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Archive-name: Changes/pamela7.txt

Archive-author: Pamela (tv)

Archive-title: Pamela's Story - 7

                                CHAPTER VII

     When I came to, I was still seated in the chair.  My head and arms

were still imprisoned as before but my legs had been released.  I was

thankful that the motor powering the cursed vibrator had been turned off.

As the cobwebs disappeared from my brain, I felt an odd sensation in my

penis.  With my head still anchored to the chair, I couldn't look down to

see what was different, but it felt like there was something inside me.  It

was a vague burning sensation that I had never experienced before.  When

the last restraint was removed, I looked down and was horrified at the

sight of an eighteen inch plastic tube emerging from the tip of my penis

and dangling between my legs.  A retaining clip was fastened about half way

down its length and the clear plastic revealed a yellow fluid behind the

clip.  They had put a catheter in me!

     "MMMeow, mmmurgl, ggguuurgl," I was humiliated!  As I reached down to

grab the thing, Sabina grabbed my wrists and handcuffed them.  These were a

pair of Smith & Wesson hinged handcuffs that I had heard about but never

seen before.  If the keyhole is positioned on the forearm side of the

hinge, the wearer cannot free himself even if he had the key, because the

hinged connection forces the wrists to remain parallel to each other.

     "DON'T PANIC, pamela.  That's only a Foley catheter and you might as

well get used to it, because it's part of your third and final punishment."

Sabina reprimanded me as she clicked the cuffs into place.  Each woman

grabbed me under the arm pits, "we're going to help you get up, Pamela.  Go

slow, and the plug in your butt will come out fairly easily considering how

stretched out you must be."

     I still was in shock over what they had just done to me as they

supported me in my effort to stand up.  My gag whistled as I drew in a deep

breath.  Getting the widest part past my sphincter was the hardest, but

after several seconds of steady upward pressure, I freed myself from the

invader.  After the thing was clear of my ass, the weakness in my legs

caused me to wobble on the six inch heels.  My ass felt like there was a

tunnel running through it, compliments of the motorized butt plug.

     They continued to support my upper body until confident I could stand

alone.  When they released me, I once again grabbed at the thing and tried

to pull it out.

     "DON"T PAMELA, you'll only hurt yourself.  There's a small balloon

inflated inside your bladder which prevents removal and the only way to

deflate it is with a syringe.  It's not coming out until I SAY SO."  Sabina

coldly stared into my eyes as I was once again defeated.  "Now your last

punishment is fairly complex and it'll probably prove to be the most

difficult of the three, but I'm sure you will admire its ingenuity."

          Just as Kay placed a metal saw horse shaped frame in front of me, my

attention was diverted by the noises coming from the other side of the

room.  Susie was standing over an oak box on all fours with her hands and

feet about two feet apart.  Both ends of the box had a set of stocks which

effectively confined Susie's hands and feet and forced her into a bent over

position.  The noises were coming from behind the full harness ball gag

fastened securely around her head as she struggled in vain to free herself.

The clipped Foley inserted inside her bladder swung beneath her crotch.

Her beautifully shaped rump was prominently displayed and her milky white

breasts hung freely below her.  She was totally naked.

     "I suppose you're wondering why Susie's fastened inside that box.

When we went upstairs to check on her, she had taken off all her mistress's

clothing and was sitting naked on the bed crying her eyes out.  She was

very upset that she whipped your nipples.  Kay and I comforted her until

she calmed down enough to explain that she would never consider trying to

be a mistress again.  She was much happier being a slave and begged Kay to

take her back.  Kay is so fond of Susie that it didn't take long for her to

agree, but there was one condition.  In order to prove her sincerity, she

would have to go through slave initiation rites in the form of a punishment

identical to your third ordeal.  Even though she didn't know what we

intended to do, she hugged Kay in gratitude and agreed without hesitation.

Now-----spread your legs Pamela," Sabina knelt down to attach a four foot

long spreader bar between my ankles, "we need to get along with your

punishment."  A padlock on the leather cuffs secured each ankle to the ends

of the bar and to the legs of the horse.

     As I stood unsteadily before her, she applied a set of thumbcuffs with

a short chain dangling from the center portion.  I wondered what purpose

they could serve as my arms were already locked helplessly together.  The

answer came quickly as she bent me over the horse by pulling down on my

imprisoned thumbs and padlocked the chain to an eye in the center of the

spreader bar.

     "Isn't it delightful the way their asses are displayed, Sabina?

Wouldn't you just love to give them a paddling?"  Kay stood behind Susie

while stroking both of her cheeks.

