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Archive-name: Changes/newgirl.txt


Archive-title: New Girl in Town

Margo sat next to me in the coffee shop late that Saturday afternoon. His real

name was Mark, but he was one of the loveliest Drag Queens in New York City.

I had been dressing secretly at home in my mother's and sister's clothes for

just over three years, but at 18 years old, I had never been in public as a

woman.  Margo lived now as a female, and could pass anywhere.  I complimented

"her" on it, and "she" said.  "You could do just as well, you know." I was

flattered, but not as sure as she was.  "Come on," she said.  "I'll show you!"

We went to her apartment.  We had been occasional lovers, so I had been there

before, but this visit would be different.

As soon as we were inside, Margo ordered me to strip completely, and she put

my male clothing neatly away.  She looked me over carefully, then stripped off

all he own clothing, and led me into the bathroom.

In a moment we were in the shower soaping each other down.  I loved the

softness of Margo's skin, and the feel of her hands on mine.  The sight and

feel of her little penis, for Margo had only four inches even when she was

hard, was also somehow erotic, and I was getting visibly aroused!

We were rinsing off when she said.  "Stand there, and don't move!" She stepped

out of the tub, and returned instantly bearing a razor and shaving cream.  In

seconds the lower half of my body was swathed in shaving cream, and Margo was

shaving my legs.  She also trimmed my pubic hair to a little, feminine,

V-shaped thatch.

With all the gentle caressing and stroking that was going on, my cock was now

rock hard!  Margo looked up at me from her kneeling position, and smiled at

me.  Then I felt her lips close around my cock, and a gentle back and forth

motion of her head begin.  I leaned back against the tile wall, and soon was

gushing my load of cum down her throat. Margo swallowed every drop.  She was

an expert cocksucker!

"The transformation is about to begin!," announced Margo as we stepped from

the tub.  As soon as we had dried ourselves, she produced a bottle of cologne

and some matching perfumed talc, and applied them liberally to both of us.

The sent was exotic, and I began to feel very feminine in the way that I had

always wanted to feel.  We entered the bedroom, and Margo reached into a

drawer.  She took out a matching bra, garterbelt, and panties set for me.

They were white lace with dainty pink bows.  "Virgins always wear white," she

said.  She also had a similar set in aqua for herself.

We dressed together, and she showed me how to put the panties on over the

garter-belt so that they could be removed, and still leave the stockings on.

Margo also taught me how to tuck my penis back between my legs into my crotch,

so that no telltale bulges would show even if someone were to see me in just

my panties.

Last to go on was my bra.  It was padded, and I had sort of smallish male

breasts, but we tucked a couple of old stockings into each cup to fill it out

a little better.  I wanted bigger breasts, but Margo would not allow it.  "All

the new girls think that they need big tits!," she admonished.  "A 'real girl'

is not that big!  If you want to look natural, do it subtly.  Don't make

yourself look like a clown!"  She was, of course, correct.  I followed her

advice, and I am a better woman for it.  To complete the effect, Margo gave me

a light-brown wig that nearly matched my own hair, and fussed it into place on

my head.

I was not prepared for what I saw when I looked in the full-length mirror.

There staring back at me was the girl I had always known I was! I shuddered,

and Margo lightly touched my arm.  "See, Bobbi," she half whispered to me.  "I

knew you could do it!  That is the real you!" She kissed me gently on the

cheek.  I had to agree with her.  That was indeed the real me.  It was also

the first time anyone had called me "Bobbi."  I have kept the name ever since.

Margo's transformation of me was good, but it was far from finished.  I stood

there in just bra, panties, garter-belt, sheer stockings, and wig admiring

myself in her full-length mirror.  I liked what I saw very much, but I also

wanted more!  Margo was quick to oblige.  She handed me a white lace full-slip

with little pink bows at the straps and at the hem that just matched the other

things I was wearing.  Then she led me to the make-up table, and we sat down

on the bench.

Margo picked the shades, and applied the make-up.  Soon my nails were a pink

to match the bows on the lingerie, and she was working the foundation over my

face.  "You have a tiny problem that most 'real girls' don't have," she said.

