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Archive-name: Changes/niteside.txt


Archive-title: Niteside

Night had always been Don's favorite time of the day. all of the

hectic events of the job were forgotten, and there was time to

unwind and enjoy life. For that reason he was somewhat protective

of his evenings. The bar scene was more of an intrusion on his

private life than an escape from reality. 

This is what made this evening's events so unusual. All day long

Don had felt a restlessness as if something or someone was calling

to him. He couldn't put his finger on it but it seamed that this

feeling began right after an unusual business meeting that


A office supplies salesman named John Michelle, had met with him to

show some of the latest computer supplies on the market. In of

itself the meeting was not particularly eventful. However Don was

surprised that the salesman spent less time talking about his

products than about the local nightlife. When Don said he did not

get out much, he said it was hard to believe that because Don was

so attractive. At first Don thought the salesman might be gay, but

had that notion dispelled when John stated he was new in town and

asked if there were any bars in town where he might meet

"aggressive women". 

Don was shocked at this inquiry. First he thought it extremely

inappropriate to ask such a thing in an initial sales call. But he

was unnerved for a deeper and very hidden reason. For years Don had

frequented the local B & D scene looking for something he couldn't

find in any of the usual relationships he had before. 

The salesman was right, Don was attractive, athletic and clean cut.

But for some reason he had never found the type of relationship

that satisfied his needs. He had always wanted a woman to take

charge of their relationship. He enjoyed the passive role. However,

finding a woman willing to do this was extremely difficult.

In frustration Don had turned to frequenting B & D bars and clubs

to find a woman to control him. Again his efforts were met with

frustration. The dominants he met, and submitted to were mostly in

it for the money. To them it was another form of prostitution. When

he did encounter a dominant who really lived that life style, she

was invariably so cruel that the situation was too humiliating to

sustain for any period of time. Just recently Don decided it was a

waste of time, and had sworn off the bar scene.

So when John asked the question, Don was flooded with all of the

emotions he had recently suppressed. 

Trying not to look to obvious Don said, " I have heard of a club

called the Rack that has a reputation along those lines."

John replied with a knowing look," How would you say it stacks up

against other bars like it in town."

Don then decided that this conversation was getting a little too

close to home and should be cut off. He said," I wouldn't know. Now

if you don't have anything else to show me, I have another

appointment waiting."

At that John smiled in an almost obscene manner. "As a matter of

fact," he said," I do happen to have a program here that I would

like to give to you as a token of my good intentions, and as the

first installment in a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

This is a new spreadsheet program that is generations ahead of

anything else on the market. This is for you only, because I save

this for my special clients. It is protected and can only be

installed on your PC. I would appreciate you only using it

yourself, so I can get your unbiased opinion of its capabilities.

Also here is my card if you need anything else. I know I will be

seeing you soon."

With that he said goodbye and left. Don thought to himself that was

one of the boldest and most unusual sales calls he had ever had.

Don became even more convinced when he looked at the business card.

The lettering had the look and feel of leather. It had the first

name in small letters and the last name in a flowing script in

capitals. (john MICHELLE)

Don didn't really have another appointment, so he decided to take

a look at the software. He installed it on his computer, and sure

enough it did have some kind of protection which rendered it unable

to be copied further. He started the program and was in for a

bigger surprise. It was titled "NITESIDE, the DOMINANT

spreadsheet". Getting over his initial shock Don played around with

the program and found it to be an extremely powerful and flexible

spreadsheet. He tried to view the program but found it to be

written in a fashion he had never seen before. When he finally

looked up he was surprised to see that it was 7 P.M.

He packed up and headed for home. But as the evening wore on the

feeling of longing got greater and greater. He went to bed early

hoping that sleep would provide some peace. He woke up and looked

at the clock; 4 A.M. Don decided that he might as well go to work,

he certainly couldn't sleep. 

Upon reaching his office he found himself drawn to his PC. Almost

instinctively he brought up NITESIDE. He transferred all of his

files to it and began to work on some of his current projects. He

was continually amazed at how much easier it was to get his work

done that day. Furthermore his boss commented on the improvement in

the quality of his work. All that week he found himself using the

program for almost the whole day. Adding to this was the

continuation of the insomnia, and the habit of coming to work

early. Had Don noticed, he would have seen that he was spending

almost 18 hours a day in front of the computer and NITESIDE.

By the end of the week one thing that did become clear. Don

identified the source of the longing. His need to look for a

relationship with a dominant woman was reasserting itself, but it

was different. Instead of just wanting the submissive role, he felt

a new desire to be the woman in the relationship. In addition, he

kept having dreams about being sexually taken as a woman. These

dreams were unusually graphic with scenes of him servicing a

faceless man with both oral and anal sex. 

He did not know how to reconcile these new feelings to his previous

desires. He knew he was submissive but never thought that meant he

was necessarily gay. Besides he was attracted to the look of a

dominant woman as much as to the attitude. The regal look of an

elegantly made up woman encased in skin smooth leather, showing

black stockings and spiked heels was his dream.

