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Archive-name: Changes/pamela6.txt

Archive-author: Pamela (tv)

Archive-title: Pamela's Story - 6

                                CHAPTER VI


          Many thanks to those readers who provided the ideas for

          this chapter.  It's nice to know that so many others

          share my kinky tastes.


     It was very difficult for me to try and pick up the bits of broken

glass and china.  I thought that if I could clean up the mess before Kay

and Sabina returned, they wouldn't notice the missing items.  The combined

constriction of the corset and the hobble skirt was murder but I was slowly

able to bend into a crouch and, after placing my palms on the floor, I slid

my feet backwards so that I was resting on my knees.  I then fumbled around

trying to pick up what seemed like several hundred broken shards and put

them in the trash bin.  My heart was racing a mile a minute because I

feared I would not be able to finish before my Mistresses returned.

     My worst fears were confirmed when I heard the Mistresses voices as

they ascended the stairway.  Kay's voice was the first I heard.  "I'm

really lucky to have a slave as good as Susie.  She really knows how to

take her punishment."

     "You can say that again Kay.  I hope I'm lucky enough that Pamela

learns to be as good.  She shows great promise but she still has a lot to

learn.  When you applied ten strokes of the cane to Susie's bare bottom,

she hardly moved and kept her balance very well.  But when you used the

nipple whip on her tits, she really put up a fuss.  She lost her balance

several times and ended up hanging by her hair until she could get her foot

back under her.  It's too bad her leg cramped up and we had to release


     "It's just as well Sabina.  It gave us the opportunity to try out the

new platform I designed.  I think it will provide an appropriate resting

place while her body recovers."

     As they reached the top of the stairs, Sabina was the first to see my

predicament.  "PAMELA!  You clumsy slut.  You've broken some of Kay's best

dinner service.  And that crystal glass was part of a set that I gave her

as a gift years ago."

     I was terrified and heartbroken at the same time.  From my kneeling

position I tried to speak. "MMMfff, mmmaahg, gggrrl."  I wanted to try and

explain.  I tried to plead with them not to punish me, but the words came

out as useless babble.  I really didn't think that breaking the dishes was

my fault.  The combination of the long fingernails plus the limited range

of motion permitted my arms made the job all but impossible to do without

mishap.  Nevertheless, I was completely ashamed for having let down my

wonderful Mistress.

          "SILENCE SLUT!"  Sabina grabbed my chin and shook my head.  "I am so

angry, I don't know what to do with you."  As Sabina spun around and left

the room, Kay looked at her with an expression that indicated she had never

seen Sabina this angry before.

     "Pamela, I think you're really in for it.  Sabina is very angry.  I

don't know what she's going to do to you."

     Sabina returned to the room with a riding crop  in her hand and harshly

administered ten strokes to my exposed bottom.  It hurt like hell but by

now, I knew better than to complain.

     "Get the broom and dust pan from the closet and finish cleaning up

this mess.  When you're finished, lay the broom on the floor and kneel on

it until I return."  Sabina left the room with Kay walking beside her

trying to calm her down.

     I crawled over to the closet to get the broom and dustpan.  The corset

and hobble skirt were killing me but eventually I succeeded in sweeping up

the mess.  Gasping for breath from the exertion, I laid the broom down and

knelt on it as instructed, waiting for the return of my Mistress.  The pain

in my knees was incredible, but I dare not move.

     Sabina finally returned to gaze upon her wreck of a worthless slave.

My body cramped all over, I was trembling and my knees hurt terribly.

     "Pamela!  Kay and I discussed what should be done with you.  I wanted

to release you from your chains and push you out the door but Kay convinced

me that it would cause too much of a stir in her quiet neighborhood.  She

suggested that I give you another chance but the choice is up to you.  You

can ask to be released, in which case I will untie you, give you back your

regular clothing, and send you out the door.  You will never see me again.

Or you can beg for forgiveness and promise to accept whatever punishments I

have in store for you.  I'm not going to describe your punishments but I

will tell you this....there will be three separate ordeals for you to

endure--one for each of the broken dishes and one for trying to hide them

from me."  Just then, Kay entered the room with a camcorder to record the

event for posterity.

     She was giving me another chance.  I knew that I would suffer three

terrible unknown torments but I wanted desperately to be Sabina's favorite

slave and I would do almost anything to please her.  She was the

incarnation of one of my wildest fantasies.

