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Archive-name: Changes/joe1.txt

Archive-author: Ruth White

Archive-title: Guinea Pig, The -  1- 6



     It wasn't that long ago that Gloria Watson had been using

drugs uncontrollably and, out of despair, attempted suicide. Now

her rehabilitation was almost complete. All that remained was a

departure interview with the director of The Institute, the

facility which had saved her life and restored her to sanity.

Gloria knew Dr. van Damme by reputation only and did not know what

to expect as she entered her office.

     Dr. van Damme rose to greet Gloria. Gloria tried not to gawk.

She had known that the doctor was a woman, but that she was as

strikingly beautiful as she turned out to be. She was tall, blonde,

and dressed all in white; suit, blouse, hose, and pumps. A small

name tag pinned to her jacket said "von Damme". She wore little

make-up and her hair was gathered up in roll on her head.

     "Hello Gloria. It's a pleasure to meet you at last," said Dr.

van Damme extending her hand. "I'm glad your recovery went so


     Gloria took the proffered hand, shook it, and the two women

sat down on the couch where Dr. van Damme opened the conversation.

"Gloria, I want you to tell me in your own words what happened to

you. How you wound up here, and how your experience here will

enable you to function in the real world again."

     "Well, Doctor."

     "Please, Gloria, call me Justine."

     "My troubles started after I married my ex-husband, Joseph

Watson. He was everything any girl could ask for. Fantastically

wealthy, handsome, and sexually insatiable. He was thirty and I was

twenty. Being young and coming from a lower middle-class family, I

was in awe of him and his wealth. I always felt inadequate around

Joe and he did everything he could to reinforce my perception. What

did the marriage, and me in, was his continual betrayal of me. Joe

just could not resist bedding any blonde with a big chest. I'm sure

you've noticed that I conform to his ideal. I later learned that he

has always behaved in this manner, why he even has a son who is

almost my age; he got a girl pregnant when he was only twelve!"

     "After a year of my trying to get him to settle down, he

divorced me. I blamed myself and my shortcomings for this. He

provided me an extravagant settlement and I tried to loose myself

in drugs and alcohol. When that didn't work I tried to kill myself.

A friend shipped me here to your clinic for treatment and to avoid

any scandals in the tabloids."

     Dr. van Damme poured out coffee for them. "And what have you

learned from your treatment here?"

     "Well, I don't blame myself anymore. None of what happened was

my fault; it all lies with that son of a bitch. I really believe he

wanted to make it with all those women because he's really insecure

about himself. Take his height for example, Joe is only five foot

seven but always wanted to be six feet tall. I don't feel ashamed

and guilty any more. I'm mad as hell and I want to get back at him

for ruining my life and almost causing my death."

     "Gloria. Surely you don't mean that."

     "I certainly do Justine. I don't know yet what I will do to

get even with him, but I will spend the rest of my life trying, if

that's what it takes."

     "You certainly seem determined Gloria. Perhaps we can find a

way for my organization to help."

     "But Doctor, I have no more money. I'm broke."

     "You needn't worry about that Gloria. Anything's possible."

      Dr. van Damme produced a file. "We investigated your husband

during your stay to see if the things you told your therapist were

delusions or reality. It makes very interesting reading. He's

certainly deserving of some severe punishment, and I think it would

be even more fitting if he paid for it himself. I'm sure we can

work something out."

     "Oh Justine, could you? Would you?  Joe Watson is a powerful

and wealthy man, are you sure you want to get involved?"

     Dr. van Damme spoke into her intercom. "Clarice. Bring in a

blank contract form please."  Then continued, "Gloria I fear no man

like Joe Watson. My organization operates in many areas, and as a

result, has made numerous friends of real influence and power. Joe

Watson can't hurt me, he can't even find me if I don't want him to.

Besides I've taken down bigger than him before. Now shall we

discuss specifics?"




     Joe Watson followed the girl into her hotel suite.

Congratulating himself silently, he thought, "man, what a fox.

She's so hot, and I'm just the guy to give it to her." 

     Joe had been captivated by her since he spotted her in his

customary pick up joint. She was all tits and ass and paraded them

proudly. His cock was as hard enough to drive nails and he couldn't

wait to ram it in her.