Finally at the end of the work week Don could no longer resist his

desires. He found himself in a haze as his feet led him to the

Rack. He went right to the bar, hoping that a drink would slow this

feeling down. He knocked down the first one and ordered another.

Feeling a little better, he relaxed and looked around as the crowd

filtered in. He saw many of the people he had seen before. The

hookers plied their trade on the hopeless submissives who begged to

be ground underfoot. 

Just as Don thought that this was only going to be a reminder of

why he had stopped coming here, he saw HER.

Sitting at a table by herself was a vision. She had a mane of black

hair that framed the face of a goddess. Exotic eyes were

highlighted with shades of blue; high cheeks were shaded

dramatically; and full lips were as red as blood. She was dressed

in a black sheath made of what was obviously expensive sheepskin

leather. Slit to her thigh, it allowed her beautiful legs to be

displayed. They showed black nylons leaving a hint of smooth white

flesh at the top. Her feet were enclosed in black leather pumps, 6

inches high and shining like mirrors. Her arms were covered to the

shoulder in impossibly tight gloves made of the same material as

her dress. The gloves were unusual in that the only opening was at

the fingertips. Thrusting from these slits were red fingernails at

least 2 inches long. the amazing part about them is that they

looked real.

As Don watched this vision he was struck by the fact that this

Incredibly attractive woman was still alone. It was obviously her

choice. Time and time again she turned away potential worshippers.

Just as Don thought that she might be totally unapproachable, she

looked over at him and smiled. She lifted her hand, curled one

finger, and motioned him to come to her. 

He felt himself lifted from his stool and floated across the floor

to her. He dropped to his knees in front of her. He did not

consciously speak but heard his voice say, " You called to me. I am


She smiled and said," I knew you would come. I made sure you would

be here tonight"

Even in his daze Don was shocked by her statement. He gathered

himself and replied," How could you have known I would be here. I

have never seen you before. Do I know you from somewhere else?"

She smiled again and said, "Oh, but I have seen you before, and I

think I do know you very well."

She extended her hand and said," My card."

Don looked at the card. It had letters in a flowing script and a

leather-like print It said: MICHELLE johns. Don felt his palms get

wet and his head get light. He looked at this voluptuous and erotic

woman in shock. This must be some kind of game she was playing with

that salesman who had visited him during the week.

Don said, "Please forgive me but I still don't think that I have

met YOU before."

She gave a mock startled look and said, " I am hurt that you don't

remember me" She then lowered her frosted eyelids and her tongue

rolled across her pouting lips, " Of course now that we are on the

niteside I do look a little different."

Don began to get a little nervous and subsequently angry. He said,"

You're not trying to tell me that YOU might happen to be an office

supplies salesman, are you."

She gave him a mocking smile," My but you catch on fast. But the

program does enhance learning skills. Yes my new pet, I am john

Michelle on the dayside; and Michelle johns on the niteside.

Now Don got very nervous," That is the second time that you have

used the phrase "niteside", That wouldn't just be a coincidence

that I have been using a program with the same name"

"Good", she said, " You are learning. Do you like my present? It

was created just for you. Have you noticed how you gust couldn't

put it down? It kind of gets your attention doesn't it. Why do you

think you are here tonight? The program planted suggestions in your

mind to meet me here tonight."

She curled her lip and snapped," Down slave!"     

Don involuntary dropped to his knees in front of this commanding


She smiled again, " See what else the program did for you. It made

you much more submissive than you ever have been before. More

importantly for our purpose tonight it has changed your attitudes

towards giving head and receiving a cock. You are going to be a

very good little girl some day."


Next: Submission and conversion. 


Don looked at Michelle johns with an equal mix of desire and fear,"

What is in that Niteside software? Did it use subliminal messages

to make me come here?"

She reached out and lightly caressed his cheek with her leather

clad hand, "Please give more credit than that. Niteside does not

employ such primitive techniques. It gives your monitor the ability

to focus a special kind of radiation in a beam to selected portions

of your brain. It is very powerful but in a very tight beam at low

doses, so that there is no damage done. There are no suggestions

given, your brain is physically altered."

She held his face in her hands and said," You are very lucky. You

are going to become what you always wanted to be, the submissive in

a relationship. You have never found the woman you wanted. Silly

boy, or should I say girl, that is because she doesn't exist. You

will never find a a commanding woman to allow you to be submissive

without her becoming excessively cruel. I am giving you a better

way to become submissive. you are going to be a girl"

Don wanted to run away but found he could not move a muscle when

she held him. His voice shook, " This is a cruel alternative you

are giving me. My brain is being changed into that of a girl, but

my body is still that of a man. You are making my life more

miserable than ever."

She gave a little frown that frightened Don more than he had ever

been in his life, " Do you think I would have gone to all of this

trouble if I just intended to change your brain. I could have

mailed you Niteside and done that. The first time you looked at it,

it hooked you. You will continue to use it until it has completed

its transformation. You might have noticed that it has also helped

your work. Get it straight right now, I am helping you not hurting


She stood up, rising to almost six feet tall on her 6 inch spikes.

Don felt himself drawn to his feet also.

