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Archive-name: Changes/presto.txt

Archive-author: Robert E. Epps

Archive-title: Presto Change-O

Monday.  Yuck!

Kevin got out of bed with a groan.  The weekend had gone by much too fast for

him!  He wandered sleepily into the kitchen, and poured himself a cup of

coffee.  The aroma itself opened his eyes a little wider. He opened a cupboard

and brought out a powdered donut.  A banana from the fruit bowl on the

counter. Armed with breakfast, he sat down at the dining bar, and turned on

the terminal as he ate.

The Los Angeles Times News Network flashed the morning headlines. Fighting in

New Palestine as usual...  talks continued between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R.

on preventing the proliferation of weapons in space... public teleporter

service was restored after a brief "service problem" last night...  Sunny

skies predicted for today...

He wolfed down the rest of his "breakfast" and dashed up to the bathroom.

Into the shower, aaaahhhhh, out of the shower, into the bedroom, get dressed,

dash down the stairs and out the front door, down the street to the row of

teleporter booths.

Kevin entered the nearest booth and closed the door behind him.  The keypad

and screen were on a panel on one wall at about shoulder level, surrounded by

graffiti of many literary styles.  He punched in the destination code for his

workplace, and then pressed the big green button labeled "GO".

The familiar tingling sensation swept over his body, then a brief feeling of

disorientation.  Those sensations disappeared quickly however, and the screen

above the keypad displayed the word "ARRIVED".

But something felt wrong...

Kevin could not put his finger on what it was.  He opened the door and stepped

outside.  Nothing wrong here -- he was at the corner of Main and Red Hill, and

the Cedar Technologies building stood just to his right, as it did every

weekday morning at about this time.

But something felt very wrong...

Kevin walked toward the building.  People passed him by on the sidewalk, also

on their way to work.  He smiled at them and said "hi" as he always did -- and

found his voice sounding rather strange.  Then he noticed that many of the

poeple around him were staring at him with wide eyes.  His head turned as he

watched one guy pass.  That guy was turning his head to keep his eyes locked

on Kevin, and a smile spread across the man's face.  Kevin quickly spun his

head around to face forward, away from all the staring gazes.

There was a swish of long hair across his back and arms.

Kevin stopped cold in his tracks and felt behind himself.  Long silky hair

cascaded down his back.  He tugged on it, and felt the pull on his scalp.  It

was his own hair...  He looked down, and gasped.  His shirt was pushed forward

and lifted up by a pair of big scrumptuous-looking breasts.  He began to feel

horny at the sight of them, despite the craziness of the situation.  He looked

up again.  Guys continued to stare at him as they passed.  Kevin broke into a


Evrything felt strange...  Those breasts bounced wildly inside his shirt.  He

clutched at them with his hands to still them.  They felt wonderfully soft.

His pants were very tight at the hips, which made running somewhat difficult

and forced him to slow down to a fast walk. He made it to the front door, and

froze again when he saw his reflection in the Plexiglass.  Inside the shirt

and tie, inside the grey pants and dark brown socks and brown leather shoes,

was a stunningly beautiful woman.

Kevin could see Dave and Brian standing in the front hall on the other side of

the door, looking out at him (her!).  They were obviously appreciating the


He spun around on his heels and ran awkwardly back to the row of teleporter

booths.  Don't panic now, calm down...  He dashed inside, and punched in the

code for his neighborhood, and pressed "GO".  The tingles came and went.  He

stepped out the booth, and looked down at himself again.  Those sexy curves

still strained against the now poorly-fitted clothing.

A man stepped out of a neighboring booth and looked at him with a smile.

"Hi!" he beamed.

"Uh, hi," Kevin managed to squeak, and made a dash for his house before the

man could say any more to him.  From the look in the man's eyes, he had sure

wanted to!

Kevin entered the house and zoomed up the stairs to the bathroom.  He closed

his eyes, steeling his nerves for what he would see when he looked in the

mirror.  Then he opened them.

