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Archive-name: Changes/pamela5.txt

Archive-author: Pamela (tv)

Archive-title: Pamela's Story - 5

                                 CHAPTER V

     Kay and Sabina left the "Toy Room" to go upstairs and do whatever it is

that Mistresses do when they're alone together.  I only hoped that they would

go straight to bed and not sit up all night inventing new ways to tie us up.

This last position was especially difficult not only because of my fear that

Susie would cause the dual nooses around my organ to tighten, but also

because all of my weight was resting on my tailbone.  Fortunately, the thick

carpeting provided some cushion and kept my rump from going numb.

     I could feel the tension build in Susie's body as she valiantly tried to

remain still.  Her arms would occasionally stiffen and her back would

straighten as the vibrators within her continued their magic.  I could feel

the wetness on her upper back knowing that her body was drenched in

perspiration from her efforts to hold off the orgasms.  Just as the upstairs

clock chimed three o'clock, it happened.  Susie's body began to jerk as much

as her bondage would allow.  I could feel the two nooses tighten as my organ

became the object of a genital tug-of-war.  The cord attached to Susie's

cuffs kept jerking on the end of my penis with the result that the one way

slip knot tightened its grip on my now elongated member. The bucking motion

of her torso caused my own arms to move as well and pulled my balls back

under my body.  Suddenly, her body relaxed.  The orgasm must have been so

intense that she passed out.  I hoped that she would stay asleep for the

remainder of the night until our Mistresses returned to release us.  In spite

of my position, I was able to fall into a fitful sleep induced by the

exhaustion from the day's activities.  I was awakened by the sounds of

conversation coming from the stairway.

     "Well Sabina, it looks like you won the bet.  I really thought that I

had trained Susie good enough to control herself.  Obviously, I was wrong.

These nooses on Pamela's organ are as tight as can be."  I could feel one of

the women untie the cords from my cuffs.  As the loops were removed from my

cock, I could feel the blood rushing through the tip of my penis.  "You'll be

fine, Pamela.  I'm sure Susie hasn't done any permanent damage.  But she will

have to be punished.  Sabina, help me to get them undone so that we can

prepare her for her punishment.

     It must have taken the women ten minutes before I was freed from the

complicated bondage they had devised.  I was left to stretch out on the floor

so that the feeling could return to my limbs.  While I sat there rubbing my

legs and arms, they hoisted Susie to her now unbound feet an escorted her to

the center of the room.  "Oh Mistress, please.  I tried to remain still but

there was nothing I could do.  Please don't punish me.  I'll mop the floors,

wash the windows, I'll do any chores you want but please don't tie me up

again."  "I'll have none of that young lady.  You should know by now that I

mean what I say. I lost a $100 bet because of your lack of self control and

now, you are going to pay for it."  Kay's displeasure with her young slave

was obvious as she bound Susie's hands together behind her back.  She then

looped another rope around her upper arms and slowly drew in the slack until

her elbows were almost touching.  Sabina took a doubled up length of rope and

wrapped it around Susie's waist.  She threaded the two ends through the loop

in the front, pulled it as tight as she could and passed it down between the

lips of her sex and up to the waist rope in the back where it was given

another yank and securely knotted.

     "Oooohhh, Mistress.  Not so tight.  Your going to cut me in half!"

     "Shut up you slut.  You deserve everything you're going to get and you

know it."

     Kay then took a two inch wide leather strap and buckled it tightly above

Susie's knees locking her legs together.  Taking a long length of sash cord,

she gathered Susie's long hair into a pony tail at the top of her head and

tied the end tightly around it.  She threaded the other end through an

eyebolt in the ceiling above and brought it back down to her hair where it

was tightly wrapped three more times and securely fastened.

     Sabina then took Susie's red panties and stuffed them into her mouth.

In order to secure the wadding, she took a three inch wide roll of dermicel

tape and wrapped it tightly three times around her lower head insuring that

Susie's mouth would remain sealed around the silky material.  One of the

previously discarded blindfolds was then put back into place over Susie's


     Kay was now standing in front of Susie and threaded a pair of gold rings

through the base of Susie's pierced nipples.  She then produced a roll of

dental floss and tore off about a two foot length.  She knotted one of the

ends to the left nipple ring, passed the line through the ring on the right,

and slowly drew out all of the slack causing Susie's breasts to be drawn

together.  After passing the floss twice more through the rings, she knotted

it off.

      Sabina knelt in front of Susie and tied the end of a rope around her

high heeled instep.  She then stood behind her and passed the other end above

the bindings on her wrists.  Placing one hand around Susie's ankle, she

picked up Susie's foot and pulled on the rope until her high heel was almost

touching her hands.  After tieing off this last binding, the two Mistresses

stood back and admired their work.

     "How long will she have to stay tied like that, Kay?  Her body is

stretched as tight as a bowstring and I really like the way you've tied her

breasts together.  I'm sure that will make her very uncomfortable after a few

minutes."  Sabina traced small circles with her long red fingernail around

Susie's nipples as she spoke.

     "I think a couple of hours ought to do it.  What do you say we take

Pamela upstairs and get her into her working clothes so that she can start

her chores."

     First, the women removed my ballet boots and then assisted me to my

feet.  Each lady then took one of my arms and escorted me upstairs in my

stockinged feet.  When we arrived in the master bedroom, Kay unlocked the

padlock at the back of my corset.  I took a long breath of air as the laces

were undone.  I had almost forgot what it was like to take a deep breath

since I had been wearing the garment for nearly twenty four hours.  "Don't

get too comfortable, Pamela.  We have a different corset for you to wear

today.  Take off your stockings and take a shower.  And be careful not to

smear your makeup or get your hair wet.  We want you to be pretty while you

do the housework."

