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Archive-name: Changes/maidweek.txt


Archive-title: Maids Week 1-2

I turned on to the front walk and approached the sorority house. I had my

big green duffle bag with clothing for a week.

I didn't know whether to be excited or nervous. I guess I was both. Just the

night before, the girls from the house had 'bought' me in my fraternity's

charity slave auction. The bidding had gone up to $100 dollars, and the girls

purchased me for 7 days, $700! Not having anything else to do for the week

before summer semester, I agreed.

I guess I was expecting to do a lot of yard-work and driving for them, and

probably some house-cleaning. Boy was I wrong.

I finally went up to the door and knocked. Joanna answered, looking nice in

her greek sweatshirt and sweatpants.

"Great, just in time." She led me into the house and to the back yard.

"Stacy and Marge are just getting the garden marked off. There are shovels

in the shed." She relieved me of my bag. "I'll take care of these."

Wonderful. No welcome or anything. I got a shovel out of the shed and started

to dig up the garden.

After a few minutes, I was sweating gallons, so I took off my shirt and

continued. By noon, most of the sorority was out on their back deck, sun

bathing and watching me. I stole a healthy share of glances at their trim

and nearly naked bodies. The sorority had every member of our college track

team as a member, so my view was heavenly to say the least.

It took me awhile before I noticed that those spreading lotion on others seemed

to be very careful, their hands almost intimate. Some of the girls even undid

their bikini bottoms when suntanning on their stomaches.

I'd finished about half of the large garden marked out for me, and I was

beginning to have trouble keeping my erection down to a manageable size. It got

even worse when the few girls left on the deck turned over on their backs and

left their suits off. I suspected that all their eyes were trained on my

shorts' inadequate coverage.

By 1pm, I finished the whole job and all the girls had gone inside. Joanna came

back out in a silk coverup, and told me to come inside.

"First, you need a shower, then you'll fix us lunch before our naps." She led

me to a utility shower off the kitchen. No curtain and no door to the room.

She left me alone and I peeled off my sweaty shorts and underwear and enjoyed

the shower.

In the midst of washing my hair, I saw her walk in and take all my clothes,

giving me an impish smile as she left another pile of clothes underneath a

very small towel.

I finished my shower and dried my self off before I looked at my new clothes.

She had left me with a frilly maid's-costume teddy and a pair of men's bikini


Getting very excited, I tried on the teddy, but took it off, not willing to

admit my fetish to the girls, even though I suspect they expected me to wear


So, clad in very small underwear, I walked out into the kitchen. Joanna was

there, dressed in a teddy of her own. She looked very sexy, and my cock

threatened to spill out of my underwear.

"Why aren't you dressed?"

"You don't expect me to wear that, do you?"

"Oh yes, I do, Michael. Don't worry, we've all had intimate discussions with

Margaret." Margaret and I had been dating for two years when we broke up

last Christmas. She hadn't appreciated my attempts at crossdressing and it

was just one more thing to break us up. And now the entire sorority knew of

my secret fantasies. Obviously, they had really planned this week for a while

now (even to buying lingerie in my size)

I went back into the shower room, and under the gaze of Joanna, I put on the


"Much better, Michelle." That did it. Delving this deeply into my desires had

my cock out of my miniscule underwear and laying in the teddy, pre-cum leaving

a wet mark on the nylon front-piece.

Joanna instructed me on how to prepare the sandwiches for lunch and then went

to the lounging room to await my service.

I hurried the BLTs and piled them on a tray with glasses of iced tea.

The Lounging Room was the perfect name for the room that I entered. It was

outfitted with a couple white couches and a sea of pillows of all different

sorts, all white. The only other thing in the room was a big-screen TV and

vcr in one corner. As I entered I saw four of the girls laying around on the

couches and pillows, talking softly to each other, and wearing some of the

most exciting lingerie I'd had the privelege to witness on their sexy

athletic bodies.

"Ah, good, lunch is served." said Marianne. She waved me over to her and put

her hand on my crotch as she surveyed the pile of sandwiches.

"Hmmm. Joanna, do we have to leave the meat for dinner?" she asked as her

fingers traced my cock through the teddy.

"Yes, we do. It'll spoil your appetite for tonight." Marianne seemed to be

dejected but gave my cock a squeeze before selecting a sandwich and glass.

I was checked out by each of the others, as they took thier time in selecting

just the right sandwich. I've never had my 8-incher feel so big and hard.

They ate slowly, their eyes admiring me in my servant's teddy, a big red

satin heart across my not-so-hairy chest. But all too soon they were finished

and began to yawn. They wandered out of the Lounging Room and upstairs to

their rooms.

Joanna told me to clean up the dishes and straighten the Lounging Room.

"And remember, if you hear a bell, you must come and answer it, providing

whatever service is required." She punctuated this with a quick and light

squeeze of my balls, yawned, and ran lithely upstairs.

