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Archive-name: Changes/perm-one.txt

Archive-author: Sandy Sullivan

Archive-title: Permanent for life, A

A permanent wave leads to a permanent change of life.  

	It was very lonely in my room, but it had been lonely in all

of the rooms I had lived in. My Mother and Father had been killed

in a car, bus accident during my first semester at college, Since

I had no other relatives and no money of my own I had sold their

house and with the life insurance money and the settlement from

the bus company, I was relatively well off. I had decided to

continue at college and was able to live well and pay all of my

tuition. But now having graduated with a major in photographic

journalism, and minors in business and computer science, I had

barely over $ 250,000 left. I know that seems like a lot of money

but at the present low interest rates it only provides $ 17,000

annual income. I had sworn to myself not to spend any more of the

principle, so I needed some work real soon.

	I was determined to make it as a photo journalist, but so

far had not been able to land a position in that field. I guess I

will take a look through the trade papers again, maybe something

quick will show up. "Hey here is one" I exclaimed.

"Leading Professional Beauty Magazine desires complete set of

photos, start to finish, of a patron receiving a machine

permanent wave. Photos needed to illustrate article on the

history of permanent waves. Fee $2000 will advance half on

receipt of signed contract. Contact Ms. Sybil Smythe, ---

Chicago, IL 312-3---2---"

	Wow, a little panic always livens things up! I have already

spent most of the advance, and after phoning 34 beauty shops I

haven't found any that still use machines to give permanent

waves. The last shop I called gave me the name of one that might

still use this method, and it is only a couple of blocks from

here. I guess I will go get some lunch and then walk on over

there and inquire. The sandwich wasn't too bad but the crowd of

middle aged businessmen sure gave me a fit about my shoulder

length blond hair. Some people really get uptight about anyone

that looks different from them. I don't suppose you could blame

them though, I am not very tall and do have a slender build.

I fact I am actually about the size, or a little smaller than

most of the women I know. Not that I know very many, I have

always been very shy, and have never even had a real date.

Somehow I have never had the courage to approach a girl for a

date. Of course I have been out to the clubs but only in a group.

I love to dance and usually the girls ask me to dance because of

my ability. The truth is I am still a virgin at 21. I really like

women, but maybe it is because I have always felt I wasn't man

enough for them, that has kept me from having a close


	"The Sisters" is really quite impressive. A large colonial

styled brick building with it's own parking lot. It certainly

looks prosperous, well here goes, I have never been in a real

beauty salon before. I always have my hair shaped and trimmed in

one of those Unisex places in the mall. Well I don't guess they

will bite.

	"May I help you" said the very tall, very blond

	 receptionist as she looked down at me.

	I couldn't help staring as I stuttered and stammered trying

to explain why I was there.

	"I am sure we cannot be of any assistance to you, we do

	still use machines but only for a few special customers,

	and we don't have appointments for that service coming up." 

	"Oh, here is of the owners, she may know of something."

	"Hi,I am Margaret Merrill, I'm sorry but at this time I'm

	afraid you are out of luck."

	Boy this place is full of tall beautiful women, Ms. Merrill

was also tall and a very striking brunette.


	"But Ms. Merrill" I tried to explain "I must get a set of

	photos of someone, I have already spent my advance and must

	mail the photos by the day after tomorrow. Maybe if I would

	pay for the service one of your employees would agree to be

	the subject." 


	Ms. Merrill replied,"I do sympathize with you young man, but

	all of my operators wear their hair in certain styles to

	promote current trends in hair fashion. None of them are in

	need of a permanent wave at this time."--------"But wait if

	you are really as desperate as you say, why not let us give

	you the permanent?"----

	"Me" I gulped, "But I'm sure they want it to be a woman."--

	"Young man, with the proper clothes and a little makeup no

	one would know the difference. Besides, that is the only

	solution for your problem that I can offer."   

	"But who would take the pictures" I offered weakly.

	" I am sure you could show us how to operate your camera, it

	doesn't look too complicated. But make up your mind, we will

	have to start soon as it will take several hours to complete

	this little project, and it is almost 2 o'clock now." Ms.

