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Archive-name: Changes/limolove.txt


Archive-title: Barbara and Guy - A Love Story 

Reclining amid the soft black leather cushions in the back seat of the 

stretch limousine, Barbara Satin was excited but cautious about what this 

adventure was to bring. 

A few hours earlier, Barbara had been sitting quietly with a friend at a 

table near the dance floor at the Penthouse Club.  She loved to dress up on a 

Sunday evening and go to the club to watch other female mimics perform.  She 

also loved to dance and to advantage of every opportunity to get out on the 

floor with a partner. 

As she had prepared for this particular evening, Barbara hoped for something 

exciting to happen.  She decided that her clothes should reflect that same 


As usual, she showered thoroughly and then took advantage of the warm spray 

and foamy soap to shave her body completely, removing every vestige of 

masculine hair from her arms, legs, chest and even shaving her underarms so 

she could wear something strapl s and revealing.  She trimmed the curly black 

growth around her genitals so what remained was just a small patch of pubic 

hair; she even shaved the soft growth on her testicles. 

The result was sensuous; her skin was silky smooth, accentuating the 

attractiveness of her tight, slim body.  At 142 pounds, Barbara was tall and 

slender with long, shapely legs, an easy fit for size 11 or 12 clothes. 

Her only problem was her height.  At 6 feet, it was difficult to find the 

variety of styes and fabrics that regular size women had to choose from.  

Still she did all right.  The longer dress lengths of the last few years had 

provided a better selection than had been the situation previously.  Then the 

return of the mini-skirt had offered another opportunity.  Since Barbara's 

strongest feminine feature was her legs - a fact attested to by a variety of 

admirers over the past years - the short skirts would allow her to be even 

bolder than she was accustomed to being. 

She stood quietly for a moment, admiring her smooth body in the mirror.  

Taking her long, thick penis in her hand, she stroked it gently and was awed 

by the way it stiffened and grew in reaction to her touch.  She explored the 

tip and saw a small drop of re-cum formed in the opening.  She wiped it off 

with her fingertip and placed the droplet on her tongue. 

Barbara had grown to enjoy the taste of semen but she was particularly 

fascinated by the flavor and texture of her own.  She often wished she were 

flexible enough to perform fellatio on herself; she thought that would be 

enough to satisfy her passionate ges.  She swallowed the drop and softly 

shivered at the taste of it. 

Barbara turned away and started dressing.  She knew exactly what she wanted 

to wear tonight.  She pulled on a pair of black satin mid-length panties, 

smoothing the shimmering fabric across the front of her crotch. Then she drew 

on a pair of long black si 

 stockings, the tops clinging to her thighs by bands of elastic stripping.  

She put on a pair of black patent leather high heels then stood and examined 

the effect in the full-length mirror.  As usual, her legs were a stimulating 


She then turned to the dresser and selected a black vinyl bra, its shiny 

surface reflecting the lights of the bedroom.  Inserting foam pads into the 

cups of the bra, Barbara was thrilled to see her slim figure transformed into 

that of a shapely woman. 

Next came the black satin suit.  Deciding against a slip, she simply pulled 

the skirt on over the silk stockings.  The effect and the sensation against 

her smooth skin was electric.  Then came the jacket; she fastened its double 

breasted front across the op of the vinyl bra.  The black satin of the jacket 

ended at the back and was replaced by a panel of black lace from collar to 

hem.  She looked in the mirror and turned to see the effect from the back.  

The shiny black strap of the vinyl bra was clearly ident through the 

decorative weave of the lace.  That was the special touch Barbara was hoping 

for; a subtle invitation to any observant admirer. 

She finished her make-up and put on her blood red lipstick.  She then chose 

her wig for the night, a shaggy black one with hair that fell softly across 

her shoulders.  She brushed it gently so it fell naturally against her face. 

The last act was to put on her fingernails, the same crimson as her lips.  

She turned to look in the mirror at the final product.  As usual, she felt 

overpowered by the sensual image that smiled back at her.  Barbara Satin was 

once again alive and lookin for sexual satisfaction. 

However, in spite of all her preparations and anticipation, the night had 

been extremely quiet.  Barbara's friend, Tony, didn't feel like dancing and 

Barbara couldn't find any of her other acquaintances to join her on the dance 


She was sitting stirring her drink and wishing Tony would get some energy, 

when Guy approached and asked her to dance.  Guy Shelton was one of the 

town's most successful men but the source of that success was unknown to 

everyone but Guy. 