I had just gotten the room straightened and the dishes washed when I heard

a high-pitched bell from upstairs. I trotted up the wide staircase, very

aware of the teddy tight on my ass.

The bell had come from one of the second story bedrooms. I got to the door and


"Yes, ma'am."

"Michelle, come in." It was Joanna. Her bed was spread with various pieces of

lingerie and she looked unhappy.

"I need you to model something for me. I don't know if it is sexy or not." I

walked over to the bed and stood there as she removed my teddy and underwear,

and helped me into a bra, a pair of pink panties, and a full slip that reached

my knees.

"I'm not sure. Walk around." My cock was very hard and I was delirious with

sexual excitement. My desires to wear women's lingerie were being encouraged

and I reveled in it. I walked around her small room, feeling the bra straps on

my shoulders, the panties on my ass, and the slip all over.

"Rub yourself as you walk." I eagerly complied, caressing every part of my

nylon covered body. The waves of femininity that were sending electric sparks

all over my body were almost as good as orgasm. I barely noticed that Joanna

had her left hand deep in her own panties and her right on her breasts.

Maybe a minute went by as I walked and caressed myself before Joanna pushed me

onto her bed and spread my legs.

"I want to fuck you Michelle. Are you wet enough? I sure am." She didn't

wait for my reply but cut me off with a deep, passionate kiss, as her hands

worked our panties down and my slip up. Too soon, she broke the kiss and was

guiding my cock between her muscular, tanned legs.

She was wet and very hot, my cock feeling like it was being pressure steamed.

Not waiting for me, she began to hump me, up and down, pausing once in a while

to grind her pelvis in a circle against me. I laid there and rubbed myself and

when they came near, her breasts (bouncing beneath her babydoll top).

I came after about a minute of this, and Joanna just kept humping. All the

lingerie and her eagerness and beauty, helped me maintain some erection as

Joanna fucked me through two of her orgasms.

Finally, she dropped on bed beside me and lay there breathing hard. I lay

and didn't move, not able to increase my sensations for fear I would pass out.

She had one hand on my slick penis when another bell rang in another room.

She helped me up and kissed me before letting me out the door.

The other bell rang again, more insistently, and I hurried to locate its

source. On the third ring, I found the door and knocked.

"Yes, ma'am."

"Come in quickly, Michelle." I entered and found Marge and Stacy in a very

passionate 69 on the bed.

Marge pointed to a table that had two large dildo's on it, and asked me to

bring them to the bed. I did so, and they began to fuck each other with

the dildos. I watched, and felt my cock grow strong in my slip, also realizing

that I'd left my panties in Joanna's room.

Both girls began to moan and pant, their naked and sweaty bodies pressed

tightly together. They grew louder and louder until they were nearly yelling.

They came within a few seconds of each other and both lasted over 10 seconds.

As they cooled down, Marge handed the dildos back to me.

"Clean them off with the washcloth on the bureau and bring the cloth back

here." I did so, wiping all their sexy-smelling juices off the warm plastic,

and I walked over to them.

"Clean us off." I did so, taking great care around their breasts and crotches.

It took a very enjoyable ten minutes to clean both girls as they lay there

relaxing. I put the washcloth back in the waterbowl and returned to the bed.

"Dress us with the clothes on the dresser." I got the first pile of clothes.

They were all lingerie, with a lot of straps and things. Stacy stood first.

I slipped the panties up her legs, pulling them tight around her ass and

through her crotch. Next came the corset top with garters. Then the stockings

followed by the gloves. She looked gorgeous.

"Thank you Michelle." She said as she kissed me on the cheek and went to her

room across the hall.

Next came Marge. I dressed her in a hot pink teddy which had a white gauze

skirt attached in addition to garters. A lace and ribbon neck band went on

easily, with Marge stealing a kiss and a feel. Lastly the stockings.

"Very good, Michelle." She kissed me on the lips, and pushed her pelvis against

my hard cock.

I heard another bell. Damn!

"Here, you need panties." said Marge as she picked up a rolled up pair off the

floor. She unrolled them and pulled them on me. The crotch was wet and cold

with someone's pussy-juices, but they warmed up quicky as I climbed the stairs

to the third floor.

This time is was Marianne.

"What an unflattering outfit, Michelle. Take that off," she instructed as she

rummaged through her panty drawer and her closet. I was naked when she finally

selected a white panty and matching baby doll. I put them on and she instructed

me to get into bed.

The air-conditioner in her room was turned up to high, so slipping under the

covers felt good. She got in next to me, put her back to me (arranging herself

so that her ass formed a nice trough around my cock), and promptly fell


Before I knew, so had I.

