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Archive-name: Changes/melissa2.txt

Archive-author: Linda Lafrance   (c) 1989

Archive-title: Melissa - 2

          Missy had not met Aunt Mary before.  She was Missy's

Stepmother's sister, and Missy had never met anyone from that

side of the family.  So Missy had no idea what to expect when he

arrived at Aunt Mary's large, remote house.  And it was probably

better for him that he didn't.

          Aunt Mary didn't like males.  Unlike many women who

could not relate to living in a "man's" world, however, Aunt Mary

resolved long ago that she would DO something about it.  Over the

years she had developed a regimen for converting the macho male

ego into a submissive, feminine personality.  She knew how to do

it--she had done it many times before--and she was about to do it


          Melissa was met at the door by two girls, each wearing

the "classic" uniform of a french maid:  black satin, lace

trimmed, short skirted uniforms, black patent leather pumps,

aprons, caps, and cuffs.  But more than that, the two girls were

feminine in the extreme, with beautiful long hair, artful makeup,

and totally girlish deamnors.  Missy's Stepmother left him in the

vestibule, and immediately began the return trip home.  The

maids, Angel and Daisy, led a cowed, silent Melissa to a large

bedroom on the second floor of the house, and immediately

undressed him.  The two maids could not have been more than a few

years older than Melissa, and he was reluctant to appear naked

before them.  But when Melissa tried to cover himself with his

hands, Angel stepped behind him and firmly grasped his wrists. 

Now defenseless, Melissa stood quietly as Daisy moved slowly

towards him, hips swaying beneath her abbreviated black satin

dress, and teasingly manipulated Melissa's penis until it stood

out straight and hard.  "What's this little girl?", she whispered

as she continued to tease the restrained Melissa.  But as her

touch brought Melissa closer and closer to orgasm, Daisy took a a

pink ribbon, tied it around the base of the Melissa's frustrated

erection and used it as a leash to lead Melissa into the


          "Into the tub, dear," said Daisy.  Melissa followed her

instructions and stood in the bathtub only to be covered with a

depilatory and ordered to stand still while it's work was done. 

Following a shower to remove the cream, and then a perfumed

bubble bath, Melissa was led back into his girlishly appointed

bedroom to be dressed by the maids.  While he wasn't looking

forward to donning more girl's clothing, he was sorely

disappointed that there was not more to wear.

          Angel picked up a lacy, frilled pink garter belt and

wrapped it about Melissa's waist, while Daisy prepared sheer pink

hose for his legs.  The young she-boy was then seated at a vanity

where the two maids applied a thorough covering of makeup,

including thick black mascara, eyeshadow, foundation, lipstick,

and blusher.  Long pink nails were glued to his fingertips, and

Melissa's longish blonde hair was wrapped in a silly top knot

above his head with a wide pink satin ribbon.  Four inch pink

heels were placed upon his feet, and he was liberally perfumed. 

As the crowning glory, Daisy withdrew a pink, lacy sheath, with a

wide "petticoat skirt" which was secured tightly around the base

of Melissa's penis.  The pink ribbon was again attached, this

time around his balls, and Melissa was understandably shocked

when the maids began to lead him from the room.

          "I can't leave here like this!" he complained.  They

were the first words he had spoken during the entire ordeal. 

Daisy sweetly responded "Why of course you can've

been dressed just as your Aunty ordered."  Despite Melissa's

brief struggle, the maids brought him down to meet Aunt Mary for

the first time.

          Melissa stumbled into the living room on his unfamiliar

heels.  As he entered, an older woman rose from a chair with a

wide smile on face.  "Well, well.....Melissa dear, I'm so pleased

to meet you!" she exclaimed, and walked over to the sissifed boy. 

She took the pink ribbon reins from Angel and gazed down into

Melissa's eyes.  "Do you know why you're here Melissa?" she asked

as she pulled the ribbon tightly.

          Melissa/Michael reached for the ribbon to relieve the

tension created by Aunt Mary's tug, but was stopped by Angel and

Daisy, who grabbed his wrists and pulled them behind his back.   

       "That was a mistake Missy darling,"  Aunt Mary stated. 

