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Archive-name: Changes/lakeview.txt

Archive-author: Alli Cain

Archive-title: Lakeview High School

      Marty was pretty much the standard high school nerd. He was smart,

glasses, sqeeky voice, and funny laugh.  That was before the divoce.

      The summer before his senior year,  Marty's parents decided to split up.

Since he was almost 18, he was allowed to choose which parent to stay with, and

he chose his mother.  He loved his mother more than his father. His mother

really never worked before, but she started a full time job in lakeview, and

they were to move very soon.

      Now is time for Marty to make a big decision.  He thought he'd get

contacts, and improve his looks a bit, maybe start lifting weights.  He had

grown some hair, hoping to be in the rock-n-roll crowd. Anyway, after he left

the eye doctor with his new contact lenses on, his face looked very feminine.

His best friend, Gerald, also a nerd, told Marty that without glasses he looked

like a girl.  Marty's slim figure and un-muscular body helped add to the


      Time for the move was upon them and Marty and his mother moved to a small

house in lakeview.  Marty kept his shyness in the new school, and decided to

wear his glasses to keep from being teased. He also had his long hair slicked

back and tucked behind his collar.  He made no friends at all, and was becoming

very board. The lakeview street fair started tomorrow, and Marty had a plan.

       He walked to the bathroom and took off his glasses.  He put his contact

lenses in, and fluffed out his hair.  There was a girl in him alright. Actually

very pretty, he thought.  He played with his mothers make-up a little and was

amazed. He felt himself getting a erection. Tingles were traveling up and down

his spine.  Marty never felt so good!

      Marty looked into the living room. His mother was safely asleep on the

couch.  He tiptoed to his mother's bedroom and checked out the clothing. He

pulled out a very nice black dress.  He held it up to himself and felt the

tingle again.  He opened the top dresser drawer and pulled out a wire-rimmed

bra, and a pair of pink bikini panties.  In the next drawer down, he grabbed a

pair of black pantyhose.  Thanks to his small figure, he was sure to look good.

He even could fit his mother's black pumps. (He chose a lower heel, to be


       Marty took the stash back to the bathroom where he locked the door. He

started a shower for himself, and within minutes it was ready.  He got in, and

washed his hair using his mother's shampoo and conditioner.  He picked up his

mother's shower shaver and worked it on his legs and armpits. When he stepped

out, he let the water run so the hair will go on down the drain.

       The tingling was back.  He ran his hands over his legs. So smooth! After

drying, he put his hair up in a towel.  Thoughts ran through his mind. This

isn't right. What will my mother think if she found out.  She won't. I'll be

careful.  This is something that I've always dreamed about.  I won't screw it


      He put the pantyhose on first. Oh what a lovely feeling! The sheerness of

them against his leg.  He could feel the nylon, and he loved it. The panties

tickled as he pulled them up his leg. He fastened the bra and filled it with

washcloths. The bra had a slight padded cup that made the breast look more

smooth. He lowered the dress over his body as the tingles came even more. He

started to shake. The girl with wet hair stared back at him. His thoughts raced

again.  My god. I am a girl. Gerald would drool over me...Not to mention the

football team.  I wonder... Am I gay? I thought I was straight. Maybe I'm bi-

sexual or something. Maybe I need help? No! I'm special. I can have whoever I

want to be with male or female. I like girls. If I didn't I wouldn't want to be

one, but being one would make me...Different.

   Marty took the feminine items off and carefully folded them. He peeked out

the door. Coast clear.  He got to his bedroom and hid the clothes in the back

of his closet. Tomorrow will be fun. Very fun.

      It was saturday morning, and Marty awoke with the same tingling sensation

he felt last night.  He heard his mother leave for work. (Poor mom has to work

saturday). He went right to the bathroom and washed his hair.  Today was the

day of the lakeview street festival.  Marty was going to make his first

appearance in the new town as Mary. How handy he thought, just get rid of the

't' and I have a feminine name, too.  He shaved his face really close, and

touched up his legs a little, too.  He put in his contact lenses, and dried his

hair with a blow dryer.  He styled it out into a feminine style, and used his

mom's curling iron to get the front to curl like the girls at school do.

      He turned on the radio and listened to an AM talk show.  He began

speaking with the female broadcaster, trying to get his voice as feminine as

possible. He repeated a few words. He worked on saying his new name. "Hi, how

are you?. I'm Mary. Hello! A e i o u (vowl practice for every part of the

female vocabulary). " He put on some of his mother's make-up. Some foundation,

some blush....lipstick. He worked on his eyes for a long time. Yeah, this is

it.  This is the look.  He lifted his clothes to the table and put on the panty

hose.  He slid the panties on, and fastened his bra is place. He stuffed the

cup with some fresh washcloths, and flattened them out to make it smoother on

the curve. He was careful not to smuge his makeup as he slid on the dress over

his head.

      A quick zip to the back, and he looked in the mirror.  He was absolutely

beautiful.  The dress had puffed sleeves that cuffed above the elbow.  It was

cut low in the back, and stopped just short of revealing his secret in front.

He decided to use some tape to make what tits he had show some cleavage. After

that, he re-aligned the dress, and stepped into the low-heeled pumps.  Marty

was now 100% Mary to anyone that didn't inspect his panties.  He really was

attractive, with the long light brown hair, blue eyes, and thin figure.  Maybe

he could even fool his own mother.  He couldn't wait.  It didn't matter how shy

he was as Marty.  As Mary, he could be himself, or herself, rather. She was as

close to feminine as any man could be without an operation.  She knew she could

be outgoing, and she'd have her test at the festival today.

