moment later, the events of the last few days dawned on him.  He

then realized he was in Susan's spare bedroom.

     He looked down at his body, hoping he had been having a nightmare. 

The thin nylon fabric stretched over his ample breasts simply confirmed

his fears.  It was real.

     He felt an urge to use the bathroom, so got up from the bed and

padded into the bathroom.  He pulled down the panties from the

nightgown, noticing the bulky pad seemed sodden and messy.  The bright

red and darker red of the fresh and dried blood reminded him why he was

feeling some degree of comfort.  Nevertheless, he had to go, and did

his business.

     Finishing the necessities, Sam remembered to wipe himself, and

flushed the toilet.  He did not really want to pull the panties back

up, bringing that messy pad against his body again, but he didn't see

he had much choice.

     "Don't get up from the seat yet," he heard Susan's voice shout

from her own room.  She had obviously heard the toilet flush.

     A moment later, Susan, dressed in the short robe thing, came to

the doorway of the bathroom.  She offered him a small box of Tampax.

     "Go ahead and insert one of these," she said.

     When he was done, Susan told him to take the panties off.  She

took them, looking at the crotch.

     "Yuk!," she exclaimed.  She pulled the sodden pad from the

panties, dropping it into a plastic envelope on the vanity.  She dumped

the panties into the sink.

     She felt the panties she'd washed the night before, and, finding

them dry, handed them to Sam to put on.

     "Wash out the panties like I showed you last night.  Then bring

the Tampax, and come into the bedroom," she instructed.

     As Sam put on the panties and came into the bedroom, Susan was

busy laying out some clothing on the bed.

     "You know  how to get dressed now," she said simply.  "Put these


     Sam put the bra and garter belt on.  

     Susan stopped him, feeding the garters under the elastic leg holes

of the panties.

     "This way," she explained, "you can get your panties down easier

when you have to use the bathroom."

     Sam put the slip over his head and allowed it to slither down his

body.  He only had to tug a little bit to get the pockets over the bra.

     Susan went to the closet.  She looked over the selection, and

apparently didn't find anything she liked.

     "You'll do for now," she said.  "Let's go have some breakfast."

     They went into the kitchen, where Susan brought him a glass of

juice, some milk, and some dry cereal.  She also took some pills from a

bottle over the sink, and placed them next to Sam's milk.

     "Don't worry," she said with a laugh, seeing the concern on Sam's

face.  "These are only vitamins and calcium supplements.  Just take

them with your milk."

     Still skeptical, Sam took the pills and began to eat.  He figured

the pills were a better option than the powder she had in her purse. 

He was also hungry.

     Susan was sipping coffee when Sam got done eating.  He'd eaten

everything offered.

     She mused, "Tom seemed to like you quite a bit last night."

     Sam flushed a bright red as he recalled his body held tightly to

Tom's on the dance floor of the night club.  This also brought back a

vivid memory of the whole night, even winning the beauty contest.

     "I could see you must have liked him too," she continued.  "Your

nipples were standing out very prominently through your bodice."  She

was smiling warmly.

     Sam's flush deepened even more, as he imagined his nipples showing

through the thin fabric of the dress.

     "Why didn't you pick on Tom for this experiment," he complained. 

"What did I do that he didn't."

     Susan got an amused look on her face.

     "Think about it, Sam," she began.

     "Tom is a nice guy.  He's always around when we want a man.  He's

always polite, and he seems to have a sense of doing the right thing

for us."

     "Don't think we didn't notice when he took you to the dance floor

after the contest," she smiled.  "He knew you needed someone strong to

help pull yourself together, so he loaned you his strength, not even

dancing, really, until you had recovered your composure.  He just knew

what you needed instinctively."

     "He would have done the same for Sharon or me, but he saw you

needed it most."

     "Unfortunately," she sighed, "there is only one of him, and he

just chose to help the one who needed him most."

     "Do you think you would have been sensitive enough to do something

like that?"

     Sam thought.  Well, he didn't think he was insensitive, but he

would have probably tried to get the girl to go home with him in a

similar situation.

     "Tom is a real nice guy," Susan continued dreamily, "and he's fun

to have around."

     Susan changed her mood abruptly saying, "Wash the dishes, dear. 

We have a lot to do in a short time."

     Susan left Sam in the kitchen to take care of the dirty dishes.  