     "Mmmfff, fffttt, mmmaarghrl," I tried to speak but the cursed ball gag

made it impossible.  Seeing that I was trying to respond, Sabina unbuckled

the strap and popped the ball free from my mouth.

     "Speak, SLUT!  This better be good."  Sabina towered over me with her

hands on her hips.

     "Please, please, please, oh great and wonderful Mistress Sabina," I

sobbed, "I desperately want to be your slave to be used or abused in any

way you see fit.  I am truly sorry I broke the dishes and I beg for another

chance.  Please, oh please accept this worthless slut as your property and

punish me so I will never again displease you.  I promise I will learn to

be the best slave ever."

     Sabina listened to my words intently measuring their sincerity.  Kay

had it all on tape so there would never be any doubt as to the terms of my

servitude.  "I accept your sincere pleadings Pamela.  Now kiss each of my

feet to seal the bargain."  With tears in my eyes, I gently kissed the toes

of each of Sabina's 4" heels.  "Welcome to my stable.  You will obey me or

anyone I designate without reservation.  You are mine forever.  Now get


     I struggled but couldn't get up.  The pain in my knees combined with

the constriction of the hobble skirt and corset made it impossible for me

to get to my feet.  Sabina and Kay had to grab me under my armpits and help

me up.  Kay gave me a kiss on the cheek in congratulations and immediately

replaced the ball gag.  As she drew the strap extremely tight at the back

of my neck she said, "you won't need to be doing any talking for some time

to come Pamela.  We don't want you changing your mind now, do we.  Let's be

off to the Toy Room so we can begin the first of your three punishments."

     Sabina went ahead of me down the stairs while Kay assisted from

behind.  They knew that the short hobble between my ankles combined with

the four inch heels and the hobble skirt made it very difficult to walk

down the stairs and they didn't want me to fall.  When we reached the

bottom, I saw that Susie had been released from her hair-raising bondage of

before.  The red stripes on her breasts were testimony to her earlier

punishment.  She was now "resting" on a low wooden platform to which a

vertical metal pipe had been fastened.  The post had two sections, the top

one of which had been slid over the bottom and secured by a locking pin

through the matching holes.  The top end of the device disappeared into

Susie's naked pussy.  She was wearing the same broad leather collar from

the previous night which kept her head up.  A pair of handcuffs attached to

her collar by means of a leather strap imprisoned her wrists at the small

of her back.  Her blindfold had been removed but the tape gag remained in

place.  Her thigh-hi stockings and six inch heels were the only items of

clothing that remained.  The height of the heels effectively prevented her

from lifting herself off of her impalement.  Her bondage was exquisite in

its simplicity.  The three of us stood for a moment looking at the

beautiful immobilized form before us.

     "I know you can't see it Pamela, but there's a six inch rubber dildo

attached to the top of that pipe.  It not only keeps Susie from running off

but it also gives her something to think about while she's just standing

around.  Kay, let's put Pamela under the lacing bar so we can change her

attire.  She's not wearing the right kind of clothing for the punishments I

have in mind."  I stared wide-eyed at Susie until the women pulled me over

to stand under a hanging two foot long metal bar.  After releasing me from

the hobbles, Sabina then removed all my clothing and the cock sheath so

that my be-wigged, made-up, and gagged naked form stood before her.  I was

so committed to my self-imposed servitude that I didn't even think of


     A male breast harness was buckled tightly around my chest.  Sabina

used her hands to rearrange the fleshy portion of my breasts in the center

portion of the cutouts.  "It's good you don't have any hair on you chest

Pamela, or we would have to use a depilatory on you."  A red latex bra with

two inch holes for the nipples was fastened over that.  It must have been

at least two sizes too small as there was nary a ripple in any of the

material.  My Mistress then adjusted the material until my nipples were

poking through the holes.  I looked down to see that my male breasts had

been sufficiently squeezed to produce a very feminine looking but rather

small set of tits--probably an A cup.  My nipples and the adjacent tissue

were jutting out prominently through the holes.  I could only guess as to

why she was dressing me in such a manner.  No one had ever treated me this

way before.  Sabina then attached my wrists to the ends of the bar with two

broad padded leather straps and cranked on the nearby winch lifting me up

until my feet left the floor.

