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Archive-name: Changes/mom_inla.txt

Archive-author: Carol

Archive-title: Mother-in-Law

Keywords: cross-dress

For those of us that are married, it was and/or is difficult to get the

understanding of our wives. If that has happened already to you, I'm sure

that your life has grown to new meaning. But, if I may, I'd like to relate,

as best I can, my relationship with my mother-in-law.

Almost a year and a half ago she came to visit in somewhat of an unexpected

manner;  like calling from the airport in Chicago to say she was on her way.

Now, I've always gotten along very well with her and we have had some very

nice times and visits together. And of all the times she had visited in the

past, this was the first with such short notice. This was no real concern,

Since Chicago is still 2 hours away.  To cut down on the trivia, and not to

bore you:

She arrived at the airport with enough luggage to assure me she had plans

on staying longer than the weekend. Now Lila, at 59, is still in very

fine physical condition and shape. She has managed to take excellent

care of herself and looks to most people to be in her middle forties.

And on her arrival was dressed in a very conservative suit with all the

"just right" matching accessories. I think it may have been about that

moment that I realized I could only hope to look that good when dressed

as Carol,  let alone when I was her age.

At any rate, we made the trip home, unloaded her bags and proceeded with the

normal settling in of guests. A couple of days went by with nothing out of the

ordinary, the usual meals,gatherings and interaction.

The real surprise came when I got home from work the next day, about the same

time as my wife (since she also works), and we found that Lila had done all,

and I mean all, of the laundry in the house. Normally my wife or I will do the

laundry and there is no problem if Carol's clothes are in there. When we went

to the bedroom we noticed that my wife's things were neatly stacked on her side

of the dressing room and that my clothes and all of Carol's items, lingerie and

all were neatly piled on my side. This set a number of questions in our heads.

Which of us had told her about Carol, if no one, how did she know, was she

guessing, did she think they were some one else's, and what was her thinking

even now.

Without even changing, just a quick wash, we headed for the living room to face

who knew what. When we entered, Lila was reading the evening paper and acting

very casual, although somewhat over dressed for having spent the day at home

doing laundry. After some small talk over our day, she asked if we'd be changing

for dinner. This came as a rather strange request, since there were no plans to

go out to eat and it wasn't our procedure to change for dinner as a norm. My

wife said no, we'd probably prepare dinner and eat as we were, but questioned

her reason for asking.

Lila stunned us both by saying she saw no reason to change anything we did

normally just because she was there and thought it might be enjoyable to

partake of our other life. Blush is a very mild term for my wife's physical

reaction. Although she does Carol's laundry, has seen Carol dressed, and is

tolerant, she does not actively interact with Carol.

As for my reaction, everything rushed through my mind at once. What did

she know, was she guessing, was she just feeling us out, was she maybe

even sincere, or was this some sort of trap? I just didn't know and I

have no idea of my physical reaction.  Lila calmly got up and fixed us

all a drink and suggested we talk. My wife tried to ignore or pretend

there was no suggestion, and we all just sort of looked at each other.

Lila really started the conversation with letting us know she had done

the laundry and when folding the clothes from the dryer noticed female

clothes were definitely not my wife's size.  Although she didn't know

what to do with them or who's they were, after placing our clothes in

our dressing room she noticed that my closet door was partially open and

looked inside. Obviously she noticed some of Carol's wardrobe because

there has never been a need to hide them.

To my amazement, the rest of the evening was spent discussing, in rather open

terms, Carol's existence and feelings of each of us, including my wife's first

open discussion of her feelings. Also to my amazement, came the rather

surprising acceptance of Lila and my wife of something that was never really

talked about prior to this. Lila actually seemed to understand and this seemed

to encourage my wife to do so also, even though she found it hard to believe

or understand how Lila could be here approving of Carol and all that she had

not understood for years.

Although we were up most of the night in deep discussion I had to work the

next day, and regrettably at the time could not get out early. My wife has

the ability to set her own hours and decided to sleep in the next day, try

to recover her thoughts and talk to Lila.