     After splattering himself with the hot water, Sam put on the

apron, and washed the dishes.  He dried them, and put them in their

cabinets.  He still didn't like doing this "women's work."

     Susan was in Sam's room when he got done and came in.  She was

going through all the packages from the shopping trip yesterday,

efficiently taking things from the boxes and putting them in drawers,

on hangers, or wherever they seemed to go.

     She stopped what she was doing as he entered the room, walking

quickly over to the dressing table.  There, she picked up a spray

bottle, and brought it over to Sam.  She sprayed between his breasts,

and behind his ears, with the flowery smelling cologne.  Then, she went

back to the bags.

     She was almost done, when she got to a white box.  She took a

white blouse, full of ruffles, from it, and shook it out.  It did not

look wrinkled, the soft material not seeming to have creased while

confined in the box.

     "Put this one on, Sam," she instructed.  "It buttons up the back."

     Sam struggled to get the blouse on as Susan continued unpacking

and storing things.

     Sam finally got the blouse on, and the buttons in the right holes,

when Susan handed him a powder blue skirt.  He pulled that over his

head, buttoning it in the back.

     "You're getting the hang of this now," Susan commented, as she saw

him getting dressed.

     Sam looked at himself in the mirror.  The blouse had a high

neckline, and plenty of ruffles all over the front of it.  It was a

thin material, and he could plainly see the outline of the bra and slip

straps showing through it.  It's white color complimented the powder

blue of the skirt nicely.  The skirt was longer than he'd been allowed

to wear before, coming all the way down to an inch above his knees.  He

thought he looked pretty good.

     "Sit by the dresser and put these on," Susan instructed, handing

him a pair of sheer stockings.

     Sam even remembered to roll the hosiery down as he put them on his

legs.  He slid them up his legs, but got totally lost when trying to

figure out how to fasten them to the garters.

     Susan laughed, and showed him how the little clasps worked.  She

did one, then had him do the rest, showing him where to attach them.

     Susan handed him a pair of navy blue pumps to put on, while she

got a matching handbag from the bags from the mall.  She took the paper

wadding out of the bag, and dumped the stuff from Sam's little bag, the

one that matched last night's dress, into it.  A lipstick and ID card

didn't take long to transfer.

     Susan took four tampons from the box, and dumped them

unceremoniously into the blue bag as well.  Then, she slipped a

compact, which she peeled from it's cardboard backing, into the purse.

     Sam just sat watching her work, fascinated by the procedure, but

apprehensive all the same.

     "Just sit still for a few minutes," Susan counselled, as she

picked up a hair brush and began to lightly brush Sam's hair.

     Sam was watching her work in the mirror.  When he could take his

eyes off the way her bust was expanding and contracting as she was

brushing, he notice his hair springing back into the style it had been

in when they'd left the beauty shop yesterday.

     "You have to learn how to do this sometime," Susan said, uncapping

the tube of lipstick she took from the blue purse.

     "Hold the tube like this," she demonstrated, "and make sure you

get the color all over your lips.  Don't get outside the lip line


     Sam though this was the ultimate in embarrassment, ranking right

above having to dance so closely with the man last night, putting on

lipstick.  Still, he leaned forward and began putting the greasy stuff

on his lips, noticing the hypodermic still sitting in plain sight on

the dressing table.

     Susan took a look at him, and took a tissue from the table, wiping

the few spots where he'd strayed outside the lip line.

     "You did that very well for the first time," she complimented.  

     Susan recapped the lipstick, dropping it back into the bag.  She

pulled out the compact, and dabbed Sam's face quickly with the puff

inside.  Then, she took another plastic box from it's cardboard back,

swirling the brush from it in the red powder in the box.  She put this

on is cheeks with short, deft strokes.

     "I don't think we need to worry about the eyes," she said,

inspecting the results. 

     She handed Sam a jacket that matched his skirt.

     "Go on into the living room and wait while I change," she


     Sam went into the living room, and sat on the sofa. 

Unconsciously, he crossed his knees.  Susan had gone into her own room.

     Sam looked longingly at the door.  He thought about just walking

out, but realized he could not go anywhere looking like this.  He just

sighed resignedly and waited.

     Susan emerged from the bedroom a few minutes later.  She was

wearing a pretty, blue floral dress.  Her full skirt fell to just below

her knees, and the ruffles on the bodice gave her bust a soft look. 

