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Archive-name: Changes/rebirth.txt


Archive-title: Rebirth

1. A winter's morning.

        Jimmy awoke to the sound of his hated alarm clock, which read 5:30

AM. He hated delivering newspapers, almost as much as he hated cold winter 

mornings. He peeked through the small window above his bed. From the ice

collecting around its edges he could tell that this would be a particularly

bad day. As it was, he was a rather smallish eleven year old, and his tiny

body would have a terrible time dragging those newspapers up and down those

hilly streets. "Damn it," he cursed under his breath, "the icy streets won't

even allow me to use my bicycle." He hurried his 90 pound frame into the 

bathroom. Standing only 4'4" tall, he had to strain to comb his shoulder

length dark hair in the mirror. He quickly pulled on some jeans and left for


        After walking down to the station to pick up the newspapers, he 

headed to his usual route. He noted that a new house, a Mr. and Mrs. Mavin,

was added to his list. Their house seemed far out of his way, so he

decided to visit it last. By the time he arrived at the Mavin residence it 

was around 6:30 AM. He was dead tired and all he wanted was to empty his

bladder. As usual he forgot to piss before leaving. This fact was not lost on

him as he made his way to the door. He put the paper down on the place mat

when he heard some noise in the house. He needed to go to the bathroom so

badly!!!  Against his better judgment he decided to knock on the door to ask

permission to use the bathroom. He made his way to the door and tapped it

lightly. He heard no response and was about to turn away when someone twisted

the knob. He turned around to find a quizzical young lady of about 12 looking

at him. "AAA.. Hi, I'm Jimmy, your paper delivery boy, I was wandering if I

could use your restroom?" She smiled at him and said: "Sure, but come in 

quickly, or I'll freeze to death." Relieved, he made his way in when she 

grabbed him by the hand and led him down the corridor to a small room. "What

you want is in there," she said with a sarcastic tone. She opened the door,

and before he could move she shoved him in and locked the door.

        He was scared to death. He could not believe he had fallen into this

trap after all the times he had been warned not to be careful when dealing

with strangers. But she looked so sweet, so friendly. He wanted to scream,

but something held him back. It was as if he was pushing against a wall that

would not give. He became aware that going to the bathroom was no

longer a problem, as he felt a warm stream running down his legs. In his 

short and protected life this was by far his most embarrassing moment. If he

knew a little more about the ways of the world he would have been far more

fearful than he was at the moment. To Jimmy this was just another game. Any

second the girl would come in and let him out. Any second now... He cuddled

up like a ball and waited.

2. Hopeless?

        Jimmy woke up to discover that he had been cuffed and restricted.

"I must have been asleep for hours," he thought to himself. "Hello, is

anyone here?", he squealed through his fear muffled throat. He then

realized that he was no longer in the room he was in before. He decided that

he must have been moved while he was asleep. "Why are they doing this to

me?" "Have I done anything wrong?" Suddenly, a light flickered on above his

head. He squinted his eyes, trying to alleviate his discomfort. From behind

him he felt a pair of hands free him from his constraints. He tried to jump

to his feet, but was unable to do so as his legs were stiff and cramped. 

"Relax Jimmy, you have nothing to be afraid of..." said an unfamiliar but

distinctly male voice behind him. He also heard a girlish giggle behind him.

He turned around to see three people. One was the girl who had let him in

earlier. Next to her were standing a couple he assumed to be Mr. and Mrs.

Mavin. He assessed the three. In the light, which still hurt his eyes, he

was able to make out the features of his captures. The man was about 5'6",

muscular, with receding dark hair, and appeared to be in his mid forties. 

The girl seemed to be somewhat younger than he assessed earlier, maybe 11,

maybe 10. She had long blond hair which carried down to her behind. Her green

eyes, pouty mouth and curvaceous figure would have made most men cream in 

their pants, but Jimmy was too young and too scared to notice such things. 

What he did notice was that she was somewhat shorter than him, about 4'2".

The older woman was slightly obscured by her husband, but Jimmy could still 

make out her outline. She had more than a slight resemblance to his mother.

She looked about 40 and slightly plump, but not overly so. She noticed him

looking at her and smiled in a manner that calmed him down somewhat. She made

her way towards him and offered her hand. "Are you OK Jimmy?, I hope Elaine

did not push you too hard." "Aaah, I'm ok..." he returned, but was too

confused to add anything more. The woman turned to her daughter. "Elaine,

could you run to the kitchen and fetch me a glass of lemonade." The young

girl smiled and rushed out of the room. Once more, the woman turned to him

and spoke up. "Jimmy, I know that you are confused and scared, but let me 

assure you that we only want what's best for you. As long as you do what we

tell you no harm will come to you, OK?" Jimmy snapped back: "What do you want

from me? Please let me go." It was the man's turn to speak. "Jimmy, we want 

you to feel safe, but understand that you must NEVER, EVER question anything

we tell you to do. Otherwise, we would have to punish you." Jimmy, whose

personality had been subdued to begin with, was far to scared to offer any

resistance. "Ahh, OK Mr. Mavin." The man grinned at him. "That's great Jimmy.

I think that you will like it here, but let's get something straight. I'm not

Mr. Mavin, and this is not Mrs. Mavin. You see Jimmy, Mr. and Mrs. Mavin are

currently on vacation in Florida and have no idea what happened here. You 

see Jimmy, my wife Michelle works at a ticket reservation office. She knew

that Mr. and Mrs. Mavin would not be here because she was the one who arranged

their vacation. As far as they know, nothing ever happened here. " Jimmy

tried to speak out, but the man cut him off. "I am not finished yet Jimmy.

You see Jimmy, this was planed out well in advance. We came in during the

night, waited for you to come, snatched you and left in the middle of the

night. As far as anyone knows, we were never here." He spotted the puzzled

look on Jimmy's face. "Yes Jimmy, you were out for much, much longer than 

you think. Three days to be exact. You are now many miles away from home.

We watched the news yesterday. The police decided that you ran away when they

couldn't figure out what happened to you. So, I would not get my hopes

up if I were you, since I don't think that you will ever, ever get away 

from here." 