Although Barbara recognized Guy right away, she really only knew him by name 

and reputation, that of a tough man and a big-spender who had his choice of 

any woman he wanted. 

Barbara wondered what he was doing in a gay bar like the Penthouse and why he 

wanted to dance with her.  Barbara knew she was still attractive but she knew 

that at her age she could no longer compete with the young bodies - male or 

female - that crowded e club. 

She stood up and took Guy's outstretched hand as he led her to the dance 

floor.  The music was fast tempo rock and roll - the kind of music that 

Barbara loved to dance to because it gave her the chance to shed all of her 

inhibitions and just react as the usic dictated.  She stood in front of Guy 

Shelton and began to quickly move her hips and feet in time to the beat of 

the music. 

She quickly forgot her concern about Guy's invitation and just lost herself 

in the thrill of the colored lights, the loud sounds and the wonderful 

feelings that flowed through her body.  She threw her head back and closed 

her eyes while she danced - igno ng everything and everyone in the room. 

"You're a great dancer."  The sound of Guy's voice, a shout above the din of 

the music, brought her back to reality.  She smiled at his compliment. 

"Thanks, you're pretty good, too," she whispered loudly, putting her face 

near his ear.  They quickly stepped apart and continued dancing. 

After two more fast pieces, Barbara could feel that she was tiring.  Her face 

and clothes were slightly damp with perspiration and she was thirsty.  She 

looked across at Guy and was surprised at how fresh and unperturbed he looked 

after so much exercise. Suddenly, the tempo of the music shifted to a 

romantic beat and the lights on the dance floor dimmed, setting a mood for 

slow dancing.  Barbara started back to her table but before she had taken two 

steps, Guy's hand touched her shoulder and pulled her b k on the dance floor. 

"I don't want to miss the best part.  Come dance with me."  The tone was not 

a request and Barbara realized she wasn't being given a choice.  She turned 

and walked toward him. 

Guy pulled her to him and slowly lead her into the middle of the dance floor.  

He was as good a slow dancer as he was dancing to rock and roll.  But Barbara 

was finding it hard to relax. 

She wasn't used to dancing body to body with a man.  Sometimes she and Tony 

would slow dance together but that was different.  Like Barbara, Tony was 

also transvestite so when they danced it was if two women were dancing 


This was so much different. Guy Shelton was a man and he was reacting as a 

man reacts when he is dancing with an attractive woman - to romantic music - 

in a dark room.  It was evident that Guy was getting turned on, Barbara could 

feel him press her close as his hands moved across her back and settled 

tightly just below her waist. 

She could also feel his erection press against her leg; he was coy about it 

at first, touching it against her and then moving away as if nothing had 


Barbara was surprised at how large and thick his penis felt when he put it 

against her again, this time moving his leg so it was pressed momentarily 

against the front of her skirt, level with her groin. 

"Men are like children when it comes to sex," Barbara thought to herself.  

But she couldn't react to Guy's advances because she was too worried about 

what he would do if he found out that he was trying to put the make on a man 

dressed as a woman.  She only

 wanted the dance to end so she could return to her table and the security 

Tony offered. 

"I like dancing with you, Barbara.  You really turn me on." Guy whispered in 

her ear. He moved against her again, pressing his cock tightly against her 

body; this time all the coyness was gone from his actions. 

"I can feel that you're excited, Guy.  Maybe we should stop dancing and get 

something to drink...that might cool us both off."  Barbara tried to be 

offhanded about his approach to her but she was beginning to be scared about 

what it was all leading to. 

"I know just the place for a good, relaxing drink," Guy said and pulled her 

across the floor toward the front door of the Penthouse Club.  "The bar in 

the back of my limousine has the best booze you can buy.  And it's quiet so 

we can talk...or whatever." Barbara stopped in the middle of the floor and 

put up her hands.  "Wait a minute, I'm not going anywhere except back to the 

table and my friend Tony."  She turned on her heel and started across the 

floor in the opposite direction. 