"You have to go a little heavier on the foundation to cover that little beard

of yours." The face powder, blush, and eye shadow were next, followed by the

mascara, and finally pink lipstick to match my nails.  "Put these in your

purse," Margo said handing me the lipstick, powder, and eye make-up she had

used on me. "You'll need them for touch-up's later."  She did her own make-up

then using blue shades on her eyes to set off the aqua lingerie she wore.  I

watched in fascination as I waited for my nails to finish drying.

With the make-up applied, Margo went back to her closet.  She soon produced a

pink leather purse, and pink pumps with four inch heels, and handed them to

me.  I slipped the shoes on, and she said.  "Put your make-up in the purse,

and then your wallet and cigarettes from your pants.  You'll need them when we

go out."  I swallowed hard, and began to shake!  I had not expected that all

of this would go beyond Margo's apartment!  I had been in Drag at home in my

mother's and sister's clothes in PRIVATE before, but Margo had been the only

person to have seen me as a woman up to today, and she had only been

privileged to that during the last hour!  I was scared!!  What if somebody saw

that I was really male?  What would or COULD happen?

Margo saw my fear, and smiled gently at me.  "Relax, Bobbi," she said. "We

girls are only going for a little walk, so you can see what being a woman

feels like outside.  You look lovely!  You will be fine.  Nothing bad will

happen."  I thought for a moment.  I did want to do it.  I was just scared of

the unknown.  I glanced at the clock.  It was almost 9:00PM, and it was dark

out.  Nobody would be able to see me very well, and I would be with Margo who

lived as a woman.  We would just look like two more women walking in New York

City's theater district and Times Square.  I told myself it would be all

right, but I was still frightened and excited over going out in Drag.

From the closet, Margo brought forth a white cocktail dress.  It was knee

length with three quarter sleeves, and the white satin under-dress was covered

in white lace.  I slipped it over my head while she put on a blue-green jersey

sheath that made her look positively slinky.  Margo did up the zipper at the

back of my dress, sprayed me with perfume, and announced.  "There!  Now you

are the sort of girl that men's dreams are made of!  Take a look!" I stepped

up to the full-length mirror again. I gasped at what I saw!!  There in the

mirror looking back at me was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen!

She looked like something out of a movie!  It took me more than a moment to

get used to the fact that she was ME!!  I almost cried for joy!!

Margo reached into her jewelry box, and gave me a pink cameo locket on a thin

gold chain along with three gold rings one of which had a pink stone in a

marquise setting.  I put these on, and she gave me a pair of gold earrings

with pink baubles that hung down, and matched the cameo around my neck.  A

white lace shawl completed the outfit, and we were ready to leave for our

walk.  Margo opened the door of the apartment, we stepped out into the hall,

and rode the elevator down.  I was out in Drag for the first time!

On the street, the Manhattan traffic was noisy as ever, and somehow that was

very comforting to me.  I was terrified, and I needed something to remind me

that this was really happening.  As we walked I noticed that all eyes seemed

to be on me!  Had they found me out?  I asked Margo what was going on, and she

responded.  "Don't worry!  All men, whether they know it or not, look at all

women all of the time.  It is just biological.  You are a pretty girl, so all

the women will look too, and compare you with what they think they look like.

All those looks are a compliment!  Just relax, and enjoy it!" It took a while

yet after she said that to me, but after we had been out for half and hour I

was starting to calm down.

Margo stopped in front of a bar called "The Gilded Grape".  I knew the place.

It was the only real transvestite bar in New York City.  "Let's have a

cocktail!," she announced, and maneuvered me to the door.  I hesitated.  I

wasn't sure that I wanted to do this!  A walk on the street was one thing, but

talking to people up close in a bar was quite another!  "Stop worrying!,"

admonished Margo.  "All the girls here are guys.  Why not go in?"  She was

right.  That bar was probably even safer than the street.  Why not indeed?

Margo opened the door, and we went in.

