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Archive-name: Changes/pamela8.txt

Archive-author: Pamela (tv)

Archive-title: Pamela's Story - 8

                               CHAPTER VIII

     The trip to the bathroom felt like the longest journey I had ever taken.

The ice water enema had my guts tied up in knots.  Without the zippy, there

would have been no way for me to make it without an accident.  In my haste,

I stumbled several times along the way due to the uncertain gait caused by

the six inch heels.  Susie seemed to have similar difficulty with the

cramping, although she was far more adept at walking in the stiletto heeled

shoes our Mistresses made us wear.  Susie got to the bathroom first and

attempted to attach the zippy bulb by herself.  She squatted and reached

down between her legs in an effort to locate the fitting, but the hinged hand

cuffs would not allow her to twist her forearms into the proper position.

When I arrived, she was already squealing in frustration over her inability

to attach the bulb.

     "Oooohhh Pamela, I can't get it connected!  These damned hand cuffs are

in the way.  I can't turn my wrists at all!"  Kay was right.  The hinged

cuffs would force us to help each other in order to gain relief.

     "Susie...calm down.  I'm going to help you."  While the corset and the

cramping made it very difficult, I managed to crouch down and attach the

zippy bulb to the port.  I then released the air valve, causing the balloons

to deflate so the catheter could be removed.  Susie instantly seated herself

on the porcelain throne, while I stood anxiously waiting for her to relieve


     It seemed like years, but it was probably only a few minutes before

Susie finished and was able to assist me.  While I was tending to the

compelling business at hand, I heard our Mistresses laughing in the doorway

in amusement over the spectacle we were providing for them.

     "You two sure are a sorry lot.  Just look at you----all sweaty and

pale."  Sabina removed the hand cuffs.  "Go upstairs and take a hot can both remove your makeup as well, seeing as how it's all

messed up from the perspiration.  While you're doing that, Kay and I will

make something for us to eat.  It should be ready by the time you're

finished, so just put on the robes we left for you and come back to join us.

Then we can all have some dinner and discuss our future plans for the two of


     When we got upstairs, Susie gently rubbed her mistreated tits.  "God,

my nipples hurt.  I love my Mistress a lot, but I hate it when she makes me

wear those blasted clamps.   One time, she made me wear them under my bra

while we were at a dinner party.  They hurt like hell and I couldn't

concentrate on anything else.  Even though I wore a shawl to cover their

outline on the front of my dress, I felt like everyone was staring at me.

My tits were sore for days after she finally took them off."  Susie unlaced

the six inch heels from her feet.  "Here, let me help you get undressed,

Pamela.  If you're as stiff as I am, you won't be able to undo the laces in

the back of your corset."

     "Thanks Susie.  I sure am sore.  I think we must have been fastened to

those frames for over an hour.  And those ice cubes made my fingers go numb

after just a few minutes.  I don't know how you managed it, but we're both

lucky that you didn't let go of that last ice cube.  I'd hate to think what

would have happened if those clamps were yanked from our tits."

     "I can tell you, Pamela.  Mistress Kay pulled them off of me once, and

I vowed I would do anything to make sure it never happened again.  I must

admit I almost lost it though, when that ice water filled up my insides.  I

felt my gut gurgling and cramping at the same time, but there was nothing I

could do about it.  And when I looked down once and saw the catheter dangling

there---I was humiliated!  I don't remember Mistress ever making me feel so

utterly exposed and helpless."

     I stood there rubbing my own tender nipples as they poked out from the

red latex bra, while Susie released me from my waist cincher.  I took a long

overdue breath of air when I was finally freed from its compression.

"Ooohhh, I didn't think it would ever come off-----although I must admit, I

really love the womanly curves it gives me."  I gazed at my image in the

mirror.  "And I rather like the bra too.  I didn't realize how much tissue

I actually had up there."

     "I like it too, Pamela.  You should tell Mistress Sabina...maybe she'll

let you wear it again."  Susie unsnapped the bra and breast harness that had

gathered my breast tissue into such a delightfully feminine appearance.

     "There, I think you can take off your own stockings and shoes, Pamela.

I'm going to the shower.  Why don't you join me when your finished."  Susie

had a twinkle in her eye as she spoke, and I was pretty sure what was on her

mind.  In spite of the abuse my body had suffered, my cock sprang to life at

the very thought of soaping up her beautiful body.  She smiled knowingly at

my erection and hurried off to the bathroom.

