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Archive-name: Changes/ronnie.txt

Archive-author: Ronnie

Archive-title: Adventures of Ronnie Hammer, The

       When i was 17, fresh out of high school, with the whole summer 

ahead of me before classes started at college, i really didn't know 

where to go; my parents were traveling west for 2 months, and it 

seemed weird around my house.  You see, my two older sisters were 

married off within a year of each other, and that left me, the 

"baby", all alone for practically the entire summer.  Well, i decided 

to enter school early to get a head start on some credit hours.  Most 

people weren't at school over the summer, so i was offered a double 

dorm room for myself at the single rate, and immediately accepted, 

knowing full well that my collection of girl's & women's clothing 

that i'd been so discrete with at home would be free to enjoy in my 

own private room, and would thus grow in size, as i acquired new 


        i had been dressing in one capacity or another since 5th 

grade; i was caught on occasion with my mother's or my sisters 

panties hidden in my drawers (*wink*).  Mom wanted to send me to see 

a psychiatrist to straighten out my "problem", but i had her 

convinced that i no longer dressed by the time i was 16.  Little did 

my family know that i had amassed a small collection of panties & 

slips in the crawl space under our house, items which belonged to my 

mother and my sisters which i cherished dearly.

        As i unpacked the suitcases in my new found privacy, i 

carefully folded each pair of panties and placed them neatly in the 

top drawer of my dresser.  my collection contained nearly a dozen 

pairs, all belonging to family members.  Also in my collection was a 

sweater and a very short skirt which belonged to Cindy.  Cindy was 

captain of the cheerleading squad at my high school, and a year older 

than myself.  Folding up the short red wool skirt with black & white 

pleats (my school colors) the warmth in my groin grew as i thought of 

the days in high school as a junior, playing trombone in the marching 

band.  i looked forward to each Saturday in the fall as the band 

would march from the gymnasium to the stadium, preceded by the 

cheerleaders.  As a trombonist, i was in the first row, right behind 

Cindy.  i could barely play the notes as i was constantly thinking of 

how i could achieve a better look of Cindy's fleshy, round, but firm 

thighs under that skirt.  Just as much, i had to have that skirt.  i 

had vivid fantasies of being part of Cindy's squad, as a "cheerleader 

in training". Cindy was semi-buxom, with a large round bottom that 

flared from her waist like a lovely black widow's abdomen, and nicely 

shaped breasts which stood up like two lovely friends standing at 

attention and pressing tightly in her cheerleading sweater.  Along 

with her vivacious, flirty personality, Cindy was easy to imagine as 

a dominant figure in my fantasies, teaching me the fine art of 

femininity, even though she was but 5 foot 4. Cindy's best friend was 

named Buffy.  Buffy was on the squad, too, but no one knew how she 

got there: Buffy, too, was about 5' 4'', but she had to weigh about 

170 lbs, whereas Cindy was about a pleasantly buxom 140.   Everyone 

made fun of Buffy, and rumors flew about Buffy having to literally 

kiss Cindy's ass to get on the squad.  You know how those rumors 


    Anyway, i knew Cindy was graduating my senior year and going to 

college, and i  had to have something to remember her by -- i HAD to 

have that cheerleading outfit!

        i carefully swiped the darling sweater and wool skirt after a 

pep rally one evening in the band's storage room with no one looking. 

 A scandal ensued about the missing outfit, but it was soon replaced 

with a brand new one. 

       Cindy was very angry - i remember her anger, and i felt sorry for 

her.  i wanted to tell Her that i just wanted to wear it once and then 

return it, but of course that was not possible; it was now my outfit.  i 

realized through her anger also, that she is a very dominant girl who 

gets VERY upset when things aren't going her way.

        Anyway, this became my favorite item of clothing, and i wore it 

whenever i had a chance, even staying home "sick" from school during my 

senior year to have a dressing fest, complete with rented videotapes of 

she-males being dominated by mistresses.  i would get up on my bed in

my mothers pink satin briefs and Cindy's outfit and jump off in front of 

the mirror, just to see my skirt blow up, revealing the feminizing 

panties covering my naughty male anatomy.  i would even practice cheers 

in front of the mirror, wishing someone was around to coach me...

Even though i am 5'11'', and 180 lbs, the outfit seemed to fit just fine 

when i had occasion to try it on.

        "Those days are over," i thought to myself as i neatly tucked 

the cheerleading outfit away.  No longer would i have to hide my 

clothing and play sick from school to enjoy my femininity.  I felt free. 

Only one pair of mens underwear accompanied me to college (to wear on 

trips home, where i had other mens underwear).  The rest of my 

undergarments were from my collection, and i left that one mens pair

in a suitcase in the dorm's locked storage room which i could only 

access on Mondays.  Today was Tuesday.  i quivered as i chose my 

favorite pair of pink satin briefs with white lace trim around the legs, 

to wear under my jeans, then proceeded to head for dinner downstairs in 

the dorm cafeteria.  It was a hot June day, and moving into my new room 

had worn me out.  i was about to experience my first taste of dorm food 

... baked scrod or chipped beef ... your choice... i chose the fish and 

shimmied into my chair at the cafeteria table, feeling the friction of 

the pink satin against my pantied ass.  

        By incredible coincidence, Cindy walked in.  i hadn't seen her

in over a year, and i didn't even know we were going to the same 

college!   Would she even remember me?  We sat near each other in 

orchestra (she's a trumpeter), and were at the same parties, but only 

knew each other colloquially.  i couldn't help from staring.  Her skin 

was the same beautiful smooth peachy color.  Her long, flowing, brown 

hair was now in the softest of curls with a pink satin bow which matched 

her pink sweatshirt and pink sweatpants.  Her brown eyes had just enough 

mascara, eye liner, and shadow to give her a somewhat girlish, but 

somewhat flirtatious look.  i wanted to stop staring, but i couldn't. 

Those hips flared from her waist and filled the back of her sweatpants 

so beautifully...  

        i was alone at my table, as school didn't start for another 

week, and besides, most people weren't at college over the summer.  Then 

She came out from the serving line behind me and tapped me on the 

shoulder from  behind.  

        "Aren't you ronnie hammer, from the band?"

        i jumped around, as i was so engrossed in fantasy, that i didn't 

realize She was coming up behind me.  "Yes," i stammered, and asked if 

She'd like to sit with me.

       "Well, I always sit with Buffy, but you can join us if you'd 


        There was Buffy, across the room.  i didn't notice her when i 

came in.  She had chosen both fish AND chipped beef.  She redefined the 

freshman 5 into the freshman 15 ... she had been a growing Girl.  i sat 

next to her anyway, so i could sit across from Cindy's brown eyes and 

her two pert friends...

      As the conversation went on, i learned that the Girls did not 

live in my dorm, but in an apartment across the street.  They both had 

dinner contracts at my dorm because they didn't enjoy cooking, even 

though they had a kitchenette.  They joked about hiring a maid for the 

summer to cook for them and clean up after their parties.  Boy, were 

they playing mind games on me without even realizing it!  i would die 

to be Cindy's housemaid, cooking her meals, washing her delicate 


        i think Buffy might have been paying extra for Her meal 

contract; Her thighs were quite muscular, though, i noticed.  She was 

not flabby, but firm, as i saw looking down next to me at Her thighs 

below Her white pleated circle/mini skirt.  Her hair was blond, and 

Her eyes were the lightest of blues.  The white t-shirt She wore clung 

tightly against Her large, breasts, and the outline of lace on a pink 

bra could be made out at such close range.  Buffy looked very feminine 

in a funny sort of way, with a liberal application of blusher and 


       The conversation had ceased momentarily, so without even 

thinking, i said, "You look very nice today, Buffy."  And She did, 

too.  There was something very attractive about Her.  Buffy stopped 

eating long enough to thank me for being kind, and She said, "Well, 

BOTH of you look great today."  "I did Cindy's hair today, ronnie, 

what do you think of it?"

        "You have gorgeous hair Cindy, and You did a great job, 

Buffy!" i said, and noticed Buffy winking Cindy's way out of the 

corner of my eye. i couldn't believe the girl whose skirt i was 

wearing only days ago was sitting across the table from me.

       Dinner ended all too soon, and Cindy and Buffy got up.  i 

followed suit, and bumped Buffy's tray, sending a fork careening 

across the floor.  Buffy chased it, and as she did in her floppy 

miniskirt, bent over, i could make out the outline of some pretty pink 

panties ... probably to match her bra ... What if She saw my panties? 

... What would She think?.... i wondered...

        "ronnie, would you be a dear, and help us carry some things 

back to our apartment?" Cindy coyly asked, and of course i agreed.  

Buffy had a big brown box next to Her, addressed to Her, and i figured 

that was what i was going to carry.  After our trays were deposited, 

Buffy picked up

the box.  i said i should be carrying that, but She said it was 

something important and She'd rather be carrying it.  i soon realized, 

walking with the two Girls, that we were headed for the dorm's laundry 

room, where Cindy & Buffy were doing their weekly laundry.

       "I had to pick up this box at the post office.  Could you carry 

my laundry up to our place for me?" Buffy asked.  i said i would and 

watched the two Girls load Their baskets from the dryers.  i've always 

wanted to candidly view Cindy's clothing collection, and here i was: 

watching Her gingerly remove Her delicate clothing from the dorm 

dryer. Cindy pulled out a pair of black satin bikinis out, held them 

out and giggled, "do you remember THESE, Buffy?"  They both looked at 

me and turned away, giggling.  After They filled their baskets, Buffy 

handed me hers, which included some of the most exquisite lingerie 

i've ever laid eyes upon, let alone my hands.  The clothing had the 

lightest scent of perfumed fabric softener, wafting through my 

sinuses, and causing my once flaccid cock to harden within its satin 

confines.  The sight of Buffy's garter belt in the basket made the 

butterflies in my stomach flutter, and seeing her brightest yellow 

panties laying on top made my vision blur. Buffy asked, "Wait!  

Where's our outfits?"  Cindy reached in the dryer, placed two 

cheerleader's outfits, just like mine, into the basket i was holding

and said, "We still practice our cheers, now and then, ronnie."  And then 

She winked at me.  Cindy winked at me!!!  i dropped the basket, and Buffy's 

yellow panties dropped to the floor.  They giggled as i delicately replaced 

them upon the pile and picked up the basket.  Going up the stairs to the 

main entrance of the dorm, i followed the Girls, seeing those lovely pink 

panties peeking from under Buffy's mini, lovingly embracing Her large, but 

rounded ass cheeks, as if pulling them out toward me.  i also noticed the 

darkness of some deep colored panties under Cindy's pink sweats.  This, in 

addition to my cock rubbing against my own satin briefs with each step of 

the stairs, made me stop a moment.  "Too heavy

for you?" Cindy beckoned.  It was too much to handle, in any event.

       We finally arrived at Their apartment, which was very homey, but not 

too tidy.  Buffy went into the kitchen to find a few cold ones for the 

three of us.  Then i realized i had to pee.  i quietly asked Cindy where 

the little boy's room was, and She replied, "All We have here is a little 

girls room, but We'll let you use it anyway.  Around the corner on the 

right."  Well around the corner on the right was the pink bathroom, but i 

couldn't help noticing around the corner on the left was the lone bedroom 

in the place -- with one large canopy bed with 4 huge posts rising up to 

the ceiling, and pink and white trim around the bottom.  i relieved myself 

in the pretty pink bathroom, and noticed the array of beautiful panties 

hanging upon the curtain rod, both in Cindy's and Buffy's sizes.  i

pulled my own panties back up, but not my pants, and pulled down a smooth 

white pair of briefs which were Cindy's and a large red pair of bikinis 

which belonged to Buffy.  i placed the crotch of Buffy's to my nose and 

smelled the sweetness of Her young Womanhood.  Cindy's were just as sweet. 

