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Archive-name: Changes/pamela9.txt

Archive-author: Pamela (tv)

Archive-title: Pamela's Story - 9

                                CHAPTER IX

     The drive through the countryside was splendid.  The rolling landscape

with its new covering of freshly fallen snow glistened under the bright

sunlight.  Once in a while, a deer could be seen browsing on the remnants

of the previous season's corn crop .  The cross country skiers were out in

full force, poling their way across the terrain over some of the many

trails that cover the State.  Susie and I were less than comfortable, being

forced to lean back against our tractioned arms for the entire trip.  Susie

whispered that the tight rope bondage on her elbows and wrists was causing

her fingers to tingle, but she didn't dare to complain loud enough for Kay

to hear.  The manacles I was wearing were not nearly as severe, but

certainly just as effective in insuring that I wouldn't cause any trouble

during the ride.  Sitting on the dildo was another story, however.  I could

feel the tip pressing hard against my prostate, but shifting my body to

relieve the pressure only made it worse.  The seat belt prevented me from

lifting my butt so, remembering Susie's advice of two days ago, I resigned

myself to staying as still as possible.

     We had been on the Interstate for about two hours before Kay turned

off at the Baraboo exit, highway 12.  "It won't be long now, ladies.  We're

almost there."  Sabina's voice was full of excitement.  "Turn right at the

next intersection Kay, and follow the road until you spot the sign that

says 'Andersen Manor.'  There'll be a large iron gate at the entryway."

     Kay pulled in front of the gate and rang the intercom bell.  "Yes?

Who is it?" the voice asked.

     "Tell Monique it's Sabina," she answered.

     The gate opened electrically, and Kay proceeded up the long driveway

stopping the car on the circle drive in front of the mansion.

     "As you can see from the surroundings, Monique has done quite well for

herself.  She started her own fashion design business in her twenty's, was

very successful, and sold it a few years ago to a New York conglomerate.

She built her home here because of the privacy it provides.  Her interests

would be viewed by many as being, shall we say, a little on the kinky side

and this estate allows her to indulge herself without fear of being

disturbed.  Her entrepreneurial background has made her a stickler for

perfection, and she is quite demanding of anyone who works for her.  If I

were you, I'd make a concerted effort to be on my best behavior."  Sabina

directed her last comment to Susie and me.  She and Kay exited the car,

helped us out of the back seat and escorted us to the front door.

     The woman who answered the door presented a bizarre image.  She had

long straight black hair down to the middle of her back, and her heavily

made-up face was almost cat-like in appearance with its dense application

of black eye-liner and mascara.  The full lips of her wide mouth were

painted with a creamy coat of deep red lipstick.  Her nails were "dragon-

lady" in length and polished with a color to match her lips.  She was

covered from the neck down in a one-piece, skin-tight, black latex cat suit

that was zipped up from the back of her crotch to the base of her neck.

Her large breasts were well supported by the built in, underwire bra and

the outline of her prominent nipples was clearly visible through the

stretched material.  She stood in the doorway with her hands on her hips,

balancing on a pair of ankle high, black leather boots with heels at least

five inches tall.

     "I'm Alex.  Come in please.  The Mistress is expecting you."  I was

startled that Alex's voice was so low in register that it seemed unnatural

coming from the lips of her womanly looking form.  As she led us down a

long hallway, she explained that she was Monique's assistant.  She met her

a little over a year ago when her name was Alexander.  After a few days of

training, Monique decided that Alexander would be more useful to her if he

were a woman.  His name was shortened to Alex and Monique began a weekly

series of estradiol injections to feminize his appearance.  Six months ago,

Alex was taken to the local hospital for some plastic surgery.  The skin on

her forehead was pulled up to eliminate some wrinkles and to give her

eyebrows a feminine arch.  Collagen injections were administered to fill

out her cheeks and lips and she was also given silicone implants to

supplement the work of the hormone treatments.  Weekly trips to the

electrologist eliminated all traces of a male beard.  Her Mistress also

promised that she would soon have a surgeon shorten the length of her vocal

cords to raise the pitch of her voice.  Susie and I listened intently as

Alex described the details of her transformation.

     "You're beautiful Alex," I said.  "Until you spoke, I never would have

known you're not a real woman.  After your voice has changed, no one will

ever be able to tell."

