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Archive-name: Changes/leslie1.txt

Archive-author: Leslie Leigh

Archive-title: Fantasy Cruise

I was totally burned-out.  The feature project which I had

been working on for the last six months was drawing to an

end.  Production was wrapping and the crew was saying it's

good byes.  The Production company was excited about the

product, a futuristic action adventure film, shot in Atlanta,

with two of the hottest box office stars in the world.

Figuring that it would easily net in excess of forty million

in theatrical release alone and grateful that we were on

schedule and under budget, my friend for many years, Diane

who owns the production company added a perk in the form of

an all-expense paid three month vacation cruise.

She said that they owned a part of the cruise line and that

I was booked in a luxury cabin.  Anything I might need could

be obtained with my signature, so the fact that I was ill-

prepared for an ocean cruise made little difference.  She

explained that she had taken a cruise on the line about ten

years ago and that she enjoyed herself so much that she

talked her partners into buying a major holding in the cruise

line.  Diane said that she had noticed how much energy I put

into my work and that she knew that I needed a change of

pace.  I didn't argue with her, I had sensed that my

creativity was at an all time log and was in need of a

recharge.  "Les, when you get back from the cruise you'll

feel like a new person.  And who may meet the

girl of your dreams." She gave me a peck on the cheek and

handed me plane tickets to Miami and sent me on my way.

I arrived in  Miami at 1:30 pm and was greeted at the airport

by a Limo driver holding a sign that read;


                      Fantasy Cruises   

                         Ms.  Leigh     


I overlooked the obvious typo and introduced myself to the

driver.  After I showed her some ID and told her that Diane

had sent me she accepted that I was the party that she was to

pick-up.  She was a classy young woman in her twenties and

she introduced herself as Bobbie.  She was dressed in a cris`

black chauffeurs uniform with it's cap atop beautiful long

blond hair, fitted jacket, white blouse, red bow tie, form

hugging black skirt cut just above her perfect knees, black

seamed hose, all perched atop a pair of red patent 5" pumps.

To say that she was stunning would have been a great


We waited for my single suit bag to appear on the carousel

for almost an hour.  All the other passengers from Altanta

had received their bags and were long gone.  Bobbie said that

there was a clothing store on the ship and that all I would

need to do was sign for what ever I needed.  " Besides, you

probably will only need a couple swim suits."  I really

didn't have many options.  The airline figured that my bag

was now on its way to Puerto Rico and that there was no way

they could get it to the ship before we left.  Bobbie

reassured me that  everything would be fine and she escorted

me to a white stretch limo just outside the baggage area and

opened the door. "Make yourself at home, the cruise doesn't

leave until 9 pm so we have some extra time.  Have you ever

been to Miami before?" I told her that I had, but like most

of my travels, I had not had a chance to see anything besides

my hotel room and the location.

"Well then, we'll just drive around a while and I'll point

out some landmarks.  There's a laptop computer in the back

with a vacation survey program.  It will give us an idea of

the activities that you might enjoy during the cruise.  If

you have any questions feel free to ask me." With that she

closed the door and assumed her position behind the wheel.

As we pulled away from the airport I opened the computer and

turned it on.  It went through a short boot-up routine and a

screen appeared.


                    Fantasy Cruise Lines                  

                  Preliminary Questionnaire               



          Press Enter when you are ready to begin         


I pressed the enter key and began. I answered the first few

questions with ease.  Name, address, income level, hobbies,

etc.   The next section dealt with legal issues.  You know

the "In case of emergency contact:"  My parents had passed on

sometime ago and the last time I allowed another to touch my

heart was too long ago. For the last ten years I had married

myself to my business.  The offspring of this pairing were

the coldness of a little fame and moderate fortune, children

who could turn on you in the brightness of a photographers

flash.  I could think of nobody who I would wish to burden if

something should happen, so I put Dianes name in the blank.

A shiver of loneliness swelled through my body as I realized

that I had pushed aside any chance of sharing my life with

another soul.  Bobbies voice brought me back to reality, "

You looked stumped.  Can I help?". "No thanks, I was just

thinking about how much I needed time away from work to

evaluate my life."

