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Archive-name: Changes/orientv2.txt


Archive-title: The Love Affairs of An Oriental Transvestite

  We are sitting on the sofa, watching "The Crying Game" together.  We are

  cuddling in each other's arms, your cheek nuzzling mine.  You are dividing

  your attention between the movie, where the TS star is tenderly giving a

  blowjob to her boyfriend, and my slender right arm, resting contentedly

  against your chest, a pearl bracelet encircling my tiny wrist.  You are

  impressed by how feminine, sophisticated, sexy I look in my new outfit.

  I am wearing a white blouse with sleeves & back made of sheer silk organza,

  a short black silk crepe de chine swing skirt which falls in big, loose folds

  around my slim waist, leading down to my shapely legs in silky black

  pantyhose, glistening in the twilights of the room; my pretty feet in

  black satin hi heel shoes are on the coffee table, giving you a beautiful

  view of my slender ankles & feet...  You are particularly impressed by

  my shoes.

  They are Yves St Laurent black satin hi heels:  pointy toes with open

  sides highlighting my curvaceous insteps, and peekaboo opennings showing

  two little toes, painted a demure peach red.

  You gently brush your hand over my arm, pulling me onto your lap.

  Your chin nuzzles my neck, enjoying the perfumed nape of my neck.

  As you brush your lips on my earlobe, I shiver.

  Your warm hand slip into my blouse, past the lacy edge of my satin bra,

  seeking my pert little nipple.  As it zeroes in on its target, I moan softly

  in my throat and lean my head back on your shoulder.  I can feel your

  erection thru my soft skirt, probing me questioningly.

  You sink your face into the loose curls of my hair, savoring my feminine

  fragrance.  You notice that my hands have sneaked into the folds of my

  skirt, and I am now rubbing myself down there.

  My breath grows shorter as I squirm, rubbing my silky thighs together.

  You watch in fascination as I rub myself, looking up at you,

  my eyes glazed with desire & lust, my wet pouty lips parted slightly,

  invitingly.  I slip one hand into my blouse and caress my nipples,

  moaning softly.  Then I lean over, unbutton your shirt, and

  start kissing & nibbling on your nipples.  I run my soft hands over your

  chest, squeezing your nipples tenderly.  I flick my hot, wet tongue over

  your nipples, teasing them.  During this, I am reaching under my skirt

  and squeezing myself, gliding a fingertip past my anus, shivering at the

  sensation & anticipation of what's to come.

  I lay back, resting my head on the sofa's arm, swinging one leg over your

  head and onto the back of the sofa, my soft skirt falling back to reveal

  that my pantyhose is crotchless!  You slip a hand up my burning thighs,

  feeling the cool silkiness of my stockings.  As your hand reaches the bare

  skin of my inner thighs, it was all I could do to keep myself from cumming!

  You stroke me, feeling the wetness forming on the tip.

  I slip off the hi heel pump on the other

  foot and gently put my foot onto your crotch, looking up at you

  seductively.  I slowly roll the bulge in

  your jeans under the sole of my foot, gently but firmly massaging it.

  You savor the sensation of your the tip of your cock being rubbed against

  your silk boxer shorts.

  You unzip your fly and taking my foot, you insert it into your fly.  The

  feel of my pantyhosed foot on your silk boxer shorts is simply amazing.

  You rub my pretty foot against your erect member.  I venture further and

  slip my foot into the fly of your boxer shorts.  Pressing your cock up

  against your stomach, I rub it gently, letting the silky feeling of my

  pantyhose excite you.  I roll your cock under my foot, tenderly touching

  the underside of its tip with my toes, caressing it.  You slip your cock

  out, and I clasp it between the sole of my feet and start masturbating

  you with my toes.  You lean back and close your eyes, revelling in the

  new sensation:  a pair of pretty slender feet in silky hosiery masturbating


  Suddenly, in one quick motion, I switch end and take you cock deep into

  my hot mouth, tonguing the tip wetly.

  I take you into my soft hands and squeeze you gently.  I suck

  on your balls, rolling them between my lips.  I run my tongue along the

  underside of  your erection, thrilled at my first taste of a man.  I can't

  help myself as I hungrily shove your cock into my mouth, sucking on it,

  milking it.  You gasp as I shove your cock

  deep into my tight throat, my tongue massaging the underside of the tip,

  the most sensitive part.  Having practiced with a zuchini, I have

  all the necessary skills to keep my teeth off of your cock, while letting

  my tongue and throat bring you to ecstacy.  I take your balls in my hands

  and roll them, squeezing them gently against each other.  I caress the

  area between your balls & your anus, pressing firmly, making you feel like

  you're about to shoot into my mouth.  "Mmmmmm...," I gurgled, as you

  thrust your cock deeper.

  Then, wanting to return the favor, you push me back, and dive

  at my crotch.  I have perfumed my pubic area, and as you find this out,

  you are even more aroused.  You lick & kiss around my nether region,

  rubbing your nose in my fine & soft pubic hair.  You glide your tongue

  down to under my balls.  As you dip the tip of your tongue into my anus

  and wiggle it around a bit, I let out little stiffled squeals of pleasure

  and my body trembles.  Then you begin sucking on the tip of my

  cute little cock, making smacking sounds & tickling me.

  Reaching for the lube, you begin to lube me up thru the open crotch of

  my pantyhose.  You rub your fingers around my anus, stroking me, pressing

  slightly.  You slowly open me up by inserting one then two then three

  fingers.  With three finger in me, you stretch me further by spreading

  your fingers, hearing me gasp as I reach new limits.  Now your fingers

  are slightly apart and you can almost look into me.

  You grab my ankles and raise & spread them as you get

  into a kneeling/squatting position between my legs.  You pull my ass

  up into your lap and put my ankles over your shoulders, putting me in a

  position to receive your penetration.  As I am helplessly awaiting the

  entry of your hard cock into me, I can't help but reaching under my bra

  and start rubbing & pinching my nipples.

  Then you start to ball me, your cock slipping deliciously into my pre-

  stretched anus, the fit almost perfect.  You start out pumping slowly,

  then more and more forceful, making me feel every hard inch of you

  ravaging my anus.  I wince at the pain.  Noticing my pain, you pause

  and tenderly kiss my ankles and caress my thighs.  Leaning down, you kiss

  my eager mouth, soothing me.  Then you take my sex into your hands and

  start squeezing & milking it, adding a bit of lube and stroking it between

  your fingers.  You pay special attention to the underside of the tip,

  just like I did to you.  You swirl an index finger over that very sensitive

  area and it feels soooo good!  As my breathing grows shorter and shorter

  and I start to mmmmmoan, you resume stroking in and out of my backdoor.

  Your strokes are long and deliberate, pulling almost all the way out

  until you almost fall out, only to plunge your cock back in.  I pull my

  buns together, deepening the crack in my behind, squeezinf your cock

  tighter and allowing your cock to slide in and out even further and

  let it rub the area around my openning at the same time.

  Our breathing grows more urgent, and then, as if on cue,

  I start to cum, clenching my anus tightly around your cock

  just as you start to ejaculate into me.  You stroke me harder and faster

  in both places as we both buck and moan, riding each other's orgasm to

  a new intensity.  Soon you let out a gasp as your body convulses one

  more time, then you collapse on top of me.  I wrap my legs around

  your hips, my silky hosed feet caressing your buns, and we lay there

  hugging each other in a sweaty, sticky mess, as "The Crying Game"

  continues to play in the background.



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