     The red waspy corset that Susie had worn earlier was then positioned

on my torso.  I was certain it would never fit properly since Susie was so

much smaller than me.  Both Mistresses pulled the laces with all their

strength until I thought I would be cut in two.  After reaching the desired

closure, Sabina tied off the ends of the laces at the front of my now 23"

waist.  The constriction of the corset increased the pressure on my chest

and made it appear that my breasts and hips were much larger than before.

"Well, I see that your figure training is doing some good Pamela.  We've

managed to take 11" off your original size--and your new 'breasts' are

really lovely.  I don't think we'll need the silicone breast forms any

more."  Sabina was obviously pleased with the results as she stood before

me and sensuously stroked the sides of my girlish waist with the palms of

her hands.

     Kay then snapped a beautiful lacy red garter belt around my waist and

attached the garters to a pair of red fishnet stockings which she had slid

up my legs.  My punishment attire was completed with a pair of red patent

leather pumps with the now familiar six inch heels.  "Pamela, I think we've

found the perfect color for you.  It really compliments your red lips and

nails."   After sliding the six inch high platform under my stretched form,

she backed off the winch and unfastened me from the lacing bar.

     Sabina forced my arms behind my back and roped my wrists together with

the palms facing.  Another rope was looped above my elbows drawing them as

close together as her strength would allow.  She then removed the lacing

bar from the hook and tied a length of cord in its place.  After wrapping

the other end three times between my bound wrists and tying it off, she

cranked on the winch so that I was forced to bend at the waist as my arms

were pulled up behind me until they were parallel to the floor.  As a

finishing touch to my bondage, my high heeled feet were roped apart to two

eyebolts in the platform spreading my legs about three feet apart and

further increasing the tension on my tractioned arms.

     "Let's get Susie off of her perch so she can give us a hand."  Kay

walked over to her slave, placed one hand on the top half of the pipe and

pulled the pin.  She then slowly withdrew the intruder from Susie's pussy

and gave her a kiss on the cheek.  "I hope you enjoyed your break Susie,

but now its time for you to help us with Pamela.  She's agreed to be

Sabina's faithful slave forever but first, she must be punished for

breaking some of my finest dinnerware."  She unlocked the handcuffs and

removed the leather collar.  "I want you to go upstairs and fetch a pail of

warm water, some shaving cream, a towel and a safety razor with a new blade

in it.  You may also remove your gag."

     It took Susie several minutes to return.  She knelt before her

Mistress and offered the requested items to her.  "NO Susie.  I want YOU to

shave all the hair on Pamela's cock and balls.  Be careful.  If I see any

nicks or cuts, you will be dealt with severely."  Susie rose from her

knees.  "Yes Mistress, I'll be verrrry careful.  I know I'll do a good


     Susie positioned herself under my bent over torso and lathered up my

crotch with the shaving cream.  "Please try not to move Pamela, I don't

want to cut you."  She methodically manipulated my genital tissue with one

hand and stroked off my hair with the razor in the other.  After about five

minutes, she lathered me up again and repeated the process.  She dipped one

end of the towel into the water and washed away the residue of hair and

soap.  She then carefully toweled the area dry.  My genitals felt strangely

cool with their newfound nakedness.  I wondered why it was necessary to

remove my pubic hair.  How would I explain it in the locker room?

     Sabina cupped my balls in one hand and gently stroked the area with

her other.  "Smooth as a baby's bottom Kay, and no cuts.  Susie, you did a

very good job."  Susie curtseyed her acknowledgement of the compliment.

"Pamela, I know you're wondering why we shaved your cock and balls.  We

have some unique punishments in store for you and I wouldn't want all that

pubic hair to get in the way.  Your hair will grow back in six weeks or so,

IF I DECIDE TO LET IT.  Susie, you can clean up the shaving equipment and

put it back where you found it.  When you're done, come back here."  The

sensations in my groin caused by Sabina's ministrations were intensified

due to the lack of hair.  My cock once again leaped to attention as a sort

of salute to Sabina's control over me.

