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Archive-name: Changes/labrat.txt


Archive-title: Lab Rat, The

     "Ouch!  What the hell was that?" the handsome man demanded,

twisting around and staring at the naked woman standing beside the

bed.  He rubbed his hip, it burned slightly where she had stuck the

needle in.

     I just smiled and broke the needle of the syringe against the

table top.  I looked briefly at the bent needle and threw it and

the syringe in the trash.  I didn't ever want it to be used again,

even accidentally.

     "My, you are a little cranky when you wake up, aren't you?  I

just gave you a little something that will make you feel ever so

much better," I teased him with mock surprise, "little Johnnikins

needed that little shot sooo bad."

     "And just what do you mean by that Sheila?" he protested,

"what makes you think that I didn't feel alright before?  What was

that, some kind of mind altering drug?  Are you trying to get me


     I coolly surveyed the tall naked man laying on the rumpled

motel bed in front of me.  He was a little over 6'3", 225 pounds

and solid muscle, all in all, a fine specimen of manhood, or so he

vainly believed.

     Until ten minutes ago I had been in the bed with him, feeling

the warmth of his body next to mine and enjoying it.  I briefly

wondered why?  For, to my mind, despite his reputation as a `hot'

lover, he hadn't been all that good.  I would be doing my sex a

favor, and his disappearance would not create a stir.

     I had debated about injecting the vaccine in him, and almost

hadn't, until I realized that it was the only way to teach him the

lesson that he sorely needed to learn.

     I smiled.  "Tell me honey.  How did you feel about us before

I gave you the shot?"

     John smiled back at me, forgetting for a second that I had

just violated him with the injection.  A feeling of confidence

flowed over him, and he was not aware that it was a direct result

of the amber colored liquid now flowing through his veins.

     My question was part of a game he understood well.  He called

it the `will you respect me in the morning?' syndrome.  He started

to say what he thought I wanted to hear.

     "Why I thought that you were the best lay I've had in months. 

And I." He blinked, as though a small gear slipped a cog in the

back of his mind and started again with a sudden desire to tell me

the truth.  "No, that's not it... I thought that you're a dumb old

bimbo.  I've never met any girl that fell for that old line as fast

as you did.  You're only good for a quick roll in the hay.  And

even at that you were only fair. Why, what did you think I thought

about you and those other stupid bitches in your lab?"

     I ignored his insult about being old.  I was to his way of

thinking.  After all, forty years old made me old enough to be his

mother.  Although, if I had been, I would have drowned him long

before he reached puberty, let alone 23.

     "It never crossed your mind that the `Doctor' in front of my

name just might prove that I have some degree of intelligence?" I

asked curiously.

     "Nah, never gave it a second thought.  You were just a quick

roll in the hay.  Something to enjoy and forget," he replied

honestly.  "Why am I saying this?" he asked in uncertain surprise.

     "Because darling, the first and most immediate effects of the

vaccine is the inability to say anything but the absolute truth."

I smiled. "But don't worry.  In a few more minutes, that phase will

pass, and you'll go on to phase two."

     "Phase two?  Please Sheila.  I really didn't mean what I

said." John seemed to sigh inwardly, he was regaining the ability

to lie.  "What have you done to me?"

     I sat on the edge of the bed, reached over and began to fondle

him.  "Rather than tell you, I think that the best way is to show

you. Look at me!" I commanded, "not at what I'm doing."

     I began to flick the end of his penis with my finger tip.

     Staring into his eyes, I saw no reaction.

     "So what's the next phase?" he asked me calmly, totally

unaware that I was now pinching the end of his penis with the sharp

ends of my fingernails.

     I stopped just short of drawing blood.

     "A total lack of feeling below your neck."  I smiled

knowingly, adding, "and shortly after that, total paralysis for

about half an hour.  You will be unable to speak, move, or feel a


     I began to stroke his penis.

     "See?  You couldn't get a hard on right now if your life

depended on it."

     He looked downward, horrified.

     I was stroking him in a manner that would have, and had,

nearly driven him wild not more than ten minutes ago.

     Now, there was nothing, in fact, if he hadn't seen my hand on

him, he wouldn't have known it was there.  He was totally without

feeling.  Totally!

     "Don't fight it baby, just enjoy ... if you can."  I smiled

sweetly, taking a test tube from my purse; knowing that he could

neither feel, nor enjoy, what I was doing to him as I began to

stroke the base of his penis with the side of my palm, using the

technique required to relieve paralytics unable to link the

pleasure center of their brain with their sex organ's need for


     He was without feeling, but not however, without the expected

reflex reaction to my gentle and persistent stroking. Mechanically

he ejaculated into the test tube.

