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Archive-name: Changes/sam1.txt

Archive-author: W. Eastburn

Archive-title: Sam - 1

     Sam Gordon drove to the neighborhood bar about 8:30 that Thursday

night.  The bar was only a couple blocks away, but a guy never knew

when he'd get lucky.  

     It wasn't as if Sam wanted to get drunk or anything.  It was just

that there was nothing worth watching on the tube that night, a common

occurrence these past few years.  He figured he might as well go on

down and lift a few brews with some of the other guys in the

neighborhood.  There might even be a girl there willing to go home.

     Sharon was the bartender that night.  Things were looking up

already for Sam.  Usually, Ted was the night bartender on Thursdays. 

Sharon looked a whole lot better than Ted any night.

     Sam walked up to the bar and ordered a brew.  He decided to sit at

the bar that night, largely because Sharon was on the other side.  Not

that Sharon was wearing her nightie or something really erotic.  She

was, in fact, dressed simply in dark red pants and a white blouse.  She

did fill out the blouse and pants nicely though.  Besides, she always

smiled and joked with the customers as she was serving them.  

     There weren't many customers in the bar that early, just Ted and

Joe, from the apartment complex on the next block.  They were not much

for conversation, so Sam was sipping quietly and halfway paying

attention to the tv at the end of the bar.  He did strike up a short

conversation with Sharon, but she had to go pull some refills for the

other guys, and that died out.

     By 9:30, Sam was on his third beer.  Well, they were short

draughts.  A few more guys from around the area had come in, and were

drinking.  Not much small talk, but enough to be more interesting than

what was on the tv.  The place wouldn't start getting crowded for

another half hour anyway.

     Sam felt the urge, so he wandered on back to the Men's room, and

recycled some of the beer he'd been paying for.  As he was walking back

to the bar, he noticed that a very attractive blond had come in, and

was seated at one of the tables.  Instantly, he noticed she was wearing

a short dress, with a low cut bodice, allowing the tops of her breasts

to peek out.  It wasn't a hooker's dress, but it was erotic.

     Sam had something of a reputation as a lady's man, largely because

he never let an opportunity slip by.  So, he detoured over the girl's

table, and began talking to her.

     The girl gave Sam a dazzling smile, and began responding to his

small talk.  He found that her name was Susan.  

     At her invitation, he ordered drinks from Sharon and pulled up a

chair at the table so they could continue the conversation.

     As more people came in, someone started playing the juke box.  The

juke box was filled with dancable music, rather than the loud noise

found in many bars, by overwhelming preference of the clientele.  Some

late coming couples got up and began dancing to the slow songs in an

area cleared of tables.

     Sam looked over at the blond, and asked if she would like to


     "Sure," she said, smiling.

     Sam led her out to the cleared space, and they wrapped themselves

in each others arms, swaying to the music.  They danced through that

song and the next before going back to the table.

     By this time, Sam and Susan were holding hands on the table, and

the talk was getting more personal.  Sam ordered another couple of


     When Sharon brought the drinks over, she came up behind the girl

and gave Sam a big wink before depositing the drinks in front of the

couple.  Sam smiled quite openly at that.

     They talked some more, and danced again for a bit, then the

conversation got around to what they were going to do for the rest of

the night.  

     "Well I thought we might go home.  Together, I mean," Susan said,

her eyes directed shyly down at the table.

     Sam agreed that would be a good idea, hardly believing his luck in

landing this knock out so quickly.

     "Shall we go," Susan inquired.

     "OK," Sam replied.

     They got up, and walked arm in arm out of the bar to the parking


     "Why don't you follow me to my place," Susan said.

     Sam was agreeable to anything by this time, anticipating a

glorious night in the sack.  So, he followed her lead across town to

one of the luxury apartment houses.

     He parked next to her, and locked the car.  Then, she put her arm

through his, and directed him to her apartment.

     They walked through the lobby, or living room, or whatever they

called it.  There was no attendant on duty, but Susan did have to

insert a coded card in the door to get it to open.  Then, they rode

upstairs in the elevator.

     There not being all that much to do in elevators, Sam drew Susan

close, and planted a big kiss on her lips.  She responded by melting in

his arms, and kissing back.  They were in this embrace when the

elevator stopped and the door opened.

     Susan led Sam down the hallway to her apartment.  She fished in

her purse to find the keys, giving them to him so he could unlock the

door.  She obviously knew when to defer to his machismo.

     They entered into a fairly large living room, comfortably

appointed with some overstuffed chairs and a big sofa.  

     "Why don't you get comfortable over there on the sofa," Susan

began, "while I go get us a couple of drinks."

     Sam sat down on the big sofa, making sure there was room on either

side of his so she could join him there.  He even shoved the coffee

table back a few inches so she would be able to get there easily.

     A few minutes later, Susan reappeared carrying a glass of beer for

him and a drink for her.  She set these down on coasters on the coffee

table, then sat down close to Sam.

     Sam knew an invitation when it came along, and immediately draped

his arm across her shoulders.  She snuggled even closer before bending

forward to take a sip of her drink.  Sam leaned forward with her, and

took a gulp of his beer as well.  Then they leaned back into the

stuffing of the sofa.

     Suddenly, Sam began to get dizzy.  He lifted his arm off her

shoulder, intending to reach his now spinning head, and passed out

cold.  He had been "Mickey Finn"ed.

                        Part 2 - The Changeling

     Sam came to consciousness groggily.  He was not sure of his

surroundings, but was sure it was not his own apartment.  He wanted to

roll over, but found his arms and legs would not respond to his brain's


     Adrenalin poured through his body, chasing the cobwebs from the

drug away.  He immediately found out that he was on a large canopy bed,

with his arms and legs tied to the posts.  He could feel he was still

dressed, but could not tell much more in is state of panic.