Sam was impressed with her looks.

     "Put the jacket on, Sam," she said, all business, "we're almost

ready to go."

     The jacket went on easily, Sam thought.  Just like his sports

coats, only shorter.  He left it unbuttoned, as he was used to doing

with his own clothes.

     Susan came over and buttoned the three buttons on the coat, which

closed the jacket up to right under his bust line.  Then, she reached

to the blouse, adjusting some of the ruffles so they spilled out of the


     "Get your purse and come on," she said.

     Sam picked up the purse with the short strap.  "Where are we

going," he questioned.

     "Where do you think we'd be going on a Sunday morning," she

countered.  "We're going to Church, of course."

     As they walked down the hall to the elevator, Sam noticed that the

skirt felt tight with each step he took.  He learned to take smaller

steps so it would not bind so tightly on his legs.

     As they crossed the lobby of the apartment building, Jane joined

them from the other elevator.  She too was dressed in a floral print

dress, but hers was pink, with matching accessories.

     "You look lovely, Sam," she greeted him.

     Sam didn't reply.

     "Where are your manners, Samantha," Susan reproved.  "Thank Jane

for the compliment."

     "Thank you, Jane," Sam replied sullenly.  "You look great too."

     "Why, thank you, dear," Jane replied.

     They all went to Susan's car.  It was a little bigger than Jane's,

and had four doors.  Sam got in the back, as usual.

     "Sam, dear," Jane commented.  "When you get in or out of a car,

keep your legs together, and slide in and out.  Otherwise, you'll be

giving everyone a big show."  She was smiling.

     "Why can't I wear pants, they're much easier," Sam blurted.

     "Oh, no, Samantha," Jane smiled.  "You aren't ready for pants yet. 

You don't even know how to handle yourself in a skirt.  Maybe,


     Sam sat back dejected.  He was halfway aware that all the clothing

purchases for him was dresses and skirts.  He also knew that there was

more to this being a girl than he'd ever dreamed.

     Susan had managed to find a parking space near the church by now. 

It was not that far from the apartment building.

     Sam tried to remember to keep his legs together as he tried to get

out of the car.  It was much harder than it looked.  He managed somehow

to get out though.

     They went into the church, and were seated together in a pew.  Sam

was self conscious with all the people around him.  He still was not

used to being seen like this in public.

     As the service proceeded, everyone stood once in a while, and

began singing.  Sam simply stood, until Susan whispered harsh

instructions for him to join in the singing.

     The service was wearing down, when the offering plates came

around.  As the plates came closer to him, Sam panicked.  He had no

money at all in his purse.  

     The collection plates were now on their pew, when Susan palmed a

dollar bill, placing it in his hand.  His sense of relief in not being

obvious by ignoring the plate was almost erotic.  He put the bill into

the plate as it passed by.

     The service ended, and the girls go up to leave.  They went

through the vestibule, where the minister was standing, shaking hands

with all the congregation, and saying a few words to each of them. 

They got in line.

     "I haven't seen you here before," the minister was saying as Sam

stood before him.

     The minister took Sam's hands in his own, asking, "What is your


     "Sam," he said.

     "Well, Sam," the minister continued, "I hope your enjoyed our

service, and that we'll see you again in the near future."

     Jane chimed in, "I think you can be sure of that."

     The minister let Sam's hands drop, and turned to the next in line

as the three girls went off in the direction of Susan's car.

     They got about halfway to the apartment, when Susan turned into

the parking lot of a supermarket.  The other two looked at her.

     "Tom's coming over later for a cookout," she reminded them, "and

we need to get some things."

     Sam continued to sit in the back seat as the others got out of the

car.  He was not interested in shopping for food.  That is "women's


     "Come along, Samantha," Jane said, taking his arm from the door

she had opened.

     Sam reluctantly followed the two girls into the supermarket.

     "Get a basket and come along," Susan said to him as they entered

the store.

     They walked up and down every aisle in the store, Sam pushing the

basket quite aware of the sound of his heels clicking on the hard

floor.  Susan and Jane picked items off the shelves, dumping them into

the basket every once in a while.  

     Completing their circuit of the store, Susan directed Sam to push

the cart to a line at the check out registers.  As he was standing in

line, Susan next to him, he became aware of the men's eyes taking in

his figure.  He began to redden.