The scene inside was familiar.  I had not been inside "The Gilded Grape" too

often, but I knew it well enough.  There were two bars.  One near the front

door where Edie, who looked more like a Beauty Queen than a Drag Queen, was

barmaid, and a bar at the back where Emma held court.  Emma was a biological

woman of some forty years who looked and acted like the puppet "Madam" from

the comedy act of "Whalen and Madam."  Indeed, Whalen had been a regular at

another Gay Bar where Emma had once worked, and had based the character of his

puppet on her!  It was to this rear bar that Margo led me.

All eyes seemed to be on me as I walked through the room.  I had sometimes sat

at one of those tables myself, and looked over the "girls" as they walked by.

Now it was my turn to be ogled by the men!  I was the "New Girl In Town" for

the guys to lust over!  I could FEEL all their eyes on me, and it felt GOOD!!

I could feel my penis stiffen down between my legs even though it was tucked

back into my crotch!  I felt like the woman that I wanted to be at last!  I

was a sex object, and I liked it!!

Margo and I sat at the bar, and ordered a drink.  I was introduced to Emma,

and received the first in a long string of compliments that I was to receive

that night.  I was starting to get used to being a girl. Just then a guy sat

down on the stool next to me.  Our eyes met, and I could see that he liked

what he saw.  "Hello," he said.  "You're new here?"  I replied that I was.  He

smiled, and asked if I would like to dance.  I hesitated for a moment, but an

elbow in my ribs from Margo helped me make up my mind!  We got up to go to the

dance floor, and he asked my name.  "Bobbi," I replied.  "Bobbi, eh?," he

said.  "It suits you.  A pretty name for a beautiful girl!  My name is Peter."

He was the first person to call me beautiful.

On the dance floor, Peter slipped his arms around me.  The D.J.  was playing a

slow number, and Peter held me very close as we glided across the floor.  It

felt good to be in his arms, in a man's arms!  It was not the first time that

a man had held me.  It was not the first time that I had danced with another

man.  Somehow, however, this was different.  There was something about the way

that he held me while we danced.  Maybe it was the way that he looked at me.

Maybe it was the way that his hand on my back moved slowly and gently trying

to get just the slightest touch of the more intimate parts of my body.  I only

knew that it felt very good, and I did not want it to stop!

I pressed closer to him, and felt his hard cock pressing against my thigh.  My

insides began to tingle!  Not only had I become the woman that I knew I was

that night, but I could bring a man to erection as that woman!

The music stopped, and Peter kissed me gently on the cheek.  I was surprised,

but I did not pull away.  His lips moved to mine, and we kissed for a moment.

Then he said.  "I hate to say this for both of us, but I have to leave now.

Here is my business card.  Will you call me this week?  I would like to have

dinner with you." I promised that I would, and he kissed me again.  This time

our lips parted, and we kissed for a very long time.  I promised again that I

would call him, and he departed.

I walked back to the bar.  I was feeling a little depressed that Peter had to

leave, but I thought about the next time I would see him, and my penis

tingled!  That would be quite a date!

Margo was still at the bar, but she was not alone.  She was talking to the man

sitting next to her.  He was tall, and not really good looking although

pleasant enough.  She was sitting  very close to him, and she pointed me out

to him as I approached.  As I sat on the other stool next to her he whispered

something to her, and nodded.  "Bobby, this is Frank," Margo said.  I shook

hands with him in greeting, and Margo asked me to accompany her to the "Ladies

Room." It was the beginning of another adventure in this eventful night!

Margo and I entered the "Ladies Room."  It was the first time that I had ever

been in one.  It was different from the "Men's Rooms" that I had been in.

There were no urinals, and one wall had a long mirror on it with a wide shelf.

A number of other Drag Queens were at the mirror adjusting their make-up.

"Take care of your needs, and meet me at the mirror," Margo ordered.  I did

so, taking the time to adjust the tuck of my penis back into my crotch between

my legs.  Margo was waiting at the mirror when I got there.

We took a moment to fix our make-up, and then Margo spoke.  "What do you think

of Frank?," she said.  I told her that he seemed nice enough not really

knowing what she was driving at.  Then she got very serious. "Frank is a sort

of friend of mine," she said.  "We see each other every couple of weeks.  He's

'straight', but he likes something different from his tacky wife sometimes.

Tonight he wants to party with two 'girls', and he likes you.  He's very

generous, so there's fifty dollars in it for you.  What do you think?"

