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Archive-name: Changes/pamela2.txt

Archive-author: Pamela (tv)

Archive-title: Pamela's Story - 2

                                CHAPTER II

     Mistress Kay has left me high and dry by removing Susie from underneath

the table.  I am so aroused that I am only vaguely aware that Mistress Sabina

is untying the ropes that have kept me so helpless.  She first releases each

of my own legs from those of the table and then unties the rope securing my

hands between my shoulder blades.  The table is put back into its original

position and I am left to lie on the floor until the feeling returns to my

legs.  All the while, the dildo continues to work its magic in maintaining my

raging hard-on and my frustration continues to grow causing muffled groans to

emerge from behind my gag.  The fake penis in my mouth is a new sensation as

I wonder what it would be like to suck on the real thing.

     "Can you stand up yet Pamela?" My Mistress takes me by the left arm and

helps me struggle to my feet.  Once again, I am perched unsteadily on those

wonderful 6" heels.  She then moves behind me and unlocks one of the cuffs on

my wrists.  I feel her unzip the back of my dress and slide it off my arms

and down to the floor.  My wrists are then once again cuffed behind my back.

     "I think we need some adjustment here Pamela" as she tighten the straps

on the dildo harness one more notch driving it farther up my ass.

     Taking one of the ropes, she wraps one end around my balls three times

and ties it off.  Using the other end as a leash, she gives it a tug and

leads me into the bedroom.  As we enter the bedroom I can see that Mistress

Kay has been busy.  She has Susie tied face up to the bed.  Her spread legs

are hanging over the side and securely fastened to the casters under the bed

frame.  Her spreadeagled arms are similarly fastened on the other side.  She

is not gagged but a padded leather blindfold has been strapped over her eyes.

A red waspy corset without any bra adorns her torso.  Her milky white breasts

are heaving from her arousal.  She is not wearing any panties and I can see

that her pussy has been shaved.  A long rope has been tied around her waist

and secured to both ends of the bed.  She is totally and completely helpless.

     My handcuffs are removed and she leads me to the side of the bed where

Susie's head is resting.  Taking the leash rope and passing it back between

my legs, she commands me to get on top of her so that my face is right over

her pussy.  Even though she is blindfolded, Susie senses that my cock is near

her mouth and after a couple of unsuccessful attempts, she finds her target

and once again takes me into her mouth and begins to suck.

     Working quickly now, Sabina and Kay tie each of my arms to Susie's

ankles.  Using a rope about twenty feet long, Kay doubles it over and loops

it twice around my left wrist.  The two ends are then extended to Susie's

left ankle and tied off to the arch of her high heeled foot.  At the same

time, Sabina has done the same thing with my right arm.  After my legs are

similarly tied to each of Susie's arms, Sabina adds just a little tension to

the leash rope and secures it to the side of the bed frame.  I am helpless to

remove my cock from Susie's attentions, not that I would really want to if I


     "How do you like this position Pamela?"

     "Mmmmffff,  urrrg, mmmfff," is all I can manage as a response to my

Mistress's question.

     "Oh how silly of me.  I forgot your mouth was still plugged with that

inflated penis.  You can't do very much for Susie that way."

     Sabina first releases the valve allowing the rubber intrusion to shrink

to manageable proportions, unbuckles the strap and pulls the now deflated

fake penis from my mouth.

     "Oh thank you Mistress.  I thought you'd never take it off."

     "You're welcome Pamela.  I'm sure you can figure out what we want you to

do next.  Don't you think that you should show Susie how much you appreciate

what she's doing?"

     Susie's shaved snatch is right underneath my mouth as I bury my tongue

in her moist slit and find my way to her erect clit.  The movements of my

tongue cause muffled sounds of pleasure to come from Susie's filled mouth.

We are both oblivious to the rest of the world around us as we simultaneously

erupt in an overwhelming orgasm.

     "Wow Kay, it sure didn't take long for them to get their rocks off once

we let Pamela suck on Susie's pussy."

          "There's only one thing that Susie likes more than giving blow jobs, and

that's having someone suck on her clit.  I think we should let them rest now

while we think of what to do next with them."

     "Good idea, Kay.  Let's go down to the lobby bar to discuss it."

     Susie and I are only vaguely aware that our Mistresses have left as we

slowly recover from our orgasms.  Once my senses have returned, a feeling of

panic sweeps over me and I futilely try to reach any of the knots securing

Susie and me to the bed.

     "Relax Pamela.  Kay does this to me all the time.  She always comes back

in a couple of hours or so.  Why don't we do what we can to pass the time,"

as Susie once again takes me into her mouth.  Even though I had just had a

tremendous release moments before, my cock springs to attention as a result

of Susie's expert sucking.  My tongue dives back into Susie's clit as I

decide to reciprocate.



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