Kevin's dream girl stared out of the mirror.  His hands drifted up and began

to unfasten the buttons of his shirt.  The hands were trembling, and progress

was slow.  The length of his nails was not helping either!

The last button was unfastened, and he pulled his shirt off.  His boobs

jiggled with the motions, and the horniness returned even stronger then

before.  Kevin just stared at them in the mirror.  They were the kind he would

have sold his soul to bury his face in.  And now he was a she, and those

breasts, and this fabulous body, were HERS.

And that face...

Her hands slid up her sides, and cupped her breasts.  They lifted up, and the

hardening nipples pointed straight out at the mirror.  She squeezed them

together.  They felt so good between her hands.  Her fingers pressed into

them. Luscious titflesh pressed up between them. Her whole body began to

gyrate sexily as she played with her boobs and stared at herself in the mirror.

She unzipped her pants and slid them down her smooth supple legs.  Her sexy

hips looked funny in the Fruit-of-the-Loom briefs, which were stretched almost

to the tearing point.  She slid those off also, and looked in the mirror again

to behold her yummy naked body.

Her hands slid eagerly all over herself, squeezing, caressing, rubbing at soft

skin.  One hand found her pussy and began to rub it.  The lack of a penis felt

bizarre at first, but that was soon replaced by the pleasureable sensations

her fingers were giving her.  Her other hand slid over her boobs and pressed

into them.  Her nipples were very sensitive, and hardened quickly.  She looked

at them in the mirror and wondered what it would feel like to have them sucked

on. The horniness built quickly as she enjoyed the sight and feel of her own


Soon Kevin was on her bed, her body writhing as her hands continued to rub and

squeeze.  Two fingers slipped in between her pussy lips, and her body bucked

with the sudden jolt of pleasure.  Wow!  Those fingers jabbed in and out of

her wet pussy.  They slid in deep and felt the warm moist flesh within.  Her

hips were really moving now, and her boobs wiggled and jiggled across her

chest. Her other hand slid down between her thighs and fingered her pussy lips

as the invading fingers continued to dance about inside her.

The building orgasm lifted her ass up off the bed as she rammed a third finger

into her tight juicy tunnel.  Her body was bucking up and down now, and her

boobs flailed up and down with it, smacking deliciously against her chin.  Her

moans grew louder and louder and turned into yelps of pure pleasure.  Her

fingers dug in really deep, and her body LUNGED as she emitted a loud

"UUUUUHHHH!!!!"  Her torso settled back down on the bed, and her fingers slid

out of her channel, covered with warm sticky juice.  She slid those fingers up

her stomach and swirled them around her breasts, spiraling in toward her

nipples.  Then those sticky fingers slid up to her lips, and her tongue

flicked out to meet them.  They tasted sweet...

Kevin lay there, her body covered with sweat.  What to do???  This body was

fun to have, but how could HE live the rest of HIS life in it?? There was just

no way:  relatives, friends, fellow workers would not believe that SHE was

Kevin Graves!

She had to get HIS body back, she thought with a sigh.  She would sure miss

this one though...

Kevin got up, went to her closet, and searched for any clothing that would not

look so laughable on her body.  She selected a large T-shirt and a pair of

sweat pants.  The pants were still a bit tight, but they stretched well and

managed to not be too uncomfortable as she walked. None of the shoes would

fit, but she found an old pair of sandals that did.

Wearing nothing but T-shirt, sweat pants, and sandals, the sexy woman left

Kevin's house.

She reached the row of teleporter booths, and paused there to contemplate.

Should she go to the Orange County Teleporter District office, or to booth

manufacturer General Electric?  Either way she went, how would she get anybody

to believe what happened?  They'll think I'm a crackpot! she thought glumly.

Guys continued to stare at her as they exited the booths and passed by. She

could not help blushing.  It made her feel so good to be the center of all

this silent attention!  The desire grew within her to just put off solving the

problem until later, and go out and have FUN!

Kevin stepped into an empty booth and punched in her destination: South Coast

Plaza.  She pressed "GO" and waited for the tingling to come and go.  Then she

stepped out of the booth into the bustling shopping mall.