     I wasted no time in unbuckling my heels and stripping off my stockings

and wig in anticipation of taking a shower with Susie.  When I got in to the

stall, the hot water felt wonderfully soothing on my aching muscles.  We

stood facing each other as I gently soaped up her beautiful body.  Susie paid

particular attention to my lower abdomen and crotch, licking her lips at the

sight of my raging hard on.  After several minutes of sensuous bathing, we

used the hand held shower spray to rinse each other.  After we got out of the

shower, Susie knelt down, took me into her mouth and started sucking until

I almost collapsed, so overwhelming was the orgasm that enveloped me.  Susie

continued sucking and swallowing, until she was sure I was totally spent.

After a few moments, I held her and guided her to the floor where we assumed

the "69" position.  I lovingly tongued her clit and could feel her body tense

as the pleasure consumed her.  It didn't take very long before she climaxed

in ecstacy, while I continued to caress her and lap up the remnants of her

love juices.

     We lied there for a few moments enjoying the release of our passion,

until I remembered that our Mistresses were expecting us downstairs.  I sure

didn't want them to come upstairs and find us like this.  Once I convinced

Susie that we had to stop, we got up and put on the bathrobes that had been

laid out for us.  Susie put her arms around my neck and gave me a long french

kiss.  I was pleased, but also somewhat surprised at her reaction.  I had no

idea she would like my male persona as much as she seemed to like Pamela.

I thought her loving attention was merely the result of her Mistress's


     "Ooohhh Susie, I didn't think you'd find me attractive as a...a...a

man."  I stuttered in disbelief.

     "Ooohhh Pamela, it was wonderful.  You should know I like you as a

person, and I don't really care if you're dressed as a girl or not.  It's

really too bad we can't continue though.  But you're right.  Our Mistresses

would punish us again if we got caught.  Besides, I'm famished.  Let's go

eat dinner."

     We both checked in the mirror to make sure all the makeup had been

removed as we had been instructed, and proceeded downstairs to join them.

Fortunately for me, Susie noticed that I was still wearing the artificial

finger nails, so we went back and removed them with the solvent from the

bathroom vanity.  It took about fifteen minutes for her to pry them loose

and wipe away all the remnants of polish and glue.  I remember commenting

how lucky we were to have such patient Mistresses, as we finally were able

to make our grand entrance in the dining room.

     Sabina had replaced the mini-dress with a knee length, royal blue, silk

robe which matched the shoes she wore.  Kay also looked stunning in her shiny

black satin, kimono style robe with a lotus flower design on its back.  The

black patent pumps still graced her feet.  I was very surprised that they had

us sit at the table while they served us.  After all, we were their slaves.

I wondered about this apparent change of attitude toward us, but thought

better than to ask about it.

     The dinner was great....a crisp caesar salad and roast duck with wild

rice and brown gravy, a bottle of 1979 Jordan Cabernet Sauvignon, followed

with a rich dessert of black forest torte and a wonderful bottle of 1975

Chateau Yquem Sauternes.  The conversation was basically small talk, with no

mention made of our recent ordeal or their acceptance of us as slaves.  When

dinner was finished, Susie and I helped them clear the table.  We all loaded

the china and crystal in the dishwasher with me being especially careful, not

wanting to have a repeat of my miscue earlier in the day.  After the kitchen

was cleaned up, Sabina directed all of us to the living room to talk about

our future together.

     "I trust you enjoyed the meal?"  Susie and I nodded enthusiastically.

"Kay and I thought you deserved a treat after completing your initiation so

admirably.  I know you're both curious about our plans.  While you were

upstairs, an old friend of mine called.  Her name is Mistress Monique, and

she wondered if I had added any slaves to my collection recently.  When I

told her about you Pamela, she just bubbled with excitement and said she

couldn't wait to meet you.  She has a well equipped home on her large estate

in the country, and has invited all of us to visit.  I've taken a few select

slaves there in the past, and we always had a good time sampling the toys she

has accumulated over the years.  We'll leave first thing tomorrow morning,

so I want you to get a good night's rest.  You will both need it, I assure


     "Kay, let's take them back to the toy room and get them fixed up, so

there won't be any 'fooling around' during the night.  You know how horny

Susie always is, and I wouldn't want her bothering my new slave all night."