     "Want a drink Joe?" She called from the other room.

     "Sure, eh..." He couldn't remember her name. "Make it Scotch

and water."

     Joe and his date sat on the couch and sipped their drinks. He

wanted only to rip her dress off and go at it then and there. He

played it cool though, thinking he might be able to enjoy this one

for more than one night.  

     "Tell you what Joe, why don't I go slip into something more


     She left the room and Joe thought, "Hot damn. Here we go," and

downed the rest of his drink in one gulp.

     When Joe's date returned she was wearing something more

comfortable; a sweatshirt, jeans, and tennis shoes. Joe didn't seem

surprised. In fact, he didn't even notice. The girl eyed his inert

form on the couch for a moment, then dialed the number she had been

given. "He's good to go. Come and get him." 

     She retrieved her bag and belongings and after making sure

that the door was unlocked she departed, leaving Joe to his fate.



     "You can open your eyes anytime now Mr. Watson. We know you're


     "I was just trying to collect myself and remember what

happened," said Joe. 

     Opening his eyes he saw an older man wearing a white coat and

carrying a stethoscope. Glancing about he noticed he was restrained

in what appeared to be hospital bed. Furthermore, he saw wires

leading from his bed to a bank of monitors that were meaningless to


     "What happened? I have a heart attack or something."

     "No. Nothing that simple I'm afraid." Let me get the director

to explain the situation to you.

     Several minutes later Joe looked up as a pretty blonde entered

the room. "Mr. Watson, welcome back to the world of the living. My

name is Dr. van Damme and I'm sure you have many questions..."

     "You bet I do babe. What happened, where am I, and  when can

I leave." Joe interrupted.

     "To answer your questions in order. You were drugged; slipped

a mickey I think the vernacular is. You are on my private island,

far removed from the United States, and I don't know when, if ever,

you can return there. Does that satisfy your curiosity?"

     "What the fuck is going on here? Who the hell do you think you

are?" Joe exploded.

     His answer was a slap from Dr. van Damme that rocked his still

woozy head.

     "I'll thank you to keep a civil tongue in your head. The story

your associates will put out is this; as a result of your notorious

womanizing, you have contracted AIDS. You have secreted yourself at

a private clinic outside the United States to undergo experimental

therapy, much as a famous actor did not to long ago. Eventually you

will succumb to your illness and your remains will be cremated.

After that, it won't be long before the world forgets that Joseph

Watson ever existed."

     "How could this be happening to me?" Joe wondered. 

     "Who put you up to this?" He demanded to know.

     "The answer, Mr. Watson, is that you did. The way you treated

your ex-wife, and the way you've treated women all your life,

caught my attention. That, and the fact that you were vulnerable."

     "That goddamned bitch Gloria. Figure her to get mixed up in

something like this." Joe thought for a minute. "What do you mean


     "You were such a disagreeable person that no one cared for

you. We were able to influence every individual who might be

concerned over your absence. They all sold you out. You were a

failure as a person Mr. Watson. That and your miserly penny-

pinching did you in."

     "What are you talking about?"

     "You were too cheap to keep a good law firm on retainer. I'm

sure if you had, that they would have advised you to change your

will immediately after your divorce. As it was, you didn't, and

have created all manner of potential difficulties for yourself.

Such as the one you're in right now."

     "Let me go. Look, whatever she's paying you I'll double it, no

wait...,  I'll triple it."

     "Lets understand one thing Mr. Watson. Your wife didn't put us

up to this. We put her up to it."

     "So what's going to happen?"

     "When you die, your wife will become executrix and

administrate of your estate, at least until your son becomes

twenty-one. She's going to pay us for our 'treatment' of you and a

good portion of the fees will be rebated to her via overseas bank


     "And how much is this treatment of mine going to run."

Inquired Joe.

     "About five million dollars to start, but that's just the

beginning. The Institute provides many services; psychological,

surgical, behavior modification, anti-aging, and infertility just

to name a few. Many of these treatments are unsanctioned in the

industrialized countries, such as injecting fetal cells to reverse

the aging process. Our many affluent clients come here, where any

treatment they desire can be provided. Whether or not their

nation's medical authorities consider them effective or ethical.