Bobbie docked the boat of a vehicle along the curb and looked

back into passenger area. " There's a fully stocked bar back

there.  It's all part of the package.  You sound like you

could use a strong one.  Just relax and soon you will be away

from all those old pressures .".  The look on her face and

sound of her voice showed honest caring and concern.  I felt

as if somehow we had connected during the moment of eye

contact that she offered.  Then she turned, closed the

privacy screen, and took us back into traffic. The brief

encounter of our souls left me feeling somehow renewed.

I opened the bar and grabbed a shot glass, salt, lime and a

bottle of Ceurvo 1800.  The ritual began, Salt. Shot. Lime.

CRINGE.  All in all the effect was well received.  I went

back to the survey.  The questions became more and more

personal as I went on.  They dealt with sexual realities and

fantasies, beginning with the age of my first experience and

ending with my description of the perfect fantasy woman.  I

was meticulous, leaving no detail to the imagination.  I have

always been a perfectionist.  Don't get me wrong, I know that

the physical attributes are only a small part of a person and

that what counts is the heart and soul, but come on, this is

a Fantasy Cruise. I finished  the survey and the screen



                    Thank you Ms. Leigh                    

              Your answers are being processed             

                   Have a wonderful cruise                 


This was the second time this afternoon that I had seen this

typo.  I tapped on the privacy screen and Bobbie lowered it

and responded, "How are you doing back there?"  I shifted up

toward the open screen "  I just wanted to let you know that

the computer has a software gender identification problem.

It's calling me Ms."  Bobbie smiled and looked at me in the

rear view. "Well MS. Leigh, I noticed that you weren't a Ms.

at the airport.  Our computer must have fouled up your

reservation.  Don't worry, your survey answers have just been

transferred to the ship via modern technology.  I'm sure that

they will pick up on the mistake.  Actually I think it's kind

of cute, Ms.  Leigh" She giggled, gave me a little smile and

a wink and closed the privacy screen.

It was about 4:00pm, five shots of Mexicos best had graced my

throat, and the stress of the world was all but gone. The

stereo was caressing my mind with some soft rock as the world

did a slow fade to black.

As the world returned to my senses I realized that I was no

longer in the car. The world was moving, up and down, back

and forth.  A blurry figure moved toward me.  " Boy you must

have been totally exhausted" It was Bobbies voice that

entered my thoughts.  "Where am I?" I asked.  "You're on the

SS Jorgenson, the flagship of the Fantasy Fleet.  We didn't

want to wake you so we just brought you aboard and put you to

bed.  We are 100 miles out to sea in the middle of one hell

of a storm and you've been sleeping for two days.  I was

beginning to think that you were going to sleep away your

whole vacation.  I took the liberty of ordering some clothes

for you.  They should be delivered at any time.  It's 3 pm

and I thought you might like to have dinner here in the room

until you get your sea legs.  If you would like I could join

you." My eyes had focussed and the vision before me was that

of a goddess.  She was dressed in a red thong bikini and a

very shear cover up and she was standing in a pair of red

high heeled pumps.  I sat up and felt a little unbalanced.

" I would like that very much Bobbi".  She smiled; "The seas

are a little rough today.  It will take you a little while

before your senses adjust.  I'll call the ships doctor, she

can give you something to help."  With that Bobbie left the


I once again attempted to get up, but this time I succeeded.

I grabbed for a terry robe that was on the foot of the bed

ghen I realized that I was totally nude.  I began to explore

the room.  The cabin was massive.  There was a bedroom with a

king sized bed, a elegantly furnished living room with a baby

grand piano a fully stocked bar/kitchenette and a bathroom

with a jetted tub which looked more like I should use it to

do laps than to bathe.  I was feeling a bit light headed so I

went back to the living room, plopped down on the leather

couch and flipped on the television.  It automatically turned

on to the events channel.  There I saw an overview of the

ship.  I was amazed as I was shown the shops, the exercise

rooms and the restaurants.  This ship was more like a small

town floating in the water. There were scenes of beautiful

woman parading around in skimpy swim suits playing

volleyball, tennis and doing Aerobics.  Some women were just

lounging around the pool sipping colorful drinks.

