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Archive-name: Changes/perfprog.txt

Archive-author: Dafydd Cyhoeddwr 

Archive-title: Perfect Programmer 

    I used to think programming was the neatest thing in the world. From the 

day I first saw a computer, in sixth grade at school, I knew I wanted to be a 

programmer. My dad got me a portable in 10th grade, and I took every computer 

course offered in high school - a total of four - and majored in it in 

college. I got a job with a small consulting firm right out of college, and I 

loved my work. 

    Then, I got an offer from Uni-Tec that I couldn't refuse. Four times my 

salary, with relocation costs, a subsidized luxury apartment, and a company 

car. No one could have passed it up. 

    But, Uni-Tec almost crushed my delight in programming. I was brought in as 

a Programmer IV (of seven regular grades), and everyone of V and below worked 

on the third floor in a room the size of a football field, divided up into U-

shaped clusters of cubicles. My little cubbyhole was nothing more than three 

and a half walls, a desk, a CRT, and a shelf for references. Not even a phone! 

And, I never wrote a program the whole time I was on that floor. Pieces, yes. 

Subroutines. Functions. Code segments. But not whole programs from beginning 

to end. And I hated it, but I couldn't leave. Actually, I could have, but I 

loved my car and my apartment, and Uni-Tec was the highest paying company in 

the area and I loved my salary. So, I stayed. 

    Six months after I arrived, I was promoted to V. Another good thing about 

Uni-Tec was that they promoted by ability alone, not when a slot opened up. On 

the same day, a new man arrived, assigned to the cubicle directly across the 

'corridor' from me. 

    We became friends almost immediately. Kyle was a very likeable guy, 

ruggedly handsome with short, dark hair, grey-green eyes, a blade-sharp nose, 

firm chin, broad shoulders, trim waist and hips, and strong thighs and legs. 

He looked like a walking ad for a health club and/or a tanning salon. I kind 

of envied him that: although I wasn't ugly, or even just plain (a number of 

former girlfriends and most of the female programmers on the floor insisted 

that I was extremely cute), I had never had as nice a body as Kyle. I was rail 

thin, with strength that refused to show itself. I had a nice body, but Kyle 

had a perfect body. 

    He had been hired away from an insurance company by much the same kind of 

deal that had drawn me, and almost a third of the other programmers here, into 

Uni-Tec. He got a car, and apartment, and a huge salary - Uni-Tec had as 

clients an auto firm and a real estate agency. He had been relocated, too, but 

he made friends swiftly and easily. I went almost everywhere with him, and had 

soon increased my own friend base by several powers (I normally made friends 

very slowly - Kyle was an exception). 

    Being friends with Kyle helped make my job more fun. We were given space 

in and on the computer for personal use. Kyle and I began challenging each 

other to write games. Kyle was very imaginative, but I had an almost 

instinctive knack for compacting code. So, though Kyle could come up with 

great game ideas and innovations on old ones, I could make mine run faster and 

in less memory than he could. Between after-work with Kyle, and our games 

between official projects, I was happy with programming again. 

    Six months more passed. Kyle made it to V very vast, and soon we were both 

climbing our way up the V sub-grades to VI and private offices at the same 

rate. Outside of work, we were the best of friends, rarely spending an evening 

apart. There were just so many things we enjoyed doing together! 

    One day, Kyle came in late, looking very dejected. I said, "Hey, Kyle, are 

you okay?" 

    He answered, "Not exactly, Kev. I got a note last night from the landlord. 

They pushed through a zoning ordinance, and my whole block is going to become 

a shopping mall. I've got to move. I talked to the bosses, but they can't do 

anything about it - nothing is available in my price range even with their 

subsidy. And, the owners are only giving me a week to get out." 

    The solution was obvious to me. My apartment had a small spare bedroom. 

"No problem, buddy," I said. "Move in with me. The spare room is plenty big 

enough for sleeping, my pad has all the amenities of yours, and anything 

personal you want to have I'll make room for. There's this 'U-Store' place 

down the block - we can rent a couple of vaults in there to store our extra 

stuff. 'Kay?" 

    Kyle just looked at me with a queer expression for half a minute. Then, he 

said, "Uh, hey Kevin, no, I - uh, I couldn't impose, man. No, no, I'll think 

of something else." 

    "Don't be silly! It's no imposition at all. Look, we spend so much time 

together already and my place is plenty big enough for two. If you want, I'll 

take the small room. Come on, it'll be fun! And it will solve your problem. 

Come on, do it! Say yes!" 

    Well, it was like pulling teeth, but I finally got Kyle to see the light 

and move in with me. We took the next day off and spent it moving him mostly 

in, and me a little out. The overflow of combining our apartments was put in 

two lockers in the 'U-Store' place. It took all of that day, and most of the 

rest of the week after work to get us both settled back in. 

    Two months passed quickly. For the first week or so, Kyle acted very 

nervous around the apartment, but I attributed it to getting used to a new 

life style. We both had adjustments to make - I, for one, had to stop parading 

around in just my underwear. After those first few days, though, everything 

returned to normal - even better, really, because we were able to spend even 

more time together and we got to be even better friends. 

    At the end of our second months as roommates, Kyle made it to VI. Our 

standings were still neck and neck, it was just that his neck was a little 

ahead of mine. He was moved from his cubicle to a private office upstairs, so 

I saw less of him at work, but that didn't matter much: we still spent most 

evenings together and we kept up our competitions on games, except now we 

worked on the same program, each putting our own little tricks into it and 

seeing whose innovations make it a better game. 

    Another month passed, and one night Kyle came home from work with a very 

bad cold and a growing dissatisfaction with his new responsibilities. It 

seemed that being a VI was more designing the specifications for programs than 

actual coding - and he didn't even get to do the actual work on those programs 

he designed, as they were broken up into sections and given to the "kids" on 

the third floor to code. 

    I could almost see Kyle's cold get worse as he sat and talked. Finally, I 

coaxed him to bed, agreeing with his complaints that I was sure were mostly 

outgrowths of his illness. 

    Next day, I wend to work alone - Kyle's cold, flu really, had not gotten 

any better with one night's rest. He was told firmly to stay home, rest some 

more, and drink plenty of orange juice. 

    Around 11 o'clock, I was called over to one of the phone stations. The man 

on the other end said, "Are you Mr Kevin Athen?" I said, "Yes." 

    "My name is Nathan Dare. I initially tried to reach Mr Chase, but I 

understand he called in sick. So, as your name was also on the programs Mr 

Chase sent me, I thought I'd give you the news." 

    "News?" I asked. "What programs?" 

    "He didn't tell you? Oh. Well, I do hope it wasn't a secret or something. 


    "Anyway, Mr Chase sent me four programs designed by you and he together 

for publishing consideration. My consulting staff and I have reviewed them and 

we all love them. Very good work, both of you. As per our verbal agreement, we 

will pay $10,000 per program, with a 0.5% royalty for each of you on all net 

profits. We would also like to see any other programs you have written, and if 

you have any spare time we would like to discuss an arrangement for future 

products. When would you and Kyle be able to come in to sign the papers?" 

    I made an appointment for late in the next week, just to be sure Kyle was 

over his flu. Then, I just had to go home to tell Kyle the good news! I was a 

little surprised he would sell our challenge games without telling me, but he 

had put my name on them with his, so he probably wanted to sunrise me with an 

out to the job we both rather hated, him even more than I it seemed. So, I 

took my lunch hour to go home, stopping at a 7-11 for a gallon of orange juice 


    I went barging into our apartment shouting, "Kyle! Kyle! Great news!" I 

stormed into the entry hall, slamming the door behind me. I could hear the 

television, so I knew Kyle was probably convalescing on the couch. As I 

entered the living room, still yelling, I saw Kyle was asleep on the sofa. I 

yelled again, waking him up. He said, "Wha...what? Uh, Kevin...?" He stretched 

and groaned, and half fell off of the sofa. His robe fell open, and he wasn't 

wearing anything underneath. For the first time ever I saw Kyle naked. 