Michelle smiled and said," As to your outward transformation, that

begins tonight. By the way this is the part of the process that I

enjoy the most. Come with me my pet."

With that she pulled him to her and pressed her lush lips to his.

Don felt the air being drawn out of him and his consciousness

slipping away.

He awoke on a huge bed in an elegantly decorated room. He felt the

silk sheets sliding on his nude body. Before he could rise he heard

a low, sultry voice.

" Time to get started little girl." Michelle said as she stepped

into the room. She had changed her clothes but the look was

similar. The dress was gone but what was left was as striking.

Her legs were encased in thigh high boots of skin smooth red

leather. Red nylons peeked above the boots and were attached to an

impossibly tight corset also in the same red leather. It covered

her torso from crotch to breasts. Her breasts were perfect globes

supported by the corset. She had replaced the black gloves with red

ones. They had that same fingertip openings so the dagger like

nails could show.

Her hair had changed from the previous black mane to long straight

auburn tresses that fell to her back and shone like ice. Remarkably

her hair looked as real now as it had before.

As excited as he was by this vision, Don noticed some things that

troubled him. The leather used in her clothes was unlike anything

he had ever seen. It fit her too perfectly. It was perfectly smooth

and soft. It did not wrinkle even when she moved ar bent over. For

all intents and purposes it acted as a second skin. 

The other unusual feature of this goddess was her skin. It was

perfect. It was a soft shade of pink without a blemish or mark on

it. there was no hair to be seen on any of the skin he could see.

Then it struck him that this was what was unusual. He could not see

any hair follicles or large pores in her skin. It was perfectly


She glides over to the bed and pulled back the sheets exposing his

erect cock. She licked her lips and said," I'm glad you like what

you see, Because you are going to see a lot more of it."

She climbed onto the bed and caressed his thigh, " Relax little

girl, Your mistress is going to run this show. You are finally with

the woman of your dreams. Lay back and be a submissive little


She began to kiss him in a way that he had never felt before. Her

lips were so smooth that they slid over his mouth face and neck.

She fondled his body , finding hat spots he had not previously

suspected were there. She reached down and ran her nails over his

cock. He could see the leather clad hand stroking his cock, but

could feel only smooth skin. Just as Don was about to erupt she sat

up, picking him up with little apparent effort. 

"Now you are ready for the change to begin. This is where you start

the process of being a Niteside girl. And I get to enjoy the

pleasure of being one."

She reached down and unhooked the crotch panel on the corset. It

seemed to separate on its own. She smiled, slowly removing her hand

to reveal a large, erect and perfectly formed cock. Again Don was

startled, and not just by the fact that this goddess had a cock.

Her cock, like the rest of her was perfectly smooth. There was no

hair to be seen, no stubble, and no wrinkles. It was a smooth as


She whispered, " Do you like it. I know you do. After all I

programmed you to like it. Do you like its smoothness. That's so it

goes in easier. After all I don't ever want to hurt you. First you

are going to suck on my cock. Your loading dosage is in my cum.

There are genetically engineered hormones in my cum that will begin

the process of converting your body to match your mind. You are

going to be a girl inside and outside. Come and get your future


Don was a prisoner to the programming, or was it really his

desires. He had never sucked a cock before, but was being compelled

to do so. He reached over an touched her cock. It was smooth as

glass, but unlike glass it was soft skin. It was certainly not soft

underneath the skin. He felt himself pulled to the cock. It entered

his mouth and felt as natural there as did his tongue. He did not

stop taking it until it was down his throat, remarkably he found no

difficulty breathing around her tool. He laid back like a good

little girl and allowed Michelle to fuck his face. She moved slowly

and gently. After what seemed like an impossibly long time he felt

her erupt down his throat. Instantly he felt a glow envelop his

entire body.

"That's it Dawn. Take all of your medicine. Do you feel it taking

effect? Not just yet, but soon you will start to change. That is

part of the fun. You have to take the entire course of treatment,

and that means lot's more fun for both of us. Once you have sucked

enough of my cum, you will take on the appearance of a beautiful

girl. Then you will be ready for me to deflower your little bottom.

That will make the changes permanent. Sleep now, I'll see you


When Don awoke he shot up, looked around, and found himself in his

own bed. Did he just dream the events of the previous night or were

they real. He looked at his watch and was shocked to see that it

was early, Monday morning. How could he have slept through the

whole weekend? He knew he had been exhausted but this was

ridiculous. Fear gripped him and caused the hair on the back of his

neck to stand on end.

Don dressed himself and went to work. Just as been the case the

week before, his first action was to turn on his computer and bring

up Niteside. As usual he spent the day in front of the screen,

pumping out massive amounts of high quality work.But unlike the previous week, at the end of the day he suddenly had

an overriding urge to go home. He packed up his things and headed

for home. When he got there he was perplexed, because for the life

of him he couldn't put his finger on just why it was so important

for him to be a home. But he knew he was waiting for something.