I heard a knock at the door and a women's voice "Ships

doctor, May I come in?"  I opened the door and found myself

standing toe to toe with another beautiful woman. She was

attired in a very professional yet very feminine suit.

" Hello, I'm Dr.  Sullivan.  Bobbie tells me that you are

feeling a little woozy."  I motioned her into my cabin and

she asked me to sit on the couch. She gave me a quick once

over and said " A lot of people have problems at sea.  Here

are some pills that should make you feel better.  Take three

a day while we are sailing.  Now roll up your sleeve." I

rolled up the sleeve on the robe exposing my arm to her.  She

pulled out a needle and stuck it into a small bottle.  She

withdrew it from the bottle, tapped it a few times and

announced. " The pills will take a while to calm your system.

This will get up and running in no time flat." She then took

my arm and emptied the contents of the syringe into my arm.

She gave me a cotton ball and told me to hold it in place for

a few minutes.  She stood up and told me that if I  needed

anything that I should give her a call.  She then told me to

stop by her office in the morning to receive another

injection.  As she closed the door I could swear that she

gave me sexy little wink.  Nah,  it couldn't have been.

As soon as I settled down there was another knock at the

door.  When I stood up I almost fell. My knees were like

Jello.  I took a less direct route.  "Come In".  A woman

entered the room.  " Hello, my name is Carla.  I have the

clothes that Bobbie ordered for you....... Are you feeling

alright."  Without a word I answered her question and made an

attempt to get to the bathroom, but only fell flat on my

face.  Carla pulled the cart filled with packages into the

room and ran to me.  She assisted me into the bathroom.  As I

knelt to drive the porcelain bus, she asked if I needed

anything. "No thanks, just leave the clothes in the

bedroooooooooooooom.  She wetted a washcloth with cool water

and put it on the back of my neck. " You'll be fine.  Your

system is trying to adapt.  I went through the same thing my

first few days."  I looked back at her.  Her dark hair framed

a flawless face.  Her big brown eyes stared down at me. They

soothed my mind, but my stomach was still stormy.  I felt

like my insides were being torn out and my head was pounding.

I gazed into her eyes for whatever relief they could provide.

" When are we going to be out of this stooooooooooooooorm?"

My muscles tensed and then it was over.  Totally drained I

asked Carla to help me to bed.  As she helped me to my feet

Bobbie appeared at the bathroom door. "Carla,  what's wrong

with Ms. Leigh?"  Carla started me walking and Bobbie jumped

in for support.  " The seas are not being kind to his system.

Let's get her to bed"  As soon as my head hit the pillow I

was out.  Fade to black.

I dreamt.

Visions of beautiful women filled my mind.  They taunted and

teased me with their bodies and souls.  I was unable to move.

I was simply an observer, yet I seemed to be the center of

attention.  Bobbie floated through the crowd.  " Hello Ms.

Leigh,  We know why you are here.  You have been searching

for your PERFECT woman. Now it ic time that you meet her."

The bemaining women dissolved into space leaving Bobbie and

myself alone in the blackness of infinity.  A ghost like

figure appeared before me.  As Bobbie had said this was the

vision of my perfect woman.  " You gave us the plan and we

will provide the vision.  We can not however provide a soul.

You must give of yourself to find your dream."  As she

finished her speech the vision came toward me. Closer,

closer, until I could no longer focus on her form. I felt a

chill run up my spine as the figure disappeared.  Bobbie then

whispered into my ear.  " If you look inside you can find

that perfect woman Ms.  Leigh"

"Ms. Leigh, Ms. Leigh"

I opened my eyes and saw Bobbie standing over me.  "Ms.

Leigh, I was so worried about you.  I'm glad your awake. How

do you feel?"  I sat up and did a quick assessment.  " I'm a

little sore, but I think I feel much better.  What time is

it?" Bobbie looked at her watch. " It's 4:30 pm.  Do you feel

like dinner.  I don't want you to stand me up again."

"Again?.  What are you talking about?" The voice I heard come

out of my mouth did not sound like me.  It was husky yet

high but little more than a whisper.