     Susan walked in as he began to come to life, came over and kissed

him full on the lips.

     "Welcome back to the land of the living," Susan said to him,

smiling widely.

     Susan looked over her shoulder and said in a loud voice, "He's

waking now."

     Sam heard the rustle of pantyhose on skirts, and knew that several

women had walked into the bedroom.  He raised his head to see who had

come in, immediately wishing he hadn't as an enormous headache hit him. 

     The women walked over to the side of the bed, and Sam was

surprised to see that he knew almost all of them.  

     Jane, a secretary in Sam's office, had dated him a couple of

times, and he'd gotten into her pants a month or two earlier.  She had

been good, but he liked variety, so hadn't called her for any more


     Carol was a girl he'd picked up at the Red Buffalo, a swinging bar

in one of the malls.  He had taken her to bed as well, but again had

not tried to date her again, even though he'd seen her once or twice at

the bar.

     Gwen was a nurse he'd met at the emergency room of the hospital

while he was getting checked out after another driver had slammed into

his car.  They had meshed, and gone to bed just a few weeks ago.  He

didn't really have any plans to date her again in the near future.

     The other two women were strangers to him, though obviously not to

the others.

     Each of the women he'd dated came over, planted a big kiss on him,

saying, "Hi, Sam."

     The others followed suit, introducing themselves before the kiss. 

One was named Gloria, the other Lois.

     Susan spoke for the group.  "You have quite a reputation with we

ladies, you know.  You've met most of before, of course.  But you never

call back, or answer our calls when we try to get hold of you."

     "We think it is about time you learned to take a lady's feelings

into account," she continued.

     With that, Gwen, the nurse, produced a large pair or scissors. 

She came right to the edge of the bed, and began cutting Sam's shirt

off.  She did it professionally, and was able to pull the rags out from

under him with no problem.  Then, she started from the legs of his

trousers, cutting them off as well.

     The women tittered and giggled as Sam reddened in embarrassment

from this treatment, and in being stripped to the skivvies so


     "What are you doing," Sam demanded.

     Gwen said, "Just keep quiet, lover, and I won't cut you."

     She then began to cut is jockey shorts off.

     While Gwen was working on his shorts, one of the other women, he

couldn't see who, was taking his shoes and socks off.  When they were

done, Sam was completely naked and helpless lying on the bed.

     "We know it is a common male fantasy," Susan began, "to have a

woman tied up, like you are, and have your way with her.  We thought it

might be interesting for you to see the fantasy from the other


     All the women giggled at that.

     Turning his head from side to side, he could see all the women

staring at his naked body.  Again, he flushed with embarrassment.

     "Aw, lover," Lois said, "why should you be embarrassed to be

checked out by us poor females.  You do it to us all the time."

     The women got an even bigger and longer laugh at that one.

     Lois took her hand, and cupped his manhood in it.  She felt all

over his penis and testicles as the others looked on spellbound.

     Sam reddened even more with this treatment.

     "Well," Susan said, "we are waiting for someone else.  So we'll

leave you here for a little bit.  Get some rest, lover."

     With that, the women left the bedroom. 

     Sam, left to his own thoughts and embarrassment, reflected on the

situation he found himself in.  So far, it was embarrassing, but little

else.  It also might come into something enjoyable, with all these

women obviously so interested in his body.  As he was thinking these

thoughts, he heard the apartment door open and close.  He wondered what

was going on now.

     He did not have long to wait to find out.  The women's voices

raised in greeting someone.  He couldn't quite make out the words, but

they filed back into the bedroom a few minutes later.

     He saw the newcomer was Sharon, the bar maid from his local bar. 

She, like the women earlier, came over and kissed him in greeting.

     "I think you have had enough time to think to yourself," Susan

began.  "You have some interesting experiences ahead of you."

     The women all giggled at that pronouncement.

     Sam wonder what was going on.

     Gloria came over to the bed, and picked up Sam's manhood.  She

fondled it, like Lois had done earlier.  She nodded to Susan.

     "Gloria is a medical researcher, and a doctor of urology at the

local medical college.  She is quite good at her work.  People come

from miles to have her attend to them.  Men and women both," Susan


     "In the course of her research, Gloria thinks she has found the

secrets that determine our sex, and sexuality.  She has experimented on

several people, actually, and they have been quite happy with the


     The women giggled, and Susan and Gloria had enormous smiles

plastered on their faces.

     "Gloria went to college with us.  We are all sorority sisters, you

know.  So, when we got together to compare notes on our sex lives, your

name began to assault us."

     "Anyway, Gloria proposed an idea to us, and we all agreed it was

very good.  She will perform her magic on you.  You are about to become

a woman, and learn how to feel what we do when you treat us so badly,"

Susan concluded.

     "No!," Sam screamed.  "You can't do that.  I am a happy man!."

     "Oh, shut him up," one of the women said.  Sam couldn't tell which

one it was.

     Someone stuffed something soft and silky into Sam's mouth.  He

tried protesting this treatment, but only muffled grunts came out.

     "See," Sharon spoke, "he's making more sense already!"

     All the women laughed loud and hard at that one.

     Gloria produced a doctor's bag, and set it on the bed next to

Sam's body.  From it she pulled a large needle.  It looked like a

veterinarian's needle to Sam.  She took a bottle from the bag, and

proceeded to fill the needle with the serum.  She set the filled needle

on the bed, then pulled another bottle and two smaller needles from her

bag.  She proceeded to fill these syringes as well.  When all three

needles were filled, she looked down at Sam and began to explain what

she was going to do.

     "The larger needle contains the serum that reverses the chromosome

matches throughout the body.  It can be used for either sex, though it

is easier to use it on the male, reversing the chromosomes back to the

neutral, female state," Gloria began lecturing.

