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Archive-name: Changes/renee02.txt


Archive-title: Kidnapped! - 2


     Renee' noticed that her arms were no longer secured to

the bed as the nurse placed a thermometer under her tong to

check her temperature.  Then the nurse started taking her

blood pressure.  After this she started adding various

liquids to the I.V. attached to Renee's arm.  The woman in

white turned to Renee' and said, "The doctor has order the

restraining straps removed from your arms.  The lower half of

your body is secured so that it cannot be moved at all.  This

will accelerate the healing process.  In a moment I'll check

your new pussy to see if everything is going well.  In a week

or so you should start feeling a tightness across your chest

as the breasts beginning to grow.  That's normal.  You should

also know that you'll be in bed for a few weeks and then in a

wheel chair for a few more.  If it was just the transplant

you would up and around a lot sooner.  But they also broke

your pelvis bone and inserted extenders to give you womanly


     As Renee' listened to the nurse the pain killer and

sedative began to make her very drowsy and finally fall

asleep.  Then the dreams started of her past life as Jeremy.

                      .   .

....................Jeremy parked the old clunker in front of

the small suburban ranch house where Carol, his wife, two

daughters and himself lived.  It had been a bad day at the

plant.  He wished he could find a better job.  But with only

a High School diploma prospects weren't too good.  At least

he made enough money so they could live comfortably and Carol

didn't have to work.

     He got out of the car and limped to the front door,

remembering the accident that almost killed him and left him

with a bad right leg.  The door opened and Carol was standing

there wearing an old house dress.  "Hi! Jere!, she said

letting him walk into the house.  Closing the door Carol

said, "The kids are at Granma's house until tomorrow."  She

smiled and unbuttoned her house dress and let fall to the

floor.  Her nipples stood at attention on her proud breasts,

the pubic hair on her Venus mound glistened with juice from

her cunt.  "Get those clothes off!  I want that big cock of

yours rammed into my cunt right now!", she demanded.

     Carol walked to the middle of the room laid on her back

grasped her legs just above the knees and pulled her legs up

and to the sides.  This opened her cunt lips wide, showing

her erect clitorus over her slightly open vagina.  Some

droplets of cunt juice started leaking out of the hole and

started to run down into her ass crack.  The puckered rosebud

of her anus peaked out between her ass cheeks.  Hurry up! And

ram that dick up my pussy!", she moaned and started rotate

her hips.  "I'm horny as hell!  After you fuck my pussy,

you'd better fuck my ass too! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!", she cried.

     Jeremy ripped of his clothes, knelt between Carol's up

thrust legs.  He grasped his 11 1/2 inch poker in one hand

and guided it to Carol's cunt.  Teasing her moved his cock

head slowly across her cunt and rubbed her clit.  This sent

visible shock waves thru Carol's body.  After two or three

minutes of this.  He brought his cock to her vagina and

slowly inserted the head into her cunt hole.  The head pushed

aside the lips stretching the hole as they entered.  Then

inch by inch his long thick pole forced its way into her

pussy.  This slow action wasn't fast enough for Carol.

Releasing her legs she grabbed his ass cheeks and pulling

with all her strength rammed him all the into her pussy until

their pubic slammed together.  She held him there savoring

the feeling of the large cock in her twat.  It felt as if

would go completely through her and come out her mouth. She

loved it!  Releasing his ass she grabbed her legs again.  She

cried, "Screw that pussy!  Fuck my brains out!  Fill my guts

with cream!"

     Jeremy backed nine inches out of her cunt and then

slammed it all back in.  He continued this slow slamming of

her cunt for some minutes with her cunt rising to meet his

every stroke.  When their orgasms came closer the speed

picked up.  The steady slap, slap of his ball hitting her ass

and the squishing sounds from her pussy egged them on to

faster and harder strokes.  Every time he slammed into her

she would grunt like a bitch in heat.  Suddenly she stiffened

and screamed loudly, "AAAHHHHHHHHHH, SHOT IT IN ME!  I'M

COMING!"  Jeremy rammed his big cock all the in and shot his

load of cum into the sucking pussy.

     Carol's legs flopped onto the floor, out spread, and

Jeremy collapsed on top of Carol with his cock still buried

in her cunt.  With her lovely breasts flattened by his chest

he nuzzled her neck and french kissed her mouth. Their saliva

mingling as their tongs intertwined.  After what seemed an

eternity Jeremy lifted himself off of Carol his dick going

"PLOP" in protest as it left the tight, hot tunnel.  Carol

sat up grabbed his flaccid dong. Put in her mouth and

immediately started to suck it back to life.  She wanted it

in her ass as soon as she could get it hard again.