     She opened the garage door by pressing a button on the wall. She/he got

into his/her car and pulled out toward town.  She found a parking space on a

sidestreet.  It was almost noon, and the festival was in full swing. People

were gathering along the main street. It looked like it was almost time for a

parade.  She brought along her mother's spare purse, and put her car keys in

it. She locked the door, took a deep breath and stepped out of the car. Her

heels clicked on the sidewalk. She loved it. She was free.  She gathered with

some people who were waiting for the parade.  You could see it coming down the

street, led by police cars and firetrucks, then followed by a marching band.

     She recognized a few of the members of the band from lakewiew high.  Since

he was so quiet and shy, he was sure he wouldn't get recognized.  After the

rather short parade, she decided to get something to eat.  She walked to a

french fries booth, and placed an order in her feminine voice. "Large fries

please."  The young man behind the counter smiled and handed her the fries.

She paid the $2 outrageous price, and smiled at him. "Are you going to the

dance tonight, he ask"

     "Uhhh...Sure, maybe I'll see you there."


     "Bye", she said,  not believing how he was falling for her. This was

great, as a guy he was not popular at all.  As a girl, she's got every guy at

the fair looking at her.

     "Hey girl, you got a run.", A voice came from behind Mary.

     "Huh?", She said

     "Your hose", the girl said,"you have a runner."

     "Oh!" Mary said.

     "Sorry, I didn't mean to be rude, I just notice things like that"

     "Thats okay", she said.

     "Amy Malletti",she said

     "I'm Mart...Mary Roberts"

     "Going to the dance?", Amy asked.

     "Well... Yeah.", Mary said nervously.

     "Thats cool."

     "Hey," Mary ask,"where can I get a pair of pantyhose?"

     "There's a drugstore on the next block, just go straight ahead," Amy said.

     Amy was very pretty, she had long blonde hair, blue eyes, and wore a jean

skirt that came up in the front like over-alls. "Well, see you at the dance,


      "Bye", Mary said.

      Wow...this dance was really a big deal... Maybe I'll meet a guy or

something, this might not be right. But my minds made up and I already told two

people I'd be there, she thought.

     She bought some panty hose at the drugstore, and went back to the car. She

drove home and picked up a pair of glasses and his clothes, so that she could

get in the house as a guy after the dance.  She changed her pantyhose.

      After a time home, she went back to the fair.  She parked in the general

same place.  There was a band set up at the far north end of the fair, and

there were lots of teens hanging out there waitng for the dance to start.  She

walked over to the stage and checked out the band.  The guy from the fries

stand came up from behind her.

       "Hi" he said.

       "Oh, hi", Mary said.

       "I'm Barry ," he said after a short pause.

       "I'm Mary",she said, starting to check him out. He's kind of handsome.

Something inside of her was likeing this guy.  Maybe I am gay. No...I'm a girl

now...That doesn't matter.

       "Want to get something to eat," he said," I'll buy."

       "At these prices,"she replied,"sure".

       "He held out his hand, and after shying away a little, she grabbed it,

and Mary and Barry went hand in hand to eat.  After the meal was almost over,

Barry accidently tipped his cherry soda onto her dress.

     "Oh- I'm so sorry!" he said.

     "Thats okay...Maybe I better go home..."

     "No, no...", He said", I just live a block over. I can get you something

to wear."

     Well, this made Mary very nervous, but excited, too.

     "Well, okay." She said.

     "They walked to his house and he said, "follow me on in here." He took her

into his bedroom and pulled open his drawers. "Here, take this one, it was a

plain black shirt that she put over her head. It looked okay with the bottom

part of the dress. She was a little afraid she might be a little warm wearing

it over the dress top, but decided to live with it anyway.

      Without any warning, Barry pulled her toward him and gave her a big mouth

to mouth french kiss.  Mary didn't know what to think. She was kissing another

guy.  But she loved it.  Barry was a sexy kisser.  He pulled her to the bed.

Oh my god, he'll figure me out, she thought. Better think fast!  She pulled at

his zipper and he slid out of his jeans.  She reached into his underwear and

pulled out his 7 inch cock. She played with it a little. She never felt another

man's penis before.  It felt so wierd.  But she liked it. If she was going to

get out of this with her secret kept, she'd have to do this.  Now I'm gay, she

thought.  Her lips kissed his stiff dick. She licked it with her tongue.  Then

she slid it in her mouth and started to suck and slightly bite.  Barry was

going crazy. "Oh yes, oh yes! Oh yes!" , He said.

   She felt him cumming in her mouth. It was a unusual taste, but it wasn't

really as disgusting as she thought it would be.  She swallowed some of it. The

rest came spewing out on the newly borrowed black shirt.

   " Oh Mary, I love you!", He said," you are good!!"

   " I'll need a new shirt." Mary said.

   " Okay, " he said. He pulled out a shirt about exactly the same as the cum-

soaked one. "Here."

   They went back out to the dance. Mary had the time of her life. It was

really fun to dance in a dress.  She wasn't really a good dancer, but it was

crowded, and no one noticed.  Mary felt so good.  She was now on top of the




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