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Archive-name: Changes/pamela4.txt

Archive-author: Pamela (tv)

Archive-title: Pamela's Story - 4

                                CHAPTER IV

     "Mmmmfff, urrgg, mmmfffsst," I tried to protest as Kay and Sabina headed

up the stairway.  I realized they had ignored me when I heard the motor of

the Lincoln fire up and fade away as they drove off to the Opera House.

Knowing that most operas last at least three hours, I panicked in my bondage

and strained desperately to gain any advantage over the rope and leather that

bound me.  I succeeded only in causing our bodies to sway a little to each

side as this was all the movement our bondage would allow.  I couldn't even

shift my feet due to the combination of the spreader bar and the ballet

boots.  So intense were my efforts that I became temporarily unaware of the

vibrations at my crotch.

     "Mmmrrrgggglll, mmmfff, urrgg!"  Susie was trying to get me to stop

because my movements were placing an unpleasant strain on her obscenely

spread legs.  I must have struggled for about ten minutes before I gave up

realizing that not only were my efforts ineffectual, but they were also

causing additional discomfort to Susie and I really didn't want to do that.

Once I settled down, Susie's groans of distress gradually changed to groans

of pleasure as the two vibrating intruders took over her being.  When her

eyes were open, there was a blankness to them as though she wasn't focusing

on anything.  Frequently her eyes would close and her whole body would

tremble as each orgasm swept through her body.  Fastened as I was, I could do

no more than enjoy the view as she continued in her wanton display.

     While the vibrations at my crotch were pleasurable, they were more than

offset by the cramping in my leg muscles and the pressure on my toes.  I made

a mental note to be sure and complain to my Mistress Sabina about the

discrimination in our bondage.  Here, Susie was having a field day with one

orgasm after another washing over her body while I was left to wonder how

much more time remained before our Mistresses would return.  The EEOC was

definitely going to hear about this!  While I continued to allow these

fanciful ideas to play with my brain, I couldn't help becoming a bit jealous

of Susie as she remained lost in her ecstacy.

     It seemed that several days had passed when I once again heard the sound

of the Lincoln in the driveway.  I immediately tried to think of what I could

do to communicate my distress when our Mistresses returned to the "Toy Room."

     "Mmmrrroooh, mmmfff, mmmrrrff!"  I tried to make my feelings known as

Sabina and Kay came down the stairs.  Susie didn't even react to my

protestations as still another orgasm swept over her glowing body.

     "Hello slaves, I trust you had a good time while we were gone.  Oh my!

Look at Susie, Kay.  She sure has an insatiable appetite.  It makes me hot

just to look at her."  Sabina was standing next to Susie and took each of her

nipples between her fingers and gently manipulated them.  Kay stood next to

me and grabbed my rubber cock, "Well, I see Con Edison didn't let us down,

Sabina.  The thing's still vibrating like crazy."

     "You got that right, Kay.  I think Susie has lost it completely though.

She doesn't even seem to know that we're back.  You know the old saying about

'too much of a good thing'?  I think we should untie them and get them ready

for the night."

     "Definitely, Sabina.  Pamela needs to take a load off her feet as well."

          Kay stood behind Susie and put her hands on her shoulders to keep her

from falling while Sabina untied the rope bracing me to the wall.  With

Sabina providing my support, Kay unbuckled the gag at Susie's neck and

immediately came over to help as the two Mistresses slowly lowered me to my

back.  I could hear the "pop" as Susie's half of the pear gag was withdrawn

from her mouth.  Susie regained enough of her senses to lean forward against

her anchoring rope.

     "From the look of things Kay, I don't think that Pamela had much fun

while we were gone.  Since she's been such a good 'girl', I think we should

give her a reward."

     With that, Sabina removed my half of the double pear gag and undid the

snaps on my rubber dildo.  Using the valve on the squeeze bulb, she let some

of the air out of the gadget and began to slowly move the artificial penis up

and down over my engorged cock.  In a matter of seconds, I erupted in a

magnificent orgasm born of hours of denial.  After my hips stopped bucking,

Sabina placed the rubber cock to my gasping lips and poured its contents into

my mouth.  Instinctively, I swallowed without realizing that I was drinking

my own cum.  As I lie there totally spent, Kay took a cloth and gently

blotted the excess from my lips.

     "Aaahhh, ooohhh, Mistress that was wonderful," I babbled as they got up

to release Susie from her bondage.  I was now content to just lie on the

floor and savor the feeling of release that had taken over my body.

     I was only vaguely aware of the conversation between Kay and Sabina as

they discussed our next bondage position while releasing Susie from all of

her bonds except for the locked chastity belt and spreader bar.  She was like

a rag doll resulting from the exhaustion produced by her multiple orgasms.

The electrical cords were still plugged in to her dual invaders causing her

body to shudder every few minutes in the continuation of her enforced

pleasure.  They left Susie stretched out on the platform in a sort of sex

induced stupor while they helped me to a sitting position.

     After removing the single sleeve, they helped me to my feet and unlocked

the belt around my waist.  With Kay holding me up, Sabina then slipped the

crotch strap off of my now flaccid member and carefully withdrew the plug

from my ass.  They both helped lower me back into a sitting position while

still wearing the ballet shoes and the spreader bar.  Kay went over to her

slave and, after unplugging the cords, dragged her by the armpits so that we

were now sitting back to back.

