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Archive-name: Changes/robin-c.txt


Archive-title: Robin - 3

 "You have been behaving like a big baby wetting yourself like that" she

 said after pulling his skirt down and standing him back up. "Since you

 are acting like such an infant perhaps these nice people think you would

 be better off wearing baby diapers! You are obviously not old enough to

 wear big girl clothes." The audience burst into laughter and began

 cheering. "Please Mommy!!" Robin sobbed rubbing his flamming bottom

 "don't make me wear a diaper in front of everyone! I promise I won't

 wet myself again! I promise!" He was becoming cold standing there in a

 wet dress with his panties still around his ankles. "Mommy knows what

 is best for her little girl, doesn't she?" she asked. Robin was horrified!

 It was bad enough to have to wear a dress and be spanked in front of a

 whole room full of people, but now he was going to be dressed up like

 a baby! He had never worn any of his baby outfits in front of anyone but

 his Misstress before. Once again he began to cry in shame. "Now don't cry

 little baby, Mommy has a nice dry diaper for you." she said as she took a

 large quilt out of her bag and spread it on the floor. Robins Misstress

 very quickly pulled his wet clothing off of him  and ordered him to lay

 on the baby quilt. He felt just awful laying there with absolutely nothing

 on but the people in the audience were loving it. He tried to cover his

 stiffy with his hands but of course everyone knew what he was doing.

 From her big cloth bag Misstress Ann pulled a large adult sized disposable

 diaper and a can of baby powder. She sprinkled powder on his tummy and

 gently smoothed it in all the while talking to him as if he were a small

 infant. She had him roll over on his tummy so she could powder his still

 sore and red bottom and then she had him roll back over and raise his

 hips so that she could slip the diaper under him. She slapped his hands

 away from his penis and everyone could see how stiff and hard it was

 because it was sticking straight up. His Misstress smiled at Robin and

 slowly and gently began rubbing his peter up and down as he lay there.

 "Please Mommy!" he whispered "don't do that here!" She just continued to

 stroke him while the audience watched.

"That doesn't look like a little GIRL to me!" someone in the audience

 shouted and everyone began to laugh. The humiliation and the gentle

 stroking soon had Robin flushed and breathing hard. "Is Robin going to

 wet herself again?" Misstress Ann asked as he began to gasp and moan.

 "Yes Mommy, Yes!" he began to moan to himself over and over as he felt

 his orgasm rising. Suddenly he felt wave after wave of pleasure that made

 him groan loudly, his penis spurting. His Misstress quickly pulled the

 diaper up between his legs and taped it as he lay there convulsing in

 ecstacy and coming in his diaper.



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