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Archive-name: Changes/pamela3.txt

Archive-author: Pamela (tv)

Archive-title: Pamela's Story - 3

                                CHAPTER III

     I spent the time alternating between lapping up the love juices in

Susie's cunt and trying to get myself loose from the Mistresses' ingenious

bondage.  I should have known by now that when either of these ladies ties

someone up, they will not get loose without help.  I kept straining to reach

any of the knots that bound us together but our Mistresses had made sure that

they were well beyond the reach of my groping fingers.  Finally exhausted, I

gave up and concentrated on the wonderful sensations caused by Susie's

continual sucking of my organ.

     I had completely lost track of time when I heard the door to our room

open.  Mistress Kay and Mistress Sabina walked into the bedroom and just

stood in the doorway surveying the results of their handiwork.

     "Don't they make a cute couple, Sabina?"  Kay had an evil grin on her

face.  "I think we should take them back to my place where we have more toys

to play with.  Let's untie them so that we can prepare them for travel."

     As the Mistresses began to undo the ropes binding Susie and me to the

bed and to each other, I kept asking what Kay meant about traveling

somewhere.  Surely they didn't intend to take me anywhere dressed as a woman.

"Sabina and I have decided that you are ready to "go out" for the first time,

Pamela.  We both think that you'll pass easily as long as you don't speak

with anyone.  Don't worry.  We'll fix you both so that your outfits won't

attract attention.  Neither of us wants to cause a commotion in the hotel


     After the last knot was undone, Sabina took the leash rope and led me

back to the sitting room.  Kay stayed in the bedroom with Susie, presumably

to prepare her for our "journey."

     "OK Pamela, let's get you prepared."  Sabina first untied the leash rope

from around my balls and then replaced the leather sheath that I had worn

before.  Once again, my testes were forced up into my body cavity and my cock

was pulled back between my legs and attached with a cord to the hasp at the

back of my still locked-on corset.  She then bound my wrists and elbows

behind my back.  As an added feature, a rope was then doubled over and looped

around my waist.  The two ends were then pulled down my tummy and back

between my legs on either side of my now nearly invisible penis.  Sabina then

threaded the ends above my wrist bindings pulling down hard and wrapping them

three times between my wrists.  The ends were then routed back down between

my legs and up to meet the front of the waist rope where they were pulled

once again and tied off.  Still another rope was then doubled over and looped

around the bindings between my elbows.  Taking the ends, Sabina then wrapped

the line under my armpit, over my shoulder, behind my neck, over the shoulder

on the other side and finally back down under the other armpit where it was

cinched off on the ropes between my elbows.  The bondage was completed by

passing the remaining length of this last rope across my body underneath my

"breasts"  where the final knot was applied around the rope between my elbows

on the other side.  My arms were now completely immobilized.

     "There.  That ought to hold you," she said in mock understatement.

"Kay!  Have you finished with Susie yet?  I think we're just about ready in


     Kay was holding Susie gently by the arm as she guided her into the

sitting room.  She was wearing a pair of red panties in addition to the waspy

corset.  Her six inch heels had been replaced with a pair of very

conventional looking black pumps with 3" heels.  Her wrists were locked on

either side of a 4" wide belt which was buckled around her waist while

another leather strap pulled her elbows close together behind her back.  Even

though her bondage was not as redundant as mine, she was equally as helpless.

     "Sabina, don't you think Pamela should change her shoes?  Those 6" heels

with the locks will attract too much attention when we leave."

     "You're right Kay.  Fortunately, Pamela and I both wear a size 10 B shoe

and I can lend her one of my pairs."  Sabina rummaged in her suitcase and

retrieved a pair of black pumps with 4" heels and red trim.  She unlocked the

padlocks on my ankle straps and had me slip into the pair she had chosen for

me.  They fit perfectly and were a good deal more comfortable to stand in.

     Sabina then led me to the bathroom where she deftly touched up the

makeup that had been badly smeared as a result of my session on the bed with


     Meanwhile, Kay had retrieved two coats from the closet and handed one to

Sabina.  Our Mistresses then draped the coats over our shoulders and tucked

the ends of the sleeves into the pockets concealing our bondage.  As I

glanced in the mirror, I could see that Susie and I were each wearing black

mink coats which dropped to mid-calf length.  We looked like a pair of ladies

ready to go on a shopping trip.  No one would guess that we were prisoners of

our two female companions.

     Kay and Sabina then put on their own coats, picked up their overnight

bags and headed for the door.  "Susie, Pamela, you better follow us.  I don't

think you'd want to stay here to be found by the maid when she cleans the

room.  If you refuse, I'm going to take away those beautiful coats you're

wearing and you will only have your lingerie for clothing."  Sabina was

right.  If we didn't go along, it was unlikely that we would be able to get

loose and the maid would discover us in our bondage.  Even if we could manage

to untie ourselves, we certainly wouldn't be able to leave the room dressed

as we were.

     "Pamela,  let's follow them.  I'm sure they'll have some unusual

surprises for us when we get to my Mistress's home.  Besides, I really like

you and I know you love the way I suck your cock.  I'm sure Mistress will let

me do it again soon."  Susie bubbled with enthusiasm as she anticipated the

surprises her Mistress had in store for us.