     "This is what will be happening in your case, of course.  It does

take a few days to be fully effective, so you will be out of commission

for a bit," she smiled.  "Now, I usually deaden the area with an

anesthetic when I do this procedure, but we have decided that you

should experience the full implications of the change."

     Gloria reached down to Sam's manhood, lifting the penis from the

scrotum.  She took a cotton swab, and swabbed both with alcohol.  Then,

she picked up the big needle, jabbing Sam right at the base of the


     The shock and pain of the needle entering his most sensitive parts

led Sam to scream, and almost pass out.  All that came through is mouth

was a muffled, "Mmmmmmmf!"

     He felt the serum from the needle entering his penis, feeling like

it was filling both the penis and scrotum at the same time.  He was

sure both were bloated with the serum, and it still kept coming.  He

also kept screaming in pain.

     At last, Gloria pulled the needle out of Sam's genitals.  She

carefully laid it aside, and said, "See, big boy, it is done, and you

are crying like a baby.  Where is your macho image now?"

     "Mmmmmmmmf!," screamed Sam.

     "Now, the smaller needles contain a mixture of estrogens, female

hormones to you, and a testesterocide to kill off any male hormones you

might be producing now," Gloria continued.  "You certainly aren't

acting like a big macho man now, so I guess that part of the injection

won't have much to do."

     That got a big laugh from the assembled women too.

     She plunged the needle into one of Sam's balls.

     Sam screamed even more into his gag.

     The serum felt like fire as it entered his nut.  It kept on coming

until Sam was sure his left nut was as big as a basketball.  Finally,

the needle was removed, though the fire continued.

     Gloria picked up the second small needle, and repeated the process

on the other ball.

     Again, the same pain and feeling of fire swept over Sam.  He kept

screaming into his gag, and the unintelligible sounds kept coming out.

     "Now, my dear," Gloria continued her lecture, "the procedure is

complete.  At this point it is still reversible.  In fact, we can

reverse it right up until the time you get pregnant, or until we give

you the final, fixer, injection.  We only have to wait for your body to

rearrange itself into it's new pattern now."

     She put her needles and bottles back into her bag, and pulled out

one more small needle, and yet another serum bottle.  

     "This is the final injection," she explained, as she filled the

needle from the bottle.

     "We will not give this to you now, but it will be given

immediately if you try to resist us," she said.  

     She then placed a cap over the needle part of the syringe, and

placed it on a tray on the dressing table.

     "Oh, I almost forgot," she continued, "the final dose can be given

orally as well."  

     She took some envelopes of powder from her bag, giving one to each

of the women present after showing the contents to Sam.  

     "It only takes a little bit to make your condition permanent, and

it can be given in liquids, or spread over food.  I prefer the

injections myself, but I am a doctor," she concluded.

     Saying this, she again reached into her bag and produced yet

another bottle and needle.

     "This is merely a muscle relaxant," she said.  "It was invented by

the Russians for use in their interrogation process, but I have refined

it to be used medically.  It causes your voluntary muscles to relax

totally, leaving the involuntary ones, like the heart, working

normally.  Your mind will still be active, but you will not be able to

move without assistance."

     The fire in Sam's groin has subsided to a manageable level by now,

and Sam didn't figure he needed a relaxant, strong or weak.  Of course,

these women were not asking his opinion of anything.

     Gloria swabbed an area on Sam's hip, and injected the serum into

him. "We really don't want you to get cramps, or bed sores," Gwen said. 

"This last drug will permit us to untie you, and make you easy to move

around.  The beautiful thing is that you will know what is happening to

you all the while."

     As soon as the women were sure the relaxant had taken effect, they

did untie Sam's arms and legs.  Then, they pulled the cloth from his

mouth.  As they did, he saw they had stuffed a pair of someone's

panties in his mouth to keep him quite.  Some consolation!

     Finished with the procedure, the women again left the bedroom. 

Sam could hear them talking for quite a long time in the other room.

     As he lay helpless on the bed, he began to feel the effects of the

drugs begin.  He suddenly felt flushed, then almost immediately

chilled.  This continued for quite a while, and then the pain in his

groin came back, with almost as much intensity as when the needles had

been injected.  He passed out from the pain somewhat later.

                       Part 3 - A Quick Girlhood

     When he regained consciousness, Sam felt strange all over.  He

could feel the serum coursing through his body, of course, but the pain

in his groin had given way to a dull throb.  A similar throb came from

his chest, leading him to think his heart was going to give out.  He

just lay in pain for a long time.

     Eventually, Gwen came into the bedroom, and rolled Sam over on one

side.  She put her hand on his head, then to his groin area, as if

checking for a temperature.  She merely grunted, and went out of the

room again.

     Later on, Lois came in and repeated the process, rolling him to

the other side.

     Sam lay in his pain for a long time.  Then, the pain in his groin

gave way to a numbness.  As the relief from pain came, he noticed that

the room was beginning to become brighter.  It must be morning, he


     Shortly after the numbness set in, Susan entered the bedroom.

     "Good morning, sleepy head," she said.  "Did you have an enjoyable

night?  Was it all you expected?"

     She laughed heartily at her own joke, and looked over Sam's body. 

     "Hmmmm," she said.  

     Over her shoulder, she called for Gloria and Lois.

     When the two women entered, Lois immediately put her hands on

Sam's groin, and began doing something down there.

     With the numbness, and the relaxant still effective, Sam couldn't

tell what she was doing.  

     She stood, backed up, and let Gloria repeat the process.

     "I think the initial stages look very good," Gloria said, as she

stood up.

     "Yes.  It looks and feels normal," Lois responded.  "I think we

can release her from the relaxant now.  I'm sure she'll be wanting to

go to the bathroom at least."

     "Yes, I think so too," Gloria said, after pausing a moment to


     Gloria dug into her bag again, and drew out yet another needle. 