I awoke after an hour to find myself joined in bed by Marianne and another

girl that I hadn't seen before. The bed wasn't that big and their bodies

were pressed tightly to mine. Feeling my baby doll top and their deliciously

curved bodies, I began to get a hard-on. This woke Marianne.

	She got out of the bed and got back in facing the other way, her thighs

on the pillow next to my head, and the rest of her under the covers. I thrilled

to feel her take my hard cock in her warm, moist mouth. She didn't lick it or

pump it, but just sucked it lightly, like a pacifier.

	This went on for quite awhile, before she slowed and began to fall

back asleep. With nothing else to do, and no way to ge out of the bed, I

relaxed and dozed myself.

	Marianne's movement roused me. She began to pay more attention to my

cock in her mouth, this time sucking it only until it regained its full

hardness, and then giving it an expert blowjob. Quickly, I began to make short

thrusts into her mouth, desperate to increase the sensation on my cock. This

woke the other girl who pressed herself (and most enjoyably her breasts)

against my back, her hand stroking my silk covered body, her lips kissing my

shoulders lightly.

	After a couple minutes, I was ready to unload.

	"Here it comes," I gasped, my body tense with a light sweat I had

worked up.

	Marianne stopped immeadiately, letting go of my cock and throwing the

covers off the bed.

	"I'll share, Judy." Judy moved off the bed and let me roll on to my

back. They both leaned over and began to lick and kiss my cock. The attentions

of two delicious pairs of lips are better than just one. I hit my high as

my balls clenched up and then began to throb. My cum spurted out and the girls

took turns letting it hit their faces.

	When I had finished coming, they kissed each other and began to clean

each other off, rather feline-like. I enjoyed my view of their asses and

breasts, which I could see through gaps in their lingerie.

	With a couple pushes, I was off the bed and they were in, ignoring me

quite completely except to tell me to pull the covers back.

	I slipped my happy soft cock back in the white panties and left the


	Joanna met me on the stairs, dressed in a silk wraparound robe.

	"You're doing well, Michelle." I smiled and shifted back and forth on

my feet just to feel my panties pull one way or the other.

	"You have a big day tomorrow, and you'll need plenty of rest. I'll

show you your room, and put you to bed." She led me down to the end of the

hall on the second floor.

	The room was small, half the size of the other girls'. It was furnished

with a very large bed and a dresser. On the dresser were the usual items for a

girl's room, and I could see various clothes in the closet.

	"Take off those and wait on the bed. She searched through the closet,

flipping through hanger after hanger of the most enticing lingerie I'd ever

seen. Sensing my question perhaps, she paused.

	"A couple of us are models for a Lingerie Home Party company. We

ordered some extras, in larger size just for you. Lay on your stomach please."

	I did so and she moved back out of my vision. I could hear her

rummaging through the drawers of the dresser and then silence.

	I jerked when I felt her hand on my ass.

	"Settle down. You need to be very relaxed." My mind sorted through

various possibilities. She caressed my ass, which felt enticingly bare. Her

fingers strayed between the cheeks, exploring my hole. After a minute, I felt

my muscles relax, in contrast to my hardening cock.

	Next she began to rub some sort of cream over my cheeks and quickly

into my ass. Deeper and deeper, she explored, lubricating me thoroughly. I

felt like anything could enter me.

	After another minute, I felt a warm object laid against my left cheek.

>From its texture and size, I deduced it to be a penis dildo. I involuntarily

stiffened and Joanna cooed at me and caressed me until I again relaxed.

	Then, ever so slowly, she began to slide the dildo into my ass, taking

5 minutes to ease the larger head past my resistance. After that it slipped in,

leaving me with an intense feeling of femininity.

	Then I felt her pull some satin straps around my hips and through my


	"Roll over gently." I did so and felt a wave of excitement wash over

me as she trussed up the straps and slipped them into the front piece and

locked it with a small padlock. My cock stood free over the straps, and I

realized that i could easily remove the dildo and straps, but I never even

considered doing it. The excitement returned when I imagined Joanna putting

a daiper on me. This, I'd never even considered before, although breast-feeding

proved to be a very enticing consideration.

	Joanna got up and fished something out of the closet. It was a black

teddy, very high cut. The material was shiny and had a fishscales pattern on

it. I touched it when Joanna brought it to the bed. It was peveled with a

feel like stretchy silk.

	She dressed me in the teddy, taking great care not to disturb the

dildo wedged warmly in my ass. I moved up the bed and discovered black satin

sheets under the large comforter. I slipped easily under the upper satin sheet,

my cock straining in reaction to the electric feel the sheets had on me.

	Joanna pulled the comforter over me, and gave me a deep and heartfelt


	"Goodnight, Michelle. We've so much to do tomorrow." She gave me a

wicked look.

	"People to meet," as she touched my ass (moving the dildo in a little)

"and places to go."

	As I thought about her cryptic comments, I fell asleep.



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