Even so, these treatments have to be tested somehow and that's

where you come in. Your wife made you available to us to perform

research on as part of your punishment. In addition to the base fee

of five million, your wife guarantees us a profit of thirty-five

percent on all procedures performed on you."

     "But what exactly is it you plan to do to me?

     "The bad news, Mr. Watson, is that we are going to create a

new you. We will change both your appearance and your personality.

The good news is that you have shown a definite preference for the

design we are going to use."

     At this point Dr. van Damme retired. Leaving Joe to

contemplate her cryptic announcement as he drifted off into




     Joe lay in his bed. He didn't want to get out of it. Even

walking across his small room to the toilet seemed to wear him out.

He'd lost all track of time and didn't know how long he had been

here. Severe diarrhea had afflicted him shortly after his arrival,

he'd lost a lot of weight, and was exceedingly thin. He still

didn't feel quite right, his skin was pasty white, he'd grown a

beard, and his sex drive had vanished. This last worried him most.

Joe had always prided himself on his virility. He couldn't even get

a hard on to masturbate, no matter how erotic his thoughts.

     Joe's image was displayed on a video monitor in the conference

room. The doctor in charge of this phase of his treatment addressed

the audience in the room. "Treatment has proceeded along the

determined lines. The administered dosages of the prototype drug

A6D have been effective. Subject's testes are no longer producing

sperm or male hormones and are degenerating. There has been an

ensuing loss of interest in sex as a result. Subject is, in effect,

castrated. I recommend that A6D be commercially developed and made

available to those governments that have expressed an interest in

such a treatment for chronic sex offenders."

     "Thank you doctor," said Dr. van Damme. "Your work, as always,

is praiseworthy. Now our genetic engineering department will have

the floor."

     A bearded young man, looking barely old enough to be a

graduate student, approached the podium. "As you all know we have

conducted extensive research into recombinant DNA theory. One of

the easiest DNA chains to manipulate is that of the bacteria,

Escherichia coli, which lives in the human digestive tract. A

bacteriophage was introduced into subjects diet which exterminated

all E. coli resident in his body. Subject then consumed foodstuffs

containing our modified species. It has thrived and far exceeded

our expectations."

     "This introduced species produces natural estrogenic compounds

as waste, which are then absorbed into the bloodstream through the

lining of the large intestine. Analysis shows that the subject's

hormonal balance is now that of a mature female. The only

difficulty is that it is slightly on the high side. That's not

really of any concern in this case, and we think we've found the

cause. We believe this treatment can be manipulated to do away with

the need for repeated dosages of almost any drug, not just

hormones. Early experiments show a potential for a bacteria that

can produce insulin. Furthermore, I personally feel this line of

research warrants additional inquiry as having the promise to

provide a reversible birth-control 'vaccine'."

     Dr. van Damme led the room in a standing ovation for the

researcher. "Thank you very much. If I don't miss my guess, you may

have a Nobel Prize in your future."

     Standing up, Dr. van Damme spoke into a small microphone. "You

may commence." 

     Then she addressed the assemblage. "Well, I'm sure we can all

agree that this subject is making an enormous contribution to

scientific and medical knowledge." 

     Ignoring the snickering that followed her remark, she

continued. "Next is a demonstration of a product that we hope will

someday be in every beauty salon in the world."

     While she spoke, attendants had entered Joe's room and

restrained him to the bed. They were busily attaching connections

between Joe's body and a control board.

     Dr. van Damme spoke. "As you know women employ many methods of

depilation. Few opt for electrolysis due to the time, pain, and

expense. We hope this device will change all that. A process has

been developed which we call batch depilation. As you know, when a

person comes in contact with voltage, electrical current passes

through the body, more often than not producing death by

electrocution. An exception to this is electricity at high

frequencies, not the radio frequencies used for some electrolysis,

but rather four hundred cycles per second. This electricity passes

along the skin. What we do is pass high voltage four hundred hertz

power between  electrodes attached to the skin, after desensitizing

it. Then, as the current flows, it burns out the hair follicles.

Let's watch a demonstration."

     Speaking into her microphone, Dr. van Damme said "You may

proceed with the presentation now."

