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Archive-name: Changes/mkchris2.txt

Archive-author: She Devil

Archive-title: The Making of Chrissie (To Completion)

     "So I will be at your facility one week before the end of the

quarter to review your record. You can then stop by my office the

first week of the next quarter to pick up your check."

     "That concludes my business with you. Sorry to cut this off so

suddenly, but I have four more of these conferences to get to yet


     Chrissie tried to speak but Barbara cut her boss off. On the

street, Chrissie stood by the side of the office building and

started to cry.

     "Now, what's the matter, Chrissie," Barbara asked, unable to

hide the exasperation in her voice.

     "I have to sign for all those checks and meet with that fat

bitch. And I signed that paper under oath that says I'm a girl ..."

     Chrissie was getting worked up again but Barbara let him go.

In fact, it was interesting, the way the flush on his face was

spreading down to his big jiggling breasts.

     "I'll have to keep dressing like a girl for a year...No, a

year and a half! I'll just die if I have to do that."

     "Shut up, Chrissie, and do as you're told.  We have some

shopping to do."


     "How did it go, Chrissie?"

     "Really well, Barbara. Ms. Tanner accepted all the records and

I can pick up the check on Monday."

     Chrissie's legs looked long and sexy in her new finger-tip

length red lycra-spandex miniskirt. And her heels, so high they

were, made her arch her big chest out so provocatively.

     How long was it now? Thirteen, no fourteen months, Chris had

been Chrissie.  Barbara had taken over the day after they returned

from the meeting. With the extra cash flow, printers were hired and

Chrissie found `herself' the receptionist and book keeper. The

first time Chrissie had called Barbara `Barbie', Chrissie had been

dressed like a Barbie doll and had her moth washed out with soap.

     Christmas was coming and Barbara took out the shiny red boxes

of jewelry from the bottom drawer of her desk.  There was an ankle

chain and a necklace with a personalized dog-tag, including a

diamond chip. And big personalized disk earrings.  All 24 karat

plated. And all bearing the name "Chrissie."

     Click, clack, click, clack.  She's coming back. Barbara got

the gifts back into the drawer before the high heels clicked their

way into her office.

     "Here's your coffee, Boss."

     Barbara watched her secretary go.

     Funny, I only think of her as a girl now. Maybe it's time i

had her dating one of the boys on the print floor?

     And maybe best of all, the twelve months Chrissie had to live

as a woman before the surgeon would perform sex reassignment

surgery were up, if Barbara let Chrissie have her cock cut off, she

would sign over the rest of the stock in Diversions.

     Barbara imagined Chrissie, chewing gun, in hot pants, walking

coffee back to the boys and giggling when they copped a feel, and

poor as a church mouse. Serve the little fool right, Barbara


     Barbara made a note to herself to buy some gum.

   So what do you think of that my sweet little sissy boys?

   I have lots of gum.



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