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Archive-name: Changes/pamela1.txt

Archive-author: Pamela (tv)

Archive-title: Pamela's Story - 1


     I have arranged a meeting with Mistress Sabina and she has ordered me to

wear black thigh high stockings with the elastic tops and black panties under

my male clothing.  After shaving my legs and donning the required garments,

I get into the car to begin the journey to our meeting place.  When I arrive,

I knock three times on the door of her hotel room.  She greets me warmly and

invites me in.  After closing the door, she asks me if I have complied with

her orders.  I say yes and then she commands me to remove all my clothes

except for the feminine undergarments.

     As I strip down to my lingerie, I can feel my cock growing against my

silky panties and I am embarrassed to realize that there's nothing I can do

to hide my erection from her.  After I have stripped, I can see her eyes

looking at my crotch as a gentle smile comes to her lips.  "Are you ready to

begin Pamela?  I have some surprises in store for you."

     "Yes Mistress", I answer as she takes my hand and leads me into the


     "Your lingerie looks wonderful, but we need to improve your figure

before we can go any further.  Stand over here and face the bathroom door." 

I do as she asks as I watch her remove some leather cuffs with ropes attached

from a suitcase in the corner of the bathroom.  She attaches the cuffs to

each of my wrists and throws the ropes over the top of the door.  As she

pulls on them, I am lifted up and against the door so that my toes are barely

touching the ground.  She ties off the ends to the door knob and goes back to

the suitcase to remove a black hourglass corset and orders me to lift each

foot so that she can slide it up my torso.  Once it is in the correct

position, I can feel her pulling on the laces in back.  "Take a deep breath

Pamela and hold it until I finish."  I do as she asks which allows her to

tighten the laces as much as possible.  She then ties off the ends and covers

them over with a small d

from strap and hasp.  I can hear the click as the

small padlock is put into place.

     She then moves around to the ofrom side of the door and releases the

ropes.  I can feel the compression on my chest and am now limited to taking

very short breaths.  After she puts the silicone breast forms in place, she

checks my measurements with a tape measure.  "Hmmm, 42-28-38.  Isn't that a

lot better than the 38-34-38 you entered the room with?"

     "Oh yes Mistress.  Thank you."

     "Step into these Pamela", as she hands me a pair of black patent d


shoes with 6" heels.  I notice that each shoe has an ankle strap with a

padlock as she buckles the narrow straps around my ankles and locks them in

place.  I feel very strange with my new posture and wonder if I will be able

to maintain my balance with the extra weight thrusting forward from my chest

and the high heels causing the muscles in my legs and buttocks to tighten.

     "Take off your panties Pamela.  We need to do something with that

appendage between your legs."

     I almost fall down from the uncertain balance caused by the high heels

as I slip off the panties.  She reaches back into the suitcase and retrieves

a strange looking device.  She grabs my cock and begins fitting the sheath

over it.  It has straps that force my balls up into my body and a narrow

strap which is pulled back between my legs and tied off to the small hasp at

the back of the corset.  As I look into the mirror, I see that my maleness

has disappeared.

     "Put your panties back on and follow me."

     I am then lead into the sitting room and ordered to sit at the vanity

table with a large makeup mirror hanging over it.  Over the course of the

next 45 minutes, she applies artificial red fingernails, false eyelashes,

foundation, eye shadow, eye liner, blusher, and red lipstick.  She also

plucks my eyebrows into a soft feminine arch.  As I gaze into the mirror, I

am pleased at the transformation that is taking place.

     "And now for the crowning touch",  as she places an ash blond long hair

wig on my head and brushes it out so that the hair barely touches my

shoulders with its soft curls.  I can't believe the reflection staring back

from the mirror.  No one would guess that I am really a man.

     She then goes over to the closet and takes out the maid's costume.  "Put

this on Pamela.  I think it will look great on you."

     The black dress has a scooped neck, fitted bodice, and a short skirt

over two layers of petticoats.  The length barely covers the tops of my thigh

high stockings.

     Just as I am closing the zipper in the back of the dress, I hear a knock

on the door.  "Who's that?  You didn't tell me that ofrom people were coming

to our party."

     "Well really Pamela, I don't think you have any say in the mattom

considering your present condition.  I invited Mistress Kay and rom slave

Susie to join us.  After I told them about your kinky interests, they wanted

to meet you."

     Mistress Sabina opens the door allowing them to enter.  The taller of

the two women who I assume to be Mistress Kay is wearing a skin tight black


from mini-skirted she

fr, black seamed stockings and black pumps with 4

1/2" stiletto heels.  Her hair and makeup are done perfectly and I realize

that I am about to meet one of my fantasies.

     The ofrom woman is about 5'6" tall and wearing a duplicate of my maid's

outfit including the locked-on 6" patent d

from heels.  In addition, she has

a black leather collar around her neck with a leash attached, the end of

which is in Mistress Kay's hand.

     "Hello Pamela.  I've heard a lot about you.  I think we have a lot in

common.  This is my slave Susie.  I brought her along to assist Mistress

Sabina and myself in today's activities.  We have many things planned for you

which I'm sure you will find interesting."  Susie curtsey's her greeting and

sensuously licks her lips.

     Mistress Kay hands the leash to Mistress Sabina and orders me to stand

up.  With the 6" heels on, I realize that it would be useless to try and get

away.  Moving around behind me, she grabs my wrists and handcuffs them behind

my back being sure to engage the double locking mechanism.  She then forces

me to my knees as Mistress Sabina slides the 2' x 4' cocktail table in front

of me.