     After nearly a full day's worth of difficult bondage, the shower felt

wonderfully refreshing.  I slowly toweled myself off and returned to the

bedroom.  I could see that Kay and Sabina had chosen my clothing for the day

and had arranged the feminine articles neatly on the bed.

     "Here.  Put these on Pamela."  Sabina handed me a pair of black fishnet

stockings.  As I slid each one onto my hairless legs, I noticed that they had

a seam down the back.  I adjusted the elastic bands at the top of each thigh

and carefully checked to make sure that the seams were straight.

     "That's good, Pamela.  Now let me help you with your shoes."  Sabina

knelt in front of me to slip on a pair of black pumps with the now familiar

locking ankle straps.  As I balanced on the four inch heels, she clipped the

small padlocks into place around each ankle.  "I think you'll find this heel

height to be a little more practical for housework, Pamela.  We wouldn't want

you to break an ankle while you're doing your chores."  Sabina was right.

Compared to the ballet boots and the ridiculous six inch heels I had

previously worn, these felt like flats.  I knew I wouldn't have any trouble

getting around in them.

     "We've got a new corset for you, Pamela.  This one will take you to the

next level in your figure training."  Sabina had me raise my arms over my

head as she slid the garment into place around my torso.  As she drew in the

lacing, I slid my hands over the satiny front panel and felt that the corset

was extremely stiff due to the heavy boning.  "Kay. Can you give me a hand

here.  We need to take in Pamela's waist to twenty four inches.  Raise your

arms, Pamela and take a deep breath."  Both women pulled so hard on the laces

that I nearly lost my balance.  They continued tugging until they were

satisfied that my waist had been reduced to the desired circumference.  The

laces were then wrapped around my waist and tightly knotted in the back to

insure that I could not remove it with my long fingernails.  I looked in the

mirror across the room to see my new wasp waisted figure.  Even though I

could barely breathe, I couldn't help feeling enthralled with my new feminine

curves.  Kay put the breast forms back into place and adjusted them to her


     I could see Kay smiling at me as her eyes were pointed at my stiff

erection.  "We're going to have to do something about that, Pamela.  I can

see that you haven't learned to control yourself."  She then reinstalled the

cock sheath I had previously worn and pulled my penis back between my legs

where the thin cord was knotted to the back of the corset.  I stood with my

legs together and looked in the mirror loving the flat smooth look of my

lower abdomen and crotch.

     "That's much better, Kay.  That raging erection of hers didn't do much

to enhance her femininity.  Let's get her into her dress."  Sabina helped me

step into a very small looking black leather dress.  As I slid my arms into

the short sleeves, I was surprised to see that the garment was open in the

back from the waist down.  "What sort of dress is this?  I'll be exposed in

the back from the waist down."  "Never mind, Pamela.  You'll soon see how

this works."  Sabina zipped up the back and then knelt down to fasten the

back of the skirt portion.  As she drew in the slack on the three leather

straps, my legs were forced tightly together.  They was one positioned just

below my ass, another at the middle of my thighs, and a third just behind the

knees.  When I looked in the mirror, I could see my now prominent and almost

bare behind jutting out from the skirt's opening.

     "Oh Mistress, this is awful.  I feel so exposed.  Please take it off and

let me wear something more lady like."

     "Shut up.  You're no lady and you know it.  You're just my lowly slut

slave and you need to be dressed accordingly."  Sabina didn't mince any words

as she reminded me of my station.  "Kay, do you have the hobbles ready for


     "Yes Sabina.  Why don't you help me put them on."  Kay cuffed my wrists

in front while Sabina cuffed my ankles together.  There was a one foot long

chain between the cuffs on my ankles and wrists with a three and one-half

foot chain connecting the wrist cuffs to the ankles.  I could now raise my

arms to only slightly past waist level.  I knew I would not be able to sit

due to the stiffness of my corset and the tightness of the hobble skirt.

     "Kay, let's get her gagged so that she can begin her chores."  Sabina

forced a bright red two and one-half inch ball gag into my mouth until it

popped behind my teeth.  After tightening the strap securely at the back of

my head, she gave me a hard slap on my exposed bottom.  "Oooocchmmrrg," I

reacted to the stinging blow.  "OK Pamela.  Let's get to the kitchen."  Each

Mistress grabbed one of my arms and escorted me from the bedroom.  As I

minced past the mirror, I was appalled to see that I had been transformed

into some sort of leatherized bondage doll.

     After several stumbles on my part, we arrived at the kitchen where Kay

instructed me to scrape the dishes from their meal of the previous night and

load them into the dishwasher.  "You should be able to finish in about

fifteen minutes, Pamela.  I need to go downstairs to see how Susie is doing.

We'll come back in a little while to check on your work."  The Mistresses

left the room leaving me alone in my toils.  Since I was only permitted to

raise my arms a little above waist level, I found it very difficult to pick

the china up from the sink.  As fate would have it, one of the crystal wine

glasses slipped from my hand and shattered on the floor.  I panicked.  What

would they do to me.  I had seen the results of their displeasure with Susie.

I didn't want them to punish me.  My hands were shaking as I lifted the last

plate from the sink and scraped it off.  As I reached down to put it in the

dishwasher, it slipped from my hand.  Now I was really in for it, I thought.

I was certain I would be dealt with severely.  What diabolical bondage would

they mete out in return for my offense.




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