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Archive-name: Changes/renee01.txt


Archive-title: Kidnapped! - 1

     It was a dark and cold night in January when Jeremy

walked out of the house to go to work at the plant.  He

limped to the car parked in the driveway.  Opening the door

he got in and started the car.  Something hit the back of his

head and he saw stars as slumped forward out cold.

     Sometime later he awoke with a blindfold over his eyes

and his hands tied behind him.  He was in some kind of

vehicle that was moving at a fast pace.  Then a needle was

pressed into his ass and he went out like a light again.

     When he came to again he was in a dimly lit room laying

on a hard bed.  He tried to move his right hand to his face

and discovered it was secured to the bed.  The bed was a

hospital bed and he was tied to it so all he could do was

turn his head from side to side.  There was a small table to

the right of the bed with a door to the left of the bed.  The

door was slightly ajar with bright light coming through the

crack.  There were no sounds except for the sound of the

ventilation fans.  After a long while Jeremy fell into a

terrified sleep.

     The shaking of his shoulder woke Jeremy the next morning

with bright lights hurting his eyes.  There was a older woman

standing next to the bed looking intently at him.  She turned

towards the door and told the two attendants standing there

to take Jeremy to the Lab to start the compatibility tests.

As the attendants came toward Jeremy, she said, "You better

hope you pass these tests."

     The attendants rolled the bed out the door and down the

hall to a waiting elevator.  As the doors of the elevator

closed one of the attendants stuck a hypo in Jeremy's arm and

he passed out.

     Sometime later Jeremy came to back in the hospital room.

There was a woman standing at the foot of the bed reading a

chart.  She was about 30 to 35 years old with a very good

body.  Blond hair and blue eyes, her breast were trying to

burst out of the bodice of her dress. She looked up and said,

"So you've finally come around again.  I'm glad to say that

you passed the compatibility tests.  We won't have to slit

your throat to get rid of you."

     Jeremy looked at her and said, "I'm glad to hear that,

but why have you kidnapped me?"

     She smiled and replied, "I'm Doctor Hilda, I won't tell

you my last name.  You don't need to know it.  You taken

because we need some of the parts of your body.  A very rich

woman has a desire to become a male.  So going to remove your

cock and glands and graft them on her."

     At this Jeremy became very panicked and tried to break

the bonds holding him to the bed.  The straps held and

started to cut into his flesh.  Hilda said, "You better stop

that before you damage yourself!" Jeremy yelled, "Who gives a

fuck! You're not going to make a dickless thing out of me!"

     She grabbed a hypo and gave him a sedative to calm him

down.  After a few minutes it took affect and he stared at

her with glassy eyes.  Hilda grinned back at him and said,

"You'll still be able to fuck afterwards.  You see, this

woman also wants a love slave.  So we're also going to graft

all of her parts onto you, except for the breasts which are

easier to grow on you than transplant.  So you'll have a cunt

and be able to get pregnant.  We'll make sure the tits are a

large handfull."  She giggled and walked out of the room.

Jeremy went into shock and passed out.

     When Jeremy came to Dr. Hilda and another woman were

standing by the bed.  Where Dr. Hilda had an hourglass figure

the woman standing next to her was manly in appearance. Like

the doctor she was blond with ice blue eyes.  She had very

small breasts and had no flair to her hips or ass.  The

doctor said to the woman, "The compatibility came out

positive so we should not have any problems at all with the

transplants, Mika."

     Mika Kane was well pleased with the doctor's comment.

She hated being a woman and blamed her father for being born

one.  She wanted to be a man like her brother Terence.  Who

was in France on business trip for the family firm.

     Mika said, That's very fine to hear, doctor, but that

doesn't mean that he is acceptable for my purposes.  I need

to know how big his cock is.  When I start fucking a bitche's

cunt I want her to squeal from me ramming it in her fuck


     Hilda grinned at Mika and said, "That's no problem at

all Mika.  We'll find that out right now."  Hilda's hand went

to the zipper of her dress and slowly be to pull it down.  As

the zipper came down to her naval she gave a shake to her

shoulders which released that released her melon sized

breasts from the dress.  Hilda was a hot woman and hardly

ever wore a bra.  Her breasts were large with silver dollar

sized auroles the nipples were hard with her lust.  She

pulled her arms out of the sleeves and pushed the dress down

over her wide hips dropping the dress to the floor.

     The doctor stood at the end of the bed wearing only her

pink, sheer bikini panties.  Her vulva protruded out from her

legs and a wet spot started to appear in front of her panties

were her lubricating honey was dripping out of her hot cunt.