When I came home, beat from lack of sleep, I was revived by the atmosphere

in the house. They both seemed happy and getting along extremely well. although

nothing was mentioned about Carol, I still felt tension and didn't feel

completely relaxed. Lila said dinner would be ready in an hour and I could

relax until then. While reading the paper and enjoying a glass of wine they

both casually suggested that Carol might enjoy and evening with them. With

this I almost spilled the wine and lost control of all body functions. When

they quit laughing and I came somewhat back to my senses, I realized that they

weren't kidding and that it might really be possible. What sort of an experience

would that be. As I said, it's hard enough to try to gain a wife's

understanding, yet what do you expect from her mother? I must say that the

thought was very exciting and very nerve racking at the same time. I mean

after all, I had never seriously considered making an attempt at "passing",

and now I should dress for my mother-in-law? Well, I made every attempt to

discourage any possibility of this through the following excuses:  nerves,

not looking perfect, 6'1" and 180 lbs, never having dressed for anyone, and

God knows how many more.

Lila explained that there was always a first time for everything, and most

people aren't perfect at anything at first. As for size, she asked if I was

making fun of her 5'11" and 160 lbs body. I found that embarrassing, and had

never thought of that, or even that she was that size. She had always looked

perfect, not petite, but well proportioned. Lila managed to counter all of my

statements with some sort of reasoning, even to the point of offering Carol a

couple of her things for the night if I wished.

Now, you have to understand, I've never shaved my legs, makeup has always been

very minor, and I knew that I wasn't adept at looking really very much the

female I'd like to. And I wondered what their reaction would be to my attempts.

There was really fear, yet a tremendous amount of excitement going through my

head. I guess this was something I'd always thought about, being able to be

with other people as Carol, but never had thought about Lila.

As I wondered I also found myself heading for the bedroom. Without going into

details, I managed to dress in panties, pantyhose, bra and slip with heels and

my only wig before I really thought of what else to wear. Finally deciding on

a simple skirt and blouse, I then worked as best I could with the hair and

very little make- up. Of course, I made sure to complete a very, very close

shave prior to this, but I was by no means "looking good"! I kept straightening

every each of me and wandered around the dressing room and bedroom for some


My wife finally called to me, asking if I needed help (God, if she only knew)

and when I'd be coming out to join them. It suddenly came to me that she had

called for Carol, and not my male self. To my surprise, I answered her as if

it was common place. But dressed as I was it only seemed proper I guess because

I never gave it a thought. I'd told her I'd be right out, but still managed to

delay. And there were the questions:  would they laugh, would I stumble in the

heels, how bad would I look to them, did I leave out something in the outfit?

They just kept coming at me. I finally decided to put on some simple ear rings

and head for the future and take what came at me from the living room.

I went down the hallways very slowly and deliberately, I didn't even

want a heel to click on the tile floors. When you're in our voyeur you

can see and be seen by anyone in the family room, living room, kitchen

and on down the hall. This is were I really began to wonder if I was

doing the right thing! I mean total discomfort......but at this point

it was a little late to turn back.

I ventured forward and proceeded with the calmness of an elephant in mating

season to head for a seat as far away as possible. To my disbelief there was

no laughter or comments. They seemed or pretended to be involved in some

television program. There I sat, quite mortified, as lady like as possible

until the next commercial when Lila got up to get another glass of wine for

each of us. Normal conversation regarding the program followed, then Lila

asked if she could make some suggestions or comments on my appearance. Very

serious, but to make it light, I laughed and said yes, as long as they weren't

cruel. Both assured me the comments would be constructive. What the hey! Go for

it I said with more confidence than I felt.

Lila suggested a different shade of hose for the outfit, but that the rest was

quite appropriate. My wife suggested more makeup to cover certain areas, but

what was there was well done. I felt some support, but I also felt there were

things not being told. When I asked Lila about the shade of hose, and told her

to be as open as I was appearing before her this way, she seemed to hesitate

then responded with other ideas. She said it was obvious I didn't shave my legs,

and another shade of hose might cover the hair better. I could also go to the

extreme of wearing two pair of hose, one light with a darker shade over top

and that might help. The other alternative was to just trim the hair on my

legs to a shorter length and that might help. My wife said that they would

both be willing to help with the makeup end and we could all see the results.

I didn't feel rejected at all, in fact, their comments came as support. We

proceeded to spend to entire evening, as I was, watching television and

talking during the commercials in an extremely natural atmosphere. Almost

like three ladies enjoying an evening together, or at least how I imagine

that to be!

There was an excellent end to the evening with my wife, but that and more

will have to follow:





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