     Sam put the purchases on the belt at the register when they

finally got to be next, feeling his skirt rising each time he bent over

to get another item.  He was embarrassed by it, recalling how much he'd

enjoyed seeing women in the same position only a few days ago.

     Susan paid the cashier, and began walking out to the car.  Sam

reached for the basket, when a bagger grabbed the handle and said he'd

take care of it.  He followed the three to Susan's car and put the

purchases in the trunk.  Sam was sure he had been kept quite busy

watching his hips sway as they walked through the parking lot.

     Susan thanked the man, and got into the car.  The others followed,

and they drove back to the apartment.

     In the parking lot, Sam noticed that his car was nowhere in sight. 

It bothered him, but he had so much else to think about, that it

slipped his mind for the moment.

     The girls went up to Susan's apartment, and began unloading the


                         Part 16 - The Cookout

     As they were unloading the goodies, the phone rang.  Susan


     "Hello," she began.

     "Oh, hi!  It's great to hear you."

     "Sure.  We just got in from church, give us a half hour and come

right on over."

     "We'll be by the pool."

     "See you in a bit," she finished cheerfully, hanging up the phone.

     "That was Tom," she explained to the others.  "He'll be over


     "Oh, then I must go get changed," Jane said, leaving the


     "We need to change too," Susan said to Sam.

     "Go on into your room and take off your clothes," Susan directed. 

"I'll change and be with you in a minute."

     It was more than a minute before she appeared in the bedroom, but

Sam was still struggling to get out of his clothes.  At last he got

down to his bra and panties.

     "The bra and panties too, Sam," Susan chided.

     As Sam self consciously removed his underwear, Susan went over to

the dresser, pulling out two small pieces of fabric.  As she turned,

she noticed the string hanging down from Sam's groin.

     "Oh," she said, "I almost forgot.  Why don't you change your

tampon while we have a few minutes."

     Sam went into the bathroom and changed the tampon.  It was easier

this time.  He was getting used to doing it.  He returned to the

bedroom to find the bikini Susan had gotten from the dresser laid out

on the bed.

     "Just go ahead and put it on," she said.

     Sam put the bottom on.  It was styled just like the panties he'd

been wearing, exposing his whole butt.  At least the white fabric was a

little more opaque than the panties, he thought, reaching for the bra.

     The bra was a tangle of straps.  Sam was at a loss to know which

of the white straps went where.  Susan helped him get into the garment.

     When he finally got the thing on, he found a thin strap running

around his neck from a small fabric piece covering one nipple to one

covering the other.  They were joined at the bottom by another small

strap, which circled the waist.  Most of his breasts were exposed, the

fabric only covering a small area around the nipples.  

     "I can't wear this outside," Sam complained.  "It doesn't cover


     "Sure you can," replied Susan replied airily.  "Or, I can just

give you a little needle."

     Sam was defeated again.

     "Here," she continued, "just slip these on your feet, and we'll be

ready to go."

     Sam took the white shoes from her.  They were basically shoe

soles, with a two inch heel on the back, and a thin strap to go over

the front part of the foot.  Sam was about to object to them, when he

noticed that Susan's feet were in a similar pair of shoes, though the

heels were at least an inch lower.  Dejected, he slipped the shoes on.

     Sam compared the way he had been dressed to what Susan was

wearing.  He bikini was a pink thing with blue flowers printed on it. 

Her bra covered most of her lower breasts, leaving a good part of the

uppers exposed, though not so much as Sam's breasts had been in the

dress last night.  The straps were thicker too.  Her panties were

wider, covering a portion of her hips.  A good portion of her butt was

exposed, but not completely like his own.  He wondered why he couldn't

wear something more like her suit, but he'd already been threatened by

the needle enough today.

     Susan picked up a tote bag and a couple of towels as they walked

out of the apartment.  

     Tom had not arrived when they got downstairs to the open pool. 

Jane was already there, dressed very similarly to Susan, though her

color was a light blue.

     "Now, you won't want to go in the water," Susan said, turning to

him.  "We don't want to ruin your hairdo."

     Jane giggled, and they all went over to the chaise lounges at the

edge of the pool.  Susan took some suntan lotion from her tote bag, and

rubbed it all over Sam's exposed skin.  She then did herself.  Jane did

likewise from her own tote bag.

     They laid on the lounges, waiting for Tom to arrive.