    I've heard the term 'knees turned to jelly' thousands of times, but that 

was the first time I ever felt it happen to me. Luckily, I was in front of a 

chair because I literally collapsed. Fell backwards into it, utterly shocked 

by what had been revealed by Kyle's open robe. 

    Because there, at the juncture of his hard and well muscled thighs, 

starkly revealed by a totally hairless crotch, was the vertical slit of a 

woman's genitals. Kyle had a cunt instead of a cock! 

    I think I actually passed out. There was a short period of non-awareness 

while my mind accepted the sight I had seen and re-ordered my perceptions 

accordingly. My life changed radically from that one little revelation. Little 

things, slight hints, hidden clues to this reality all seemed larger than life 

in hindsight. 'I should have known!' I thought. Then, 'I don't care,' followed 

by 'I think I'm glad.' My friendship with Kyle twisted slightly into something 

else, something it was just one little bit short of until now. I was suddenly, 

totally in love with my roommate. 

    The shock passed enough for me to open my eyes, and I found myself staring 

into Kyle's green-grey eyes. He - she? No, *he* - had refastened his robe and 

was kneeling by the char looking at me with evident concern. I stared at his 

face, and could find no trace at all of femininity there. Kyle was a perfect 

specimen of manhood, except for the fact that he *had* no manhood! 

    "Kyle, was, I wasn't seeing things, was I?" I asked weakly. 

    He smiled wanly and stood up. I watched him move back to the sofa, 

searching for some trace of femaleness in him. But his arms and legs, which I 

had seen many times before, were still pure macho. The part of his chest 

revealed by the robe was flat and muscular. The robe was tight around his 

narrow waist, and (as ever), his hips weren't one inch wider than that waist. 

The only evidence of Kyle's true gender was what was (and/or wasn't) at his 


    "If you mean 'am I really a girl,' you saw right. I am female where it 

counts." Kyle's voice, even, was a rich deep tenor, totally male. 

    He began to explain himself and as I listened, I tried to evaluate the 

revelation I had sustained. I was really in love with Kyle and I tried to 

figure out why. Our friendship had always been very deep. Probably, there were 

snipes and gossips at work who speculated about our sexual preferences as we 

spent so much time together. But, I had never entertained the idea of becoming 

homosexual just to intensify the already intense relationship between Kyle and 

myself. I didn't dislike homosexuality, I just wasn't gay. Women were my 

sexual choice. 

    But, now Kyle had been revealed as a woman, if only 'where it counted'. 

And the hidden need to push our relationship that last step into sexuality and 

completeness was revealed. I could only hope that Kyle did, or could come to, 

feel the same way because I was sure that he way my lifetime mate, my one-and-


    Kyle's story went: "I first realized that I didn't belong in the body I 

was born into in early high school, somewhere between the ages of 15 and 16. I 

had 'blossomed' into a curvaceous young woman, and I hated every second of the 

inflation of my breasts and hips. My mother insisted that it was just hormonal 

imbalances affecting my moods, but it never got better. I hated bras and 

pantyhose, though silky lingerie did feel very nice against my skin. In trying 

to get over my distaste, I began to sleep around, hoping to find an antidote 

to something to snap me out of it. 

    "Sex was nice, but my body was still hateful. A close girlfriend 

introduced me to lesbian sex, which was also very nice. The lack of a cock was 

made up for by the feeling of a female body next to me. Strangely, the very 

aspects I hated in myself I enjoyed in a partner. But it didn't help my 

situation any. 

    "I managed to get through high school hating myself. And, it was a trip to 

New York with my lesbian girlfriend that gave me my answer. In a dyke bar that 

Leslie took me to I saw all manner of strange-seeming women. Punk types, 

collared Ms, leather-clad Ss, men dressed as women hoping to pass, and the 

clincher: real bull dykes who did their best to look like men. 

    "And that way my solution. I liked the way those dykes looked, but they 

didn't go far enough. They left traces of their gender since they were, after 

all, after lesbians. I wanted to go all the way. I had always admired men's 

bodies and had, upon occasion, wondered what I would be like with a hard, 

flat, muscled body. So that's what I set about getting. 

    "It wasn't easy or cheap. My dad, who died when I was 12, left me a very 

large inheritance which I came into when I reached 18. I began as soon as I 

graduated high school. I never told my mother. When she got sick a year later, 

the process had not gone too far for me to return and be with her on her 

deathbed as Kathleen. 

    "After that, I went ahead full steam. Male hormones counteracted the 

bodily configuration forced on me by birth. Massive but expert plastic surgery 

remade what the hormones couldn't, eliminating every trace of femininity 

except the ultimate. I had no desire to be a full male, so my 'equipment' 

remained original issue. 

    "My self-restructuring all but wiped out my inheritance, leaving only 

enough money for the legalities required to change my name and identity to 

Kyle Chase, certified male, and the tuition to a junior college programming 

major. I was basically happy now, and my future was being provided for with 

the college courses. But, my social life bit the big one. The macho image I 

had worked so hard to get worked against me in the search for sexual partners: 

for a while, I had to scan the personals looking for open-minded bisexuals, 

but that got to be tiring so I stopped chasing sex and let it come to me. My 

last partner was the VP of the insurance company I left to come to Uni-Tec. I 

wasn't sorry to leave: Howard had grown to be a real bore. 

    "So, here I am. Now that you know, how do you feel? Grossed out, 

disgusted, what?" 

    I looked at Kyle slumped there, having poured his heart out and revealed 

such intimate details of his life, expecting the worst from his best friend in 

the world. His dejected expression made my heart ache, so instead of beating 

around the proverbial bush, I said, "Kyle, I'm pretty damn sure I'm in love 

with you." 

    He looked over at me, and I could see his huge smile and beaming eyes. I 

could almost feel the warmth my confession generated in him, and perhaps even 

a little love returned, too. 

    His next words confirmed what I saw and felt. "Are you serious, Kev?" he 

asked. "Imagine that. You know, I've been in love with you ever since we first 

met, but my rather odd physical makeup made me nervous about it. From our 

conversations, I was sure that my maleness would turn you off." 

    "Um, I'm not sure just why or how I feel this way," I said, rising from 

the chair. "I'm still not in any way gay, as far as I know. But I think that I 

have always wanted to be in love with you." I sat down next to him on the 

sofa. "That's why we were always such good, close friends. And now that your 

little secret is out, my true feelings don't have to hide anymore. 

    "It's strange how a little ingrained cultural taboo could so effectively 

mask what my subconscious knew all along. I. Love. You." And we kissed. 

    The kiss was strange at first, but the love behind it served to get me 

over the awkwardness, remove my lingering inhibitions, and let us relax and 

enjoy. Soon, our tongues were sliding across strange teeth and gums as we 

'swapped spit'. Then, our hands began to move. I slipped my right hand into 

his robe and started to fondle his nipple while my other hand went around his 

neck and played in his hair. 

    Kyle's hands just circled my torso and ran up and down my back. But, it 

was he who slowly pushed me back until he was lying on top of me on the sofa. 

His thigh was in my crotch, rubbing against my swelling boner. My hips began 

to squirm from the friction and the excitement of our kissing. I felt myself 

getting closer and closer to orgasm, but before it (and I) came, Kyle finally 

rolled off of me, stood up, and led me to my bedroom. 