     Kay then stood in front of me with an evil grin on her face and held

up a strange looking device.  It looked like an oversized bottle stopper,

the kind where you push on a plunger to elongate the stopper before sealing

up the bottle.  This one was about one inch wide at its base with a two and

one-half inch wide mushroom shaped rubber knob at the end.  Instead of a

push type plunger though, this one had a screw type adjustment to

accommodate the much thicker rubber.  Without saying a word, Kay turned the

small knob at the end of the screw so that I could see the plunger stretch

to about eight inches in length narrowing the knob at the end.  After

lubricating its length with K-Y jelly, she moved around behind me and

parted my ass cheeks.  It wasn't hard to figure out what she intended to do

with this adjustable plug.  She pressed the tip of the plunger against my

asshole and patiently applied steady pressure until my sphincter muscle

allowed it to slide home.  Once it was in place, she began backing off the

screw and I could feel the thing grow inside me.

     "MMMFFF, MMMFFF, MMMRRRGGG," the thing felt huge and I protested as

much as my gag would allow.  "Isn't that an improvement, Pamela?  I know

how much you love to have your 'pussy'" fucked and we don't need any of

those ugly straps to keep this 'cock' in place."  Sabina was condescending

in her tone as I tested the device by trying to expel it but it did not

move one iota.  I was helplessly plugged by the intruder.  "I've removed

the screw from the plunger in your ass--it works like a key.  No one can

remove your dildo without it."  She then tied still another rope around the

base of my hairless balls and brought it back between my legs and up to the

rope joining my wrists where it was tied off.  She didn't put any tension

in the line but she didn't need to, as I was soon to find out.

     "Are you finished Sabina?"  Kay was standing at the winch with an evil

grin on her face.  After Sabina nodded her head in agreement, Kay cranked

on the winch.  My arms were slowly drawn up behind me and my balls were

pulled back between my legs.  She continued cranking until she heard an

audible moan, paused for a moment and gave it two more cranks for good

measure.  The position was instantly intolerable.  My arms were now at a

forty-five degree angle to the floor and my balls felt like they were about

to be torn from my body.  Beads of perspiration formed on my body as the

pain assaulted my crotch and shoulders.  Muffled sputtering sounds emerged

from behind my gag as I tried to protest.  I was afraid that my

transformation into Pamela was about to become permanent.

     "Ah Susie, I see you're back."  Kay greeted her with a hug.  "Here, I

want you to tie this weight to the end of Pamela's penis."

     "But Mistress, it's so heavy and Pamela is suffering enough already.

I don't think I can do it."  Susie pleaded with Kay.  "SUSIE, do what your

told!  You know the consequences of disobedience."  "Yes, Mistress."  Susie

bowed her head in shame at what she was being forced to do to her friend

Pamela.  She slowly walked over to kneel in front of me.  She tied a slip

knot loop in the end of the cord attached to the three pound fishing

sinker.  After situating the loop just behind the head of my penis, she

closed it down and lowered the weight as far as the twelve inch cord would

allow.....but she was too slow in removing her support completely.

     "Susie, take your hand away from there---NOW!"  Susie snatched her

hand away as though she had just touched a hot stove as her Mistress once

again intimidated her.  Her quick movement caused the weight to swing

violently below my outrageously stretched penis.  My cock must have been at

least nine inches long but was less than an inch wide.  I was totally

humiliated and began to sob uncontrollably from the embarrassment and pain.

     "There, there Pamela.  You'll be all right.  This is your punishment

for breaking the china dish."  Sabina patted me on the head.  "You will

stay in this position for one hour while Kay and I have a light lunch.

Kay, let's leave her to meditate while we get a bite to eat.  I'm sure

she'll still be here when we get back.  Susie, you come along too."

     I continued to struggle for a short time to gain some relief from the

pain in my crotch and shoulders.  The high heels prevented me from raising

myself up to lessen the strain.  Every movement of my torso only served to

increase the suffering.  I soon gave up when I realized that my efforts

might result in permanent damage to my doubly stretched organ.  The weight

dangling below my crotch soon stopped swinging as I remained as motionless

as possible.  I continued to moan when I saw drops of perspiration drip on

the platform below me as my body reacted to the brutal bondage position my

Mistress had devised.  It seemed like an eternity before I heard a buzzer

go off in the kitchen upstairs.  My body was so racked with pain that I

couldn't even look up to see if someone was coming to release me.  I sensed

someone was behind me working at the knot that was causing all the distress

in my testicles.  As the line went slack and dangled below me, I realized

that I might survive my ordeal.