This was not what I had expected tonight!  I knew that Margo turned tricks for

cash, but I had not considered doing it myself before.  The idea of being a

prostitute was exciting to me though, and after a moment of thought I said,

"All right!  I'll do it!  What do we do now?" Margo smiled.  "Just follow my

lead, and be friendly," she said, and led the way back to the bar.

We sat for a few minutes at the bar with Frank while he and Margo spoke, and

then we all rose to leave.  On the street, Margo and I each took one of

Frank's arms, and we walked to her apartment.  In the elevator, Frank took the

liberty of feeling my ass.  I only smiled at the intimate touch.  He would get

quite a bit more than a quick feel before that night was over!

Margo fumbled in her purse for keys while we stood at the door to her

apartment.  Frank lost no time in getting his money's worth of me!  He roughly

pulled me to him, and kissed me probing the inside of my mouth with his

darting tongue.  His arms were around me, and while his left arm pinned me to

him like a vice, I felt his right hand resume its explorations of my bottom.

With great care and skill he managed to hike my skirt high enough to slip that

right hand of his under the hem, and gain free access to the naked flesh of

the back of my left thigh above my stocking top.  He also treated his hand to

still another roam across my tush, now with only my filmy white panties

separating that hand from my soft, warm flesh, and probed a finger or two up

under the elastic of the leg hole for an added thrill.  All the while his

kissing had not missed a beat!

"Hey!  Break it up, you two!!"  Margo's voice snapped us back to reality.  She

was standing inside the apartment door, and beckoning us to come in.  "You may

find each other irresistible, but I do have neighbors, and besides I feel left

out!," she complained to Frank and I as we entered the apartment.  I murmured

a quiet apology, but Frank said nothing.  His response was to grab Margo in

his arms, and give her the same treatment he had given me a couple of minutes

earlier.  She writhed gently against him like the practiced temptress she was,

and I noticed her hand lightly stroking his cock through his trousers.  The

seemed suddenly oblivious to the fact that I was in the room.  I closed and

locked the apartment door, and sat demurely on the sofa like a good girl to

wait for them.

"Well, at least we know we all like each other!," was Margo's comment when

they joined me a couple of minutes later.  Frank plopped down on the couch

next to me, and Margo continued.  "I told you that you would like Bobbi,

Frank.  I am rarely wrong about such things.  This should be a fun evening!"

She paused for a moment, and then said, "Frank? Can we get the, Uh...

'financial arrangements' out of the way first?" Frank sighed, and produced his

wallet.  He took out some bills, and passed them to Margo.  She counted out

fifty dollars for each of us, and handed me my share saying, "Put this in your

purse, Bobbi."  I did, and then joined Margo who was standing before Frank.

"Well," she said. "Now we can have some fun!"

Frank sat on the sofa, and watched the events of the next few minutes unfold

before him.  Margo stood behind me, and unzipped my dress.  I stepped out of

it in a very ladylike way, and she tossed it over a chair leaving me with just

my slip to cover the rest of my lingerie. Then she turned her back, and I

removed her dress in the same way.  We faced each other, and kissed a long,

probing kiss while we both slid the straps of each other's slips off our

shoulders, and let then fall in delicate heaps about our ankles.

We stepped out of the piles of silk, and stood before Frank in just bra,

panties, garter-belt, stockings, and shoes.  I all in white lace with dainty

pink bows, and Margo in aqua silk with dark blue bows.  His eyes lit up like

searchlights!  If he had liked what he saw of us in the bar, he was now

positively bursting with excitement over the vision that he beheld!  The bulge

in his trousers was begging to be set free of its confinement, and I was

getting curious of what it looked like. Margo nudged me toward the couch, and

Frank took my arm to gently tug me into sitting on his lap.  Margo disappeared

into the bedroom.

I could feel the hardness of Frank's cock pressing into my soft behind as I

sat on his lap.  I wondered if he knew just how deeply into my ass I wished it

was REALLY pressing at that moment!  My own penis, in its tuck back in my

crotch between my legs, was now quite stiff too.  I could feel a longing

behind it deep inside of me.  As if the ghost of the vagina that should have

been there was yearning to feel the length of this man's cock plunging in and

out of it!  I was more than aroused by all had happened, all that was

happening, and all that was GOING TO happen it me that night!  I let all

control of myself go, and jumped headlong into the spirit of the evening!!