She put her hand on my shoulder and said " You and I were

suppose to have dinner a month and a half ago"

"Bobbie, You must be mistaken, a month and a half ago I was

in the middle of directing a second unit shoot in New York."

The voice made me look around the room to make sure that

there was no one who was talking as I moved my lips.

"Ms. Leigh, a month  and a half ago  we were two days out at

sea.  You were having a few problems adapting, when you

passed out.  Dr.  Sullivan has been worried sick.  She has

never seen a reaction like yours.  You've lost a lot of

weight and you've been fed though an IV.  You've been

sleeping for a month and a half.  You are going to be a

little weak but you're looking much better now.  Why don't

you get cleaned up and we'll have that dinner.  I'll go

change and I'll be back in an hour.  Do you think you can be


I was feeling pretty numb, but felt as if my body needed to

move. I smiled and nodded a big yes.

She blew me a little kiss and walked out the door.

I got up and began to stagger toward the bathroom.  I didn't

feel right, but what should someone feel like after sleeping

that long.  I laughed as I  answered my own question. " Well

rested."  That voice! It was mine but it wasn't. Perhaps it

was from not talking for such a long time.

"A month and a half?  I've been asleep for a month and a

haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I caught a

reflection in the mirror.  I didn't look like I had.  My skin

was smooth and my hair was touching my shoulders.  I found

this odd because I had started to lose my hair when I was

just 19 and at the age of 30 had a head of hair that only a

bowling ball could envy, but now I had a full head of thick

auburn hair.  I had been shaving since the age of fourteen

and generally shaved twice a day, but when I ran my hand over

my face I felt nothing but smooth skin.

I ran my fingers through my hair thinking that in was a wig.

It was real!  And it was mine.  I turned on the shower and

let my robe fall to the floor.  I stepped into the steamy

water and soaked my hair.  The weight of a wet head of hair

once again reminded me that something was odd.  I looked at

my hands and realized that Bobbies comment about my losing a

lot of weight was an gross understatement.  My fingers were

slender and my nails were almost an inch long.  Looking down

at my body I noticed something else.  My body hair was gone.

Just like my face. I ran my hands over my body and again not

a hair to be found.  As my hands caressed my bare skin I

guessed that I was about 110 lbs.  I must have lost 40 lbs

during my Rip Van Winkle act.  The funny thing was that I

didn't look thin.  My muscle tone wasn't gone, it had just

softened a bit.  My chest seemed rounder and my waist

terribly thin, yet my hips and butt seemed swollen.  The

feeling was electric as I felt the newfound flesh under my

fingers.  For a moment I closed my eyes and thought I was

caressing a young woman until I reached my crotch and found

"Fred".  "Hey buddy your not looking real good"  I laughed

out loud as I realized what a strange habit it was for men to

treat their penis as if it were a separate thing with a

personality.  I did notice that it was small, smaller than I

had remembered.  Don't get me wrong, I was never "Hung like a

horse", but now it was about the size of my pinky finger.  I

wrote it off as another effect of my long sleep.

I got out of the shower and dried off.  The sensation of the

soft towel on my skin was sensational and gave me a new

energy. I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked back to

the bedroom and noticed my chest bounced as I walked. I

thought to myself that it was nothing that a few reps in the

gym wouldn't cure.  I cupped my hands to my chest and

stabalized the mounds when I saw that the clock read 5:25.

Bobbie would be here any minute.

I ran to the closet to get dressed. When I opened the door

all I could find was very feminine clothing.  I guessed that

Bobbie had moved in while I was passed out .  There were

about ten gorgous evening gowns, satin robes, skirts, blouses

and some sportswear.  On the floor of the closet there were

at least twenty pairs of shoes, ranging from pink aerobic

shoes to a pair of knee high leather spiked heel boots. She

must have decided to move in to take care of me.  I Knew that

she really did care.  I looked for the packages that Carla

had brought up before I had gone to sleep, but couldn't find

them.  I picked up the phone and called Carla at the store.

" This is Carla, May I help you?"