     "It's me Pamela.  Mistress Sabina said it was time to untie you."

     Susie had saved me.  She knelt on one knee as she released my genitals

from their bondage and gently rubbed my bruised organ in sympathy.

     "I don't see any damage Pamela.  It looks like you're going to be

alright, but just to make sure....."

     Susie took me into her eager mouth and sucked until my organ responded

with a typical erection.  "There Pamela, that proves you're ok.  I'm so

relieved for you."  She stood up and backed off on the winch.  It seemed

like years since I had stood up straight.  My whole body was stiff and sore

from my ordeal.  I promised myself that I would never again break another

plate.    Susie had almost finished releasing me when I saw Kay and Sabina

return from upstairs.

     "Is she ok Susie?"  Sabina had a tone of concern in her voice as she

helped Susie untie my ankles from the platform.

     "Yes Mistress.  I'm pretty sure she'll be ok.  I didn't find any

bruises and I also checked to see if her organ could still function."

     "I'm sure you did", Sabina said knowingly as she inspected the

lipstick smeared on my fully erect penis.

     I stood rubbing the feeling back into my numb hands and arms as the

last of my fastenings was removed.

     "Good Pamela.  Congratulations.  You're first punishment is over.  Now

bend over so I can remove the plunger from your butt.  It served its

purpose in preparing you for your next punishment.  Here Susie, use this

key to remove the plug from Pamela's bottom."  I bent over and Susie

inserted the key and turned it until she could withdraw the dildo from my

stretched rectum.  I felt like there was a wide tunnel where my rectum used

to be.  It wasn't painful but it sure felt weird.

     "Susie, take that thing upstairs and clean it up.  When you're

finished, I want you to take a shower, touch up your makeup and put on the

outfit I laid out on the bed."  I saw Kay stop Susie and whisper something

to her before she left the room.  "Pamela, come with me."  I continued to

rub my arms and shoulders as Sabina led me over to the back of the Toy

Room.  She pulled out the chair which was facing the wall and turned it

around.  I had never seen anything like it.  Made entirely out of wood, it

had a side arms and a straight back with a head rest but it also had a V-

shaped section in place of the usual seat.  This notched-out portion ended

about eight inches from the chair back.  A butt plug which tapered to about

two inches at its widest point rose up from just behind the bottom of the

"V".  An electrical cord extended from the bottom of the seat toward one of

the outlets in the wall.

     "Now that we've widened your 'pussy' a little, I think you'll easily

be able to absorb that artificial cock you're staring at Pamela.  But first

we need to change your gag.  Kay, would you please get that penis shaped

gag with a hole through the center from off the wall?  I'll take off her

ball gag."

     Sabina unbuckled the gag and tossed it aside.  "Please Mistress, don't

make me sit on that thing.  It's too'll tear me apart!"

     "I'm sure it will fit nicely Pamela.  That's why we prepared you with

the plunger before.  Besides, you just finished begging me to punish you

and we have the entire episode on video tape.  Surely you don't want to

back out of our bargain."  I hung my head in shame as Sabina took the new

gag from Kay and pressed it to my lips.  "Open wide piglet.  You know we

have ways of making you cooperate."

     Resigned to my fate I opened my mouth to receive the intruder.  It was

so wide that it barely fit between my teeth.  As Sabina buckled it tightly

behind my head, my hands shot up to my mouth in a reflex action to try and

remove it.  Sabina was too fast.  She had fastened the roller buckle and

inserted the tiny padlock before I could pull the thing free.  My mouth was

now completely filled with a chewy rubber penis.

     Each Mistress grabbed one of my arms and backed me up to the chair.

"Now Pamela, this will go a lot easier if we don't have to force you.  The

plug is already lubricated.  We'll support your arms and let you go at your

own pace while you seat yourself.  Will you cooperate or do we have to use

other means of persuasion?"

     I stared at my Mistress for a moment before I realized that I had no

other choice.  I wanted so desperately to get back into Sabina's good

graces that I was committed to endure whatever they had in mind.  With a

Mistress on each arm, I placed my hands on the chair arms for support and

slowly lowered myself on the monstrosity.  Air whistled through the hole in

the gag as I took as deep a breath as possible.  Despite my Mistress's

representations to the contrary, the thing was huge.  It took nearly a

minute of steady pressure on my part before it slid into place.  I could

feel my sphincter close tightly around the dildo's narrow base as my cheeks

made contact with the seat.  After my full weight was supported by the

chair, I could feel the tip of the plug pressing against my prostate.