She injected this one in Sam's hip, after swabbing the area.

     "Sam, dear," she began, "this injection counteracts the relaxant

we used last night.  You may feel some discomfort after it takes hold."

     "Before you think of doing anything rash," Susan cut in, "take a

look at this."

     Susan held a mirror up so that Sam could see his body.

     In place of his penis and balls, he could see a slit on a mound of

flesh.  He noticed that his thick chest hair had fallen out, and was

lying on his chest unattached.  Looking closer, he could see small

hairs all over the pillow, where his beard had fallen out.  His hair

was longer than it had seemed last night, but not overly long.  On his

chest, he saw nipples, looking like pencil erasers.  They were at least

triple the size of his normal nipples, and the area surrounding them

seemed to be wider as well.  In short, he saw what appeared to be a

prepubescent female body.

     "If you understand what you are seeing," Susan continued, "just

remember it can be reversed right now.  But, if you give us any trouble

at all, we will not hesitate to give you the fixer dose."

     As Susan was giving this warning, Sam began to feel his muscles

twitching involuntarily as feeling came back to them.  In a few

minutes, he was able to raise his arm or leg, as directed by Lois.

     When he got that far, Lois and Gwen helped him into a sitting

position, and moved his legs over the side of the bed.  They let him

sit there for a few minutes, then helped him stand up.

     Gwen took Sam's hand, and led him into the bathroom attached to

the bedroom.  She made sure Sam was sitting on the toilet.

     "We women have to sit down to do anything on the toilet," Gwen

explained.  "Just relax and do whatever comes naturally.  I know you at

least have to urinate."

     Sam was tense by Gwen's presence in the bathroom, but he tried to

take her counsel.  He felt his bladder was full, and knew he had to

empty that.  After a few minutes, he heard, rather than felt, a stream

of urine striking the water in the toilet bowl. 

     When the sound of the urine in the bowl stopped, Gwen spoke again. 

"Now, it is important that you clean any residue from your vaginal

area.  Take a piece of toilet tissue, and wipe the wetness away."

     Sam complied, ending up with very damp fingers, and several sheets

of wet toilet paper, which he just dropped into the bowl.

     "You must remember to do this every time, Sam, dear," Gwen

continued.  "If you don't, bacteria will form, and they can cause all

sorts of problems you don't need."

     She had Sam wash his hands at the sink, then led him back to the


     "Well, Sam, we all have to get to work," Susan announced.  "Sharon

has agreed to stay with you until we get home.  If you need anything,

just knock on the door."

     Saying this, the women left the room, closing the door with a

click that Sam recognized as the lock being locked.

     Sam sat on the bed in shock for some time.  He still could hardly

comprehend what had happened to him.  Indeed, he could feel it still

happening, as the drugs were speeding through his body causing changes

to take place.

     He was still in a stupor when the door opened, and Sharon came in

with a breakfast tray.  She put the tray down on a makeup table, and

pulled the seat out.

     "Come over to the table and have your breakfast, Sam," Sharon said

to him.

     Sam walked over and sat down.  He hadn't realized how hungry he

was until he looked at the food.  There was juice, and milk, and a bowl

of cereal.

     "Growing girls need a good breakfast," Sharon volunteered


     "I'm not a GIRL," Sam insisted to her.

     "Well, I think I'd look in the mirror before I said that so

positively," Sharon said with a laugh.

     Sam raised his view to the mirror on the table, and saw a girl's

face looking back at him.  Familiar, yet feminine.  He knew it was his

face, and this was not a dream.

     Now dejected, he poked at the cereal.  He drank the juice, but not

the milk.  Then, he just sat there.

     "We women need extra calcium, Sam," Sharon explained.  "Drink your

milk, and finish your cereal."

     Sam was about to tell her what to do with the milk and cereal when

his eyes strayed to see a hypodermic needle lying on the table.  He

recalled the warning that this was the final fix of his condition, and

they would not hesitate to use it if he did not cooperate fully.  So,

he bit off his retort, and finished off the breakfast.

     "That's a good girl," Sharon said.  "Now, go over and sit on the

bed until I leave the room."

     Sam obediently went over to the bed, and Sharon gathered the tray. 

She left the room, and Sam heard the click as the door was locked.

     When she left, Sam got up and began pacing.  He could not believe

what was happening to him, and he was determined to get out of this mad

house at the first possible moment.  He was also determined to leave it

as the man who had walked in.

     His glance was hypnotically drawn to the needle on the dressing

table.  As long as that was hanging over his head, he knew he had

little chance of realizing his determination.  He sighed, and lay down

on the bed.

                         Part 4 - Coming Out.

     He lay a long time, when the door opened again.  Sharon and Susan

came in.

     "My afternoon client cancelled," Susan explained, "so I came to

help you out."

     Sam looked at the women with no expression on his face.  He could

see the broad smiles on theirs.

     "It is about lunch time, and we thought you might join us in the

kitchen," Susan said.  "But girls don't go around the house naked.  If

you agree to let us dress you, we will let you come out of the room. 

Otherwise, you'll stay locked in here until the others come in from


     Stir crazy from being in the room alone so long, Sam readily

agreed to let the women dress him.

     Susan went over to the dresser, and got a pair of cotton panties

out.  She handed these to Sam.

     "Put these one, Sam dear," she said.  "They go on just like your

old jockey shorts."

     Sam pulled the panties up over his legs.  They went on the same

way as he was used to, but they did not come up nearly to his waist. 

They stopped just over the widest part of the hip.  Another thing, they

didn't have the fold in them that his men's shorts had.  

     As he was putting on his shorts, Susan pulled a garment out of the

dresser.  She held it up, then took it over to him.

     "This is a slip," she explained.  "We women wear them to keep our

dresses from clinging, and also to provide some modesty under our

lighter fabric dresses.  This is a little girl's style.  It should work

well on you."