My cock grew larger, and i lightly touched it. it grew some more.

      i tucked these two pairs into my own panties, pulled up my pants and 

opened the door to see Cindy crouched in front of the door, picking up a 

pen. "Dropped a pen...," Cindy muttered and stood up.  i noticed the door 

had a wide keyhole -- wide enough to see everything that just happened, IF 

She was watching.

      Was She watching?  i couldn't tell at first.  Buffy brought out 3 

cold beers and we all sucked them down furiously.  it must have been 95 

outside, and the humidity was unbearable.  The Girls went back to get

a second round for us and returned giggling.  Buffy proudly declared that 

She MUST make a trip to the little GIRL's room, with emphasis on GIRLS!

i was reasonably sure i was in trouble, so i told Cindy it was about time i 

left.  Before i reached the door, Buffy came running in screaming, "Who's 

got My FAVORITE pair of red panties?!"  They both turned toward me and

i blushed my little heart out.  i was caught red handed (or red pantied,

so to speak), and i just stood there, quivering and red.

        "Give them to me, ronnie!" Buffy cried like a little girl.  i

shook violently as i removed them from my jeans and placed them delicately 

in Her hands.

        "Isn't there another pair down there, ronnie, dear?" Cindy slyly 

slurred.  "i've been totally humiliated," i stammered as i handed Cindy's 

white satin briefs with pink floral appliques at the legs back to Her.

My little undeserving dick grew as they continued to glare at me.  "I think 

We have a little panty thief here, Buffy," Cindy proclaimed proudly.  "I 

know you have one last pair down there.  Buffy and I want to see them!"

        They folded Their arms across their chests as i lowered my jeans in 

front of Them.  "My, my, sissy, where did you ever come across these lovely 

sissy pink panties?" Cindy asked.

      i told them they were my mother's.  "Does she dress you like that, or 

do you do that all on your sissy own?" Buffy giggled.

        "my mother doesn't know i wear her panties..."

       My cock was rock hard and straining against the pink fabric.

"Only little girls wear sissy pink panties like those!  Do you want 

to be a little girl like Buffy?  Show ronnie, Buffy."  With that, 

Buffy giggled, turned around and flipped up Her skirt, but for a 

moment, showing us all Her huge, but somehow attractive ass covered 

in pink.

        "No, i want to be a guy..."

        Cindy stated, "you're not doing a very good job at it in 

those panties!  I bet you'd make a sweet little girl.  Buffy's been 

MY little girl for a few years now, and I think She'd like a 

playmate.  Would You like to have ronnie for a playmate, Buffy, 


        Buffy nodded, and i started to quiver, standing with my jeans 

around my ankles and pink panties encasing my naughty dick.

        "Buffy, please bring something more appropriate for ronnie."

        Buffy scampered away, the floorboards creaking, and quickly 

returned with a pair of oversized pink rhumba panties with strips of 

white lace sewn across the back.  Buffy then, ever so gently, removed 

my mothers pink panties from me and replaced them with the rhumba 

panties, and lovingly kissed my posterior, once.  i didn't put up a 

fight.  They knew i was enjoying this, and Buffy took my mother's 

panties back to the bedroom.

        "she's so cute, Buffy.  We'll have to dress her in some more 

of Your clothes soon ... the special clothes..." Cindy continued, 

"I'll bet she was responsible for My cheerleading outfit disappearing 

two years ago..."

       Guilt was written all over my face in the form of a blush.  i 

stood there in my mother's panties, in front of Buffy&Cindy, 

quivering more than ever.  my silence was my guilty plea.

        "Do you still have it?"

         i nodded, tears streaming down my cheeks.

        "Good.  I want you back here tomorrow at 5 PM, sharp, wearing 

the outfit you stole!  That cost Me forty dollars to replace!!!  The 

least I could get is to see you in it!  Now put your little clit back 

in your pants and go home, sissy girl.  Be here if you don't want 

your mom to get her panties back in the mail from Us ... We have the 


        That they did, i realized, as i pulled my jeans back over my

sissy rhumba panties and cowered out the door.

        As i walked down the stairs from Cindy's apartment,  She 

said, "Make sure you get registered for classes tomorrow, and be 

ready for a lengthy stay!"

       Registration was tomorrow, and i had no commitments other than 

that until next Monday when  classes started ... and today was 

Tuesday!!!  The last thing i could hear from Them was a chorus of 

giggling which seemed to reverberate all the way back to my dorm room.

       Back in my room, i tried to gather my senses; i couldn't.   i 

realized i had no options.  Cindy & Buffy had my mothers panties, and 

were prepared to incriminate me, unless i was at Their apartment, in 

a cheerleaders outfit, in the MIDDLE OF THE AFTERNOON!!!  What if i 

came there in my jeans?  i couldn't; They had me against the wall, 

and They knew it.

        i opened my panty drawer in my new room and looked at the 

things which got me in so much trouble: my sister's & mother's 

panties lying there in such an array of rainbow colors and coated 

with perfume, lace and ribbon.  But then i saw the cheerleading 

outfit.  i remembered

Cindy, Her lovely body, Her dominant personality, Her grin and giggle 

as i stood before Her in Buffy's sissy pink rhumba panties...

        Oh, how i loved Cindy.  i remembered the moment i stole Her 

outfit, how i longed to see myself in those dear garments.  It was 

all happening to me, my fantasies coming real, but i was scared.  i 

cried myself to sleep, and the mixed emotions of fear and 

anticipation for

the next day stirred the essence of my dreams.

        i woke in simple white satin briefs.  i was so scared and 

thoroughly embarrassed in front of the Girls that i wanted to sleep 

in men's undies again, but i had none, and it was too late last night 

to go shopping.  i thought the simple panties would help me feel less 

excited as i slept, but the feel of satin against the "clit" which 

Cindy & Buffy taunted yesterday was the victor, and i soon realized i 

had a wet dream in my white panties, leaving a yellowish stain 

running down the smooth, silky fabric.  Droplets of cum clung to my 

leg, and i sat and cried again.  Registration started at 10 AM and it 

was 9:30.  No time to buy any mens underwear... i had to be on 

time...  i wiped my tears, showered quickly, put on Buffy's rhumba 

panties again (did She want them back?  i didn't want to do anything 

wrong ... They were in control...) and dressed.

      Registration, involving running back & forth to & from all the 

departments i had classes with, took me all day.  It was 4 PM and i 

had to be dressed and ready for the Girls at 5.  i stood in my last 

line at the administration building, and i heard a voice whisper, 

"Hurry, sissy..." By the time i realized what happened, i saw Cindy 

walking away, Buffy scampering behind.  i never saw Cindy's radiant 

face, but Buffy turned Her head, gave me the sliest grin, and smacked 

Her lips my way.

        All i could see was Cindy from the back, in a rainbow striped 

fluttery blouse, a black floppy mini which accentuated Her hips, and 

the seams up the backs of Her panty hose (or were they stockings ... 

oh, i wanted a peek...).  Buffy's  long blond hair billowed over Her 

wide shoulders encased in Pink.  She was all Pink.  Pink blouse, Pink 

Reeboks, and sheer Pink knee hi's under the tightest of Pink spandex 

pants which shimmered in the bright light.  Her buxom ass was 

separated into two beautiful halves by the tight crotch...

       i got back to my room at 4:50, threw on Cindy's cheerleader 

outfit over Buffy's pink rhumba panties, and looked at myself in the 

floor length mirror on the back of my door.  i looked silly, and i 

cried because this outfit, which once was my source of pleasure, was 

now my downfall.  i looked like a big sissy.

        Oh, my God!  2 minutes to go, and HOW am i going to get 

across street to Cindy's?!  i did the only thing i could;  i threw on 

my winter parka which barely covered the bottom of my skirt and 

hastened for the exit.  i ran half way across the street and realized 

that running made my skirt clearly visible.  i saw two other girls 

walking down the street, giggling.  Did they see me?  i saw nothing 

through Cindy's window.  The shades were pulled.  i walked the rest 

of the way across and got inside the apartment, in my parka.  It was 

95.  The heat wave hadn't let up.

      i walked up the stairs to the 2nd floor where Cindy was.  i got to 

the top and saw two little Catholic school girls about 12 or 13 go into

the apartment across the hall.  They were behind me on the stairs!!!  They 

looked at me and giggled loudly as they went in their room.  Were they 

laughing at my parka in this weather?  i doubt it.  If they looked up, they 

would surely have seen the white lace on my pink rhumba panties under my 

parka and skirt.  i knocked and blushed beet red.

        There They were.  Buffy & Cindy stood before me at the door, in 

cheerleading outfits which matched the one i'd concealed.

        "Get in here, sissy girl!", Cindy demanded, "and take that parka 

off!  You are 3 minutes late for cheerleader practice!" "Take ronnie's 

coat, Buffy, and bring her some new shoes!"

        Buffy was gone several minutes.  Cindy slowly sauntered around

my sissy self.  When She reached my posterior, She put an arm around

my waist and pushed my torso forward.  i bent.  She laughed girlishly when 

She saw Buffy's panties on my ass, and then straightened me up.

        She squeezed my cheeks and said, "you make a VERY cute sissy 

cheerleader, and if you are a good girl, I'll let you join My squad. 

Wouldn't you like that, my sissy ronnie girl?"

        "Y-Y-Y-es...", i muttered through a wall of embarrassment.

        "Good ... Oh, Buffy, those are divine!!!  ronnie needs a fitting 

right away!!!"

       Buffy held out a pair of white and black saddle shoes, and a pair of 

white ankle socks with the most delicate lace at the top.

        "Sit, sissy!!!", Cindy commanded.  i did so, and Buffy removed my 

old sneakers, and gently completed my footwear.  i remembered that the 

Catholic schoolgirls i'd seen moments ago were wearing the same, and my 

sissy clit grew, as Buffy looked up my short, pleated skirt.  The shoes fit 

fine, but just tight enough to feel confined.

        Cheerleader practice began with kicks and yells.  i was to face 

both Girls as i yelled for them, "my name's sissy ronnie -- one, two, three 

-- i wear sissy panties -- look at me!" and with "me", i was to turn 

around, bend over, and properly expose my lacy rhumba panties to the 

giggling girls.  i did this several times until the Buffy insisted that She 

wanted to see me play with my sissy clit, which was now rock hard in my 

panties.  i pulled it through the leg band of the pink satin confines and 

began to stroke.  

        "Cheer, sissy!  Like We taught you!!!" yelled Buffy, and i sang my 

cheer louder and louder in a sissy sing-song voice for them until i soiled 

Buffy's panties in the most wonderful orgasm i ever experienced. i laid 

there for awhile, and then heard a click


        Buffy ran back to the bedroom with a videotape of my entire 

cheerleading performance.  i ran after Her, tripped on the laces of

my saddle shoes, and fell flat on my sissy face, crying.

       "What's the matter, sissy girl?" Cindy taunted, "Wasn't that fun?  

We're going to have Sooooo much more fun, too!"  She looked slier than 

ever.  Buffy came back with a wide smile on Her pudgy face. "The tape, and 

your parka too, are safely locked away in Cindy's trunk,

sissy ronnie.   I think you'll be staying with Us for a while, because only 

Cindy has the combination, and you have to earn it from Her!!!"

       i looked at Cindy's beautiful face. "That's right, little girl," 

Cindy teased.

        "i'm so embarrassed, i could cry!" i whimpered.

        "Not as embarrassed as when you see your wardrobe for the week, 

sissy ronnie," Cindy said.  She was enjoying my new name.  "Buffy, show 

ronnie her new things..."

        Buffy waited until i tied my saddle shoes up again, and lead me 

by the hand into the bedroom.  There were two closets.  One for Cindy, 

filled with black, red, and deep purple skirts and blouses (no pants). 

Buffy's was filled with oversized pink, white, yellow, and baby blue 

party dresses, with puffy sleeves, tight bodices, and flaring skirts. 