     "There'll be enough time for that later, Kay.  It's important that we

stick with the game plan."  Sabina was busy doing something in front of a

cabinet on the wall behind me.

     As Kay continued to take advantage of Susie's helpless condition,

Sabina handed her something and wheeled the box over so Susie was

positioned directly in front of me.

     "Pamela, Susie, I want you to pay attention.  Kay and I each have a

double zippy catheter which we're going to put inside you.  It will not

harm you in any way, but you will feel some pressure as we inflate the

balloons.  This device is a necessary part of your punishment as you will

see later."

     "Kay, do you remember how to use these?"

          "Yeah, I think so. If I have any difficulty I'll let you know."

     "Perhaps you should tend to Pamela and I'll take care of Susie.  It's

already lubricated so I think you'll find it very easy to insert,

considering how 'prepared' she must be."

     I felt the pressure of the zippy against my "pussy" as Kay applied

the pressure to guide it home.  To my embarrassment, it slid home quite

easily because of the tunnel created by the butt plug.  I heard Susie moan

as Sabina performed the more difficult task of insertion into Susie's tight

ass hole.  "MMMeooowwwff", Susie howled as the balloon inside her inflated

and the one on the outside expanded to create a very effective, leak-proof

seal at her anus.

     After observing that Sabina had squeezed the bulb a half dozen times,

she applied a like number to my own and I whistled through my gag as the

thing expanded inside me.

     "Before you remove the bulb Kay, let me check the pressure."  Sabina

gave a test squeeze to the bulb.  "It isn't inflated enough Kay.  Pamela's

a lot bigger than she used to be down there."  After a dozen more squeezes

of the bulb, she was satisfied that I was totally filled and incapable of

expelling the device.  She had Kay give a squeeze so she could feel the

back pressure in the bulb and Kay nodded her understanding.

     Kay walked behind Susie to perform the same test.  I heard Susie gasp

again as she pumped still more air into the balloons.

     "Don't blow it up too much or there won't be enough room later."

Sabina and Kay laughed as they detached the bulbs from their ports and put

them back in the cabinet.

     "This is an excellent way to keep your subjects under control, even

without any other restraints.  If the slave doesn't have access to the

syringe or the squeeze bulb, it's impossible to remove the catheters.  I

usually use it on my slaves when they have to leave the house for any

length of time so they won't forget who's in control.  Evacuation of the

bowels is impossible and it's very humiliating for them to have to remove

the retaining clip in order to urinate.  It allows you to send the slave

out alone on errands without fear that they will run away."

     "I'll keep that in mind Sabina.  It will be very useful in training

some of my more unruly slaves."

     Sabina and Kay picked up two sturdy looking metal frames and set each

one down behind Susie and me.  Constructed in the shape of an "H" lying on

its side, there were numerous leather straps of varying lengths and widths

attached along each segment.  Working in unison, they tended to Susie

first, leaving me spread out over the horse.  Kay supported the frame while

Sabina released Susie's hands from the box and strapped them tightly to the

ends of the top portion of the frame.  She then fastened three more straps

around each of her arms so that they were now extended straight out along

the top section and away from the sides of her body.  A six inch wide

leather belt with three roller buckles anchored the vertical portion to her

slender waist.  This segment was contoured to follow the general shape of

her spine and was now pressed tightly against it.  For additional support,

two more straps were buckled firmly above and below her beautiful breasts.

A chain was locked to a ring at each end of the top section of the frame,

leaving about two feet of slack.  Another chain was locked between the

center of the bottom section and a ring bolt in the floor.

     Attached to the ceiling immediately above us was a Genie screw drive

garage door opener.  A fixed ring was installed in place of the usual door

bracket fitting and was located at roughly the center point of the track.

Two lines were attached to the ring and ran in opposite directions along

the length of the drive mechanism, through a pulley, and terminated with a

hook at the end of each line.  The hook over Susie was suspended about two

feet higher than the one which hung above me.  After releasing Susie's feet

from the box, Sabina pressed the remote control button.  As the fixed ring

traveled along its track, the hook over Susie descended toward her, while

the one over me was lifted toward the ceiling.  She hit the button again to

stop its downward travel, attached the hook to the chain, and then hit the

button once more to reverse directions.  Susie was lifted off the floor as

Kay withdrew her support of the securely fastened slave.  As the drive

mechanism encountered the resistance of the frame-to-floor connection, the

motor turned off automatically leaving Susie suspended by her arms and

torso about two feet off the floor.