	Merrill 	replied.

	"Do you really think it would work? --- what can I do with

	my hair after you finish? --- I mean can you put me back

	like I am?" I nervously stammered.

	"Yes" she laughed "it will work and if you don't like the

	way you look when we finish we can always straighten your


	Now if you will just go with Janice she will help you change

clothes and appearance so we can get started on our little


	Janice, the operator who had just walked up conferred a few

moments with Ms. Merrill, then took me by the hand and led me

toward the rear of the establishment. Janice opened the door to

what appeared to be a dressing and bathroom area.

	"Take off all of your clothes and I will obtain an outfit

	for you" she instructed.

	"All of them?"  


	"Yes all of them, you must wear the proper foundation

	garments if you are to present a realistic appearance."

	When I had finished stripping, Janice measured my chest,

waist, and hips and asked what size shoes I wore. She then

entered a large walk in closet and returned with several items.

As she instructed I managed to struggle into a cleverly padded

all in one garment. For some reason, as I was getting into this

garment, I was beginning to feel a strange exhilaration and I had

to place my erected member in an upright position. Janice told me

to suck in my stomach as she pulled the back zipper up. This

garment was padded in the hip, buttock, and breast areas so that

I now appeared to have a very feminine shape. Because of the

powerful restricting qualities of the garment I was required to

stand in a very erect manner. Of course this caused the padded

breasts and buttocks to be emphasized even more. Janice then

assisted me in donning a pair of stockings and showed me how to

attach them to the special tabs provided on the foundation

garment. I could not help blushing, as I was sure Janice was

aware of the strangely exciting effects the stockings were adding

to my already exhilarated state. Next was a beautiful beige

blouse of some soft and silky material that was decorated at the

cuffs and neck with delicate ruffles of lace. To this she added a

pair of brown pleated pants with a back zipper. On my feet she

placed a pair of brown shoes similar to penny loafers only with a

higher heel and more delicately styled.

	"Come sit at the vanity so I can apply a little makeup."

	instructed Janice. "Just lipstick should do for now, we will

	do a complete make over later in the process. Now, if that

	is where you would like to start your photo series, we can

	return to the reception area." 

	The shoes Janice had provided were quite comfortable, but

the foundation garment was so restrictive I had to sway my hips

in a feminine way to walk. Ms. Merrill was waiting at the

reception desk when we returned. She greeted me in a manner that

seemed to increase my excitement even more.

	"My, you look like a perfect young lady, and we haven't

	even begun to change you." Ms. Merrill said.

	Change me! Was there some hidden meaning in her statement?

But before I could question her or even think about it very much

Ms. Merrill had snapped several shots of me entering the door,

and Janice was leading me to the working area of the salon. At

this time I can not even remember agreeing to let them give me

the machine permanent, but it seemed the resistance I had

initially felt to this idea was rapidly vanishing. Although I had

not seen myself in a mirror yet, the clothing I was wearing was

having a definite effect on me. I seemed to feel very passive,

and was actually filled with anticipation for what was to come.

	Janice led me into a room set off from the main salon. It

contained a mirrored wall with low cabinets in front of it, a

shampoo bowl and chair, a styling chair facing the mirrors, and a

hair dryer attached to a chair. In one corner was a large machine

on a stand that I assumed must be the permanent wave machine. It

had a large number of insulated wires, with clamps on the end of

each, dangling from what I thought must be a control head since

there were several dials, lights, and switches on the front of

the large round top. I had no idea at this time what part the

machine was to play in the waving process but it was most

imposing, maybe even frightening.

	"Please remove your blouse, we don't want to spill any thing

	on it."

	Janice's words startled me back to attention, I must have

been staring at this machine longer than I realized.  

	"Put on this smock and lean back at the shampoo bowl."

	Janice instructed.

