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Archive-name: Changes/salon3.txt


Archive-title: Salon - 3

They then went back to the bedroom where Alice proceeded to eat her

sandwich with the milk and the "vitamin" pill.

After this, they went to the spare bedroom, where Mary had a salon chair

set up.  Alice sat down and Mary began the whole process by putting

on a lotion on her long hair.  (Allan had kept his hair long at Mary's

insistence for some time).

After a while, Mary applied some rollers to the hair and as Alice sat

under a hair dryer, Mary worked on Alice's nails.

When the hair dryer was finished, Mary finished combing and cutting and

trimming some of the hair until she was satisfied.  Alice had still not

seen herself in the mirror.  Then Mary worked on Alice's eyebrows and

face until she was satisfied.

Alice had been wearing a thin robe of Mary's at this time.  Mary then took

her to their bedroom, and standing in front of the full-length mirror,

took Alice's robe off and then uncovered the mirror, so that Alice could

get the full effect of the changes which had occurred on her.

Alice just could not believe what had happened.  There was no way that

she was the same person who had gone to bed a male last night.  No trace

remained.  She instinctively reached down to her genital area and spread

her legs a little to show the outline of her slit.  Then she held her

small, but very well proportioned and shapely new breasts in her hand.

All this time, Mary was standing to the side smiling and enjoying the

view.  Then she came over to Alice and took her in her arms and kissed

her very deeply.  Alice remembered that Mary had not kissed her like

this since their honeymoon a couple of years back.

After a little while, they ate a very light dinner together, and after

Alice took her vitamin pill, she felt a little sleepy, even though it

was still very early. Mary then took her to the bedroom, helped Alice

put on one of her nightgowns and gave her another shot.  Alice went on

to dreamland while Mary went out shopping and to make more preparations

for Alice's "coming out".

Alice dreamt that everything in her life had taken a pink hue.  She felt

very light and very feminine.  In the dream, there was no past, just

a future, and she was very happy that she was a girl.  She enjoyed her

new form and could not even remember that she was anything but a girl.

Of course, her dreaming was caused partly by the chemicals given her

in the shots she had taken, and also by the mind-altering tapes she was

unconsciously hearing while Mary was out shopping.

Sunday came and, when Mary brought Alice  breakfast in bed, Alice woke

up feeling very refreshed and very happy with events, even though inside,

she kept asking herself how come she was feeling like this.

After breakfast and vitamin, Alice complained of a little nausea, and

Mary just sat next to her and held her hand until it passed.

Mary gave Alice another shot, Alice complained of feeling like a

pincushion.   Then Mary brought out some of the purchases she had made

the day before and started to help Alice to dress.

First came the pretty beige panties with the lace around the waist and

legs.  As this came up her legs, Alice felt like she had been putting

them on all her life.  They fit very well and Alice adjusted the crotch

so that it was nice and flat and taut.

Next came a matching bra with a front clasp.  Mary taught Alice how to

place her breasts in the cups and to adjust the clasp and the straps to

feel comfortable.  Alice told Mary that she was feeling kind of strange

on her breasts, kind of like "chicken skin", and Mary told her it was

part of the process, not to worry about these feelings at this time.

Alice finished dressing with a shirt, which she found awkward buttoning

backwards.  Then came a jumper skirt, which she had to button and zip

on her back.

Mary then brushed her hair a little and applied light make-up.  Then she

told Alice that they were going to go to the salon to look at her new

office facilities, and then do a bit more shopping for clothes for her.

Alice at first panicked, but when Mary showed her in the mirror how well

she looked, she calmed down.

Before leaving they had a salad lunch, with Alice's pill and shot.



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