"Carla, This is Les Leigh in cabin 103"

"Yes Ms. Leigh, I heard you were feeling better, how may I

help you?"

"Carla, You brought up some clothes a while back.  Do you

remember where you but them?"

"Bobbie and I put them away after we helped you to bed.

You'll find your underthings and swim suits in the dresser,

some casual and formal wear in the closet."

"I looked in the closet and all I found were Bobbie's things"

"Bobbie is in cabin 102, just across the hall.  Her things

shouldn't be in your closet.  Why don't you look again."

"Thanks Carla, perhaps I didn't look on the right side."

I was afraid that I might get Bobbie into trouble.  I was

sure that the management didn't approve of their employees

co-habitating with quests, so I didn't pursue the subject.

As I hung up there was a knock at the door.

"Who is it?"

"It's Bobbie. Are you ready yet?"

I opened the door a crack and peeked out. "I'm running a

little late.  Do you need any of your things?"

"What things?"

"The things you left in my closet"

"Are you sure you're alright?  You better let me in."

I opened the door and in walked Bobbie in a gorgeous red

evening gown.

I took her by the arm and led her to the closet.  "These

things" I said.

"Ms. Leigh, Those are yours honey. Now will you get dressed

so we won't miss dinner?"

"Bobbie, These are women's clothes"

"Darling, haven't you looked at yourself in the mirror?

You've undergone some changes since you came on board.  Sit

down and I'll explain."

She sat me on the bed and began to tell me about what had

transpired in the last month and a half.  My good friend

Diane had sent me on this cruise and told them to do whatever

it would take to fulfill my deepest fantasy.  Through Dianes

suspicions, the computer survey and questions during my drug

induced coma, they had decided that I would become the woman

of my dreams. Bobbie admitted that they were just getting

started.  Since the beginning of the cruise I had been given

mega doses of female hormones.  My hair had been restored

though a combination of techniques including transplants and

a new drug not yet approved by the FDA.  She said that they

were all very please with the results of the hormones but

that now that I was awake that they would proceed with an

extensife surgery schedule.

As I listened to Bobbie I realized that I had once told Diane

about my fantasy of being a woman.  Ever since I was a child

I would pray to God that I might awake as a girl.  When I was

making love to a woman I would fantasize about what she was

feeling.  As I grew older I actually began to take hormone

that I had smuggled out of Mexico.  Then I started into back

to back projects and I became obsessed with my work.


"Yes, We have a plastic surgeon on board.  We have you

scheduled for breast, hip and cheek augmentation in two days.

Genital reconstruction is in a week.  The only surgery we

could do while you asleep was a reshaping of your calf muscle

and feet and we did a bit of vocal cord adjustments. We did

appreciate how cooperative you were during all the

electrolysis.  You won't have to worry about a five o'clock

shadow anymore, Anywhere.  Now let's get you dressed so we

can go to dinner."

I guess I was still in a state of shock as she led me to the

dresser and opened the  top drawer.  What I saw was the most

beautiful collection of women' underthings.  She

pulled out a matching set of corset/bra, panties.   She

helped me put on the corset and she pulled it tight.  She

told me to take a deep breath and exhale.  As I emptied my

lungs she gave the laces of the corset a final tug and tied

them off in a little bow.  I was shocked to see that the cups

were not only full, but it caused me to have some ample

cleavage.  Bobbie caught me staring at my chest.  "You're

bigger than I thought but just wait until you get your new

boobs, We'll have to go shopping for new lingerie." She

continued to dress me and my mind was overflowing with erotic

sensation. As she pulled my panties into place she paused and

stroked a very limp "Fred" I was charged with excitement but

there was no reaction below my waist.

She tucked little "Fred" between my legs and pulled the

panties into place.  Next she pulled out a pair of shear

black stockings and rolled them up my slender legs.  "You

really do have nice legs Ms. Leigh." I placed my hand on

Bobbies cheek. "Please don't call me Ms. Leigh."  Bobbie

looked me in the eyes and gave me a little peck on the cheek.

" How about if I call you Leslie?"