	Janice was very thorough and I really enjoyed the way she

shampooed my hair. Wrapping a towel around my hair like a turban

she told me to be seated in the styling chair. She removed the

towel and used it to dry my hair and then used a blow dryer and

brush until it was barely damp. While she was drying my hair I

was staring at myself in the mirrors and as she fluffed my hair

out the excitement I had been feeling seemed to grow even more. 

Perhaps because of the excitement or maybe fear I had begun to

tremble and now was actually shaking.  She began removing trays

of different items from the cabinets and placed them along the

top in convenient reach. We were now joined by Ms. Merrill, who

was carrying my camera, and another beautician whom she

introduced as Tara. 

     "Oh my, you are shaking like a leaf. said MS. Merrill.

"Tara,please bring some wine to help soothe her jitters."

     As soon as I had drunk the wine a warm glow seemed to fill

me and soon my shaking had stopped. I did not drink normally but

if wine makes you feel this good I will certainly try it again.

Ms. Merrill noted that I had calmed down and told Janice to

proceed.Ms. Merrill began taking photos as Janice and Tara, one

on each side, started working on me. Beginning with a center part

each operator would section off a small amount of hair and pull

it through a slit in a rectangle of some sort of felt like

material. This piece was placed next to my scalp with the section

of hair extending through the center. They would then place a

clamp like device over the felt pad and secure it around the

hair. Next they applied a creamy looking lotion from a squeeze

bottle and combed it through the section of hair. After the

lotion had been applied they would place a metal roller at the

end of the hair section and roll it toward the scalp, securing

the roller to the clamp. Janice and Tara continued with this

procedure rapidly and soon had most of my head covered with these

roller devices. While Ms. Merrill took another photo of this

stage of the process she inquired--

	"How do like your conversion so far?"

	I was at a loss as to what reply I could give, I seemed to

be in a trance and all I could do was sit passively and watch the

amazing change in my appearance that was occurring. With the

rollers all over my head I looked just like a woman! Whether this

strange sense of passiveness was due to the fumes from the

lotion, which smelled very strongly of ammonia, or to the waves

of excitement that were coursing through me. I seemed to sense

some sort of ominous overtones in Ms. Merrill's question, what

could she mean by conversion? ----- Although I could not remember

actually agreeing to have the permanent wave put in my hair,

things had happened so fast and progressed so far I was afraid to

back out now. I certainly could not just walk out in this

condition. I must admit that I was enjoying the great feelings of

excitement and anticipation that had come over me. Even though I

was beginning to suspect that Ms. Merrill had more in store for

me than just a permanent wave I seemed powerless to resist. The

restriction of the foundation garment constantly reminded me of

the huge erection I had, and it seemed to be growing by the


	The two operators had finished securing the last roller and

all of my hair was now completely fastened up in these curling

devices. Such strangely exciting feelings coursed through me as I

stared at my reflection in this condition. Janice re-wet all of

my hair on the rollers with the same lotion, and asked me to

please be seated in the chair under the permanent waving machine.

As I arose from the styling chair I realized just how heavy and

uncomfortable these rollers were. Ms. Merrill had taken photos of

the completed rolling and now that I was seated in the chair was

taking more as Tara commenced placing a clamp over each roller.

These clamps were attached to insulated wires that hung from the

head of the machine. The clamps were cylindrical and completely

covered the hair wound on the roller. I watched my reflection in

the mirrored wall with fascination, each time Tara attached

another clamp my excitement and euphoric feeling seemed to mount

to a higher level. It was obvious to me now that any idea I might

have had about backing out was impossible. I was securely

fastened to the machine with so many wires and clamps, that only

one of the operators could free me. I sensed that Ms. Merrill had

no intention of allowing that to happen. My hair was going to be

permanently waved by these women and there was nothing I could do

now to stop it. Tara had now completed placing all of the clamps,

and was adjusting dials and switches on the control panel of the

machine above my head.

	"Well since we have you safely secured I shall take some

	photos now, and then I must attend to certain other details

	of your conversion. Tara has set the controls to the proper

	temperature and timing to give you a firm and long lasting

	curl. You will be connected to the machine for about an

	hour, so Janice will be able to do something about improving

	your hands while you are	processing. If your head becomes

	too hot, or you think one of the clamps is burning your

	scalp, let Janice know immediately." with that informative 

	but chilling statement Ms. Merrill left Janice to attend me

	while I sat bound to this machine.