     "Thank you Pamela."  He already knew my name.  "Mistress and I have

heard a lot about you.  I'm sure you'll enjoy your stay with us.  My

Mistress is a very creative person."  She put additional emphasis on the

word "creative" leaving little doubt as to its implications.  "The way I'm

dressed for example, is a pretty good indication of Mistress's tastes.

Except when I'm permitted to leave the mansion, I'm either buck naked or

wearing one of the latex or leather outfits she has designed.  Some of them

have some rather unusual features as I'm sure you will soon find out."

     At the end of the hall, we entered a room which was obviously the

library.  With the exception of a corner picture window, the walls

consisted of bookshelves from floor to ceiling and were filled with several

hundred volumes of books.  A woman sat in a richly upholstered, chippendale

chair reading one of them; her platinum blond hair tied back and gathered

in a bun on top of her head.  She had porcelain fair skin and did not

appear to be wearing very much make-up.  She didn't have to---she was

naturally beautiful like most Scandinavians.  Just a touch of pale blue eye

shadow, some pink blusher, and a light coat of pink lipstick was all she

needed.  Her attire was identical to Kay's and Sabina's---must be the

"mistress uniform" of the day, I thought.  Her spike-heeled feet were

resting on the back of a young blond girl, no more than twenty years of

age, who was kneeling on all fours in front of her.

          She rose from the chair as we entered the room.  "Sabina!  How good to

see you.  I'm so glad you could get away to visit me.  I trust you've

already met Alex?"  "Yes ma'am," Alex answered.  The woman continued, "This

unusual footstool here is Tammy.  Stand up, Tammy."  She struggled to her

feet and the woman took up a position behind her and placed her hands on

her shoulders.  "She's only been in my service for several weeks and she

still has a lot to learn, but I think she has great potential.  You'll have

to forgive her though, for not saying hello."  Tammy curtseyed a greeting

but said nothing.  She couldn't.  Her mouth was covered with a broad, white

leather strap which probably held some mouth filling device in place, while

a matching white, broad leather collar forced her to keep her chin up.

"She needs to be taught the consequences of errant speech.  She hasn't

quite learned yet that I am always to be addressed as Mistress, Madame, or

even Ma'am.  She forgot herself this morning, so I've provided her with

something to help her remember in the future."  Tammy cast her eyes to the

floor in chagrin over her infraction.

     Her hands and feet were manacled about twelve inches apart with a

short connecting chain between them, permitting her to raise her hands to

just below waist level.  Her body was almost completely covered below her

neck with a skin-tight, white latex garment which zipped up the back like

Alex's.  The six inch high heels she wore were an integral part of the

garment, leaving me to wonder how she could have put the thing on, unless

she was liberally sprinkled with talcum powder first.  Strategically placed

openings in the suit displayed her breasts and crotch for all to see.  In

relation to her petite frame, the breasts were huge, but nonetheless well

supported by her youthful chest muscles.  She was easily a D-cup and maybe

more.  Her large areola surrounded her pierced nipples which were elegantly

adorned with gold rings.  The tight curls covering her pubic area confirmed

that she was indeed a natural blond.

     "Would you take their coats, Alex.  They won't be needing them for a

while."  Alex took our coats and left the room to put them away.

     The woman caught me staring at Tammy's magnificent breasts.  "Oh, I

see you noticed her most outstanding feature."  She smiled broadly.  "My

name is Monique Andersen," she moved away from Tammy.  "You must be Pamela.

Nice work, Sabina.  She looks very convincing."

     "Thank you, Mistress," I curtseyed as gracefully as my bondage would


     "I love your bra, Pamela.  I have a thing for latex you know."  She

tweaked each of my exposed nipples causing me to flush with embarrassment.

"And your panties---oooohhhh, their so nice and tight."  She rubbed the

flat portion of my lower abdomen.  "Does she still have her cock, Sabina?

Oh, yes!  I can feel it down there."  My humiliation increased as her hand

slid under my crotch and pressed hard on my tightly confined manhood.

     "Oh, and you must be the sweet, loveable Susie I've heard so much

about."  She left me blushing and walked over to Susie.  "Beautiful rings,

you have my dear.  Your Mistress is very kind."  Monique inspected the

jewelry in Susie's nipples and then moved behind her.  "Oh, I can see

you're very flexible too---your elbows are nearly touching."