        Just as Jimmy was about to stage a protest Elaine arrived with the

glass of lemonade. Jimmy thought about refusing the offer, but he was too

thirsty and emotionally tired to offer any resistance. He reached out to 

Elaine, and she handed him the glass which he emptied in a hurry. Michelle

sensed his nervousness and placed her arm around him, giving him a motherly

hug. He tried to shake her off, but even on his best days he would not have

been strong enough to fight her off. She persisted and even tightened her

grip on him. Slowly, his alarm was fading away. Michelle now drew him closer

to her and was beginning to rub his back. His head was growing light, as the

"lemonade" was taking its toll on him. When she was sure that he was totally

out, Michelle placed him on a mattress her husband dragged in. She brought

her lips to Jimmy's and planted a more than motherly kiss on them. "Sleep

well, Jennifer," she whispered to Jimmy, "You will love being here." Her 

husband reached down and helped her up. "Don't rush it angel, we have the

rest of his life." They left the room leaving Elaine behind them. She took

a long look at him and sighed. "She's so beautiful" As she left she locked

the door behind her, leaving the boy to his drug induced sleep. Far, far

away, Jimmy was fighting dragons and playing hoops. The last few innocent

moments of childhood. Sooner than later he would grow up, but in a far 

different manner than he ever imagined.

3. Am I still me?

        Jimmy spent several weeks getting acquainted with his surroundings.

He was not sure where he was, but it sure wasn't home. The house was located

in a wooded area, far removed from anyone or anything. His only solace was

the nintendo machine which he played for several hours a day. They were so

far away from any town or city that television was not much of an option,

though every once in a while a faint signal would come in. However, what

did come through was mostly snow forecasts and religious programming, nothing

to stimulate the mind of a young boy.

        The one thing that he found comforting was the treatment afforded

him by the members of the house. Michelle and Elaine treated him very kindly.

So much so, that he was beginning to feel attached to them. Alex, the man

of the house, also showed him considerable affection. Nevertheless, there

was something quite perplexing about the way he was treated by everyone.

There was a lot of hugging, far too much for his taste. As a matter of fact,

all of them, but especially Michelle, kissed him constantly. It sort of

puzzled him, but he did not give it much thought. Other things did make him

wonder, especially the way they addressed him and made him address them.

Instead of using his God given name, they referred to him as "sweetheart",

"baby", or, of all things, Jeniffer. Initially, he put up some resistance,

but this only brought him scorn from Alex and sad stares from Michelle and

Elaine. Eventually he gave in and submitted to their wishes, and in time he

did start to identify himself as Jennifer. As his old identity was being

washed away, a new one was beginning top form, one which was quite

fascinating to him and one which was given to him by his adoptive family.

Nevertheless, as he was adapting to his new persona, he was beginning to 

fell very, very lonely. This was not lost on Michelle and Alex. For their

plans to succeed, they needed to have their little Michelle as happy and

content as possible.

        One day, about three months after he arrived, Michelle sat Jennifer

down on her knees. "Jennifer," she said, "you know how much you mean to

Alex and me." "I... guess so," he responded unsure of himself. Michelle 

reached down and started to rub Jennifer's inner thigh. Jennifer was 

beginning to feel quite warm, but not in a bad sort of way. He continued to

listen to Michelle as she continued to speak. "You know Jenny honey, me

and Alex know what's troubling you." "You do?" Jennifer asked her with 

widening eyes. "Of course, you need someone to talk to, a friend near to

you age." Jennifer felt happier than he felt in months. "HHHow did you

know?" he asked. The bait was taken and now it was Michelle's job to reel

the catch in. "Jenny, don't you think I know what's it like to be a little

girl like you?" Jennifer was visibly puzzled. "What do you mean 'little girl

like me'? I am a boy, not a girl!!!" Michelle's eyes were beginning to tear.

"Jennifer, you are only making it harder on us. You see Jenny, not all boys

become men, some stay boys and some become women." Jennifer was now looking

quite disturbed. He was quite naive to the world, but this literally blew

his mind away. "You... you mean I'm going to become a woman???" Michelle

took a few seconds before answering, all the while inching her hand higher

up Jennifer's thigh. "Jennifer, about a year ago, your parents knew that

you were becoming a woman. They couldn't deal with it, so they called us. You

see Jennifer, we are here to help you make the transition from boy to girl."

Jennifer was stunned, he could not believe his parents would just give him

away. Michelle anticipated Jennifer's reaction and spoke first. "I know you

think your parents don't want you anymore, but it's just not true. Your 

parents love you very much, which is why they allowed us to take you. The

fake kidnapping, the newspaper route, it was all their idea. It would have

been impossible for you to make the change from boy to girl back home. I 

mean, your friends would have teased you and beat you up. They had to give

you up. The reason I am telling you all this is that your parents asked us

one favor before giving you up. They said that after three months you had

the choice of staying with us or going to another family. It's up to you

now sweetheart, us or someone else." Her hand was now rubbing his little

penis slowly, making him altogether confused. Three months ago, he would have

killed to escape these people. Now the thought of leaving them left him 

visibly distressed. "III.. I don't want to leave you but I miss my parents."

Michelle was now jerking his penis up and down, caressing his hair with her

other hand, massaging his shoulders. "Jennifer, we all have to grow up, and

now you must grow up. I you stayed with your parents you could never make the

transition. You would stay a little boy all your life, and you would be alone

and very miserable. Let us help you become a woman." As she finished saying

her piece she brought her mouth to his and separated his lips with her

tongue. Her right hand forced him to her, while her left hand was bringing 

him to a climax. She kept whispering in his ear, "Be my girl, be my baby."

Waves of pleasure were hitting Jennifer, and suddenly he climaxed. His mouth

opened up, and all he could say was "YES, YES, YES." At that very moment,

Jimmy died and Jennifer was born anew. Michelle smiled at her. "Jennifer,

my beautiful, beautiful girl." 

4. Sweet sisters.

        Michelle left the room and returned with a moist towel, wiping off 

the remains of Jennifer's first orgasm. She picked up Jennifer's 90 LB figure 

and carried her to bed. She spent the next 15 minutes baby talking Jennifer

to sleep. When Jennifer finally drifted off, she stepped outside and shut the

door. She walked into the kitchen where her husband and daughter awaited her.

Elaine spoke out first. "Did he buy it mommy?" "Sure did," answered Michelle.

"You know Elaine, sweetheart, sometime you are smarter than both me and your

father combined. I mean, how did you figure out he would fall for that." 