	How did I get myself into this predicament?. It is almost as

if these women were just waiting for me so they could do this. No,

surely that is not true this is a business place, they make money

by fixing peoples hair, it must be my imagination. But it 

certainly appears that they are enjoying themselves. What can I

possibly do when this ordeal is over? Obviously my hair is to be

firmly and permanently curled by this machine. Even though I

don't have any relatives or close friends, my landlady, and the

women at the grocery store, and the restaurant are bound to know

my hair has been curled. How can I face them? What if somebody

recognizes me from the pictures,---- and "conversion" what does

Ms. Merrill mean by that?----- Is that just a figure of speech?

	"Your other hand!" Janice said shocking me back from my

worries. She had set up a manicure table, attached some false

nails to my left hand, and now was proceeding to do the same to

my right hand.

	"Why are you doing that to my hands, I just wanted pictures

	of a hairdo." I asked.

	"Ms. Merrill gave instructions that we are to make you

	appear completely feminine and as beautiful as possible. She

	wants the pictures to be as realistic as possible." Janice


	Oh my, how will I ever get this all undone? As I worried

what was happening to me, Janice shaved both of my hands and

forearms with an electric razor. She filed the false fingernails

into long slender ovals and then applied a clear polish to each


	"I will only apply the base coat now since I won't know what

	color to use until your makeup is done." Janice told me.

	While Janice was placing the manicure table by the hair

dryer I became aware of how uncomfortable I was. The weight of

all the steel rollers and clamps was making my neck tired,

especially since could hardly turn my head because of all the

wires connecting me to the machine. At least the smell from the

lotion wasn't as strong as it had been, but the heat from the

machine clamps was really uncomfortable. I called to Janice

telling her how hot my head was becoming.

	"That is to be expected". she replied. " This process

	operates on the principle of increasing heat. The lotion we

	applied softens the hair so it will assume the shape of the

	curlers. The machine generates heat through the clamps

	fastened over the curlers. The increasing heat causes the

	lotion to steam out of the hair and hardens the hair into

	the new shape on the curler. The machine will cut off in

	five more minutes so just be patient."

    Janice rolled a cart in front of me that contained a TV

monitor and VCR. She started a tape and then brought a miniature

set of headphones and placed them in my ears. Janice left the

room as the tape began to play scenes of beautiful landscapes,

seashores and mountains. The sound to this tape was of some

strange New Age music that repeated itself periodically. As I

watched and listened a soothing, peaceful, and happy feeling came

over me. I did not seem to be any less excited, only less anxious

and fearful. Ms. Merrill returned to the room with Tara just as

the machine clicked off. Janice donned a pair of gloves and

removed the hot clamps from my head. Ms. Merrill snapped several

photos of this being done and said.

	"Now that your hair has been curled, we must cool it before

	removing the curlers. If you will go back to the styling

	chair Janice and Tara will start the cooling."

	As I rose from the chair under the machine I almost fell. It

must have been the continuous excitement, the smell of the waving

lotion and the heat from the permanent wave machine that had made

me feel so weak. Ms. Merrill assisted me to the styling chair and


	" I'm sure you will find the rest of your conversion will

	not be so uncomfortable."

	Janice and Tara each used a small blower to cool my hair,

and it certainly was a relief. They soon shut off the blowers and

started removing the rollers, clamps and pads. As they removed

each one a long golden ringlet would fall until soon my head was

a mass of golden curls. When the last roller had been removed,

Janice led me to the shampoo bowl and rinsed my hair. Ms. Merrill

snapped several more photos of these proceedings. After the rinse

I was returned to the styling chair, and with a towel around my

hair I placed a new roll of film in my camera. Janice combed some

liquid through my hair and started setting it on plastic rollers,

using clips to hold each roller in place. AS Ms. Merrill took

more pictures she said.