     Joe didn't know what was going on. He offered no resistance,

lacking both the energy and the inclination  for such a move. His

skin had been coated with a slimy gel which tingled for a moment

then stopped. Metal bands had been fitted around his body at

various intervals from his feet, up his legs, around his waist,

chest, arms, and even his fingers. He was fitted with a collar and

then a cap, not unlike those used with the electric chair.

     The technicians stepped back and threw a switch. There was a

humming sound and Joe felt the skin on his right calf tingle. After

a period it stopped, only to be repeated at another location on his

body. There was the odor of burned hair in the air. Finally, the

bands were removed and a mask was fitted over Joe's face and the

procedure was repeated there. The technicians removed all their

equipment. An aide came in and helped Joe to the bathtub.

     Dr. van Damme changed the video pickup to the bathroom and she

and her staff observed as Joe was bathed. They watched with

fascination as the goo was scrubbed from Joe's body, for along with

it came his hair.

     All of it!

     "As you can see it is quite effective. We can choose the area

to be treated. The process is quick, cheap, and relatively

painless. You will notice that the subject now exhibits no hair

anywhere on his body except in the pubic region."

     Joe was put back in bed and administered a sedative. Totally

hairless, and bald as a baby, he drifted off to a gentle sleep.



     Joe lay face down on an operating table in an amphitheater. He

was anesthetized and could neither feel nor move. In his euphoric

state, he could not pay attention as the as the surgeon described

what was happening to him.

     "Today I am using micro-miniature appliances, incorporating

fiber optics and lasers, to demonstrate some inspiring developments

in surgery."

     "First, I am performing liposuction to effect body contouring.

As I am sure you are well aware, this is a high profit margin

business for us. However, I am going beyond conventional routine

here today. In order to create on the subject the smallest

waistline possible, as called for in the treatment protocol." 

     "Accordingly I have made a small incision at the spine where

the lowest set of ribs connect. I then insert a multiple lead fiber

optic cable to carry video, transmit laser energy, and control the

miniaturized equipment."

     The surgeon accomplished this and went on."Now I simply cut

through each rib at the spine, severing them. I inject a

radioactive compound, with a short half-life, into the marrow to

kill it. Next I apply a sealant to the spine to prevent any attempt

at reattachment.The rest is simple. The bones die and gradually

become brittle. Subsequently, the subject is exposed to the ultra-

sound shock treatment used to break up kidney stones. This shatters

the now fragile bone, and the body assimilates the fragments as it

would any source of calcium." The surgeon finished up.

     "Another advantage of this procedure is that there is no

scarring. Surgical adhesive is applied to the entry puncture, and

we are done." The surgeon departed with a smattering of applause

from the gallery.

     Another surgeon appeared in greens. "Good morning. I am going

to continue the physique contouring started by my esteemed

colleague. As you know the subject of weight reduction is

complicated by the fact that once formed by the body, fat cells are

never destroyed. When the body is starved, as when dieting, they

just give up their fat and remain where they are, waiting to be

refilled. Liposuction as performed earlier does remove these, but

here I venture a step further."

     The surgeon did something to Joe's hip.

     "I separate the fat cells by centrifuging them, then filter

them to a uniform size with a permeable membrane. These cells are

collected in a tank and, using a process I call lipoaugmentation,

re-inserted into the body according to a computer generated matrix.

You now need only place the subject on a high fat diet. When the

fat cells refill, the body assumes the desired profile."

     "Notice that I have inserted a probe into the hipbone to

function as an dispenser. It serves as a reference point for the

matrix, and the re-introduced empty fat cells are deposited around

it automatically by the computer."

     Nothing more was said as the machines performed their work

with mechanical efficiency. The surgeon readjusted the probe to

several points on Joe's hips and buttocks. Eventually, everything

was removed. 

     At this point two attendants came and rolled Joe over very

carefully. Joe stared up at the ceiling wondering what was going

on. He languished in daydreams, unable to focus on the activity

going on around him. He shut his eyes. 

     The surgeon, meanwhile, had gone to work on Joe's chest. The

needle was inserted down the center of each nipple to the

breastbone. The surgeon took notice that they were not the typical

vestigial nipples of most males, but rather they exhibited the

developmental characteristics of a pubescent female. The machine

completed it's assignment and the next surgeon entered the

operating pit.



