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Archive-name: Changes/robin-d.txt


Archive-title: Robin - 4

 "There, there baby don't you feel much

 better now ?" she asked soothingly as she finished diapering him. The

 audience was laughing and cheering as he slowly recovered. "You can see

 that my little girl has wet herself again!" Misstress Ann laughed and

 said to the audience.She pulled a pink pair of adult sized Rhumba panties

 that were plastic lined from her bag and pulled them over Robins diaper.

 They were his favorite pair and he just loved the ruffles accross the

 bottom. He lay on the quilt as if in a daze as she took a large ruffled

 baby bonnet that had ROBIN embroidered on it and placed it on his head,

 tieing it under his chin in a big bow. Next she produced a large babies

 pacifier which was on a pink ribbon that she hung from his neck. A large

 baby rattle was pushed into his hand. She took his hand to help him stand

 up and said to the audience "Ladies and Gentlemen may I present to you

 BABY Robin!" Robin blushed and shook his rattle, which sent the audience

 into a fit of laughter. He seemed to be dazed and bemused but not at all

 embarressed anymore. He didn't seem to be aware that he was idly rubbing

 the front of his baby pants over the bulge of his pee-pee. Misstress

 Ann rightly guessed that he had reached a state in which he couldn't feel

 humiliation or embarressment anymore and decided it was time to take him

 home. She gathered up his wet clothing and announced to the audience

 that Robin had to be taken home and put into his crib. The audience

 gave them a standing ovation as she led him backstage and  placed her big

 baby girl in the car. He didn't seem to notice that he was in diapers as

 they drove home, still rubbing himself between his legs. When they stopped

 at a red stop light and a car full of young teen-age girls pulled along

 side they glanced over and began laughing at the man wearing the baby

 bonnet."Hey! why doncha take your baby home and change his diapers!"

 one of them yelled as they drove away laughing. He seemed to be off in a

 world by himself though and just smiled.

 When they arrived back at the

 apartment Robin seemed to become himself once again. His Misstress took

 him by the hand and led him inside while telling him what a good little

 girl he had been that night and patting him affectionately on his ruffled

 bottom. She checked his diaper and found him once again soaking wet and

 in need of a change. As he lay in the crib to have his diaper changed

 she asked him "You aren't mad at Mommy for all the things I had you do at

 the show are you honey?" Robin smiled at her around the baby bottle that

 he was sucking on. He thought about it for a minute and once more his

 wee-wee began to stiffen. "No Mommy, Robin still loves you!" he said as

 she began to softly stroke him. He loved to lay in his crib and have his

 Misstress rub his penis and soon he was wetting himself once again. After

 Robin had been diapered and tucked into his crib with his favorite little

 dolly  Misstress Ann took a long hot shower and thought about the events

 of the night. Robin really was a sweet little girl she thought to herself

 as she prepared for bed. She quickly diapered herself and tiptoed into

 the nursery. She softly let the side of the crib down and crawled into

 bed with Robin. "Wake up honey, it's time!" she softly called out to him

 and gently shook him awake. Not only was Robin a sweet little girl but

 he was also a wonderfully powerful lover. She had long ago stopped

 charging him for her services.




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