Guy stopped her by grabbing her arm and squeezing it tightly.  "I wasn't 

asking you, Barbara.  I was telling you.  Get your coat and let's go."  His 

voice was tense and the words seemed to be hissing from his mouth. 

Barbara took a look at the steely glint in his eye and realized she had no 

choice but go.  She moved in front of him and headed to the coat check area.  

The attendant took her claim check and retrieved her coat. Guy stepped 

forward and held it for her. e slipped into the black vinyl trench coat and 

wrapped it securely around her body, tightening the belt about her slim 

waist.  Standing behind her, Guy kept his hands on her body and slowly ran 

his fingers down the front of the shiny coat, softly pressin them firmly 

against her small breasts. 

"This is just the kind of coat I thought you would wear. It's very sexy," he 

whispered in her ear. 

Barbara could feel her insides begin to melt at the softness of his words and 

the gentleness of his touch.  She suddenly realized her fear and hesitancy 

were gone.  She now felt in control of the situation - and of Guy.  Barbara 

turned to him and smiled, etting her tongue slowly play across her open lips. 

"Thank you, kind sir. That's a compliment I love to hear."  She kissed him on 

the cheek, moved out the door of the Penthouse Club and then waited for him 

to take her by the arm and lead her to his car. 

Now she was in the back seat of the long limousine waiting for Guy to follow, 

wondering where this adventure would lead. 

He sat down next to her and closed the car door. Reaching across, he opened 

the liquor cabinet and began to mix a drink for her.  She watched, intrigued 

by his rugged, handsome face.  If only she were a real woman in this same 

situation, she wouldn't be eling the same apprehension.  If she were really a 

woman, she could give in to this sexy man and enjoy the thrill of having him 

make love to her.  But she wasn't a woman and she couldn't run the risk of 

having him find out that she was not capable of pro ding the kind of ultimate 

satisfaction he would be looking for. 

Guy passed her a glass filled with pale pink wine. "Here's to us - tonight 

and in the future," he toasted her with his upraised glass.  Barbara touched 

the rim of her glass against his and smiled coyly. "To two very unique 

people," she laughed softly and hen downed the contents.  The wine felt sweet 

and refreshing as it warmed the back of her mouth.  She held out her glass 

for a refill and kissed him gently on the cheek as she whispered, "I'm 

already a little intoxicated from all of this but I would like nother glass 

of wine." 

"You're not the only person who is feeling high about tonight."  Guy took her 

glass and set in on the counter beside him. He reached his free arm across 

her shoulder and pulled her firmly to him. He looked at her gently and said, 

"I want you very much an I intend to make love to you - right here, right 

now.  He then lowered his lips to her mouth.  His kiss was harsh at first but 

then it softened and she could feel his tongue begin to probe the moist red 

line between her lips.  It was hesitant at first, t n more forceful, pushing 

itself inside the lipsticked barrier. 

Barbara found herself defenseless against Guy's sexual attractiveness. She 

sighed deeply and then opened her lips to his prodding tongue.  She felt him 

push her back against the leather cushions, his hands rubbing briskly across 

the front of her vinyl co .  Barbara could feel his passion intensify as he 

caressed her body through the shiny black garment.  Then his fingers went to 

her belt and fumbled to release it.  She shifted her body to make his actions 

easier.  As the belt came free, he threw open the oat and moved his hands to 

the satin suit, first stroking the slippery sheen of the jacket then shifting 

to the skirt. His fingers touched its hem then slowly lifted the fabric to 

stroke the silky length of her thighs. 

After what seemed like hours to Barbara, Guy turned his attention back to her 

suit jacket.  His expert fingers caressed the ebony black satin and slowly 

ran circles around the shiny mounds of her breast. Then he probed the straps 

of the vinyl bra through he lace insert at the back of the jacket.  He 

reached down and unbuttoned the garment and pushed it aside so his lips could 

reach the glossy vinyl bra. 

Enraptured with his lovemaking, Barbara ran her fingers slowly across the 

front of his pants and felt the firm bulge of his cock against the soft wool 

fabric. She pushed her palm against it and felt  it give and then press back 

against her touch.  Slowly she extended her fingers, pressing them against 

the wool material and moulding them around the rigid shaft of his penis.  She 

was fascinated by the powerful feel of it and thrilled to know that she was 

the cause of it.  Her fingers moved to the zipper of is fly and slowly 

lowered it.  She reached inside and felt the warmth of his skin. He was not 

wearing any underwear 

His penis was almost hot to her touch and softer than she would have thought.  