Frank was kissing me again, probing all the while at the inside of my mouth

with that delicious tongue of his.  This time, however, his hands had free

access to roam unchecked over all of me, and roam they did! He may not have

been a great lover, but dressed as I was, the sexual and sensual excitement

that I was feeling was all but overpowering.  I squirmed playfully on his lap,

and felt his now granite hard cock digging even more urgently into the soft

flesh of my bottom.

I was doing what I had always wanted to do!  I was sexually arousing a man as

a woman!  I had become what I had always wanted to be!  I was a woman in every

way that it was possible for me to be a woman at that moment!  I was living

the most incredible night of my entire life!  I wanted to savor every instant

of it!!

Margo appeared at the bedroom door, and called out to us.  "I've turned down

the bed, and I'm getting lonely in here!  Would you two care to join me in the

boudoir?"  Neither Frank nor I needed any encouragement to get us to head for

"...the boudoir."  If the poking and prodding that my little tushy was getting

by his cock every time I moved in his lap was any indication, he needed a

small trip to "...the boudoir," or he was going to make a large mess in his

trousers, and probably stain Margo's sofa in the process!  It was also obvious

that getting me into bed was the primary thought in his mind at that moment,

and I echoed it in my own mind as well.  I wanted him to get me into bed too!!

Frank's right hand never left some part of my body as we walked to the bed.

At the doorway his left hand picked up Margo, and was giving her the same

treatment.  "Stand still!," Margo ordered him as we approached the bed.  "You

are a little overdressed for the occasion, but we'll soon fix that!"  I

unbuttoned Frank's shirt, and Margo un-buckled his belt.  I pulled the shirt

off to reveal his massive, hairy chest. Frank might not have had a very

handsome face, but his body was hard, tanned, and muscular!  I treated myself

to a taste of his tiny male nipples as the shirt fell away, and felt him

stiffen and gasp with excitement.  I looked down, and saw that Margo had

disposed of his trousers and shoes, and was gently nibbling at his muscular

thighs while I was flicking at his nipples with my tongue.  Frank was immersed

in sexual passion, but we were having as much fun as he!

Then Margo kneeled in front of him, slipped her fingers into the waistband of

his briefs, and pulled them to his ankles.  A huge cock jumped forth, and

slapped against her cheek!  It was fully seven inches long, and two inches

thick!  A deep tangle of coarse black hair surrounded the base from which it

rose to end in a knob that looked as big as a Ping-pong ball!  A heavy sack

with large balls hung below, and Margo immediately began to taste those balls

making Frank give out a low moan.  I gasped, and stared at the huge cock that

only minutes ago had been prodding my ass through Frank's trousers.  More than

ever now, I wanted it in me!!

Margo stood up from kneeling, and surveyed Frank's naked body.  From the look

in her eyes, I could tell that she liked what she saw.  Looking at him, my own

penis throbbed and twitched although it was still confined by my panties, and

tucked back between my legs into my crotch. I was sure that Margo's penis was

doing the same things, and I also longed to touch it along with Frank's out of

curiosity.  "I said you would like this, Bobbi," Margo whispered in my ear as

Frank lay down on the bed.

Frank lay on his back with his hard cock jutting straight up while Margo and I

kneeled on either side of him.  His arms pulled us toward him, and he kissed

us each in turn.  We then began trickling kisses and tongue play down each

side of his neck, and across his body.  We each stopped at the small nipples

of his firm pectorals to suck and nibble gently.  Frank moaned quietly at the

attention the sensitive parts of his body were getting.  His hands were

roaming all over us.  He even managed to slip a finger of his left hand under

the elastic legband of my panties to just caress the head of my penis for a

moment.  I shuddered with ecstasy!  I did like what was happening just as

Margo said I would!