    He had let me keep the big room when he moved in (now I understood his 

reluctance to relocate here, but I sure was glad he had!). I had done it up 

very simply. One wall was a window with a fantastic view: Kyle adjusted the 

venetian blinds to block that view but still let in light. The carpet was deep 

ad soft and white, the walls were ivory around the minimalist paintings on the 

walls. The only furniture was the bed; its headboard was an excellent 

nightstand, and one of the two other doors in the room opened onto a dressing 

room as big as Kyle's bedroom that contained my clothes and dresser (the other 

door led to a bathroom larger than the dressing room). 

    The door closed behind me and Kyle turned from the window. He had a very 

sexy smile on his face. He untied his sash and let his robe fall open, 

exposing his bare secret again. With a shrug, he tossed the robe off his 


    He looked glorious naked. He had a perfect male body that turned me on in 

a curious way. It seemed that he looked so wonderful because of the flat cleft 

plain between his legs. If there had been a cock there instead of a cunt I 

would have been totally turned off. 

    "Your turn, Kev." Kyle looked like a weird transsexual god standing there 

haloed by sunlight, so bronze, muscled, and hairless from his neck down. It 

was amazing what hormones and expert plastic surgeons could do to remold a 


    Responding to his suggestion, I began to undress. Tie, shirt, shoes and 

socks, belt, pants, and then, with a bit of hesitation, my jockey shorts. I 

tossed my clothes into a corner and stood up straight, as nude as my roommate. 

    Kyle's eyes roved over my body with approval, especially when they came to 

rest at my crotch. Although the hair on my head was an utterly average brown, 

the hair at my crotch was a fine golden blond. My cock was fine (in my own 

humble opinion {and that of every lover I had ever had}), not as huge as a 

porn-star's, but adequate to every job it had ever been asked to do, and 

perfectly complimented by a perfect pair of naturally hairless balls. I was 

very proud of my genitals - they were the best part of my otherwise average-

to-dull body. And at that moment, my cock was just a heartbeat or two from 

full, straining hardness. I could see that Kyle was appreciative. 

    He said, "You're beautiful, Kev, absolutely beautiful. You don't know how 

hard it's been keeping myself from sneaking peeks at you in the shower, 

wondering what you were hiding in your shorts. But, the wait was worth it. 

    "Sigh. Such a long time wasted. Well, it's time to stop wasting and start 

doing. Sit on the edge of the bed, Kev. I'll go first." 

    I sat with my ass barely on the edge of the mattress and Kyle came over 

and knelt between my spread legs. The, he proceeded to suck my cock like it 

had never been sucked before. His mouth had to be the most talented oral 

cavity in the world! He even managed to take me all the way down his throat 

with almost no trouble at all. 

    His hands were always in motion as well. As his mouth enclosed my cock in 

wetness and his tongue and teeth added to the sensations flashing across its 

skin, Kyle's hands stroked every other part of my body. Even though I wanted 

the session to last forever - who could wish to end a perfect blowjob? - it 

couldn't. Kyle was just too good, his mouth too talented. This also meant that 

he was able to help me hold off my orgasm, but not forever. Almost half an 

hour later, I finally came. The explosive relief was enough to make me pass 

out for the second time that day. 

    When I woke up, I was stretched out on my bed and Kyle was lying next to 

me. He was idly fondling my cock, which had been cleaned and dried and was 

beginning to rise again. 

    Kyle said, "Next time we'll let you take a turn 'eating at the "Y"'. for 

now, I need to feel your lovely cock inside me. It's been so long since I've 

been fucked that I don't think I could wait another minute. In fact, I was 

just deciding to start without you when you woke up. But, since you have 

rejoined the party...." 

    He levered himself up on hands and knees, and moved over me. My cock had 

returned to full hardness by then, and Kyle straightened up over my crotch and 

aimed himself at the head, which pointed straight up. Then, he sank slowly 

down, inch by inch, until he was resting flat on my crotch, my cock buried 

fully in his cunt. 

    I don't know if I expected Kyle's cunt to be any different, but it wasn't. 

If the rest of him was pure male, that last remnant of his original gender was 

totally unaffected by it. Kyle's cunt was, in fact, probably the sweetest 

pussy I had ever been in. Some of my previous lovers had had better mouths 

than cunts. Kyle was fantastic with his mouth, but his cunt was far better. 

Far, far better! And I didn't mind at all. 

    He just sat there for a while, probably as much to get used to being 

filled again after being so long celibate as to let me savour the heavenly 

warmth and wetness of his silky cunt. Then, he began to rock slightly and 

eventually to piston up and down on his strong legs. It was amazing to me that 

Kyle looked so absolutely sexy as he bobbed up and down on my cock. There was 

absolutely nothing feminine about him except what was swallowing my cock. One 

hand could block that from my sight, and all I would see would be a gorgeous 

man bouncing up and down over me. And it didn't turn me off at all. 

    I reached up, drew Kyle down, and kissed him long and hard. After a 

startled minute, he started rocking his hips again and mine began to move in 

counterpoint. We kissed and fondled and fucked on and on, resting as I drew 

near orgasm to prolong our first fuck as long as possible. Kyle, of course, 

just kept coming over and over, many more times than was worth counting. We 

learned that we both had very sensitive nipples, something Kyle enjoyed in a 

lover and said was rare in a man. The way he caressed my body while we were 

resting really turned me on, and sort of got me wishing there was more there 

for him to stroke and massage. That, and some of what he had said before, 

started an idea percolating in my mind. 

    Finally, Kyle decided to let me come. By that time, my body was thrashing 

wildly, my hips were circling, and my head was rocking back and forth, moans 

of ecstasy and passion filling the room. The scent of aroused woman, and under 

it the smell of male pre-cum, permeated the room and drove us both even 

wilder. And, when he didn't stop his hip action at the point of my build up 

that he had before, I started to move and moan faster and wilder and louder 

until, with the loudest scream yet (ever, actually - I wasn't usually so vocal 

in bed), I let my pent up load go, sending jets of scalding sperm deep into 

Kyle's belly. The relief was again so great that, you guessed it, I passed 


    I woke up a minute or so later, only slightly calmer than I had been 

before my 'nap'. Kyle was just rolling off of me. I looked into his beaming 

face and he said, "That, Kevin, was just absolutely the best ever. Ever! I'm 

really glad we made this little breakthrough - I hope this wasn't a 'one-night 

stand.'" His smile widened, and I leaned over and kissed him. 

    "No way, Kyle. Never a one night stand. Life, Kyle: this is for life. Will 

you marry me?" I was smiling, too, but somewhere deep down, I think I meant 


    Kyle looked at me funny, then smiled again. "Want to take a shower 


    "Sure," I said, and we did. Kyle's flu seemed to have run its course very 

swiftly. We had fun lathering each other up and rinsing each other off, then 

repeating the process several times. Kyle stroked me to another orgasm, and I 

fingered him to a few. We finally climbed out of the tub and dried each other 

off, exciting each other yet again. We went into the living room still naked 

and Kyle got us each a soda. 

    While we sat next to each other on the sofa and stared at each other, I 

remembered why I had come home for lunch in the first place. I told Kyle about 

the phone call and the offer Mr Dare had made. 

    "Perfect!" exclaimed Kyle. "I knew our games were saleable. This is just 

the break we need to get away from Uni-Tec. With un-taken vacation 

compensation and severance pay, we could buy a condo and enough computer 

equipment to start our own freelance operation. What do you say, Kev? Sound 

like a good idea?" 

    I said, "Absolutely!" and kissed him. It *was* perfect, both for our 

sanity and for the plan I was formulating. 

    I went back to work shortly thereafter - a long lunch hour is better than 

skipping our altogether - and began nosing around, finding out details about 

when would be the best time for our departure from the rank and file of Uni-

Tec. A few markers pulled in informed me that I was due for promotion within 

the month, which would increase my severance pay. I also counted up our 

vacation time and calculated how much it was worth. A hastily made graph 

showed two months would be the best time to leave - after that the increase in 

bonus wasn't enough to be worth the wait. 