She strode over to a teller machine, held up her I.D. bracelet to the sensor

plate, and proceeded to withdraw three hundred dollars.  Luckily for her, this

was not one of those machines that performed a photo check!  The entrance to

Twenty-First Century Beachwear was just a few meters away, so she went in

there first.

Trying on skimpy bikinis was an absolute delight!  The saleslady seemed rather

puzzled by Kevi's (the name she'd adopted) enthusiasm for it. Kevi stood naked

before the full-length mirror in the dressing room, and selected potential

purchases on a terminal.  Each selected bikini was projected in 3D in the

mirror, on top of her reflection.  The image of the bikini moved as her body

moved, so she could see how it looked from all sorts of angles.  It looked

amazingly like she was wearing the actual bikini.

Kevi was rapidly becoming HORNY as she gazed upon her sexy body, barely

concealed by the various styles of beachwear!  She couldn't wait to actually

wear them at the beach...

She purchased the bikinis which made her feel the most horny, and then headed

across the mall to Miller's Outpost.  An hour later she emerged with a pair of

summer shirts and several tight and revealing pairs of OP shorts, one pair of

which she was now wearing in place of the sweat pants.  Her beautiful sexy

legs drew even MORE stares!

In Rooten's Luggage she purchased a large and elegant carry bag in which she

could lug around her outfits.  Then she returned to the row of teleporter

booths and waited in line for an empty one.  Two men stood in line behind her,

and their eyes were obviously crawling all over her body.  She smiled at them,

and decided to have some fun.

Kevi's body moved so sexily as she turned around to face them.  "Do I know

you?" she asked the nearest guy, a tall and well-built blonde. "You look

vaguely familiar..."  She shifted her stance, and her breasts thrust out

beneath her T-shirt toward the clearly turned-on men.

"Er, uh, I don't think so, but I would certainly like to get to know you!" the

blonde replied.  "What's your name?"

"Kevi.  Yours?"

"Dan.  This is my friend Carl."  He turned to indicate his companion, also

quite good-looking.  Kevi smiled even wider.  "Nice to meet both of you.  I

just came her to pick up some goodies for the beach.  I'm headed there now.

Where are you guys headed?"

They replied quickly and in unison.  "The beach!"

"O.k., well then follow me!  I'm going to Corona -- the code is 25411. But

then you probably already know that..."  A booth became free, and she was the

next in line.  "See ya there, if you're interested!"  She dashed into the

booth, and teleported herself to Corona Del Mar.

She sat down on a bench next to the booths, and waited to see if Dan and Carl

would come.  Sure enough, they emerged one after the other from the same booth

she did, and they smiled and waved as they spotted her.

"Just a minute guys, I'm gonna go change.  Be right back!"  She got up and

headed into the ladies' room with her bag of goodies.

Her horniness level rose another notch as she found herself among a half dozen

or so other women in various stages of undress.  She could not help watching

them for a moment.  Then she stripped off her T-shirt and shorts, and selected

a bikini.  It took her an embrassing moment to figure out how to put it on,

but she finally managed.  Then she pulled the T-shirt back on.  Didn't want to

expose everything right away! she thought with a grin.  Her sexy thighs and

much of her hips were fully exposed already, and would attract much attention

by themselves.

Kevi stepped out of the dimness of the ladies' room into the bright sunshine.

Carl wolf-whistled, making Kevi giggle.  She waved her hand at them and said

"you guys!" with mock exasperation as they stared at her with even wider eyes.

Her bra really lifted her boobs and made them jut out, and it also made her

shirt lift up in front, revealing her navel and the front of her waist.  The

panties covered very little:  basically just a string that became a little

wider to cover the pussy lips and a bare minimum of surrounding hair.  As she

walked, the string rubbed lightly against her pussy.  She though that she

might have an orgasm right there, just from walking!

