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Archive-name: Changes/pamela.txt

Archive-author: Pamela

Archive-title: Love, Sally

                             LOVE, SALLY

               Column from Female Mimics International

               Pam tells Sally  how she "Got that way"

     I was just delighted to see my dear friend Pam. It had been such a

long time. I was always curious about how my friends had developed into

such lovely feminine personalities. So I asked Pam how she got started

along the feminine road. "Well, Sally, it all began when my father left

mother and me, when I was a youngster. He just couldn't stand my mother's

domineering personality ....."

     "But mother, I can't lift it. It's just too heavy." "Oh, for Heavens

sake, can't you do anything?" So, mother carried the garbage can out and

made me feel like two cents as usual.

     "I don't know why I have to do everything around here. What good are

you? You can't fix anything, you can't lift anything, and you're no help at

cleaning or washing." 

     "Oh mother, please. I'll help you clean the house if that is want you


     "Well, it isn't exactly what I would expect of a boy, but maybe we can

arrange it so you'll feel more comfortable doing housework. You don't seem

to be able to do any man's work around here."

     Mother was right. I wasn't big and strong and I really never had any

masculine training from my father because he was never home. So I developed

into a rather shy, introverted young man without goals or purpose other

than to get out from under my mother's apron strings and constant

criticism. But what she had in store for me was beyond my wildest dream. 

     I came home from school right after the last class, as usual, the next

day to do homework. But, I wasn't prepared for what happened the minute I

got inside the door. Mother greeted me with "I'm glad you're home,

Prunella. From now on we are starting a new work schedule. You'll find your

housework clothes on your bed."

     Prunella? Work clothes? What in the world was she talking about? I

went to my room to find the most grotesque looking clothing on the bed I

had ever seen. A black flannel dress, black cotton slip and bloomers, and

black cotton stockings with something I couldn't even describe to hold them

up, and black Mary Jane shoes, I became nauseous, I was so afraid of what

was about to happen. But I gathered my courage and went out to face my


     "I'm not going to wear those clothes. I'm a boy, and ...." WHACK!! I

received a slap across the face that sent me reeling. "You ARE going to

wear those clothes, and you ARE going to do the housework around here from

now on. AND anything else I want you to do, Prunella. You're no more boy

than I am. Maybe I can make a decent girl out of you with some proper

training. Now, get moving!"

     I retreated to my room, terrified. I knew that she wasn't kidding, and

while she could be nice at times, she could also be terrible when angered.

What was I going to do? I looked at the awful clothes and shuddered, but

decided I had better put them on. I didn't need any more slaps, and

besides, I thought no one will see me in them except mother. That thought

almost brought tears to my eyes. What kind of boy was I that caused his own

mother to embarrass him by putting him in a dress! I was beside myself as I

stripped and dressed in the "almost" feminine attire. The mirror revealed

something right out of Dickens, and I had to wonder why she had chosen this

garb to humiliate me with.

     When mother saw me coming out of my room she had to choke back 

a laugh, and I thought she might relent, but, no way. She gave me

instructions of what she wanted done and how to do it and away I went with

dust mop and broom and gloomy thoughts of my future. From then on I had to

dress in my "ugly ducking" clothes when I got home from school, do my

chores, and stay dressed as Prunella until I went to bed. I didn't know

what mother's plan was, but I knew that she had one. One that I wouldn't


     One day after arriving home and donning my maids outfit, Mother said,

"Today instead of your usual chores, we are going shopping. I think it is

about time you learned something about groceries and how to pick them out.

You'll be a great help to me when you can do the shopping yourself." I was

delighted to get out of cleaning. "Wait, I'll change my clothes." 

     "That won't be necessary, dear, you can go as Prunella." The blood

drained from my face. "But, Mother, ..." "No buts, you'll go as Prunella!"

"But, I can't ..." WHACK! The slap brought tears to my eyes.

     I could hardly breathe as we walked to the shopping center. My heart

was in my throat and I couldn't look to my left or right. What would I do

if any of my friends saw me? I was glad to finally get inside the grocery

store, but as we entered, two cute girls, about my age, walked by. One was

wearing a pretty dress, and nylons and heels, and the other had on a sheer

blouse that showed off her slip, skirt, nylons and bobby socks and loafers.

They both stopped to stare for a moment before starting to giggle and I

heard one say to the other, "I wonder if she is wearing black cotton

bloomers." Then they both howled with laughter. I started to faint, but

mother caught me and I said, "Please Mother, I can't stand it. I'll do

anything you ask, but please get me out of these clothes."

     "All right, dear. But lets finish our shopping and we'll go home and

talk about it." I was trying to shrink into the ground before we got home. 

     As we put our groceries away, I begged her not to make me go out

dressed as I was again. "I think that can be arranged dear, if you promise

to be a good girl and do as mother says. I know what is best for you and I

expect to be obeyed. I waited for the ax to fall."Would you like to be

dressed like those two pretty little girls we saw in the grocery store?" 