He decided to make supper while he waited. As he set the table he

watched the sun go down. As the last rays of the sun dipped below

the horizon, Don felt a glow enclose his body. Suddenly his

memories rushed back to him. It was the same feeling he had

experiences when he swallowed Michelle's cum. The weekend had not

been a dream. When the feeling passed he looked up. Letting out a

sigh of relief, he realized he was still in his apartment. don

decided to continue with dinner, and started towards the

refrigerator and almost stumbled. His foot had come half way out of

his shoe.


He sat down, took off his shoes and looked down at his feet. They

were noticeably smaller! Don ran to the bedroom where there was a

full length dressing mirror. He stripped off his clothes and

looked. There in the mirror was someone between a boy and a girl.

He was a little shorter, his hair was a little longer, his hips

were a little wider, his breasts were swollen, and his nipples were

a little larger. In contrast to this more feminine image was the

fact that it seamed that his cock was a little larger. Or was it

just that this creature in the mirror was exciting to him. 

Don reached up and felt his breast and got a bigger shock. His

entire body was hairless. As he felt his skin he had a ominous

feeling that he had felt skin like this before. It was perfectly

smooth. As close as he looked he could not see any marks, hair

follicles or pores. His skin was just like Michelle's. 

His concentration was broken when the phone rang. With great fear,

but almost automatically he picked up the phone.

"Hello Dawn", said the sultry voice," This is Michelle. I want to

congratulate you on your first night as a Niteside girl."

Don spoke, but was shocked at his voice. It was softer and higher."

What have you done to me?"

"Silly girl," She said," The hormones in my cum that you so happily

sucked down are working. I told you all about them. I did forget to

tell you that being a Niteside girl is a literal definition. Enjoy

the changes. I'll see you this Friday night for your next dosage"


hung up the phone and laid back on the bed. The full impact of the

situation hit him. He was the mental prisoner to a dominant goddess

who was using advanced sciences to change him into a beautiful

girl. He was still confused as to how these hormones worked. Why

did they wait to kick in at night, and how could they cause such

extreme changes so quickly. 

He got up and decided to continue with dinner. He remembered that

sometimes you could cope better with great stress if you continued

to perform routine functions. As he walked back to the kitchen he

noticed himself moving in a much more feminine fashion. He was

unconsciously taking smaller steps. His hips had a slight sway when

he moved, and he held his hands in a decidedly ladylike way. Even

when he sat he found his legs crossed petitely even before he could

think of doing it.

Was this the hormones taking effect, or was his mind actually being

changed into that of a woman by the Niteside program? Don found

himself thinking in less masculine terms, and getting closer and

more comfortable with feminine thoughts. The ones that still

disturbed him were his changing attitude about sex with men.

Somehow the thought of having sex with a man was no longer

repugnant. It was not as if he actually craved men. After all his

desires were currently focused entirely on Mistress Michelle. It

was just that every time he thought about sex it was as the

receiver of the act rather than as the initiator. From that it

didn't seem unnatural to want sex with men who would initiate sex.

Don went to sleep with and even greater conviction that the control

of his life was rapidly slipping away from him.

When Don woke up the next morning he stumbled into the bathroom,

still not quite awake. He was halfway through washing up when he

noticed that his physical appearance was back to that of a man.

Again he felt that cold chill creep up his spine. How could

hormones change him only at night? Something was very wrong here.

The rest of the work week was identical. Each day was spent glued

to his PC doing all of his work on the Niteside program. Had Don

not been conditioned by the continuous stream of radiation from the

screen, he might have noticed that the program seemed to grow into

whatever he needed. If he needed word processing it was suddenly

there; if he needed graphics they were there; if he needed

communications they would appear. Niteside would insure that he

stayed in front of the screen, and as he did so, the process of

altering his brain to that of a female continued.

Each night was identical physically. At sunset he would feel the

glow surround him and he would be changed back into a boy-girl.

There were not any noticeable differences from the first night. But

Don did notice mental changes. When his body would transform he

found the female thoughts strengthening. He felt his desires for

sex intensifying and changing. He was incredibly horny, but his

thoughts of relief were altered. In the past he might get out a

porno magazine featuring dominants and take things into his own

hands. Now he found himself having strange desires. He wanted to

rub and fondle his entire body. He found his nipples to be

especially exciting, as they would rise under his touch. He found

his hands wondering to his softer, fuller bottom. As his fingers

explored he could almost hear a voice, (his feminized voice), 

saying "Fuck me". Eventually he slid a inger into his sphincter. He

played with his ass like a kid with a new toy. 

When his excitement reached what seemed to be its peak, Don again

felt an uncontrollable urge. His computer conditioned response

forced him to bend at the waist. He bent further and further until

his lips could reach his cock. Then as impossible as it seemed, he

sucked himself all the way down his throat, all the while

continuing to stimulate his prostate. The inevitable would occur in

a shattering explosion, sending torrents of cum down his throat. He

would then collapse into sleep.

When work ended on Friday don knew that a different set of commands

would control his actions. He went home and waited. As night fell

the change took place. It was then he knew what was next. Without

thought he opened his briefcase and pulled out the business card of

john Michelle and called the number. To Don's surprise he got a

answering service that gave him a message. It said to go to a bus

locker to get two suitcases, and then to be at an address at 9:00. 