     Jake looked at the garment.  It had straps for the arms to go

through, then flowed down straight to below the waist, then belled out

in flounces.

     "Put your head through the bottom, and put your arms through the

straps," Susan directed.  "Then just let it slide down over your body."

     Sam followed the directions, finding the bottom of the slip fell

about halfway between his waist and knees.  Surprisingly, it seemed to

fit. Susan was at the closet now.  She came back with a frilly little

dress.  She took it off the hanger, and proceeded to unbutton the row

of buttons on the back of it.  She handed it to Sam.

     "Put this on the same way as you did the slip," She explained.

     Sam fit the thing over his head, and put his arms through the

sleeve holes.  He let it drop down, seeing it settle over the flounced

area of the slip.

     Sharon came over to him, and began buttoning the back of the

dress.  Then, she adjusted the sleeves so that they looked puffed. 

Finally, she adjusted the skirt a bit.

     Susan had been to the dresser again, and returned with some white


     "You know how to put socks on, I think," Susan said.

     Sam pulled the socks on.

     "You know we girls do things differently," Sharon said.  She knelt

down, and doubled the tops of the socks down.  When she got done, Sam

could see there was a thin line of lace on the socks.

     "I really wish they made Mary Janes in your size," Susan said,

"but they don't, so we will have to settle for this pair of flats. 

They just slip on your feet."

     Sam put the shoes on, as directed.

     "Stand up and let us see you," Susan directed.

     Sam stood, and both women took a few steps backwards to get a

better look.

     "Turn around slowly," Susan again directed.

     Sam turned, feeling their eyes examine him in the dress.

     "Something is not right," Susan sighed.

     "I know," said Sharon.  "We need to do something with the hair."

     "I think you are right," Susan agreed.

     "Sam, come over here to the dressing table and sit down, please,"

Susan said.

     As Sam sat on the chair, Sharon began brushing his hair.  It was

longer than he recalled it from this morning, but still fairly short.

     Sharon stopped brushing, and considered a moment, then she picked

up a barrette and some bobby pins from the counter.  She quickly went

to work on Sam's hair.

     "I think you got it," Susan said when Sharon was done.

     "Stand up, Sam," Susan continued.

     "You look adorable," she said as Sam complied.

     "Now, let's go into the kitchen for lunch," Sharon suggested.

     As Sam followed the women to the kitchen, he could feel the skirts

of the slip and dress hitting against his legs, then swinging away.  It

felt both strange and pleasant at the same time.

     They got into the kitchen, and the women sat down.  Sam did as

well, but the women stopped him.

     "You have to smooth your skirt under your behind," Sharon

explained.  "Otherwise you'll get a cold butt."

     Both women laughed.  Sam had felt the coolness of the seat

momentarily when he'd sat without the smoothing, so he realized he was

being told the truth.

     Sam smoothed the skirt under him, and sat.  The fabric of the

skirt protected his butt from the coolness of the vinyl chair, though

the upper part of his legs felt it.  The skirt didn't reach that far

down his legs.

     There was a bowl of salad in the middle of the table, which Sharon

apportioned to each of them.  She also poured coffee for herself and

Susan, and a glass of milk for Sam.

     "Can I have coffee too," Sam asked.

     "Not yet, dear," Susan replied.  "Growing girls need all the

calcium they can get."

     They ate in silence.

     When the meal was complete, Sam wishing it had more substance but

not saying anything for fear of another rebuke, the women took the

dishes to the sink.

     "Come over here, Sam," Sharon ordered.  "We will wash, and you

will dry."

     Sam took the tendered apron and dish towel thinking unkind things

about this "women's work."  

     The dishes done, Sam was resigned to being taken back to the


     "I don't think we need to lock her up again," Susan suggested. 

"Why don't we let her watch tv with us?"

     For a moment Sam wondered what she was talking about, then

realized that she had been using the feminine pronoun to refer to him.

     "Sounds good to me," Sharon replied.

     The three of them went into the living room.  Sam remembered to

smooth the skirt behind him as he sat on the sofa.

     Susan got the remote control, and turned on the TV.  The channel

was tuned to a cooking show.  She pressed the button several times,

until she landed on a channel showing a soap opera.

     Sam must have scowled at the choice of programming.  He didn't see

afternoon television often, but knew he was not interested in soap


     "Pay attention to the program, Samantha," Susan rejoined.  "You

might learn something that will come in handy later on."

     Sam watched soaps with them for the rest of the afternoon.

     The soap operas ended around 4:00, and the women took Sam back

into the kitchen.

     "It is time to prepare dinner for the girls," Susan explained,

fishing through the refrigerator for different foods.

     "I think we'll have lasagna tonight," Susan said after examining

the materials on hand.

     "Sam, be a dear, and get the casserole dish from under the sink,"

Susan said.

     Sam found the glass dish on a shelf and brought it over to the


     "Thank you, dear," Susan said absently.

     Being somewhat lost in he kitchen, Sam stepped back so as to be

out of the women's way.

     "No, no, no," said Sharon.  "Come right up here to the counter so

you can watch.  We might even let you help."

     The two women worked quickly, building the lasagna, and mixing the

ingredients for the sauce.  Sam was not called upon to help anywhere,

but whenever his attention drifted away, one of the women reminded him

to keep watching and learning.

     "Now, you can help, Samantha," Susan said.


     "Oh, that's great Susan," Sharon said.  "A very pretty name, and

we won't even have to change her nickname."

     Sam got the idea they were talking about him again.

     "Set the table, please," Susan ordered.  "The plates are in the

cabinet over there."

     Sam went to the indicated cabinet, and took the plates down.  He

took them to the table, and began laying the plates around it.  Then,

he took the utensils from another drawer, and put them next to the


     "No, no, Sam," Sharon said, laughing.  "Didn't your mother teach

you anything?  You set the fork on the left of the plate, the knife on

the right of the plate, and the spoon to the right of the knife."

