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Archive-name: Changes/laurie01.txt

Archive-author: Laurie M

Archive-title: Laurie

	   Fictional Creations for

   Computer Bulletin Board Distribution

I had decided to attempt to break out of the dull

job I had by attending a few night courses at the

local community college.  One of the women in my

business tax course was very attractive, her name

was Janet.  As the classes progressed we became

friendly and I asked her if she would be interrested

in getting together the next weekend to study for an

upcomming test.  "I think that would be a great idea,

Larry.  Why don't you come over Saturday and we can

study in the afternoon and I'll fix us a nice dinner

when we finish up."  She gave me her address and phone

number and said she would see me Saturday.

I found myself looking forward to the weekend with

hopes of going beyond the studying and dinner phase.

I called Janet Saturday morning and told her I would

be over about two.  "That's great, we'll have plenty

of time to study as I've planned dinner about seven."

As she opened the door to her home I got weak in the 

knees. She looked fantastic in a halter top and a

tight pair of shorts.  Her hair was pulled back in a

pony tail and her makeup was delicate and attractive.

"Janet, you look great.  How do you expect me to study

with you distracting me like that?"  "Oh, don't worry

Larry, I'll see to it that you study properly or else

you'll suffer the consequences." She said with a sly


She showed me around her house and told me to make myself

at home.  We setteled on the idea of studying at the

dining room table.  I placed my books on the table and

sat down while she went to the kitchen for a pitcher of

iced tea and some glasses.  When she returned she sat next

to me and asked if I was ready to concentrate.  I smiled at

her and said it would be difficult but I was going to do

my best.  We studied for about an hour and I was becomming

more and more distracted by the occasional glimpses of 

Janet's pink bra that could be seen through the opening 

between the buttons of her halter.  She noticed me stare

at her bodice and reached over and took my face in her

hand and said, "you better pay attention or you won't

get good grades, either in the class or with me."

We were studying and quizzing each other and I found that she

was quite a bit more familiar with the information than I 

was.  She noticed this too and asked if I would like to make

a game out of our quizzes.  I told her that it might be fun.

Janet said that it seemed that I took a fancy to her lingerie

so we would make the game like strip poker.  Whoever missed

the correct answer would lose a piece of clothing.  That

sounded like an excellent idea to me.  It turned out to

be a game that was fixed in her favor.  After about an hour

I was only wearing my jockey shorts and the only thing that

Janet had lost was her halter top.  The lacey thin pink

material of her bra was taking its toll on my concentration

and I lost the next question.  Janet was all smiles as she

told me to "take them off Larry, I'm dying to see you in 

the nude."  She picked up all of the clothes and moved them

into the living room and told me we would continue after a

little break.  She poured us some more iced tea and as she

handed my glass to me she slid her hand down my chest to

my growing cock and asked if I liked the game.  I told her

it was much more interresting during the break.  I leaned

toward her and gave her a kiss during which she took control

completely by placing her other hand behind my head and forcing

her tongue into my mouth.  

As I started to put my hand behind her to pull her closer to

me she pushed me away and said "No touching or I will tie 

your hands behind your back to keep you in line."  I couldn't

believe what was happening to me, but my cock got harder than

ever and Janet noticed and said, "I see you like that idea,

maybe we'll put that into our next round of games."  As she

kissed me again I simply moaned into her mouth.  She said

it was time to start cooking dinner so I reached for my

clothes and she said "oh, no, you don't get them back till

after dinner, I like a naked playmate available at the table."

She asked if I would help her with setting the table and when

I told her I'd be happy to help, she put a frilly apron over

my neck and tied it behind my back.  Again my cock rose to the

occasion and formed a tent in the apron skirt.  This didn't 

go unnoticed by Janet either as she said, "my Larry, you 

look good in lace, and you seem to like it too."  "Perhaps

after dinner we'll see what else you like."  With that she

gave me another kiss and told me where the dishes were to set

the table with.  Following dinner I offered to help her clean

up the kitchen at which she replied, "Oh, you don't mind

doing women's work ?"  When I told her no, I didn't mind.

She told me that perhaps I should dress the part.  I told 

her I didn't think that was necessary but she insisted.

Shortly after that I was standing in front of a full length

mirror trying to figure out what I was doing in a dress and

high heeled shoes.  Janet said, "you make a nice looking 

girl Larry, but a little makeup will work wonders."  Soon

enough I was completely made up with blue eye shadow, dark

mascara, blusher on my cheeks and a soft pink lipstick on

my lips.  With that done Janet led me back into the kitchen

and told me to get started.  A short while later I noticed

a flash and as I turned to see what it was she took another

picture of me.  She said that this would be her insurance

policy for my continued services as her maid.  

Soon the kitchen was clean and she called me into the living 

room and said that she liked me dressed like that and 

wanted me to do her one last favor before I left.  I asked

her what it was and she smiled and took off her shorts and

told me to kiss her and eat her until she climaxed.  I 

couldn't believe the events of the day as I knelt in front

of her and watched my skirt flow around my legs as I began

my final task.  She tasted wonderful and I lapped at her

pussy, making her moan with pleasure.  A short while later

she grabbed my head and started bucking her pussy into my

face as she shuddered in a magnificent orgasm.  I slowly

continued to lick her juices from her lips until she

pushed me away.  "That was fantastic, Laurie.  And I'm

sure you'll only get better as time goes by."  I said that

the name change was cute but the name is Larry.  She just

smiled and said she would reserve the use of my feminine

name to when I was dressed for her.  I started to remove

the clothes and when I got down to the Panties and Bra, she

said to leave them on and be sure to wear them to class so

while I took the test I would remember the tutoring session.

She helped me remove the makeup and made sure I promised to

wear her lingerie for class.  As I was about to leave, she

said "Your lessons will be every Saturday at 9 AM Laurie,

don't be late and don't forget to wear your lingerie."

All the way home I could feel the silky panties rubbing on

my cock and the tightness of the lacey bra around my chest

and thought it was going to be a Very Interresting Course.

xxx ooo



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