He put on a sweatsuit that covered his now altered body and went to

the bus station. Thankfully without incident he got the two

suitcases and found them to be locked. He then drove to the address

given by the service. At first he thought he had gotten the wrong

address. The street was in a virtually abandoned part of town.

Urban renual had not found its way to this neighborhood yet. But

there at the end of the street was a small, unimpressive house

surrounded by a very impressive fence. There was no question that

the occupant of this house did not want to be disturbed. A maximum

security prison would have envied this setup. As he turned into the

drive a gate slid open automatically, and closed right behind him. 

Don got out of the car and carried the suitcases to the front door.

As he went to ring the bell the door slid open like an air hatch.

A sensual voice he immediately knew said, "Follow the lights to

your bedroom Dawn. You will then get ready for me."

In that all of the rest of the lights in the house were off it was

easy to find the bedroom. Don put the suitcases on the bed and

looked around the room. It was decorated by someone who had

specialized in bordellos. The colors red and black dominated the

room. The lights were all covered with transparent red veils,

giving a rose tint to the scene. The bed was huge with red silk

sheets and the obligatory mirrored ceiling above it.

Don set the bags on a low dresser. As he did so he noticed that the

locks were no longer shut. He opened the cases and was surprised,

not by their contents, but by the volume of beautiful clothes in

them. There was everything from mini skirts to evening dresses,

lace teddies to leather corsets. There was also a series of smaller

compartments filled with a selection of makeup. He opened a box and

found a lush, dramatic auburn wig. Again he felt the training take

hold, as he placed the wig on his head. In that his hair was longer

since the change the wig should not have fit that well, but it

gripped his head as if rooted to it.

He took a selection of cosmetics and sat at the dressing table.

After he pinned his new hair back, He began to apply makeup like he

was born doing it. After he applied foundation, he lined his eyes

in a cat like fashion, and shaded his lids with complementary

shades of green. He coated his long lashes with mascara, and

blushed his high cheek bones. He lined his lips with a deep red

pencil, and filled them with a lighter, but dramatic color. The

change had made his lips fuller, and the color really emphasized

their kissable appeal. He placed a set of self adhesive fingernails

on his slender fingers. He finished by painting his nails a candy

apple red.  

He sat back from his task and looked in the mirror. A sensual

stranger was looking back at him. She beckoned to him with a toss

of her tresses; she seduced him with her veiled com hither look;

she made him hard with her inviting lips. Don pulled himself away

from this seductress, afraid that his training would start him

sucking on himself again. He got out a satin corset that and

examined it. There was no way that this restrictive garment was

going to fit even his smaller, altered body. He noticed a trio of

buttons on the bottom of the corset. Without knowing how he knew,

he knew what to do. He pressed the buttons on combination and heard

the hiss of micro-sized, gas powered stays expand the garment. He

slid it on and reversed the process. He wasn't fully prepared for

the crushing grip on his waist as the tiny pumps evacuated the

lines and caused the corset to contract. Just as he thought he was

going to be cut in two, they stopped. His waist was now restricted

to a petite 22 inches. In contrast his hips and breasts were

accentuated by the extra flesh pushed out. He then took out a bra

that had its own gel inserts. He slipped it on backwards, fastened

it, turned it around to the front and felt it mold to his puffy

little boobs. 

He slid on a set of seamed, black stockings attaching them with

garters to the corset; a ridiculously easy task with no hair at all

on his legs. He slipped his feet into a pair of spiked heeled

slippers, appropriate for the bedroom. Don turned and looked in the


There facing him was a vision of sensuality. She had an elegantly

made up face framed by a mane of reddish brown hair. Her ample

breasts and hips were accentuated by a wasp waist. Her hands were

tipped with ten crimson daggers. She was perched on spikes that

forced her to accentuate her curvacious body. And there in the

middle of this seductive female sex toy was a raging hard on. Don

could not stop his hands from roaming over this exquisite creature

in the mirror. He fondled her breasts, stroked her legs, craved her

lips. Finally he had one hand caressing his cock, and the other

probing his bottom in the process of fingering himself.

In his state of excitement he did not hear Michelle come into the

room. She smiled at his actions with the look of one who had shared

these experiences. She said softly " Dawn, your mistress has your


He turned and beheld yet another version of this goddess who had

taken control of his life. She was now an elegant blond. Her full

thick hair piled up in an intricate fashion. She was all in blue

leather; the same skin like leather she had worn before. Incredibly

long legs extended from a mini skirt; perfect breasts pushed out of

the top of a bustier; and her shoulders were covered by a bolero

jacket. Her hands were covered by short leather gloves with the

same distinctive openings for long blue fingernails. Her legs were

encased in thigh high, spiked boots; again clinging like a second

skin. But this time she had not bothered to cover her other all to

obvious charm. Her huge cock stood straight out from under her


She came to him and pressed her body to hers. His moist lips were

crushed by her lush ones. Her tongue thrust itself into his mouth

as if it was going to fuck it. Their breasts presses against each

other, and to Don's pleasure he could feel her nipples press right

through the gel forms. Her leather legs parted his silk clad ones,

and her cock nestled against his. 

