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Archive-name: Changes/paradsl2.txt

Archive-author: Donna Baker

Archive-title: Paradise Lodge - 2

After ten weeks of training, I was finally ready for my first day on the

job at Margaret Whittaker's Paradise Lodge.  As did all new girls, I

would spend my first day merely wandering up and down the halls using a

feather duster.  At Paradise Lodge, however, there was a bit more to the

job than at a normal hotel!

  I was specially costumed for my task.  My pretty feet were arched

gracefully into a pair of black six-inch heeled pumps.  My classic black

seamed stockings disappeared beneath the flared bottom of my stretchy

black satin-finish hobble skirt at mid-calf.  The fanny of my skirt was

completely open halfway down my thighs, exposing my nether globes and my

pink and black garters.  My panties covered my buns completely with a

transparent whisper of black, with a thick row of lacy, pink-edged black

frills right down the center.

  The top of my dress was smooth black satin in the back.  It had large,

puffed up sleeves, and narrowed dramatically to my severely corseted

waist.  The front was like my fanny, an incredible profusion of black

ruffles with pink trim.  Yards and yards of silky, rustling, swirls were

built up into a bountiful, busty figure.

  My delicate hands, sporting long, pink-polished nails, further

enhanced my aura of helplessness and accessibility; they were bound with

golden handcuffs to my heavy black leather belt.  I wielded a feather

duster with a suggestively smooth, slender gold handle.  My ankles were

connected with an eight-inch length of gold chain, which with my narrow

skirt, made it quite impossible for me escape a guest's advances.

  My face was made up in doll-like innocence, with bright blush, sky

blue eyeshadow, and ultra-long lashes.  My frosty pink painted lips were

stretched around a black rubber ball-gag, held in place with a slender

gold chain.  My hair was short, snappy, and black.  The contrast of a

mature woman (I was ... over thirty) wearing a very youthful costume and

makeup was especially attractive to the younger male guests.

  As a final indignity, a stout golden chain was clipped with a simple

snap fastener to a ring on the back of my belt, where my manacled hands

could not reach it.  The other end of the chain was attached to a runner

that rode on a trolley wire down the center of the main hall.  It was

long enough for me to dust the antique tables with their sculptures and

vases using my long-handled duster, but not so long that I could rest my

poor feet by sitting in one of the lovely pink satin brocade chairs.

  Of course, any guest could release me at any time.

  For any purpose.

  Now, to be completely fair to the reader, I suppose I should reveal a

couple of little secrets.  Firstly, and just between us girls, my

breasts were not strictly my own real flesh; they were thoroughly

convincing prostheses, so cleverly constructed they not only looked, but

even felt real!

  Secondly, down in the black lace nest between my legs, was "a little

something extra."

  Well, to be perfectly honest, a pretty big something extra.

  Firmly trapped beneath all the lycra and nylon and leather was my

thick, meaty cock, embedded in a silken prison and strapped firmly to my

thigh!  With every precarious step I took, its effeminate confines

generated a delicious friction.  At the least excuse, it started to

swell, coming up painfully against the limits of its restrictive sheath.

  The exquisite sensations overwhelmed me on that first morning, as they

would again and again as the months passed: the pains in my stilted

feet; the cool breeze playing over my almost-naked fanny; my long,

feathery lashes fluttering before my eyes; the quiet clatter of the

chains at my wrist, waist, and ankles; my inability to draw a deep

breath against the unforgiving strength of my corset; the slither of my

tight skirt over my sheer hose as I walked; the ache of my jaws

stretched over the gag.

  I remember vividly the guests whom I served that first day.  As each

one walked past me down the hall, my heart skipped in anticipation!  A

young man, perhaps a first-time guest, stopped to look me over.

Hesitantly, almost apologetically, he reached out to touch my clothes.

I stood quite still while he brushed over the frills on my bodice,

afraid to startle him, not knowing whether he would find my special

surprise or not!

  He was fascinated by the soft billowing folds of my dress.  He

couldn't help but wonder how much was fluff, and how much was me!  He

felt my surprise before he saw it.  Parting the silky ruffles with both

hands, he discovered a perky pair of bare breasts buried deep in their

midst!  His hands dropped in surprise, and the costume sprang back to

conceal my treasures!  Delighted with his new-found toy, he was trying

to part the ruffles by puffing air at them when one of the other staff

members interrupted him.  A tall, powerful, leather-clad dominatrix, she

quite literally drug him away from me by one ankle!