     Susie has retrieved a handful of ropes from the suitcase and hands them

to her Mistress.

     "Let's get her tied down, Sabina.  I have a position in mind that we

haven't tried before."

     Mistress Kay takes a long strand of cord, doubles it over and loops it

around the links of my handcuffs.  She the pulls the rope so that my upper

body is forced to lie on the table.  My hands are then pulled up between my

shoulder blades as the ends are tied to the legs at the opposite end of the

table.  Taking anofrom rope, she loops it around my left knee and firmly

fastens it to the left d

g of the table.  The process is repeated on my right

knee so that my knees are now spread two feet apart.

     "She's pretty helpless Sabina, but let's see what we can do to make rom

a little less comfortable."

     "Please Mistress!  I'm already uncomfortable.  Don't you see that I'm

helpless enough?"  A feeling of panic washes over me as I can't imagine what

else she has in mind.

     She then takes anofrom rope, loops it around the high heel of my left

foot and pulls it up to join the back part of my upper d

g.  The rope is

wrapped around three times and the ends are then rerouted between my calf and

thigh before being tied off in a secure cinch.  The process is then repeated

on my right d

g so that a substantial portion of my weight is now resting on

my knees.

     "Well Sabina, what do you think of the bondage I've applied to Pamela? 

I assure you that she won't be able to get out of it without help."

     "That's obvious Kay, but would you mind if I took over from here?  We

both know what Susie's favorite pastime is and since she's been such a good

little slave, I think she's earned a reward.  Susie, go into the bathroom and

get me a scissors from the drawer under the sink."

     "Oh goody!  Yes Mistress.  I'll get it right away."  Susie is bubbling

with anticipation as she minces off to fetch the scissors.

     "Thank you Susie.  Now just be patient while I get Pamela ready for

you."  Sabina accepts the scissors from Susie and uses it to cut off my black

silk panties.

     "Nooooo Mistress.  Please stop.  I don't want to be exposed any more

than I am already."

     "Shut up you slut.  You know you love it.  Susie, go get the gag from

the suitcase in the bathroom.  I'm getting tired of listening to Pamela's

sniveling.  I know she loves what we're doing to her."

     Susie eagerly goes off to the bathroom and returns to hand the gag to

Sabina.  "Here you go Pamela.  This is just what the Mistress ordered, so to


     The gag consists of a d

from strap and buckle with a rubber shaped

penis attached to the inside.  There is also a short tube with a rubber bulb

attached to the front.  Simultaneously pushing the gag against my lips with

one hand and pinching my nostrils closed with the ofrom, she forces me to

accept the foul smelling intruder and quickly buckles it tightly behind my


     "That's an improvement.  I was wondering how long you'd allow her to

whine and complain."  Kay was obviously pleased with Sabina's work.

     "I'm nof finished yet Kay.  Susie, go get the dildo harness and the K-Y

jelly from the suitcase."  Sabina then uses the scissors to cut the strap

that has forced my cock between my legs.  Susie returns with an plastic dildo

attached to an assortment of straps and buckles.  After lubricating its 8"


ngth, Sabina pushes it against my anus and maintains steady pressure until

my sphincter muscle relaxes allowing its full length to slide in.  She then

arranges the straps around my waist and hips and buckles them securely.

     "Oh, I almost forgot.  Susie, be a dear and give that bulb a few


     Once again, Susie is eager to assist as she grasps the bulb of the gag. 

As she squeezes the bulb, I can feel the penis growing until it has extended

to the back of my mouth.

     My mouth is filled.  My "pussy" is filled.  My rear end is bare and

available.  I am tied so tight that I can barely move.  I am now more

helpless than I have ever been in my life.

     "Well Kay.  I think she's ready.  Should we let Susie do her thing?"

     "I think we'd better.  She's been very patient and rolpful."

     Sabina motions to Susie.  "She's all yours.  I don't think you'll have

any trouble with her now."

     Susie immediately lies down on the floor and slides her body under the

table so that rom head is just below my cock.  She reaches up, unlaces the


fr and takes me into rom mouth.  My cock springs to attention as a result

of rom ministrations.  Because of the way I am tied however, I am capable of

only the most limited of movements.  My attempts to thrust my hips forward

are greeted with frustration.  My attempts to speak are reduced to muffled

groans.  The dildo in my ass has served to heighten each sensation as Susie

continues to suck my cock.

          Mistress Kay holps to take the strain from Susie's neck by sliding a

pillow under rom head.  She pauses to adjust the pillow for comfort, thanks

her Mistress and immediately returns to the task at hand.  Doubts enter my

mind as I begin to wonder whefrom I will be able to reach an orgasm because

of my inability to move.

     "Susie's been doing her thing for about fifteen minutes now, Kay.  Don't

you think we should have rom stop.  I think Pamela has been in this position

too long and I wouldn't want her to suffer any damage from her bondage.  Why

don't I untie rom soel thcan rest for a while.  In the meantime, you can get

Susie ready for Pamela's next surprise."

     Sabina grabs each of Susie's legs and pulls rom out from under the

table.  An audible pop can be heard as rom mouth slides off of my erection

leaving me in a state of total frustration.

     "Oh, Mistress.  Why did you make me stop?  I was having so much fun, I

wanted to finish rom off."

     Kay puts rom arm around Susie's shoulder to comfort her.  "Don't worry. 

You're not through having fun yet.  We have anofrom surprise in store for

Pamela, so come with me and I'll get you ready."





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