     "Susie can definitely be a problem, I know.  It's something I learned

to accept over the years because I don't think it's possible for her to

change.  It's really too bad though, that I can't trust her in situations

like this."

     "Please Mistress, I'm still extremely sore from my initiation.  You

don't have to tie me up again.  I'll be good, I promise."  Susie knew her

Mistress well and pleaded with Kay to intercede, but Kay wouldn't hear of

it.  She knew that when it came to sex, Susie had an insatiable appetite.

     "Come along, you two.  I don't want to hear any more arguments."  Sabina

grabbed my arm and led us all down the stairs.

     They had us both remove our robes and, after Sabina chained me to the

wall with a two inch wide slave collar, they both set to work on Susie.  Her

forearms were folded behind her back and tied together from elbow to elbow

with a length of nylon rope. Kay then stuffed her mouth with a three inch

foam rubber ball and sealed it in place with several strips of sticky duct

tape.  To make certain that Susie wouldn't be able to expel the gag, she

applied several wraps of the dermicel tape over the duct tape and around in

back of her neck.  She tested the effectiveness of the gag by giving a hard

pinch to each of Susie's very tender nipples.  The resulting scream emerged

as a soft sounding hum.  Susie wouldn't be making any comments for a while.

     The center of another length of rope was then positioned behind her neck

and brought down across the front of her shoulders, under her arm pits and

knotted at the center of her back.  The ends were passed under the portion

behind her neck and pulled down, forming a sort of figure eight harness.  The

short remaining length of line was then tightly secured to her already

immobilized forearms.  A rather long rope was then doubled over and looped

around her waist at the front.  Kay pulled hard on the line and centered the

loop at her navel before passing it down between the lips of Susie's bald

pussy and back up under the back of the waist rope, where it was left to

dangle for the time being.

     After being forced to sit on the floor, her legs were folded so that

the ankles and calves were parallel to one another.  Starting with a double

loop around one ankle, Kay wrapped the line again and again around Susie's

lower legs so that she was forced to sit in a modified, yoga type lotus

position.  This was starting to look very uncomfortable for her, but Kay was

by no means finished.  Using the figure eight harness for leverage, she

lifted Susie enough so that she could be brought forward and lowered to lie

face down on the floor.  The remaining portion of the doubled over crotch

rope was then passed through one of the wraps on her welded calves, and back

up under the vertical line descending from the figure eight harness, where

it was pulled hard and securely knotted.  This last move produced an muffled

groan from behind Susie's gag as the full impact of her bondage became clear

to her.  The way her legs were tied prevented her from bringing her knees

together, so any attempt at crawling along the floor would be greeted with

frustration.  In fact, movement of any kind only caused the crotch rope to

dig deeper into her bisected pussy.

     "There Susie, I think that will keep you out of trouble for a while."

Kay stroked her slave's hair as she spoke.  Susie had a pained look in her

eyes due to the stringent hog tie that had been applied to her.  Tears began

to form as she tried to plead with her Mistress to release her.  All that

could be heard was a distant sounding hum from her fully packed mouth.

"You'll be fine, Susie.  Your muscles will adjust to the position in a few

minutes and then you'll be able to get some sleep."  Kay was reassuring in

her tone, but I don't think that Susie believed she would ever get used to

the constant strain that the muscles in her legs and the joints in her hips

were experiencing.

     While Kay continued to comfort to her slave, Sabina unlocked my collar.

"It's your turn piglet," she said as she grabbed my cock and led me to sit

a few feet from the helplessly bound, and still groaning Susie.

I dared not say a word, but I was filled with trepidation in anticipation of

the position Sabina had planned for me.

     She bound my wrists in front of me with the palms facing, leaving two

unusually long trailing ends.  She then commanded that I form both my hands

into fists with the thumbs inside and, using a roll of one inch wide

electrical tape, she started at my wrists and wrapped the tape around and

around, until my fists were covered up to the first knuckles.  She then

applied several short pieces of the tape to cover over the bare portion of

my fingers, after which another few wraps were placed over the exposed ends

to make sure they would not come loose.  My hands were now cocooned in black


     "Most people think that a person cannot be made helpless with the wrists

bound together in front.  I'm going to try and prove them wrong."  Sabina's

comment was an ominous portend of what was to come.

     She stood up for a moment, turned her back to me and removed the blue

silk panties she had been wearing for most of the day.  After retying her

robe, she knelt back down and stuffed the soiled underwear into my mouth.

