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Archive-name: Changes/leslie2.txt

Archive-author: Leslie Leigh

Archive-title: Fantasy Cruise II - The Sequel


As Bobbi closed the door to the cabin I was suddenly consumed by a feeling of

great fear.  Here I was, a man in drag, preparing for all the world to see

right through me.  " Bobbi,  Maybe this isn't a good idea."  "Don't be worried

silly, I wouldn't do anything to hurt you.  Let's go get some food.  Give it a

few minutes and if you don't feel comfortable we'll head back to your cabin. 

Trust me,  your the prettiest lady on this ship."  Bobbi's statement caused me

to blush, but the tone of her voice told me that I was not being set up to take

a fall.  She took me by the arm and began to guide me down the hall.  The new

shape of my body and the heels that I was wearing forced me to walk with an

unstable swish.  "Don't take such big steps, You'll find that the trick to

heels is to take dainty little steps., placing one foot in front of the other."

 Before continuing down the hall I practiced a bit with my new situation.  As I

grew comfortable with my new walk and the bounce of my buns we started on our


"Because I know better, I'd say that you were enjoying this".  I smiled at

Bobbi's comment and took her by the arm. " Let's hurry up and get going before

I chicken out"

As we entered the dining room it went silent. "LADIES, IT IS MY PRIVILEGE TO

INTRODUCE YOU TO MISS LESLIE LEIGH".  All heads turned in my direction.  After

a moment that seemed like an eternity everyone stood and applauded.  Bobbi took

my arm and escorted me to our table. On our way I received little hugs and

kisses from what seemed like a hundred attractive women. The room went silent

only after we reached our table and sat down.  "Now wasn't that easy?"  "Bobbi

this may seem like a strange question, but why are there only women in here?" 

Bobbi giggled " Not all of these folks are women,  Some are women, some are men

who enjoy wearing sexy clothes.  You my dear are very special and everyone is

happy that you finally joined us. Dinner was delicious but I could hardly keep

my eyes open by the time desert was served.  The evening became a blur as I

relized that I was unable to keep my hold on reality.

As I dreamt that night, I saw myself meeting myself.  My male self was

wandering naked in darkness when another figure appeared.  It was my female

self, dressed in a long flowing gown.  She, I mean I, began a conversation with

him, I mean me. She exuded a confidence that he lacked.  Taking the initiative

she pulled him close and kissed him deeply.  Her hands explored his body.  She

laid him upon the ground and made love to him.  The moans of pleasure were in

perfect unison and built to a glorious climax.  He looked deeply into her eyes

and said one word; "yes".  She kissed him and he dissolved into space.  She

stood, brushed the hair from her face " Now we are one".

I awoke in my cabin, the brightness of the day peering in through the windows. 

I pulled back the cover to find that I was wearing a satiny little nighty.  My

hands began to caress the fabric and the new body that was underneath.  I felt

strange yet terribly excited as my hands reached my growing breasts.  My

nipples hardened in response to my caress.  One hand began to explore other

regions of myself.  I felt velvety smooth skin at every touch.  My hand slid

from my breast as I gently arched my back. Lower, inch by inch, taking in every

sensation.  A flat, smooth stomach and a thin waist. hips that were round yet

firm.  My hand moved toward my crotch, not wanting to awake from the fantasy,

but having to know what remained of my former self.  I was ripped out of my

fantasy body tour as I discovered Fred.  He was still there, but had become

ever smaller. The term "pencil dick" popped into my head, but this pencil had

been in an electric sharpener a little too long. My balls couldn't be found.

Notjust hard to find but gone. Trust me I knew where I had left them.  I ran to

the bathroom for a closer examination. As I got up Bobbi entered the room "Good

your up. We've got a big day ahead of us"  "Bobbi, what happened last night?" 