She kicked shoes off of stockingless feet and brought her

hands to her hips.  Placing her thumbs into the sides of her

bikini panties she started to slowly roll them down over the

luscious mounds of her ass.  The blond bush over her pussy

appeared and then the inner thighs of her legs.  Her love

honey started to run down her legs showing she was ready for

hard male meat to be rammed into her Venus Channel.

     When her panties fell to the floor Hilda straightened

and spread her legs slightly apart and with her right index

finger rubbed her clit with a circular motion.  Then she

plunged the finger into sopping hole wetting it with her

juice. Removing it she brought the finger to sensuous mouth

and sucked on it to taste her sweet honey.

     Her hips swayed as she stepped to the side of Jeremy's

bed.  Grabbing the blanket she pulled it off the bed.  Jeremy

was nude and the restraints held him spread eagled on the

bed.  His cock and hairy balls lay limply between his spread

legs.  Hilda climbed onto the bed.  She kneeled with her legs

on either side of Jeremy. Her ass pointing to his face.  As

she bent towards his cock her opened cunt came into view.

The lip a dark rich pink.  Her clit standing at attending

demanding to be fondled.  It glistened with honey gushing out

of her hole as it contracted with want.

     With her face inches away from Jeremy's cock her hand

gently touched the flaccid length and began teasing it.

Slowly she brought the bulbous head of the cock to her lips.

Sticking her tong out she began licking and wetting it.  The

cock began to straighten as blood began to rush into it.

Hilda open her mouth and engulfed it in her mouth as she

started to suck the cock to its full glory.  It swelled in

her mouth moving to back of her throat and down to the


     She could feel the dick throbbing as bobbed up and down

face fucking Jeremy's cock.  After three or four minutes of

this she slid the now fully erect cock lovingly out of her

mouth.  Holding the cock in her hot hands.  She closely

inspected it.  The bulbous head had to be, at least, 1 1/2

inches in diameter, the shaft only slightly smaller in

diameter.  Oh, that lovely hard shaft!  It had to be 10

inches long.  Add the bulbous head to that!  11 1/2 inches!

Hilda squealed, "Mika!  You've got a real cunt ripper here!

I've got to have it in me!   I've got to fuck it!"

     The hot doctor straightened her back and straddled

Jeremy's cock with her cunt. She reached down with her hand

grabbed Jeremy's cock and stuffed into her dripping hole.

The head pushed aside her cunt lips stretching them with some

pain.  As the muscles at the entrance of her vagina relaxed

she pushed down engorging herself on the full 11 1/2 inches.

The cock head was mashed against her cervix.  She felt that

this monster cock was splitting her in half. Moaning in

delight Hilda began bouncing up and down on the hard male

pole.  Her ass cheeks quivered as they slammed onto Jeremy's

pelvis.  Sweat began accumulating on her wildly bouncing


     As Hilda fucked Jeremy's cock. Mika was getting hot from

watching the sex crazed doctor screw that big cock that she

wanted.  She opened her blouse and roughly squeezed and

rolled her small tits between her fingers.  She made hurt as

much as she stand.  She threw off the blouse and practically

ripped off her slacks and panties.  Mika rushed to her purse

and retrieved and double ended dildo.  Spreading her legs

wide.  She grunted as she rammed the unlubricated pole into

her tight pussy.  Bringing pain that she loved so much.

After strapping the fake cock in place.  Mika went to bed and

climbed behind the fucking Hilda.  She began collecting the

honey that oozed past Jeremy's big cock and spread it on the

fake pole.  She took some and started to lubricate Hilda's


     Moving the fake cock to puckered back hole of the

fucking doctor.  Mika inserted the head into the moving

asshole.  Waiting a few seconds then ramming 9 inches all the

way in.  Hilda screamed, "Yes! Yes! RAM THAT THING UP MY ASS!

FUCK ME! FUCKKK MEEEE!"  With both holes being fucked Hilda

felt her orgasm approaching rapidly.  She grasped the balls

in front her and started squeeze them while saying, "Cum you

son-of-a-bitch! Squirt that white scum into my cunt! I want

that cum!"  She felt the cock in her cunt start to enlarge

with the hot white juice. She rammed her pussy down hard on

the cock and told Mika to ram that thing up her hard up her

ass.  As soon as the sperm started to squirt into her cunt.