She caressed it slowly, letting her fingers play with the firmness and 

strength of the shaft.  She watched her red fingernails shine in the light of 

the passing street lights. he pulled it free from its zippered prison and 

watched in fascination as it extended itself, as if eager to be free and 

searching for excitement. 

Barbara lowered her head and put her lips to the tip of his cock.  She 

flicked her tongue at the warm, soft skin and watched it jerk back in 

reaction to her touch. It seemed to Barbara that the shaft was continually 

growing...larger and longer. 

She opened her lips and put them around the width of the organ, sucking it 

deep into her mouth.  She could feel her lipstick smear against the soft 

flesh and the thought of the red stain on the deep 

She could feel the excitement of what she was doing begin to spread deep 

inside her groin. The reaction was different than any she had experienced as 

a man. The sensation was not as tightly focused as a throbbing erection. 

Instead, her whole body felt like

it was afloat in a sea of warm, perfumed oil. It was peaceful and fulfilling 

to lie there in the car, sensing the power within the man's cock yet knowing 

that it was power over which she held absolute control. The flicking of her 

tongue, the sucking of her mouth were the weapons by which she could exercise 

that control. She could bring the erection close to climax or let it subside 

and her victim would have little response but to plead for satisfaction. She 

was the true lover, the initiator. Her glamorou clothes and lovely body were 

the sparks that kindled the sexual response of her lover. 

Then she realized that this was still a battle, she was not yet a victor. 

Guy's breathing was taking on a rapid, excited pace; his cock was beginning 

to pulse with uncompromising urgency. She understood that she was close to 

losing the control she had so gleefully enjoyed. 

His hands fastened around her hair and pressed her head tighter against his 

body. She quickly gulped fresh air before her mouth was totally obstructed by 

the shaft of his penis, its skin moist , distended and eager for 

satisfaction. He pressed his body d p into the opening of her blood red lips 

and began to stroke back and forth. She tightened her mouth around the 

enormous girth, frictioning his cock as it moved within her. Guy was beyond 

her controlling influence now. He only wanted satisfaction; to fuck her mouth 

and, through that effort, possess and consecrate her whole being with the 

balm from his penis. 

A moan began deep in his throat and Barbara knew that she would soon have to 

accommodate the flood of his semen.  She tried to relax her throat but the 

excitement of what was about to happen instead kept her tense and eager.  She 

ran her tongue against the

 soft slick skin of his cock.  It twitched in response and he began to shake 

uncontrollably.  Then the wave came and Barbara felt the warm, oily solution 

pour from his penis and splash against the back of her throat.  She swallowed 

quickly once, then again

 and relished the fact that the salty taste of his cum was more pleasant than 

she had expected.  She suctioned his cock with her lips, helping him draw 

every drop of satisfaction from their sexual encounter. 

As the limousine continued its flight into the night, the two passengers in 

the rear snuggled against each other in an aura of relaxed satisfaction. 

Barbara's makeup was smeared and her clothing was wrinkled and disarrayed; 

the satin jacket was open and the straps of her black vinyl bra had fallen 

from her shoulders; the shiny skirt was bunched up around her hips exposing 

her long, silky black legs u er the intermittent glare of passed street 

lights; the front of her satin panties was moist with the remnants of her own 

sexual release; her mouth felt tender from the passion of the previous 

moments yet moist from traces of Guy's sticky emission which s ll clung to 

her lips; her throat felt coated with the oily salve of his cum which she had 

swallowed in massive gulps. 

Guy held her firmly in his arms; his face was covered with perspiration and 

his clothes were askew; the front fly of his trousers was still unzippped but 

his once-formidable penis was no longer a mighty lance; it lay numbed and 

moist against the wool of s slacks; its once long length now shriveled and 

covered with crimson traces from Barbara's mouth. 

"I love you, Barbara.  I've known about you for months.  What you are turns 

me on and I want to make love like this again and again."  Guy turned her 

face to his lips.  Barbara knew that their relationship would never last but 

she was not willing to let at inevitable conclusion cloud the ecstasy she was 

feeling.  She opened her lips wide and accepted his tongue once again.



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