"Easy mom," responded Elaine, "after all, deep down all boys want to believe

that someone needs them, loves them. All we had to do is to convince him that

he belonged here. Now, he not only loves us, he trusts us." Suddenly, Alex

spoke up. "I don't care about all your psychological mumbo jumbo. I want to

know when I be able to fuck her sweet ass." Elaine and Michelle stared him

down coldly. Elaine spoke up first. "Daddy, I want to use her too, but we

must take our time so as not to give her any reasons to doubt what we tell

her. Anyway daddy, don't you like MY ass any more?" Her father's eyes left

her no doubts as to what was the answer. Michelle spoke next. "Alex darling,

we have the rest of her precious life to ourselves." With that, she led her

husband to their bedroom and closed the door, leaving Elaine to her thoughts.

As she sat there Elaine said to herself: "Well Elaine, you finally got your

girlfriend, so don't fuck this up." She reached for the pack of Virginia

Slims on the counter top, drew out a cigarette and placed it between the

corner of her lips. She lit it up and took a deep drag. How sweet it was,

how sweet it was. She took one last drag and blew out a cloud of smoke, 

which she took a minute to admire. Her decided to give her overworked brain

a well deserved rest and went to watch a few Porno tapes, it was not lost on

her that for one of the world's smartest 10 year old, she was certainly one

of the horniest. She decided to skip the videos and made her into her

parent's bedroom, where the groaning and moaning belied what was taking place.

She would have some fun that night...

        Jennifer's sleep was too deep for her to notice the moaning and

groaning going on only a few rooms away. Often Jennifer was chided by her

parents for her gullibility. Today it was her saving grace, allowing her

to make a smooth transition to a new life. But in her dreams, not all was

flowing smoothly. She kept picturing herself in dresses, like little dolls

in display windows. Fancy faces and frilly dresses. She understood nothing of

it, but overriding everything was the urge to find an identity. One moment

he was Jimmy, the neighborhood punching bag, the next moment she was Jennifer,

the daughter of Alex and Michelle. She felt herself falling and woke up. She

was about to try and fall back asleep when she noticed she was not alone in

bed. She turned around to see Elaine's naked body next to hers. He was

flushed with embarrassment, seeing as she was never this close to a girl her

own age before, much less a nude one. In his confused state she had forgotten

all about her encounter with Michelle the night before. Jennifer was about to

turn around when she felt Elaine's chilly hand on her ass. Startled she spun

a full 180 degrees, putting her face to face with the young girl. "How is my

new sister doing?" asked Elaine. Realizing that she was the one being talked

to, Jennifer managed a squeally giggle. Realizing her discomfort, and taking

full advantage of it, Elaine moved her hand to cover Jennifer's mouth,

drawing circles around her lips. Elaine knew full well that Jennifer was

quite clueless about her new life, her new role. Just as aspiring actors 

learn by watching films of old masters, it was up to Elaine to break Jennifer

into her role. 

        Elaine brought her mouth to Jennifer's, using her tongue to smooth

her path. To an outsider it might look as though they were kissing, but in

fact it was all Elaine's handy work, as Jennifer was far too stunned to do

much of anything. She felt the power of the little girl next to her, the

wondering tongue, the pouty lips pressed to hers. She was also overcome by

the last remaining hints of the cigarette Elaine smoked a few hours earlier.

Seeing that the getting was not as good as the giving, Elaine realized that

she was moving too fast for the poor girl next to her and thus broke off the

kiss. Jennifer tried to say something clever, but all she could muster up

was "You smoke?" This cracked Elaine up. Here was a girl literally raped

and this was all she could come up with. She decided not to press the issue

and answered with a straight face "Yeah. I've been smoking for three years

now." Jennifer was stunned. She remembered when her father beat up her

brother when he found a cigarette on him. She queried "Don't your parents

mind?" "My mother gave me my first cigarette when I was five, and I was

hooked from day one. You too will start smoking pretty soon too, but that

will have to wait." This was too much for Jennifer. This girl, only slightly

older than him, seemed to be completely in control while he was uncertain of

anything. "Why did you call me sister before?" posed Jennifer. Elaine saw

this as a perfect opportunity to press her point. "Mom and dad told me about

your little problem. We all think that the best thing would be for me to

make sure that you become a girl as soon as possible. So we decided to adopt

you as their daughter and my new sister." She swept Jennifer's long hair off

hair face and smiled. "How do you like your new sister, Jenny?" Her last

remark was stated without a trace of irony, as she fully meant what she said.

This earnestness was not lost on Jennifer who blushed fiercely, a signal

that she more than approved of Elaine. Elaine felt like she had just bowled

a three hundred game, that all the preparation was not in vain, that it had

all come to fruition. She gave Jennifer a slight peck on her mouth and drew

her close to her body. The two girls drifted off to sleep together, though

Elaine was the last to fade away. She lingered a bit longer, breathing in a

breath of superiority. She was now in full command of Jennifer. What her

parents did not know was that she exercised the same sort of control over

them, but then again the happiest slave is the one who does not know he has

a master. She pulled the blanket over her head and went off to another


5. Altered.

        Jennifer woke up to find herself alone in bed. This was not 

unexpected, as she seemed to wake up later and later each passing day. While

she attributed this to simple laziness, this was hardly the case. Michelle,

you see, fully understood that keeping Jennifer off balance would markedly

lower her resistance to the transformation. Thus, her food was doused

with a healthy portion of sleep inducers, which kept Jennifer groggy and dull

most of the time. Thus, Jennifer was hardly surprised when the clock read

2:30 PM. What nearly made her croak, was the fact that she was wearing pink

lace panties and a bra. She tried to remove the bra, but to no avail. It had

apparently been fastened shut in the back. She though about removing the

panties, but decided that pink panties were preferable to walking in the

nude. She did not put up much of a struggle. What did surprise her was the

hardening of her penis. She had never before masturbated, and the drugs she

took all but wiped away the memory of the orgasm given to her by Michelle. 

        Embarrassed, she wanted to hide behind something, anything. This was 

anticipated by Elaine, who took great care to remove both sheets and blanket

from the room. Jennifer was on the verge of crying. She needed to piss so

very badly, but how could she let anyone see her. She decided to try and 

tiptoe her way to the bathroom. She listened very carefully to try and find

out if anyone was near her. When she was satisfied that indeed no one was

in her vicinity, she started to make her way to the bathroom. The moment she

stepped outside the bedroom, she was standing face to face with Alex who had

been waiting silently for her. Jennifer was close to dying of embarrassment.

