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Archive-name: Changes/salon2.txt


Archive-title: Salon - 2

When Alice awoke, the cloth was gone from her eyes, but the bindings

were still there.  She could not move, but she could see by the light

coming from the window that it was now early afternoon.  She must have

been asleep for at least 4 hours.  But she felt ravenously hungry.

As she began to stir a little on the bed, Mary came in with a tray with

a sandwich, a glass of milk and a purple pill, and, Alice saw, a syringe.

Mary set the tray down next to the bed and told Alice that she was

going to undo the bindings, but to lie without moving for a little while

longer and she would explain all that was happening.

Mary untied the bindings and turned Alice over a little and gave her

another shot.  Then she told Alice to sit up, very slowly and try not to

look down at this time.  She had been covered with a silk sheet.

As Alice sat up, she could not help but notice a slight weight on her

chest, but being very obedient, she did not look down.

Then Mary began to explain that since she was a nurse, she knew exactly

what she was doing.  She had made a special device for Alice's genital

area which would ensure that she would not be found out, even if she

was seen totally naked in public.

At the same time, she had fashioned some breast forms which she had

applied on a semi-permanent basis to her breast area.  These were also

impossible to detect from the real ones without a very thorough and close


She was told that the shots were to make her relax and accept her new

role more easily, and that she would find herself feeling very good about

it.  Alice was beginning to feel pretty good about this whole thing.

Alice then said to Mary that she felt her bladder very full and would

have to go to the bathroom.  Mary replied that she would help her, and

she should not feel too upset at what she saw.  That it would be a new

experience and that she should enjoy it.

With that, Mary took off the sheet covering Alice and told her to look

down.  When Alice did this, she felt somewhat disoriented, she saw two

small sized breasts jutting out from her chest.  These were very pretty and

natural with very pointy pink nipples.  

She reached down and held them in her hands and felt the weight and

shape while at the same time, getting a strange feeling "down there".

She immediately moved one hand to her pubic area and what she saw,

shocked her.  Instead of her small, but reactive penis, she felt a flat

smoothness which she had previously only felt on Mary's pubic area.

There was no hair, and Alice could feel the shape of a slit, and as she

moved her finger, the feeling along the slit was quite pleasant.

Mary explained that she had used a very special cream which allowed

flesh to be manipulated into different forms.  Her penis had been

"miniaturized" and pushed in (sort of like a piston).  That it would stay

there until it was given a reverse treatment.  Then her testicles had also

been "miniaturized" and had actually been pushed into her body cavity.

Finally, the scrotal sac had been re-fashioned into the slit that she now

felt.  Into the form of an actual vagina.  Mary explained that the only

way any one could tell the difference would be through a gynecological


The changes would force Alice to sit down to pee,  and since her stream

would not be directable (like when she had a penis), she would have to

wipe her area after peeing, "just like any other girl."

Mary walked with Alice to the bathroom.  Alice could feel the weight of

her small breasts as they bounced with every step she took.  She could

also feel a bit of a difference "down there" as there was no rubbing of

her scrotum or penis against her thighs.

At the bathroom, Alice sat on the toilet and let go, feeling the stream

come out of an unfamiliar place.  Then she wiped the area, noticing the

feelings as she did so.

Mary then prepared a scented bubble bath and had Alice get into the tub. 

Alice started to relax even more, and felt herself drift one more time into


Mary woke her up then had her stand up, rinse and pat dry.  As she did

so, a sensation of intense feelings could be felt in every part of her body.

What's happening to me? she thought.  Here I am, a man, yet, I don't

look like one, and I am enjoying it, to boot.

She asked Mary why the bathroom mirror had been covered, and Mary

told her that she didn't want Alice to see herself completely just yet, since

she would be working on her hair and make-up the rest of the afternoon,

so that Alice could actually see the finished package when she was done.



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