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Archive-name: Changes/megan.txt

Archive-author: Leslie Addison

Archive-title: Slumber Party


     It was a Friday afternoon in October, and Pete was walking home from 

school alone.  He usually walked home with Nick, who had been his best 

friend for six years, ever since fourth grade.  Today, however had been 

picked up by his parents, because they were going to spend the weekend at 

Nick's grandmothers.  That day in school, all the girls had been chattering, 

because Cindy and Mindy, twin sisters who were the most popular girls in 

school, were having a slumber party that night.  Pete and Nick had come up 

with an ingeneous plan, which was failproof.

     Pete and Nick were nervous about who to ask to the upcoming Halloween 

dance, which would be their first high school dance.  They had decided that 

Pete would infiltrate the party, dressed as a girl, and thus find out what 

the girls thought of he and Nick, and ascertain who would accept if invited 

to the dance.  Pete's cousin Megan  was also part of the plan.  She had just 

moved into town, and would be starting school the following Monday.  Megan 

was also in tenth grade, and was pretty close to Pete's size.  They also 

looked enough alike that many people would think they were brother and 

sister rather than cousins.  Pete was going to borrow some clothes from 

Megan, and go to the party pretending to be her.  Pete tried to find out 

what to expect at a girls' slumber party, but Megan just said, "You know, 

girl stuff".  So Pete still didn't know what to expect.

     "Megan" arrived at Cindy and Mindy's house a little late, because Pete 

had had trouble shaving his legs.  In fact, he had already put on the pink 

and white knit top and denim miniskirt before he even realized that he 

would have to shave his legs.  His hairstyle had been modified by his 

cousin , to make it look more like her own short do.  Pete had thought that 

he would be totally grossed out by having his hair curled, and by wearing a 

skirt.  But it was surprisingly comfortable.  Megan's keds didn't quite 

fit, but they weren't too bad, even with the thick pink bobby socks.  Pete 

had not yet started to grow a real beard, so that was not a problem.  He 

even managed to get Megan to put on make up for him.  She said that she 

would have to do his face just like she did her own- blue eyeshadow in the 

crease, and pale shimmery peach on the lid and brow bone.  Thick navy kohl, 

and lots of black mascara, finished with coral blusher and lipstick.  Pete 

looked in the mirror, and was astonished to see how pretty he looked.  

"You con't have any tits" said Megan, as she went scurrying off.  Megan's 

mother had had breast cancer, and now wore a breast prosthesis.  Her mother 

had recently bought a new one, and had two old ones.  Megan got them, as 

well as the adhesive, and gave Pete a lovely pair of B cups.  "Now," 

proclaimed Megan, "You are ready to go.".  Megan had thought that Nick and 

Pete's idea was very clever, but now that she saw her cousin as a girl, she 

knew that it was Pete that Nick should invite to the dance, not one of the 

girls at the party.  Megan packed up some of her clothes in an overnight 

bag for Pete; a Garfield the cat nightshirt, and for the next day, a cocoa 

corduroy skirt with a plum cotton sweater.  Megan gave Pete a hug, and sent 

him on his way to the party.

     "Megan" walked the four blocks to Cindy and Mindy's house with "her" 

heart pounding.  When she got there, the door was opened by Jill, one of 

the junior varsity cheerleader, who said "Hi Megan, I'm Jill.  Glad you 

got to town in time for the most rad party of the year. "  "Megan" followed 

Jill upstairs to Cindy and Mindy's bedroom, where there were about a dozen 

girls, looking at the latest issue of Glamour, Seventeen, Cosmo, and Modern 

Bride.  Megan found them discussing clothes, which was constantly vying 

with boys as the girls favorite subject.  "Megan" was hoping that the talk 

would turn to the Halloween dance, but her hopes were dashed.  Cindy saw 

an quiz in Cosmo, called "Tease or Tramp? Which are you?", and said that 

everyone had to take the quiz.  Jeanna laughed and said "I know what you 

are, Cindy.", which earned the reply of "Well, what about Bobby Maxwell, 

Jeanna?" from Debbi.  "Shush" said Cindy, "Everybody get a piece of paper, 

and I'll read the questions."  It was determined that Debbi was the ultimate 

tease, while Jeanna came closest to being an utter tramp.  Most of them 

were in the middle of the five categories, although Megan and Rikki were 

in the "almost mousey" category.  "Hey", said Leesa, "Lets make over Megan 

and Rikki, and de-mouse them!"  

     Rikki was to go first.  First they took off her makeup, and began re-

doing her face.  Where there had been muted pinks and roses before, now there 

were teal, turquoise, cinnamon and peach.  Rikki's hair was taken out of 

a French braid, and tease up high, sort of the Tina Turner look.  Mindy 

went to her closet and got out a red spandex cropped top and miniskirt, with 

a big black zipper down the front, as well as a pair of red heels.  Rikki 

giggled when she saw the finished result.  What she saw in the mirror was 

definitely not a mousey tenth grader. 

 Then it was "Megan's" turn.  Debbi 

asked her "Are you wearing waterproof?"  Megan didn't even know what she 

was talking about, and guessed yes.  "Hey Mindy!" said Debbi, "where is 

that Makeup Off Miracle makeup remover, mouisturizer and beauty lotion?"  