  A quiet, scholarly-looking matron with a somewhat heavy figure

approached me soon afterward.  "How remarkable!" she commented as she

inspected my costume most carefully.  She bent down to examine my ankle


  "Why, this is terrible," she said as she noted my heels.  "Don't these

shoes hurt your feet, dear?" she inquired.  I could only nod and shift

my weight uncomfortably.

  "Oh, dear!" she muttered as touched my ankle and ran her hand up my

leg.  She was gentle, but her sympathetic caress seemed almost sensual.

Then, "Oh, dear!" again as she probed and felt the strength with which

my skirt held my legs clasped together.

  "Oh no!  How can you breath?" she exclaimed when her hands discovered

the corset encircling my tiny waist.  I encouraged her solicitous

fondling with my most sorrowful expression.  Her large, tender eyes


  "This is positively unacceptable!" she pronounced, and proceeded to

inspect my lacy bosom.

  "Oh my heavens!" she jumped when my large brown nipples first peeked

through the forest.  She scurried around behind me and her nervous hands

parted the ruffles on my panties.  Another exclamation accompanied her

realization that my ass was just as accessible to her as my mouth and

breasts!  Without thinking, she slid her fingers up and down the crack

of my fanny, hypnotized by the feel of my downy skin and the soft


  Her academic curiosity could not be satisfied there, and she soon

found my cock.  She held it, stroked it, and toyed with it for several

delicious seconds before she finally realized what she held, then

dropped it like a snake!

  "Sweet Jesus!" she shuddered, her hands fluttering about her mouth.

She blushed even redder as she heard herself blaspheme.  "Oh, my

goodness!  What am I saying?" she asked herself, and fell into a nearby


  I was worried for her, so stood beside her.  She simply stared at me

in disbelief.  By straining my chains, I managed to grasp her hand in

mine.  They were rough; I would guess she enjoyed gardening.

  "I teach English, dear," she said as she regained her composure.  "I'm

here to find out for myself what sensuality is, instead of taking it

from dusty old novels."  She shook her head.  "I never really expected

anything this bizarre!

  "Tell me," she suddenly asked, "are you being who you want to be?"

  What a silly question!  My vigorous nod of assent was reinforced by a

smile even my ball gag couldn't hide.

  She looked at me questioningly.  "But it's so vulgar, so degrading!"

  How could I explain with my mouth full of rubber?  I was not degraded,

but exalted, by my state.  Why I was more attractive, more tempting,

more wanted than I could ever hope to be as a mere man!  I could only

soften my eyes and shake my head in gentle disagreement.

  "But why, dear?  Why do you do this?"  She had to ask, even if I

couldn't answer.

  Except I could!

  Still holding her hand I shuffled backwards in my chains.  I led her

down the hall to another of the tables and nodded towards it.  She

opened the little drawer and found writing materials.

  "Oh!  You want to write it out!"

  "Uhmmm, uhmmm!" I grunted, shaking my head.

  "But there's nothing else here but a ruler!"

  I nodded.  She picked up the wooden stick, and I led her back to her


  Smiling sweetly with my eyes, I turned around and bent over from the

waist, presenting my smoke covered ass as a gift.

  "But what ..." she started.  I turned my head to stare meaningfully at

the ruler in her hands.

  "Oh, I couldn't!  Not like this!"

  I nodded.

  Still somewhat confused, she plucked up her resolve and gave me a

light, awkward stroke.  I couldn't help but swirl my hips in delicious


  After her second feeble swing, I turned and gave her my widest, most

innocent, most eager nod of encouragement!  She tried again, this time

with more effect.

  When she stood up and repositioned me, I knew I had her!

  She came around beside me, facing my rear, and reached one arm around

my slender waist to support me, giving her an ideal angle for spanking

my fanny!  I abandoned myself to the rhythm of her stinging swats.

  She could feel my passion; my ass rose to meet every stroke!  When the

supple wooden stick broke, she hardly missed a beat, using her open


  I was so alive!  I was a mass of bare nerve endings, each screaming

for attention!  With each blow, my insistent, throbbing penis swelled

and strained painfully to break free of its carapace.  I could feel

every single stitch in silk liner, every irregularity in the stout

leather strap.  The stiff edge of my open-toed pumps seemed to be

slicing right through my toe; surely, the naked bones of my feet were

supporting my weight over burning matches!  Each steel corset stay, bent

almost double in its endeavor to restrain my middle, sought revenge by

trying to grind out a bloody red welt.

  All the ordinary discomforts of womanhood were amplified by my

costume!  And rising slowly, ever higher, was the river of heat pouring

from this marvelous lady's strong hands, inundating the myriad minor

hurts in a flood of raw sensation!  Higher and higher the fire rose,

until I was lost, over my head!  I bucked and heaved, moaning and

sobbing, as the withering blast of orgasm rattled my being.