Blushing like she never did before she managed to spit out a faint "hi".

Alex, following his daughter's directions to the letter, came up to Jennifer

and gave her a more than friendly hug. He gave her a soft peck on the lips

and added: "Good morning baby. You look wonderful." Jennifer was quite

overwhelmed by the kiss and the feminine manner in which she was addressed.

Being kissed by Elaine and Jennifer was one thing, but by Alex? This was

getting to be a bit too much. For his part, Alex had his hands full 

containing himself. He wanted to rip Jennifer's cloths off right then and

there. However, fearful of his wife's and daughter's consternation, he

was content to give Jennifer's ass a slight squeeze. This sent Jennifer

dashing to the bathroom scared half to death. Once she locked the door

behind her she tried to piss as she always did. This time however, something

was very wrong. Instead of her simply being able to piss, her penis stayed

hard and refused to budge. She tried to soften it by rubbing it, but this 

only made it worse. Eventually, after about 5 minutes of anxious waiting,

her penis complied and she was able to empty her bladder, which was by now

quite close to explosion, and even this she was only able to do by sitting


        When she exited the bathroom, Alex was nowhere to be found. She

returned to her room and was surprised to see Michelle and a stranger next

to the bed. Michelle was first to speak. "Hi baby, I want you to meet

Dr. Davis." The stranger spoke up: "Hi Jennifer, Michelle told me all about

you, and she asked me to come in to examine you."  The man looked very

sweet and his voice soothed Jennifer. She nodded her head to signal her

approval. Michelle positioned herself behind Jennifer and to Jennifer's

huge surprise, was able to remove Jennifer's bra with one flick of her

fingers. She then "helped" Jennifer to remove her panties. Jennifer tried

to cover her penis with both of her hands, as any boy would. She was quite

surprised when Michelle took one of her hands away from her penis and 

positioned it in such a way so as to cover Jennifer's breasts. She 

chastened Jennifer: "A young lady should always try to hide her boobies."

She followed this by grabbing Jennifer's left nipple and tweaking it 

slightly. Jennifer was taken aback, but the pleasure in her left nipple 

alleviated any chance of protest. Michelle left the room, but before leaving

she instructed Jennifer to do all that Dr. Davis tells her to do in lieu of

severe punishment. 

        Dr. Davis began to poke Michelle all over her body all the while

maintaining a relaxed smile. Eventually, he stopped and started fumbling through

his bag. When he was done, he produced a several pills and a healthy looking

syringe. He instructed Jennifer to swallow the pills, and then he proceeded

to inject a large dose of a yellow liquid into Jennifer's behind. Had

Jennifer known anything about biology, she could have deduced that she was

being given an unusually large amount of estrogen. Finally, Dr. Davis

instructed Jennifer to lie flat on her back on the bed. He grabbed Jennifer's

penis and pulled it upwards in order to examine her scrotum. He mumbled to

himself: "How do they expect me to do this here?" He mumbled some more,

gathered his things, and left the room. Leaving Jennifer dejected and put

off. When Dr. Davis returned he had a rather nervous expression on his

face and Jennifer could not help but notice a few beads of sweat on his

forehead. He was also accompanied by Alex whose appeared to be sweating

profusely himself. Alex started stroking Jennifer's hair and whispering

sweet nothings to her. He pulled her close him and said: "Jennifer, I am

going to put a towel on your mouth. I want you to breath in deeply. I

promise you that nothing bad will happen to you." His smile seemed to 

assure Jennifer and she consented readily. Dr. Davis handed Alex a piece

of cloth which was drenched in chloroform. Alex gently placed the cloth

over Jennifer's face. At first she found the smell to be a bit repulsive,

but within a moment or two it no longer mattered. Jennifer was asleep and

Alex sighed in relief. Dr. Davis opened his bag once more, taking out a

sharp and shiny scalpel. He carefully measured Jennifer and went to work.

6. How sweet it is.

        When Dr. Davis was finished with his deed, he and Alex left the

bedroom for the kitchen when they Elaine calmly smoking a cigarette.

Dr. Davis tried to break the tension by quipping: "Little girls should

not smoke." Elaine gave him an innocent smile and replied: "Really Bob,

and do respectable old men go around fucking 10 year old girls?" With

that, she jumped on her feet and placed herself in front of Dr. Davis.

She fixed her eyes on his and slowly started to unzip his pants. When she

fully parted his zipper she reached in with her hand and pulled out his

throbbing member. She took the head into her mouth and started sucking on

it. With her hands she started Jerking his penis. While it was only an 

average sized penis, about six inches, her tiny hands made it seem far

larger than it truly was. Dr. Davis' knees were beginning to buckle. 

He started to shove his dick in and out of her throat. Elaine started to

pant and moan. She liked fucking but sucking was the icing on the cake. 

Until she turned 9 it was the only form of sex she had, and she was hooked

from the first time her father came in her mouth. Right now, all this was

far from her mind. All she knew, all that existed, was Dr. Davis' penis

being shoved in and out of her mouth down her throat. Her rhythmic movements

were intermingled with the incoherent sounds exiting her mouth. Suddenly,

without a warning, Dr. Davis started cumming down her throat. Elaine took

all he had to offer, which was quite a bit. Not a drop slipped her hungry 

mouth. When she saw that Dr. Davis was emptied she removed his penis from

her mouth and used her tongue to make sure that his penis was clear and

sparkling. She tried to re harden his penis in the hope that he could give

her one more load. When she saw that it was not to be she stuffed his

dick back into his pants and re zipped him. With a mock look of 

disappointment she turned to Dr. Davis and said: "Bob, unless you keep

yourself in shape you will of no use to me." With that she returned to her

seat in the table, took one last drag from her cigarette and put it out.

        As if on a cue Michelle entered the room and asked Dr. Davis if

Elaine had paid him for his services. His smiled assured Michelle that 

he was paid in full. "Just whistle any time you need me. Seriously though,

just keep her totally still for about three days and be prepared to calm

her down. I'm not sure she'll take it well." Elaine spoke up with a 

worried look. "Doc, you left her clitty didn't you?" Dr. Davis gave her

a consternating look. " Elaine, you know very well that I only cut their

balls off. Right now we only want to prevent her from going through male

puberty. It will be a long time, if ever, before she will be ready for

a total transformation. I would wait at least five years before going 

through with it. Anyway, from what I heard your daddy likes "girls" with

big clits." He winked at Alex who grinned from ear to ear. "Hey doc,

let me show you the door before you let out any more of my secrets."