     Sam rearranged the utensils.

     He noticed that there were no cups or glasses, so he went back to

the china cabinet, taking down enough to go around.

     When he finished, Susan took him by the shoulders, and kissed the

top of his head.

     "You did very well, Sam," she said, "but you will be having milk,

not coffee.  Get a glass and put it here."  She indicated a place. 

"Then put the cup and saucer away."

     Sam complied with a sigh.

     The lasagna in the oven, and the table set, the three of them went

back in the living room to watch more television.  It was some inane

talk show with a black woman asking stupid, abrasive questions of her

guests.  Sam tried to look interested.

     Jane and Carol came in together while Oprah was on.  They took one

look at the sofa, and had Sam stand up and turn around for them.  Both

exclaimed how adorable he looked.

     Oprah was over when Gwen and Lois came in.  Sam later found out

that Gwen was Lois' nurse at her office downtown.  The ritual of

exclaiming over Sam's appearance was repeated.

     At last, Gloria came in.  She too exclaimed on how good Sam


     Sam felt like a prize kitten or dog, the way these women oohed and

ahhed over him.  He also felt quite embarrassed to  be wearing the

dress in front of all of them, though they took it a the most natural

thing in the world.

     The lasagna was done by now, and the whole crew adjourned to the

kitchen table for dinner.

     "Sharon and I made lasagna.  We didn't know what else to do

tonight.  Samantha helped, and set the table," Susan said, grinning


     The women all complimented Sam on the table, obviously proud that

he was accepting some of the duties.  They also seemed to accept

Samantha as his name.  He guessed he was going to be stuck with it.

     After dinner, Sam was given an apron and stuck with clearing the

table and drying the dishes again.  When he was done, and had hung the

apron up in the designated place, they joined the rest of the women in

the living room.

     "Don't sit down yet," Gloria said.  "We need to check out your

progress.  Come into the bedroom."

     Sam glumly followed Gloria into the bedroom.  Lois and Gwen

followed the both of them.

     "Take off your clothes," Gloria ordered, her manner professional

now. Sam stumbled trying to get at the buttons on the dress, but Gwen

helped him there, and finally got undressed.

     "Lie on your back here on the bed," Gloria ordered.

     "Now bend your knees, and spread your legs," she ordered once


     Unlike earlier, Sam felt Gloria's fingers as she opened his

vaginal passage and probed around inside.

     "It seems normal enough," Gloria concluded, then began rubbing

around Sam's nipples.

     "No significant growth, but then, it has been less than twenty

four hours," she said.

     "She looks normal," Lois said to Gloria.  "I'd have to do a full

series to be absolutely sure, but her process is certainly remarkable."

     "Thank you," Gloria beamed.  "It is too soon yet to have an

internal, though.  We'll have that done in a few days."

     Sam listened to the women talk together about him, but not to him. 

He might as well have been a side of pork.

     "You may get dressed now," Gloria said, at last to him.

     "I think we can let her watch TV for a while with us," Lois said. 

"She seems to have been a good girl today."

     Sam was fumbling at getting his clothes back on.  Gwen had to help

him with the buttons again.

     Finally dressed, they all went back to the living room.

     They watched the news together, then a couple of quiz shows.

     "Samantha has had a hard day," Gloria said.  "She still has a

number of changes going on, and she needs some sleep."

     "She has been a good girl today," Sharon suggested.

     "Even good girls need lots of sleep to grow into big women, and

good mommies," Gloria replied.

     "OK.  It's bed time for Samantha, then," Susan said.

     "Samantha, stand up, and kiss all your mommies," Susan continued.

     Sam dutifully went to each of the women for a big hug, and a

sloppy kiss.  Then, she followed Susan into the bedroom.

     Susan unbuttoned the dress, and had Sam take off all his clothes. 

As he was doing this, she went into the bathroom and began to run some

bath water for him.  

     "Come in here for your bath," she called to him.

     Sam came into the bathroom, surprised to find the tub full of

bubbles.  He got in the tub at Susan's order, and Susan washed him all

over.  Then, Susan put some soap on her finger, and probed Sam's


     "You will need to do that from now on," Susan explained.  "You

need to keep your vagina clean, or you will get sick."

     When she was done, Susan had Sam get out of the tub and dried him

with a big towel.  She threw the towel into the hamper, and led Sam

back into the bedroom.

     Susan went to the dresser, and came back with a short nightgown.  

     "Put this on, just like you did the slip earlier," Susan said.  

     Susan turned down the bed clothes as Sam was putting on the


     Sam got under the covers, which Susan smoothed over him.

     "Good night, Sam," Susan said, as she bent over and kissed him on

the forehead.

     Susan turned off the lights, and walked out of the room.  Sam did

not hear the door lock, but he knew the others were in the living room

anyway, so there was no way out there.

     He tossed and turned for a while, thinking of the predicament he

found himself in, then realized he was really tired, and finally fell


     He was half awakened several times as one or the other of the

women came into the room, looked down upon him, and kissed him.  He

never became fully awake, though.

                           Part 5 - Saturday

     Sam was finally wakened to someone shaking his shoulder.  He was

stumped for a moment, confused as to where he was.  Then it all came

back to him in a flash.  He opened his eyes to see Gloria looking down

at him.

     "Good morning, Samantha," she said, smiling broadly at him.

     "Let's just have a quick look at you."

     Like the evening before, Gloria probed his vagina first, then ran

her hands under the nightgown and up over Sam's chest.  Sam felt the

resistance, and the strange movement on his chest.  He was somewhat

startled at the sensation, and it must have shown on his face.

     "Your breasts are beginning to grow, Samantha," Gloria informed

him.  "They are well formed, but still quite small.  Never fear, they

will grow."