          "Yes, Madame Monique.  I think I must be double jointed.  Mistress Kay

ties me like this frequently to maintain my flexibility."  Susie curtseyed

her greeting and Kay beamed with pride.

     "It's been a long time, Kay.  How have you been?"  They embraced as

Monique spoke.

     "It certainly has, Monique.  It's so good to see you again.  Tammy and

Alex are new since the last time I saw you.  What happened to---what was

her name?---Oh, Daphne I think.  Wasn't it?"

     "She still comes to visit now and then.  I gave her to our old friend,

Malcolm Chatsworth.  He needed another maid, so I gave Daphne to him.  I

was growing tired of her anyway.  Her body wasn't limber enough to tolerate

some of the positions I tried to put her in, and Malcolm isn't in to

bondage so much as he is in to whipping the nice round buns of beautiful

young girls.  Daphne was always a little on the chubby side and I thought

she would suit his needs very well.

     "Well, let's get started.  I know you'll all love the new Play Room I

had built.  Tammy?  Why don't you lead the way?  I'm sure Alex is waiting

for us."

     As Tammy minced her way to the front of our group, the small padlocks

at the back of her collar and gag were clearly visible.  No wonder she

hadn't tried to take them off.  Tammy's heels and hobbles forced her to

take very short steps as she led us back down the hall into a room about

thirty feet square with a twelve foot high ceiling.  There was all manner

of curious looking contraptions setting on the floor, while two of the

walls were covered with leather and latex hoods, blindfolds, gags of every

description, several rolls of tape, an assortment of whips, straps and

dildos, a couple of single sleeves, and an array of clamps and harnesses.

The ceiling was cris-crossed with a track system to which several hooks had

been attached, as well as four electric winches which could be positioned

as desired anywhere along the rails.

     Monique turned to face us, "For me, bondage isn't so much a form of

punishment as it is a type of recreation; an art form if you will."  She

looked at Susie and me.  "While you're here, you, and sometimes Tammy and

Alex, will be the subjects of my somewhat imaginative restraint techniques.

I do not intend to harm you in any way, unless you disobey my commands or

fail to address me properly.  For that, the punishment will be swift and

severe, as Tammy would tell you if she were able to speak."  Tammy looked

at us and nodded as best she could considering the restriction of the

collar.  "If you do as you're told, no harm will come to you, although your

bodies may get a little stiff and sore now and then.

     "Has anyone seen Alex?"  She looked around the room in surprise.  "I

bet she's in the kitchen again.  The hormones she's been taking have caused

her to plump up, and I've put her on a strict diet to control her weight.

She's been pretty good about it, but occasionally, I catch her foraging in

the pantry."  A stern look crossed her face as she explained her suspicion.

          Monique was on her way out of the room when Alex entered.  "Where were

you?" she asked.

     "I-I-I was hanging up the coats as you asked, Mistress."  Her nervous

response was all Monique needed to hear.

     "It couldn't have taken that long.  You've been eating again, haven't

you?  Look at this!"  She used her finger to wipe some residue from Alex's

lower lip.  "Cookies!  You've been in the cookie jar again!  You'll lose

you're girlish figure if you keep eating all that saturated fat, Alex."

     "B-b-but Mistress....."  Alex tried to explain.

     "SILENCE!"  You know the consequences of breaking the rules.  Perhaps

a little time in The Chair will teach you a lesson."  Monique dragged the

item in question away from the wall.  It wasn't a chair---it was a chair

frame.  Constructed of tubular aluminum, it only had crossbeams in place of

the normal seat and back.

     Alex panicked.  She must have an encounter or two with the thing in

the past.  "Mistress, please!"  She wailed.  "Don't put me in The Chair.

I'll promise not to...."  Alex's sentence was interrupted by a sharp slap

to the side of her face.

     "SHUT UP, PIG!  Now turn around."  Monique reached under Alex's crotch

and pulled the zipper tab up to the top of her ass crack.  "Now, will you

cooperate or do I have to force you?  It makes no difference to me, it's

your ass hole."

     Monique's reference was to the shiny six inch aluminum prong rising up

from the center of the crossbeam seat.  Alex looked defeated and grimaced

as she gingerly positioned her rosebud over the dildo; slowly lowering

herself until its length was buried deep in her ass.  She must have been

pre-stretched like me, since she easily managed it without lubrication.