Their musky scent filled my nostrils.  She then forced my arms over my head

and positioned my wrists behind my neck.  The remaining lengths of rope were

then passed several times over the wadding in my mouth, and tightly knotted

between my lips.  Sabina then tied a slip knot loop at the end of a three

foot length of sash cord and placed it around my balls, leaving the end free

for the moment.  She went over to the wall to retrieve a two inch wide, long

leather belt which she passed under my thighs and around my back.  Using her

spike heeled foot against my back for leverage, she tugged on the end and

forced my knees up to meet my chest before fastening the buckle.  After tying

my ankles together, she brought the end of the sash cord around the cinch

between my ankles, gave it a tug and then tied it off.  Now any effort on my

part to inch my way around the floor would only produce additional tension

on the line stretched tightly between my ankles and balls.  What little

relief was possible could be accomplished only by leaning forward to make

sure that the soles of my feet remained on the floor.  I decided very quickly

that I would try to remain as still as possible.  I was helpless to do

anything anyway, and if I accidentally fell over, the natural tendency for

my lower legs to move outward would only stretch my balls even further.

     "That ought to just about do it, but there's one more thing we need to

do Kay.  Let's blindfold them to be certain there won't be any distractions

to keep them from sleeping."  Each of our Mistresses then buckled a thickly

padded, black leather blindfold over our eyes, plunging us into darkness.

Susie was still groaning into her gag, so in commiseration, I joined her in

a kind of funereal chorus.

     "Stop moaning, you two!"  Sabina snapped her command like a drill

sergeant.  "You sound like a couple of cry babies."  Our whimpering stopped

at once, and Sabina continued.  "Now pay attention.  I think you'll find it

beneficial to remain as still as possible.  The consequences of excessive

movement should be clear to you both by now.  Struggling will only make you

more uncomfortable.  I want you both to go to sleep, and we'll wake you in

the morning so we can get ready for the trip to Monique's."

     Her last statement was followed by silence.  I assumed Kay and Sabina

went upstairs to bed, although I could not hear them walk across the thickly

carpeted floor.  After several minutes had passed, I was pretty sure they had

left, so I foolishly tried to figure out if there was any way I could relieve

the strain on my balled-up body.  I first tested the effectiveness of the

tape on my fists.  My hands were helplessly bundled, making movement of the

fingers impossible.  I then tried to get free from the rope/gag, but only

succeeded in waving my elbows within a very limited range and forcing

Sabina's wadded up panties deeper into my mouth.  These struggles also caused

the muscles in my legs to contract, placing additional tension on my already

stretched ball sac.  My next attempt proved to be a serious mistake.  I tried

to break the leather belt pressing my knees to my chest and, in the process,

my feet lost contact with the floor while, at the same time, the shifting of

my elbows altered my center of gravity.  I felt myself falling and tried to

stop, but it was too late.  I fell over toward the right, and my right elbow

hit Susie in what seemed to be the center of her back.  This caused my body

to pitch once again, so that my head and bound up hands ended up on her soft

tush.  I was now lying on my back with my feet in the air like a helpless

turtle, and the strain on my balls increased to the point that I thought they

would be ripped from my body.  Susie made a soft humming sound and wheezed

through her nose at the contact, and I let out with a muffled scream in

reaction to the pain caused by the natural tendency of my lower legs to try

and stretch away from my body.  I continued to moan and groan through

Sabina's panties while I tried to relax my legs.  After what seemed like

several minutes, the pain subsided enough that I could attempt to roll off

of Susie, but my splayed out elbows prevented it.  Eventually, I gave up in

the realization that I was hopelessly stuck in this position until the


     I recall being able to finally relax after accepting my fate, and I

remember Susie breathing deeply underneath my head.  Her body must have been

limber enough to allow her to sleep peacefully for almost the entire night.

The rhythm of her breathing must have helped me to fall asleep as well, since

the next thing I remember was Sabina removing my blindfold.

     "Isn't that sweet Kay.  Look how they managed to cuddle together.  Seems

we can't keep them apart no matter what we do."  She snickered as she lifted

me by the shoulders to a most welcome sitting position.  "Ooohhh, look at

Pamela's balls though.  They've turned blue from the rope around them."

Acting as if she were surprised, she got on her knees and cupped my ball sac

in her hand for as close an inspection as my position would allow.