     "Hi, girls," they heard the bright voice as Tom arrived.

     Tom came over and kissed each of them in greeting as they sat up

on the lounges.  Sam felt the flick of his tongue when Tom planted the

big kiss on him.

     "You are all looking simply marvelous today," he continued.

     Sam felt self conscious again, as Tom's glance inspected each of

them in turn.  It seemed to Sam that his eyes lingered longer on him,

but, of course, he was showing more skin to be inspected.

     "I want to thank you for coming to Samantha's rescue last night,"

Susan was saying, as they began the light chit chat, mostly reliving

the events at the bar the previous evening.

     "It was my pleasure," Tom replied, taking another eyeful of Sam's


     The light banter kept up for a while, Sam being forced to

contribute with direct questions from time to time.  Everyone but Sam

seemed to be enjoying it.

     "I think I'd better go up and get the goodies," Susan finally


     "I'll help you, Susan," Jane volunteered.

     "Tom," Susan said, "take good care of Samantha until we get back."

     Tom's whole face brightened in pleasure as he turned to take

another good look at Sam.  

     "Have no fear," he said.  "She's in good hands with me."

     Fine for them to have no fear, Sam was thinking.  They were

leaving him alone with this guy, whose eyes were all over his body. 

Sam felt he might as well not be wearing anything at all.  Tom's gaze

was surely stripping him in his mind.

     Tom moved his chair closer to Sam's, and reached over to take his

hand lightly.  

     "Oh, shoot," Sam thought.  "What have these women got me into


     Tom began the small talk.  He wanted to know where Sam had come

from, how long he had been in town, and if he was going to stay long.

     Sam was flustered.  He didn't have answers for Tom.  Heck, he

didn't have answers for himself.  He managed to avoid the direct

questioning, and Tom seemed to accept this reluctantly.

     Without warning, Tom reached over, placing his arm around Sam's

head, and planted a big kiss on his lips.  

     Shocked by this sudden turn of events, Sam stiffened for a moment,

then bowed to the inevitable.  He managed to relax, and actually found

himself enjoying Tom's attentions.  Sam definitely felt the tongue this


     As Tom released Sam and lay back on his own lounger, Susan and

Jane came back, bearing a basket of food.  They must have been watching

from the doorway, Sam thought, to time their entrance so perfectly.

     Tom got up, taking the basket from Susan, and went over to the

charcoal grill nearby.  He started the fire up, and began looking

through the basket.  Susan and Jane had gone over with him, and they

beckoned for Sam to join them.

     As Sam came over, Susan said, "I'm sure Sam would be glad to help

you, Tom."

     Tom beamed.  He knew Susan was doing a little low level

matchmaking, but wasn't minding it at all.

     Sam was less pleased.  Though spoken cheerfully, the look Susan

had given him left now doubt that this was merely a suggestion.

     Susan and Jane went back to the chairs, where they were talking

and giggling to themselves.  

     Sam followed Tom's directions, as he brought out the food, and

began grilling the burgers.  As they were working together, there was a

lot of physical contact between them.  Sam was sure that there was more

than absolutely necessary, but he didn't have much choice in the

matter.  Besides, he was enjoying it a little.

     Tom and Sam brought the cooked food over to the others.  They all

chatted gaily, while consuming the greasy food.  Sam was probably more

pleased than the others, since this was about the first really

acceptable food he'd had since Thursday night.  

     Sam and Tom picked up the paper plates when they all got finished

eating, and took them to the grill.  Tom put them on the grill, where

they burst into flame.  Then, both of them went over to join the other

two.  There had been a bit more contact during this process, with Tom

even holding Sam around the waist for a moment.

     As they joined the others, the sky suddenly darkened, and rain

began to fall.

     "Darn," Jane began.  "We would get rain to spoil a lovely


     "Yes," Susan agreed.  "It is a shame."

     Susan paused, then continued.  "Why don't we all come up to my

place, and continue the party."

     Tom and Jane were immediately agreeable.  Sam, not agreeable,

nodded his assent after a cold look from both of the girls.

     "Sam," Susan said as they entered the apartment, "get a beer for

Tom from the refrigerator, and make a pot of coffee for the rest of us,


     Even though Susan was smiling, Sam knew her words carried the

force of an order.  He went into the kitchen to comply, thinking things

about being turned into a waitress.