Monique then set to fastening her arms into the broad leather sleeves

attached to the arms and legs of the frame.  They were buckled up,

anchoring her forearms to the arms of the frame from wrist to elbow.  The

calves of her legs were similarly bound to the legs of the frame.  Another

set of broad leather straps positioned at the top section of the chair

uprights circled her upper arms from the elbow to the armpit, and were also

buckled firmly in place.  A seat belt was attached to either side of the

crossbeam and was tightly buckled across her hips.  There would be no

moving around for Alex.

     Monique then retrieved a black punishment hood from the wall, and,

ignoring Alex's whimpering protests, forced the attached two inch wide,

penis shaped gag into her mouth.  The leather material was then fitted over

her head and laced up tightly in the back.  It encased her entire head so

tightly that the indentations of her eye sockets were clearly visible.

There were two nose tubes for breathing, which were quickly inserted into

Alex's nostrils.

     Monique then threaded a long, one inch wide strap through a d-ring at

the top her helmet and extended it through a similar ring on the crossbeam

in back of the chair.  She pulled the strap achingly tight, forcing a

muffled groan from Alex's well-filled mouth.  Pausing for a bit to check

the tension, she tightened it another inch and secured the buckle, pulling

the back of Alex's head into a position which was nearly parallel to the

ground.  The strain on her neck must have been instantly unbearable, but

there wasn't a thing she could do to relieve it.  Satisfied that Alex was

properly secured, she directed her attention to us.

     "Sorry about that interruption ladies, but I will not tolerate

disobedience from my slaves.  Alex should have known better."  Monique

dusted imaginary dust off her hands, indicating a job well done.  "I think

a couple of hours ought to impress her with the importance of adhering to

her diet."  Alex let out with an audible groan from the back of her throat

when she heard her the term of her sentence.

     "Ok, I think we're all set.  Let's begin.  Tammy?  You're first."  Her

eyes widened in trepidation as Monique unlocked Tammy's manacles.  "Now,

get up on the table."  Tammy hesitantly positioned herself on the edge of a

nearby doctor's examining table.  Kay and Sabina looked on intently as

Monique tied Tammy's wrists together in front of her with the palms facing.

She cinched the rope three times between her wrists leaving about three

feet of excess, and pulled her arms back over her head forcing her to lie

back with her arms extended to just short of the table's edge.  The middle

of her upper thighs were resting on the table's edge and her legs were

hanging down as Monique tied off the end of the rope at the base of the

head of the table.  A broad black leather belt with six buckles was slipped

under her back and tightly fastened just above her hips.  The belt had two

rings on either side to which a two foot chain had been connected and left

to rest on the table just in front of Tammy's butt.  A rope was tied to one

of the links at the center of the chain and extended to the anchor point of

a hand winch which was located at the bottom of the foot of the table.  I

heard the leather creaking as Monique cranked all the slack out of the rope

until she was satisfied that Tammy was adequately stretched.  The tension

wasn't too severe, but it was clear that Tammy could no longer shift her

upper body.  The table supported her from the tips of her outstretched

fingers to the uppermost portion of her thighs.  Twin leather cuffs, each

with a five foot rope knotted to its d-ring, were buckled around the

insteps of her high-heeled feet.  Monique threaded the end of each rope

through rings on the sides of the table which were positioned about one

foot from the floor.  Tammy's legs were drawn back along the table's sides

causing her knees to be spread about two feet apart and her toes to point

at the floor.  The ropes were cinched off around the rings, leaving Tammy

stretched and bowed in place.  The strategically placed openings in her

suit displayed her extraordinary breasts and blond pussy for all to see.

She could turn her head slightly from side to side, but that was all she

could move.  She was truly well fastened.

     "I really don't like the way your breasts have flopped to the sides

Tammy, but I have just the thing to remedy that."

     "Mmmfff, mmmrrrggg, mmmfff."  Tammy knew what was coming next.

Monique produced a thin, gold, six inch chain and clipped each end to

Tammy's nipple rings.  This drew her breasts tightly together with the

distended nipples pointing at each other.

          "Oh that's lovely, Monique.  Don't you think so, Kay?  Look at how

taut her body is."  Sabina stroked Tammy's latex covered thighs, feeling

the tension in her muscles.