     After Kay wheeled the box out of the way, she produced a pair of black

patent lace-on shoes with six inch heels, slipped them onto Susie's feet

and tied off the laces.  Twin leather cuffs were buckled to each of her

ankles and padlocked to the ends of the bottom section of the frame.  This

last bit of confinement forced Susie's legs obscenely apart and displayed

all the charms of her hairless pussy lips.  Her face flushed with

humiliation and embarrassment over the dangling catheter as she whimpered

from behind her gag.

     Sabina hit the remote button again lowering Susie to the floor.  As

soon as her high heeled feet touched the floor, she stopped the motor and

mounted a stepladder to adjust the automatic shutoff switch so that Susie's

up and down travel would be limited to the two foot range established.

     Susie's Mistress now stood directly in front of her and used her long

red fingernails to trace small circles around each of her nipples.  "You

have such delightfully spongy boobies my dear.....Sabina, you wouldn't

happen to have another pair of those nipple clamps, would you?  We

shouldn't neglect Susie's tits."

     "They're hanging on the wall over there, Kay.  I'll get them for you."

As Kay removed the gold rings from Susie's pierced nipples, sounds of

protest emerged from behind her gag and Susie jerked as much as the bondage

would allow.  From the looks of her struggles, it was clear that she had

worn the clamps before and didn't enjoy the experience one bit.  With a

well practiced hand, Kay gently manipulated each of Susie's nipples until

they stiffened.  Susie's eyes were wide above her gag as she anticipated

Kay's next move.

          "MMMeowaarrf, oooowww, oooohhh", Susie screamed as the first clamp was

tightened in place.  "Mmmfff, mmmaaarg, ooohhh", the second didn't feel any

better as her moaning continued.  Kay gave the connecting chain a gentle

tug to test the tension on Susie's distended nipples.  "Wwwofff, mmmfff,

mmmrrrg", Susie was desperately trying to tell her Mistress to take them

off, but Kay casually ignored her, and hit the remote button to raise Susie

off the floor once again.

     "Stop fretting Susie.  I know your tits are still extremely sensitive

from the whipping they got this morning, but after all, you did agree to go

through with this initiation.  Besides, you've worn them before and you

know the pain will diminish as they numb up under the pressure of the

clamps.  It shouldn't take but a few minutes."  Kay stood before her

elevated slave and tried to reassure her, all the while caressing Susie's

tits and lower abdomen in a sumptuous display.  Kay's attentions had no

effect on her as she continued to react to the fire in her nipples.

     "I'm sure she'll be alright Kay.  Why don't you come over here and

help me do Pamela."

     Kay stood on her tiptoes and kissed each of Susie's tormented tits

before she reluctantly withdrew to join Sabina.

     It was my turn.  I had little doubt as to what they planned for me,

since I had continually strained my neck from my bent over position to

follow the progress of Susie's immobilization.  Working as a team once

more, Sabina removed the cuffs from my hands while Kay supported the second

frame behind me.  The hanging hook was then attached to the chain spanning

the length of the top portion of the frame.  It was useless for me to

resist considering how wide my legs were spread, combined with the

uncertain balance contributed by the six inch heels.

     Except for the difference in our gags, my bondage was identical to

Susie's.  My upper body was welded to the frame.  I could feel the

constriction caused by the pressure of the straps around my chest and waist

compounding the breathing difficulty I was already having with the corset.

     "Those pumps might fall off, Sabina.  Why don't we have her change

into another pair."

     Kay unlocked my legs from the horse and used the remote control to

raise me off the floor.  She stopped the mechanism from completing its

cycle with another touch of the control, leaving both Susie and me

suspended about one foot from the floor.  She then removed the spreader bar

and locked my leather cuffs to the ends of the bottom section of the frame.

Now totally helpless, it was no problem for her to slip the red patent

leather t-strap pumps with six inch heels on my feet and fasten the small

buckles.  Like Susie, I flushed red with embarrassment when I stared down

at the catheter dangling between my legs.

     "Well Sabina, that should just about do it for now.  Let's go upstairs

and get those other items we talked about."  Kay had a broad smile on her

face.  "Don't go away ladies.  We'll be back in a couple of minutes,"

Sabina said as they both headed up the stairs.

          During the short time they were away, I tested the effectiveness of

their restraints.  I strained my arms trying to break any of the leather

straps that secured them.  I pulled my legs trying to break free from the

cuffs that kept my legs spread so indecently apart.  The leather creaked in

response to my efforts, but would not give way.  I should have known

better.  I could see the full extent of my bondage mirrored by Susie right

in front of me, and finally realized that it was futile to try and break

free.  I just hung there and waited, the dull pain in my tits was beginning

to throb and I was reminded of the searing pain that would surely occur

when the clamps were eventually removed.