     Before I could change my mind and try to get up, both women were

busily at work fastening me to the chair.  Leather straps at my wrists and

elbows secured my arms to the sides of the chair.  More straps were buckled

around my upper thighs fastening them to the sides of the "V".  Ropes

pulled my ankles back and up toward the rear where they were secured at the

juncture of the arm and back.  A pair of long leather straps were fastened

above and below my "breasts" and buckled behind the chair back.  As an

added feature, my six inch heels were tied to the arms of the chair so that

the toes of my shoes were pointing to the floor.  This last bit of

redundant bondage only served to cramp up my helplessly bound legs.  Two

straps attached behind the head rest were slipped through the roller

buckles on either side of my gag.  As the straps were tightened, my head

was completely immobilized against the head rest.  The bondage was now

complete and effectively welded me to the chair so I could move my eyes and

fingers but nothing else.  My cock and balls hung free between my spread

legs and were totally available for whatever my Mistress had in mind.  With

their usual efficiency, the Mistresses checked to make sure that all of the

fastenings were out of the way of groping fingers.  This done, they stepped

back in unison to admire their work.

     "That's marvelous Kay.  I think we've outdone ourselves.  Pamela can't

even twitch and the position is such that she could be kept like that for

hours without any physical harm coming to her."

     "I agree Sabina.  It's definitely some of our finest work.  What do

you think is keeping Susie?  She should be back by now."  Kay yelled up the

stairway just seconds before Susie appeared at the top.

     "I'm coming, I wasn't familiar with the clothes you left for me so it

took me a while to get dressed."  Susie was smiling broadly as she reached

the bottom of the stairs...and with good reason.  She looked completely

different from the slave that left the room before.  A black satin

Victorian corset with a built-in panty adorned her torso emphasizing her

beautiful bare breasts and accentuating her hourglass figure.  A pair of

high heeled black leather boots extended to just above the knee and almost

completely covered the black nylon stockings that were gartered in place.

Her black hair was pulled back and done up in a bun atop her head.  A pair

of sparkling diamond earrings completed the ensemble.  As striking as her

costume was, her makeup was the most noticeable difference.  Her face was a

pearlescent porcelain white and made for a stark contrast with her Cat-like

eyes and deep red lips.  She looked more like a mistress than a slave and I

worried about what happened to the shy, submissive looking Susie I had

known before.

     "Susie, you're gorgeous."  Kay walked slowly around Susie eyeing her

up and down.  "I know you've always fantasized about what it would be like

to be a mistress so I thought I'd let you dress the part and see what you

can do."

     "I don't know Mistress.  I feel kind of strange.  I don't think I'm

worthy of such a lofty station."  Susie was obviously very uneasy over

having one of her favorite fantasies come to life.

     Kay continued.  "We'll find that out soon enough.  First, we need to

'warm up' Pamela's nipples.  I want you to get that nipple whip from off

the wall and apply twenty-five strokes to each of Pamela's tits.  And I

want you to count off as you deliver them.  Sabina and I will judge the

competence of your work."

     The whip in question had a thin rubber thong with little knots tied

along its twelve inch length including one at the very end.  As she

approached me, I strained uselessly against my bondage.  I knew that my

nipples were totally exposed and available for the lash.

     "One....."  The first stroke was tentative but right on the mark.

"Two....."  The nipple stung a little as she applied the second stroke more

robustly than the first.  "Three....."  Susie was starting to get the hang

of it.  "Four....."  By the twelfth stroke, she really got into the swing

of things.  She paused for a moment seeing the distress in my eyes as she

fingered my reddening nipple.  "Don't fret Pamela, you're doing fine.

There's only Thirteen to go....for the right.  Then we'll have to repeat

the punishment for the left."

     "Susie, it's much too early to show any sympathy for the slave, and

your technique is poor.  You have to put more snap in your wrist.  Here,

let me show you."