  Losing myself completely, I slumped, until the narrow leather belt

around my middle took my weight, suspending me by my golden tether from

the ceiling!  I was denied the bliss of fainting by the need to breathe!

  I straightened up.

  She was massaging her hands; both were glowing with the heat of my

abused body.  Her hair was disheveled, matted here and there around her

face with sweat.

  But her eyes!  They were positively glowing with the awareness of what

she had done to me.  She, too, had come alive!  Her cheeks were flushed,

her nostrils flared, her breathing rapid and deep.  She had exercised

her emotions as surely as her arms!

  "My gosh that was exciting!"  I nearly choked trying to suppress a

laugh at her naive enthusiasm!

  "I never would have believed it!"  She grasped my hands in hers.  "You

actually achieved sexual satisfaction, did you not?  This is


  I could only nod again, and smile with my eyes as she wandered back

towards her room.  "I must record my emotions in my journal

immediately!" I heard her mumble as she faded away.

  I seldom got what I most wanted at any given moment while working at

Paradise Lodge, though overall, I couldn't imagine a better position.

On my first day, however, I got lucky.  One of our other guests, a

doctor, I believe, had been watching the English teacher making her


  Before I could retire to the staff quarters to straighten my

appearance after the rigors of my spanking, even before I had fully

regained my senses, he had come up behind me.  His powerful arms reached

around my bosom and dove directly through the fluff to knead my breasts

and pinch my nipples.  I melted against him, unable to keep my sore,

sensitive cheeks from grinding into his lap; I responded instantly to

the touch of his rampant desire.

  I felt the delicate ruffles of my panties part.  I arched my back to

greet his exploring fingers with my brown puckered anus.

  He thrust something in my hand - a small metal envelope!  I spun

around.  He was just freeing his wand, an enormous weapon, hard and

smooth and already weeping.  I smoothed the jelly over its tip, looking

into his green eyes, letting him impale me first with their strength,

before turning and submitting to his manhood.

  Within moments, he had lifted my frail form clear of the floor,

piercing me like a butterfly on display.  Over and over he pounded me.

Over and over I rode the length of his shaft, sliding my tender

membranes over his stiff, pulsating tool.  I grasped him desperately,

squeezing him and milking him, swiveling my ass with abandon.

  His hands stole back to my titties.  I thrust them forward, eager for

more of his manly caresses.  His slithering probe plumbed the depths of

my bowels, advancing then retreating, ever strong, ever loving.

  He let me down, and I danced upon his pole.  My silky-sheathed legs

pumped vigorously beneath my satin dress; my ass-cheeks worked magic

upon his cock.  Even the glorious friction of my slick satin skirt paled

against the incomparable fulfillment of being taken - 100% taken - by a

well-armed stud!

  I could feel his tension growing.  My God! How I desperately wanted to

be free, to hold him, to caress him, to clutch his body against mine, to

smother his mouth with mine ... to make love!  Instead, I flailed about

with wild fury, forcing him to clasp ever tighter!  I twisted and

leaped, tossing my torso like a beast in a trap, challenging him to hurt

me, to pinion me against the wall and fuck me hard!

  Yet, he never missed a beat, never lost control.  The iron bands of

his arms held me by the waist, the iron rod of his maleness drilled me

again and again, and the iron will behind his sparkling eyes conquered

me on his terms, not mine!  I was still struggling, only half subdued, I

imagined, when our mutual orgasm overran us like a runaway freight


  I thought I'd die as my balls exploded!  Endless streams of jism

flooded my ass even as my own inconsequential organ humped lamely to

climax inside its leather fortress.  I bore down for all I was worth to

squeeze the life out of the rugged invader filling me with seed, yet the

flow spurted on and on.  I moaned.  I shuddered.  the chills ran up my

spine.  I was spent.  He was satisfied.

  I was woman!

  Withdrawing, he still held me close to him; I needed the support

desperately!  For long, delicious minutes, he nuzzled my throat while

his prick, pressed firmly between my cheeks, slowly deflated.  Cool

reality slowly suffused through the heat of our passion, and my eyes

opened for the first time in minutes.  He released me, gently, and

strode away.  I didn't turn to watch him.

  Slowly, I headed towards the staff quarters, my chain singing along

the high wire behind me.  My gliding gate was never so attractive, the

sultry roll of my hips never so blatantly sensual, as at that moment.

There was something about my first fully-satisfied guest; something

about the completion of my training for womanhood; something about the

first warm trickle of cum seeping from my ass - that could never be




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