With that he took the doctor by the hand and showed him the exit, playfully

"pushing" him out. Left behind, Michelle turned to Elaine. "Listen baby,

I know that this project is very important to you, so I'll keep my hubby

away from Jennifer until she is well and able." Elaine jumped on her and

gave her a big hug. "Thanks mommy, I love you a ton." Michelle took a deep

breath. "If you are that grateful baby, I know a way you go show some

gratitude to your mom." Elaine didn't need any encouragement. She grabbed

her mom by the hand and led her to her bed. Girls will be girls.

5. What have you done to me?

        The sun peeked in through the blinds and washed Jennifer's bed

with an unworldly glow. Jennifer, still unaware of what had been done

to her, woke up and tried to move. Immediately she was pierced by a sharp

pain which emanated from between her legs. She let out a yelp and tried

to reach down with her hands. She was dismayed to discover that her hands

and feet were tied down to prevent her from doing so. What made the

pain worse still was that she needed to pee real bad. She tried to struggle

for a few moments but discovered that this acerbated the pain. She decided

to call for help. She called out for Elaine who rushed in with a worried

look on her face. As much as Elaine loathed to admit, she had become quite

attached to the little boy-girl, and had made it her mission to see that

Jennifer is well taken care of. She moved to her side and pecked her on her

cheeks. "Hi sis, are you feeling better?" Jennifer, who was not feeling 

better, told Elaine about her need to go to the bathroom. Elaine and Michelle

had readied themselves for just such a situation and placed a bedpan

underneath Jennifer. Jennifer, who was tied down, simply could not see the

bedpan and panicked for no reason. Nevertheless, she was still uncomfortable

with the idea of pissing lying on her back. "Lane (Elaine's nickname), I

want to pee, but I'm afraid that everything will spill." Elaine reached

between Jennifer's legs, grabbed hold of her penis and aimed it towards the

bedpan. She was very careful to avoid touching below Jennifer's "clit".

She did so for two reasons. One, she did not want to acerbate poor Jenny's

pain. Secondly, she did not want to alert Jenny to the absence of her balls.

Jennifer consented to this arrangement and after a few minutes of exertion

she was able to relieve herself. 

        Lane took the bedpan and said she'd return in a minute. Before she

emptied the bedpan she dipped her finger in the golden juice and 

moistened her lips with the nectar. She took a moment to lick her lips and

returned to jenny's room. As soon as she entered the door she was stricken

to see Jenny sobbing loudly. "Lane, what did they do to me? It hurts soooo

much..." Lane rushed to her and put her arms around Jenny, doing her best

to calm her down. "Listen sis, I know it hurts. I know you feel bad. I know

you hate me right now. But believe me, we had to call the doctor. If we

didn't do this now we would have had to do it later and it would have hurt

a lot more." Jenny gave her a pained look. "But what did you do to me? I

mean, it hurts real bad." Lane avoided answering the question and continued

to shower her "sister" with hugs and kisses. Eventually she managed to 

calm her. A few moments later, their mom rushed in with a bottle of pills.

She turned pale when she saw that Jenny was awake. "I'm sorry baby, here

are some pills for you to take. They will make you feel much better." Jenny

took a pair of pills and was out within a couple of minutes. When she was

sure that her sister was out cold Lane turned to her mother and slapped her

flush on her face. "When I tell you to be here at 10:30 I don't want you

to be one second late!!!" She left the room leaving her mother to collect

her thoughts. Michelle gave her sleeping "daughter" a kiss on her cheek 

and exited her room and left her daughter to sleep.

        Jenny spent the next several days going in and out of sleep. Each

day the same routine would follow. She would wake up, Lane would help her

urination, and then she would be given pills which would turn her lights

out again. What she was oblivious to was the daily injection of estrogen

hormones into her systems. From a biological standpoint, the plan developed

by her new "parents" was perfect. Cut her balls off to cut the flow of

testosterone to her body. This would eliminate the male puberty process. 

They were very lucky to find such a young "girl". Jenny's voice had yet to

change and her body was largely undeveloped. The only sign that she was 

born a male was her 5" clit, over which all the members of the family

salivated. The injections of estrogen would help her to take on a more

female form. As a matter of fact, Jenny's estrogen levels had risen well

beyond those of most of the world's women. She was literally becoming a

woman. Since her hair had not been cut in over 4 months she had come to

resemble an average looking 12 year old, and a short and frail one at that.

The last piece of the puzzle was her psychological conversion into the

female race. She would not become a girl until the day she would think as

a girl. Quite literally, she would have to want to fuck and suck a man

before she could be declared a woman. She would have to like makeup, long

fingernails and fancy shoes. She would have to learn to take pride in

her figure. All in all, Jimmy's personality, that of a kid who was content

to be in jeans and T-shirts 365 days a year would have to be eradicated

and replaced with the personality of young woman, or slut to be more correct.

After all, this family did not go through all these hassles to end up with

a girl scout. They did have three advantages. The first was Jenny's totally

passive personality and acceptance of authority. The second was that Jenny

was possibly the world's most gullible "girl". Finally, Jenny had been

pretty much a loner most of her life. She had no friends her age and had

received almost no attention or love from anyone. Thus, she did not have

a view of herself in relation to the world. This left her vulnerable and

malleable. Al, Michelle and especially Lane were quite aware of all of

these little innuendoes in Jenny's personality. They crafted a masterful

plan and they were JUST beginning to execute it.

6. Jenny awakens.

        Four days to the date of her "correction" Jenny woke up. She was

prepared to go through the same old routine but something felt strange.

To her amazement the pain was completely gone. She was so excited she

yelled out with the top of her lungs. "Sis, come quick, the pain's gone."

Lane walked in, making sure she was calm enough to handle the storm that

was about to come. She smiled at Jenny and sat next to her. "Well sis, it

looks like your feeling better today." Jenny was surprised that Lane did

not share her excitement. Nevertheless she pressed onward. "Lane, please

remove the straps and bandages." Lane complied by removing the bandages.

She was on her tiptoes to avoid touching what used to be Jenny's beautiful

set of balls. Instead of removing the straps she began massaging Jenny's

legs to renew the circulation in them. Finally, she was satisfied that Jenny

could not harm herself by standing up. She slowly removed the leg straps

and the hand straps. To her delight, there were no marks on Jenny's arms

or legs. Jenny sort of hopped on here feet. She took a few steps and 

immediately felt something was wrong. She reached down between her feet and

fainted immediately.