"You've got a lot to learn, and the very first lesson is that you

DO NOT EVEN THINK of opposing me in anything I wish to do!  And

if I wish to CUT THIS DAMN THING OFF, I'll do as I please!"  And

with that she yanked the ribbon causing Missy to cry out and fall

to his knees.  Angel and Daisy maintained their grips on

Melissa's wrists, and he found himself kneeling on the floor with

the two maids holding his wrists up against the middle of his


          In school Michael had been a fair wrestler, and his

instincts told him he could escape from this hold.  His instincts

were wrong however, as he was hampered by the long nails on his

fingers.  And as soon as he started to struggle he felt his balls

practically wripped from his body by Aunt Mary's vicious tugs on

the pink ribbon attached to his scrotum.  He was quickly subdued,

with his hands cuffed behind his back, once again standing before

Aunt Mary.  "It always amazes me how the male ego forces you

people to do such stupid things, Missy honey, and you have just

done a very stupid thing.  You're here to unlearn that ego, and

I'm going to do it.  For the entire summer you'll be trained to

behave as a VERY OBEDIENT YOUNG LADY......and I stress all four

of those words.  "Very", because there will be no question about

what you have become.  "Obedient" because you will, without

question, obey me, and EVERY other woman or girl you encounter. 

"Young", because I believe you will be more subservient if your

status is not only that of a sissy girl, but of a youthful little

sissy girl.  And "lady", because you will be as feminine as you

can imagine, multiplied by 10!"  

          During this speech Melissa stood before Aunt Mary, head

down, and breathing heavily.  "Now, do you intend to cooperate,

Melissa dearie, or do I have to use additional methods to gain

your attention?"  Melissa neither moved nor responded to the

question.  "Very well sweetie, you'll learn soon enough.  Take

her over to the pedestal girls", Aunt Mary directed.

          Daisy and Angel directed Melissa over to a slightly

raised area at the end of the long room.  Although Melissa's walk

in the heels was far from satisfactory to Aunt Mary, she made no

move at present to correct it.  Melissa was seated on the

carpeted pedestal, hands still cuffed behind his back.  Daisy

reached down and pulled the lid off little trap door just at

Melissa's crotch and reached into the enclosure to pull out a

pink leather and small link chain contraption which she promptly

locked around Melissa's scrotum, thus securely imprisoning him on

the carpeted pedestal.  Thin pink leather straps were place

around each ankle and fastened to small rings attached to the

floor.  And mirrors were moved into place so that Melissa could

see his reflection, seated on the pink carpeted pedestal, in

hose, heels, and makeup, with his penis daintily covered by the

little slip and petticoat.

          "Do you like your new seat Missy sweets", inquired a

gloating Aunt Mary.  Melissa struggled to get up but quickly

learned that he would remain seated in that spot until someone

removed the lock on the chain coming out of the floor.  Aunt Mary

approached her seated captive and stood directly in front of him. 

"I asked a question young lady, and I expect an answer!" 

Melissa, tears beginning to form in his eyes as he saw his image

in the mirrors, moaned his negative response.  "Noooo", he whined

as the tears came more quickly.  "Well I can fix that", Aunt Mary

replied, and gestured to Daisy and Angel.

          The maids minced around behind Melissa and bent him

forward at the waist, exposing another small trap door which they

removed.  Melissa was then allowed to again sit upright.  Aunt

Mary walked over to a table and pushed a button on a remote

control device.  Within seconds Melissa started to squirm as he

felt pressure against his anus.  The pressure increased and

Melissa let out a scream as he felt the electrically operated

dildo rise out of the floor and deeply penetrate his bottom. 

Aunt Mary pushed another button and the dildo began to vibrate,

causing Melissa's penis to erect within his little pink penis

petticoat.  "I'll bet you like your seat now, don't you Missy

dear?" laughed Aunt Mary.  Melissa's tears slowly subsided as the

pleasure from Aunt Mary's treatment began to overwhelm him.  But

just as he began to reach orgasm the dildo was removed and

Melissa was left frustrated.

          Aunty Mary removed the cuffs from Melissa's wrists and

stood back in front of the dispirited boy.  "Now here are the

rules for your punishment seat, sissy Missy.  Place your elbows

at your sides and bend them at ninety degrees.  Then let your

wrists flop down......ooooohhhhh, don't you just look the

sweetest like that?  You are NOT permitted to move your arms or

hands, and you are particularly NOT to touch your little dickie! 