"After we came back to the cabin you passed out.  You looked so dear that I

just undressed you and put you to bed."  "No I mean, ... Look." I held the

loose skin that had contained my balls for her examination. "MY BALLS ARE

GONE."  "Oh yes, Dr. Sullivan thought it would be a good idea to get a head

start on your procedures. All it took was a small incision and a few snips and

"TA DA". Besides, you must get out into the sea air.  You've been couped up in

here too long and there's no way we could hide those old things in this."  She

held out a couple of very small pieces of fabric.  "What's that?"  "This is a

little something I bought for you.  Your going to be so cute!" Bobbi took a

step towards me and held the bottoms up to my body.  "It looks like we may have

to get rid of that hair around your bikini line."  She turned me around and

headed me back toward the bathroom.  She had me sit on the edge of the vanity

and spread my legs.  She opened the medicine closet and pulled out her

supplies.  First she trimmed the area with some scissors.  Then she applied

some shaving cream to the area.  As she rubbed it in I found myself enjoying

the whole experience.  I closed my eyes and began to feel the energy of her

touch. I felt the coldness of the razor  contact my skin. The pressure was

building inside me and I found myself moaning in ecstasy. My body was writhing

with pleasure. I began to massage my budding breast when I felt the warmth of

Bobbi's mouth in my crotch.  She kissed what was left of my former sex.  My

head was telling me that I should have a rock hard erection, but my senses were

telling me a new story. I collapsed as every muscle in my body tensed and

released. As I regained my senses I found Bobbi resting her head in between my

legs. She looked up at me, smiled. " I hope you don't mind.  I just couldn't

help myself."  When she lifted her head she exposed the fact that she had done

a little more than cleaning up my "bikini line".  There was no hair left around

my diminishing manhood.  Before I could say a thing Bobbi bounced to her feet. 

" This suit doesn't leave much to the imagination.  I figured we should play it

safe.  Besides  you have recovered faster than we thought so we've moved your

surgery up and we would have to shave the area anyway." She put her hand on the

newly denuded skin "I really enjoy the feel of shaved pussy." She bent over and

gave me a another little kiss. I finally was able to gain enough composure to

comment, " Bobbi, I think that this is really what I have always wanted.  I

love my new body and I think I love you."  Bobbi smiled from ear to ear "

honey, you are moving a bit too fast.  When we're finished with you every man

will want you for his own.  I do like you, but let's take it slow. O.K.?"

I was a little embarrassed and a little hurt that my emotions were so one

sided, but I realized that she was probably right.  I was experiencing so many

new feelings that maybe I had jumped prematurely.  A tear ran down my cheek. 

Bobbi took me in her arms and gave me a hug.  "Let's get going and enjoy the


She helped me on with the suit.  The bottom was no more than a triangular piece

of fabric with a string attached to each corner.  She tied the three strings

together in the back and snugged the sides up on my hips.  She placed her hand

on my crotch and gave it a little rub. "See how smooth you are?   Then she

handed me the top which I put on with only a little difficulty. My breasts were

getting bigger everyday and were peeking out from all directions of the top.

Bobbi stepped back to take it all in. "Girl, we need to get you some sun. 

You're new body is crying out for a tan."  She walked to the closet and pulled

a cover-up from it's hanger and a bag from the floor. She placed the bag on the

bed and handed me the sheer cover-up. She then got a pair of sandals out. She

sat me on the corner of the bed and lifted my leg by my calf.  She then slipped

the sandals on my feet and pulled me to my feet. She then did a little fix on

my make-up and we were off to the pool.

We drenched ourselves in the warm sun and talked about what I had to look

forward to. As we laid on our backs she explained that the operation was

normally done in stages, but that the ship's operating room had the latest

"state of the art" equipment so there was less shock to the body.  All

incisions would be made with a computer controlled laser.  The technology was

so innovative that it left no scars and healing was incredibly fast.  Most of

the incisions would not even require any stitches.  She assured me that Dr.

Sullivan's technique was the best in the world and that everything would be

just fine. The conversation  then turned to "girl talk".  We gabbed about

clothes, hair and make-up After about a half an hour we turned over and get

some sun on our backs.  The fullness of my breasts under my body felt a little

strange at first, but I soon found it somewhat intoxicating.  As I relaxed in

the heat of the sun I felt a warm hand on my back. "We don't want you to burn. 

Let me put a little oil on you"  She untied the strings to my top and began to

massage some oil onto my skin.  I found myself relaxing to her every touch.  I

then felt the strings to my bottom fall to my sides. I felt her hands slide

over my buns, caressing then gently.  I was in heaven!  Without thinking I spun

around and grabbed Bobbi and kissed her with every bit of passion I possessed. 

She melted in my arms as she returned my passion.   As I released her from my

embraced we both realized that my top and bottom were laying on the deck.  We

looked at each other and giggled.  " Bobbi,  I've got to have you now."  She

returned with a sly smile and the offer of a large towel. "Let's go lover."  We

jumped up and practically ran to my cabin where I wasted no time in getting

back to were I had left off. We where in perfect sync with each other. Our

souls seemed somehow entwined and we explored each other leaving no flesh


I awoke in Bobbi's arms.  I felt so warm and loved.  Bobbi kissed me on the

back of my neck. "Today's the big day.  Come on sleepy head, Dr. Sullivan is

expecting you at 10am sharp."  I got to my feet and did a little stretch.