"I'll get it, but be careful, you know how expensive that stuff is" was the

reply.  "I will", said Debbi,"I wonder what they put in it to make it so 

expensive."  Mindy came over with a little bottle and some cotton balls, 

and Debbi poured a little something onto a cotton ball, and then began to 

wipe "Megan"'s eyelid.  She continued to do this until all of "Megan's" 

makeup was off.  "Megan" felt a little tingly while this was going on, and 

figured it was probably just that the Makeup Off Miracle contained alcohol, 

which was tingling as it evaporated.  Debbi had an assortment of makeup at 

her disposal.  She began with coverup under "Megan"'s eyes, and a little bit 

of base to even out "her" skin tone.  Debbi then took a big brush, and 

dusted transluscent powder all over.  She told "Megan" that she was going 

to make her eyes look cat-like, to which Jill giggled and said "Well, I 

guess it is hard to get less like a mouse than a cat is."  Debbi used 

several different shades of deep purple on "Megan"'s violet-blue eyes, with 

black eyeliner extended slightly beyond the eyes for that cat-like effect,   

and plenty of black mascara.  Pink blusher went on her cheekbones, and then 

some almost fushia blusher in the hollow of her cheeks.  This was finished 

with fushia lipstick.  At this point, "Megan" thought she looked more like 

a kiddy porn starlet than a 15 year old boy.   Jeanna noticed that "Megan's" 

fingernails were pale pink (courtesy of Sally Hansen and the real Megan), 

and got the Nailpolish- Off Miracle polish remover, so that she could then 

paint "Megan's" nails a matching fushia.  When Jeanna was finished, all 

girls, including "Megan", gigled at the tramp they had created.  Mindy 

said they still needed to change her clothes, and she'd go try and find a 

backless leopardskin dress that her older sister had.  Even Pete realized 

that this would mean taking off his bra.  He couldn't think of what to do, 

but figured that he could buy some time by going to the bathroom.  He was 

very confused by all of this and couldn't think straight.  Something was 

going on, and he just couldn't understand what it was.  Like when Jeanna 

took off the nail polish...He had thought that the whole nail was pink 


      "Megan" got to the bathroom, and was able to look at herself more 

closely.  "She" brought her hand to her face, and brushed her "breast".  

But it seemed like she felt it in her breast.  Pete just figured he was 

imagining things.  He turned to face the toilet, and lifted up his skirt 

in order to urinate.  As he reached in his panties, he found that the last 

bit of his penis had shrunk into a clitoris, his testicles were gone, and 

there was a vagina almost half complete.  He pinched his arms, thinking it 

must be a dream, and then pinched his nipples, which were really his.  They 

tingled and grew hard.  The breast prostheses had become his, no she realized, 

they were HER breasts, and now only tits, but a pussy, too.   Well, the 

problem of taking off the bra had been solved, but many more problems had 

arisen.  All of a sudden, Pete really WAS a girl, not just dressed like one.

What would happen next?  Megan would just have to go back in and see.

      Megan returned, and saw the short, slinky little dress that she was 

going to be wearing, and gasped.  "Like it ?", asked Leesa, "It will look 

great on you with your figure.  I'm jealous."  Megan did like it, and it 

surprised her.  She would have thought that her reaction would've been " I 

want to go out with a girl who would wear that sort of dress", but instead, 

it was "Wow, I'll really be able to turn guys heads in that, and I bet it 

will really turn Nick on".  Megan wondered why she wasn't thinking about 

her best friend, the one she had climbed trees with, and caught frogs with, 

and played soccer with like that.  This was all very befuddling.  "Come on, 

space cadet", Jill said to Megan, prodding her to undress.  Megan blushed 

to realize that she had breasts and that the other girls would see them.  

She was also afraid that she had only been imagining things in the bathroom.

Then Megan realized that it wasn't just that she was afraid of being 

embarrased, but that she really did want to be a girl, but was afraid that 

she wasn't.  The leopardskin dress that belonged to the older girl fit Megan 

quite delightfully.  And made Megan feel sexy and desirable.  Now that she

had been thoroughly de-moused, Mindy said "You look absolutely to die for!" 

and the sentiment was echoed all around.  "Thanks, guys", Megan said. "I 

never really had a chance to do this where I lived before.  Maybe you guys 

could help me dress and make up for school on Monday.  I really want to 

make a good impression."  "We'll help.", said Debbi.  "Besides," added 

Leesa, "you've got to start working on a date for the Halloween dance".

     The girls spent the rest of the night discussing the tenth grade boys, 

Madonna's latest song, and how incredibly CUTE Tom Cruise is.  And Megan 

couldn't have been happier, especially after hearing Jeanna pronounce that 

Nick had to be one of the best looking guys in the whole class, and really 

sweet, though somewhat shy, and that perhaps Megan could coax him out a 

little bit. 

     They arranged for Megan to go to Debbi's house before school on 

Monday, and bring several different outfits with her.  Leesa anf Jeanna 

would meet there, too, and help pick out the right clothes, and do Megan's 

makeup.  After the slumber party, Megan first went to the "real" Megan's 

house to tell her what had happened, and figure out what to do about Pete's 

family.  When she got there, there was a boy who looked a lot like him 

waiting on the porch.  "Hi Megan", the boy said, "Mom sent me over to see 

if Aunt Nancy, Uncle John or you needed any help unpacking.  I'm sure you've

got a lot to do before school Monday".  Hmmm, Megan thought, it seems like 

I'm not just a girl, but I'm really Megan.  And it seems like she is now 

Pete.  But she doesn't seem to know it.  And so Megan went into Megan's 

house, into Megan's room, and, well, into Megan's life.  But things really 

wern't the way they had been before.  Pete wasn't like Pete had been, he

was more athletic, and a poor student, but  for some reason, no one seemed 

to notice, except for Nick, who was no longer Pete's best friend.  And 

Megan wasn't the same either- she became more outgoing and flirtatious, 

which her parents just attributed to the new environment.  Her grades 

improved, too, but that isn't the sort of thing that makes parents worry.



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