She put a hand above her eyes to shield them from the sun as she gazed at the

strip of beach that stretched before her.  For a weekday, it was surprisingly

crowded!  Muscular tanned beach studs and gorgeous beach babes soaked up the

sun, lying on towels or walking along the edge of the water.  She turned

toward where Dan and Carl had been, but they were gone!  She looked around,

but could not see them anywhere nearby. Oh well, she thought with a sigh, and

headed onto the sand to look for a spot to spread the blanket she'd also

picked up at the mall.

The faces of several guys broke into grins as Kevi selected a spot between

theirs.  She spread out her blanket and sat down on it.  She looked around

her, smiling and mouthing the word "hi" at anyone who was looking her way.

Then, slowly and sexily, fully aware of the eyes upon her, she grasped her

shirt and pulled it off over her head.

Her succulent flesh glistened in the sun as she leaned back on her elbows and

stretched her legs out in front of her.  Then she reached into her bag and

brought out the bottle of Coppertone MaxiTan.

For the next ten minutes she blew away the minds of the men around her as she

applied the lotion all over her luscious body.

She started by applying a dollop to each thigh, and then rubbing her thighs

slowly and sensuously, spreading the lotion around.  When her hands reached in

between her thighs and spread the lotion upward, she thought she heard someone

sucking in his breath sharply.  She grinned, and continued to spread lotion on

her sexy legs.

Next she squeezed some lotion from the bottle onto her stomach, and began

rubbing it around there.  Her hands spiraled outward, caressing and coating

her sides and waist and hips.  Oooooh those delectable hips....  Guys who had

been walking by behind her were now stopped in their tracks as they watched.

Now it's time to really drive them WILD! thought Kevi happily.

Her big beautiful boobs thrust out succulently as she squeezed a line of

Coppertone across the top of them.  Then her hands pressed against them and

began to spread the lotion all over.  She squeezed and kneaded them to the

horny delight of the growing number of male spectators, being careful not to

let them slip out of the very revealing bra.  Not YET, anyway, she thought

lustily.  But soon...

She sat up straight, making her boobs jiggle and bounce and thrust out even

more, and applied the lotion to her back.  If Dan and Carl were here, they'd

be getting to apply it to her back for her, but they went and disappeared on

her! If they could only see what they were missing.

Kevi closed the bottle and put it down on the blanket next to the bag. Then

she lay down on her elbows again, and gazed serenely around her as her

succulent body soaked up the sun.  Her long brunette hair cascaded down behind

her shoulders and fanned out over the blanket.

Nearly all of the men nearby had reoriented their towels and blankets so they

could continue to gaze upon her as they lay in the sun.  A few couples had

moved somewhere else on the beach (perhaps over the plaintive protests of the

males?).  She smiled as she caught the eyes of many of the men.  One young

man's eyes almost seemed to glaze over as her beautiful eyes met his, and then

he shyly looked down at his blanket.  She continued to look at him, and when

he glanced up again his eyes widened with surprise.  Kevi blew him a kiss and

continued to scan the crowd around her.

She was quickly deciding that she would like to remain a girl for the rest of

her life.  She'd never been able to have so much fun with other people when

she was lowly ol' Kevin!

The jetty extended out into the ocean to her right.  People were climbing

around on the big rocks that formed the jetty, and she could see a man sitting

on one of the rocks and looking straight at her through a pair of binoculars.

He saw her looking at him, put down the binoculars, and waved.  She waved back

at him and giggled.

Feeling happy and so carefree, she lay back on the blanket, closed her eyes,

and relaxed.  Her imagination took over, imagining all the horny guys around

her still staring at her scrumptuousness and probably imagining in their own

minds what it would be like to be pressed up against her and making hot

wonderful love to her.

She hoped that she'd be able to make a dream come true for at least one of

them today.  Her horniness grew even more as she imagined herself pressing her

body up against that of the shy young man and wrapping her arms around him as

her lips press against his, driving him to hitherto unknown levels of sexual

delight and ecstasy!

Kevi opened her eyes and looked behind her to see if the young man was still

there.  He still lay there in the same position, though his eyes were now on a

paperback book he was reading.  When he lifted it up and turned the page, she

quickly glanced at its cover.  It was a Martin Briar sci fi novel entitled

"The Raid on Mirandi".  A fellow Briar fan! She wanted to approach him, say hi

to him.  But he seemed so shy.  A stunning beauty like her would probably send

him into shock!