     Not really believing he was growing breasts, Sam picked up the

nightgown.  Sure enough, some small, but discernable fatty tissue had

grown under his nipples.  With a sigh, he dropped the nightgown over

him again.

     Gloria just laughed at this reaction and left the room.

     "Well, Samantha," Susan said as she came in, "I hear your breasts

are forming.  You'll have your first period pretty soon, I guess."

     Period?  Was he going to have the woman's curse as well as

everything else that had happened to him?

     Susan was smiling as she said, "Well, a young girl with budding

breasts simply can't wear the little girl's dress you had yesterday. 

Let's see what else we can find."

     Susan turned to the dresser.  She pulled a pair of nylon panties

out, handing them to Sam.  Sam looked at the white things, especially

at the lace all over them.  They were even smaller than the panties

he'd been given yesterday.  Sighing, he put them on.

     Susan held out a cotton bra to him.

     "This is a training bra," she explained.  "It is for younger girls

just beginning to show their breasts.  I guess you qualify."  She

laughed at the last part.

     "Put your arms through the straps, then over your shoulders."

     "Good, now pull the cups over your little breasts."

     Susan came over now.  "Now, there are little hooks and eyes at the

back of the strap.  Feel them with your fingers, then put the hooks

into the eyes."

     Sam stumbled doing it, but got the little hooks through the eyes.

     "Here's your slip," Susan said, handing Sam a nylon slip.  This

one did not have the flounced bottom, but did have cups in the top.  

     Sam got the slip on, figuring out that he needed to get the slip's

cups over the bra's.

     "Hmmmmm.  What can we find for outerwear," Susan considered as she

looked through the closet.

     Finally she came over to Sam holding two hangers.  One had a white

blouse on it.  It kind of looked like a short sleeved shirt, but it had

lacy edges on the collar, and some kind of embroidered flower stitched

on the front of it.  It also had a seam on both sides, so it would fit

over a girl's breasts.  The skirt was on the other hanger.  It was

pleated, and full.  The design on it was simply repeated roses on a

white background.  At the waistband, Sam saw a button and a zipper.

     Sam figured out how to put the blouse on.  It wasn't much

different than putting on a shirt.  Of course, it buttoned backwards,

and he did have to adjust it so the fuller part fit over his breasts.  

     He looked at the skirt for a minute.  He'd seen women taking them

off and putting them on for years, but he'd never done it for himself. 

He unbuttoned the button, and unzipped the zipper.  He stuck his hands

through the waist, and let it settle down on him from over his head. 

It stuck once at his breasts, but tugged free rather easily.  He caught

it at his waist, and began turning it around to figure out what to do

with the zipper.

     "Put the button and zipper at the back, dear," Susan said.

     Sam got his arms around back, and managed to get the skirt

buttoned with some difficulty.  The zipper was a little easier.

     Susan provided a clean pair of white anklets, and the same shoes

as yesterday.  

     Jake remembered to double the anklets down, showing the lace. 

Then he stood up for Susan's inspection.  He even turned completely

around without her asking.

     "Very nice, Samantha," Susan said.  "Now, let's do something with

your hair."

     Susan brushed Sam's hair, getting much longer now, straight back. 

Then, she brushed it upwards from the nape of the neck.  She caught the

hair from all over the head, and put a rubber band around it, creating

a pony tail.

     "Now, let's get some breakfast," Susan said

     They went into the kitchen, where the other women were assembled. 

Sam had to stop in the middle of the floor and pirouette for the

ladies, so they could all compliment him on being such an attractive

young lady.

     Sam remembered to smooth the skirt as he sat in his chair.  The

meal was the same as yesterday.  

     This time, he ate the meal, and drank his milk, without a whimper. 

     The women were drinking coffee, watching, as Sam ate.  They

noticed that he collected the dishes, taking them to the sink when he

was done.

     "That's a good girl," Sharon said.

     Sharon washed, and Sam donned the apron, drying again.

     They all went into the living room when the dishes were done.  

     Gloria came over to Sam on the sofa.  "You are developing nicely,

my dear," she said.  "I think we can speed the process a little bit


     She got her bag, and filled a needle from one of the bottles.

     "Lie on your front on the sofa," Gloria directed.

     When Sam complied, Gloria lifted the skirt and slip up, exposing

Sam's panties.  She pulled the waistband of the panties down slightly,

and swabbed an area on his hip.  Then, she jabbed him with the needle.

     Sam started when the needle bit into him, then eased up.  He felt

the fluid entering his body, but it was not the severe burning he

recalled from the last time.  

     Pulling the needle out, Gloria swabbed the hip again, readjusting

the panties, and pulling the slip and skirt down.

     "I am done, Samantha," Gloria announced.  "You may sit up now."

     Sam sat up on the sofa, after rubbing the sore spot created by the

shot.  He really did not feel too much.  Then, the injection hit him

all at once, and he collapsed into unconsciousness.

                        Part 6 - Growing Pains

     He did not know how long he had been out when he returned to the

world.  He did know he felt a terrible binding across his chest and

around his butt.  As he recalled where he was, he had a sinking feeling

of why he was so uncomfortable.

     "Fascinating," Lois was saying to Gloria.  "I have never seen such

rapid development."

     "It does not happen too often," Gloria responded.  "Every once in

a while I do get a responsive subject, and we can accelerate the

process this way, though."

     "Ah, I see sleeping beauty has awakened," Gwen said to the women

sitting around the living room.

     "And, I can also see she seems quite uncomfortable," she


     "Come along to the bedroom, Samantha," Sharon said.

     Sam rose to follow Sharon.  He felt very much different now. 

Obviously, he felt different all along in his new female body, but now

he felt top heavy, and bottom heavy at the same time.  Besides that,

his chest and butt were tight.