"Bobbiwill you be with me during the surgery?  " Honey I will be with you until

you grow tired of me.  I was wrong to question your emotions and twice as wrong

to question mine.  I do love you."

There was a knock on the door and in walked a young woman in a nurses uniform. 

" Miss Leigh it's time to get prepped.  I sat in the wheelchair that she

offered and off we went.  I was soon being prepped for the surgery that would

finally rid me of a life that never seemed to fit quite right.  Dr. Sullivan

leaned over and gave me a few reassuring words and then turned to the nurse.

"Miss Leigh this will let you sleep during the procedure."  She placed a

plastic mask over my nose and mouth.  " Take a deep breath and please count

down from one hundred."  I took a deep breath and looked into the nurses eyes.

"99-98-97-96-95---94. ........" As blackness flooded my consciousness I heard

Bobbi's voice.  " I'll be here if you need me.  I love You."  These were the

last words I heard as my blackness changed to white.

When reality and I once again joined I was sore all over. From head to toe I

had a dull ache.  " Did everything go well?"  "Darling things went terrific! 

Dr. Sullivan said that you were strong enough to finish all the procedures. 

Sheactually was able to use some new techniques that I am sure you will be

pleased with. Dr. Sullivan will be here in a while, but for now just relax." I

closed my eyes and followed Bobbi's suggestion.  I couldn't move anyway.  I was

able to see that I looked like a mummy.  I was wrapped from head to toe in

gauss wrapping.

Dr. Sullivan moved into my line of sight. " Good evening Miss Leigh,  I just

wanted to stop by and let you know how everything went.  You have undergone

some major plastic surgery in the last few hours and if I do say so myself. I

did my best work ever.  In addition to the genital reconstruction we gave you a

size C set of breasts.  With all of the hormone treatments you've had they look

very natural.  We also inserted some implants around your hips and buttocks.  I

decided that while we were at it I'd  work on you lips, cheeks, nose and eyes a

bit.  I hope you like my work when you see it.  Your entire body is covered in

on of my little tricks.  I use a cream which acts as a preventative measure

against infection.  It is loaded with a topical hormone which will allow for

quick healing, no scarring and best of all, smoother skin.  I will be back in

the morning to remove the bandages and check out my work.  Tonight just rest

and dream of your new life."   She then gave me two shots.  " The first shot I

gave you will help you sleep tonight and ease any discomfort you may feel.  The

second was your last mega dose of hormones.  It contains an activator which

will begin the flow of hormones from the time release unit we implanted."  Dr.

Sullivan continued to talk as her image blurred and my mind once again faded to


I awoke the next morning and was feeling great.  All the ache from the night

before had disappeared.  I was a little apprehensive about what I would find

under my wraps.  I had seen pictures of people who had undergone minor plastic

surgery and they all were black and blue for weeks after the procedure.  I was

preparing myself for the worst when Dr. Sullivan entered.  " Good, You're

awake.  As soon as Bobbi gets here we'll see how we did.  No sooner had she

uttered Bobbi's name the door opened and in walked Bobbi and Carla.   "Hi hon,

how are you doing?  I brought Carla with me to get your new measurements.  We

need to get you dressed for tonight." 

I heard the click of the scissors as they cut the bandages on my legs.  As the

bandages were removed up to my waist there was a gasp in the room.  My mind

raced thinking that something had gone terribly wrong.  I went into a mild

state of shock until the bandages came off on my chest.  The room broke out in

a simultaneous cheer.  Bobbi leaned towards me. "YOU ARE GORGEOUS" Dr. Sullivan

helped me sit up and I was able to see my legs.  They were wonderful.  They

tapered up to very voluptuous hips.  Dr. Sullivan then removed the bandages

from my head and once again there was a little cheer.  Bobbi handed me a mirror

and I tentatively turned it to my face.  The image that met my gaze was that of

a true beauty.  I was speechless as the girls helped me to my feet.  They

escorted me to the full length mirror and I felt my knees go weak. Staring back

at me was the woman I had seen in my dreams.  This was the woman that I had

searched for all my life.  I had never imagined that I was my perfect woman.

As I stood admiring my image Carla went to work.  " Hips" A tape was looped

around my body. "36 ... Waist .... 25 ... Chest ... 36C.  She smiled at me and

gave me a little peck on the cheek. "I'll be back in bit with some new frocks."