    Luckily, I didn't have any projects due that day because I did absolutely 

no company work that afternoon between my research and my eagerness to get 

back home to Kyle. We were permitted a half-hour leeway in our departure time, 

but I stayed even a little past 5 due to my late return from lunch (wouldn't 

do to jeopardize our future by getting fired too early!). The speed limit 

meant nothing to me as I raced back to our apartment, just barely arriving in 

one piece. 

    Kyle was waiting for me, sitting still naked on the sofa and watching TV. 

As soon as the door closed behind me, though, he turned the set off and came 

over to me. We kissed passionately and he dragged me unresistingly into my 

bedroom with our mouths still fused. 

    Once in the bedroom, he broke the kiss and ripped my clothes off, 

literally. There were buttons everywhere, and my shirt and slacks were ruined 

beyond repair. He took my shorts down with my pants, pausing to kiss my 

rapidly rising cock before pushing me down on the bed and removing my shoes 

and socks along with my shredded pants and underwear. 

    When I was as naked as him, he laid down over me and kissed me again while 

rubbing the slick skin of his mons all over my cock, pushing it up to full 


    When I was as hard as possible, Kyle rolled off me and said, "Scoot up, 

Kev. I sucked you off at lunch; it's your turn for dinner." 

    I eagerly scooted fully onto the bed. When I was comfortable, Kyle kneed 

his way over to me and straddled my neck and chest. I circled his thighs with 

my arms and petted his bare pussy, marveling at the smoothness there. 

    I said, "Nice shaving, Kyle. How do you keep it so silky?" 

    Kyle chuckled and bucked his hips a bit. He said, "I haven't had to worry 

about depilating my crotch ever since I dated an electrolysis expert for a 

while. She got as irritated as I about stubble, so she fixed the problem 

permanently. It was damn painful, let me tell you, but worth every second of 


    "Now, I think there's something else for you to do with my nice, smooth 

pussy besides pet it, isn't there?" And, he hitched his hips up over my face 

and neck, and I went to work. 

    My first girlfriend had loved cunnilingus, and had taught me everything 

there was to know about pleasing a woman orally. It was a talent I never 

forgot, and I put every ounce of experience and expertise I had into eating 

out Kyle's luscious cunt. 

    As before, when I first fucked him, I wondered if his cunt would taste 

different. But, just as it had felt absolutely perfect around my cock, now it 

tasted absolutely perfect to my tongue. Totally, ultra-feminine. I couldn't 

have asked for better. 

    Eating Kyle became a definite pleasure, and I just kept on licking and 

fingering through orgasm after orgasm. I think we went on like that for over 

an hour, until finally Kyle just fell back and away from my mouth, completely 

(if momentarily) sated. 

    It took Kyle 15 minutes to recover enough to look to my pleasure. He said, 

"Kev, my pussy is absolutely exhausted. I know you want to fuck me, but you 

suck too well! I'll suck you off, we'll shower, and then maybe after dinner we 

can do it all one more time. Okay?" 

    It sounded fine to me. So Kyle closed his lips around my cock and make me 

cum as exhaustingly as he had. Then, we played in the shower again and got 

ultra-clean. Dinner took 10 minutes in the microwave and we watched TV while 

eating, both still nude. We tried to put off going to bed, but our love-fueled 

lust couldn't be denied and we went to bed around 8pm. We didn't get to sleep 

until past midnight. 

    We got up at the normal work-day time and took (yet) another shower 

together. I joked that our water bill would be way down this month. It was 

difficult to keep our 'emotions' in check, however, and I left the shower with 

a massive hard-on. 

    I said, "You're lucky, Kyle. You don't have to worry about one of these 

making you uncomfortable in your tight shorts, or embarrassing you by popping 

up at the wrong time." 

    Kyle said, "Well, I may not have a real boner to worry about, but I do 

have a false one so that my trousers don't look strange." He took me to his 

(old) room and showed me the harness he had to wear every day. It looked like 

a jock-strap with padding. I had to admit that it did its job - he never 

looked like a woman in pants. 

    We got dressed and then I told Kyle about my research over breakfast. He 

said we should start looking for a condo. We should also, he said, put 

together some more of our programs to show to Mr Dare. 

    It was lucky that we now worked on different floors - I could barely keep 

Kyle out of my thought and out of my pants (I sported a boner for most of the 

day). He had a meeting over lunch (which we usually ate together), so I had an 

opportunity to begin work on my secret plan. 

    I thought it would be hard to get hold of the hormones - doctors' 

prescriptions with psychiatrists' waivers, etc. - but there are always ways. A 

word to a few friends of friends of acquaintances, and I had two large bottles 

of pills, enough to complete the transformation that would make me into the 

exact opposite of Kyle. 

    I couldn't quite bring myself to go into one of those transvestite shops, 

although I knew I would have to eventually. So I picked up a catalog at an 

adult bookstore and sent off an order. When it arrived, I would begin making 

myself into a woman. Of course, I started on the pills right away - the doctor 

said there wouldn't be any visible changes for at least three months, well 

after our separation from Uni-Tec and the formation of our freelance company. 

    Those final two months were the toughest eight weeks of my life. It was 

hard to keep our new relationship secret from our co-workers - doubly hard for 

me: at least Kyle didn't have a hard-on to get in the way. Sex between us was 

just so fantastic that I had to concentrate on not thinking about Kyle lest my 

crotch incapacitate me for several minutes. When I was promoted to VI, things 

got a little better as I received an office of my own and I could fantasize 

behind my desk in relative privacy - enough privacy to let my dick stick out 

of my fly for comfort. 

    A trend was developing in our sexual relations. More and more, I was 

taking the passive role. Actually, I hardly ever initiated sex except for that 

first week. Thereafter, even though the dick between our pair was mine, Kyle 

took the 'traditional' male role. I didn't mind at all - in fact, I encouraged 

it: it made my secret plan all the more appropriate. 

    We were sorely tempted to take a sick day or two per week, but managed to 

restrain our lusts for appearances' sake. We did manage some form of sex-play 

every night, and most every morning. Of course our weekends were constant 

orgies and on Mondays it was even harder to be good and go to work. I knew 

that Kyle was my proper lifetime mate - we were perfect together. 

    About six weeks after my order to the catalog company was made, my package 

arrived. I took it into Kyle's old room, shut the door, and tried on every 

stitch of underwear on. Everything fit perfectly! I selected a blue lacey bra 

with some of those liquid filled pads to give it shape, a corset that nipped 

in my waist nicely even though I couldn't lace it as tightly as it could go, 

blue garter belt with smokey black stockings, and blue panties. A long blond 

wig made an amazing change to my face. I didn't know anything about makeup, so 

I didn't try to use any. After a long admiring look at my lingerie-clad body 

(I knew I would come to *love* this!), I went out to show Kyle the new me. 

    A drink was waiting for me on the coffee table when I reached the living 

room, and Kyle was in the kitchen making dinner. I called, "Yo, Kyle, could 

you come here a minute?" 

    He came through the door and stopped and stared, open mouthed. He sagged 

against the doorjamb and I knew what I probably had looked like that day I 

first saw him naked. 

    He recovered himself fairly quickly and as astonishment faded from his 

face lust took its place. He dashed back into the kitchen to turn off dinner, 

and then ran back into the living room, right up to me. He grabbed me in his 

arms and kissed me fiercely, hungrily, and rubbed his crotch into mine. We 

both (I'm sure) felt both excited and strange - the fact that the cunt inside 

the slacks was getting off on feeling the prick in the panties rub against it 

was both weird and most pleasurable. 

    He couldn't restrain himself long enough to take me into the bedroom, so 

we just lay on the carpet and fucked. 