It never even once occured to Kevi that her desire to get to know this man

intimately would seem rather odd, considering that she was once a guy.  But it

was so natural now, as though she'd been female all her life!

The young man glanced up at her.  She smiled at him.  His eyes widened again,

and he seemed almost to fall into a trance.  He was lying on his stomach, and

his hips shifted a little, apparently trying to get comfortable. Was he

growing hard under there?  He snapped his eyes away suddenly and bit his lower

lip as he tried to return his attention to the book.

Kevi turned over on her stomach and propped herself up on her elbows, facing

him.  The next time he looked up, not only did he find himself able to look

into those beautiful eyes again, but he could look at the swell of her

magnificent breasts pressed between her upper arms and squeezed by the bra.

He just stared for a moment, and then put his forehead down on his arms and

shook his head back and forth.  When he looked up again, she could see that he

had been laughing.  He smiled broadly as he looked at her.  Then his smile

changed to an expression of surprise, and he gulped, when Kevi got to her feet

and walked toward him, her hips swaying with crotch-stiffening sexiness.

She sat down right next to him on his blanket, propping herself up on one hand

and resting on her hip with one leg bent, the other straight. "Hi," she said

to the stunned young man.

"H-h-hi!" he stammered.

"Have you read 'Kavaerian Legends'?" she asked, briefly glancing at his

paperback.  "I think it's his best story."

He seemed to relax a bit.  "So do I!  Er, by the way, I'm Robert."

"Hi Robert!  I'm Kevi."  She looked at him and smiled.  Her friendliness was

definitely calming him.  I'm not what he expected, that's for sure! she

thought with an inward grin.  She picked up the book and turned it over to

look at the cover.  It was one she had not yet read. "Is this one good?"

"Mmmm yeah!  Not as good as 'Legends' or 'The Pride of Waylock', b-but it's a

fun story anyway.  I read that they are planning to make a holofilm of

'Waylock'.  I bet that'll be good!"

"They are?" she asked in amazement.  "There've been so few good films out the

past couple of years that I've just about given up on there EVER being

anything good again.  But this one should be good!"

They continued to chat for a while about the stories of Martin Briar. He was

something of a cult writer, with a devoted following unmatched since the great

story tellers like Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, and Stephen King more than

a half-century ago.  Kevi was genuinely excited to find somebody who shared

her interested in Briar's stories. The more they chatted, the more relaxed and

open Robert became.  Kevi felt really comfortable with him.

And she wanted to make love to him so badly.  And she was quite sure that he

wouldn't mind!

"Would you like to take a walk with me?" she asked him.

"S-sure!" he replied.  They got to their feet together, and walked to the edge

of the water, then along it.  They continued to talk, first more aboout Martin

Briar, then about sci fi in general, then about each other's hobbies and

interests.  Kevi had the feeling that Robert was telling more to her now than

he'd ever told anyone else in his whole life.

They reached the end of that strip of beach, and began walking back along the

same path.  They passed their starting point and continued walking toward the

jetty.  Then they turned right and headed toward the rocky hill which

separated the main beach from the secluded cove.

"I love going in here," Kevi said as they climbed the hill.  "Much less

crowded, and there are shells and tide pools and all kinds of things to look

at and explore!"  And there are the caves, she thought...

"Yes it is nice, and also good for snorkeling!" Robert replied.  They

descended a stairway and found themselves on the shore of the little cove,

surrounded on three sides by sheer cliffs.  Huge rocks were scattered along

the beach, extending way out into the ocean.  People climbed among them and

sat together on top of them.

And maybe made love, though Kevi dreamily.

Behind where they stood, an opening in the rock wall lead into a system of

caves. Kevi pointed at the opening and said, "let's check that out!"

Robert looked doubtful.  "I don't think anyone is allowed in there. There are

metal bars inside there to keep people out."