     "But,.. why can't I ......"

     "Now, see Prunella, I'm trying to be nice. Do you want to go on

wearing the clothes you have on?" I knew I couldn't win. "No mother."

     "Will you be the obedient daughter that I would like you to be?" Now I

knew the plan. That's why she dressed me so terribly. She wanted an easy

acceptance to be out of those awful clothes. "Yes Mother," 

     "We'll go shopping tomorrow for your new clothes. And you won't be

going by the name of Prunella. Your name will be Pamela, a name that I had

picked out for you before you were born." I couldn't believe she was

serious, she actually wanted to turn me into a girl.

     But, I thought I had better go along with the act, at least until I

could change things, and at that point I was determined to change things. I

wasn't about to become a girl. After I left home, I would change right back

to a man again.

     I was never so mortified in my life, the day. Mother took me shopping

and held up slips and panties to see how they would look and fit. She

continually asked me what colors I preferred and how much lace trim I

liked. I was exhausted when we finally got home, but

mother insisted I dress in my new clothes right after we put them away in

the bureau and closet that used to hold my boy's clothes. I wondered if I

would ever see them again. 

     As we laid the silken garments away, I was told to keep the items

aside that I wanted to wear, so I did, and as we finished hanging up the

last dress, my bed was filled with a lovely pink nylon slip, and panty set,

bra, girdle, nylons, and blouse and skirt. Mother said I should also wear

heels in order to get used to them. After I showered she helped me dress,

and then made up my face. Then she gave me the surprise of my life, a

beautiful little blonde wig that she said I should wear until my own hair

grew out. I must admit that it changed my whole appearance and I wasn't too

unhappy with what I saw in the mirror. In fact, the vision caused my penis

to swell to the point that I thought my panty girdle would burst. It was

hard to believe that I was giving myself a hardon. I wondered, was it

possible that I would be giving other boys a hardon? Would they want to

screw me? The thought sent chills through me and I felt the dampness in my


     "Pamela, you look lovely. You're going to be a beautiful girl. Do you

like your new image?" "Uh, yes, mother. The clothes look very nice on me

and I love my wig." I decided I would go along and do whatever she asked,

just to pamper her, because I knew it was only temporary, and I could be a

boy again soon. Or so I thought.

     "But mother, what are we going to do about school? I have one more

year to go and I can't go dressed as a girl."

     "I've already thought of that, and next week you'll be starting

private school, a girl's school and I've arranged everything." 

     Sure enough, the next week, I was introduced to the head mistress as

Pamela Stevens, and mother and Dr. Brown (our family doctor) had arranges

everything, so my last year of high school would be spent as a girl at a

girl's school.

     I had spent the entire week before going to school learning how to

walk, talk, sit, stand and act in a totally feminine manner. Mother has

even taken the precaution of making sure that I took special "vitamin

pills" every morning and night. She said they would help me with complexion

problems. So I didn't have a lot of problems fitting in except with all the

questions that the girls kept asking me about feminine things, like, did I

have a boyfriend, etc..

     Things seemed to be going pretty well after a couple of months, and I

thought I would be able to last out the year in spite of my friends trying

to constantly fix me up with their brothers and friends of boyfriends. None

of then had ever seen me with a boy, and I knew that two of my best friends

were beginning to worry about me. But, I tried to justify it through having

a hard mother. 

     One day after getting home from school, Mother said, "Honey, I

understand that the big school dance is next month. You are planning on

going, aren't you? I hate to see you being alone so much."

     "Why no mother, I don't plan to go and have to dance with BOYS!" 

     "Why not dear, you are a lovely girl now, you know."

     "Mother! You know I'm not. I'm just pretending."

     "Honey, have you noticed any difference in your body in the last few

months?" I had noticed and I was getting very worried about it. My breasts

were enlarging and together with my padded bras, I was really beginning to

stand out. And my hips were different. Wider. And my peach fuzz had

disappeared completely. 

     "Why yes, I have mother, and I don't understand it. What is happening

to me?" 

     "Dear, you are just beginning to blossom into a true young lady, and I

think it's time for you to act like one. I want you to go to the dance.

Your friend Mary told me about it and how they have been trying to fix you

up with dates, time and again."

     "But mother,....."

     "No buts, young lady. You are going to the dance. And I guess I should

let you know, those vitamin pills you have been taking are actually female

hormones. You are well on your way to womanhood."

     "Mother, you wouldn't! You can't do this to me. It's not right ...."

     "It is right. You've never been masculine. Not ever. So the next best

thing is to be completely feminine. And I'm going to see to it that you

are. Complete with an operation to change your sex in a year or two.!!!"

     I was devastated. I couldn't believe it. She had won. Now I couldn't

change back after school to the man I wanted to be. I was going to be a

girl ...... FOREVER.



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