Indeed, so long as you are in this house you will never touch it! 

Now, you will repeat after me:  My name is Melissa, and I want to

learn to be a prissy little sissy girl.  Say it!"

          Unfortunately, Melissa was not quick enough to respond

and thus quickly learned another feature of his punishment

pedestal, as he received a small electric shock on his scrotum. 

It was not really painful, but was enough to gain his attention. 

He repeated her words, stumbling over them, and speaking in a

quiet voice.  "Not good enough should have a nice

sweet feminine lilt to your voice.  And you should sound like you

mean it!  Try again", Aunt Mary directed.  After many tries

Melissa had the voice down to where Aunt Mary was somewhat

satisfied with his first efforts.

          And thus began Melissa's girlie training under Aunt

Mary.  The punishment pedestal became a frequent place for

Melissa to spend a large part of his day, and Aunt Mary made good

use of all of it's features.  As the days and weeks passed,

Melissa learned first to speak as a properly trained young lady. 

This included not only the proper voice, but the proper words as

well.  He was shortly talking of how he would just LOVE to wear a

pretty dress, even though during this period he never wore

anything other than his hose, heels, garter belt, "princess"

penis petticoat, makeup, and nails.  Melissa was also instructed

in the appropriate gestures for his hands, after demonstrating

that he could hold them at right angles with the wrists limp for

several hours at a time.

          He was next taught to apply makeup from this seat. 

Daisy and Angel, eager participants in Melissa's training,

brought a vanity table with short legs which was placed over

Melissa's lap, and within a matter of weeks, Melissa had

graduated to styling and curling his own hair.  Progress was not

always easy, however, especially because all of the hand

movements accompanying these tasks had to be carried out with the

utmost of feminine flair.  And when progress was slow, Aunt Mary

was quick to take corrective action until, over time, Melissa

came to learn that the initial shock received that first day was

mild compared to the full capability of the punishment pedestal. 

          On other occasions, when Melissa had created a

particularly cute look with his makeup and hair perhaps, Aunt

Mary would start up the vibrator and move it in and out, allowing

Melissa to achieve orgasm while viewing his feminine reflection

in the mirrors in front of the pedestal.  Melissa was also

required to speak in his newly learned feminine voice while Aunt

Mary manipulated the dildo.  "Ooooh......Auntie.....I just LOVE

being a girlie", he would squeal, as Aunt Mary encouraged him on. 

During these episodes she would often remind Missy that,

"Touching of your little princess of a dickie is not permitted

sissy Missy!"

          After many weeks, most of which was spent seated on the

pedestal, Melissa was allowed to begin the next part of his

training....dress and deportment.  Having already achieved a more

cooperative attitude on Melissa's part, Aunt Mary encouraged the

boy to participate in the selection of outfits from the large

wardrobe maintained in the home.  And so, about mid-way through

the summer Melissa found himself standing naked in his bedroom,

meekly asking Angel for his "little prissy princess petticoat for

my little sissy dickie", and standing modestly before her as she

put the lacy confection in place.  Aunt Mary required Melissa to

ask for each item.

          "Please Auntie, may I wear the lovely sheer pink

panties with the white lacy ruffles on the seat?", Missy


          "But of course dear, and I know you'll love them too",

responded Aunt Mary.  After donning sheer pink hose, white lace

anklets, a pink silk vest with lace and ribbon trim, the ever

present four inch heels, and a corset, Melissa found it time to

request the appropriate slip.  Throughout the entire training

period Michael/Melissa frequently experienced moments like this,

the utter humiliation of having to debase himself in this way

conflicting with the anticipation he had come to experience,

looking forward to wearing such frilly, girlish clothing.  "May I

wear the white petticoat slip also Auntie?"  "Which one pet", she

replied, "the narrow slip with the 3 inch lace border at the hem,

or the darling full crinoline petti that buttons up the back so

that you can't remove it without asking politiely?" she teased.  