Also in there were numerous petticoats, of heavily layered satin and 

crinoline, and a huge hoop dress with a plunging neckline, like Scarlet 

O'Hara would wear, only puffier!  Buffy pointed at Her closet, "we share 

this one, ronnie."

        i noticed the antique dresser, in white, with added padlocks on 

all the shelves but the top.  Buffy opened the top drawer,"we share 

these, too."  And inside were the loveliest pink, white, and bright 

yellow panties, just like i was wearing, plus training bras,tights, and 

darling ankle socks.  my mouth gaped open with pleasure and fear.  i 

felt so sissified, that i quivered in my ankle socks.  The box that 

Buffy was carrying the day before was on top of the dresser.  i  

wondered what could be so special...

        "Mistress Cindy likes you, sissy ronnie.  you should be 

thankful," Buffy whispered into my ear.  Cindy stepped into the room.

        "Behave yourselves, girls, We have a long week ahead of us, and 

it's just begun!"  There we all were, three girls after our cheerleading 

practice.  Cindy had me sit between Buffy and Herself as She sweetly 

explained the terms of this week.  i was to be trained as a Girl, how to 

dress like a Girl, talk like a Girl, walk like a Girl, eat like a Girl 

... not a Woman..., a Girl.  i had little choice in the matter, as  They 

possessed a video tape of my performance as a cheerleader, and were 

happy to distribute copies to whomever They saw fit, including my 

mother, who was to receive a copy, wrapped in the pink panties of hers i 

had worn the day before, if i was not a satisfactory Girl.  There was 

not even an acceptable scrap of clothing or towel to make a mad dash 

home in; that was all safely locked away.  Of course, that mad dash 

would certainly lead to wide distribution of the tape, as well.  i felt 

like a naughty sissy in my soiled, pink rhumba panties, and incredibly 

helpless with no way out, other than pleasing BOTH Cindy and Buffy, 

physically, mentally, emotionally, and of course ... sexually (but that 

was still a way off).  Yet somehow i felt very secure and loved as a 

cheerleader, between these two cheerleaders.  We sat there for some 

time, Their arms around myself and Each Other.  i nuzzled Cindy's 

delicate Breast with my nose. "Welcome to The Squad, sissy ronnie," said 


        Buffy hugged me, Her Breasts lovingly caressing my sissyness

with warmth.  i belonged.

      We three Girls held each other for about a half hour, my sissy

cum drying a stain into my pink rhumba panties and forming a thin crust 

upon my leg.  i felt so warm and loved, yet knowing that Cindy was 

completely in charge of my training.  There were no two ways about it:

    i was to be Cindy's little girl until Sunday.  Little did i know 

that this would become such an important part of my life.

        Cindy's lavish pink bathroom contained a large, heart-shaped 

bathtub.  Cindy requested that Buffy, my new Sister, and i were to take 

a refreshing, perfumed bubble bath together.  Cindy, though 8 inches 

shorter than myself, was in control, and She knew it.  

        Buffy put Her finger to her lips once we were in the bathroom.  

"Shhhh, sissy ronnie, don't say a word," cooed Buffy, and she lowered my 

skirt, noticing the cum stains on her rhumba panties.  "We'll have to 

get you a fresh change of panties dear, but Cindy might have to punish 

you for being such a naughty girl and soiling your pretty pink 


        She eventually had me stark naked.  i quivered, and Buffy said, 

"Be a dear and draw our bath, sissy."

        i filled the tub with warm, bubbly water, scented with delicate 

lavender and lilac and proceeded to help my plump Sister out of Her 

cheerleaders outfit.  She had on panties just like mine!  i wanted to 

kiss Her lace-covered Ass, but She motioned no, and i heeded Her. She 

was so beautiful.  Her body was large and round, but not a sign of 

flabby skin or "thunder thighs" could be found.  Her body was like a 

dreamy Cloud which i wished to ride.  But 5 foot 4, She was Love itself. 

 i loved my Sister.  i wanted to be like Her, to be so gentle, to love 

Cindy as She must...  When i saw She had but the shortest sprouts of 

baby-fine blond hair near Her Vagina, like a darling little girl,

       She smiled at me, softly.  Without a word, we stepped into the 

tub hand in hand as Sisters.

        We each had a big, pink, heart-shaped sponge.  Bathing each 

other was a delight in itself.  Never had i really been able to enjoy a 

naked girl before then; clothing always had to be involved to gain a 

great deal of arousal, but this was different.  Buffy KNEW i was Cindy's 

sissy girl, and She treated me as such.  We sponged each other, 

everywhere, but in a non-sexual way.  Of course, my penis rose when She 

washed the naughty cum from my thighs and crotch, but Buffy just smiled 

and continued... "you'll learn, soon, dear," Buffy whispered.  i did, 

and i lovingly caressed Her thighs with the sponge, washed between Her 

toes, and made sure those soft, blond hairs (the only hair on Her aside 

from Her head) were clean.  i knew there was a great deal of training to 

endure; to attempt to approach Her in a lustful way now would have been 

"improper", and Buffy made this clear to me in a loving, Sisterly way.  

She cradled me in Her Bosom for 20 minutes..."i love You..." i 

whispered, and She held me tighter.

        Buffy & i finally got out of the tub, "smelling as proper girls 

should," She said.  i was to be properly sissified next, and Buffy led 

me by the hand into the bedroom where Cindy was waiting, in White.  

White waist cincher.  White push-up bra.  White garter straps delicately 

descending from Her waist cincher over her wide, flaring hips and 

attached to White seamed stockings.  White pumps.  White lace fingerless 

gloves. Her face was redone, Her mascara perfectly accentuating Her 

eyelashes and deep brown eye shadow to let both us girls know that She 

meant business.

        Oh, and Cindy's Panties ... i had tried to lift them the day 

before, and there they were, encasing Her broad, flaring Hips ... they 

weren't bikinis ... these briefs, with the delicate rosebuds above Her 

Thighs were gorgeous.  The thigh was cut high on these, but i still saw 

no tan line. Cindy straightened out Her Panties as She stood and the 

garter straps gently ran over the smooth satin of Them as She did so.

        "You look delightful, Buffy," and Cindy squeezed Her into Her 

Own Bosom, "but you, sissy ronnie, you smell sweet, but look SO un-sissy 

like!"  my clit was standing straight out as i stood naked, trembling 

from the air around me after my bubble bath.  "We'll have to transform 

you into a proper playmate for Buffy ..." She added.  Buffy handed Cindy 

my soiled rhumba panties and proceeded to dress Herself in a White Baby 

Doll, with puffy sleeves, and a skirt which, with its numerous frilly 

underskirts, stood out from Her wide Hips,  barely revealing the white 

satin panties which cupped Her big, beautiful Ass cheeks from below.  

Cindy looked very stern as She ran Her Fingers across the satin, feeling 

my naughty cum stain  Cindy glared at me, grabbed my clit (for the first 

time ever) and twisted as she warned me never to soil my panties again.  i 

apologized to Cindy, but She remained upset.  "you need much training, 

sissy..." She sighed, as She shook Her Head at my naughty clit.

       We three Girls stepped into the pink bathroom, and Cindy motioned 

for me to sit on the toilet seat as Buffy pulled numerous items from the 

white cabinets:  Nair, Bikini Bare, a Straight Razor, Eau Fresh Perfume, a 

makeup kit, and other various instruments of Feminization.  i objected 

fiercely, but to no avail, for "Cindy's videotape of little sissy girl 

ronnie hammer, soiling her rhumba panties at cheerleader practice was 

obviously far too incriminating,"  Buffy giggled. Buffy proceeded to cover 

my legs liberally with Nair,  but didn't stop there.  my chest and arms 

were next.  my legs were to be raised as the Nair was applied to the backs 

of my thighs.  Buffy helped me hold my legs up for what seemed the longest 

time.  i felt so strange and helpless as i felt the foam dissolving my 

manly hair, tingling as it worked.

        "Into the shower, sissy!" Cindy commanded and Buffy pushed my 

foam-laden body into the stall.  Cindy was very impatient, and i had to 

rinse the hair off my naked body quickly.

        As i stepped out, hairless besides my head and pubic area, Buffy 

snickered as She held back what would have been a very loud giggle.  i was 

commanded to lie prone on the floor next. with my arms out on the big pink 

rug on the bathroom floor.  Cindy stood on my hairless arms, Her Heels on 

one side of my arms, Her Toes on the other so that i was trapped by Her as 

She faced my sissy clit.  All i could see was the Crotch of Her Panties as 

She oversaw a process i was unable to see.  i felt my pubic hairs being 

cut, as Buffy worked gingerly around my clitoris.  i strained as much as i 

could, and Cindy shouted, "Careful, sissy!  She's got a straight razor!  

We wouldn't want to see your sissy clit cut off now, or would We?!"  Both

Girls giggled loudly, and i was forced to spread my legs as Buffy 

carefully sliced all my pubic hair to a very short length.  All i could 

see was Cindy's grinning face over Her Breasts as They were supported by 

Her push-up bra, and Her Crotch, as the tiniest bit of wetness showed 

through the beautiful White Satin of Her Panties.  i could tell She 

enjoyed seeing me squirm.  After the close shave, i was made to stand for 

Cindy.  Buffy took what looked like a long steel rod with leather clasps 

on each end and fastened my hairless feet into the clasps.  my legs were 

spread so far apart that i couldn't stand, and had to prop myself up 

against the wall. 

      Cindy held my hands there as Buffy applied Bikini Bare liberally 

over my entire crotch, testicles and all.  It burned fiercely at first, 

but soon became a dull pain, as i was near passing out.  i had no leverage 

against Cindy's grip.  Buffy massaged as the tingling continued.  It 

seemed like ages before Buffy sponged away the remaining hair.  i then 

received what must have been the closest shave on my face i ever incurred, 

at Buffy's knowing Hands.  my legs still spread wide, Cindy tied my wrists 

to a heavy chrome towel rack with pink satin ribbons.

      i then felt a tube inserted into my hairless rectum and a slow but 

sure gushing feeling i could barely recall from my childhood.  The warm 

enema flowed into me, filling my sissy, hairless body.  Cindy held the bag 

up as Buffy parted my long brown hair down the middle.  i felt my hair 

pulled to each side, and tied in ribbons.  my hair was in pigtails!  This, 

along with the warmth filling my behind, made my 7 inch sissy clitoris 

strain for attention.  The Girls said little, but continued giggling, and 

making comments like, "Aw, come on, sissy ronnie, take it like a good 

little girl," or, "Doesn't she look cuter already?" or,"Maybe we should 

stop.  I think she's enjoying it too much."  The harmony of the mild Pain 

and the warm Pleasure caused a chorus of cooing, girlish sounds to emanate 

from my glottal passage.  Buffy stroked my pigtails.

        The bag was empty.  Cindy demanded that i hold the soapy warm 

water, and to help, Buffy inserted a large butt plug in my hairless sissy 

hole.  i felt so full i wanted to burst.  i wanted to burst from excitement 

too, as i was released from the leather clasps and my previously soiled 

rhumba panties were slid over my sore, hairless crotch area.  

        i was then commanded to sit on the toilet seat again, as Buffy 

painted my toenails and fingernails, and then worked on transforming my 

face.  Mascara, Base, Blush, Eye Shadow, Eye Liner, Lipstick, and who knows 

what else were professionally applied by Buffy as i fought off the 

tremendous pressure the warm, filling enema applied upon the butt plug 

which my rectum grabbed onto for dear life, like a thousand  drowning 

people grabbing for a life rope, lest i explode inside my pink rhumba 

panties. my cum from my cheerleading practice expose was drying still, and 

felt cold now against my hairless crotch.  Buffy, in her White, Girlish 

nightdress, sat Herself into my lap, Her legs wrapped around my sissy body 

as She worked.  Her pristine white pantied Ass cheeks spilled over my 

thighs and clitoris, and Her tremendous weight nearly made me lose all my 

water!  To hold it in, i grabbed Buffy, pulling myself into Her Big, 

Billowy Breasts, but She pushed me away and returned to the topic of my 


        Cindy's gentle Hands ran Noxemma along my tender legs, arms,

and chest as Buffy worked.  It stung at first, but soon became cool and 

soothing.  i thanked Cindy.  "you're very welcome, dear sissy ronnie girl," 

She cooed like a Mother cradling Her child.