        When she came about, she was lying in bed next to her mom and

sister. Michelle, for her part, was hugging Jenny tightly, though this was   

more to prevent Jenny from going on a rampage rather than to provide

love. Jenny immediately began to cry, so much so that her mother was close

to tears herself. At least Lane kept her head about her. She spoke quietly

and deliberately. "Jenny, it is time for you to behave like a big girl.

Your mom, dad and I have gone to enormous trouble to give you this chance

to grow up like a normal girl instead of being a freak. We spend night and

day taking care of you and all we get in return is your constant crying.

Now we all know that you have gone through a lot lately, but we have gone

through a lot too. So shape up now or I don't know what will happen to

you." This shocked Jenny into sobriety. She had grown quite attached to

Lane and to hear her talk like this frightened her. Instinctively she

tried to appease Lane. "I'm sorry Lane, please don't be angry." Lane,

quite delighted that her "tough" pose worked Jenny into shape, was more

than happy to make amends. She squeezed Jenny tightly and locked lips

with her. They embraced for a few seconds and when it was done it was as

though nothing had ever gone wrong. Now it was Michelle's turn to move.

She turned Jenny towards her in such a manner that Jenny's head rested on

her melon-like breasts. She opened her negligee and allowed her right breast

to pop out. She positioned her left hand under Jenny's head, and with her

right hand she guided her free breasts into Jenny's face. The young "girl"

instinctively took her mom's nipple in her mouth and began to suckle. This

simple act of motherhood was all that was necessary to calm Jenny down

completely. Michelle allowed Jenny to suck on her breast for quite some 

time thereafter. This was not an act of sex but rather the act of a 

mother nurturing her young. This was a moment which was the beginning of

Jenny's psychological transformation. That is, the act of being intimate in

a non sexual way with a woman. No man who has sexual impulses towards

women can ever belong in such a setting no matter how hard they try. Women

belong in such a setting, men don't. Whether it was the female hormones or 

latent homosexual tendencies that allowed this to happen was not important.

It did happen, and whether she knew it or not, Jenny was becoming a woman.

7. The woman inside.

	Once Jenny accepted losing her balls, she became like play dough

in the hands of her parents and sister. Within a week after the surgery

she started to undergo a truly massive transformation. She was assigned a

wardrobe of negligees, bras and panties and was forbidden to wear anything 

else. She was slowly trained to walk in high heel shoes and within a few

weeks could master a very gainly stride in 4" high heel shoes. Michelle 

taught her to administer makeup and to set her hair in a womanly manner.

These changes were cosmetic and short term oriented. At the same time, Dr.

Mavis had created a nutritional plan for Jenny that would allow her to

maintain her womanly form. Her diet was highly liquid, consisting mostly

of hydrocarbons and vitamins. Calcium was severely restricted. This was

done to prevent her from growing large bones during her teenage years. 

Her diet also contained a large content of fatty products. This was done 

to make sure that there would be plenty of material in her body to form

bouncy breasts and a shapely ass. All the while, she continued to 

receive massive daily injections of estrogen hormones. Finally, Lane

spent several hours a week teaching Jenny how to speak like a woman. This

was not too difficult since her voice never matured from that of a young

child. This, of course, was the side effect of her castration surgery.

        This process continued for about a year, with the result being

that by the time she turned 12 Jenny looked very much the part of a

young slut. However, she was still a virgin. She had Lane to thank for

that. You see, Lane felt that Jenny should never have sex while she

still thought of herself as a boy. Lane reasoned that if Jenny were

fucked prematurely she might develop a lingering hate of men. Her father

protested strongly, but he relented when Lane refused to fuck him for a 

week. Thus, at the age of 12 Jenny was ready to fuck, but she wasn't sure

how or whom. As a matter of fact, she was quite unaware of how she could

fuck, considering that she didn't have a pussy. She knew the theory

behind male female intercourse, but she wasn't exactly female, and she

was certainly not male. As a matter of fact, the last time she had an

orgasm was at the hands of Michelle about a year earlier, and even then

she was drugged. When Lane decided that Jenny was finally ready, she took

matters into her own hands.

        It was a warm September evening and Jenny was lying on her stomach

looking at the recent issue of Vogue. Lane was into the room wearing a

see through negligee. In one hand she held a bottle of Vaseline and in the

other a medium sized butt plug. She sat down next to Jenny who was looking

closely at the glistening body of a male model. Hanging around Lane and

Michelle started to rub off on her. Lane swept Jenny's long smooth hair

to uncover her face. Jenny looked up and smiled. "What's up sis?" Lane

did not answer and started to remove Jenny's panties. Jenny, who had

grown used to Lane's friskiness gave Jenny a look of affection. When she

finished removing Jenny's panties Lane sat on her knees placing her lips

a few inches from Jenny's oversized "clit". The hormone shots shriveled

it somewhat, and she knew that it would never get hard again. Nevertheless,

it was still uncut, juicy and delicious. Without a word she closed her 

lips around Jenny's delicious member. Jenny felt as though she was struck

by lightning. She was being swept by wave after wave of pleasure. Lane

started a rhythmic motion on Jenny's member. For her part, all that Jenny

could do was lie motionless on her back. She felt SO GOOD. With her

right hand Lane dipped that butt plug in the Vaseline jar. She brought it

to Jenny's asshole and started applying pressure, at the same time

increasing her sucking motion. Jenny felt the pressure on her asshole, but

at this point it aroused her further still. Lane continued to increase the

pressure on Jenny's asshole but made certain not to penetrate yet. When

she felt that Jenny was about to cum she forced the butt plug all the

way in. Jenny screamed in pain, but was so busy cumming that she was

rendered totally helpless. Waves of pain were being swept away by waves of

pleasure. When her orgasm subsided she remained on her back, totally

exhausted. Lane spread Jenny's legs and positioned herself between them

in a mock missionary position. She started to move up and down over Jenny

as though she were a man fucking a woman. She reached down with her left 

hand and stuffed Jenny's "clit" into her pussy. Since the "clit" was limp

she struggled for a few seconds before she was satisfied. She now increased

her humping and was starting to lose control. Jenny was confused but 

something deep inside moved her to lock her legs over Lane's ass and aid

her motion. With her hands she grabbed Lane's shoulders and brought her

face close to hers. All she said was "fuck me baby." Lane obliged her by

increasing her pace further still. She moved her lips down to Jenny's full

nipples and began to suck vigorously. The hormones gave Jenny very sensitive

34C cup tits. Lane tried to suck Jenny's nipples right off her tits. When

Jenny thought she could take no more Lane stopped the sucking action and

shoved her tongue into Jenny's mouth kissing her with animal like fury.