     "I love the effect of the chain between her nipples.  I've done that

to Susie frequently in the past, but she isn't nearly as well endowed as

Tammy."  I saw Susie blush and cast her eyes to the floor as her Mistress

made the comparison, but Kay didn't notice.  She was busy tracing her

fingers over Tammy's bosom, enjoying the exaggerated fullness of her tied-

together tits.  Tammy "mmmfffed" through her gag in meager protest as Kay's

attentions underscored the degree of her exposure and helplessness.

     "Oh my!  You're making her moist, Kay."  Sabina's fingers had found

their way to Susie's uncovered crotch, causing Tammy to blush with

embarrassment at the disclosure.  "I'm always amazed how slaves can get

aroused when they're so utterly defenseless.  It's probably the best

indication of a true submissive."

     Tammy's breathing rate increased noticeably as Sabina persisted in

fingering her clit.  The leather creaked and squeaked against the latex as

Tammy uselessly tried to thrust her hips in response to the stimulation.

Kay remained busy with her breasts, alternating between tweaking her

swollen nipples and kneading her magnificent mounds.  Tammy's eyelashes

fluttered and her eyes rolled back as the first orgasm engulfed her.

     While Sabina and Kay were having fun with the exposed parts of Tammy's

anatomy, Monique stood next to Susie playing with her nipple rings.  She

squirmed in response but did not back away.  "You're next, you know my

dear.  I have a position in mind which will test your flexibility.  Are you


     "Y-y-yes Madame.  I th-th-think so."  Susie's face flushed and

goosebumps rose from her flesh as Monique continued her study of Susie's


     "Good!  Then let's begin.  Stay here while I get some equipment."

Monique retrieved two spreader bars, some ropes and chains, as well as a

gag from the well stocked walls.  After dropping the toys, she released

Susie's arms from their bondage and allowed her to rub the rope marks on

her wrists and upper arms.

     Monique knelt down and locked one of the spreader bars to Susie's

ankles, forcing her feet about three feet apart.  Susie had to stop rubbing

the rope marks when Monique locked an identical bar to Susie's wrists in

front of her.  She then locked a sort of chastity belt tightly around her

waist.  It had a one-half inch wide, reinforced leather strap descending

from the front.  Monique passed it under her crotch, making certain that it

was between the lips of her silken covered labia, and buckled it off to the

back of the belt.  It was so tight that the portion imbedded in her pussy

was covered over by the fabric of her panties.

     "Oh Mistress.  Not so tight!  You're cutting me in two!"

          "Quiet!  You'll get used to it....Or should I say that it will soon be

the least of your worries when I've finished with you."  Monique's ominous

tone made me wonder what horrible position she planned for Susie.  She then

closed the padlock at the back buckle insuring that no one else could

remove it.

      She pushed a button on the wall and a cable descended from the

electric winch directly above Susie.  Monique clipped a heavy duty snap

ring to the front of Susie's vertical strap and hooked the end of the cable

to it.  She hit the winch button once more to draw most of the slack from

the cable.

     "Susie?  I want you to lean backwards and bend over so your hands and

feet are on the floor.  Sabina?  Kay?  Would you hold her ankles and I'll

support her shoulders."

     "B-b-but Mistress, I don't think I...."  Susie didn't think she could

do it.

     "Quiet!  And do what you're told,"  Kay reprimanded.  She and Sabina

had left Tammy breathing rapidly through her nose and each grabbed one of

Susie's ankles so Monique could support her while she bent backwards until

her hands met the floor.  The cable kept her midsection elevated about two

feet from the carpet.  As soon as Susie was in position, Monique chained

the ends of the two spreader bars together so they were about three feet

apart.  Susie's body was now bowed backwards but her body from the knees to

her breasts was still roughly parallel to the floor.  Monique didn't let

that last very long as she hit the winch button once again, lifting Susie's

middle and further imbedding the strap into her pussy.

     "No, no Mistress!  This is awful!  I can't stay like this!  I'll be

cut in half!"  Susie wailed her protest.  Even with her unusual

flexibility, the strain must have been incredible.  Anyone else would

surely break his back in this position.  She was bent into a perfect semi-

circle with her hands and high heeled feet on the floor and her midsection

three feet off the carpet with the top of her head pointing at the floor.

She couldn't shift at all because of the way the spreader bars were

attached to each other.

     "I certainly don't want to listen to your complaining for the next

couple of hours.  Let me take care of that whining mouth of yours."

Monique pressed the ball of a full head harness into Susie's mouth.  The

straps were buckled at the back and top of her head as well as under her

chin making it impossible to expel the two and one-half inch, blue ball.