       When Buffy finished, She stood me up, the water shifting in my body, 

straining against the butt plug hidden under my pink rhumba panties. Cindy 

looked over my body, now transformed into that of a little girl. "Very 

acceptable, Buffy," Cindy stated as She ran Her Hands along

my hairless body.  i shook franticly as i crossed my legs, standing as

i held my enema like a little girl needing to pee.

        "I think your little playmate has to go potty, Buffy," Cindy 

declared, "but we have yet to complete her transformation!"  Buffy quickly 

scampered off and returned with another baby doll like her own, only Pink.  

She lifted my hairless sissy arms and slid the top on.  my rhumba panties 

remained on, holding my butt plug.  i finally saw myself in the mirror.  i 

recognized the girl i saw, but she had no resemblance to ronnie hammer 

yesterday.  i saw the new, "sissy girl, ronnie hammer" in the mirror, and i 

cooed softly.  i was hurt, but happy.  Then Cindy snapped on a tight pair 

of rubber panties over my pink satin rhumba panties and told me to crawl 

over to my crib.  "Only baby girls soil their panties, sissy girl," Buffy 

giggled.  Then Cindy proclaimed, "Get on your knees, sissy ronnie, and 

crawl into the living room!  i have some special training for you tonight.  

Training for little girls who soil their panties!!"

       i didn't know what awaited me, but i did as she commanded.  It was 

too late to fight.  i was to be a sissy baby girl, because Cindy demands it 

be so.

      The living room now had an exercise mat in the middle, surrounded by 

2 foot high expandable wood fencing, like you might keep kids away from the 

stairs with.

        "Get in your crib, ronnie!" Buffy shouted girlishly.  She was 

enjoying my punishment as much as Cindy.  i crawled in,  the satin 

rhumba panties exciting my sissy clit with each step, and the water 

becoming unbearable behind my butt plug. i looked up at Cindy as She 

stepped into my crib in Her White garb, sat on my pink satin-encased 

back, faced my rubber covered hairless rear and spanked me ... HARD!!!

Cindy:  "you naughty girl, sissy ronnie!"



Buffy:  "her name's sissy ronnie -- one, two, three!" (tauntingly)



Cindy:  "Will you promise to become potty trained for us and not soil

        your panties, sissy girl?"


ronnie: "Yes, i promise, Cindy!  Oh, please stop, Cindy.."



Buffy:  "she wears sissy panties -- Hee, Hee, Hee!" (sing-song ...)



ronnie: "Please!  i can't hold it back any longer.."



Cindy:  "I think she's going to cum in her panties again, Buffy!" 



Buffy giggled loudly, and jumped into my crib as well, with a hand 




       i could feel Cindy's warm Wetness soak onto my back, as Buffy 

moved Her chubby Body closer and held the mirror in front of my girlish 



Buffy:  "Doesn't she look cute?  Just like me!!!"


        my hands were tingling and numb from the position i was in , on 

all fours.  Buffy shoved Her chubby Breasts into my face, the white 

satin between Her Sisterly Bosom and my hungry mouth becoming damp from 

my wagging tongue.  She pulled back and held the mirror up again just 

in time for me to see myself and appreciate myself as a fully 

transformed little girl just before the next...




       ... i exploded.  my butt plug slipped, sending a gush of dirty 

enema water which soiled my pink rhumba panties and filled the 

encasing rubber pants.  my eruption of cum as all this occurred was 

more spectacular than my performance during my cheerleader practice 

earlier that day, but all was captured by the rubber panties.  i fell 

forward onto my face and Cindy climbed off my back.  i could still 

feel the coolness of Her Womanhood upon my back.  i laid there for 

about 3 minutes, stroking my naked body, in disbelief of what has 

occurred in the past 48 hours. Stroking my rubber panties, and 

feeling the warmth of all that filled them, i cried.

        Cindy & Buffy stood and both first stared at me in disgust as 

i lay stroking my aching sissy ass and clitoris, the dirty water 

seeping and dripping down my legs.

       Then They both broke out into a loud chorus of laughter:


        "her name's sissy ronnie -- one, two, three"

        "she messed her sissy panties -- Tee, Hee, HEE!!!"


       They jeered at me, doing the same cheer i performed for Them 

earlier that day, taunting me as They jumped, kicking Their pudgy 

Legs and bending over to tease me with Their highly desired Behinds.

       i wept loudly with a cry which seemed to have infantile 

proportions.  Buffy bent over and kissed me good night, gentle 

lipstick remaining on my forehead.  Cindy went away but for a brief 

moment and returned with a pacifier.

        Cindy lovingly took the pacifier and placed the nipple gently 

through the leg band of Her White Satin Panties, into Her Vagina, 

rotating it to coat it with a motherly dose of Womanhood, then 

removed it slowly and stuck it into my sissy, lipstick colored, cry 

baby mouth.

       "Shhh, little ronnie girl.  This is what you want now, isn't 

it?"  i sucked gently, and then more, as i tasted Cindy's Sweetness. 

i rolled over on my back, the dirty water sloshing in my panties.  

They smiled at me.  "I think she will sleep better now, Buffy, dear," 

Cindy announced.  i smiled back at them from in my crib and cooed 



      Buffy stopped the videotape again, my entire spanking 

performance forever saved on tape, and then She giggled as She 

scampered back to the bedroom with the tape to lock it away.  i saw 

her beautiful, plump Sisterly Ass swaying two and fro in Her 

nightdress, but i didn't pursue Her as before; i was much to sore, 

and i was a total mess.  Even my frilly pink nightdress was soiled.  

i sucked harder on the pacifier.

        Cindy inserted another videotape into the machine and started 

it recording at extra-long-play.  The camera lens was securely 

focused on my crib, and its tripod was far out of my reach.

        "Sleep now, little girl, and don't leave your crib until We 

let you out!" Cindy sing-songed to me with one hand on her White 

Waist Cincher. "If you are a GOOD girl, We might let you grow up and 

play with bigger girls, like Buffy.  Now don't get adventurous, or We 

might have to send your mommie her panties back, with TWO cute videos 

of her little girl."

       "Nighty-Night, sweet little girl, ronnie!" Cindy declared, 

then She laughed all the way back to the bedroom.  Buffy clung to 

Cindy's arm.

       i fell asleep to the sounds of giggling and cooing from the 

closed door of Cindy's bedroom and the video recorder, which watched 

my every move.  The pacifier, now a coveted toy, never left my mouth 

all night. i was happy and Loved.

       It was Thursday morning, and i woke before the sun rose.  

Sleeping was difficult, as Cindy required that i wear my soiled 

panties all night. The rubber panties held almost all my mess in, 

which had started to congeal, but the rest of my body was not in the 

best of conditions.  The warm, soapy water dried on my hairless legs 

overnight, leaving ugly brown runs down my hairless legs.  i stroked 

my legs.  Not a sign of hair.  Not even razor stubble.  The Girls 

were very thorough.  Somehow, i gained pleasure from running my hands 

across my hairless, sissified self.  As daylight broke, i picked up 

the mirror Buffy left in my crib.  The makeup on my face was smudged. 

 Mascara ran from my eyes down my painted cheeks, tracing the tears 

of pain, humiliation, and pleasure of the past evening. The video 

recorder continued to whirr as i smiled at myself in my pink

hand mirror.  

        my rhumba panties were now a sloppy, goopy mess inside the 

rubber panties and my hairless ass was becoming very painful from a 

combination of razor burn and diaper rash.  i sat up, the slop 

running to the back of my panties momentarily cooling my rash.  If i 

removed my rubber panties now, before Cindy allowed me, i was certain 

i would be in for more potty training.  i wanted to show Her i could 

be a good little girl.  i sucked quietly on my pacifier, trying to 

forget the pain of my sloppy behind, and thinking of Cindy.  She 

tasted so wonderful, but i had yet to see Her Womanhood.

        About 6:30, Buffy stepped out of the bedroom, obviously 

drained from a fun-filled evening, teasing a sissy girl.  She looked 

at me in my crib, tears still drawing black mascara lines across my 

blushing cheeks, and She sweetly said, "you've been a good little 

girl, sissy ronnie.  I'll clean you up and get you dressed for 

today."  Still in Her white nightdress, She proceeded to start some 

coffee, and then ordered me to crawl back to the bathroom.  As i did, 

the gooey slop sloshed in my panties.  Buffy and i could hear the 

sloshing as i returned to the bathroom, and i saw the instruments 

used the previous night to transform me into my new self.

       Buffy drew me a wonderful, warm, perfumed bubble bath, and 

then removed my soiled panties as i stood over the toilet.  Most of 

the sloppy mess spilled into the bowl, as did the butt plug.  Buffy 

made me reach into the bowl to retrieve it.  "We're not quite through 

with this, sissy girl...," She giggled.

        She then removed my pink nightdress, and placed all my 

nightclothes in a diaper pail in the corner of the bathroom.  She led 

me to the tub and washed me carefully and completely.  Leaning over 

the edge, Buffy, my Big Sister, soaped my entire body with lovely 

perfumed soap, and gently removed all traces of mess from my sissy, 

hairless, little girl body and clit.  i finished bathing myself as 

She picked up the mess in the bathroom and cleaned up & put away my 

messy crib in the living room.  i relaxed in the tub as my Sweet 

Sister finished.  She was so caring...

        After Buffy helped me out of the tub, She applied some lovely

Baby Magic lotion to my scorched ass, Noxemma to my shaven arms, legs 

and chest, and told me to shave as closely as possible.  i was to do 

this twice a day, until Cindy could think of a more permanent way to 

get rid of that hair.  

       As i shaved, my sissy clit fell limp.  i was intensely 

concentrating on shaving closely.  In the meantime, Buffy had stepped 

out.  i was just finishing, and i didn't notice Buffy come up behind 

me.  Before i could put the razor down, She clipped a tight strap 

around my clit and pulled it through my crotch back to my rear.  She 

caressed me and stated, "This is for your own good, ronnie.  Cindy 

wants you this way."  She then applied a heavy dose of lubricant to 

an even larger butt plug than i experienced the night before, and 

told me to relax as She inserted it into my hairless rectum.  i took 

it all, with a childish whimper, and then Buffy pulled back the wide 

pink leather clit strap, ran a pink satin ribbon through a loop at 

the strap's end, ran the ribbon around my sissy waist twice, and tied 

a big bow in the back.  "Only Cindy is allowed to untie you, ronnie 

...," Buffy whispered.  my sissy clit tried to harden, but it 

couldn't.  i could see no sign of it in the mirror.  Only my hairless 

skin running to my sissy crotch in a pretty triangle.  i felt 

womanized, touched myself in front of my crotch, and smiled.  The 

butt plug was so filling and delightful.

      Buffy commanded that i sit upon one of the cushioned stools in 

front of the vanity as She showered and try to make up my own face as 

She had done for me last night.  By the time She stepped out, my face 

was a total mess, and She shook Her Head in disbelief.

        "I will show you one last time how to make yourself pretty, 

sissy, then it is up to you.  you must watch carefully and do as I 

do,"  Buffy lovingly said, and She went to the bedroom for a moment, 

returning naked with 2 pairs of clean oversized rhumba panties with 

matching training bras.

       One set was bright pink; the other, bright yellow.  Buffy 

looked me over and then looked at the sissyfying clothing in Her 

Hands.  "I think yellow will look pretty on you today, sissy girl.  