Mercifully, she untied the sash cord first, allowing the flow of blood to

return to my strangling organ.  Next the leather belt came off, allowing me

to extend my legs and get some circulation into them as well.  My Mistress

then unwrapped the rope/gag and pulled out the now very soggy panties.  "I

trust you had a good night's rest slave.  Looks like these will have to go

to the laundry, though."  She held the panties between her thumb and

forefinger and dangled them in front of my nose.  "You slob, you've gotten

them all wet with your saliva."  I was exercising my jaw trying to regain

the power of speech, but was still incapable of responding.  Noticing the

difficulty I was having, Sabina decided not to pursue the matter.

     It took her a while to find the nearly invisible end of the plastic

tape.  Once located, she unwound it creating a tangled mound of the stuff on

the floor beside me.  There must have been at least ten yards of it piled

there.  I flexed my fingers while she untied my wrists and revealed the

indentations in my skin that the tightness had created.

     "You can remove the rest of your bondage by yourself.  I'm going to see

if Kay needs any help with Susie."

     I decided to wait until my circulation returned before trying to untie

my ankles.  Susie was standing now, still a little wobbly from the stiffness

in her legs.  The mark of the ropes was clearly visible on her lower legs.

There was a red indentation around her waist and down her belly to the point

where it disappeared between the lips of her sex.  Once her arms were

released, she started to rub the feeling back in to them while Kay removed

the tape from her gag, being careful not to pull too much hair out along with

it.  When the Nerf ball was removed, it was dripping wet and placed on a

shelf to dry.

     "Oh, Mithtreth," Susie tried to speak but her mouth was too dry.

"Pleathe don't tie me like that again, my puthy ith going to be thore for

weekth!"  She babbled on anyway, sounding a lot like Tweety Bird talking to

Sylvester the Cat; all the while using both her hands to massage the affected

area, in what I thought was a very erotic display.

     "Stop complaining angel.  You'd be amazed how much abuse the female body

can withstand.  Your pussy will be back to normal in no time."  Kay was

standing behind her favorite slave, rubbing the marks on her shoulders and


     "Come on you dope, you're wasting time."  Sabina returned her attention

to me.  "Can't you get that silly rope untied?"  She knew that the sight of

Susie had me mesmerized, so I quickly set to undoing the knot at my ankles

as she approached.  "Good, I see you finally figured it out.  Now let's get

upstairs and get you dressed for your trip to the country."

     Susie and I were still cramped from the bondage, as we slowly hobbled

after our Mistresses, following them up the stairs to get ready.  They were

both dressed in identical black leather mini-dresses with a deeply scooped

neckline.  Black hose and black patent five inch heels completed the

ensemble.  As usual, their skills with cosmetics enhanced their natural


     After first letting us take a hot shower---separately, of course---they

tended to our makeup.  Susie's natural beauty didn't require much

enhancement.  A light foundation, a touch of eye shadow, some rouge, a light

dusting of powder, some rose colored lip gloss and a styling of the hair and

she was gorgeous.  My features presented a more difficult challenge, but

Sabina was able to work her makeover magic once more.  The process took her

over an hour, but when she finally allowed me to look in the mirror, I was

stunned.  Staring back at me was a delightfully feminine creature with

shoulder length ash blond hair, dramatically wide set eyes, and full

persimmon colored lips with matching long artificial fingernails.  I was so

happy I didn't know what to say, so I just turned on my stool and hugged my

Mistress around her waist and rested my head between her well proportioned


     She was obviously pleased with this sign of affection, and stroked my

hair in return.  "Welcome back, Pamela."  She pressed my head to her breast.

"You've been away too long."  I suddenly realized that she hadn't called me

by that name since I showered off the makeup the day before.  My Mistress was

truly the woman of my dreams, accepting me for what I always wanted to be.

Next to the time that she declared me to be her new slave, this was the

happiest moment of my life.

     While Sabina had been making me up, Kay helped Susie with her traveling

outfit.  Her matching bra, panties and garter belt were a light shade of teal

blue.  The bra was the demi-cup variety which displayed her perky nipples to

full advantage.  Even though her breasts were not large in proportion to her

frame, the bra pushed them up and together creating a lovely cleavage.  Silky

beige stockings and a pair of medium brown, lizard pumps with four inch heels

completed her outfit.  The lingerie was a perfect complement to her fresh and

sweet personality.