     Having no other acceptable choices, I joined Susie and our Mistresses as

we left the room and headed for the elevator.  I was filled with a sense of

excitement as I realized I was going out in public for the first time dressed

as a woman.  As we waited for the elevator, I could feel the hallway's draft

of air circulating under my coat and around my stockinged legs.  The

combination of the high heels on my feet and the dildo up my ass caused my

hips to sway and reduced my stride to a feminine gait.  I enjoyed these

sensations almost as much as the feeling of vulnerability caused by my


     As we left the elevator and walked through the lobby to the parking

garage, I felt as though every eye was on me.  How did I look?  Did anyone

suspect I was a man?  Was my walk feminine enough?  As we passed people in

the lobby, some didn't look at me at all and those that did smiled a greeting

as they passed.  We made it all the way to Kay's Lincoln without incident.

Apparently, I looked convincing enough that no one thought we were anything

more than four women going out for a shopping trip.

     Our mistresses opened the rear doors of the Town Car, helped us into our

seats and buckled the seat belts across our laps.  The seated position added

additional tension to the crotch rope and drove the dildo further up my ass.

Susie noticed the distressed look on my face as I kept shifting in my seat

trying to find a more comfortable position.  "You'll be OK Pamela.  It's only

a short drive to Mistress Kay's home.  I think you'll be better off if you

don't move around so much."

     We had been driving for about twenty minutes when Kay pulled into the

driveway of her large home.  I had taken Susie's advice and remained

motionless for most of the trip and I realized that she had a good deal more

experience with these situations than I did.

     We were helped out of the car and escorted into the house.  "I'll hang

up the coats Sabina.  Why don't you take our playthings to the Toy Room.  You

remember the way, don't you?"

     "I sure do Kay.  Come on you two.  It's time to have some more fun."

     Sabina attached two leashes to Susie's collar and my crotch rope and led

us down a flight of stairs to what was obviously the "Toy Room."  It had all

manner of bondage equipment hanging on the walls.  Gags, straps, ropes,

leather hoods, paddles and whips were hanging everywhere.  There were also a

variety of metal frames and some metal posts attached to the floor.  I could

only wonder what they were for and I didn't like most of my guesses as to how

they could be used.

     By this time, Kay had joined us and started to collect some of the

bondage gear from off the walls.  "Sabina and I are going out for the evening

but before we do I'm going to make sure you are properly entertained while

we're gone."

     With that, Kay tied the end of my leash rope to one of the numerous

hooks in the wall while Sabina dragged a wooden platform into the middle of

the room.  It was about 6" high and had 8 eye bolts fastened to its

perimeter.  She then released Susie from her bondage and told her to remove

her panties.  Kay then handed the 6" heels back to Susie and ordered her to

put them on.  After Susie buckled the second strap, Kay installed the

padlocks locking the shoes on her feet.

     "Susie, go over to the platform and stand on it.  Sabina, please bring

one of those spreader bars over here."

     The bar was about three feet long and had leather cuffs attached to

either end.  Kay attached the first cuff to Susie's left ankle and locked it

in place.  She then forced Susie's legs apart to the required distance and

locked the second cuff to her right ankle.  She really looked gorgeous with

her legs spread like that.  Kay then took an odd leather pouch-like affair

and after folding Susie's arms behind her back, she slipped the pouch over

her elbows and upper arms.  The two straps that started on one side of the

pouch were then taken over her shoulders and across her back where they were

attached to the buckles on the outside of the pouch.  Susie's arms were now

helplessly imprisoned inside the leather bag.

     Meanwhile Sabina was busy attaching a 4" wide leather belt to Susie's

waist.  I noticed that there was a long 2" wide strap descending from its

front and Sabina first took a 6" long dildo and slid the strap through the

leather loop on its bottom.  She then pressed the artificial cock against

Susie's still moist pussy and applied gentle but steady pressure until its

entire length disappeared inside her.  Sabina next took a 4" butt plug and

after lubricating its length with K-Y jelly, forced it against Susie's

rosebud.  After several seconds, Susie's sphincter muscle relaxed and the

plug found its way home.  Sabina then threaded the strap through the loop on

the end of the plug and up to meet the roller buckle descending from the back

of the waist strap.  After passing the end through the buckle, she then gave

a hard pull to the end and inserted the prong in the buckle through the hole

in the strap.  She then locked a padlock through a hole on the end of the

prong to insure that this unusual chastity belt would remain in place.

     Susie was tottering on her heels and almost lost her balance as a result

of the sensations caused by the two intruders.  Beads of perspiration broke

out all over her upper body as her arousal increased and she tried to retain

her balance.  Sabina noticed that Susie was having difficulty standing, so

she took a long length of rope and knotted it through the padlock at the back

of the waist belt.  Extending its length, she fastened it to one of the eye

bolts on the wall behind Susie.  "There, Susie.  If you just lean forward a

little bit, you be able to stand a little easier."

