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Archive-name: Changes/salon1.txt


Archive-title: Salon - 1

It had been a frustrating day, not only had Allan lost his job, but he had

been told that since the company was going out of business, there would

be no settlement package for him.  His last paycheck had been just that,

his last paycheck. 


Allan and Mary had not been too careful about savings, and since his

wife, a nurse by profession had a few months back taken all the savings

and invested them in a Hair Salon, there was nothing to fall back on. 


Mary had been a nurse, but she had felt frustrated (the word burnout had

been used liberally in her case) and when she found out that the hair

styling salon which she frequented was being put up for sale, she jumped

at the chance and had bought it.  

She had just finished her hair styling education and had enrolled in a few

courses in business management, but found that to be very frustrating. 


When Allan came home that evening, Mary was waiting for him with the

unsettling news that the business manager that had been part of the Salon

had quit and that there was now a very big void in the business portion

of the business. 


When Allan heard this, he said that since he was a professional business

manager, that maybe he would be able to take over the duties and at the

same time, turn the business around.

Arrangements were immediately made for Allan to start the following

week.  He and Mary were to drive together to the shop.

The news more or less alleviated the disastrous news he had heard earlier

in the day.  However, Allan felt not a little bit uneasy at having to work

among so many women.

As they were discussing the situation and how things were going to work-

out, Mary kept looking at Allan and smiling to herself.

Allan had never been very macho looking and her plan called for exactly

this type of situation.

They talked for hours and finally decided to go to sleep at about two in

the morning.

The next day was saturday, Mary woke up early and had breakfast ready

by the time Allan woke up.

As Allan was eating his breakfast, he asked Mary what the purple pill

was, and Mary told him that the regular vitamins that he took were gone

and that these were some special vitamins she had bought at the store for

herself.  Allan was satisfied and took his pill.

After breakfast, Mary steeled herself for the discussion which was to

follow and sat down with Allan.

Since the business is about women and for women and with women, Mary

explained to Allan that she thought it would be much better for all

concerned if Allan was to work as one.

Allan was shocked at this and said so, but Mary countered that it would

make things much easier at the Salon as well as for Allan, he would not

feel so out of place.

Mary was so insistent that Allan gave in fairly quickly (maybe too

quickly, thought Mary).  The main part of the plan was to practice during

the weekend and by the time monday rolled around, he would be much

more comfortable with his new role and appearance.

As soon as things were agreed, Mary took Allan to the bathroom and

asked him to take all his clothes off.  When Allan did so, she told him

to stand in the bathtub while she spread this foul smelling foam "all over"

Allan's body.   Then she told him to stand for approximately 25 minutes,

all the while talking and explaining to him some of the parts of the plan.

The plan called for total immersion, in order to avoid any complications,

Allan would have to switch his life completely starting at this time.  Mary

stepped out of the bathroom for a little while and when she came back,

she told Allan that she had gathered all "his" clothes and packed them

away as they would not be needed for quite some time.  Allan could not

do anything, as he had been told not to move.

Mary also decided that since Allan was a man's name and he was not to

give the impression that he was a man at all, he would have to go by a

new name for the time being.  She chose Alice, and as she started rinsing,

Alice was born, and Allan departed.

Alice looked down as soon as the water turned clear and could not

believe how ALL the hair had disappeared, even the hair "down there", 

Mary told her that this would help in the transition, not only in public,

but also in the preparations for the change itself.

Mary told Alice to finish the shower and to use a special type of body

lotion after rinsing from the shower.  When Alice started drying herself

with the towel, her skin felt like it was on fire, the sensations were

incredibly strong, although not unpleasant.

When she got to the bedroom, Mary was waiting for her, and asked her

to lie down on the bed, which, Alice noted had been covered with a

plastic sheet.

Mary had Alice close her eyes and she put a wet cloth over her eyes with

some very nice smelling lotion, and then put a rubber band over her head

to hold the wet cloth in place.

Mary then told Alice that since she would not be able to move for the

next two hours, and she should not even attempt it, she was going to tie

her hands and feet down to avoid any accidents, but that if she felt the

need to move or needed something to let her know.  Then she proceeded

to tie Alice's hands and feet to the bed frame.

Alice started feeling somewhat apprehensive and told Mary so, but Mary

reassured her that she loved her and that she would not do anything to

hurt her.

The next thing Alice felt was some very cold lotion being applied to her

genital area, and at the same time a tingling sensation and then nothing. 

Even when Mary told her she was touching her, she could not feel

anything at all.  She, however, knew that Mary was working down there,

because she could hear the sound of her voice and could follow it to that

general area.

After a little while, Mary said, "well, that part is done, now we have to

wait for it to set completely.  Meanwhile, we will move to this other

area".  With that, Alice felt the same cold and then tingling feeling

around her breasts, and then, nothing.

After this was done, Mary told Alice to try to sleep for a little while, as

time would move much faster that way.  And she said that to help her

sleep better, she would give her a very mild sedative in a shot.  Alice felt

the shot in her thigh and then nothing.



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