Margo and I moved further down Frank's body nearing the goal of our quest.  We

reached his cock at exactly the same moment, and started kissing either side

of it starting at the base, and working up.  At the tip, our lips finally met,

and we kissed each other with the head of Frank's circumcised cock pressed

tightly between us.  Frank let out an audible groan of pleasure as our mouths

parted, and we flicked at the glans with our tongues.  He liked what was

happening too!

I licked my way back to the base of Frank's cock while Margo continued teasing

its head with the tip of her tongue.  I found my way to his balls, and licked

at them hungrily.  The were warm and hairy, and they tasted just the way a

man's balls should taste to his woman.  I felt that I could have nuzzled them

for hours.  I nibbled at the sack, taking the loose flesh into my mouth, and

gently rolling it against the back of my lower teeth with my tongue as I

sucked on it.  I took one of the balls completely into my mouth, and slid my

tongue around and around it to Frank's obvious delight.

Margo descended to the base of Frank's cock, and I moved up to the tip. I took

the large head between my lips, and knew instantly that he was close to

orgasm.  I ran my tongue around the tip of his cock the way I had just been

doing with his balls, and I could taste the little trickle of pre-cum that

seeped from the slit.  I worked his cock in and out of my mouth slowly at

first, but gaining speed faster and faster as I worked!  I increased the

pressure with my lips bringing him ever closer to climax!

Frank's cock then all but literally exploded in my mouth!  His first stream of

semen shot all the way to the back of my throat, and splashed against my

tonsils before spilling down deep inside of me!  He continued to pump his cum

into my mouth until I thought it would overflow!  I held it all in, and lolled

it on my tongue tasting the delicious saltyness of it before greedily

swallowing it all to keep for my very own!

I lay back on the bed along Frank's left side after he had finished cumming in

my mouth, and Margo lay along his right.  He had his arms around us.  We all

played with each other while we waited for his balls to recharge with semen.

The night was far from over!

Frank did not take long to rest.  His hands were roaming all over Margo and I

as he lay there, and I was more than aroused already from all that had gone

before.  My penis, although still safely tucked away in my panties, was

throbbing with excitement!  I had my own load of semen straining for release,

and I was sure that Margo was in the same condition!  I wrapped my left hand

around Frank's cock.  It was stiffening again, and I could hardly wait!

Biologically Margo and I might be male, but in Drag at that moment, I was his

woman, and I wanted him inside of me!!

I continued playing with Frank's cock as it grew to full hardness while Margo

sucked gently on his right nipple.  His left hand suddenly slipped into my

crotch, and fingered my penis through the thin film of nylon that was my tiny

white panties.  I shivered with the ecstasy and anticipation of what was about

to happen!  I turned my head to face him, and out lips met.  His tongue

pressed its way back into my mouth. It tasted sweet.  I teased it with my own

tongue, and he responded by rolling to face me, and enfolding me in his arms.

We kissed long and passionately with him fondling my penis through my panties,

and I stroking his naked cock all the while.  Margo was all over both of us.

Caressing my behind, fingering his ass, touching my breasts, kissing his

strong back, and doing all she could to raise our already torrid level of

excitement.  My mind was racing wildly!  I could think of nothing else but

having Frank fuck me in every possible way!

I did not have long to wait!  Frank suddenly kneeled up on the bed, and slid

me onto my back before him.  His hands went to the elastic of my panties,

gripped them with his fingers, and stripped them from my quivering body!!  He

took hold of my calves to spread my legs, so that he could kneel between them.

As my legs parted, my penis popped free of its tuck in my crotch, and stood

straight up begging for further release!

I stared along my body at Frank's cock hovering over my tummy with its head

scant inches from the head of my own penis.  He was naked, and I now wore only

bra, garter-belt, and stockings.  I glanced at my penis, and thought of how

grotesque it looked.  It should not be there!  In its place I should have the

vagina of the woman I really was!  More than ever now, I wanted to be that

woman for him, and for myself!!