     Sam made coffee in Susan's Mr. Coffee machine, then went to the

refrigerator for a beer.  He'd like to have one himself, but Susan's

words had excluded the realization of that.  Sighing, he went over to

the cabinet, getting a glass for Tom's beer.

     With the beer and glass, he came back into the living room.  Susan

and Jane were seated on a couple of the chairs.  Tom was seated on the

sofa.  Sam nearly stumbled as he realized that he would be expected to

sit right next to Tom.  He put the beer and glass on the coffee table

in front of Tom, placing them on lace doilies Susan had placed there. 

     Seeing a pouring motion by Jane out of the corner of his eye, he

picked up the glass, and poured some of the beer into it.  Then, he

placed the glass down and turned back to the kitchen.  Luckily, the

coffee wasn't done, so he could avoid the sofa for a few more minutes.

     The coffee decanter was full when he got back to the kitchen.  So,

he went to the cabinet, and got three cups and saucers down.  He put

them on the counter, and filled the cups about three quarters full.  He

dug around in the silver drawer, finding three spoons, which he placed

one on each saucer.  Searching the cabinets some more, he found the

sugar in a big jar, and some Sugar Twin packets next to it.  It would

be impossible to take the big jar with him, so he picked up a few

packets of the substitute with a sigh.

     Sam saw a serving tray on the counter, and placed the items on it. 

He took the tray into the living room, serving Jane, then Susan.  Both

girls thanked him.  He was about to take the other cup off the tray,

when Susan suggested he could just leave it on the coffee table, and

join the crowd.  Resigned, Sam made his way to sit down beside Tom on

the sofa.

     As Sam sat, he unconsciously reached behind him, as if to smooth

his skirt.  He felt silly when he encountered bare buttocks, and

recalled he was only wearing the bikini.  He just sat, and

automatically crossed his legs at the knees.  

     Jane and Susan were nodding their approval as Sam sat.  They could

see he was learning a few things about womanhood already.

     Susan and Jane fielded most of Tom's questions about Sam's past. 

They made up a pretty believable story.  Sam smiled every so often at

Tom, though mostly after noticing a glare from one of the other women.

     They sat and chatted for about an hour, Tom's hand finding Sam's

bare knee for a few moments once.  Then, Tom stood and said he had some

things to do at home, and had to leave.

     Sam was relieved, though the others showed some disappointment at

this announcement.  Sam's relief was short-lived as Tom kissed and

hugged each of them, thanking them for the nice afternoon.  His kiss

lingered longest on Sam's lips.

     "OK," Susan said.  "Clean up the dirty things, Sam."

     Sam picked up the cups and glasses, taking them to the kitchen. 

He washed them, and put them away.

     As he returned to the living room, Jane was saying, "Sam is

adapting well."

     Susan agreed.  Sam didn't, but he was not being asked.

     "The others will be over shortly," Susan announced.  "Let's get

changed before they get here."

     "OK," Jane replied, leaving to go over to her place.

              Part 17 - The Sunday Night Sorority Meeting

     Susan took Sam into the bedroom, and had him take off the bathing

suit.  She let him go to the bathroom when he told her he needed to

make the trip.

     "You might as well change your tampon while you are there," she

shouted after him.

     When Sam finished and returned to the bedroom, different clothes

were lying on the bed, and Susan had gone to her room.

     She heard him finish through the walls, and hollered, "Just put on

the things on the bed, dear."

     Sam sighed, and started dressing. 

     He slipped on the same panties he'd worn that morning.  He didn't

see a bra or the garter belt, so he picked up the dress, and slipped

into it.

     This dress had a halter top, and he managed to get his head

through the strap before letting the dress slide down his body.  He had

to adjust the front so that his breasts went into the looser area of

the halter in the front.  As he zipped up the back, he realized that

the zipper only came to about his waist.  His whole back was bare, and

the plunge of the halter was just above the waist in front.  The skirt

was barely longer than the nightgown, but it did cover the panties.  He

sighed, recognizing that he was going to be showing a lot of skin


     Susan came into the bedroom dressed in a loose blouse and jeans. 

She had flats on.   Sam was a little envious, but didn't want to say


     Susan reached into the dresser and pulled out a couple of little

nylon things.  As Sam took them, he realized that they looked like the

feet of the stockings he'd been wearing.  Only they just slipped on to

his toes, catching at the heels.  They barely covered the soles of his


     "Those are Peds," Susan explained, "so you can be comfortable in

your shoes without wearing long hose."