As with all the other bondage Susie was wearing, the three harness buckles

were padlocked.

     The strap through her pussy was so tight that most of the crotch

material had disappeared between the folds of her sex.  For the first time,

Monique noticed that her pussy had been shaved.

     "Oh, how lovely!"  She traced the exposed portion of Susie's bisected

pubic area with her long fingernail.  Susie didn't seem to notice.  Her

muffled protests showed that her body was having trouble adjusting to the

position.  Even though her hands and feet were touching the floor, it

appeared that ninety per cent of her weight was supported by the strap

through her crotch.  The chains connecting the two spreader bars together,

effectively prevented her from achieving any relief from her bowed

position.  The gag stifled her continual protests and I wondered how any

one could stay in that position for five minutes---let alone two hours.

     "Pamela?  It's your turn now.  I know that you just love dressing as a

woman and fooling those around you.  I'm going to fix you so you'll have a

better idea of what a real woman feels like when she's put into bondage."

My heart started to race.  What did Monique have in mind?  I hoped she

realized that I wasn't nearly as flexible as Susie or Tammy, but decided to

say nothing lest I invite her wrath.

     With Sabina's help, Monique pulled my latex panties down my legs and

had me step out of them.  The dildo slid out easily.  "Lie down on the

floor!" she commanded.  It was difficult with my elbows and wrists cuffed

together, but I managed.  She cuffed my ankles to the ends of a three foot

long spreader bar and clipped the end of another winch cable to an eye bolt

at its center.  Then she attached a short chain between the links on my

wrist cuffs and a ring in the floor.  I heard the winch motor whine as I

was lifted and suspended upside down with my arms drawn down and away from

my back.  I could feel the strain building in my shoulders.  The steel

cuffs dug deeply into my wrists and I began to get dizzy as the blood

rushed to my head.

     She returned and sprayed my crotch with a topical anesthetic.  "It's

so good you're shaved, Pamela," she mused.  What little erection I had left

soon disappeared as the xylocaine took effect.  "That's better.  It's small

enough now to proceed."  She pulled on my limp, numb cock and slipped a

stiff rubber o-ring about one inch in diameter over it.  In spite of the

anesthetic, I could feel her long nails dig into my flesh as she, bit-by-

bit, pulled all the skin of my ball sack through the ring.

     "What are you doing Mistress?  It feels so strange!"  It took some

effort to raise my head so I only caught brief glimpses of what she was


     "Never mind, Pamela.  You'll find out soon enough."

     She held the o-ring between two fingers while she pushed on the head

of my cock with her thumb until I could feel it pop back through the ring

to join my balls in my body cavity.  A quick glance revealed that my limp

dick had disappeared, but the skin folds of my ball sack remained visible.

She then took several short strips of flesh colored tape, spread the folds

of my skin and taped them to my hairless crotch.  She carefully used some

dermablend to cover the edges of tape until they were nearly invisible.

     "There...That looks very convincing, don't you think?  You even have a

little clit under those lips."

     Monique was pleased with her work and invited Sabina and Kay to make a

close inspection.  I couldn't feel anything but tingling in my crotch but I

could tell that they were playing with my new genitalia.

          "How ingenious!"  said Sabina.

     "You can feel the tape, but until you touch it, you're convinced it's

the real thing."  Kay was equally amazed.

     I didn't know whether to be thrilled or horrified.  "Shocked" is

probably the best description as I strained to stare at my very female

looking crotch.  I was speechless even though I wasn't gagged.  Monique's

technique was truly amazing.  I had what appeared to be a woman's labia and

vagina.  My own penis was the "little clit" she referred to, and indeed, it

was trapped beneath the folds of my new sex.

     Mercifully, she lowered the winch and removed the spreader bar.  "Can

you stand, Pamela?  Here, let me help you."  She grabbed me under my

armpits as I struggled to a standing position, still dizzy from the


     When she was certain I had recovered my balance, she buckled a red

leather belt around my corseted waist.  It was about three inches wide and

had three narrow leather straps hanging from the back.