    Kyle went wild riding up and down my cock as he ran his hands up and down 

my lingerie-clad body. He spent particular attention to my ersatz breasts, 

kneeding and squeezing them like they were real flesh. Strangely, I began to 

almost feel like they were - it was like pre-cognition, feelings from the 

future or something. 

    That fuck was mostly burning lust and it didn't last very long at all. But 

while it lasted, it was superb! The feel of the fuck itself was amplified by 

the satin and silk surrounding my body, and I knew that I was doing the right 


    When I finally came and Kyle collapsed next to me, I decided to tell him. 

I was slightly afraid, in case he would hate the idea. But, better to know now 

than when I had real breasts! 

    So, when we were both breathing normally again, I asked, "Kyle, did you 

like my little surprise?" 

    "Very, very much, Kev. You look beautiful in women's clothes." 

    "Really? Ah...what would you think if I was to always wear them?" 

    There was silence for a moment, and then he sat up next to me. I could see 

a gleam in his eye, but I couldn't tell what it signified. He scanned my form 

and finally said, "That depends, lover. To what extend?" 

    "I...I want to do what you did, only in reverse. I've been taking pills 

now since our first week as lovers, and I just got a shipment of frilly 

underwear today. I figured that once we're on our own, you can help me walk, 

talk, and act like a woman. Then, maybe we really could get married - you a 

transsexual woman and me a transsexual man. Perfect couple, don't you think?" 

My heart was in my eyes - while I had begun my plan as a gesture of affection 

for Kyle (or something like that), I now truly felt like I had to become the 

apparent female in our relationship. I wanted breasts probably as much as Kyle 

had wanted to get rid of his. I hoped he would let me continue my plan. 

    More silence, then he leaned down and kissed me very tenderly and gently. 

He said, "I think it's an absolutely wonderful idea. Just perfect! A pair of 

breasts and a fine cock - my dream lover! You must have read my mind, Kev. You 

have a feminine name to go by?" 

    I didn't, but as he asked something came to me. " about Karen?" 

    "Karen. Beautiful name, Karen. And you won't even have to change your 

monogram. I love you, Karen." 

    We made love again then, much more tenderly and protractedly, but still on 

the living room floor. Dinner was ruined, but neither of us noticed the taste 

of what Kyle managed to salvage, and we retired to our bed without even doing 

the dishes. 

    Kyle had better connections in the transsexual world, and he was able to 

get me a supply of hormones that were faster acting with fewer side effects - 

in otherwords, they wouldn't effect my male drives, just alter my body. We 

barely made it through our last days at Uni-Tec what with the changes 

beginning in my body, the work that went into finding and decorating our new 

condo, and the several contracts we were already signing for freelance work. 

Even more exciting, personally, was the fact that the lawyer Kyle had used to 

change his identity was already working on the papers to do the same for me. 

    The day of our 'separation' from Uni-Tec, our co-workers threw us a going 

away party, which was great fun. As much as I grew to dislike the work, there 

were some really great people at Uni-Tec. Both Kyle and I would miss them. 

    Afterwards, though, we had a party of our own at a very ritzy restaurant 

where we both got a little drunk. As we were leaving, Kyle said, "You know, 

you should get your ears pierced. I know a place - it's even open this late. 

Let's go." 

    It was a tattoo parlor in one of the questionable areas of town. However, 

the shop was immaculate, so I agreed to let the guy pierce my ears. Then, as 

Kyle was looking in the display case, he pointed at some little silver 

dumbbell shaped things and asked the man, "What are these for? They're too 

large for ears, aren't they?" 

    The man said, "Those are for nipples. Lots of guys have it done - their 

ladies say it's sexy." I didn't look very female yet, so he took us both for 

'regular guys'. What he thought about my getting both ears pierced, if 

anything, I had no idea. 

    Kyle and I looked at each other and said in unison, "A set for each of us, 

please." The man just smiled and got on with the triple piercing job. 

    My ears were first. It was quickly done. He first swabbed each lobe with 

an alcohol compound which felt cold as it evaporated. It was to clean the skin 

and to numb the lobe. He put tiny silver piercing studs into what looked like 

a hole-punch. He clamped the instrument to each ear in turn, centering it 

carefully and pulling the trigger, sending the stud through my flesh. I felt 

nothing at all. 

    Next, since I was already in the chair, came my nipples. In fact, I had to 

get out of the chair to remove my shirt, but I didn't mind going first. 

    My torso was just beginning to alter to the accelerated hormones' bidding, 

but all that was readily apparent was a slight swelling under each nipple, and 

a barely noticeable narrowing of my waist. If the tattoo man noticed anything, 

he gave no sign. 

    He used the same alcohol compound on my nipples, which made them tingle 

before numbing them. Once they were numb, he tweaked them into erection (I 

felt nothing at all). He put one of the dumbbell studs in a larger and 

slightly modified version of the ear-punch and attached it to my left nipple. 

A touch on the trigger, a drop of blood, and the job was half done. Seconds 

later the other stud was in and the end knobs were screwed on. I looked down 

at the two little silver bars in my nipples, then smiled at Kyle. There was no 

pain at all. 

    Kyle was done before I got my shirt back on. It felt strange to have four 

new holes in my body. My ears were beginning to tingle, and I could almost 

feel the tiny studs in my earlobes. The bars on my chest rubbed against my 

shirt and the skin around my nipples. From the faint ache in my lobes, which 

was no worse than a sleeping pinch from lying on it wrong, I hoped my chest 

would fare as well. 

    Kyle bought me another pair of earrings in the shop (without letting the 

man know they were for me - they were very pretty and very feminine), as well 

as two sets of silver hoops for our nipples. The man gave us instructions for 

care and told us to leave the studs in for at least three days before changing 

them. Kyle paid him and we went home. 

    When we got there, I stripped off my shirt and stood staring at my pierced 

nipples. They were aching a bit by then, but not really bad at all. Kyle came 

up behind me, shirtless as well. He leaned into my back and I could feel the 

studs in his nipples pressing into my skin. His arms came up under mine and he 

carefully cupped my incipient breasts, just barely touching my nipples. I 

moaned faintly from the pleasure that generated and leaned my head back on his 

shoulder. He then took my earlobe in his mouth, which made me moan even 

louder. My cock was erecting painfully, crammed as it was into my shorts the 

wrong way. I tried to ease it into a better position unsuccessfully. Kyle 

noticed and reached down to undo my belt and fly. I hadn't taken to wearing 

panties yet - I preferred all or nothing - so he pushed my cotton briefs under 

my balls, freeing my prick to harden unrestrained. 

    We stood there for several more ecstatic minutes, Kyle alternately 

stroking my nipples and my cock, me watching the action in the mirror, 

moaning, and squirming my hips in mounting arousal. 

    Finally, Kyle whispered, "Let's go to bed, Karen. I've got a surprise for 


    We hobbled to the bed - Kyle wouldn't leave my back and my pants fell down 

around my ankles. We must have presented quite a picture as we hobbled along. 

    We broke apart when we got to the edge of the bed, and stripped. Kyle 

turned on the stereo and then rummaged in his bottom drawer for something. He 

found it and showed it to me. It was ivory colored, six cylindrical inches 

long, about 3/4" in diameter, pointedly rounded at one end, flat at the other. 

I recognized it as a dildo. 

    "Who's that for? It's so small..." I said. 

    "It's for you, love. I wanted to introduce you to the thrills of being 

penetrated - it's one of the joys of being a woman that a man can experience 

too. I hope you don't mind, but I'm sure you'll love it." 

    I was sure too. I had never considered being penetrated, but as soon as 

Kyle suggested it, my asshole began to spasm and tingle, and I instantly 

craved the sensation of having my ass probed by the tiny plastic pseudo-cock. 