     She handed him a pair of white pumps, matching the dress color. 

Sam slipped them on, and they went into the living room.

     Susan turned on the television.  She flipped through the channels,

ending up on the PBS station.  The show was a ballet.

      Sam knew nothing about ballet, or much about any dancing for that

matter.  It was just a bunch of naked women and some fairies in tights

jumping around a stage as far as he was concerned.  The one on the

television did not look promising.  He held his tongue, though,

thinking uncomplimentary thoughts as he watched.

     The doorbell rang a few minutes later, and Jane came in.  She was

dressed much the same as Susan.  Sam envied her the jeans too.

     Jane noticed the scowl on Sam's face.

     "What's the matter, Sam," she asked.  "Don't you like opera?"

     Sam replied quickly, "No."

     "What would you rather watch then, dear," Susan inquired.

     "Football," he responded immediately.  He knew that Sunday

afternoon was filled with games during the season.

     Both women laughed hard at his reply.

     "You'll have to get over that," Jane said, still laughing.

     The other girls in the group began coming in over the next few

minutes.  They all greeted each other by name, and had Sam stand up so

they could see how he looked.  They were effusive in their compliments

to him.  He felt stupid.

     "Why don't you make some coffee for us," Susan suggested, implying

more than a suggestion.

     Dutifully, Sam went into the kitchen and brewed up a pot of coffee

for the second time that afternoon.  As the coffee was brewing, he got

out cups and saucers, and the sugar substitute, arranging them on the

tray he'd used earlier.  The coffee got done, and he filled the cups. 

He brought the tray into the living room, serving each of the women.

     The women each thanked him for the coffee.  He was steaming inside

from being made into the hostess for this hen party.  The thought of

their power over him kept him from saying anything.

     As he was about to join the group, Jane suggested, "Why don't you

go powder your nose, Samantha?"

     Sam took the hint, almost glad to be spared the girl talk, and

headed for the bedroom.  He heard the door click locked as he got


     He didn't really have to use the bathroom, so he sat on the bed. 

He could hear the women's voices talking in the living room, but the

voices were subdued enough that he couldn't make out any of the words. 

He got bored in short order.

     Sam stood up and looked around his prison.  This was really the

first time he'd been alone and aware enough to check the place out.  He

went over to the window.  It opened, and he looked down the straight

five stories to the ground.  Well, he decided, there won't be any

escape that way.  It depressed him enough that he returned to sit on

the bed in misery again.

     After a while, the door was unlocked, and Susan invited him in to

join the group.  After he brought refills for their coffee, of course.

     There were not any available seats, so he stood stupidly in the

center of the floor until Susan suggested he sit on the floor. 

Gracelessly, he sat on the carpet.

     All of the women laughed at him, finding the awkward position he

found his limbs quite amusing.

     "Put your legs under your hips," Susan suggested, her voice full

of laughter.

     Sam adjusted himself into the awkward position.  It was not he

most comfortable position to be in, but it wasn't the worst he'd ever

been in either.

     The women talked of small, gay things.  Susan and Jane recounted

Sam's adventures of that day, and they all relived the scene at the

club the night before.  Once in a while, one of the women asked a

question of him, but the talk was mostly about him, not to him.  Twice,

he had to refill the coffee, having to brew another pot once.

     At last, the women began to leave, pleading that they had to work

in the morning, and it was getting late.  They all hugged and kissed

Sam as they left.  Finally, only Susan remained.

     "Well, you had better clean up these dirty things," she said.

     Sam collected the dirty dishes, and went to the kitchen to wash

them.  He still didn't like it, but was getting used to this chore by


     When he was done, Susan took him into the bedroom.  She had him

strip down while she went in to run a bubble bath for him.  She had him

remove the tampon, and bathe as she left the room.

     "Just put on your nightie and go to bed when you are done," she

said as she went to her room.

     Sam washed, and dried his body.  He found that Susan had put a

maxi-pad into his panties, so he put them and the nightgown on.  Then,

he remembered to wash out the panties and stockings he'd worn earlier. 

He figured it might be better to try to please Susan than suffer her

anger in the morning.

     Sam climbed into bed, and dozed off almost at once.

            ((c. 1990, W. Eastburn.  All rights reserved.))


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