     Sabina returned to the Toy Room carrying what appeared to be a one

gallon thermos jug and a long rubber tube.  Kay followed closely behind

carrying an ice bucket with some cords hanging out from underneath the lid

as well as two full enema bags.  I could make a pretty good guess as to

what they planned to do, and I was certain that I wasn't going to like it.

     Without saying a word, Sabina approached me in a businesslike fashion

and brought the tube toward my plugged mouth.  There was a 1/2" wide enema

nozzle fixed to the end which she inserted in the hole of my gag---she had

to push a little because of the tight fit.  She then looped a large rubber

band around the narrower base of the nozzle and pulled the remainder over

my head to make sure it wouldn't come out.  She used a clothespin to clip

off the tube and slipped the remaining end over the spigot at the bottom of

the jug.  After mounting the stepladder, she hung the jug from a hook in

the ceiling and opened the spigot.  Kay handed her the enema bags one at a

time, and these were also suspended from the ceiling with their clipped

tubes dangling to the floor.  After descending the ladder, Sabina walked

behind Susie and attached one of the enema bag tubes to the fluid port on

the outside of the zippy.

     As she walked behind me, my ass cheeks clenched involuntarily when I

realized her intentions but, helpless as I was, she had no trouble

connecting the second enema bag.

     Kay was busy threading one of the lines from the ice bucket through a

pulley in the ceiling.  One end of the cord was frozen through the center

of a large three inch square ice cube which she placed in Susie's left hand

and told her to hold on to it.  Susie had a quizzical look in her eyes but

did as she was told.  Her Mistress then tied the other end of the line to a

five pound lead weight, demonstrated its heft to Susie and left it to

dangle, supported only by Susie's grip on the ice cube.  She then tied the

end of another cord to the weight and passed it behind the chain on Susie's

nipple clamps, pulled it over toward me and passed it behind my own nipple

chain, then back to the weight where it was tied off.

     Susie and I were starting to get the picture.  If she lets go of the

ice cube, the weight will fall and yank the nipple clamps from our tits.  I

didn't even want to think about how that would feel.  Susie looked

anxiously at me and then the ice cube as its purpose became evident to her

as well.

     Kay rigged up additional lines, weights and ice cubes so that when she

was finished, both Susie and I were holding an ice cube in each of our

hands. The one in my left hand supported a weight attached to the tube clip

on Susie's enema bag---the one in my right supported a weight attached to

the tube clip on my own.  Susie's right hand held a cube supporting a

weight attached to the tube clip on the thermos jug while the

aforementioned cube in her left supported the weight attached to our nipple clamps.

     "There.  That just about does it."  Sabina was beaming at her own

ingenuity.  "There's just one more thing to do."  I was horrified once

again as she picked up a plastic tube and coupled the ends of the two

catheters together.

     I heard Susie gasp in shock from behind her gag at the realization of

what was being done to us.  I pleaded unintelligibly, hoping that they

would change their minds.

     "Well Kay, it seems like they understand their situation fully now.

Let the fun begin!"  She hit the remote button causing Susie to be lifted

toward the ceiling while I was lowered to the floor perched on the six inch

heels.  The jerk at the start of my descent almost caused me to loose my

grip on the cubes.

     "Now pay attention slaves.  I expect you to hold on to those ice cubes

while Kay and I go upstairs to freshen up.  I'm sure you understand the

consequences if any of them should slip from your hands.  Oh, one more

thing.....if I catch you holding on to the cord instead of the ice, you

will stay in your present positions and receive 50 strokes from my cane.

The pain from that will most certainly cause you to let go of them.  If

you're successful in hanging on, this punishment just might end before any

of them melt away."  Sabina paced slowly back and forth as she spoke.

Turning to Kay she said, "They're ready.  Do you want to do the honors or

should I."

     "Oh, I think you should Sabina.  After all, the catheters were your


     She removed the clips from each of the catheters and I immediately saw

the clear plastic of the tube turn to yellow as Susie's urine left her

bladder and, due to her higher elevation, force its way into my own.  It

didn't take long for me to feel the pressure, considering the compression

of the waist belt.  In spite of the shock I had just experienced, I was

able to hold on to the two ice cubes, even though they were very slippery

and my fingers were going numb from the cold.