She picked him up and placed him on the bed. He was mad with

desire. He wanted to be a girl for her, and he wanted her cock

badly. She used his desires by not fulfilling them immediately. She

raked her nails over his exposed flesh in a manner that raised the

sensitivity of his nerve endings to new heights. She then cooled

his skin by smothering him in passionate, sucking kisses, and

explored his entire body with her tongue. She placed him on his

side and laid in the opposite direction. "Suck little girl" She


He greedily enveloped her cock with his lush lips. Again the entire

length slipped down his throat with no effort. The silk smooth tool

seemed to drive deeper and deeper with each thrust. When she

stiffened in her orgasm , the first spurt felt as if it was being

injected directly and deeply into his body. 

Then he felt her full lips close around his throbbing member. "Now

that the hormones are in you, we can't afford to loose them. When

you come they will flow through me and I will shoot them right back

into your mouth." That statement was like a command to his passion.

He came into her mouth, but before he was even done her cock

erupted again, sending another torrent down his throat. He passed

out.   Nite4.txt

As Don awoke from his deep and dreamless sleep, he open his

eyes and was not surprised to once again find himself in his

own bedroom. Just like the week before, he had been

transported from his sexual encounter with the dominant TV,

Michelle. How did she get him back to his apartment in his

unconscious state without anyone seeing them was a mystery

he did not really want to think about. He was also not

surprised when he looked at his watch and saw that it was

early Monday morning again, right on time to get in front of

his computer screen and the hypnotic Niteside program.

On the drive to work he noticed little feelings inside of

himself that bothered him. He could swear that he could feel

her sperm inside of him. It was like a light touch all over

his body. The genetically engineered hormones inside of him

were inexorably changing his body. It was like having

another person inhabiting the same body with him. It was not

an unpleasant feeling, in fact it was soothing in a similar

fashion as getting a back rub. Except this was everywhere,

from his hair to his toes, and it never stopped.

Once at work however the Niteside program took care of any

distractions. He was single mindedly dedicated to his work

for the entire time he was in front of the screen. This

morning he had the impossible notion that he could actually

feel the radiation beam from the screen penetrating his

brain. He knew that thew longer he sat in front of this

screen, the more Niteside was altering the patterns and

physical composition of his brain to that of a girl. Could

it be that the enhanced levels of alien hormones in his body

were making him more receptive to this process? Were the

hormonal changes enhancing the conversion of his brain?

Whatever the reason, Don had little doubt over the fact that

he was thinking and acting more and more like a girl each

day. In his spare time he found himself drawn away from the

masculine world that he had grown up with. He had little

interest in sports, and read more and more of Cosmo and

vogue. He found himself much more interested in the

secretaries' conversations than those of the "guys'. The

only part of this process that frightened him was that he

found himself attracted less to his female peers than those

same "guys". He found himself looking at buns mare than

boobs. While in the past this would have sent him screaming

to a shrink, he did not seem to really notice the attitude

change, let alone mind it.

 Fortunately for him the Niteside program kept him glued to

his screen and therefore his work. The organization

continued to be thrilled by the quantity and quality of his

efforts. His bosses kept up a steady stream of complements

and started to suggest that he might be in line for higher

positions in the firm.

Don sat at home Monday night wondering if the setting of the

sun would bring any new changes. He had gotten used to the

nightly conversion, probably as much from the conditioning

as from the fact that when changed, he was a good

approximation of a pretty girl. That and the fact that his

nightly self inflicted blow jobs were his sole source of


He suspected that tonight might bring something special.

When he came home he went to hang up his suit and found all

but one of his closets filled with feminine fashions. His

altered brain was very happy to find a treasure trove of

clothing to go with the two suit cases he had started with.

there seemed to be an emphasis on evening wear. Lots of

cocktail dresses, sequins and taffeta. There was not a pair

of shoes that had less than 5 " heels. To his delight he

found a section of the closet had been reserved for what had

to be dominant clothing. Lots and lots of that special

leather that molded to his skin when he put it on. And he

did put it on . His altered brain wanted to try on his new

wardrobe immediately, but his still male body did not want

to cooperate.  The leather did slide onto his body but he

was disappointed that he just looked like a man wearing a

leather dress. He decided to leave on the dress as he waited

for sunset.

The sun slipped under the horizon and Don was encompassed by

the familiar and increasingly comfortable glow of the

change. He could feel the energy radiate from his own body.

Somehow the fact that this did not come from the outside

comforted him. He could feel his body swell in the hips and

breasts. He felt his bones contract to alter his size and

shape. The only really uncomfortable part was when he would

loose his breath as his ribs contracted. How does one

describe the feeling of your face changing. Again it

reminded him of a whole body massage, except these hands

were everywhere and these were definitely "magic fingers".