     Kay tied her wrists together with the palms facing and forced her elbows

together with a one inch wide, tan leather strap.  Susie expressed concern

at how little she was given to wear considering the cold Wisconsin winter,

but her Mistress simply smiled as she secured her slave's arms behind her

back, and admonished her that she should be thankful that she wasn't forced

to wear a crotch rope as well, considering the tenderness in her pussy.

     After Susie was bound, Kay lovingly adjusted her boobs in the cups, and

inserted the pair of gold nipple rings into the hole at the base of each

nipple.  She then took great delight in lightly tracing her long fingernail

above the top line of her bra.

          "Oh Mistress, please don't do that.  You'll only get me all hot again."

Susie squirmed in reaction to this sensuous attention.

     "You be quiet slave, or I'll strap as big a ball gag as I can find in

that lovely mouth of yours, and you'll wear it all the way to Monique's."

Susie understood that her Mistress was serious and remained silent from that

point on.  Kay continued to explore the more interesting parts of Susie's

body until Sabina asked her to help get me prepared for our journey.  Susie

just stood there with a far away look in her eyes, the dampness from her

crotch clearly visible through the light colored material of her panties.

     "Pamela, is there something special you would like to wear today?"

Sabina inquired with a sparkling look in her eyes.

     I was somewhat dumbfounded at the question, but paused for a moment to

consider.  "Yes Mistress, I'd love to wear that red latex bra again.  I just

love the way it feels on my skin---and I'd like to wear the red waspy corset

with it 'cause it matches so well."

     "Anything else?" my mistress inquired.

     "Ummm, yes ma'am.  Could I try a pair of garter stockings like Susie's?

I really love the way they look on her.  And maybe you have a pair of high

heeled red pumps that I could borrow...."

     "Well, you sure have an interesting taste in lingerie Pamela.  But I

think we can accommodate you since you've been good so far today.  We can

attach the garters that came with the corset and fix you up just as you

asked.  But I think you forgot something.  What would you have us do to hide

that thing between you legs?"  She asked rhetorically.  "I know just the

thing.  Kay?  Don't you have a pair of red latex panties in the top drawer

of your dresser?  They'll be the perfect complement to Pamela's ensemble.

While you're getting them, I'll gather up the rest of her things."

     After Sabina assembled the requested articles, she had me slip my arms

into the male breast harness.  This time though, she fastened it much more

tightly than before, and then took great care in manipulating my meager

breast tissue until she was satisfied that the optimum effect had been


     The latex bra felt even more fantastic than before.  I looked in the

mirror and marveled at the full B-cup sized boobs I had.  I adjusted the fit

so that my nipples were centered in the two inch holes and then turned back

to Sabina.

     "Oh Mistress!  Thank you.  It feels fabulous.  I can't wait to put on

the rest of my lingerie."  My excitement was obvious, as Sabina handed me

the corset.

     I stepped into it and adjusted it to the correct position around my

midriff so that the laces could be drawn in at the back.  Sabina had me grab

hold of one of the bed posters, and she pulled with all her might.  She

wasn't quite satisfied with the closure so she had Kay pull with her, and

managed to reduce my waist another inch or so.

     Kay retrieved a cloth tape measure from her dresser and, after measuring

my waist, exclaimed, "Twenty-four inches!  That's wonderful Pamela.  The diet

you've been on these last few days has certainly helped your figure.  Here's

your stockings.  While you're putting them on, I'll get the garters."

     The corset didn't feel quite as tight as when I last wore it, perhaps

because they didn't put me under the lacing bar, but the compression still

made it difficult for me to bend over.  I finally managed to slip the

stockings up my hairless legs and attach them in place with the garters Kay

had handed to me.  As I expected, my cock began to rise as I fastened the

garters.  I always had a passion for the sensual feel of stockings on my

legs, and this time was no exception.  In addition, I had never worn garters

before and the new sensation only added to my arousal.  I reveled in the

feeling as I stood there rubbing my legs together to enjoy their silky


     "Pamela!  Can't you control yourself?  We'll never get your panties on

with that thing sticking out."  Sabina gave my engorged penis several playful

slaps, but it had no effect.  So she took a firm grip on my clean-shaven

balls and squeezed hard.  I let out with a yell in answer to the pain, but

her action had the desired effect.  She maintained her grip until she was

satisfied that it had shrunk back to manageable proportions.