     Kay took the whip from Susie and administered the next five strokes,

pausing each time to see if Susie was watching.  I could tell that she had

done this before.  The sting turned to a stabbing pain as Kay delivered

each stroke with a proficiency born of years of practice.

     "Ok, do you think you have the right technique now?"  Kay raised her

eyebrows as she turned to Susie.

     "Yes.....I think so."  Susie's tone was still uncertain as she took

the scourge back from her Mistress.  She took a few practice strokes in the

air to see if her Mistress would approve.

     "That's it.  Now try it on Pamela.  I think we were through number


     "Nineteen....."  Susie snapped her wrist smartly as she administered

the next blow.

     By the twentieth stroke, my nipple felt like it was on fire.  The fire

increased with every stroke.  I wasn't able to look down, but I was certain

that my nipple was fire red.  "Twenty-five....."  The last of the first

batch of strokes hit its mark.

     "How was that Mistress?  Am I doing a good job?"  Susie looked at Kay

for approval.

     "Your doing fine Susie.  Your technique got better as you went along.

By the way, how do you like making believe you're a Mistress."

     "I don't know.  I think I like it, but it seems so weird.  There's a

certain excitement about it, but I'm not sure....."

     "Well, why don't you go ahead and do twenty-five on Pamela's other

tit.  Before you continue though, plug in the cord coming from under the


I can't wait to see Pamela's reaction.  The last slave I tried this on

wound up babbling for hours after we unplugged him.  He was totally


     Once again my body tensed as Susie picked up the plug.  When she

inserted it into the outlet, my gag whistled as I sucked in a big breath of


          "WOW!  That really got her attention."  Susie's eyes widened as she

stared at me.  "Are you sure this thing is safe Mistress?"

     "Don't worry about that Susie.  All of our electrical toys have been

tested at Underwriters Laboratory and approved for safety.  I assure you no

harm will come to Pamela.....well , no permanent harm anyway."

     There must have been a one HP motor attached to the thing.  The veins

on my head and arms stood out as my body strained involuntarily against the

bondage.   I could feel the vibrations all the way to my ribcage and the

contact of the dildo against my prostate sent my brain to reeling.  I

couldn't think straight, but then, in my position I didn't have to.  After

all, I was only a useless piece of slave meat.

     As Susie began the second batch of twenty-five, I started to loose my

concentration.  I must have blacked out because the next thing I remember

was Sabina pulling on my tits and manipulating them between her thumb and

forefinger.  The vibrating motor had been turned off.  When she was sure my

nipples were sufficiently erect, she put a pair of nipple clamps on me.  As

she closed down on the tension adjustment, my senses returned to my

scrambled brain.  She kept tightening the clamps until she saw a reaction

in my eyes, then gave each a couple more turns for good measure.  She

picked up the connecting chain between them and pulled it up and out away

from my chest.  The pain in my tits was unbearable.  They had to come off

immediately.....but I knew they were there to stay until my Mistress

removed them.

     "Hello Pamela.  Welcome back among the living.  You must have lost

consciousness as Susie tried to finish your second punishment."  Sabina

retained her hold on the chain as she stared into my eyes.  "When she

refused to continue after about the tenth stroke, I ordered her back

upstairs to change into her slave's attire.  I'm disappointed in her, but

she just doesn't have what it takes to be a mistress.  By the way, these

clamps are only a transition to your third and last punishment.  We are

going to leave them on with you tied to this chair while we go upstairs to

check on Susie."  The whistling sound from my gag was nearly continuous as

I reacted to the pain.  "I know your tits hurt terribly right now, but the

pain will subside as your nipples go numb and it will turn to a dull ache.

The best part....or worst I suppose from your when they

are removed.  The pain will increase ten fold and continue for a long time

depending on how long they were left in place."

     Sabina released the chain and turned to Kay.  "How long do you think

it will take to get Susie ready?"

     "No more than thirty minutes....why, what did you have in mind?"

     "Well, as long as it's no more than thirty minutes, let's plug Pamela

back in.  It will help to keep her mind off the pain in her tits.  She's

going to be wearing those clamps for a long time, and I wouldn't want to

see her get bored with them."  Sabina's voice was filled with sarcasm.

     When she started up the motorized roto-rooter, my brain was once again

sent to spinning.  The last thing I remembered was the blurred vision of

these two women as they ascended the stairs.




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