With that, we dressed each  other in our sissy clothes.  i realized 

my clit strap securely held my butt plug in place as Buffy slid my 

panties on, then gently fastened my training bra.  i dressed Buffy 

slowly and gently, enjoying my sisterly role.  Buffy turned me so i 

could see my profile in the mirror, placed a pair of panties in each 

cup of my bra, and then faced me.  i looked in the mirror and saw 

that my sissy body was now en femme, albeit, quite young looking.  my 

Older Sister's Breasts were much better developed, but my young, 

budding titties were there, and i cupped them in my hands through my 

bright yellow training bra, enjoying my profile and comparing it with 

Buffy's.  Of course, i appeared taller, but certainly much younger.  

i looked and felt like a little girl.  i ran my fingers and their 

bright red painted nails down my sissy, hairless body to my yellow 

rhumba panties.  i ran them down the front of the satin, and felt 

nothing but my hairless crotch skin.  No clit.  In the mirror, i only 

saw a flat silhouette across the front of my panties. Slowly i 

motioned my hands across the back of my rhumba panties, running 

across  the rows of lace to the area where Buffy filled my vagina 

with rubber Joy.  No clit.  my profile from any angle was that of a 

little girl on the budding edges of puberty.  i smiled and Buffy 

returned a bigger smile.

        Buffy and i sat side by side on the cushy stools.  i watched 

intently as She made Her Face.  i tried to mimic Her every move, and 

soon learned the proper way to make my face match my 11 year old 

girl's body. We took over an hour, in our bras and panties, as i 

received a sisterly lesson in cosmetology.  i became fluent quickly, 

and i emerged prettier than ever.  Buffy excused Herself for a 

moment, saying that we were running out of time.  At 8:30, we had an

appointment in the living room, and Cindy wanted to use the shower, She 

said.  Buffy returned with two party dresses, one pink, one yellow.  

Cradled above those in Her Arms were two white girls full slips with 

half a dozen layers of petticoating in the short skirt, two pairs of 

white tights, and two pairs of black patent leather Mary Janes. We 

anxiously dressed each other.  Seeing Buffy's pudgy Body in the short 

pink dress which barely covered Her plump, petticoated Ass was just as 

thrilling as seeing myself in my petticoats in yellow.  Our puffy 

sleeves, tight bodices, and ultra-flared skirts, standing out over 

layers of satin and crinoline were more than enough to make both us 

girls tremble with delight.  we both delivered high pitched giggles as 

we shimmied into our tights.  The tights felt so arousing over my 

feminized legs...  i cooed girlishly.  Then we snapped on our Mary 

Janes ... they  fit perfectly! Buffy and i pranced for each other 

momentarily, and She taught me how to walk properly and sit properly, 

so as not to expose my pretty panties to naughty little boys ... 

somehow i wanted to whole world to see me like this, though.  Buffy 

finished by encasing my head in a beautiful blond wig, with pigtails 

done on each side in yellow ribbon.  The ribbons matched my dress 

perfectly, and the wig made my girlish face look even cuter, younger, 

and more feminine.  i let forth a grin as Buffy held me and whispered 

in a sing-song manner, "Sugar and Spice and All Things Nice.  That's 

what sissy ronnie's made of..."  

        As we girls were stepping out of the bathroom after a proper 

perfuming, Cindy was stepping in, in Her dark blue robe.  She looked 

lovely, even after just waking up, and She kissed both of us on our 

painted, blushing cheeks: "You girls both look very pretty today, 

especially you, ronnie."  She reached under my short billowing skirt to 

feel the smoothness of my crotch. "Very nice, sissy ... I see you have 

your little clitty under control this morning," Cindy taunted and She 

stepped into the bathroom.  

        Buffy and i went into the living room.  The mess was all 

cleaned up, and i thanked Buffy for helping me.  She ran back into the 

bedroom and returned with a small butt plug.

        "ronnie, i almost forgot!  PLEASE be a dear sister and help me 

with this!!!  Cindy will be hopping mad if I'm not properly made for 

Her by eight thirty!!!"

        The plug was already greased.  Buffy got on all fours, Her 

plump, round Tush, covered by the smooth tights and silky pink rhumba 

panties was proudly displayed as Her petticoats threw the ruffled skirt 

of Her party dress over Her Back.  i gently eased down Her tights, 

applied a sisterly kiss to Her Pantied Ass, then pulled down the 

remaining youthful underclothes to Her Knees.  i saw Her lovely Pussy, 

puffy and wet, between those lusciously pudgy Cheeks, and quietly 

licked Her Clitoris once and it rose to attention in Her moist Pussy 

Lips.  She moaned, and whispered, "Hurry, ronnie, make me cum.  Before 

Cindy comes out of the shower..."  i then moved my lipstick encircled 

mouth to Her Anal Passage.  Slowly, my tongue tickled Her Entrance.  

She moaned, "sissy, you make a wonderful playmate..."

       i took the greasy plug and slowly worked its head in and out of 

Her Big Bottom as i payed loving, sissy lip service to Her Puffy Pussy. 

This continued for some time ... i realized my own position on all 

fours, worshiping Buffy's Pussy with my tongue, my own frilly skirt 

flipped up and exposing my panty-laden behind in the direction of the 


      Buffy came and moaned a girlish cry, and i whimpered too, my 

sissy clit attempting to strain against the tight, feminizing clasp to 

no avail...


        Cindy's Big Rubber paddle hit my ass with such force that both us 

little girls fell forward, my nose comfortably resting within Buffy's Anal 

Region and my sissy, painted face smothered by Her Ass.

        We were both in Big Trouble, but especially Buffy, for corrupting 

Her younger sister (that's me... *giggle*).  Cindy said that She should 

have known better.

        It was 8:30, and i finally realized what the "appointment" was as 

Cindy switched on the Cable TV to channel 9 from Secaucus, N.J... Do you 

Girls know what i'm speaking of?  It was time for ROMPER ROOM!!!!  Cindy 

demanded that we sit and pay attention to Miss Molly like good little girls 

while She got dressed.  While Cindy dressed, we watched games like Duck, 

Duck, Goose,  Catch The Dragon's Tail, Picture Games, and others.  we 

responded loudly to Miss Molly on TV, along with the rest of the children. 

Cindy wanted to hear us as She dressed.  Buffy was showing me Her 

adventurous, girlish side as She played peek-a-boo with my skirt, and i had 

no other recourse than to follow suit.  we wound up in a sisterly wrestling 

match which continued as Cindy stepped out, unaware to us. Our skirts were 

flying to and fro as Buffy wanted to play "I see London, I see France ... I 

see sissy ronnie's Underpants!" more than "Red Light, Green Light", which 

the kids were playing on Romper Room.

       We were both scolded and received a minor spanking, compared to last 

evening's.  She inspected our butt plugs, and my sissy clit strap and 

supervised us as we watched the last half of the show.  Buffy and i sat 

cross legged on the floor, with our hands folded in our ruffley laps in 

silence, except when we were to reply with the children when Miss Molly 

spoke.  Then came Jumping Jacks... Buffy and i did jumping jacks with the 

little girls and boys.  All the girls were wearing pretty party dresses 

just like ours, and Cindy jeered that She should send us to the studio in 

New Jersey sometime to meet Miss Molly, Do-Bee, Kimbal, Up-Up, and Granny 

Cat because we fit in so well.  i imagined that Miss Molly would be the 

first to get the video tape that Cindy was making of Buffy and me being 

good little Romper Room girls, if i slipped up....  However, i now WANTED 

to be a good little girl for Cindy.  i was truly enjoying my little sissy, 

femme self and i enjoyed admiring my sissy body in my yellow party dress.

        Then came another game on Romper Room: Bend and Stretch.  Buffy and 

i sang in high pitched, feminine voices:

        Bend and Stretch!  Reach for the Stars...

        There goes Jupiter, Here comes Mars...

        Bend and Stretch!  Reach for the Sky...

        Stand on tippie-toe, Oh, so High....

      Miss Molly played this game twice.  As we sang "Bend", Buffy and i 

were to bend over like all the other children.  And with "Stretch", we were 

to get on our tippie-toes and reach as high as possible.  Just as every 

little girl's panties became exposed for Channel 9 viewers this morning, 

Cindy made certain that Buffy and i were photogenically exposed, with our 

skirts raised, our rhumba panties peeking through our tights. Stretching 

was no better than bending, for our short skirts and petticoats barely 

exposed the bottom of our cute, girlish tushes as we reached high, on the 

tippie-toes of our Mary Janes.

        Miss Molly saw both Buffy and myself in Her Magic Mirror, and we 

hugged each other when we heard our names.  Cindy told us that She called 

the studio yesterday and told them it was our birthdays today.  Cindy stood 

in a white sundress, with sandals and no hosiery.  White lace ribbon tied 

Her Hair up, and It cascaded over Her Shoulders from there.  She looked 

very pretty and i told Her so, in the girlish voice She wanted to hear from 

me.  Cindy went to the kitchenette for some coffee.

       "Would you girls like some birthday cake?" Cindy asked as She bent 

into the refrigerator.  i saw the outline of Black under Her white sundress 

and i gulped...

        Buffy started jumping up and down, nearly throwing a tantrum, like

a little girl, shouting..."Goody, Goody ... it's our Birthday I want some 

cake! I want some cake!!!"  Buffy grabbed me, Her proud, pert, pudgy 

Breasts embracing me as much as Her Big round strong arms, and started 

bouncing around with me.  i knew i was to act similarly.  i got excited!!!  

we were going to get some birthday cake!!!  we each were served a small 

piece on tiny plates with dainty forks.  Buffy stuffed Her Face, frosting 

oozing down Her over blushed cheeks.  i did the same.  The goopy frosting 

on my face felt fun, like something i've missed since i was 10.

        Over the course of the day, Buffy and Cindy, who i learned was my 

foster mommie, taught me all about being a subservient, obedient little 

girl.  i was trained to bring Cindy whatever She wished, including my 

tongue, if that was what She wanted.  Buffy showed me how to properly 

worship Cindy's loving Pussy, its red, puffy lips and clitoris being so 

delicate, and Her tight Asshole, which needed just as much attention.

        i was never to touch Her Pussy with my undeserving hands.  my 

unworthy tongue was required to lash its way around Cindy's Black Satin 

Bikinis this afternoon as Buffy looked on, lightly spanking my ass under my 

petticoats with the rubber paddle as i did so.  my sissy, superfluous, 

undesirable testicles ached with each smack.  i was happy to love Her Pussy.

       i made Her Cum.  i quietly slurped up the Sweet Pussy Juices and 

then removed Her Soiled Panties with my mouth.  Buffy continued spanking.  

Once off, i replaced Her Panties with clean ones of Cindy's choosing:  

Bright Red Hip Huggers  They shone through Her Sundress like a bright Fire 

Truck.  i smiled, and She did too.  i was a satisfactory sissy girl.

       Then She told me that if i was a good little girl, someday She might 

undo my pink satin ribbon and let me soil my rhumba panties again ... but

that i would receive due punishment ... not today though ... this was Buffy 

and my birthday.  If i had to go potty, i would have to ask Cindy to untie 

my ribbon for me.  Then i would have to remove my plug, go quickly under 

Cindy's supervision, then reinsert my plug.  Cindy would then re-fasten my 

clit strap and  tie my pretty pink ribbon back around my hairless sissy 

waist.  Untying the ribbon for ANY reason at ANY time was grounds for 

immediate distribution of videotapes to my mommie, and to Miss Molly.