Right away Don knew that this change was different. The

weight on his chest told him that, and as he ran to the full

length mirror he could feel his hips swinging. Don thought

he was past surprises but what he saw in the mirror shocked


SHE was beautiful. Her delicate face was accentuated by high

cheekbones and wide almond shaped eyes. A tiny turned up

nose centered above full and pouting lips. A full head of

thick auburn hair went well past her shoulders. Her entire

face was an invitation to be fucked. But it was the body

that amazed him. Firm, pert breasts jutted from a sensual

frame. She had the body of a athlete rather than that of a

hooker. There were well toned muscles holding a tiny

waist in. Her hips were full, not with excess fat but with

firm smooth tissue. Firm sensual thighs tapered down to

calves and feet that were made to perch on spiked heels.

And amazingly her cock was even bigger. By now it throbbed

with excitement, extending to a good 10". This turgid male

symbol in the middle of a feminine body was an exciting


While his lust called her to explore this new toy, his

programming sent her to the mirror. With an expert hand that

would be the envy of an artist she applied her makeup and

styled her hair. It was difficult to imagine that the face

in the mirror could become any sexier but it did. She

changed from an extremely pretty innocent girl into a

sensual woman. Dramatic green shaded eyes looked for sex. A

mouth that could only be described as a sexual orifice

called for sex. Rich flowing hair would caress the crotch of

a prospective lover.

She sauntered over to the closets filled with her sensual

clothing. She selected an emerald green, satin corset, and

slid it over her full hips. She pressed the concealed button

that her programming taught her about. She was prepared for

the crushing of the micro-hydrolic pumps in the corset. They

slowly and uniformly squeezed her waist down under 20". She

sat on the bed and slowly slid her matching green nylons up

her hairless legs, attaching them to the garters. She

squeezed her feet into delicate sandals and tightened the

ankle straps. Finally she slithered her constrained body

into a matching silk dress, and tightened a leather belt

around her waist.

She strolled over to the mirror with the grace of a cat and

beheld her handiwork. There was a tantalizing sex toy

looking at her, asking for sexual release. Large breasts

forced erect nipples against their silk covering. Her tits

cut down to a diminutive waist, which was further emphasized

by her full hips. Long slender legs on their spiked

platforms were split by a erotic contrasting bulge. Her

nipples were not the only thing that was erect.

Her sensations in her cock were driving her mad. The silk

was ever so gently brushing against the head of her dick.

She lifted her skirt to reveal the throbbing flesh. She

thought about resisting for a brief minute but she was

hooked. She lay on the bed and folded herself in half at the

waist. Her lips enfolded her cock and inhaled it down her

throat. As she sucked her fingers explored her backside,

plunging in and out in an effort to fuck herself. As she

tickled her prostate she came down her throat. If she had

retained her consciousness she would have seen herself

sucking on herself for the rest of the night.

The week progressed with the pattern repeated , he went to

work, got programmed, and she sucked the night away. At the

end of Friday, Don expected the mental call to see Michelle.

Just then he realized that something was different. for the

first time since he had gotten the Niteside program, he was

not being compelled to look at it. A little nervous at the

sudden feeling of abandonment, he went home and waited.

As the sun set the now blessed change took over his body.

Dawn was back and ready for something special. She went to

the closet and noticed a garment bag he had not seen before.

She felt faint as she saw the most obscene wedding dress

ever made. It was made of the same skin molding leather as

the dominant outfits. It was open at the top and would

expose all of her breasts. It flared at the waist to a full

skirt slit up the middle to her crotch. The sleeves went all

the way to her wrists and attached to tight gloves that

exposed only her fingernails.

She felt the urge to rush to get ready, but for what? She

slithered into the dress and pressed a button that caused

the waist to contract to her accustomed 19". She also felt

the sleeves contract to encase her slender arms and hands in

white leather. She got out a thigh high pair of white,

spiked boots and marveled that they slid on as easily as

nylons, and molded to the legs. Her makeup was done to match

her outfit. Silver and blue accented her large eyes. A

whitish shade covered her willing lips. and her long nails

were in done in pearl. She was an carnal combination of a

slut and a virgin bride. She was ready.

The timing of the knock on the door was expected. Dawn

minced over and opened the door. It was Michelle. She smiled

as she looked over the product of her efforts. The little

slut was ready and so was she.

Dawn did the impossible and became more excited as she took

Michelle's fur coat. Michelle was encased in what could only

be described as a leather body glove. It started right under

her chin and merged into a matching pair of 6" heels. As

before the sleeves became gloves that left only her nails

exposed. In fact her nails and face were the only areas not

covered in leather. Her face was just as striking. Exquisite

makeup was framed by full black hair that was blown back and

up to create a wild and lustful look.

Michelle grinned in a satisfied manner and said," Tonight is

the final night of out relationship. You have been a good

subject for conversion. Your basic submissive nature made

you a desirable candidate. We knew all of your deepest

thoughts as we scanned your brain. Do you remember the times

you communicated with the various BBS's in the country? The

open communication lines gave us access to your mind.

You should be honored. We needed a new representative in


area of the country, and you were chosen over many other

qualified candidates. After tonight you will continue our

work here. It is my honor and pleasure to give you the final

hormone injection that will make the changes that you have

been experiencing permanent. I will take your little anal

cherry tonight and make you one of us."