Jenny responded with her own tongue, flicking it in and out of Lane's

eager mouth. All of a sudden Lane's body started shaking violently. She

came and came and came. When she was done she rolled off of Jenny and

allowed Jenny to rest her head on her chest. 

        Lane smiled at Jenny who still had a glazed look over her eyes.

She reached to the bedside and retrieved a pack of cigarettes and a

lighter. She drew a pair of cigarettes and threw the pack down. She took

both cigarettes and lit them. Keeping one cigarette for herself she 

gave the other one to Jenny. Jenny never tried smoking before, but she

was so enamored with her sister that she accepted it gladly. She took

her first drag and nearly choked. However, she wanted to be like her

sister so she continued smoking. Just like her sister, Jenny was hooked

on smoking from her first drag. She was no longer trying to emulate her

sister but was taking sincere pleasure from the act itself. When she

was done she put out her cigarette and tried to remove the butt plug.

Lane stopped her and instructed Jenny to keep it on. Jenny was quite

puzzled. "But it really hurts." Lane smiled a wicked smile. "Listen sis,

you just lost your virginity so of course it hurts. But if you take it

out now it will hurt just as much the next time, and you don't want that

now do you?" Jenny nodded her head. "Sis, did you have to stretch out

your asshole?" Lane smiled at her. "You betcha, and I LOVED it. You see

Jenny, once you stopped worrying you learn to enjoy life a lot more. Now

me, I was scared too when mommy fucked me the first time, but you know

what, the pain made it a lot more fun. You enjoyed getting fucked. I know,

because you gave me a mouthful of cum." Jenny turned a bright shade of

red. Jenny grinned. "I take it that as a sign that you like being fucked.

Don't worry little girl, you're going to be fucked many more times. Many

more times." With that she jumped on her feet and left the room. That

night Jenny dreamed that she was being fucked. Her sister was fucking

her. Her mom was fucking her. Her breasts were being sucked. Her ass was

being fucked. Her clit was being sucked. Yes, Jenny slept very well that

night. She had peace of mind.

7. May I have the next dance?

        Jenny woke up to find her sister's body next to hers. She smiled

and gave Lane a quick peck on her cheek, not wishing to wake her up. She

attempted to get up to go to the bathroom but was stopped by a sharp pain

in her ass. The butt plug her sister fuck her with was still there. She

thought about removing it but remembered Lane's instructions. She tiptoed

her way to the bathroom, her hips swaying with each step. In the bathroom

she removed the plug so she could she. Her asshole was so stretched by

the butt plug that everything poured out of it with ease. When she was done

she washed the butt plug, coated it with Vaseline and reinserted it. Her

ass was sore beyond belief but she did not let it bother her. She then

took a quick shower and returned to her room. Lane was still asleep, so

Jenny couldn't watch TV. She decided to put on her makeup, as had become

her daily routine. She applied a light shade of rouge to her cheeks and

coated her lips with ruby red lipstick. Finally she used mascara to

enhance and elongate her eyelashes. She looked in the mirror and admired

her work. She was a beautiful no, make it gorgeous girl. She had been

transformed from a 90 pound lusterless boy into a 105 pound teen queen.

The 15 extra pounds came around her hips and chest. She had also gained

a few inches and was not about 4'6". Her raven hair left no doubt about

her sex. Yeah, her sex. She was as sexy as any girl could be. She was

quite unaware that Lane had awoke and was looking at her with hungry eyes.

She stepped behind her and cupped Jenny's breasts, which were heavy and

firm in her hands. She squeezed her breasts and started nibbling on Jenny's

right ear. Jenny opened her mouth and moaned. Lane reached down with

her left hand to Jenny's ass and started twisting the butt plug round and

round. Jenny was in seventh heaven. She reached with her hands and started

to massage her "clit". Lane, seeing that Jenny was about to explode, 

pulled out the butt plug and replaced it with one finger, then two, then

three. Finally, she had all five fingers in Jenny's ass. She gave one last

push and her fist when all the way in. Jenny screamed but continued to

jerk herself off. Lane started fucking her sister using her fist. Jenny

could not hold out long and collapsed, cumming in buckets. When Lane saw

that it was all over she removed her fist and replaced it immediately with

the buttplug. She left to the bathroom to wash up and returned with a wet

towel. She wiped her sister clean, taking her time when working on her

Jenny's clit. She then left to take a shower. 

        When Lane returned she found her sister on her stomach, watching

TV and smoking a cigarette. Jenny looked at her and blew a puff of smoke       

her way. Lane grinned. "Do you know how to dance sis?" Jenny frowned at

her. "Why Lane, do you plan to take me dancing?" "It's a secret, but I

think that you should start practicing now." "I think I can get it out

of you," replied Jenny, knowing her sister's helplessness when tickled.

Just when she was about to pounce on her sister they heard their mother

call them for breakfast. "You're safe for now BITCH, but I'll get you."

The giggling girls ran downstairs to fill up.

        By the time they finished breakfast Jenny had long forgotten what

her sister said. She and Jenny spent the rest of the day looking in fashion

magazines and playing. After dinner Jen was ready to go dancing, but Lane

grabbed her hand and led her to the living room. Jenny saw that all the

furniture had been pushed to the side. Lane left her standing in the middle

and went to the stereo, putting on a slow and sweet Jazz tune. Jenny 

turned to Lane. "Lane, do you really want to dance with me?" "She doesn't,

but I DO!" She spun around to see her dad standing in the door. Jenny was

paralyzed. She knew that one day she would have to deal with boys, but this

was too fast, too soon. She turned to Lane for help, but Lane was long 

gone. She heard Alex make her way towards her but was too afraid to turn

around to face him. He stopped only when his body was rubbing against

hers. He put his hands on her shoulders and turned her around. Her eyes

were glued to the ground, too shy, too scared to look him in the face. He

chose not to make her look at him, but instead put his hands around her

and started to sway slowly to the music. Being a full foot shorted than her

dad, Jenny's face was buried deep in his chest. At first she was rigid,

but as the minutes passed she started to feel warm, almost cozy. Being

close to Alex was different from being close to Jenny or to her mom. 