     After the Mistresses went upstairs, I could see that Susie was having

a hard time of it.  Despite Sabina's warning, she was manipulating the cube

in her right hand in an attempt to grab hold of the string and relieve her

hands from the cold.  "Mmmfff, mmmooo, mmmrrrggg," I tried to caution her.

I figured that since I had no feeling left in my fingers, it would be

stupid to manipulate the ice.  Unfortunately, she paid no heed to my

noises.  After a few minutes the cube slipped from her hand and one of the

five pound weights fell, tearing off the clip on the tube attached to the

thermos jug.  A slow steady stream of plain water entered my mouth.  Even

though I was brutally gagged, I had to keep swallowing to avoid choking and

stop every few seconds to take a short breath through my nose.

     Susie had apparently learned her lesson.  She hung quietly in front of

me with a remorseful look in her eyes as she saw the difficulties I was

having.  She knew it wouldn't take very long for the water to produce

additional pressure on my already full bladder.  After about fifteen

minutes, the distraction was too much.  I lost my concentration and

released the cube in my left hand.  Instantly, another weight fell yanking

the clip from the tube on Susie's enema bag.  Her eyes widened in horror as

the fluid entered her bowels.  Her lower abdomen took on a noticeably

rounded shape as the pressure in her tummy increased.  Miraculously, she

managed to hold on to the other cube.

     By the time the thermos jug was drained of its contents, I was really

bloated.  The fingers in my right hand were painfully numb, and I wondered

how much longer I could hang on.  I pondered the predicament----put up with

the frostbite in my hand or let go of the ice and assimilate the contents

of the bag above my head.  While I was engrossed by the dilemma of having

two unacceptable choices, my attention was diverted by the return of our


     They were stunning.  Kay was dressed in the black satin Victorian

corset that Susie had borrowed for her "make believe Mistress" escapade

earlier in the day.  Her firm, well-rounded, magnificent breasts were

prominently displayed above the bodice .  Her long slender legs were

tantalizing, accentuated by the black opera length hose attached to her

garters and by the black patent leather pumps with five inch stiletto

heels. Her makeup was perfect, taking every advantage of her glorious

feminine features.  Her long beautiful hair was done up in a sexy looking

french twist and a pair of diamond studded shoulder dusters adorned her


     Sabina opted for a very low cut, royal blue leather mini-dress with

3/4 length sleeves.  The built in brassiere lifted her splendid breasts to

show off her gorgeous suckable nipples above the top line of the bodice.

Her perfectly proportioned legs were clad in silky beige stockings which

were perfectly complimented by her matching blue pumps with six inch spike

heels.  Her makeup emphasized the color of her blue eyes and the rich

fullness of her glossy, rose colored lips.  Her hair was combed out,

framing her face to excellent advantage and a pair of large, round lapis

earrings were clipped to her ears.

     In spite of my condition, I was temporarily mesmerized at the sight of

these two strikingly resplendent women.

     "Oh, I see we have a full tummy now, don't we."  Kay was gently

rubbing Susie's distended lower abdomen.  She bent over and positioned her

ear next to Susie's belly.  "My, but there's a lot of gurgling going on in

there.  Seems that Pamela couldn't hang on very long, could she."

     "Well, it looks like Susie didn't do any better.  The thermos jug is

empty.  How do you feel, Pamela?"  Sabina cupped my chin in her hand.  "Is

your hand cold?  Do you need to go potty?"  She mocked me in my defenseless

position.  "Don't you think it's time to let Susie stand on the floor for a

while?"  I was incapable of responding.  "I'm SOOOO glad you agree, SLAVE."

     With that, she hit the button on the remote so quickly, it startled me

and I lost control of the ice cube.  The weight fell to the floor, ripping

the clip free from my enema bag.  I gasped in shock.  The fluid was ice

cold!  I howled through my gag as the fluid entered my body.  I hadn't

realized that the bags were full of ice water, until now.  The hoist shut

off automatically leaving me suspended two feet off the floor.  This change

in positions caused the flow of urine to reverse, emptying my bladder and

filling Susie's.  Since she had already absorbed the frigid contents of the

enema bag, I wondered if she would be able to cope with an over-filled

bladder as well.  Additionally, I had just consumed a gallon of water, and

I knew my body would be producing more of the yellow stuff for Susie and me

to exchange.