	"She is setting your hair in a certain pattern so that we

	will be able to arrange it in a suitable style."

	As soon as this was completed another beautician, who

apparently was the makeup artist, looked my face over carefully

and after comparing some color samples with my face told Janice

what color nail enamel to use. As she left the room Janice placed

me under the hair dryer and Ms. Merrill took photos of me under

the hair dryer. While my hair was drying Janice applied a soft

pink color to my nails and then a coat of clear sealer. As she

finished one hand and then the other I was amazed at how feminine

my hands now were. Having finished my nails, Janice brought me

another glass of wine and repositioned the video cart and

started the tape before again leaving the room.

 As the dryer droned on my mind began going over everything that

had been done to me. Never could I remember having been so

excited and for such a long period. My testicles were actually

beginning to ache. Glancing from my hands to my reflection in the

mirror I wondered why I was enjoying what these women were doing

to me. As they increasingly changed my appearance the strange

feelings within me became more overwhelming. I drank the wine and

began to look at the tape again since I had enjoyed it so much

the first time.

      Ms. Merrill and Janice returned just as the dryer turned

off. Ms. Merrill took several pictures and then said.

	"We will soon be through and I just know you will be

	delighted with your new appearance."

 Janice placed a satin bonnet over my curls and led me to the

makeup room. In the center of the alcove devoted to makeup was a

large padded bench over which was suspended a large light

fixture. Near one end were several machines with various dials

and switches that I assumed were for giving facial treatments.

Elaine, the makeup artist, told me to lie down on this bench.

After arranging a cloth over my clothing, she placed a dark pad

over each eye.

	"It is necessary to shield your eyes from the bright light I

	will be using. I will be shaping eyebrows to begin with. You

	will feel a pricking sensation, but just remain absolutely

	still until I have finished." Elaine advised.

	It seemed forever before she removed the pads from my eyes,

the pricking sensation she had mentioned felt more like being

repeatedly stuck with a needle. She produced a hypodermic syringe

and told me she was going to deaden my earlobes so the earrings

wouldn't bother me. She said people who had not worn earrings

before found them uncomfortable. She Injected each ear and then

began applying makeup to my face, eyes and lips. As she attached

a gold loop to each ear I was glad she had deadened them. It felt

just like she had punched a hole in my earlobe. Ms. Merrill had

been taking photos while Elaine was working on me and she handed

me my camera so I could change the film again. Janice had me

remove the smock and replace it with the ruffled blouse I had

worn earlier. I was then brought back to the room where the

permanent wave had been given and seated in the styling chair. 

Janice removed the satin bonnet and started taking the rollers

out. As she removed the rollers my hair stayed in the shape it

had been set in. Sitting in the chair wearing a feminine smock,

and with my set hair, I looked just like a woman,---  and I liked

looking like a woman! What was happening to me? My appearance had

been so drastically changed already and I was actually wanting

them to hurry so I could see myself when they finished! Janice

then began brushing and combing my hair. I could see while she

worked that she was arranging my curls in an updo. Ms. Merrill

had been taking pictures while Janice worked and as Janice

finished my hair style by applying hair spray Ms. Merrill said.

	"With your fair skin I new it would be easy to complete

	this first part in your conversion."

As I gazed at my reflection I saw a beautiful young lady! Piles

of artfully arranged golden curls, a beautiful face with long

dark eyelashes, sweepingly arched eyebrows, seductively pouting

pink lips, gold earrings dangling from pierced ears this was me!

I stared at what I had become until the mounting waves of passion

completely overcame me as I blissfully fainted.

	" I believe that you have a new member for our little

	family Ms. Merrill, he has fainted from excitement!"

	exclaimed Janice. "Yes and the stain on the front of his

	slacks is the proof. It seems our little photographer is to

	willingly become a slave to his new found beauty. The proper

     tranquilizer in the wine and that tape with the sublimnal

     messages is quite effective in creating the desire to be

     a woman. Please  revive him at once as I have many more

     surprises for our new  girl to be."



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