     She sucked the cock down her throat, she loved it, it

was the biggest cock she'd ever seen.  It had taken her three

years of practice to get of it into her mouth and throat.

But it was worth it.  Her sucking was bearing fruit the cock

in her mouth was getting broader and harder.  She started a

fucking action with her head.  The feel of the cock sliding

up and down her throat was getting her hotter and hotter.

When she was so hot she couldn't stand it any longer she

released his cock from her mouth, crawled to the coffee table

and handed Jeremy a tube of K.Y. jelly and told him to lube


     Jeremy opened the tube and squeezed a glob onto his hand

then coated his dick with it.  Squeezing out some more jelly

he ordered Carol on her knees with her head and tits on the

rug.  Kneeling behind and in between Carol's legs Jeremy

brought his fingers to her asshole and inserted them slowly

into the tight hole, greasing her shit hole liberally.

Grasping his long prong he brought it to the puckered lips

and slowly pushed it into her.  She grunted as his entered

her causing pain, but with erotic pleasure, as he stretched

her ass muscles open.  As he filled her with his cock she

felt it sliding and expanding her guts.  When his hips were

stopped by her ass cheeks he waited til her ass had adjusted

to his big prong.  After about a minute, Carol moaned, "Yes,

Yes, fuck my ass with that horse cock of yours."

     When she said that Jeremy began pumping her ass with his

dong.  After a few strokes Carol began to push her ass back

at Jeremy's cock as he pushed into her asshole.  The friction

of the big cock sliding in and out of her shit passage was

bringing Carol closer and closer to orgasm.  When she felt

Jeremy's cock balloon larger with his cum she started

slamming her ass back harder and faster so she could cum at

the same time as Jeremy.  All at once the orgasm hit her with

the force of a sledge hammer.  "It's here! Fill my guts with

your cum!", she screamed.  Jeremy pushed his dick as far as

he could into her rectum and squirted his sperm into her ass.

After her ass milked all the cum from his dick he pulled it

out.  As his pole came out Carol ass spumed his milky cum

out.  She turned and kissed him with her tong exploring every

crevice of his mouth......................

     The room was still in darkness as Renee'/Jeremy drowsily

awoke. It was very quiet and after a few minutes she fell

back to sleep.....................

     Carol and Jeremy left the house on the way to a very

classy restaurant.  It was their 5th anniversary and they

were going out to celebrate with dinner and dancing.  The

their young daughter taking a nap with Carol's mother

watching her.  Jeremy started the car and backed out of the

driveway. Carol watched Jeremy as drove to town.  It was

twilight and there was very little traffic on the road.  A

bright idea entered her head and she smiled like a imp.

     She put her hand on his pant leg and lightly squeezed

his leg.  Then she began rubbing her hand up and down his

calf.  A few minutes later, sliding the hand to his fly, she

slowly unzipped him and brought his cock out.  Holding the

cock in her fist she started to jack him.  He started to get

hard almost immediately.  Leaning over she put her head

between his legs and put four inches into her mouth closed

her lips tightly and started to suck like a vacuum cleaner

while jacking the rest of his cock with her hand.  Her tong

swirled around the cock in her mouth.  Then she started to

bob her head up and down fucking herself in the mouth.  This

got Jeremy hot very fast.  She felt his cock starting to

balloon so she backed off and only kept the cockhead in her

mouth as she sucked and jacked.  Soon her mouth was filled

with hot cum that she swallowed as fast as she could. His cum

kept coming and she had trouble getting it all down but she

managed to do it.

     When he finished cumming she kissed his wonderful

cockhead on the tip and put his dick into his pants and

zipped him up.  Carol straightened up and giggled while

looking at Jeremy.  Smiling Jeremy remarked, "I almost plowed

into a couple of trees, my little cocksucker."  He lovingly

placed a hand on her thigh and gently squeezed.  Moving his

hand over her cunt he rubbed it though her dress and she

bucked up her hips to meet his hand and groaned with


     ........................... They were sitting in the

restaurant wait for the meal they had ordered a few minutes

ago.  Carol was talking about Maree', their three year old

daughter, had done during the day.  Jeremy slipped his left

shoe off and to play footsie with Carol under the table.