    Kyle handed me the love toy and went into the bathroom to get some 

vaseline. By the time he returned, I was lying on my stomach with my legs 

spread wide, waiting for him. 

    "Nice picture, love," said Kyle. He climbed between my legs and took the 

dildo out of my hand. I turned my head around and watched him grease up the 

toy, then felt him apply a large, cold glob of jelly to my asshole. His 

fingers penetrated me first, making sure the vaseline was thoroughly applied. 

Then, without any preliminaries, he began to insert the dildo. 

    It felt...well, weird. And, beyond the weird, it felt good. Real good. My 

cock began to erect, which made me squirm my hips, which only made the pole in 

my ass feel better. 

    The cycle continued, on and on, until finally I said, "Oh god, Kyle, I'm 

gonna cum soon! That feels sooo good!" 

    Kyle maneuvered me onto my side and managed to get my cock into his cunt 

before I exploded, giving him a few small orgasms along the way. We continued 

our games far into the night and slept very late the next day. 

    Which was, as the saying goes, the first day of the rest of my life - with 

the addition of the phrase "as a woman" to wrap it up properly. We packed up 

all of my male clothes - I had a sufficient wardrobe of female clothes by then 

- and gave them to Goodwill. From then on, Kevin vanished, never to be seen 

again. Karen was here to stay. 

    I still had things to learn and things to do. In between making love and 

packing up to move to our new condo, Kyle gave me "girl lessons". In the 

remaining free time, I visited an electrolysist's salon and gradually had all 

of my body hair removed from the chin down. I debated leaving a little bit of 

hair around my cock, but Kyle thought it would be cute to remove it so that 

went too. It was painful, but well worth it to have a smooth, carefree body. 

    The day we moved, the lawyer came with the papers. I signed them and in an 

instant I was officially a female named Karen Athen. 

    The new condo was wonderful. It was three floors tall, but it was very 

free-form inside, so that it really had four and a half levels. 

    Our bedroom was on the top floor. It was supposed to be a sun room - one 

wall and half the ceiling was glass. It gave us a wonderful view - miles of 

forest and glimpses of a river, pure nature. We had one wall mirrored, put in 

track lighting and a waterbed, and some prints finished up the room. 

    The next level down was supposed to be bedrooms, but we didn't use them 

for that. One room was made into a dressing room - the 'sunroom' didn't have 

any closets. The other became a library. With shelves around the walls and 

even in the closets, we didn't have enough books but we intended to fix that. 

    The bathroom was the half-level. Entered from the level of the 'bedrooms', 

the bathroom was larger by half then either bedroom, with a tub fit to be 

called a pool, two vanities, lots of silver, mirrors and white tile. 

    The next level down also had two rooms. One was a family room, which was 

what we used it for. One wall held an expensive audio-visual system. We put in 

a pit group and some lamps and tables and it was done. 

    The other room was a dining room. We made it into our work room - our 

minicomputer and the micros were installed there. 

    The ground floor was three 'rooms'. First was the atrium which was as wide 

as the whole condo and was two floors high - the family room and computer room 

both had openings onto the atrium's airspace. A spiral staircase led up to 

that floor. The rest of the ground floor was mainly kitchen, with a 'small' 

dining room for informal situations attached. The size of the 'small' dining 

room insured that we would have no problem converting the second story dining 

room - the informal dining room could seat 12 comfortably. 

    So, we settled into our new home, and my transformation continued. The 

hormones continued to alter my body, Kyle's tutoring altered my presence, and 

his nightly ministrations with the ever-changing dildoes changed my sexual 

identity and educated my asshole. 

    One night, he asked me to go up to bed alone - he had a surprise to 

prepare. I stripped in the dressing room, then went up to the bedroom and lay 

on the bed with the lights out watching the stars through the ceiling. 

    The lights came on and I sat up and looked over at the stairs. I gasped - 

I was sure there was a man standing there, naked, hard cock bobbing. 

    On second look, it was Kyle. He was wearing an eight inch dildo strapped 

to his hips. I had a moment of doubt - Kyle had completed his transformation, 

even if only with a piece of plastic. Then, the last of my inhibitions 

vanished and I began to wonder what it would be like to make love to a flesh 

cock. Not fall in love with a man: Kyle was my lifemate. But, to feel a real, 

warm cock pulsing in my mouth, and in my ass... 

    We made love, this time with Kyle as the penetrator and me as the 

penetratee. And as we did, I began to fantasize that I was really a woman 

being fucked by a real man. The feelings being generated by Kyle's hands on by 

cock insured that I would never really want that to be so, but it was fun to 


    When we were finally satisfied, I asked, "Kyle, could I ask you a 

sensitive question?" 

    "Yes," he answered. 

    "I've been wondering about something. This little plastic plugger you're 

wearing got me fantasizing about real cocks. Would you get mad if I wanted to 

feel a real cock in me? If you don't want me to, I won't. I love you, and only 

you. But, I..." 

    Kyle smiled and said, "Hey, calm down, love. It's okay, no problem. I'll 

even do my best to find you a nice man, if you'll allow me to satisfy a little 

need of my own. You see, you can give me everything I could ever want, except 

for a cunt. It's been ages since I tasted girl-cream, and it can be addicting, 

as you well know." 

    I didn't mind. We agreed that extra-curricular sex wouldn't hurt our 

relationship - after all, being bi-sexual it was impossible for one partner to 

satisfy your *every* need, even so well-adapted partners as we were. We also 

agreed that we couldn't go looking until my physical change was complete. It 

would make things easier. 

    My anal education continued until I could take, with utmost pleasure, 

twelve inches of plastic cock of three inched in diameter. Kyle assured me 

that that set of measurements would prepare my ass for any cock - wider wider 

wouldn't be as long, and longer wouldn't be as wide. We used anal sex after my 

tutoring was 'complete' sparingly, and most often used a double-ended dildo to 

fuck each other. It was a blast. 

    As I became more and more feminine in personality and mind, my programming 

actually improved. Somehow, as the artificial barriers built by years of being 

told to 'be strong' and 'act like a man' crumbled under the gentle assault of 

Kyle's lessons and the hormones, a wellspring of creativity was uncovered. 

Kyle began to compliment me on the innovative plot elements I introduced to my 

programs, as well as my code. My life was just about perfect. 

    One morning, about two months after we moved into the new condo, I woke 

up, sat up, and looked in the mirror. Somehow I knew that the change was 

complete when I saw that perfectly female reflection - perfect except for the 

cock that hung between its legs. In eager excitement I ran down to the 

dressing room and put on the plastic device I had purchased to serve the same 

purpose, in in reverse, that the one Kyle had shown me so long ago served. 

This one consisted of a tube for my cock, a small cup to protect my balls, and 

straps to tie the tube back between my legs. With the device on, as well as a 

pair of panties (even the sheerest kind), I looked fully female - no bulge to 

betray my true gender. 

    I ran back upstairs and looked at myself in the mirror in sunlight. Yep, 

it was true. From my shoulder length hair to my full breasts, trim waist, wide 

hips, and long smooth legs, I looked like a beautiful woman. Wonderful! It was 


    I noticed that Kyle was awake and propped up on his elbow watching me pose 

and preen in front of the mirror. I turned to him and said, "It's done, Kyle! 

I'm female now!" 

    Kyle laughed, rolled onto his back and held out his arms. I dove into them 

and we kissed deeply. He began to toy with my permanently erect nipples 

(that's what piercing does to them, you know), and I could feel my cock trying 

to erect. I was too excited to exercise my learned control, developed for 

situations where I couldn't remove the harness. So, I said, "Oh gods, Kyle, 

help me out of this torture device before my cock breaks!" 

