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Archive-name: Changes/orientv1.txt


Archive-title: The Love Affairs of An Oriental Transvestite

  Hmmm...  Darling, that was most delicious!  The part where you push my

  stockinged legs way up to expose my pussy-ass and then proceed to stuff

  my wet pussy full of your hard cock... mmm... I'm throbbing and aching

  just thinking about how you pin my legs apart so I can't resist, while

  you pump me with long and firm strokes.  I can feel myself stretching,

  just like the time I masturbated with a big zuchini.

  It must have been 1 3/4" - 2" across, and a good 12" long!  I remember

  sitting on the toilet, inserting first one finger, then two, then three

  and then _four_ fingers into my behind, trying to get myself ready for

  that monster!  I remember how I knelt on the floor, my knees apart,

  slowly lowering myself onto that thing!  Ohhhhh, did it hurt!  It took

  a while before I could sink down onto the whole thing.  At that point,

  I was so excited that just touching my nipples was enough to make me

  cum!  I could feel my tight pussy-ass clenching down on that bulbuous

  thing when I cum.  The only unpleasant part was withdrawing it after

  my orgasm:  I had to do it very slowly or it would be _very_ uncomfortable.

  When you fuck me for real, promise you'd be gentle, OK?

  I did not know that a bondage fantasy (where I am the one restrained)

  could be so erotic!  It was sweet of you to include **** in our fantasy.

  Perhaps one day, I could be your little French maid, sashaying around your

  house on my spike heels, cleaning, cooking, waiting on you and **** hand

  and foot, and generally just being your sex toy, to be played with in any

  way and at any time you see fit.

  Perhaps I would be standing at the table, bending over to wipe & clean it.

  The short black satin skirt of my maid's uniform would ride up in the

  back, giving a view of my black lace garter belt & sheer black stockings

  (no panties, as I have been instructed to remain open and available at

  all times).  You'd come up from behind, lift up my skirt

  and lean against my back, your weight pinning me against

  the table, your legs in between mine so I have to keep my thighs apart &

  my pussy-ass wide openned to be dealt with at your pleasure.

  As I am pinned helpless, you would rub your now erect-cock against the

  crack of my ass.  You would rub its head on my creamy white behind, sliding

  it around.  You reach down to run your hot hands up the cool stockings

  of my thighs, sliding your hands up until you have my balls in your hand,

  then you roll them in your hand like a pair of dice, driving me wild.

  You would kiss my ears & neck while reaching inside my blouse to stroke

  my nipples thru my satin bra.  The sensation of the satin material

  sliding against my nipples is _so_ erotic, making me thrust my ass back

  against you as if begging you to fuck me good and hard.

  Since I would be ordered to keep my pussy-ass always lubed, slippery,

  and ready, you start fucking me right there.  I struggle a little

  bit as your cock stretches me wide and violates me where it feels the best.

  You feel my tight virgin ass squeezing your manhood, milking you, asking

  for more.  You squirm against my creamy white behind, reaching around,

  taking my cock & balls in your hands, start stroking me to the rhythm

  of your motion in and out of me.  Every time the knob on your cock slides

  past my anus, I gasp in pain and pleasure.

  Then you feel my legs wrap around your legs and tighten up, as I collapse

  onto the table and start to cum.  You feel my ass squeezing you and you feel

  my slippery cum on your hand.  You grab my cock tighter and stroke me

  quicker, both with your hand and your cock, as you too, begin to orgasm.

  Wetly yours,



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