     "Now bend over sweetness, and spread your legs.  I've got something to

put inside you."  Still amazed over what Monique had done with my male

organ, I didn't protest her intentions.  The dildo was about 8" long and 1"

wide with a slotted hole through its base.  She positioned the tip against

my rosebud, pushed its chrome colored length inside me and then threaded

the central strap in the back of my belt through the slotted hole.  The

frequent stretching of my ass hole over the last few days made it easy for

Monique to ram it home without any lubrication.  She was careful to make

sure the strap was positioned between the lips of my remodeled sex before

pulling it achingly tight through the roller buckle in the front of the

belt.  She then took the other two straps and fastened them to the front

buckles as well, leaving me with three straps through my crotch---one

through my new "pussy" and the others on either side.

     "Mistress, please!  Do they have to be so tight?  They're cutting me

in half!"  I had finally gotten up the courage to say something.

     "SILENCE!  Here I thought you were going to be a good girl...But I

guess we'll have to gag that pretty mouth of yours anyway."

     "Here Monique, I found this hanging on the wall.  Let's see how it

works on Pamela."

     Sabina handed her a metal contraption consisting of two contoured bars

that were hinged together.  Monique forced me to open my mouth and inserted

the device in back of my teeth.  She then pressed the ends together on

either side of my head until an audible click was heard.  My mouth was

jacked open to its limit.  My jaws immediately ached and drool began to run

down my chin.

     "Aaahhh, aaohhh, aaahhh."  I shook my head and groaned in futile

protest, knowing I would not be able to expel the metal intruder.

          "You made a good choice, Sabina.  It's always been one of my

favorites.  She's unable to speak and helpless to prevent the insertion of

anything into her mouth."  Monique inserted her fingers to demonstrate.

"These hinges are made of high alloy steel and I assure you she won't be

able to break them.  Now, let's put this glove on her."

     Sabina unlocked the cuffs from my wrists but left the ones on my upper

arms in place.  I tried briefly to remove the steel bit in my mouth but the

cuffs prevented it.  They quickly jerked my arms behind my back and

inserted them into a red leather single sleeve up to my elbows.  Once the

elbow cuffs were removed, Monique pulled the sleeve all the way up and

laced it as tight as my arms would allow.  Sabina fastened the straps at

the top of the sleeve around my shoulders insuring that it could not slip


     Meanwhile, Kay appeared with a pair of red patent oxford high heels.

She slipped off my conventional pumps and put my left foot into one of the

shoes.  The sole was contoured into a ballet arch and the heel was at least

7" high.  When she was done with the laces, I could tell that all of my

weight would be concentrated on my toes when the second shoe was in place.

Kay knew this as well and, with Sabina's help, lowered me to a sitting

position on the carpet before putting on the second shoe.

     I tried my best to keep my weight off the dildo by raising my rump

with my imprisoned hands.  With my legs stretched out before me, I got a

very good look at the severe arch of the ballet shoes.  I had hopes they

wouldn't make me stand in them but experience told me that wouldn't be very


     Monique had positioned two steel cable winches over me and lowered

their hooks to the floor.  She passed one of the cables behind the sleeve

and hooked it to a ring at the back of my waist belt.  The other cable was

attached to a ring at the bottom of the single sleeve.  Then she put a

broad, stiff leather collar around my neck which forced my head up and

severely limited my ability to look around.

     While Monique installed the collar, Sabina strapped my legs together

at the ankles and just above the knees.  She clipped a stout 6" long chain

to a ring at the front of my collar and pulled on it until the other end

could be clipped to a ring on the strap at my knees.  My nylon covered

knees were now crushed against my latex covered chest.

     Monique activated the winches one at a time in a series of short lifts

until I was perched on the ballet boots in a bent over, squatting position.

My arms extended behind me parallel to the floor, putting a great strain on

my shoulders.  The tension of the cable at my waist further embedded the

intruder in my ass and my pointed toes supported most of my weight.  When I

tried to relieve the tension in my arms, my toes hurt.  When I tried to

take some weight off my feet, my shoulders hurt and the dildo penetrated

deeper.  How long would they leave me like this?  I remembered Monique

telling Alex that she would have to stay in the chair a couple of hours and

that was only one-half hour ago.  Did they really intend me to stay like

this for one and one-half hours?  I couldn't!  My body wouldn't take it.  I

wasn't as flexible as Tammy or Susie.  Didn't they know that?

"Aaahhh, Aaahhh," I groaned.  They didn't pay any attention as all three

Mistresses left the room turning off the light as they departed.  I was

left in total darkness and severe discomfort with the steady drip, drip,

drip of my drool hitting my knees.


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