     As soon as they got into the bedroom, Sharon told him to take off

all his clothing.

     He undid the skirt, and let it fall to the floor.  Next he

unbuttoned the blouse.  

     The tightness in his chest decreased as he got it unbuttoned.  He

got it off, and laid it on the bed.  Then, he pulled the slip over his


     The tightness eased up a little more, though much less than in

removing the blouse.  

     Unhooking the bra brought a sense of relief that was almost

ecstacy.  He dropped the bra on the other clothes, and slipped the

panties down.  

     The tightness in his butt eased.  It had not been as severe as

that in his chest, but bad enough.

     He then slipped off the shoes and socks.

     Sharon came over to him, with a tape measure in her hands.  

     "Stand up, Sam," she ordered.

     Sam stood, as she began taking measurements in several places on

his body.  Several times, she had him move his arms to the sides, so

she could get the tape in the desired spot.  When she was finally done,

she had a series of numbers written on a piece of paper.

     "Just sit on the bed and wait for a few minutes," she said,

leaving the room.

     Susan came into the room a few minutes later, just to keep Sam


     In a bit, Sharon came back in.  She handed a sheet of paper to

Susan, who put it in her purse.

     "You will be all right for a while," Susan said.  "I have to go do

some shopping."

     Susan left the room without another glance.

     Sam bowed his head in dejection.  He then noticed how large is

breasts were now.  He stood, walked over to the dressing table, and

looked in the mirror.

     His butt had grown larger, and rounder, as well, and his waist

looked nipped.  He had the figure of a good looking woman now.

     As he was discovering the changes, Sharon had picked up the

clothing so recently discarded, and placed it in the hamper.  She left

Sam with his thoughts as she left the bedroom.

     Sam, depressed, lay down on the bed.  Everything was happening too

fast for him.  He just lay there, mindless, for an hour.

     At last, Susan returned.  She had a bunch of shopping bags with

her as she entered the room.

     "Why so quiet, Samantha," she asked.

     "Well don't talk," she continued.  "Just stand up."

     Susan dug into one of the bags, and pulled a box out.  She opened

the box, and handed a brand new bra to Sam.

     "This one should fit now," she said.  "Try it on."

     Sam put the bra on, like he had the training bra that morning.  He

was becoming more facile working behind his back, and the bra went on

easily.  It fit snugly, but there was no constriction.

     Susan dug into another bag, pulling out a large box.  She opened

the box, and pulled a panty liner out.  Then, she dug into another bag,

pulling out a pair of the skimpiest, laciest panties Sam had ever seen. 

She stuck the liner into the panty's crotch, and handed them to Sam.

     When Sam pulled the panties up, he found they hardly covered

anything except his crotch.  They also felt wierd, like cardboard, with

the panty liner in them.

     Susan was still digging through the bags, when she pulled out a

blouse.  She handed it over to Sam.

     This one did not have any sleeves at all.  It also buttoned in the

back, and the neckline looked awfully low to Sam.  He put his arms

through the holes, confirming the neckline was very low, and struggled

to button the back.  He finally got it done, and looked down.  The tops

of his breasts were clearly visible over the fabric of the blouse.  The

outline of the bra was also clearly defined through the fabric.

     Susan handed a skirt over to Sam.  Sam held it up.  It was

constructed very similar to the one of the morning, except it was

shorter, and straight.  It was all pink.

     He undid the button, and slipped it over his head.  He got the

button and zipper up with little problem this time.

     Susan now came over and sat next to him on the bed.  She had a

plastic egg in her hand.  Jake knew pantyhose often came in such eggs. 

He also knew he had no idea in the world how to get into pantyhose.

     Susan broke the egg open, and pulled the pantyhose out.  She found

the waistband, and began rolling it all the way down one leg.  When it

was rolled all the way to the toe, she slipped the toe over Sam's foot. 

She then unrolled the hose until she got to his knee.  She then rolled

the other leg, and repeated the process.  Then she brought the rest of

the panty hose up, until the waistband was snug on Sam's waist.

     Susan went back to her bags, and pulled a shoe box out of one of

them.  She pulled a pair of pumps out of the box, in pink to match the

skirt Sam now wore.

     She handed them to Sam, who slipped them on his feet.  

     Once again, Susan searched through the bags, this time coming out

with a shoulder purse.  It was just a plain black purse with a long

strap on it.  She laid that on the bed.

     She now came out with several smaller boxes.  She opened each,

until a necklace, bracelet, and a pair of earrings were exposed.  She

quickly placed these on Sam.

     Finally, she brought a tube of lipstick out of the bags.  It was a

hot pink, close to the color of the skirt and shoes.  She opened the

package, and opened the tube up.

     "Sit very still," Susan said.

     Jake sat still, while Susan put the greasy stuff all over his

lips."Take the paper wadding out of the purse, Sam," she commanded.

     Susan put the lipstick inside the purse, and said, "Put the strap

over your shoulder, and let's go into the next room."

     Sam almost tripped and fell as he began to follow her.  He was not

used to 3 inch spike heels.  He found he had to take shorter steps, and

walk more slowly.

     When he got to the living room, Susan was already on the sofa,

lying back exhausted from her quick trip to the mall.  The other women

were leaning forward in their seats, though.

     Sam felt himself on center stage again.

     "Lovely," said Gwen.

     "Very pretty," echoed Lois.

     And so it went, as all the women expressed their pleasure at Sam

and his new clothes.

     "We have tried to keep her hair looking reasonable," Sharon spoke,

breakin the spell, "but I think she's ready for a salon treatment now. 

We also have to take her shopping.  She can't go for long with one


     Sam sat on the edge of the sofa, stunned by these revelations. 

They were going to take him out in public looking like this.

     "Well, let's get this show on the road before it gets too late,"

Jane suggested.



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