"Yeah, but a few of the bars are missing!  Come on, nothing in there will hurt

us.  Let's go!"  With that, she ducked inside the opening. Robert watched her

sexy frame disappear into the shadows, and followed along behind her.

The ceiling sloped from about three feet high at the opening to about a foot

and a half where the bars were.  As Kevi had stated, several bars were indeed

missing, and she wriggled through one of the gaps. Robert felt a pang of extra

horniness watching her wriggle like that. He could not believe he was with

such a beautiful girl!  Her voice floated out of the darkness.  "Come on!"  He

squeezed through the bars and waited for his eyes to adjust to the darkness

before continuing.

The ceiling rose to about seven feet above the sandy floor.  A small amount of

light came in through the opening, barely enough to see by. Kevi stood in the

center of the room, looking at the rock formations on the walls.  Robert

looked at them to, and then his eyes were drawn to her.  She backed up toward

him, still looking at the walls and ceiling.

Then she turned around and embraced him.

Her big delicious breasts squeezed against his chest and her stomach pressed

against his, as her arms wrapped around him.  Her lips came to within an inch

or so of his lips, and she looked him in the eye and said in a sultry voice,

"I've been wanting to do this to you ever since I saw you."  She rubbed her

chest back and forth across his. Then her lips pressed against his.

Robert seemed to be in a state of shock for a moment, and then his lips and

tongue finally got into gear and began to kiss.  At first his lips did not

seem to know quite where to go, and his tongue just tried to stay out of the

way of hers as she snaked it deep into his mouth. This is his first kiss!!

realized Kevi delightedly.  She embraced him even tighter as she ground her

lips against his and dove deep inside his mouth with her tongue.

Robert suddenly sprang to lusty life.  His tongue bore into her mouth, snaking

all about, feeling her lips and teeth and gums and the roof and sides of her

mouth.  His hands began to caress her back, and then they slid up and down her

sides and rubbed her shoulders.

Both of them were consumed by the raging fires of uncontrolled passion.

Robert's hands slid back behind her and fumbled with the knot that tied her

bra in back, and finally managed to untie it.  The bra soon fell to the

ground. Kevi pulled Robert's shirt off, and then pressed her bare boobs

against him. That turned him into an uncontrollable animal!

His face and hands all headed for those luscious mounds of pleasure. His hands

got there first, pressing them together, feeling them, enjoying their

softness, their squeezableness.  This was the first time he'd ever felt

breasts.  He certainly never thought he'd ever get to play with boobs like

THESE!  He lifted them up and squeezed them and played with them, watching

with horny fascination how they jiggled and wiggled and squeezed and moved

around as he fondled them. Kevi moaned and sighed with pleasure.  After all,

this was the first time she'd ever had her breasts played with by someone else!

The nipples rapidly grew hard and erect, pointing right at Robert and driving

him WILD.  His tongue landed on one and tickled it and swirled around it.  Her

flesh tasted so good, so sweet...  And the feel of her titflesh as his tongue

dug into it was beyond any pleasure he'd known before.  He embraced Kevi

tighter as he buried his whole face into her big breasts.

Kevi too was being driven wild by all these sensations.  Her hands slid all

over his body as far as they could reach, and they grabbed hold of his shorts

and slid them down.  The underwear soon followed, and Kevi could then feel his

super-stiff cock against her waist.  She slipped one hand around it, feeling

its warmth and hardness and the way it hrobbed and pulsed.  Ooooooh....  She

began to stroke it gently as she caressed his back and rear with her other


Robert was in heaven.  His face remained buried in her chest.  His hands

squeezed them together against his cheeks, and his fingers played with her

nipples.  Then he slid his mouth over and took one of those tasty nipples deep

inside.  He tried to push as much of her big boob inside his mouth as he

could. The succulent flesh filled the inside of his mouth with pleasureable

softness. He munched and sucked on that tasty tit.  Then he went after the

other one. They both tasted so yummy!  He pressed them together and pushed

both of her nipples into his mouth.  Mmmmmmm....