        The afternoon passed amid much more humiliation than the typical 

hard dick can allow, much to Cindy's pleasure and satisfaction.  But soon 

came time for dinner, i was to prepare the meal.  Being less than expert at 

things culinary, i prepared macaroni & cheese with Smokie Links. Cindy and 

Buffy both were constantly pinching and poking under my sissy skirt,  Buffy 

often holding a mirror under it and giggling as i prepared the Birthday 


        They laughed even more as they recalled their conversation about 

having a weekend maid.  Problem was, today was Thursday, and i felt like i 

might be employed for life!  Once i served dinner, properly curtseying for 

both Cindy and Buffy, i sat in a high chair and ate dinner from tiny 

utensils with pictures of Rainbow Brite on them, and drank milk from a baby 

bottle.  Buffy kept pinching under my party dress and asking, "where has 

sissy ronnie's little clittie gone?", and making comments like "Ooh, such a 

cute little sister, in your tights and Mary Janes!"  my blushing cheeks 

blushed redder still, but i was happy to please Cindy and Buffy.

       Then Cindy served the cake, and Buffy and i blew out the candles. 

Buffy had 13 lit for Herself, and i had 10.  we both must have gotten our 

wish, because we both blew them all out!  Cindy went to the little girls 

room as Buffy and i ate birthday cake.  Somehow, i don't know who started 

it, but Buffy and i got into a girlish cake fight, smooshing frosting and 

cake into each others painted faces, and the front of our party dresses. we 

stood up and Buffy lifted my skirt and smooshed a big handful of cake down 

my tights, the cool frosting oozing between the tights and panties. It felt 

delicious, and i reciprocated by messing Her pink undies, too.

        When Cindy came back from le salle de bain, She was furious, and 

both us birthday girls knew we were in the doghouse!  We had to clean up 

our mess, take a quick bath under Cindy's supervision, put on fresh 

nighties, and head straight for bed where we received a major spanking.

        i think Buffy started the food fight because She wanted the 

spanking in the first place ... i'll never know...  There being only one 

bed, Buffy and i fell asleep together, in each others arms.  my clit strap 

continued to assert its tension upon my clitoris throughout the night, and 

both Buffy's and my butt plugs kept our dreams filled with dainty, feminine 

thoughts.  We slept on our sides, facing each other, because our lil' girl 

bottoms were much too sore after Cindy spanked us both, tucked us in, and 

gently kissed each of us good night. The last thing i remembered hearing 

that evening was Buffy whispering, "Happy Birthday, sissy ronnie." i held 

Her closer.  i had turned ten years old today.  As we fell asleep, 

exchanging sisterly caresses, we overheard Cindy, as She watched videotapes 

in the living room...  Cindy came in later that evening without waking 

either of Her little Girls.  Tomorrow would prove itself to be another 


        Friday morning started less painfully than the last.  my rash had 

somewhat subsided, and my "cherry" was being properly broken, albeit 

slowly, by the large butt plug i was forced to endure 24 hours a day.

       i felt so filled by its mass, that my hairless sissy clitoris was 

under constant stimulation.  Yet, it had nowhere to go, securely tucked 

under my "pussy" and fastened securely with the wide, pink leather strap.  

Cindy woke first and told Buffy and myself to prepare for Charm School.  

Buffy instructed me as to the specifics of Cindy's Charm School.  Following 

another perfumed bubble bath and thorough hair removal session with Buffy, 

we were to dress in schoolgirl uniforms which Cindy delicately laid out for 

us.  i cringed as i saw my garments:  a blue sweater vest to go over a 

white cotton blouse.  The blouse had elasticized ruffles around the neck 

and wrists.  A black watch plaid pleated skirt which came just above my 

knee on my well rounded femme thighs.  White ankle sox with pink lace at 

the tops.  Saddle shoes...  my sissy blond pigtailed wig went over my own 

hair.  Then the  panties ... Buffy helped me into my soft, combed white 

cotton briefs, pulling them up under my skirt and snapping the elastic 

around my waist with a giggle.  i blushed tremendously, and begged not to 

have to wear these sissy clothes this morning...  i think my last remnants 

of struggling against my sissyification were making themselves evident.  

The big, soft cotton panties felt almost too natural, like i was meant to 

have worn them all my life, and this frightened me terribly.  i touched the 

front of my crotch through the cool cotton and felt only hairless skin, 

plunging towards my inner thighs.  A training bra supporting a pair of 

small falsies rubbed against my blouse with grace.  i was soon forgetting 

about my clit.  it wasn't there anymore, for practical purposes, but merely 

a superfluous, unwanted piece of flesh which neither Cindy nor Buffy ever 

cared to see.

        i was starting to feel at home in my ankle sox and saddle 

shoes once Buffy and i were finished dressing and doing our faces 

with extra blush on our cheeks.  "Cindy prefers you this way, sissy," 

Buffy explained. As Cindy prepared for Her role, Buffy sat me down 

and explained how strict Cindy was with Her Charm School girls.  She 

added that we would be learning to act subservient, and never 

question the demands of a MISTRESS or MASTER. "MASTER?!," i gulped.  

Buffy nodded and ran Her Painted Hand over the smoothness of the 

front of my white cotton panties.   Cindy returned in Black.  A Black 

Satin Blouse and a Black flouncy circle Skirt which came just below 

Her Knee.  Sheer Black Hose ... with seams up the back ... as far as 

i could see anyway... and Black Patent Pumps. She carried a Large 

Oaken paddle ...

        After serving Cindy Her coffee and finishing my own breakfast 

of sissy, Rainbow Brite Cereal,  Romper Room came on again.  Buffy 

and i took it seriously this time, for Cindy and Her paddle meant 

business.  we played all the sissy games.  In "Bend & Stretch" today, 

Cindy smacked my pantied bottom with each "bend", and goosed my sissy 

crotch with each stretch.  i was learning to be an instrument of 

humiliation for Cindy and Buffy's pleasure.  Buffy made me thank 

Cindy for the humiliation after i was done singing the "Bend & 

Stretch" song.  my personal decisions no longer mattered.  i was to 

enjoy being a sissy slave girl.  

      After the Magic Mirror was through and i curtseyed to Miss 

Molly and Do-Bee, Cindy put a strap around my right ankle, over the 

lacy socks. The strap was fastened to a chain Cindy held in Her Hand. 

 Then She placed another strap around my neck.  It was fastened by a 

chain to a strap which tightly encircled Buffy's Plump Waist.  The 

chain was short; i could not stand erect.  "On your knees, sissy!" 

Cindy commanded, and i did so. my neck strap fastened behind Buffy's 

back, and as i got down on all fours, i was confronted with Buffy's 

Big Bottom as i was positioned under Her Skirt.  i couldn't turn, as 

my pigtailed head was held high up Buffy's Skirt.  Her Panties must 

have been a few sizes bigger than mine...

        "buffy, you have been obedient, and I want to reward you with

some pleasure from your sissy playmate," Cindy proudly proclaimed.  

Then Buffy thanked Cindy and laid on Her round Belly, pulling my 

painted face into Her Crotch.  "Please your Mistress, sissy ronnie.  

you belong to Her, for the moment anyway..."  i pulled down Buffy's 

Big White Panties, exposing Her Expansive Ass.  "Do your little 

trick, Buffy," Cindy commanded, and before i knew it, Buffy pushed 

Her butt plug out with Her Anal Muscles, sending the Plug into my 

girlish face.  "Suck it, ronnie," i heard from Cindy's lips behind 

me.  i dove for Buffy's Puffy, Dripping Pussy, and sucked Her Juices.



      i nearly broke my nose up Buffy's smelly behind as the paddle hit me with incredible force!

        "Suck Her butt plug, sissy bitch!  That's what i meant!!!"

        The plug was heavily soiled and smelled awful.  i cringed.


                *SOCKO!!!* (regards to old batman shows...)


        i obediently cleaned Her Plug with my mouth, a familiar smell 

now becoming a familiar taste.

      Cindy reached under my schoolgirl's skirt, put Her Hand inside 

my cotton briefs, grabbed my butt plug under my clit strap, and 

proceeded to yank the plug 1/2 way out, turning it 90 degrees.  i 

nearly swallowed Buffy's plug in the process.  "Suck It like you'd 

suck a Cock, sissy ronnie girl!!!" Cindy added.  The strap on my 

little clittie nearly pulled my undesired clit off my hairless body 

as it tightened furthering Her grasp.  i could feel my anal area 

stretching, nearly ripping, with my plug in its position.  i stroked 

Buffy's Plug with my lips, like Cindy directed.  my painted lips left 

bright red marks up and down the shaft of Her Plug.

        "Now, little girl, worship Buffy's Ass!!"

        Her Passage was gaping.  She had obviously experienced more 

activity There than i have.  i knew, however, that i, too, would

have such a hole, particularly the way Cindy twisted the butt plug in

my rectum...

       i inserted my tongue into Her Ass, bobbing my head up and down 

like a swimmer doing the butterfly.  Her Bottom cushioned my head, 

and surrounded it with warmth as i tasted a combination of lubricant 

and...  this was highly embarrassing.  i recognized the familiar whir 

of the VCR, its lens tightly focused on my girlish tongues every 

lapping.  Buffy moaned, as my rhythm soon created sympathetic 

vibrations through Her Body.  We achieved Perfect Harmonic Motion, 

Her Ass slapping against my face with every plunge my tongue took 

into Her.  i wanted to please Her, to make Her Cum.  She played with 

Her Pussy as my tongue loved Her.  She cooed loudly, and i felt Cindy 

untie my  ribbon...  Would i have the opportunity to enter this Buxom 

Sister of mine with my sissy clit?


    Cindy yanked my butt plug out with a high pitched yelp emanating 

from my red lips.  She then took Her Fist, encased in protective 

surgical gloves, and lubricated thoroughly, and .....

      i must have passed out for a few minutes.  i woke with Cindy 

peeling off the gloves in front of me.  Both Buffy and i were on our 

bellies, my painted face on Her naked bottom.  Her Panties were 

around Her Knees.  mine were pulled back up...  what had happened?  i 

touched myself through the cotton and immediately sensed i was in 

DEEP trouble!  As i had blacked out, Cindy had refastened my 

clittiestrap, but during the moment that Cindy's Fist entered my 

vagina, my unstrapped clit must have exploded naughty cum all over my 

clean, white cotton panties.  i was deflowered.  my rectum had been 

stretched so as to accept whatever Cindy's whims would dare.  She had 

inserted what must have been the largest plug known to man (or girl, 

*giggle*) as i lay unconscious.  my hairless vagina hurt terribly, 

but i knew the worst pain was over ... physically, at least.

        Cindy was less than pleased with my performance ... Buffy was 

still fingering Herself as i came to, and i had to finish Her Ass off 

immediately. my hairless ass felt so big and puffy... i wanted so 

much to have a Pussy like Buffy's ... and now i felt like i did....  

Yet, i couldn't help but cry from the intense pain as Buffy moaned 

and finally came, a gush of warm, milky juice running onto the floor. 

 i thanked Cindy for allowing me to lick it up.

        i lay sobbing on the floor, rolled up in a fetal position, 

stroking my deflowered vagina.  Cindy turned me over onto my back.  

my skirt fell upward and She saw the big yellow cum stain  The juice 

was oozing down the front of my panties, and felt cool against my 

shaven thighs.  i was hoping She wouldn't notice.

        Cindy released Buffy from the waist-shackle, and ordered Her 

to freshen Herself.  In the meantime, Cindy laid some terry towels by 

the front door, forced me to lay upon them, belly down, pulled up my 

skirt, squatted over my raped crotch, and proceeded to urinate over 

my cotton panties, Her Pee mingling with my cum.  She turned me over 

and wet the front of my panties as well.  Her Pee seeped over my 

once-virgin vagina, and stung.  i saw Cindy holding up Her Skirt, 

peeing on Her sissy girl, ronnie hammer.  She had Stockings attached 

to what appeared to be the bottom of a Black Corset.  The Pee 

emanated from Black Crotchless Panties which were pulled to either 

side with Her Black Gloved Hands. Buffy returned and without a word 

held down my sissy, hairless arms as Cindy Peed over my cringing 

face, neck, and all over my schoolgirl outfit. Then She returned to 

the process of soaking my girlie panties with Her Pee.  i couldn't 

help but notice the Cock pointing directly towards my face as i saw 

the Pee trickling onto my panties.  It was strapped on securely.  i 

knew i would soon experience its length in my newly widened hole.  