 She bounced out of the cabin.  "Well what do you think?" Dr. Sullivan broke me

from my trance.  " I look ... WONDERFUL.  I was afraid that I was going to be

bruised all over."  "My technique and the use of the post-op cream eliminates

most all trauma to the effected tissue."  My hands began to explore my new

body.  I examined my crotch and it reminded my of a pre-pubescent girl.  There

was of course no hair, but is was all female.  My shape was even more feminine

than before the surgery and I found myself exploring every newfound curve.  My

hands moved up and caressed my breast.  They could no longer be termed as

"budding".  They were full and very womanly.  It was going to take a while

before they felt natural.  Still higher, my hands reached my face. I traced the

outline of my full lips,  felt the fullness of my cheeks and fell in love with

the way my eyes had been brought out.  I imagined myself being the face on a

Cosmo in the very near future.  I was so into myself that I had forgotten that

Bobbi was in the room.  I turned around and found that Bobbi was as "into" my

new body as I was.  I squealed and shocked Bobbi by grabbing her. " I hope you

like my new body as much as I do."  Bobbi, still a little shocked by my sudden

attack. " Girl, I love it.  I wish I looked as good as you do.  I'm going to

have a battle to keep the men away from your cute little body."

" I can see that you're doing just fine. Come see me before we dock." Dr

Sullivan turned and left the cabin. Before the door closed Carla came back in

with two other girls.  In a rush of modesty I tried to cover up, but I found

that I no longer had enough hands to cover all the vital areas. I simply gave

up and laughed out loud.  Carla and her entourage began to sort some of the

clothes out on the bed. The four girls acted as if I was a life sized Barbie

Doll.  They slid a fresh pair of black laced french cut panties into place.  I

was pleasantly surprised as the crotch eased up between my new lips.  A

matching underwire bra was supporting my boobs and a girdle was pulled tight

nipping my waist down to a petite 20 inches.  A garter belt was put around my

waist and a pair of black silk stockings was attached to the garters.  The

girls then slipped a gown over my head.  I was a royal blue tea length with a

sheath bodice.  My new cleavage was diffused by a little lace trim. I sat on

the edge of the bed and Carla placed a pair of satin pumps on my feet.  The

girls then guided me to the vanity and began to make me over.  Bobbi worked my

hair atop my head exposing my neck.  Carla and the other two giggled as they

applied the magic to my face.  My nails were shaped and polished.  Diamond drop

earrings were put in my earlobes and a matching necklace was draped around my

neck.  A touch of "White Shoulders" perfume was dabbed on my neck, in my

cleavage and behind my knees. The girls then dragged me back to the full length

mirror.  I couldn't believe that the person looking back was really me.  There

was no clue that I was ever anything but the beautiful woman that I now was. 

Myhead was reeling as I was swung around to face Bobbi.  She was down on one

knee.  "Leslie, A vast emptiness has been filled by your light.  I want us to

share a life together, The good times and the bad.  Please say that you will

join me in my journey called life. Our souls are stronger as one."  She took my

left hand and slipped a diamond on my ring finger. "Leslie, this ring signifies

my undying love for you.  It has no beginning and it has no end.  Tell me that

you will be mine until the end of time."

   My mind was racing,  the overage of emotion rushed my brain and the world



 "Miss Leigh, we're here."  It was Bobbi's voice that brought me back.  "Bobbi

... Yes"   "Excuse me Miss Leigh?"  I suddenly realized that I was in the limo.

  A quick assessment revealed that I was just good old MALE Les Leigh.  " I'm

 sorry Bobbi, you caught me in the middle of a dream."  "I'm sorry Miss Leigh,

   but the ship leaves in an hour. It's time for us to board and start that

 vacation."  "Bobbi, are you going to be on the cruise?"  "Yes I will. In fact

  my cabin is right across from yours.  Why do you ask? "Perhaps we could get

together for dinner?"  "I'd love that Miss Leigh.  Let's get going before they

sail without us."  She opened my door and we walked towards the SS Jorgenson. 

   As I got closer I couldn't help but wonder about my dream.  It was just a

                             dream, wasn't it?   

                    I'll send you a postcard when we dock.

              Weather is here.  Wish I was Beautiful!!                         


"Les,  Miss Leigh wake up it's time to go."  I opened my eyes and found myself

  in the limo. It was dark outside " Your cruise leaves in an hour. Let's get

 going."  "Bobbi, I just had the strangest dream......" "Was I in it?"  "Yes,




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