    We fumbled with the belts, but Kyle playfully refused to stop teasing me 

while we did so, sucking on my nipples while he directed his hands at the 

straps. So, when the plastic and leather was finally flung into the far corner 

of the room, my cock sprung up hard and ready. Kyle's mouth left my breast and 

closed down around my cock, swallowing it all the way. 

    When we were both utterly exhausted, Kyle said, "You know, Karen, you are 

the perfect woman for me. Full, soft breasts and a wonderfully talented cock." 

    I smiled and said, "Thank you, Kyle. You are the perfect man for *me*. 

Hard body and deep, juicy cunt. Good thing we found each other, huh?" 

    He rolled over and kissed me, then rolled back, got up, and went to call 

his doctor to make an appointment for a check up for me. I could hardly wait 

for the next day - and the final pronouncement. 

    The doctor made all sorts of tests, including measurements - 38-26-36. 

After a short wait for the lab test results, the doctor said, "Well, Karen, 

you are now as female as you will get without drastic surgery. The hormones 

have done all they can in altering your body. Take one of these pills once a 

month, to keep your hormones balanced. This prescription is good here, or at a 

pharmacy when you run out. Take care of yourself, and good luck in your new 


    Kyle drove us home (I was in no shape to drive) and said, "Go up to the 

bedroom, strip, and wait for me. I'll be up in a second." 

    I was out of my clothes in a flash, and I was sitting up against the 

headboard lightly stroking my cock when Kyle arrived wearing only his 

underwear and holding something behind his back. That wasn't all he was hiding 

either, because his red jockey shorts were bulging graphically - there was 

more than his pseudo-bulge in there. 

    He beckoned me to the foot of the bed, and when I was there he knelt down 

and showed me the flat blue box he had had behind his back. He took my hand, 

looked me seriously in the eye, and said, "Karen, would you do me the honor of 

becoming my bride?" His other hand expertly opened the box, displaying six 

gleaming silver rings of varying sizes. 

    I gazed at the silver, diamond studded rings and then looked back into his 

grey-green eyes. "Yes," I whispered. "I would be overjoyed to marry you, 


    He grinned fair to split his face and slipped the first ring onto the 

proper engagement finger. Of the other five rings, I found out that two were 

earrings, two were nipple rings, and the last and largest was a cock ring. As 

Kyle slipped them all into place, he said, "All of these sparkly stones aren't 

really diamonds; we're not that rich. But, they look good, and I'm going to 

make them diamonds someday." 

    I said, "Diamonds don't matter to me, Kyle, you do." I leaned down and 

kissed him. He thanked me, stood up and said, "Shall we seal our betrothal 

with a little fuck, lover?" He pulled down his shorts and a 10 inch dildo 

popped up as if freed from there. 

    Immediately, I began to suck on the head of Kyle's plastic dong. We had 

been practicing, and I was getting good at sucking plastic cock. 

    After covering the plastic prick with saliva, I stood up and pushed Kyle 

down on the bed. I retrieved the vaseline from the headboard drawer and began 

to grease up by own cock. I said, "Before you fuck my ass, I want to fuck 


    Kyle immediately rolled onto his back and caught hold of his knees, 

drawing them back as far as he could. He still wore the dildo, which totally 

hid his true sex. 

    I took some more vaseline and globbed it on his totally hairless asshole. 

Two fingers served to push it inside his ass, and make him squirm in beginning 

arousal. My prick soon replaced my fingers, and I was fucking the ass of my 


    He soon shuddered through his first orgasm, and it was kinky to see cum 

begin to leak out from under Kyle's plastic cock. Kyle came dozens of times 

before I finally shot my load. 

    We immediately switched positions, and Kyle put the plastic prick deep 

into me. I learned that I got more pleasure taking that cock then I had 

received from fucking Kyle. My change to female had been the best thing I ever 


    The marriage ceremony was a simple thing accomplished soon after Kyle 

proposed. License, blood test, and a trip to City Hall, and we were bonded 

together in holy wedlock. As we were returning from the ceremony, we met the 

new couple who were moving in to the condo next to ours. William and Mary were 

a young couple, probably over 21, but they had to be at least moderately 

wealthy (our condos were rather expensive). They were definitely both very 

good looking - I felt my bound cock try to erect at the sight of Willie, who 

was almost as handsome as Kyle. The jeans he was wearing (they were in the 

process of physically moving) revealed quite a packed basket, too. It took a 

few moments for me to readjust my senses, but on the second or third look at 

petite Mary my cock tried to swell again - she was one hot little number, all 

curves and softness. I was prepared to wager she had no hidden secret like the 

one I was trying to control - but then again, I looked purely female now, too. 

    We chatted a bit, and I thought I saw smoulderingly lustful looks directed 

our way from both of them when they thought we weren't looking. I began to 

hope that we had, perhaps, found our pair for my first male fuck. There was no 

opportunity at that first meeting to find out for sure, but when we left them 

I mentioned what I thought I had seen to Kyle and told him to be on the 

lookout for an opening. It was a little strange to be telling my husband that 

our next door neighbor turned me on on our honeymoon, but there was nothing 

terribly normal about our marriage anyway. 

    A few weeks later, I was awakened by the noise of a party from William and 

Mary's condo. Normally, the walls are fully soundproof. But it was such a nice 

night that we had left the windows open and so, it seemed, had Willie and 


    I nudged Kyle awake and after fending his hands off of my breasts, I 

complained about the noise. Kyle got up and wend to close the windows, but 

when he got there he paused to listen closer. A smile crossed his face and he 

beckoned me over to listen too. 

    I listened, and after a moment the general noise resolved itself into 

party sounds - music, conversation, and glasses and ice clinking. But, 

presently I noticed that somewhere in the background there were also the 

unmistakable sounds of an orgy going on. 

    I turned to Kyle, who was smiling even more, and said, "Dear, why don't 

you go over and complain nicely about the noise, and as you do find out about 

the party?" 

    Kyle said, "Why don't you come along, and we'll join in?" 

    "No, not yet, Kyle. I...I'm not sure I'm ready to go public with this 

little treasure." I fondled my hard cock. "But, if you get an idea of what our 

neighbors are into, then we can maybe invite them over for a smaller orgy. 


    "Fine, honey. I'll be right back." 

    "You better be. I'll be waiting for you." 

    Kyle smiled and wend down for his robe. I stayed by the window listening 

to the wet sounds of lovemaking, trying to imagine what was going on to 

produce those sounds and stroking my cock and nipples with pleasure, waiting 

for Kyle to return. 

    I was so absorbed in my pleasure and fantasies that I didn't notice Kyle 

was back until he grabbed me from behind, pressed his cunt into my left 

asscheek, and squeezed my breasts. As he nibbled my ear, I could feel the 

juices oozing from his cunt. 

    He said, "I think you were right. Willie answered the door, fully dressed 

even, and apologized for the noise. From what I could see through the door, 

everything and anything was going on. I even saw Mary in a dogpile with three 

other women. There were definitely both forms of homosexuality going on. 

    "Willie noticed my interest, and invited me in. I explained that we 

weren't quite ready for a full scale orgy, but if we could stage one on a 

smaller scale then perhaps we could become part of their group. Willie said 

he'd get together with us later to plan." 

    I turned around and hugged Kyle, kissing him hard. He reached down and 

began playing with my cock, which was bent sideways between us. I said, 

"Wonderful. I can't wait." Then we joined in with the orgy next door with a 

little party of our own. 

    A week later, the doorbell rang. Kyle and I nervously adjusted our silk 

robes and made sure our special underwear was on right. As Kyle went down to 

let in Willie and Mary, I checked to make sure the food was alright and the 

bar was stocked. The family room was the only place we had to entertain, but 

it would serve just fine. 

    Kyle escorted our neighbors up the stairs and we all said hello. Willie 

handed Kyle some cassettes "to set the mood." Kyle slipped the first one into 

the VCR and switched it on. A flashy title scene came on informing us that the 

movie was titled 'Cheerleading Vixens do the Football Team.' 