The tears and Pee drew dark black lines of mascara down my blushing 

cheeks.  Buffy collected the towelling and squeezed the overflow over 

my panties again.  i was sopping wet from cum and Pee, and before i 

could recover from my pain, Cindy had pushed me out the door of Her 

apartment, into the hall.

        i banged on the door, begging them to let me in!  i heard 

sounds coming up the stairs.  my panties were dripping urine and cum, 

and my butt plug filled my gaping vagina as the clit strap pulled 

taut on my flaccid clittie.  i banged louder!  i pleaded to enter 

Their place of humiliation. "Say it like a girlie, sissy ronnie!!"  

came a chorus of two from behind the door.  The steps on the 

staircase grew louder.  i ran for the stairwell at the other end of 

the hall as the same two Catholic schoolgirls returned for lunch in 

their outfits which looked just like mine.  They captured a glimpse 

of my sobbing sissy face as i turned and ran away, Pee pouring from 

under my pleated skirt.  my yellowed panties peeked at them from 

under my soiled skirt as i ran red faced down the hall, as quickly as 

my little hairless legs could take me, and leaving a trail of Urine 

behind me.  They giggled loudly as i ran down the stairs to the floor 


       i quickly ran across the floor below to the stairwell the 

girls had just come up and sprinted up them to Buffy and Cindy's 

floor, leaving Pee behind me everywhere i turned.  i pounded on the 

door, and in my most girlish voice, to please Cindy & Buffy, said, 

"Please let me in!!! i'm peeing in my panties!!!"  i surprised 

myself.  i sounded exactly like a 10 year old girl!

       A beautiful woman opened the door.  She was not familiar 

looking at all.  She stood six feet tall and had long, shapely Legs 

encased in white stockings under a blue silk dress.  Her Hips were 

wide and womanly.  She looked over Her Big, Pillowy Breasts at me, 

squatting at the door begging to get in.  Then i looked up at the 

door.  324!!!  Cindy and Buffy's room was 224!!!    SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!  

i had climbed an extra flight of stairs!!!

       i heard a somewhat motherly, somewhat low and sultry voice 

come from 324..."Come back little girl...."  i left a puddle in front 

of room 324 and scampered back downstairs, trickling Pee behind me.  

i pounded on 224, and even more girlishly, delivered my lines.

        The two Catholic girls opened their door and giggled as Cindy 

opened Her door and dragged me into 224.  "Can't you hold it, little 

girl?" is what i heard as the door shut behind me and i lay on the 

floor, sopping wet and extremely embarrassed!

       i was led to the bedroom where i was again daintyfied, wearing 

a pretty pink and white checkered gingham dress with fluffy petticoats 

underneath.  my soaked white cotton briefs were replaced carefully by 

Buffy with another clean pair of pink rhumba panties.  The dry, clean 

panties felt good upon my skin and the lace on the tushie cushioned my 

aching behind as i sat.  White tights went over this, followed by 

black china flats.  i emerged after another lengthy makeup session 

looking like Alice in Wonderland.  i believe that was the idea.  we 

ate dinner together, amid more humiliation, and was told about a 

Costume party Cindy was having this evening.  Apparently i was to be 

alice ....

        Then i spent the early evening doing everyone laundry.  my 

other pink rhumba panties never survived Wednesday night....  i loved 

caressing the dainty items, as i gently laundered all the remnants of 

the past days down the drain, but not before experiencing Buffy and 

Cindy's lovely Womanhood, breathing in the Aroma from the crotch of 

Their Panties.  Cindy caught me enjoying this, and forced me to wear 

Her Red Panties on my wigged head, with the crotch over my nose, until 

the party.  This only accentuated the strain on my sissy pink 


        i helped Buffy into Her Scarlet O'Hara Hoop Dress... She had 

long white satin pantaloons and white stockings which i helped Her 

with.  Then i helped lace up Her heavily boned white corset, Her Flesh 

exuding from around its tightness.  Then the Dress ..... oh......

        i did Buffy's hair in long, tight curls..... She emerged as a 

Big, Buxom, Beautiful Southern Belle.  Her Billowy Breasts barely 

supported in the plunging dress.  we made a cute couple, Cindy said.  

Cindy decided to host the party as a cheerleader ... She looked so 

cute again in that outfit.  When i wasn't greeting guests, i was to 

spend the entire party under Buffy's Big Hoop Skirt on all fours, 

being properly subservient.

        Party time soon arrived, and Cindy instructed me to hand out 

raffle tickets to People as They came through the door, and greet Them 

with a big red kiss on the cheek.  my lipstick needed to be 

refreshened often, and the make up kit was by my side, always.

      i met some of them... Laura, Carolyn, and Others came through 

the door, and All were greeted with loving, wet, girlish kisses as 

They came in in various costumes.  Some came dressed as Harlots, Some 

as Little Girls, One even came in a big fuzzy rabbits costume ... She 

was close to my height, but broader, and covered head to toe in white 

fur ... i couldn't see Her Face, but i recognized the voice from 

somewhere...  i handed Each Lady and Gentleman a raffle ticket and saw 

Cindy whisper something to Them as They came in.  i asked Cindy what 

the tickets are for, but She would only say," will find out soon 

enough, sissy ronnie hammer, my dainty little girl....."

        Once all the guests arrived, i assumed my position of 

subservience under Buffy's Skirt.  It was rather dark under there, but 

Her Pudgy Ass which i tongue fucked hours before  was quite visible, 

tightly encased in the glistening, white satin pantaloons.  i heard 

people asking "where the cute little girl i saw went..."  Cindy made 

sure everyone had a peek under the back of Buffy's Dress to see "sweet 

little sissy ronnie" dressed as Alice in Wonderland on all fours down 

there with my pantied ass high in the air, the ruffles of my petticoat 

pushing my skirt above my waist.

        The party was a big success, or so i heard.  i was unable to 

enjoy much of the festivity, although i had a bit of a party of my own 

under Buffy's Dress, as either of us Sisters will attest to.  i spent 

the entire time being ridiculed by the Guests as i crawled under 

Buffy's Dress all evening.  i have a sneaky suspicion that i was the 

star attraction of the party.  The party ended quite late, and i was 

happy to be on my feet again.  my hands and knees were quite sore.  i 

was also happy to see Cindy & Buffy's Faces again (although the 

evening's view wasn't so bad itself (*wink*).  

        We all hugged each other after changing into our appropriate 

bed clothing  Cindy fed me another pacifier, and i thanked Her with a 

Big Hug.  As i lay falling asleep, i noticed the big brown box from 

Tuesday the return address on it was -- Wardrobes by Carolyn in 

Massachusetts... Buffy and i held each other tightly in our pink 

nightdresses as we nodded off.  We became so much more alike that 

day...  i never did find out what those raffle tickets were for over 

the course of the evening ....

        Saturday morning was much cooler, and Buffy had opened the 

windows of Their apartment last night; no air conditioning was needed 

today.  A delightful breeze circulated across the bedroom, and all 

three of us Girls enjoyed the cool, fresh air blowing across our satin 

encased bodies as We laid atop the sheets that morning.  We were glad 

to see the heat wave subside.

        Soon i realized that it was time to get up again, however, and 

Buffy and i went through what was becoming quite a routine (and an 

enjoyable one at that...) of preening ourselves and each other as 

little girls.  Party dresses with full satin undergarb, petticoats, 

ankle sox, and Mary Janes were once again the order for the morning 

for Buffy and myself.  The laundry having been lovingly done by yours 

truly, sissy ronnie, Buffy decided to take the yellow party dress and 

let me have the pink one.  our satin rhumba panties, of course, 

matched our dresses.  i felt so much at home in the party dress, with 

its delicate taffeta and dainty embroidery as a constant reminder of 

my new age and gender.  The blush on my cheeks had become part of my 

new face -- not some sort of disguise.  Somehow, i felt that a very 

tough disguise had been REMOVED from me, and that my true sissy self 

was finally showing through.  This made me feel good;  i'll be forever 

indebted to Cindy and Buffy for that...  i felt like i could finally 

express myself truthfully.

        Buffy and i endured a thorough helping of Smurfs and Muppet 

Babies that morning.  Muppet Babies was actually fun... Buffy kept 

giggling that i kinda looked like Baby Piggie, the way my panties 

peeked out from under my pink dress.  She was somewhat right, and i 

started to speak of myself as "sissy moi", in a Baby Piggie voice.  we 

both giggled and rolled around.

      Smurfs presented another opportunity for my "BIG" Sister and i 

to sing like the little girls we were.  The cartoons were all 

enjoyable and Cindy certainly enjoyed watching Her little girls being 

as feminine as possible.  i enjoyed pleasing Her.  i began to not only 

realize that the humiliation i had received over the past few days 

would never stop for me, but also that it was merely Cindy's way of 

making sure my role was properly submissive and feminine.  i loved 


        Today, Cindy was wearing White Sweats.  Her Black Satin 

Panties were clearly visible through the tight Seat of Her Pants, and 

She knew this was a stimulating factor.  As lunchtime approached, i 

asked Cindy a question that i had never really phrased properly 

before.  i crawled on my hands and hairless knees in my frilly party 

dress, its skirt swaying to and fro, its tight bodice making my slim, 

girlish figure ever present, its puffy sleeves encasing my hairless, 

sissy arms ... and asked:

        "Mistress Cindy, is there anything my unworthy sissyness can 

do to please You?"  

        i cooed to Her as a 10 year old girl, and She stroked my 

pigtails, saying, "Yes, little girl, I wanted to fuck you yesterday, 

but you ran away, peeing in your panties...  I want to fuck you now."

        She led me and Buffy to the bedroom.  Buffy and Cindy secured 

my sissy, painted hands to the canopy bed's ornate posts.  Then my 

pink ribbon was untied and my clit strap removed.  my little clittie 

hurt terribly, as it grew erect from its confines next to my vagina.  

Then Buffy slowly twisted the butt plug out of my vagina as Cindy 

tied my feet to the two remaining posts.  My hairless appendages were 

secured to the pink bed with thin pink satin ribbons.  Cindy then 

pulled down Her White Sweatpants and strapped on the 8 inch Penis 

over Her Black Satin Panties.  Buffy produced two pacifiers, and 

Cindy prepared one for each of us.  Buffy's was coated with Cindy's 

Womanhood, and mine was rotated within Cindy's dark rectum and then 

pushed into my mouth.  i sucked lightly at first, closing my eyes, 

but then increased the sucking dramatically as i felt Cindy's Hard 

Penis entering my vagina.  Cindy was so careful, these past few days, 

making sure my vagina was properly prepared, and stretched a little 

bit more every day.  it was now eager to accept Cindy's 8 inches, and 

i found that i could use my sphincter muscles to daintily caress Her 

Penis as It travelled in and out of my sissyness, despite my position 

in bondage.

        i enjoyed the Greasy Shaft sliding inside me, and my clit 

rose within my torn pink panties.  Buffy began to stroke it, but 

Cindy made Her stop.  "you shouldn't touch such dirty, naughty 

things..." She added.

        Buffy took a second Rubber Penis, and slowly fucked Herself, 

as she lay on the side of the bed, through the leg band of Her 

Panties.  i saw Her Juices oozing over Its length and over the Crotch 

of Her Undies.  Then Buffy strapped this Penis on, over Her Panties, 

straddled my taffeta-encased chest, threw Her Petticoat over my head, 

and stuck the Slimy Dick into my mouth.

