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Archive-name: Changes/robin-b.txt


Archive-title: Robin - 2

 She led him into her garage and put him into her car. Robin felt funny

 while walking around in a dress, especially one so short. He was used to

 wearing long mens pants and his hairless legs felt bare and cold. As they

 pulled out of the garage his Misstress explained to him "We are going to a

 little show tonite dear so I want you to be on you best behavior, ok?"

"What kind of show Mommy?" Robin asked while trying vainly to pull his skirt

 down. Sitting down made his dress pull up even further and now it was up

 above his waist!. She smiled at him and said "A group of us proffessional

 dominatrixes have decided that we are going to put on a little show

 featuring some of our clientes. The people in the audience have paid a

 lot of money to watch us perform. There will be everything from B&D,

 Leather, S&M, Fetishism and of course.....YOU!" Robin gasped in horror,

 never in his wildest dreams had he ever imagined being put on stage in

 front of a whole room of strangers while in his little outfits! This was

 awful! "No! I won't do it!" he cried in terror.

"Yes you will do it Robin" his Misstress replied sternly. "You will do

 exactly what I tell you to do and you will do it because we both know that

 you LOVE being humiliated like this. This is going to be the best night

 of your life and you know deep down that you WANT to let everyone see

 you dressed like this. Besides, if you don't do this then you can forget

 coming back to me or any domanatrix in this city. You have had a pretty

 good thing going up until now but if you don't go along now it will be

 all over and you will just have to go back to being the lonely frutrated

 man that you were before you met me." Robin knew she was right, she was

 always right. While the thought of the coming ordeal made him cringe with

 terror it also made his little peter tickle as it rubbed against the

 inside of his panties. They both knew that he would always do exactly

 what his Mommy told him to do and he might as well accept it.

They finally pulled up behind a downtown nightclub and entered through

 the back door. They were greeted by a woman dressed in black leather and

 when she saw Robin in his little dress she burst into laughter and said

,"Ann he is preciuos! You sure know how to treat your men, or should I say

 'girls'!" Robin blushed a deep red and once again began pulling on the hem

 of his dress. The two women led him backstage and instructed him to wait

 quietly until his name was called. Everyone that he could see was dressed

 in bizzarre costumes, some were dressed in leather, some in rubber, and

 some people had no clothes on at all! They all burst into laughter when

 they saw him though and all he could do was hold his head in shame. After

 instructing him on what to do Misstress Ann left him alone and went off

 with the woman dressed in black. He stood there tugging on his skirt and

 trying to keep his nursery print panties from showing. He could hear all

 sorts of strange things going on on the other side of the curtain. Every

 once in a while a name was called and one of the strangely dressed

 participants would go on stage. It sounded like there was a lot of people

 in the audience and they would occasionally all burst into laughter or

 clap. After about an hour Robin suddeny realized that he desperately

 needed to go to the bathroom. If he didn't pee right away he knew that he

 was going to have an accident! Suddenly he realized why his Misstress had

 made him drink a baby bottle before they left. She had put a diuretic

 called Lasix into the milk. She had done that before to get him to wet

 himself and he should have recognized the bitter flavor. He knew from past

 experience that there was no way that he could hold off.

Before he could do anything he heard his name announced and someone behind

 him shoved him through the curtain and onto the stage. When the crowd of

 about 60 people saw him they all howled with laughter. Misstress Ann was

 already on stage with her big cloth bag and she was holding a microphone.

 "Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce my little girl." she said as she

 dragged Robin to the middle of the stage. All he could do was stand there

 and try to pull his dress down farther to cover his panties. "Tell the

 nice people your name sweetheart" she said and shoved the microphone in his

 face. Robin said in a voice that was just barely audible "My name is

 Robin". "Louder!"," We can't here her!" was shouted from the audience.

 His Misstress lifted the back of his dress and swatted him smartly on his

 fanny and said to him "You better speak up if you know whats' good for

 you young lady! Now tell the people your name and how old you are!" With

 tears of shame running down his cheeks he said in a loud voice "My name

 is Robin and I am four years old!" When the people in the audience heard

 that they once again began to laugh. Robin stood there shaking with his

 knees pressed tightly together trying desperately not to pee. His

 Misstress had him slowly turn around so that she could show off his pretty

 new dress. She made him turn with his back to the audience and raise his

 dress so that everyone could see his panties and the fancy embroidery

 print. Never in his life had he felt so humiliated! He just wanted to die

 right there. The worst part was the fact that his penis was so stiff that

 it was poking his panties out. When he turned around and everyone saw

 this they burst into loud guffaws. that was the last straw for him. As

 he stood there trembling and whimpering he could feel the warm trickle

 start to run down his legs and soak his stockings. He knew he was wetting

 himself but there was absolutely nothing he could do to stop. As he began

 to pee in earnest a big puddle began to form under him and a loud

 splashing sound could be heard. When the crowd realized what he was

 doing they roared with laughter, even his Misstress was laughing at him.

 "What is this!" she said trying to sound shocked "Is my little girl

 wetting her panties in front of all these nice people?! What a bad little

 girl you are! You know what I do when you wet yourself don't you?" she

 demanded of him. Robin had tears of shame and releif rolling down his

 cheeks. He knew very well from past experience what his punishment would

 be and he numbly shook his head up and down. "Tell the people what happens

 to little girls who wet there nice new clothes!" she ordered him. He sobbed

 and said "Little girls who wet there pants  get a spanking." The crowd

 loved it! Someone placed a chair in the middle of the stage and Misstress

 Ann led her thourghly humiliated  little girl over to it. By that time

 he had stopped peeing but his panties and the front of his new satin dress

 as well as his ruffled stockings were soaking wet. His Misstress sat

 down in the chair and layed a large rubber sheet accross her lap. Then

 she ordered him to lay accross her knees and lift her skirt. Someone

 handed her a big wooden handled hairbrush and she pulled his soaked

 panties to his ankles and began to paddle his bottom red with the back

 of the hairbrush. He was determined not to break down and cry but after

 a while he was wailing and kicking like a little toddler. The audience

 loved it and yelled encouragement to his Misstress to keep it up.



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