Something inside her, something primitive, drew her close to him. There

wasn't a hint of coercion, just the orchestrated play of predator and pray. 

The seconds turned to minutes, the minutes to hours. They danced well

into the night until she fell asleep in his arms. Alex smiled softly at

her. She was no longer just another piece of meat for him to fuck. This

was a woman he loved. For a second it seemed to him that she was an angel

who blessed their lives. He now knew that his daughter was right, that

his patience would be worth his while. This little woman would be his lover,

not his whore. He swept her up in his arms and carried her to her bed,

placing her next to his sleeping daughter. His wife came into the room

and placed her head on his shoulder. "You know Al, we have two beautiful

daughters." "I know honey. I KNOW." They stood their for a while admiring

their daughters. That night a glow was present in the house. I was as

though Christmas had come a few months earlier that year.

8. Daddy's little girl.

        The next day was the most wonderful day of Jenny's short life.

She felt as though everyone loved her, and she was right. Whomever

she passed in the house would go out of his way to hug her or pat her.

While Jenny was not physically abused by her now forgotten parents, they

did not go out of their way to show her love. This family gave her

love and hugs and kisses by the bucket. Long forgotten was the harsh

way in which they met. Both sides had abandoned their original fears

and intentions in favor of true and deep love. Jenny was family now.

She had a sister, a mother, and a dad who was head over heels in love

with her.

        Two days later, Lane and her mother had to go to visit a sick

aunt. They both encouraged Alex to get closer to Jenny that week.

They were surprised that he had stopped making advances towards her.

This was due to the fact that Alex cared deeply about his adopted 

daughter. So much so in fact, that he was afraid to get physically close

to her. Nevertheless, he crubled rather easily when egged on by his

daughter who though that Jenny was primed for her first true fucking.

        That afternoon, Lane and Michelle left on their trip. By early

evening Jenny was already on edge. She always had jenny or her mom

around her, and was feeling quite lonely without them. Though she

truly loved her dad, she was always slightly apprehensive of him, as

young girls tend to be. Nevertheless, by 8:00 PM she was becoming

desperate and decided to check on her dad who was seating in an easy

chair. She sneaked up behind him and covered his eyes. Disguising her

voice, she said: "Guess who?" Alex reached back with his arms, grabbed her

by the armpits, and somersaulted her onto his lap. She started giggling

and he abated the situation by tickling her. "Stop daddy, stop!!!" she

screamed like a wild banshee. "Will you do anything I tell you?"

"Anything daddy, anything." Seeing that she could take no more he stopped

tickling and hugged her close to him. She responded by giving him the

biggest hug he ever got. He swept back her wild hair from her face and

stared deeply into her dark eyes. Not waiting for a signal, she lower

her face and locked lips with him. She french kissed Lane many times, but

that was nothing like this. She was overwhelmed, offering herself as a

sacrifice to her dad. Their tongues struggled and she was overpowered. He 

pushed his tongue deep into her mouth and she started to suck on it. In

and out it went, circling it prey, plunging into her throat. He pushed

her away from him to give him better access to her. She immediately started

to pull her white T-shirt off, revealing her young firm breasts. She

grabbed his hands and pressed them to her breasts. He took her nipples

between his thumb and forefinger and began to mash them. She moaned and

twisting, trying to bridge the path between alleviating her pain and

staying close to her lover. "Take off your clothes," he ordered, and she

replied by removing her shorts and panties. Her 5" clit looked JUICY and

MOIST. Had she not been transformed at such an early age she would have

probably ended up with a monster of a cock. As it was, her "clit" was

thick and always looked like it was about to burst. She noticed her dad

was fixated by her clit and she immediately knew what to do. She climbed

on the easy chair, literally standing on top of her dad. This brought

her clit to within inches of her dad's mouth. She did not wait for him

to act and just shoved her clit in his mouth. Lane had taught her well.

Her dad started sucking on her clit and it slurped in and out of his

mouth. The fact that she could not get hard made the sucking that much more

juicy and wet. He reached with his hand behind her and started twisting

her butt plug. She arched her back in pleasure and within a few seconds

she started to come in buckets down her daddy throat. He swallowed every

last bit she had to offer and continued to suck until he was sure that

she was spent. 

        She was collapsed on top of him, but the night was far from over.

He picked up over his shoulder and carried her to his bedroom. He threw

her on the bed when she stretched out looking like an angel. He unzipped

his pants and revealed a huge 10" cock which was at least 6" around.

Jenny gasped for air. Sucking on her sister's 1" clit was one thing, working

on this monster quite another. She did not have to worry about sucking

for very long. He flipped her on her stomach and bent her so that her

ass was sticking up in the air. He popped out her butt plug and feasted

his eyes. He had waited a year for this moment. He moved behind her and

brought his cock head to her asshole. He didn't try to ease it in or

to slow down. He just started applying the pressure. The pressure on

Jenny's ass was enormous, but all she said was: "harder daddy, harder..."

Alex looked at his daughter and shoved. In one pop half his cock

disappeared in her ass. She screamed wildly: "more daddy, give me more..."

One final push and he was fully within her. He now started a slow

rhythmic movement, rocking Jenny to a slow non audible drum beat. Jenny's

excitement was almost too much. Her heart was pounding, her mind was

reeling and she became very much aware that she was a tool to pleasure

HER man. She started rocking that ancient dance. It seemed to Jenny like

it was a lifetime, but it was just another second in the infinite time

clock of the universe. She thought it was everything, but it was just

another moment when a young girl becomes a woman. She would mark the

rest of her life by this day. Away from her mind Alex was nearing the

end. Just one more push, just one more...... He exploded in her ass,

flooding her with love. She pushed back into him, asking for more, begging

for just a little more from the man who had given her all he had.

8. Epilogue.

        Jenny spent the night in the arms of the man she loved. To those

who knew her from birth this night would have seem a travesty, a crime.

To Jenny, this was all she wanted in life, all she could ask for. After

all, what more can a woman want than the love of her father and a man to

call her own. In Alex, her dad, Jenny found both. ... and life goes on.

NOTE: this is my first attempt at erotic literature. It is flawed

      and I would appreciate any comments you might have to offer.



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