    We used the blue movie as atmosphere while we chatted and snacked. Half 

way into the tape, Willie stood up and said, "Well, is everyone loosened up 

enough yet?" 

    I nodded nervously and Kyle said, "Actually, Willie, I think that there's 

something you and Mary need to know before we get down to business. You first, 

Karen." We had decided that my 'condition' was the less weird (or more common) 

strangeness between us, so we would show them me first. 

    I took off the robe and smiled as Willie whistled and Mary ogled. I was 

dressed only in panties, garterbelt and hose, and a bra, and made a beautiful 


    I turned around and released the harness I wore. My cock nearly pushed my 

panties off as it erected after being freed. With my legs held carefully 

together, I struggled to get my panties down while hiding my secret charms. 

When they were off, I unfastened my bra and freed my tits. Then, wearing only 

the garterbelt and stockings, with my very full breasts bare and my cock 

sticking straight out, I turned around. 

    It took a few seconds for the neighbors to react. Firstly, because neither 

of them started by looking at my crotch. My chest occupied their attention and 

held it. When their eyes finally began to travel down my body, they just 

couldn't believe their eyes at first. When they could believe that they 

weren't seeing things, Willie gasped, his eyes wide, and Mary said, "Oh my 

God!" Fortunately she was smiling. 

    They both soon got over their surprise and Willie said, "Nice surprise, 

Karen. You look absolutely gorgeous, dear. Come here, let me touch you." 

    Mary added, "Very nice, Karen. When Willie's done, I want a turn, okay? So 

Kyle. What's your secret? I can't imagine what it could be." 

    As I went to stand in front of Willie, Kyle stood up and let his robe drop 

to the floor. He was wearing a pair of silk flyless boxer shorts with his 

little 'padding' device under them. Without being as coy as I had been, he 

simple unbuckled the device and slid it and the shorts down his thighs. When 

he straightened up, his secret was revealed. 

    Willie was absorbed in me, so Mary was the first to see Kyle's secret. 

Again, she said, "Oh my God!", this time drawled out in utter awe. Both Willie 

and I looked over and saw Kyle in his naked splendor. Mary said, "I never 

would have guessed. That's just unbelievable. I love it! Come here." 

    Willie said simply, "A matched set, huh?" Then, he put my cock back in his 

mouth. My knees began to get weak as his fingers caressed the bare skin of my 


    Kyle let Mary caress his crotch a few times, then said, "I think we should 

all be equally dressed here, huh? Karen and I could get dressed again, or..." 

    Willie took the hint. He let go of me, stood up, and began to strip. Mary 

was quick to follow. Both of them had superb bodies. Mary was a beautiful 38-

26-36, with long blond hair that hung to mid-back, and a fluffy blond bush 

that hid her cunt lips. Willie was hard-bodied, much like Kyle, with a 

minimally defined body. His hair was sandy blond, and he had a very full pubic 

bush around his 9 inch cock. 

    I pushed Willie back onto the couch, and crouched between his legs. I took 

hold of the first cock belonging to someone else I had ever held. It felt 

good, all warm and pulsing. Different from the imitations Kyle used, but 

essentially the same. I pushed my face toward the glistening head, and touched 

it with my tongue. I tasted the pre-cum that was making the cock shine, and I 

loved it. Without further ado, I opened my mouth wide and swallowed as much of 

Willie's cock as I could. 

    The way he moaned when my warm wet mouth closed around his warm hard cock 

almost made my own cock shoot off. It did make my nipples tingle and harden, 

and it made me moan in response. I opened my throat, angled my head, and began 

to swallow the cock as far down as I could. It was easier to inhale Willie's 

cock than one of the dildoes - Willie's cock had a little give, so it bent 


    My practicing with the difficult dildoes paid off - I was able to deep 

throat Willie's whole organ, slurping loudly around it as I did so. My hands 

began to move, caressing his hairy balls and crotch, doing everything I could 

to make this a memorable blow-job. The way Willie was leaning back, his eyes 

closed, his hands at his sides clenching and unclenching, making guttural 

sounds of pleasure just the way I did when Kyle blew me meant that I was 


    In and out, tongue around and around, lots of saliva, lots of touching and 

stroking, and finally the cock exploded. I pulled back enough so that I could 

take the cum on my tongue and savor it. It filled my mouth and overflowed a 

little, white strings leaking from the corners of my mouth. But I got most of 

it, and it tasted like ambrosia - wonderful! 

    I licked at Willie's crotch like a cat after cream, cleaning the dribbled 

cum up while he luxuriated in post-cum bliss. When he had recovered, he pulled 

me up onto his lap and began to play with my breasts and cock while we both 

watched Kyle and Mary '69' on the floor. With Mary's head tight between Kyle's 

thighs, there was nothing except that head's movements to tell one that Kyle 

wasn't a man. 

    Willie slid me off his lap and stood. He took my hand and led me upstairs 

to the bedroom. 

    He put me on my back on the bed and, with only the light of the moon and 

stars on us, he proceeded to pleasure my whole body with his hands and tongue. 

The feelings he generated in me weren't that different from what Kyle could do 

to me, but it was still exciting because Willie didn't have the same moves as 

Kyle. So, I would be expecting one thing, get another, and still feel it 

wonderfully. I wished, for a time, that it wouldn't end. 

    Finally, however, Willie centered his mouth over my cock and began to 

return my earlier favor with a skill that assured me he was no novice. His 

hands and tongue worked skillfully on my shaven crotch, working me closer and 

closer to orgasm. As I got more and more excited, Willie's hand went from my 

balls under my body to my ass, touching and probing at my asshole. When he 

pushed his index finger into my ass I came, filling Willie's mouth as he had 

filled mine. He, however, swallowed every drop without spilling any. 

    He smiled at me then and asked, "Ready to get fucked?" My eyes lit up and 

I nodded. He continued, "Okay. Up on your knees. Do you have some lube?" 

    I showed him the vaseline, then got up on my hands and knees, ass to him. 

He stroked my cheeks and then greased up his cock and my ass. Then, gently, he 

broke my ass-cherry. 

    Being fucked by a real cock was as different from what I was used to as 

sucking my first real cock had been. It didn't hurt at all - my ass was well 

used to larger cocks than Willie's. But, the cock was generating even more 

pleasure than even the largest dildo Kyle had ever used on me. I moaned and 

writhed as Willie pumped into my ass-cunt and stroked my cock and nipples. He 

made us both more and more crazy with lust until finally he came in my ass and 

I came *with* my ass. We collapsed together and just lay there, happily 


    Mary and Kyle came up eventually, roused us, and instigated a continuation 

of the fun. I fucked a full woman for the first time since I met Kyle. I 

fucked my first man ever. I was fucked by Willie as I sucked Mary and fucked 

Kyle. The permutations continued, including strap-on dildoes on both Kyle and 

Mary. Our orgy lasted well into the morning after, and was only the first of 


    Willie and Mary became frequent visitors, usually with sex in mind. But we 

came to be very good friends socially as well. We were introduced to a select 

few of their orgy club, forming a sub-club of its very kinky and/or open 

minded members. But, even within the sub-club, Willie and Mary were our most 

frequent partners. They even said that Kyle and I were the perfect neighbors; 

they had been looking for people like us for a long time. I was glad we had 

found each other. 

    That's where our lives rest now. Kyle and I still program - we have paid 

off our condo, and Willie and Mary's as well. Life, and love, is wonderful. 

I'm glad that I met and finally married Kyle. I even send a letter of thanks 

to the headhunter that recruited me into Uni-Tec - but she probably didn't 

understand the sexy card signed "Karen". 

-1992 by John White.  Redistribution permitted as long as the contents are not 



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