        "Suck, sissy ronnie cocksucker!"  Buffy demanded.  i tasted 

Buffy's Sweet Pussy all along the length of The Shaft, and i eagerly 

sucked.  i could see nothing, as Her Petticoat were bouncing over my 

face.  i sucked plump little Buffy's Penis harder as the layers of 

satin frill slid across my girlish face.  She fingered Herself 

through Her Yellow Rhumba Panties as i sucked Her Penis.  She moaned 

with every shove of its 8 inches into my mouth and throat.  i took It 

All, through both entrances.  Cindy pushed Her Dick into me with even 

greater force.  The video camera was squarely fixed to my moaning, 

blushing face.

      Buffy announced that She was going to Cum, and with a jerk,  i 

felt warm fluid ooze through Her Panties and onto my chest.  She 

placed Her entire Weight on my sissy chest and squirmed with violent 

motions as She soaked not only Her Panties, but my pink party dress 

with Her Cum.

      Buffy pleased Cindy from behind Her, in a way that i could not 

see, as i was tied to the bed, but Cindy eventually Came.  As She 

Did, Her Cock slid Its entire length into me.  i accepted It with a 

girlish wince as it touched what must have been my undiscovered "G 

Spot".  my clit shot erect in my panties, but i did not cum.  It was 

more than pleasure enough to see the smiles on Buffy's and Cindy's 

Faces after i pleased Them.

        It was almost three when i finally was ready for a fresh 

change of clothes.  i had been messed up earlier, and i was to 

freshen up for the Girls with a bath and fresh makeup before a late 

lunch.  As i stepped out of the bathroom, butt plug inserted, and 

clit securely tucked, i was greeted by Buffy and Cindy, as They stood 

in the bedroom wearing knee length, tight Black Dresses, Black 

Stockings, Black Pumps, and Black fingerless Lace Gloves.  Buffy was 

holding what appeared to be a rather familiar looking box...  Cindy 

commanded sternly, "This is to be your outfit for the rest of the day 

... and evening, because you are so concerned about pleasing Us."

        i took the box from Buffy's lacy hands, and quickly ripped it 

open.  All i was wearing was my butt plug, my pink leather 

clittiestrap, and my pink satin ribbon.

        A look of surprise and fear fell across my blushing face.  

Inside the box was a Black Taffeta "french maid's" Dress, with white 

lace trim around the plunging neckline and short, puffy sleeves, and 

a short, yet billowing skirt.  A Black Bustier, complete with Black 

Garter Straps daintily descending from its lacy bottom lay under the 

dress.  Under that, stiff white crinoline petticoats, to hold the 

skirt out at proper distance from my sissyness.  Finally, Accessories 

were scattered across the bottom of the box:  Black Fishnet 

Stockings, Black Satin Pumps, a ruffled White Apron, a White Choker, 

and a White Head Cap  Buffy produced a second box containing a long 

Blond Wig, Its Hair remarkably similar to Buffy's own, natural Hair.

      Buffy first applied additional blush to my already overdone 

cheeks. Her expert hands turned my face into that of an expensive 

harlot.  Yet, i felt cheap and used.  My cheeks blushed still further 

as Buffy encased me in the Black Satin Bustier.  i sucked in my 

stomach as Buffy tightened the laces on the heavily boned garment, 

its red ribbon trim running down the front and its flouncy black lace 

encircling its bottom and my bust line  my falsies fit in quite well, 

and filled out my Bustier to a 40 D.

        my Pudgy Big Sister then slid proper maid's panties up my 

trembling hairless legs.  Black Satin Briefs with White Lace running 

in horizontal rows across my sissy ass seemed so appropriate when in 

a position of servitude.  my Fishnet stockings made my legs so 

feminine, letting their hairless creamy texture show through.  i felt 

so proud of my legs as i fastened the 6 garter straps, the straps 

feeling like iron bars caging in my panties and the unworthyness 


        Then the Shoes...  i fit into the Satin Pumps easily as i sat 

on the bed, but as i stood into them, i stumbled over myself, losing 

my balance on the high heels.  Soon, however, after being commanded 

to prance around the bedroom in my sultry undergarments, exposing my 

big tits & ass as well as my sharply legs, i became accustomed to the 


      i looked in the mirror.  i was so proud of my big titties.  my 

plump, round ass stuck out far behind me and swayed torridly as i 

walked in the pumps.  my tiny wasp-waist flared gracefully to my 

wide, pantied hips.  "you look divine....," Cindy stated.

      i loved the tiny red floral appliques on the front of my 

bustier. That was soon covered, though, as Buffy helped me into my 

stiff crinoline. The petticoats flared even more than my party 

dresses, and the white lace on the back of my maid's-panties peeked 

from under the crinoline with even the slightest bend at the waist. 

        The wig added the cutest, girlish look to my body, as it was 

next. The long blond curls cascaded over my shoulders with feminine 


        Finally i was fitted into the Black Taffeta Dress.  The 

petticoats held the skirt out so far ... i felt totally sissyfied.  i 

flounced up the skirt around me, enjoying its fullness.  Along with 

the choker, cap, and the apron, tied in a big white satin bow behind 

me, i was a perfect picture of feminized servitude.  i wished to 

devote myself to pleasing the Girls

        Evening arrived quickly; i knew this was to be the last 

evening i would spend with the Girls before i was to go back to my 

dormitory room and prepare for school on Monday.  Buffy and Cindy 

mentioned that we would be having a dinner guest, and i was to be on 

my best behavior.  Cindy instructed me on the proper way for Her 

sissy maid to walk, sauntering with my hairless ass stuck far behind 

me and my big tits far in front; to talk, with a girlish, faint lisp, 

and only when spoken to; to bend, always from the waist, never at the 

knees; and to act, in a totally subservient, pleasurable way for All.

        The doorbell rang, and i rushed to answer it, my sissy skirt 

flipping up with each prance of my pump-encased feet.  There in the 

doorway was the Woman i saw from 324!  When i heard Her say, "Good 

evening, sissy girl, My name is Daisy,"  i realized that She was the 

Woman wearing the big white bunny suit at Cindy's party the previous 

evening.  Daisy gave me a deep, warm kiss, Her tongue darting 

everywhere within my lipstick painted mouth.  Then She pinched me 

under my skirt, and whispered into my ear, nibbling on my earring:"I 

won You in the raffle last night, sissy ronnie, you are Mine for the 

evening..."  i nearly collapsed in Daisy's warm, powerful embrace.

        Dinner was a major event; i created the most exquisite 

Chinese dinner, under Cindy's watchful command.  i was constantly 

being told to grab my ankles for Daisy as i cooked, making it an even 

more difficult affair.  She loved seeing my lace-striped panties peek 

from under my crinoline petticoats, and teased me all evening.  

Dinner was lovely, and all the other Girls thought so, but i was made 

to eat after Daisy, Buffy and Cindy finished.  i was on duty, serving 

them, and had enough for myself after the table was cleaned up.  When 

the Girls all had their fill, they walked to the living room and 

watched video cassettes of my previous performances.  i was so 

embarrassed!  Daisy was making cooing sounds from the other room as i 

ate.  i saw Cindy's hand up Daisy's black dress.  Daisy looked 

marvelous.  She was so buxom, tall and powerful; She looked like the 

"Perfect Dominitrix".

        i served Them Cognac as They watched the videos.  They were 

very turned on by the tapes, though, and i knew that i would soon be 

called upon to please Daisy's Womanhood.  When i wasn't busy serving 

the Women, i was to stand in the corner and watch the videos as well 

-- from between my fishnet-encased legs.  i bent over (at the waist), 

grabbed my ankles as faced the corner, and watched.  This was the 

most embarrassing position i had been in all week, my sissy panties 

riding high into my hairless crotch as i bent.  The garter straps 

which encased my panties pulled tightly upon my stockings as i bent, 

making the bustier seem even tighter.

        When the videos were complete, and the Girls were 

sufficiently aroused, i was led into the bedroom by the three Girls.  

i was tied to the posts as before, only belly down this time.  my 

pantied ass rose high into the air, as Cindy commanded, and a small 

hole was torn into the rear of my black satin panties.  my ribbon was 

released and my butt plug removed from behind me.  In this position, 

i could not see well at all from behind me.

        i then felt Her enter me.  Daisy entered my deflowered 

womanhood with great strength.  Her Penis felt warm inside my vagina 

and i used my anal muscles to stimulate Her strap-on rubber Cock.  

The friction inside my body made It feel so real, so warm.  i was 

being fucked by a strong, commanding Dominitrix and i was happy to 

concede my gaping hole to Her as Her lubricated Penis quickly moved 

in and out of the hole in my panties.

      Then Daisy moaned, and removed Herself from me.  Cindy put half 

Her Fist in my still pulsating pussy, and Buffy quickly stroked my 

clit.  They were working on me as Daisy stepped to my side of the bed 

and raised Her Skirt.  Her Pink Panties shone like rays of sun over 

the tops of Her Pink Stockings, held by a Pink Garter Belt.  Then i 

saw Her Penis.  It was not rubber at all!  i had just been raped 

by... by i don't know... it sure looks like a woman, except...  then 

She removed Her Dress....  She was a SheMale! Her Huge, plunging Tits 

hung suspended by the laciest, most feminine pink bra i've ever seen, 

as i strained my neck to look away from that... that penis!

        She pushed it into my mouth.  i tasted the inside of my own 

hole as She fucked my face.  Daisy spanked me hard, and commanded me 

to suck!  i refused... i never was homophobic and never criticized 

anyone elses life-style, but i knew homosexuality was not my bag.  

She spanked me again, and then i felt the rest of Cindy's Fist enter 

my pussy.  i cringed, but soon realized that i had better please 

Daisy as a subservient sissy cocksucker, or my ass would be ripped up 

my back!  Cindy's Fist started to twist and pump inside me.  Buffy's 

gloved Hand stroked my clittie through my panties, and i became 

erect.  i sucked, licked, and pleased Daisy.  Being a SheMale, on 

hormones, i sucked quite some time before She became completely 

aroused.  i had to work overtime on Her Penis, but eventually i had 

it pulsating inside my mouth.  Cindy and Buffy tormented my body as i 

pleased Daisy.  my anal passage being stretched beyond recognition by 

Cindy's knowing Hand, Buffy continued Her clit torture.

        i went into convulsions, with each movement of my body in 

response to Buffy's stroking causing Cindy's Fist and Daisy's Penis 

to travel further into me.  Daisy and i came at the same time, my 

panties being filled with what seemed to be the biggest load of cum 

in my life, and my face receiving a classic facial cum-shot.  Daisy's 

Juices splattered my blond hair, my painted eyes, and my blushing 

cheeks.  It dripped down my nose and cheeks, rolling over my red 

lips.  i wanted so much to wipe it off, but Daisy held my head up as 

all the Girls giggled, watching me cringe with the Goo oozing over my 

entire face.  my hands being tied to the posts, 

i was helpless.  Then they left, All giggling, without untying me.  i 

heard them all enjoying themselves on the floor upstairs (324) as 

Daisy's Cum dried on my face, my cum dried in my panties, and my ass 

ached terribly.  my clit strap had been refastened and my butt plug 

reinserted.  i eventually fell asleep, totally shocked, embarrassed 

and feminized.

        Buffy returned Sunday morning, as the sun rose, and released 

me, from my position of bondage.  She unlocked Cindy's trunk and 

dressed me in the Cheerleading Outfit again, after i washed.  She 

then released me from my confining clit strap and butt plug  my pussy 

felt like a large, gaping hole. it felt so unusual with nothing 

filling it.  i knew that it was to be filled to remain properly 

stretched, so i asked Buffy for the plug.  She reinserted it, and i 

cooed.  i felt better.  Then came my pink rhumba panties again. They 

felt so natural.  Buffy then helped me on with my parka.  The heat

had picked up again, and it was 95 outside.  Oh, well....

        As Buffy kissed me and bid me farewell, She commanded, "Be 

here like you are dressed now on Friday at 5 PM sharp, little sissy 

ronnie girl!" i knew i would return, again and again...



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