     He realized, much to his horror and embarrassment, that he had

just been milked as though he were no more than a mulch cow!

     He impassively watched as I held the tube up in my hand to the

light as I carefully sealed it with a medical cork.  He could see

his rich creamy sperm slide wetly down to the bottom as I carefully

set the test tube down on the night stand.

     "Nearly half an ounce of those eager little wigglers. My you

were a real stud."

     "What have you done to me?" he asked in wonderment, not liking

at all my use of the past tense!

     "Oh, nothing much." I replied coyly. "Just fixed it so that

nasty little thing of yours won't get into any more trouble.  Just

think, it won't be in the way anymore."

     He gasped, as he watched me stretch his penis as far as it

would go and suddenly release it.

     I giggled when he shuddered, when it snapped back, unfelt, as

though it was a rubber band.

     "It doesn't get in my way!  Leave it and me alone!" he

exclaimed, trying to pull away from me.

     "Oh, but it does darling, this little thing is always getting

into places it shouldn't," I chuckled lightly, cupping his

testicles in my hand, "but don't worry, these other little things

won't mind.  In fact, they won't be around to bother you either."

     "What do you mean?" he demanded, suddenly terrified.  "Your

not going to...?  He left the unthinkable remain unsaid.

     "Cut them off?"  I smiled.  "Oh, nooo.  They are necessary. 

In fact, they're a vital part of my plans for you."

     "Plans?  What plans?" It was becoming difficult for him to


     I looked at my wrist watch on the night stand, next to the

test tube.

     "I suppose that I have time to tell you before the next phase

begins.  Did I tell you that I had a PhD?"

     He tried to nod and couldn't.  The paralysis part of phase two

was beginning to take effect.

     "And did I tell you that it was in genetic research?  No?  No,

I don't suppose that I did," I answered him, knowing that he could

no longer do anything except lay there helplessly.

     I carefully unfolded a large rubber sheet and slipped it under

his body.  Straightening out his body, I climbed on to the bed,

straddled him, and, lifting under his arms, pulled him up to a

sitting position, making certain that the rubber sheet protected

the bed from his body.  I moved his head so that he could look at


     "There now, are you more comfortable?"

     He could have been rolled up into a ball and never known it,

or cared.  He just stared at me, unable to do anything except live

in fear.

     "Anyway, back to what I'm doing to you.  It's all very

technical.  But, I shall simplify it for you dearest, since you

seem so eager to know.  About a year ago, I was working with a new

experimental virus designed to simulate the immune system to

regenerate new healthy cell tissue in place of cancer cells. 

Unfortunately, the virus very quickly did what it was supposed to,

but it modified the originating DNA double helix in some way,

causing the cell cultures to radically regress to cells ordinarily

associated with newly forming life rather than the regeneration of

current tissue.  It was obvious that my cancer cure was too

radical, all it would do was replace rapidly expanding dead cells,

cancer, with extremely rapid growing live cells.

     "But, then, I realized that I could manage the virus through

a gene created from selective splicing of DNA within the sex and

growth chromosome series.  So, I injected a rat, one of my babies,

with it and the strangest thing happened."

     I paused, letting my enthusiasm for my work cool before I

continued, "Guess what it was?"

     "What? he half begged to know, and half feared with his eyes.

     "It worked! But, not in the exact way I expected it to."  I

smiled and walked over to my neatly folded clothing and began to

get dressed.

     "You see, I was working on the theory that every cell in the

body contains a specific DNA code.  The key, if you will allow me

to call it that, was to discover a combination that will continue

to regenerate the body at any specific stage during its life span. 

Even revert it back to infancy and keep it there for years, if

desired.  That was what i was trying to do to my rat, alter its DNA

to change its body structure back to the developmental stage of an


     I reached over and stroked his golden blonde hair.

     "I was hoping to find a way that childless couples could adopt

older children and still have the baby that they craved, for as

long as they wanted it to stay a baby, or a darling little child. 

It would have to be on the black market of course, but that's not

the point, is it?  You would simply not believe the demand for

healthy pretty little white babies.  And our market research showed

an incredible demand for babies, or little ones that did not seem

to age.  We have a long list of clients willing to pay premium

prices for the perfect pet, so to speak."

     I sat on the bed and pulled my pantyhose on, carefully

smoothing it from ankle to thigh, then stood and pulled it up to my


     "Tell me sweetheart, do you like the feel of women's breasts?"