Carol's eyes were twinkling as he did this.  Emboldened he

kept raising the area he was rubbing with his foot.  Soon his

foot was at her crotch and he searched for her pussy lips.

He quickly felt the heat pouring out of her hot, sweet cunt.

His toes told him that she didn't have any panties or

pantyhose on.  Carol's eyes turned glassy as his big toe

rubbed her clit.  Then he slipped his toe into her and foot

fucked her.  As the waiter brought them their steaks Carol

came wetting Jeremy's sock.  She let out a little sigh as she

thanked the waiter with a dreamy look in her eyes.  After the

man left she told Jeremy that he was incorrigible and


     ........................... Yesterday had been Jeremy's

seventeenth birthday and he was still a virgin.  His buddies

had been ribbing him all last night at the party his parent's

had thrown for him.  He knew had a slight build and got very

tong tied anytime he was around girls at school, but his

mother said he was good looking.  Weighing only 158 pounds he

was definitely not a jock.  Hell, they'd murder him on the

football field and he didn't like sports anyway.  Well at

least it was Saturday, maybe he could figure how to get a

date for next weeks dance.

     It was warm for a Saturday morning in the middle of May,

Jeremy was in the backyard mowing the lawn.  He noticed

Donna, the next door neighbors daughter, trying to start

their mower.  Finishing the lawn, Jeremy walked over to

Donna.  Donna was a heavy set girl in the same year of high

school as Jeremy.  She was taller than Jeremy, had brunette

hair, and weighed about 165 pounds.  Donna would look good if

she lost about 40 or 50 pounds.  Her face was pretty, but

plump, and her hair long and silken.  As he got closer to her

she tried to start the mower again.  Her large breasts and

ass cheeks jiggled like jello when she pulled the cord.

     "Having trouble Donna?", asked Jeremy.  Donna turned

toward Jeremy and smiled.  "The dammed thing won't start and

Dad'll be mad as hell if the yard ain't mowed when my parents

get back from vacation Monday.", Donna complained.  "Don't

worry about it Donna.  It'll only take a few minutes to do.",

replied Jeremy.  With that he started to mow the neighbors


     When he finished Donna invited him in to have something

to drink.  Jeremy followed her as she walked into the house.

He sat at the kitchen table as Donna went to the refrigerator

to get something for Jeremy.  Bringing two glasses of milk to

the table she handed one to Jeremy.  "Thanks for doing the

lawn, Jeremy, I don't need dad yelling at me for not doing

it.", she said.  "I've been in the dumps for a long time now

and don't need anymore.  I'm over weight, but if I go on a

diet Mom yells at me.  No one wants to take a fat bitch out

anywhere!", complained Donna.

     Jeremy looked at Donna and said, "Yeah, that must be

tough.  If you parents pushing food down your throat.  My

problem is that I get all tongue tied when I try to ask

anyone out.  It gets boring staying home on a Friday night."

     Donna stared into space for a minute and replied, "Ya, I

know what you mean.  I'm so tired of it that sometimes I want

to cry."  There was silence for a few minutes and then Donna

suggested, "Jeremy, since you can't ask anyone and no one

will ask me.  Take me to the dance next Friday, PLEASE!, I

need to go!"

     Jeremy looked at Donna for a minute, her eyes were

pleading him to say, yes!  He sat there thinking for a minute

and said, "What the hell!  Why not, sure I will."  A big

smile appeared on Donna's face and then she grabbed Jeremy

and kissed him full on his lips.  "Jeremy, I'm glad that

you'll do that for me!  I'm fed up of staying home and being

a nice girl for Mama.  Do you know what I'm going on a diet

and I don't care what Mama says."  She kissed Jeremy again

and this time her tongue forced its way past Jeremy's lips as

she french kissed him.

     Her tongue danced around Jeremy's tongue feeling and

poking every crevice and moist area.  She put her hands on

his back and pulled him close.  Her large tits flattening

against his chest.  Jeremy's hand began forcing its ways

between them trying to feel her large soft breast.  She

loosened her grip to him room to grasp and fondle her large

boobs.  His fingers found her nipples soft nipples and he

started to pinch and roll them between his fingers.  As he

did this the nipples started to harden and get larger.