     She then took each of Susie's arms and extended them back around my

torso where Sabina quickly locked on a pair of handcuffs.  They then

stretched each of my arms around Susie's waist where they were similarly

locked into place.

     "I just know you're going to appreciate your next position, Susie."

Kay's voice was full of sarcasm. "Sabina and I think that you've gotten a

little selfish and need to develop a better understanding of other people's

feelings....especially when it comes to sex.  We're going to tie you up so

that you will still be able to have an orgasm if you want, but it will be at

Pamela's expense."

     Each woman then took a long nylon rope and lashed our upper arms

together.  Kay then moved around in front of me and tied a double half-hitch

slip knot at one of its ends.  She then cupped my balls in her hand while

slipping the loop around them.  She then slid the knot into place at the

bottom of my sac being careful that it was not too tight but also that it

would not slip off.  She the ran the rope under one of my outstretched legs

and slid it under my cheek by holding a portion of the rope on either side of

my leg until it was centered under my ass crack.  She then routed the rope

under Susie's leg and bottom until it was similarly positioned.  She now

knelt in front of Susie and gently pulled on the rope removing all of the

slack while being careful that the knot around my balls did not get any

tighter.  I could feel a gentle tension as my balls were pulled back under my

body.  I could feel one of the women pull down on my handcuff links so that

my arms were extended as far as possible down Susie's abdomen.  The other

woman then wrapped the cord around the links and knotted it off.

     By now, I had recovered from my previous exhaustion.  When the cord on

my balls was pulled, I started to pay very close attention to what these

Mistresses of Bondage were up to.  It didn't take long for me to discover

that I didn't want to move my arms.  Every slightest motion caused the loop

around my balls to tighten a little more.  Once tightened, the nature of the

slip knot meant that it would not get any looser even if the tension on the

line were released.  I remained perfectly still, while Kay took a even

thinner cord and tied an identical loop just behind the head of my penis.

Once again, it was tight enough to stay in place but not tight enough to

cause discomfort....yet.  I could see Sabina pull Susie's handcuffed wrists

down my abdomen while Kay knotted the end around the links between them.  I

was getting a feeling I was not going to enjoy this.

     "Now Susie, just to make sure you know what's going on, that rope that

runs under your crotch is firmly attached to a noose around Pamela's balls.

Additionally, your handcuffs are now attached to another noose at the end of

her penis. Any movement on your part will cause those loops to tighten a

little more."  Kay was very careful to make sure that Susie knew the results

of her getting too wrapped up in her own sexual desires.

     "Yes Mistress.  I'll be good.  I don't want to hurt Pamela."  Susie

sounded sincere as she assured Kay that she would remain still.  Little did

she know that Kay intended to make it still more difficult for her to remain


     Meanwhile, Sabina had retrieved some more toys from the wall.  As she

buckled a collar around my neck, the wideness of the leather forced my head

into an upright position.  She then moved over to Susie and, after removing

her regular slave collar, duplicated the treatment.  The backs of our heads

were now touching.  She then took a pair of red ball gags and buckled them

together at one end.  With Kay's help, the gags were forced into our mouths

and buckled tightly together on the sides of our heads.  The large intruder

popped deep into my mouth and settled behind my teeth.  The upright position

caused by the collar prevented me from lowering my jaw in order to push the

gag out of my mouth.  Sabina then took a pair of thickly padded leather

blindfolds.  After joining them at one end, she buckled them tightly over our

eyes plunging us into darkness.  Susie and I were now connected together like

a pair of Siamese twins joined at the head.

     While Sabina was busy with the gags and blindfolds, Kay fastened a two

foot spreader bar above and between Susie's knees.  She then knotted a short

rope around the center of the bar and threaded it through a ring at the front

of Susie's collar.  After pulling on the rope until Susie's feet left the

floor, she knotted off the other end around the bar.

     "Here, Sabina.  Why don't you do the same thing with Pamela."  Kay

handed the bar's twin to Sabina.  As she drew the slack from the rope, my

feet were lifted off the floor and I could immediately feel the noose around

my balls tighten a little.

     Kay then took four long ropes and after attaching them to the rings at

the sides of our collars, extended them to the walls where they were securely

fastened.  "That ought to keep you two from falling over.  If you roll over

on your sides, you might hurt yourselves."  Kay was always thinking of our

safety in her own devilish sort of way.

     "Susie, I've got an extra added attraction for you.  We don't want you

to have too easy a time of it and I know you love challenges.  I'm going to

plug your vibrators into the wall again.  I think that will provide just the

right amount of distraction so you will have a more difficult time remaining


     I was thinking that Kay couldn't be serious.  There was no way Susie

would be able to remain still with all those vibrations going on in her

crotch.  My hopes that she was kidding were dispelled as she plugged two of

the electrical cords into the vibrators attached to Susie's waist belt.  Her

body immediately began to quiver.  I could feel the nooses tighten around my

penis and testicles as the jerking of her arms continued.

     "Susie!  You have to concentrate more intently.  You have to try and

ignore those sensations in your crotch or else Pamela will have a very bad

time of it.  Concentrate, Susie!  Concentrate!"  Kay smiled sarcastically

knowing full well that Susie probably wouldn't be able to contend with her

vibrating dual invaders.

     "Well Sabina, I don't know about you but all of this work has made me

sleepy.  Let's go to bed and get a good rest so we're fresh for tomorrow's

schedule.  Susie, if those nooses around Pamela are too tight when we return

in the morning, we'll have to punish you severely.  Have fun ladies and




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