Michelle felt a moment of pity as she saw the confusion and

horror on Dawn's face. " There is no reason to be

frightened. The process is totally painless. You will come

to enjoy the nightly conversion and may even learn to orgasm

when it happens. The only new part of your life is that you

will now assume the dominant role in relationships. Your

programming has set you up for this change, and further

upgrades of the Niteside program will assist you."

"Your job, should you choose to accept it, and you have no

real choice, is to become a representative of our "firm".


will distribute a lesser version of the Niteside program to

a selected list of clients that we will provide to you. They

will then go through the conversion that you have

experienced, with one difference. They will remain

submissive to you and the needs of the "firm." We will


our user network and add value to our shareholders. "

Dawn briefly found her voice, " Who is this firm? And if

they want subservient TV's as employees why are these

changes limited to the night time? "

"I will answer you second question first", said Michelle.

"Society as a whole is not prepared for a large population

of TV's running around no matter how beautiful they are. the

female population would never stand for that drastic of a

threat. Our objective is to maintain a stable society so

that we can reap the full benefits of this process. We are

all standard males during the day so that we can retain the

fabric of society as we harvest the rewards of our work"

"Your second question is a bit more complicated, but seeing

that you are about to become a "partner in the firm", I

think that you have the right to know. We are an alien race

that found this lovely planet in our travels. We devised

this scheme to take advantage of your resources without

destroying the planet. Make no mistake, we are fully capable

of that action. However we are a benevolent people. We used

a method that subjected you to our needs, but in a way that

gave you pleasure as well. Even the most submissive of our

servants will experience sexual pleasure far beyond their

normal capacity. Haven't you noticed the intensity of your

desires and subsequent orgasms? As a "partner" you will

have approximately double the sexuality of our submissives,

and they will in turn be doubly as sexual as the general

population. After all there have to be some rewards for

services rendered."

Michelle pulled Dawn close to her saying, "I think it is

time to initiate you to the firm."

She pressed her lips to Dawn's and thrust her tongue down

her willing throat. Dawn felt herself in the firm hold of

this dominant beauty, and willingly submitted to her

passion. She felt her hard on pressing against the leather

of Michelle's outfit, and felt Michelle's cock rise and

throb against her in return.

Michelle picked up the little "virgin" and carried her to

the bed. She gently laid Dawn down and said, "I'll be gentle

seeing that this is your first time. I hope it not our last.

Michelle reached down and peeled back the crotch piece of

her body stocking. Out popped her thick and long cock. Dawn

instinctively licked her lips and went for it.

"Not tonight you little slut." Michelle smiled. "Once you

clamp those soft lips on a cock there is no getting you off

of it until you have sucked it dry. I want you to lift your

legs up to tour ears and hold them."

Dawn complied with the order. Her dress fell away from her

crotch exposing her cock and her soft bottom. Michelle

pressed her cock against Dawn's sphincter and began to apply

pressure. "Relax and enjoy your initiation. your about to

become one of us."

Dawn felt the huge cock slide past her opening and begin its

way up  and into her. Michelle gradually increases the speed

and depth of her thrusts and was soon ramming her cock as

deeply into Dawn as she could. Dawn was overcome with the

intensity of her first fuck. It seemed that the conversion

had increased the number of nerve endings in every erogenous

part of her body. Her cock would throb each time Michelle

would stick it deeply into her.

Dawn could feel herself and Michelle begin to twitch in

anticipation of their imminent mutual orgasm. Michelle

panted, "Suck yourself baby. we can't loose any of your

medicine now."

In an act of incredible manipulation, Dawn folded her torso

down further and further until her lips were closing over

her ready cock. In her state of extreme passion, she barely

made it. Just as she got her cock down her throat, she could

feel Michelle's orgasm fill her bottom. Her own cock

exploded simultaneously, filling her from both openings with

alien, hormone laced cum. She knew immediately that this

dose was different. She had thought that it would have been

impossible to have her sexual sensitivity enhanced any

further, but she suddenly realized that there were

unexplored heights calling to her. She began to have

multiple orgasms down her own throat, as her passion took

over her mind completely.

Totally spent of fluids, Dawn straightened out and Michelle

withdrew her cock from Dawn's ass. Unlike the previous

episodes dawn did not pass out. Michelle snuggled against

her and said. "I have left a brief case for you. In it you

will find everything to represent the "firm". Go in  to work

and give them your notice. Then you can start on your life's

work. Oh, don't forget to deinstall the Niteside program on

your PC. We will have quarterly sales meetings at some of

the wildest places in the galaxy. You are going to have such

fun with us. You don't need another injection, you are fixed

for good, but lets fuck again, just for fun this time. How

would you like to fuck me?" Dawn just smiled and licked her

lips in reply.

About a month later an accounting executive sat in his

office pondering a meeting he had just had with a computer

supplies salesman. It bothered him a little that this

salesman seemed to know about his submissive private life.

He looked at the card and read "Don Dawnson". That is an

odd name he thought. He looked at the diskette the salesman

had left him labeled, Niteside. He inserted it into his PC

and checked it out. Forever.



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