     Donna's pussy started to get wet with cunt-juice and she

could feel something hardening in Jeremy's pants.  She took a

hand from his back and forced it between their straining

bodies.  Her hand felt something very long and hard in

Jeremy's pants.  She fumbled with the fastenings of his pants

and finally opened them letting Jeremy's massive cock free.

Feeling his cock with her hand and finding no end, she

stopped kissing and pulled free from him so she could see

what size dick Jeremy was hung with.

     Donna knelt before Jeremy and stared at his horse dick,

had to be 11 inches long!  She leaned forward and kissed the

tip of the pole.  Holding his cock in both hands, she looked


     "Jeremy, its soo big!  Do you split the girls in half

when you screw them?"

     "I don't know Donna, all the girls think I'm a nerd and

won't have anything to do with me."

     "I know what you mean, Jeremy, just because I'm fat done

of the boys want anything to do with me.  It's a real drag."

     Her hands began sliding up and down the his big cock

bringing moans from Jeremy.  Suddenly Donna stopped pumping

and holding his dick tightly she dragged him to her room

upstairs.  Entering her room Donna released Jeremy's cock and

quickly removed her clothes leaving only her bra and panties

on.  Then turned to Jeremy and unbuttoned his shirt and

removed it.  She grasped the bottom of his T-shirt and pulled

it over his head leaving his lean chest bare.  Leaning

forward Donna started kissing his chest and nipples with her

soft lips while her hands went to his jeans and unfastened

them.  Sliding them down over his buttocks she knelt in front

of him, and pulled his shorts down releasing the massive pole

of a dick.  She opened her moist lips, then inserted the

cockhead into her mouth.  Her tongue found his piss-hole and

she lapped the pre-cum oozing from it. It tasted slightly

salty and sooo delicious.  Donna rammed face onto his cock

until it jammed at the back her mouth.  Sucking his meat she

moved her back and forth fucking motion and laved the under

side of the cock at the same time.

     Sweat appeared on Jeremy's forehead as his nuts

tightened.  This was the first blowjob he had ever had and he

knew his balls would explode their load in record time.  He

grabbed Donna's hair and pulled her to him as he blasted his

hot semen into her hot sucking mouth.

     After Donna sucked Jeremy's cock dry and drank all of

his jism.  She let his cock fall out of her mouth, and said,

"Did you like that, Jeremy?"  Jeremy nodded yes as he looked

at Donna's plump body.  "That was wonderful, Donna, where did

you learn to suck cock like that?", Jeremy asked.  "That's

the first time I ever did that to anyone, Jeremy.  I found

some video tapes my father has hidden in the garage one day

and watched them.", Donna replied.

     Jeremy pulled Donna to her feet and clasped her into his

arms as he kissed her passionately on the lips.  He swirled

his tongue inside her mouth playing tag with her tongue.  His

hands went to the clasps of her large bra and opened them

setting her boobs partially free.  Still hotly kissing her

mouth he lowered the straps off her shoulders.  Hunching his

shoulders to give some room he let the bra fall to the floor.

Then tightening his arms around her he mashed her bigs tits

against his chest.  They felt hot and very soft except for

the nipples themselves that poked into his skin.  His dick

was getting hard again as he slid his hands to her hips.  He

hooked his thumbs into the elastic waistband of her panties

and pulled them slowly down.  When they were past her large

ass he brought his hands to her breasts and started to kneed

them furiously flattening them into her chest.  Donna wiggled

her body to make the panties fall to the floor.  Still

kissing Jeremy hotly she stepped out of them and moved to the


     The bed creeked and bounced as they fell into it

together.  Jeremy released Donna from his embrace and

positioned her on her back.  Kneeling over her he lightly

kissed her neck several times with small, wet pecks.  Teasing

her.  Moving slowly downward he licked her chest in small

circles.  Reaching the base of her tits he licked around them

and then worked his way slowly to the large erect nipples.

He bit them lightly in their turn exciting her ever further.