She went rigid as the orgasm hit her.  She kept cumming and


     When Mika felt Hilda cumming she slammed the dildo in as

far as it go.  The pressure back feeding and ramming the

dildo hard into her twat.  One hand dropped to her pussy and

savagely rubbed her clit.  She screamed as she came.  The cum

juice running down the dildo and then mingling with Hilda's

juice and Jeremy's white cum as it dripped out of Hilda's


     As the cock in Hilda's cunt began to diminish, Mika

pulled the rubber cock out of the doctor's ass.  It came out

with a loud "SPLOT" sound.  Hilda dismounted from Jeremy and

with juice and sperm dripping from her cunt turned and french

kissed Mika.

     Mika maneuvered Hilda to a sitting position on the side

of the bed with her legs splayed open wide.  Kneeling between

Hilda's legs. Mika started to lap the cum oozing out of the

fuck hole.  Hilda started to hump her hips in tune to the

tong fucking she was getting.  Her orgasm was getting closer

fast.  She grabbed Mika's hair and rammed her face into her

sopping cunt. Then she came and came and came.

     Hilda looked at Mika and asked, "Well what do you think?

Is that cock good enough?"  Mika answered, "Might be, but

maybe I should ram it up my cunt to make sure!"  Hilda looked

down at Jeremy and said, "Good idea, do you want me to get

him ready for you?"  The small chested blond nodded yes.

With that the doctor leaned over the bed and started to lick

and suck the male member back to its former majesty.

     When Hilda had the cock back to its full hardness she

stood and back and watched as Mike climbed on top of Jeremy.

Mike squatted over the delightful rammer facing Jeremy.

Taking the member in her hand she guided it to her fuck hole.

She slowly slid down the large pole until her cunt hairs were

mingled with cock hairs.  Mika's clit was mashed into

Jeremy's pubic area.  She began to hump hips dragging her

clit against Jeremy's body.

     The large cock made sucking sounds as it moved in the

tight pussy when it created a vacuum in its outward movement.

Female juice was leaking past the cock every movement and

started to flow into Jeremy's ass crack.  Mika added a

bouncing motion as her cunt heated and brought her close to

orgasm.  Mika stiffened as the orgasm hit then Jeremy came

and shot a large load of cum into the tight cunt.

     When Mika recovered she lifted herself off of the

shrinking prick, and as the head passed her cunt lips a small

popping sound was heard as the vacuum her pussy was broken.

White cum started to gush out of her over stretched twat.

Getting off the bed she reached for a towel laying in a chair

and wiped the cum from between her legs.

     "That's some cock doctor.", said Mika, "When can the

transplants begin?"  Hilda looked thoughtful as she replied.

"We'll have to prep you and him.  Let's say we start prepping

now and do the operations early in the morning."  Hilda

turned and walked to the call button and pressed it.  "I'll

have the nurses clean him up and make arrangements for you."

The two women walked from the room leaving a terrified Jeremy

to his fate.

     A long time later Jeremy awoke, his eyes didn't focus

too well and everything kept spinning.  He noticed before he

dosed off that there was another bed in the room with a blond

haired person in it.  He couldn't tell which sex the person

was because the sheets were pulled up to the neck.

     As he came awake he noticed a very heavy pain in his

groin area, in fact the lower part of his body hurt like

hell.  Moaning sounds came from the other bed.  Then screams

calling for a nurse. "Get me some dammed pain killers now!

Damm it! I'm paying a lot to be here!"

     Jeremy moaned as the nurse came into the room going to

the next bed.  "Here's your pain killer Mr. Kane", said the

nurse. The other patient said, "It's about time you got here,

but it Ms. Kane not Mr."  The nurse answered, "Not any more,

the Doctor should be here soon to tell you how the operations

went."  Jeremy asked the nurse for some pain killer but Kane

turned and told him to shut up, that she belonged to him and

he would decide when she got anything from now on.  Kane

turned to the nurse and told her to give Jeremy some pain



Thought Jeremy to himself.  Then it began to sink in that

they must of already done the operation that the doctor was

talking about.  Then Jeremy began to float as the sedative

the nurse gave her took effect and fell asleep.

    "Renee' wake up, it's time to begin your hormone and you

should get some pain killers at the same time." said the

nurse standing by the bed. I said, "My name is not Renee'

it's Jeremy."  From the next bed Kane said, "It is now, I

picked it out for you.  You better reconcile yourself to

being my property as fast as you can. It will make it a lot

easier on you."  I said, "My God what have you done to me?"


See Chapter Two (Jeremy remembers his wife & his first sex

experience with a overweight teenager.)





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