     I stood and, smiling at him, cupped my bare breasts. I looked

down at them and gently pinched my nipples, they instantly became

erect. "They're such interesting organs, capable of so much

pleasure.  Have you ever considered what nature designed them for?"

     He blinked, uncomprehending.

     "Now that is a silly question, isn't it?  Especially after

last night."  I chuckled.  "What is it with men and your obsession

with women's breasts anyway?  It's as if they weren't allowed to

suckle enough as babies."

     I lay down beside him and rubbed one of my large warm erect

nipples around and into his open mouth.

     "Wouldn't you like to suck on this right now?" I asked,

teasing him, knowing that his brain would be sending frantic

signals to an unresponsive groin.

     I tired of the little game and sat up.

     "Anyway, as I said, the experimental gene worked.  It worked

so well in fact that I got to thinking about having a baby of my

own.  It wouldn't be hard, just find someone, inject him with `The

Baby Project DNA Gene' and keep him a baby for ten years or so. 

And then more years as an adorable toddler.  Wouldn't that be

wonderful?  To relive your childhood all over again as mother's

little darling?"

     I stroked the side of his cheek tenderly, seeing the absolute

terror in his eyes and checked the time.

     "Oh, just a few more minutes and you will begin phase three. 

Be patient my sweet little babycakes, soon I'll be able to help you

fulfill your destiny.  Anyway, when I saw what the new gene had

done to my rats, my new little babies, I immediately thought of


     `ME?' his eyes seemed to scream at me.

     I stood up and fastened my bra around my lovely mature


     "Now, don't be upset.  Who else would be better for this than

an acknowledged stud?  A little boy in a man's body.  Someone who

is unable to have a mature relationship.  A baby at heart.  A

lover, but one incapable of love.  A believer that women were good

for only one thing, to please him."

     "A fact that has been proven by the three, very unhappy, very

pregnant, girls working in my lab.  All abandoned by you.  So,

Sweetums, the girls that you screwed in more ways than one, and I,

agreed.  We decided to expand the experiment and use the new gene

on you, and give you a chance to find out what it meant to love and

be loved."

     `Why?' he asked with his eyes.

     "Why not?" I responded, correctly guessing what he was

thinking, "you're just another type of rat.  The two legged type of

course.  And no one will ever miss you.  We were even delighted

when we talked to each other and compared notes to discover that

you adore `suckling.' You are perfect for `The Baby Project DNA


     His eyes grew wild as he realized what I was saying.  I had

injected him with the body altering gene and was turning him into

a perpetual baby!  A helpless infant, forever dependant upon the

very women he had dumped when he found out they were pregnant with

his own babies!

     "Oh look, it's starting!" I told him.

     He tried to look down at his body.  All he could see was part

off his shoulder out of the corner of his eyes.  It started

shrinking rapidly leaving a reddish brown ooze of excess body mass

as waste.  He closed his eyes tightly, not wanting to watch.

     "Oh, doesn't my little cupcake want to watch?"  I cooed again

in my baby voice.  "No matter, phase three is very quick and

painless.  Although awfully messy.  Look it's almost over already!"

     He snapped his eyes open and looked at me, refusing to look at

his new infant sized body.

     I almost recoiled from the hatred that streamed from his eyes.

     I turned away from him and slipped my dress over my head and

pulled up the back zipped.  Over this, I donned a rubber lab apron

which I removed from the shoulder bag that he had wondered about

when I joined him at the motel. Carefully, I slipped on a pair of

rubber gloves and set about to gingerly wash his new little body as

I replaced the rubber sheet and dumped the old one and its contents

into a disposable medical waste bag.

     "My, my, you have been naughty." I teased with an amused laugh

as I hefted the bag to the door and then sat down on the chair

beside the bed.

     He saw then, in one hand, the test tube that I had used to

collect his sperm. The other held a new syringe.

     I was slowly and carefully drawing his semen through a long

needle inserted through the cork top of the test tube to fill the

glass tube of the syringe.  When I had sucked all the milky white

fluid into the syringe, I carefully laid it back on the table.

     "You turned out very nice, very nice indeed.  Do you want me

to turn your head so you can see?"  I smiled sweetly, almost

tenderly, at his soft pink form.

     "No?  That's alright.  After all you will have about twenty

five years to enjoy that cuddly soft baby smooth body.  Shall I

tell you about it?"

     He remained mute.

     "Alright, I will if you insist.  First of all, obviously

you're a lot smaller. Your skin is softer, baby smooth, and a nice

rosy pink all over.  What little hair you have is soft and fine. 

It will grow out, of course but we can just tie little bows in it

until them.  You look so adorable that I just want to pick you up

and love you to death."