When he was through kissing and fondling her boobs he licked

his was across her stomach stopping at her belly button.  He

inserted his wet tongue into it, bringing soft groans from


     Leaving her belly button behind he worked his way down

to her pubic hair.  As Jeremy reached Donna's cuntal crack

Donna opened her legs wide, bending her knees and digging her

heels into the bed to give him full access to her virgin

cunt.  Jeremy opened her cunt wider with his fingers and

looked at her rosy pink cunt.  Her clitoris was unhooded and

standing at attention.  The vagina was slightly open and

dripping a thick lubricating liquid down her ass crack.  The

sweet aroma of her cunt was sending more blood into his large

cock making it harder.  He felt that he had a steel rod down

there!  Slowly he brought his tongue to her clitoris and

started to lick it very slowly.  Donna's hips jumped as his

tongue touched her clit and made her moan with passionate

pleasure.  After very lightly biting her clit with his teeth

he dragged his tongue across her slit to her cunt hole and

sucked her sweet juices into his mouth tasting cunt juice for

the first time.  Jeremy loved the taste and lapped up the

juice running towards her asshole.  He didn't want to waste

any of her juice!  Returning to Donna's clit he swirled and

lapped at it until her hip were grinding and pushing in a

fucking motion and she neared her orgasm.

     Sticking a finger into her vagina made Donna gasp with

coital pleasure.  Jeremy twisted his finger feeling the walls

of her cunthole grasp his inserted digit.  Donna screamed and

bucked as the orgasm hit her sending cum juice to squirt past

Jeremy's finger to leak down to her ass.  Her knees flopped

down onto the bed opening her cunt even more.

     "Oh, Jeremy!  That thaaat thaaat was soooooo gooooood!

I've never felt anything like that!  Can can you fuck me

now?", Donna gasped breathing hard.  She ground her hips in

lust.  Showing she wanted something long and hard stuffed

into her cunt!  Jeremy, kneeling between her legs, looked

into her begging eyes and said, "Donna, I want to put my dick

into that hot hole of yours, but I'm afraid of hurting you."

Donna smiled and purred, "I want you to stuff that thing of

yours into my cunt!  Do it slowly so I can feel it going in.

Do it now!"

     Jeremy inched forward until the tip of his cock touched

her wide open cunt.  Donna grasped it and brought it to her

waiting hole.  Jeremy pushed his hips forward pressing the

tip of his into her cunt.  She moaned with pleasure as his

cockhead pressed past the lips of her vagina.  Pushing harder

another inch of cock went into Donna.  Donna felt Jeremy's

hard member forcing its way into her hot cunt.  There was no

pain yet due to the large amount of cunt juice in her pussy.

The large cock move another half inch in her hole and was

stopped by her hyman.  Another push and nothing happened.

Jeremy backed out a little and as Donna pushed her cunt up

Jeremy pushed down with his long cock.  The force of their

combined movement ripped Donna's hyman aside and let Jeremy's

cock bury itself to the hilt in Donna's cunt.

     Donna felt a sharp pain as her hyman broke, making her a

woman, and grunted then told Jeremy, "Hold still for while I

need to get used to you in me."  Jeremy stopped, feeling the

walls of her cunt pressing against his cock.  Her cunt hairs

were intertwined with his.  Two or three minutes later Donna

whipered, "Fuck me now Jeremy! Fuck me now!"  Jeremy started

to slowly pump his rock hard prick into her hot, wet,

grasping cunt.  He increased his speed as Donna movements met

his.  "Yes!  Yes!  Fuck my brains out!  Stick that cock of

yours into my stomach.  Fuck me! Fuuuuck Meeeee!", Yelled

Donna.  Jeremy's balls slapped against her ass as he rammed

his cock into her faster and faster.  Squishing and sucking

noises echoed as they moved faster and faster.  Donna

screamed, "It's getting close!  Fuck me harder!  Ohhhh!

Gaaaaa!  Fuck me! Oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

Donna's orgasm hit suddenly tightening her vagina around

Jeremy's cock like a vise milking him as he came with her.

Squirt after squirt of hot jism flooding her wanting cunt.

Hot cum and blood gushed past the squirting cock staining the

bed as Jeremy slammed his cocked into her with his last push.

     As his satisfied cock slowly deflated he kissed Donna

passionately as he pulled his cock out of her sweet cunt.

"That was beautiful, Jeremy!", Donna whispered, as she hugged

Jeremy to her large bussom.  They kissed and cuddled as sleep

crept onto them from the furious fuck.  As they fell asleep

jism and blood dribbled from Donna's satified cunt.  She knew

she had to have that rock hard cock in her again, and again.

Maybe she'd have him stick up her ass too!  Jeremy's cock

twiched as he felt her boobs pressing into him.  What would

it feel like to tit fuck her?????????????????????????????


See Chapter 3

Renee begins her life as a woman.



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