Kevi kissed the top of Robert's head as he showered her chest with wonderful

pleasures.  She stroked his cock faster now, and could feel him grow even

hotter and more intense as she did so.  Somehow he managed to tear himself

away from her luscious chest, and his tongue slid up her neck to the base of

her jaw, then along her jaw to her mouth.  This time his kissing was far more

confident, more vigorous. Their arms wrapped around each other as they kissed

with fiery passion.

Their legs slowly gave way under them, and soon they were on the ground

rolling around, still kissing and kissing and kissing.  The feel of the sand

against their now-naked bodies only fueled their fires even more! And the

thought that someone could come into the cave and find them there making hot

love sat in the back of their minds and added even more to the heat within


Robert's animalism reared its head again as he devoured her body all over,

kissing and licking and gnawing her flesh all over at random. He dug his hands

underneath her and pressed her body up against him, pushing her silky smooth

skin against his face so he could devour her even more.  Her sexy body writhed

and undulated and her arms and legs flailed about as he feasted upon her

lovely form.  She had never known such pleasure before!  To have her body so

vulnerable to this wildman's every pleasure, ooooooh it made her so HOT!

Robert's mouth quickly found her moist pussy, and his tongue wasted no time.

It wiggled its way in between her lips and explored the flesh within.  He

gripped her luscious thighs with his hands as he pressed his lips against her

pussy and drove his tongue into her as far as he could.  Her hips bucked all

about, making his lips and nose rub against her pussy and driving her even

wilder.  His hands slid up her body and gripped her jiggling breasts as he

continued to drive her to new heights of pleasure with his tongue.

He slid forward on top of her and pressed his chest against hers.  His hands

slid outward along her arms and grasped her hands as he planted his lips on

hers.  She could feel his stiff cock rubbing against her pussy as they kissed

and their bodies ground together.  Then he slid one hand down, took hold of

his cock, and guided it into her.

Kevi thought she had felt the limits of sexual pleasure already, but that was

shattered by the incredible feeling of Robert's cock driving into her tight

pussy!!  Her whole body tensed, and she gripped his back tight, her

fingernails digging into his skin.  He pushed himself all the way into her,

and got up on his elbows as he began to move his hips up and down.  That hard

cock felt so incredible to Kevi as it rammed in and out of her love channel.

The heat and pressure that was wrapped around his cock was like nothing Robert

had ever felt before either!

His cock moved in and out of her for quite a while, and then he stopped to let

his hips rest.  His cock was still buried deep inside her as he lay down on

top of her and kissed her deeply.  They embraced tightly as their tongues

dueled and danced.  His cock began to move slowly in and out again as they

continued to kiss and embrace.  That lasted for several minutes, and then he

got up on his elbows again and began to ram his cock into her with even more

force than before.  Her whole body rocked back and forth with the rhythm that

he generated with his powerful strokes.

After a few minutes they rested and kissed, then more hot fucking, then

another rest and hot passionate kiss, then he drove his cock in and out of her

even faster.  Kevi had already come several times, each time at least as

wonderful as the last, and Robert could feel it building rapidly.  He SHOVED

his cock into her, banging his crotch against hers and smacking their hips

together, and then after a few more such ultra strokes his cock GUSHED hot

sticky gum into her.  He continued to ream her forcefully, and then slowed

down.  Then he pulled out of her and rubbed the tip of his cock against her

pussy hairs, dribbling cum all over her crotch.  Then his body settled down on

top of hers, and they embraced tightly, enjoying the feeling of each other's

body pressed tightly against theirs.  More hot kissing and embracing and

devouring of luscious breastflesh consumed the next couple of hours.

Some time later they sat together in a Williams' Family Restaurant, eating

fresh seafood dinners while they rubbed their legs together affectionately

underneath the table.  Robert could think of only one thing:  making more hot

love with this incredible woman as soon as possible!  He was head over heels

in love.

Kevi thought the same things.  And she knew that there was no going back to

her former life.  There probably was no way to go back anyway. She would have

to start a new life, find a new job. But she had Robert.

And she was so happy.



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