     "As you may have guessed, the serum I developed has an

unfortunate regression effect upon the brain.  Our poor little

rats, after their injection, just seemed to lose all interest in

running through the lab maze," I noted, with satisfaction, the

dawning realization of my words that came to his eyes.  "But, as

you are aware, intelligence isn't everything in my adorable baby

lab rats."

     Out of his line of sight I gently pulled his knees up and

spread his unresisting legs apart.  I picked up the syringe, held

it up and forced the air out of it.  Satisfied, I turned back to

him.  As I looked at his terror stricken eyes, realization of what

he had been thinking suddenly dawned on me.

     "Oh, my," I laughed, dropping the syringe below his line of

sight.  "I think that you've got the wrong idea entirely.  The rat

didn't turn into a baby.  But it did change, and so have you.  Very

impressively, I might add."

     "Anyway, back to the rat.  As I said, the rat changed, not

into an infant, as I had expected. But, from a male rat into a

female.  Just as you have.  You have also gained a kind of

immortality.  You will age much slower.  A little over a month a

year, if my calculations are correct.  Imagine, being 23 years old

for 12 years, then 24 for another 12."

     I laughed.

     "Why at that rate, you shouldn't reach menopause, until

you're, oh... nearly 500 years old."

     `A female rat?  A WOMAN?  500 years?' his eyes screamed,

insane with fear.

     I reached between his legs and did something to the syringe

that he could neither see or feel.  When I withdrew my hand, he

could see with growing awareness what I had done to him.  The

syringe was empty!

     "There now, mommy fixed it, all better," I cooed again,

rubbing his smooth, flat, and bare stomach.

     He could almost feel my hand.  The paralysis seemed to be

subsiding a little.

     "I found; however, that because of some, ....shall we say flaw

in the gene, that there had been interesting changes in the basic

structure in the rat's brain and reproductive organs."

     "As I have noted, the poor little things brain just grew

smaller with it's body.  And, it seems that, as the dominant

hemisphere shifted right to left, much of it's original learned

behavior was, in effect, erased.  Hence, it was no longer able to

run through a maze that it once solved with ease.  It was, as if

she had become a moron.  In human terms, the highest level of

feeblemindedness.  Or as defined in more modern terms, a

developmentally disabled person that is educable to level about

equal to a nine year old."  I paused to shake my head sadly. 

"Don't worry, dearest, we shall find something less challenging for

you than being an account executive.  Something more suitable for

a woman with you special abilities..."

     "In terms of its reproductive organs," I continued with a grim

smile, seeing that he realized all too well the meaning of my

words, "a third ovary was present. For lack of a better term, I

originally called it a triovary.  In all respect it appeared

normal.  However, it was suspended between the two ovaries and

attached in the same manner as the ovaries were, to the top of each

ovaries Fallopian tube that leads to the uterus."

     I slipped my high heels on and stood up.  I decided to put my

makeup on later.  I looked around the motel room for my purse,

finally finding it under the bed.

     John was struggling to look down at his body. He knew what he

would see; a woman's body.

     "Be patient Johnny, the paralysis will only last another few

minutes.  While you wait, you can think of a new name for yourself. 

A girl's name that is."

     I walked from the motel room door to look back at the petite

and slender woman lying on the bed.

     "now, where was I?"  I paused, choosing my words carefully,

almost as if i was lecturing a class of first year biology


     "Oh yes, the `triovary.'  It looked and even felt like a

normal ovary.  But, it wasn't.  It was more like the gland, found

in certain communal insects and lesser mammals noted for extremely

productive birth cycles, such as queen bees and lemmings, I

believe,  Like the rat, a rodent.  Simply put, it acts like a

combination vacuum cleaner and storage container.  It seems that

the first time a male ejaculates in the vagina, the sperm is sucked

up inside the triovary to be released as needed."

     "However, a pregnancy almost never occurs immediately after

the first intercourse.  Instead, the semen is stored in the

`triovary', safe, healthy, and very much alive, until it's released

in very minute amounts, generally no more than three or four

spermatozoa at a time when Nature decides.  Thus, as the typical

male discharge contains literally millions of spermatozoa, a single

male ejaculation will remain inside of the female for a lifetime. 

Even one as long as yours will be."

     I paused in my lecture to him.

     "This process, an involuntary ejaculation of male semen into

the female uterus is triggered by the proper hormonal stimuli."  I

continued. "The hormone, by the way, is only present in the uterus

at precisely the right time during the monthly ovulation cycle.

