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Archive-name: Changes/salon4.txt


Archive-title: Salon - 4


The two girls walked to the garage together.  Alice could not believe that 

the sound of the clicking heels was coming from her as well as from 



As they got in the car, Mary got behind the wheel, and told Alice that 

from now on she would do all the driving until Alice got her new drivers 

license and felt more comfortable in her role. 


At the salon, Alice saw her new office for the first time, and liked her 

new surroundings.  All the trim was pink and white and had a very airy 

feeling about it.

Mary said, Alice, this is where you will be working from now on and

tomorrow, you should be able to start getting used to the surroundings

and to the people with whom you will be working.

Alice was startled to know that she would have to start interacting with

the people so soon, but, as Mary said, you have to jump in to learn to


After this they went to the mall.  Their first stop was at Victoria's Secret,

where Mary insisted that Alice try on some of the sets they were going

to buy.  As they were in the dressing room, Mary helped Alice with the

taking off and putting on of all the silky beautiful stuff.

Alice kept complaining to Mary of the extra-sensitivity on her breasts as

well as of the generally nauseous feeling she kept having.  Mary would

just sympathize with her and tell her things would improve.

After spending a couple of hundred dollars at VS, they went to Marshall

Fields for some working outfits.  Mary insisted that she not wear a

uniform, but that business outfits would be more suitable, since Alice

would have to deal with all the sales people for the products companies

trying to sell their wares.

As they were returning home, Alice asked the question which was in the

back of her mind since this whole thing started.  "If this is for the time

being, what is going to happen when I go back to being a man?"

Mary now got very serious and took her to a very nice restaurant and

when they were seated, she proceeded to explain the whole process to


"Alice, I have always had fantasies of you as a woman.  I am not really

attracted by men, but when we made love, especially at the beginning, I

would just close my eyes and pretend that you were another girl."

"As time has passed, I have grown to love you, but your male equipment

kept getting on the way of my fantasies and, frankly was a bit of a


"When I bought the salon, my original intention was to do what we are

doing, except you were going to learn to be one of the operators, and you

may still get to do that; as a matter of fact you WILL take training. 

However, since you have a very good business background and since the

position became open, I decided that this will be the opportunity to put

my plan into operation."

"I called your boss who was only too happy to comply with letting you

go, especially since they were closing up the operations, and this way they

would not have to pay you for any of the benefits.  And that is OK,

since you will be making a good salary and at the same time, will be

helping to move our salon into the top 20 of the city."

"As to the changes which have occurred and are occurring, as you know

I was a gynecological nurse.  I had access to the technology and to the

prescriptions to make things work well.  Of course, Dr. Lydia Carter is

helping me with the situation, and it is she who will oversee the complete


At these words, Alice recoiled, and asked what she meant by complete

conversion.  She had thought this whole thing would be just temporary

and reversible.

"At this point, yes, things are reversible, even though the changes to your

brain will not be able to be changed.  If we were to give you back the

use of your organs, you would still think of yourself as a girl, and would

continue to do so always."

"As to the changes tanking place, your own breasts are growing under the

prosthetics, that explains the itchiness and the "chicken skin" feeling.  In

a few days, we will be able to unattach the "falsies" and you can go with

your own equipment."

"Your genitals, I am affraid are another matter.  The longer the testicles

remain inside your body cavity, the more completely they will attrophy. 

Actually, in four more days, they will be totally unusable.  Of course, as

the testicles go, so does your little penis.  Getting no male hormones will

cause it to shrink to an unworkable size if it were to be allowed to come

out of the cavity into which it is stored."

"The vitamins you are taking and the shots you are getting are actually

very powerful chemicals which are changing your psyche, as well as your

body into that of the person you have now become.  I am sure you have

noticed the sense of well being, the smoothness of your skin, the sensitivity

to colors and smells, as well as the other changes of which you are


"Dr. Carter will be seeing you tomorrow after work and thereafter every

monday for the next few months.  She will re-structure your body as well

as the chemicals you are taking, until not even you will be able to tell

that you were once a male."

Mary saw that Alice was crying silently, and she reached over and held

her hand and told her that this would be the best for their marriage, since

they would be unable to continue the charade that she had gone through. 

And that Alice, she was sure would become a better person in her new


Alice accepted the explanations and even though there were a thousand

and one questions running through her mind, she kept them to herself for

the time being until such time as they were in a more private


That night as the two girls were getting ready to go to bed, and Alice

was sitting on the toilet peeing, Mary came in with a new baby doll set

for Alice, and putting it on her, gave her a longing kiss and walked her

by the hand to their bed and to a wonderful experience of love-making

such as Alice had never even dreamed of.



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