     Kay continued her sensuous petting of Susie's more interesting body

parts.  She paid particular attention her crotch, using her long nails to

trace the area around Susie's hairless pussy.  Normally, this attention

would make Susie wild with carnal desire.  Under these circumstances

however, she hardly noticed.  She whimpered behind her gag and softly

sobbed as the unwelcome expansion of her bowels and bladder exhausted her

spirit.  All things considered, it was remarkable that she was able to hang

on to the one last ice cube.

     Sabina devoted all of her attention to me, rubbing the now visibly

rounded lower portion of my corset.  Occasionally, her hand would drift

down to outline my genital area with her long fingernail, or she would

massage the area around my clamped tits.  Usually, this would be a

pleasurable experience for me but, like Susie, my mind was totally occupied

with the cramping in my belly.

     "Kay?  Do you think they've had enough?"  Sabina repeatedly flicked

her fingernail across my nipples.  I felt nothing.

     "I don't know about Pamela, Sabina, but Susie here is totally

incoherent.  Normally when I do this to her, she squirms and wriggles with

pleasure.  I've been trying to get a reaction from her for about fifteen

minutes now, but she's so filled up inside that she probably doesn't even

know I'm here.  She's still hanging on to the ice cube though, but it's

almost melted.  It will only be a few more minutes before it's gone


     "Ok then, they've suffered enough....let's call it a day.  Help me get

them undone, and we'll let them use the bathroom to relieve themselves."

     Sabina began by removing the tube from my gag.  Then she loosened the

clamps on my tits.  "Owwwwoooh," the searing pain bit into my chest.

Sabina artfully massaged the area until she could tell that the worst of

the pain had passed.  She gently kissed each of my nipples and gazed into

my eyes.  "Pamela, welcome to my stable.  You endured your punishments

beautifully and from now on, you will be my favorite slave..... as long as

you obey all my commands, of course.  As soon as we get Susie untied, we'll

get you down and let you both use the bathroom."

          In spite of my discomfort, Sabina's words thrilled me.  I was now her

number one slave.  Wow!  I reveled over my new lofty station.  Just as I

was thinking how wonderful it will be to serve this extraordinary woman for

the rest of my life, another cramp hit my gut.  Sensing my distress, my

wonderful Mistress turned to help Kay release Susie.  It probably only took

a couple of minutes, but it seemed like years to me.  Susie screamed when

the nipple clamps were removed, so Kay spent some time caressing and

kissing the sumptuous boobs of her favorite slave while Sabina finished

untying her.  The cramping in my belly was getting more intense and I

needed to use the toilet........IMMEDIATELY!

     As soon as Susie was free of her bonds, she bent slightly at the waist

and pressed her hands against her tummy.  With tears running down her

cheeks, she pleaded, "Oooohhh Mistress, please!  I feel like I'm going to

burst.  These cramps in my gut are killing me.  May I use the bathroom....

please?"  Well trained as she was, Susie knew she needed Kay's permission.

     "Just wait a minute, Susie.  We have to get Pamela undone first."

With that, Kay slapped the hinged handcuffs on Susie's wrists as she

continued to hold her gut.  "We're trying to foster a spirit of cooperation

between you two, so we want to be certain that you'll have to help each

other remove the enema retention catheters.  Sabina will see to the Foleys


     Susie's wrists were now helplessly imprisoned in front of her.  There

was no way she would be able to reach around to remove the zippy.

     Kay hit the remote button to lower me to the floor, and turned to

assist Sabina who was already busy releasing me from my bondage.

     Finally, I stood there wobbling on my heels, grabbing my gut, and

anxiously shifting my weight from one foot to the other, when Sabina

manacled my wrists together with another pair of Smith & Wessons.  "You

heard what Kay said to Susie.  You're going to have to remove her

zippy...and she's going to have to remove yours.  Here are the squeeze

bulbs.  You'll have to attach it to the port on the catheter in order to

deflate the balloons.  Before you go though, let me rid you of those


     Sabina clipped the ends of both of the Foleys and, using a syringe to

withdraw the saline solution from inside the internal balloon, very

carefully pulled it free from my bladder.  There was a visible trace of

blood on the device resulting from the insertion of the tube past the

bladder's sphincter muscle.  She immediately turned to Susie and repeated

the process.

     "Mistress Sabina?  Mistress Kay?  Can we go now?"  My voice was shaky

as I continued to hold my cramping belly.

     "Yes....and from the look of you two, I think you'd better hurry."

Sabina motioned for us to leave as Kay smiled behind her.

          We must have been quite a sight as we both hurried to the stairway,

bent over and holding our guts, walking unsteadily on six inch high heels,

with the clearly visible zippy balloons poking out of our ass holes.




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