          Kay then came over to my side and untied the leash rope from its

mooring.  "Come on Pamela.  It's your turn.  I know you can't wait to see

what we have in store for you."  After seeing what these ladies just did to

Susie, a panicky feeling swept over me as I wondered what devilish bondage

they had in mind for me.

     Kay then started to undo the numerous ropes wrapped around my body.

When the last knot was untied, she took off the sheath around my cock and

carefully undid the harness holding the dildo up my ass.  "Lie on the floor

Pamela, and take off your shoes.  Sabina just bought some new boots and I

want you to wear them for us."

     Sabina brought over an odd looking pair of black patent leather boots

with incredible 7" heels.  As she slid the first one onto my left foot, I

noticed that the sole would not bend because it was permanently shaped into

a ballet like arch.  After tieing off the laces at the ankle, she repeated

the process on my right foot.  My feet were now imprisoned inside a pair of

boots that forced my feet into the en pointe position that ballerinas are

famous for.  Sabina then ordered me to slide over in front of Susie.  Once I

was in place, she locked a spreader bar identical to Susie's on my now

outstretched ankles.  With Kay's help, she lifted me by the arm pits to a

standing position facing Susie.  "Standing" in this context gentle readers,

is a term that needs to be interpreted loosely.  Now perched on my toes in

the ballet boots with 7" heels, there was no way I could maintain my balance

without someone's help.

     With Kay still helping me to maintain my balance, Sabina tied my wrists

behind my back with the palms facing each other.  She then slipped a single

sleeve leather arm binder up my arms and fastened the straps around my

shoulders making sure that the laces were properly drawn and securely tied.

     Sabina then brought over a belt similar to the one adorning Susie's

middle and buckled it around my waist.  The vertical long strap was centered

at the back.  She then took another butt plug and after lubricating it,

patiently slid it home.  She then passed the strap through the loop at the

bottom of the plug and carefully pulled the end of my cock through a hole

which was located in just the right place.  The end of the strap was then

threaded through the roller buckle descending from the front of the belt.  As

she pulled down on the strap and locked it to the roller buckle, my testes

were once again forced up inside my body.  I looked down to see my now fully

erect penis emerging from the hole in the strap.

     Sabina then circled my torso with a pair of 2" wide leather straps

insuring that my arms were immobilized.  She then knotted a length of rope

through a ring at the end of the single sleeve and extended it to the wall

behind me where it was securely fastened.  "Pamela, if you just lean forward

a little like Susie, you'll be able to stand a little easier."  Kay then

gradually withdrew her support until she was confident that I wouldn't fall


     Sabina next brought over what appeared to be an unusually wide 8" long

rubber dildo.   As she approached my crotch with the device, I could see that

it was hollow and had a squeeze bulb attached to it by a plastic tube.  She

then took a glob of K-Y jelly and slowly applied it to my member.  She

finished just as I reached the edge of an orgasm leaving me high and dry once

again.  The lubrication allowed her to easily slide the dildo over my raging

erection and she fastened it to two snaps on the crotch strap which were

situated above and below my cock.  "I think you're going to like this

Pamela," said Sabina as she gave the bulb several slow squeezes.  The inside

of the rubber phallus inflated applying even pressure to the real penis

inside.  The sensation was not uncomfortable but rather pleasurable as I

realized that the device would serve to maintain my erection.

     "Sabina, let's try out that new gag we had custom made.  I think this is

just the right situation for it."  Kay then buckled a double pear gag first

at the back of Susie's neck and then similarly fastened its twin around my

own.  The gags were attached in front of the mouth section and forced our

heads closely together.  The combination of the ropes attached to the wall

and the union of our gags provided all the support we needed to prevent us

from falling.

     Kay and Sabina stood back and surveyed their handiwork.  "Well Kay, I

think that should hold them until we get back.  We better go now or we'll be

late for the opera."

     "Just a minute Sabina.  We forgot the finishing touch."

     With that, Kay plugged four electrical cords into the outlets on the

wall.  She then methodically inserted one of the ends into a socket at the

base of Susie's butt plug.  Susie immediately gasped behind her gag and I

could see her eyes nearly bulge from their sockets.  Kay repeated the process

with a cord attached to the base of Susie's dildo.  Beads of perspiration

broke out on Susie's forehead as her arousal increased.

     "Oh that's clever, Kay.  Give me the other two cords so I can do


     Sabina first inserted one of the ends into a socket at the base of the

butt plug I was wearing.  It instantly began vibrating.  She next plugged the

last cord end into the socket at the base of my clamped on artificial penis

and it too began to vibrate.  The feeling was incredible.  I was perched on

those ridiculous boots with my legs obscenely spread and tied so that I could

barely move.  The vibrations drove me to ever increasing heights of sexual

frustration and I could tell that Susie was suffering the same fate as I.

Alternating moans of pleasure and frustration continually emanated from

behind her half of the double pear gag.

     "I hope you two have a good time while we're gone.  As I'm sure you know

by now, those dildos and plugs you're wearing are powered by a/c current.

There aren't any batteries to wear out so I'm sure that you will both be

adequately entertained.  Bye, now."



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