Margo lost no time in preparing the stage for the next act of our play. She

slipped a pillow under my hips to raise my ass so that it would be easier for

Frank to enter me, and spread some K-Y Jelly over the head of his cock.  It

was not a moment too soon!  Frank moved forward, and positioned his cock at my

waiting asshole.  I gasped deeply when its head popped past my sphincter!  I

moaned as he thrust the seven inches of its shaft up inside of me!  He waited

only for a moment while I caught my breath, and began a slow, rhythmic, in and

out motion, fucking me to further heights of passion!  My mind reeled with it

all!  At last I was being laid like a lady!  I did not want it to stop!!

Soon I felt something else warm at my asshole.  At first I had no idea of what

it could be!  Then I realized that it was Margo!  She was down between our

legs licking my ass, and Frank's cock and balls as he fucked me!  The feeling

was incredible!  I was being fucked and eaten at the same time!

Frank's cock soon started to grow warm and twitch inside of me, and I knew

that he was close to cumming.  My penis too was responding to being rubbed

between our bellies as he pumped me.  Suddenly Frank thrust his cock's full

length into me!  I felt it spasm, and then a warmth grew deep within my

bowels!  He was cumming as hard and hot as he had done in my mouth, and I

eagerly received his full load of semen! I had fulfilled the woman in me!  My

man had fucked me, and I enjoyed every second of his cumming!!

Frank's cock slipped from my ass as he fell back exhausted on the bed next to

me.  I felt a wetness on my tummy as he moved away.  I looked down to see my

penis shrinking after its final release.  I too has cum from the touching of

our bodies together!  I slid the pillow from beneath me, and lay quietly next

to him.

I had sampled all that I had ever wanted from the female side of my sexuality

that night.  I knew that it would happen again, but I wanted to savor this

first time.  I had lost my virginity as a woman, but there was still one more

thing to come tonight!

Margo appeared at the bedside with two washcloths.  She gently cleaned off the

remains of our passion as Frank and I lay together.  Soon Frank was able to

stand, and reluctantly he got dressed.  I could see that he did not want to

leave, but he had gotten all that he had paid for, and he had to go home.  I

too did not really want to see him go.

I stood, and tucked my penis back up into my crotch between my legs while his

back was turned.  I glanced at myself in the full-length mirror.  Standing

there in my bra, garter-belt, and stockings, the thatch of hair at my crotch

even looked like a woman's pussy!  This is what I had wanted to be, and that

night I had made it!

I kissed Frank one more time in good-by.  He smiled, and said, "You're quite a

woman, you know!"  Something tingled deep inside of me.  I could have been

paid no higher compliment at that moment.  A ladylike tear of joy welled up in

my eyes.  I knew now what I was, and what I had to be.  There was still a long

road ahead, but I had taken the first step.  I watched in silence as Margo

escorted him to the door, and let him out.

"Bobbi," Margo said as she returned to the bedroom.  "Please stay over

tonight.  It's really too late for you to go home anyway."  She did not wait

for me to answer, but reached into a drawer, and produced a lacy yellow

nightie for me.  I slipped out of my bra, garter-belt, and stockings, and put

it on.  When I looked up, she too was wearing a short, pale-blue nightie.

We lay down on the bed together, but as she relaxed her own small penis popped

free of her crotch, and jutted rigidly out from her body.  I then realized

that while Frank and I had both cum twice in the course of the evening, Margo

had not had any release!  "Just lay back, Margo," I whispered softly to her.

"It's your turn now."

I kneeled over her, and took her penis into my mouth.  Margo moaned prettily

as I worked on her.  This was not an act of hot passion as had gone before.

There was about it all the gentleness of two women making love, and that was

at it should be, for that was what was happening!

I sucked Margo's penis, and stroked her balls for only a few minutes when I

felt her cum gently in my mouth.  The taste was not as rough and salty as

Frank's semen, but sweet as I knew it would be.  She pulled me to her, and we

kissed sharing her cum in both of our mouths.  As the kiss broke we swallowed

the semen together.  It was the most gentle lovemaking I have ever experienced.

I pulled the covers over us.  We kissed again, and then drifted off to sleep

in each other's arms.  We had shared an incredible experience that night, and

would share many more in the future!


I did not go home that night, nor for many nights after that.  I moved in the

very next day to live with her.  We lived together as two women for a couple

of years after that.  We had many other experiences with men both together and

individually since then, but none have ever surpassed that of my first night

in Drag!



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