She walked to the closet and pulled out a glamourous black

evening gown.  " This should do nicely for a quite dinner"

Bobbie helped me step into the gown and she zipped it up in

the back.  She circled around me and said; "Honey, you've got

a body to die for, but you still need some work."  I started

to turn toward the mirror but Bobbie caught me.  "No peeking

until I'm finished."  She threw a towel over the vanity

mirror and sat me down.  Opening the drawer of the vanity she

pulled out some make-up.  She glanced at her watch and jumped

up.  " I'll never finish in time. I need some help."  She

picked up the phone and whispered into it.  She hung up and

returned.  She began to powder my face as the door to the

room opened.  Three beautiful women entered the room.  I

recognized one as Carla, the girl who brought the clothing.

The other two were introduced as Trudy and Kim.  All four

women huddled for a moment and then they all went to work.

Bobbie continued to work on my face.  Carla began to work on

my hair, Trudy gave me a manicure and Kim ran to get whatever

the other three requested.

"Ta Da!!"  Bobbie removed the towel from the mirror and

admired her work. There in the mirror I saw five beautiful

women, one of which was me.  I was speechless.  These women

had turned me into a fashion model.  My hair was pulled atop

my head into a very feminine style exposing a very slender


My nails were shortened, but still long. They were shaped in

a very feminine style and glazed in a red finish.  The effect

was amazing.

The girls helped me to my feet and walked me to the full

length mirror on the closet door.  Kim selected a pair of

shoes.  They were black satin pumps with little two inch

heels.  " You really should wear a higher heel with this

outfit, but these will do until you learn how to walk in

heels."  The other women were selecting jewelry for the

evening.  They put two rings on each of my hands.  A gold and

pearl necklace was placed around my neck.  Some heavy

matching earrings were placed in my ears.  Bobbie broke my

trance; " I hope you don't mind but we pierced your ears for


The women walked me around the room while I adjusted to my

new shoes.  The tightness of the dress and corset and the

height of the heels made walking a whole new experience, but

I soon was getting around without the support from the

others. I was amazed at how sensuous I felt as I moved about

the room.

" Let's get going. We're already late for dinner."  Panic

stuck me as I realized that I was being asked to take my

fantasy public. "Why don't we just have dinner here in the

cabin" I pleaded.  Bobbie copped a determined pose. " Not on

your life Leslie.  We're going to the main dining room to

show you off.  The whole crew has been worried sick about you

and they are expecting your debut.  "The whole crew knows

about this?  How can I go out?  I'm a man dressed in drag!!"

Bobbie put her hands on my hips; Darling don't think of it

that way.  Your a woman in a somewhat male form in the proper

attire. Very soon we'll be able to drop all of that male

definition from the equation.  I began to question everything

that was happening.  "What about my career?"  Bobbie held me

a little closer; "Diane has taken care of all that.  Two

weeks into your vacation we wired that you had died in an

accident at sea.  All the papers picked it up.  New

identification has been prepared for you. We've even given

you a history that cannot be traced.  As far as your career

Diane wants me to assure you that you will have no shortage

of work when we return."  My emotions spilled over and I

began to sob.  Bobbie pulled me close " Don't worry honey, I

felt the same way when I took my first cruise."  Shocked I

pulled back and sat on the bed. "You used to be a man?"

Bobbie walked to the chair and sat down. "Well not really,

but yes.  I used to have a mans body.  I signed on with the

line four years ago.  In exchange for the transformation I

signed on for two years at sea.  When my two years were up I

decided to stay on.  I've never been happier.  Now I am in

charge of the special fantasies such as yours.  As a matter

of fact Carla, Trudy and Kim all came to the cruise line as

clients. Now, let's fix your make-up and go to dinner."  She

walked to me and dabbed the tears from my cheeks.  Then she

touched up the damage I had done and escorted me out the

door and toward the dining room.

***  Thank you for reading part 1 of this fantasy.  If you

have any suggestions concerning the continuing adventures of

Leslie and her new friends, or any suggestions as to whether

Should I continue the story?  Should I let the ship sink??

Please drop me a note to Leslie Leigh on the Triess System in

Atlanta. Her life is in your hands. ***



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