     "Works every time, Kay."  Sabina was pleased with herself.  "A cock is

so predictable and easy to control if you know what your doing.

     "Step into these, Pamela.  I'll help you put them on."  She stretched

the latex panties in front of my feet.  When I looked down, I was dismayed

to see another dildo fastened to the inside of the crotch.

     "Oh Mistress, not another dildo!  I'm still stretched out from my

punishment session.  I don't need one any more."  I tried to reason with her.

     "SILENCE!  You'll do as you're told.  Besides, if we let you go too long

without wearing it, all of our efforts will have been wasted."

     At least she tried to explain her reasons, but I wondered nevertheless

why it was necessary to keep my rosebud stretched.  I didn't like the

possible reasons that came to mind, but knew it was useless to argue, so I

said nothing.  I stepped into the panties and Sabina tugged them up my legs.

Even with the silkiness of the stockings, it took a lot of effort to get them

up to my hips.  At that point, Sabina went around behind me and targeted the

head of the invader at my puckered hole.  She didn't use any lubrication this

time, but it was soon apparent that none was required.  She had me bend over

as far as the corset would let me, and applied gentle but steady pressure

against the device.  Somewhat to my surprise, the hard rubber rod slid in

quite easily in testimony to the effectiveness of Sabina's training methods.

She then reached down inside the pants and under my crotch, pulling the head

of my still flaccid cock back to the start of my ass crack.

     The panties were already stretched so tight that Kay had to help her

pull them up the rest of the way.  They pulled so hard that I was nearly

lifted off the floor, until they were satisfied the latex was positioned

properly around my loins. The compression was so great that my balls were

forced up into my body and, when I looked between my slightly spread legs,

I could see no evidence of my manhood.  My crotch was smooth and flat under

the latex, and its rubbery texture insured that the material would not be

shifting around as I moved.  While the panties were tighter than anything I

had ever worn before, the feeling was not uncomfortable.  Even the dildo was

not too bothersome, as the events of the last few days had made me accustomed

to having something plugging up my ass hole.  I didn't want too admit it

openly, but overall I really liked how they looked and felt.

     "There, that looks great.  Oh, I almost forgot the shoes.  It was red

that you wanted, wasn't it?"  I nodded in response.  "Let me go dig in my

closet.  We're lucky we both wear the same size."

     After rummaging for a bit, she returned with a pair of red kid pumps

with spike heels about five inches high.  As she slipped them on my feet,

she commented, "I know these are higher than you're accustomed to for

walking, but it's the best I can do.  Besides, you need the practice."

     "Don't worry Mistress.  I think they're really sexy looking----and I

know I'll be able to get around just fine in them."  I was pleased with her

choice of these "fuck me" spikes and I took the opportunity to mince around

the room in order to get the feel of them.  "Ooohhh, don't you just love the

way they make my hips sway?" I said to no one in particular.

     "Stop prancing around Pamela, and get back over here.  We have to get

you secured for our trip."  The time for the inevitable had arrived.  After

seeing what they had done to Susie, I knew that I would be bound in some way

as well.  But I almost didn't mind any more.  I loved the attention Sabina

was paying to me and it made the whole experience worthwhile.  Besides, I

always loved the helpless feeling that came over me when someone tied me up

properly, although I had never been bound in one position for more than an

hour until I met these women.  Their techniques were perfect--no possibility

of escape without help combined with the suspense of not knowing when they

would release you.  I was definitely hooked.

     I emphasized the sway of my hips as I walked back to my Mistress, in

what I thought was as feminine a way as I could muster.  She seemed amused

at my antics and said, "I see you like the heels I gave you.  I'm surprised

at how quickly you adapted to them, but you don't have to try and sway your

hips, Pamela.  That happens naturally from the posture caused by the heels.

Besides, no real woman ever walks like that and you'll only give yourself

away if anyone looks at you.  Now, turn around."

     The bondage was simple but effective, like Susie's.  Common hand cuffs

at the wrists, thumb cuffs to keep me from twisting my arms, and a pair of

ankle shackles with about a six inch chain above my elbows.  Kay had gotten

the minks from the closet and placed them over our shoulders with the sleeves

tucked in the pockets, and tied the leather sash in the front.  After putting

on their own coats, our Mistresses led us out to Kay's Town Car and buckled

us safely in the back seat.  Then we were on our way to meet Mistress






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