        "Oh, Aunty, I think I'd like to wear the full petti

today, if I may, please?"  Such exchanges rarely left Melissa

without an erection, and the feminized boy shuddered as the stiff

petticoat was lowered over his shoulders and came in contact with

the princess dickie petti he wore.  "Which dress do you want to

wear today Missy?" asked Aunt Mary as she walked over to a large

wardrobe and opened the door to reveal twenty to thirty darling

party frocks.  

          "May I wear a pink one today please," he meekly

responded.  "Why Missy, that's the third day in a row you've

wanted to wear pink!", exclaimed Aunt Mary with a teasing lilt to

her voice and a wide, knowing smile on her face.  "Wouldn't you

like to wear a pretty yellow, or perhaps this lovely lavender

one?"  "Oh Aunty", Melissa replied,  "They are very pretty yes,

but I think I want to wear pink again........please?"  By this

time the exchange between them had caused Melissa's princess

dickie petti to dampen from his excitement, although as ordered,

he didn't even think of trying to touch it.  Indeed, he chose a

pink dress precisely because he had come to find it to be the

most likely to excite him.  "Of course, my little sissy girl, you

can wear your precious pink if you wish", Aunt Mary said with a

laugh, and she moved to the large selection of pink dresses in

the closet.  "But which one dearie.  We have such a nice choice


          Melissa swished in his heels and petticoat over to the

closet and pointed to a particularly lovely little chiffon dress,

with puffed short lace trimmed sleeves, a high ruffled neck, and

three lace trimmed tiers on the short skirt.  "Why Missy honey,

you'll look like you're six years old in this pretty dress!",

Aunt Mary teased.  "But then, I guess you'd look like that

regardless of which dress you chose, wouldn't you princess?" 

Daisy and Angel lowered the dress over Missy's shoulders, being

careful not to mess the curly hairstyle he had fashioned earlier

that morning.  Now completed dressed, Melissa minced over to the

triple full length mirror which dominated one wall of the room

and completed the ritual he had learned.

          Curtseying to his image of a large, but pretty little

girl, incongruently wearing four inch heels, Melissa smiled

widely, and in his most effeminate voice looked at Aunt Mary's

reflection and exclaimed "Oooooooooh!  I'm such a pretty little

girl today!  Thank you so much for helping me be the perfect

sissy Aunt Mary!"  And with that, as his training had encouraged,

Missy came in the little princess petti while Aunt Mary, Daisy,

and Angel looked on with giggles and laughter.

          At first Missy's day in dresses consisted of further

lessons in feminine behavior.  Walking, sitting, the curtsey, and

others, were all thoroughly taught and ingrained.  No longer

attached to the wires on the pedestal, his cooperation and

attention where assured by the birches held by Angel and Daisy,

who were, like Aunt Mary, swift to encourage Missy's proper


          After several more weeks, Melissa found himself being

exposed to others, sometimes on shopping trips where, dressed in

a fashion more becoming his age, he was never detected as a boy

by any of the shop clerks in the boutiques they visited.  On

other occasions, Aunt Mary invited her friends for a visit,

several of whom had young boys in petticoat training themselves. 

Thus, Melissa learned to hostess a tea party, with perhaps four

of Aunt Mary's friends, and their darling little prissy boys as


          The ladies all enjoyed these gatherings immensely, but

the best fun occured the day these ladies brought their real

daughters along as well.  Missy and his new found "girl" friends

were dressed as French Maids for this occasion, and the daughters

had the finest time, requiring these sissy boys to provide the

most demanding maid service in the most feminine way.  Melissa

found it to be the ultimate humiliation of the have

to stand submissively before these pretty girls who knew his true

sex, and act as a serving girl for their amusement.  "Oh Missy,

you do look adorable in that maids outfit.....and who did your

hair?  It's simply precious!",  and all the girls would giggle as

Missy would have to admit that he was so talented in feminine

arts that he had given himself a home permanent!  The afternoon

ended when each boy-maid was required to lift his skirts and

pettis and allow the girls to attach a lead to the loop in their

princess dickie pettis (which by that time were quite full with

their erections) and lead the boys to the upstairs bedrooms for

the ultimate in "maid" service.

          But if Melissa thought the humiliation of that day was

without equal, he had not counted on what would happen at the end

of the summer.       



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