When the hormone is produced, the `triovary' ejaculates into the

emerging eggs and a multiple pregnancy results."  I giggled at the

thought.  "Of course, it doesn't happen every month, when the

female is pregnant or breast feeding, the `triovary' remains


     I sighed wistfully, and said as if I was talking to myself.

     "I think that the process also produces a feeling similar to

a very intense multiple orgasm.  We'll have to look into that

further though, before I can be sure.  You will be able to tell us

what my poor little rats feel.  Won't that be exciting?"

     "While all this is interesting, from the clinical standpoint,

there are also some other amusing abnormalities that we women were

personally interested in discovering about your future sex life, so

to speak.  In order to discourage attempted intercourse with a male

while the female is fertile, the combination of the natural

lubricants of the vagina and sperm triggers the secretion of a

complex acid-like compound.  The compound serves as a powerful

spermicide, destroying the `foreign' sperm.  Unfortunately, the

`spermicide' also attacks the penis as well as the lining of the

vagina.  Needless to say, sex is excruciatingly painful for both

partners.  Normal heterosexual intercourse is now virtually

impossible. Poor little baby, no more fun and games with virile

young men so eager to stick their little dickies into you. My poor

little dominant males would huddle in pain for days, and only

massive doses of hormones would get them to try again.  A most

gratifying cure for the rampant male, so to speak."

     I nodded to myself in amused satisfaction.

     "Although normal heterosexual intercourse is denied, sexual

gratification is not totally eliminated. You may masturbate to your

hearts content. My little darling female rats humped with each

other almost all the time.  Or,"  I added thoughtfully with a

knowing smile, "engage in other lesbian activities; which,

considering your love of women, you may enjoy even more."

     I paused with a little self satisfied chuckle.

     "I suppose the old adage that goes something like `A man is a

father but once, but a woman is always a mother', may be true after


     I laughed at an amusing thought.  "Particularly in your case."

     "The reproductive organs have another interesting abnormality. 

They have a tendency to regenerate themselves through the original

DNA structure imprinted on every cell. I have performed dozens of

hysterectomies and those pesky little rats keep managing to get

themselves pregnant again and again, all without the help of a man. 

In fact, cellular replacement is so fast that it is almost

impossible to kill our little darlings."

     I picked up the shoulder bag and the medical waste bag by the

door and looked back at the beautiful petite woman laying naked on

the bed.  I guessed that she had shrunk to about 5'3" and weighed

no more than 105 pounds.  She would wear a size 3 at the most. She

would have a very trim and attractive figure ... when she wasn't

pregnant and wearing maternity clothing.

     "That's what's going to happen to you darling.  You'll be

forever pregnant, or nursing, the perfect little babies I had

originally set out to create. Litter after litter, so to speak, of

babies all engineered through your genes to age ever so slowly as

the perfect pets for our customers; beautiful golden haired angels,

with the mental capabilities of an educable developmentally

disabled child, and like all good pets should be, quite sterile.

After all, we have no desire for any competition."  I opened the

door and added, "and the best part of all is, that you won't have

to endure the nastiness of having a man stick his dirty old `thing'

inside of you.  Your little `triovary' will just automatically make

certain that your tiny junior size 3 tummy is kept pleasantly full

and productive."

     "All you have to do is lie back and enjoy it. And, as I

originally planned, I'll find a lovely home for all of your pretty

babies, once you have weaned them.  It should be a very profitable

business, to say the least."

     I blew him a kiss.

     "You new clothes are in the closet, and we have arranged for

you to work and live at the lab, along with our other breeding

stock, as a cleaning girl. As you may know, we have had great

success in using mentally retarded women to keep the labs

spotlessly clean, especially the cages. The work is quite simple

and very repetitive.  Just perfect for your cute little fluffy

head. After all, you really don't have to be very bright if your

main function is to conceive twice a year. And then we'll see how

udderly useful you can be when the babies come."

     "I'll be back with the other girls from the lab to help you

dress in your new clothes.  I am certain that you will be quite

`educable' by then, and need all the training we can give you. 

After all, nine year olds are quite anxious to please adults by

showing off their delight in being able to do simple things..."

     I watched in amused interest for a moment as the woman on the

bed suddenly began to rock her pelvis back and forth in short

thrusting spasms as her legs opened wide involuntarily and she

moaned in passionate response to her bodily needs.

     "You'll probably have three or four in the first litter," I

observed clinically, knowing that I was heard by the poor creature

enduring the delights of her first real orgasm.  But, having seen

women in heat before, I simply closed the motel room door to leave

my little breeder to the privacy of her sexual ecstasies!

     I had just barely reached my car when the high pitched screams

began ...



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