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Archive-name: Changes/robin-a.txt


Archive-title: Robin - 1

 Robin just could not beleive where he was or what

 was happening to him! He was standing behind the curtains of a small

 private nightclub theatre waiting to be introduced. That in itself was

 not so unusual but what he was wearing certainly was. Instead of his grownup

 masculine attire he was dressed from head to foot in a cute ruffled little

 girls dress, nursery print panties,knee-high stockings, and a big pink

 ribbon tied in a bow in his hair! How did he get himself into this


 Ever since he was a boy Robin had loved to secretly dress himself in little

 girls dresses. As he grew older he learned that this behavior was not

 something that most people accepted as "normal" and fortunately he was

 never caught indulging in his secret activity. Robin always beleived that

 he would someday outgrow his need to dress up but at 28 years old he still

 was in dresses and panties. Robin found the most pleasure by dressing in

 "little girl" or "Baby girl" outfits though finding things to fit his

 6' 2" frame was almost impossible. One day while reading an underground

 sex magazine he happened accross an ad placed by a woman who, for a fee,

 would dominate men. This women specialized in treating grown men like

 little girls and babies and to Robin this sounded like a dream come true.

 What was even better was the fact that she was an expert seamstress and

 could provide him with all the tailored made outfits that he could not

 find elsewhere. After calling the telephone number in the ad Robin made

 an appointment to meet this woman, who liked to be called "Misstress Ann".

 That was the beginning of a long and very satisfying relationship forC him. While he was with his Mistress he was dressed up and treated j

 like the little princess that he always wanted to be. The clothes that Mistress

 Ann made for him included dresses, rompers, and frilly sun suits along

 with the most darling ruffled panties. Sometimes Robin was dressed up in

 baby girl clothes complete with diapers and waterproof baby panties.

 Robin loved to be dominated by Misstress Ann and she could be quite strict

 with him but he loved every minute of it. After being with his beloved

 Mistress for a while they learned that Robin also craved the humilitation

 of being seen in his little dresses by others. Everytime he was put in

 his ruffles and bows and was exposed to strangers his penis would become

 stiff and throb beneath his panties. His Wee-wee would always become

 stiff while he was having his diaper changed and Misstress Ann knew just

 how to rub it to make Robin happy. He was in his own little heaven until

 the night that he found himself dressed in his best little dress behind

 the curtain of the theatre waiting to be introduced.

It had started out as just another session with Mistress Ann. He had arrived

 at her apartment around 8:00 pm as usual and she greeted him warmly at

 the door."How is my little girl tonite?" she smiled and asked as she

 let him in."Just fine Mommy " he replied in a little girls lisp. Robin

 always called his Misstress "Mommy" when he was with her."I have a BIG

 surprise for you tonite sweetheart." she said as she took his hand and

 guided him into the bathroom. In the bathroom she took all of his grown

 up masculine clothes off of him and sat him in a big bubble bath. Although

 he kept asking her what the surprise was she would only smile and tell

 him to wait. After he was bathed she smoothed a dipilitory cream all

 over him  except for his head to make sure that he did not have any hair

 left anywhere on his body. This was something that Robin had never had

 done to him before and he felt really funny as all his pubic hair was

 washed off. Finally he was all clean and sweet smelling as well as

 hairless as a toddler. Taking his hand again she took her naked little

 "girl" into the bedroom that she used for her clientes to get him dressed.

 Along one wall was a giant babys crib full of stuffed animals and baby

 toys and next to it there was a big dresser full of baby and little girl

 clothing. Going to the crib she picked up a large baby bottle full of

 milk and handed it to him saying that she wanted him to finish all of the

 bottle before she was through dressing him. He usually didn't take a

 bottle unless he was going to be dressed as a baby but he took it anyway.

 As he sucked his bottle she opened the top dresser drawer and rummaged

 around, finally pulling out a cute pair of little girls panties. "How

 do you like these Robin?" she asked although she knew that they were his

 favorite pair. They were white satin with little pink puppies and kittens

 printed on them. On the seat was embroidered in bright red letters "Sugar

 'N Spice 'N Everything Nice". He clapped his hands and laughed as she put

 them on him. "We are going somewhere very special tonite and I want my

 little girl to look her best." she said as she went to the closet and

 selected a ruffled satin slip for him to put on. "Where are we going

 Mommy??" he asked as she pulled the slip over his head and buttoned it in

 back. "That is a surprise Robin, but I have made a new dress for you just

 for tonite." She went to the closet again and returned with the cutest

 white satin dress with a pink ruffled hem and short puffed sleeves. The

 dress had a ruffled yoke with pink flowers embroidered on it. It looked

 just like the dress that he had seen a 4 year old little girl wear at his

 church and when his Misstress put it on him he could once again feel his

 pee-pee begin to harden and rub against the inside of his satin panties.

 The only thing that he didn't like about his new dress was that it was

 so short that it only came down to his waist and didn't cover all of his

 panties. He kept trying to pull it down farther until Misstress Ann slapped

 his hands and told him to stand still. Next came knee high pink ruffled

 stockings and white one strap patent leather shoes. His Misstress had a

 wig of long blond hair that she put on him and she tied his new hair with

 a big pink ribbon and bow. He finally finished his bottle of milk although

 it had tasted funny and he handed the empty baby bottle back to his

 Misstress. She patted him on the head and remarked at what a good little

 girl he was being. After he was dressed she put him in front of a

 full-length mirror so that he could admire his pretty new outfit. Robin

 was stunned! Staring back at him from the mirror was a little 3 or 4 year

 old toddler girl in a precious party dress! The fact that the little girl

 was 6 feet tall didn't seem to matter at all to him. His dress really

 was shorter than he liked and when he turned around he could see the

 embroidery on the seat of his panty. While he stood there pirouetting and

 admiring himself in the mirror he could feel his penis stiffen. His

 Misstress left and soon returned carrying a big cloth bag. She smiled at

 him and said "Is my little girl ready to go?? Good, give me your hand."



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