      After countless days of suffering, Joe awoke in a sunny room.

He was agonizingly stiff, swollen, and sore. He couldn't find a

part of his body that didn't hurt. Dr. van Damme and several other

persons stood around looking at him. Joe tried to move and

discovered that his entire body was restrained.

     "Well it looks like our surprise is ready to be unwrapped,"

said Dr. van Damme."

     Joe's torso and legs were released. He discovered that his

hands were surrounded by some type of box, his feet were in casts,

and he had no feeling or freedom of movement in his extremities. 

     "Dr. Morgan would you describe for us please your

modifications to the subject."     

     An elderly doctor came forward. "Thank you Dr. van Damme. This

is a procedure we have been working on at the request of another

branch of our organization.  We have been able to alter the

subjects fingerprints." 

     The assembled onlookers showed great interest.

     "Do go on Doctor."

     "Well using computer controlled lasers at an oblique angle we

were able to eradicate the center of the original print. An

electron gun was used to, I guess burn would be the best term, a

pattern onto the finger. The resultant scarring is regulated, and

becomes indistinguishable from the loops and whorls of a natural

print. With a sufficiently sophisticated program you can not only

change someone's prints, but give him another person's."

     Understanding the possibilities inherent in this, the crowd

murmured it's approval. Another doctor was working on releasing

Joe's feet from their confinement. At Dr. van Damme's cue he

explained what he had done.

     "What you are looking at gentlemen represents a turning point

in reconstructive bone surgery. I have actually accomplished two

feats here, if you'll pardon the pun. I have taken the subjects

feet and rebuilt them to Dr. van Damme's specifications. What were

a man's size ten wide are now a perfect woman's size eight medium."

     There was talking by his audience but no questions,so he

continued. "What is really interesting are the other adjustments I

was able to make. You know how we podiatrists tell the girls to

stay off of high heels. Slaves to fashion that they are, they never

listen to us and, as a result, suffer many foot ailments as a

result. It seems that the human foot was just not designed to walk

in high heels." 

     "Doctors, what I have done, is to devise and create such a

foot! I strengthened the weight bearing bones and made alignment

changes to the metatarsal bones. These feet could run a marathon in

spike heels."

     The amazement of the group was apparent.

     "And now last, but certainly not least, Dr. Brenner will

enlighten us as to his accomplishments."

     "Thank you Dr. van Damme. I too work in reconstructive

surgery. One problem faced in severe damage to the hands and feet,

is the permanent loss of nail growth, which serves to protect the

fingers and toes. Our material department has been able to

fabricate an acrylic polymer that is indestructible by any means

available to us here. What this means is that we can formulate a

replacement nail that will last forever."

     The Doctor busied himself with the box which held Joe's left

hand. "You have to be very precise in your measurements with these

because once they set, that's it. These were modeled to Dr. van

Damme's specifications and have been anchored to the subjects

finger bones."

     Looking at Joe, he giggled and said, "I would avoid countries

which practice torture if I were you, young man. I can guarantee

that your fingers will pull off before those nails do."

     Still groggy, Joe just looked at him blankly. His hand was

freed from the box. Joe tried to move his fingers, but they were

too sore. He held his hand up to his face and gasped. At the end of

each finger was a long oval nail at least an inch long.


     The doctor went on, "These nails will take some getting used

to and I must warn you to be careful until you are accustomed to

them. They could be dangerous." 

     Addressing Dr. van Damme he went on. " I believe you will find

that these nails will not chip and the colors will not fade."

     Joe's other hand was freed and it joined it's mate. Joe

stared, in shock, at the long red talons, now permanently attached

to his fingers. The doctor released Joe's feet from their


     "I also took the liberty of replacing the subjects toenails

while I was at it."

     Joe struggled painfully to move to a position from which he

could see his feet. He was rewarded with the sight of ten cute

little red toenails peeking back at him. He noticed that his feet

were indeed much smaller and somehow more graceful. He moved them

and observed that they flexed in a peculiar manner.

     Engrossed with his fingers, Joe failed to notice Dr. van Damme

motion everyone to leave. he looked up to find her alone with him.

     "Please doctor. Tell me what's going on here. Why are these

things being done to me?"

     "Because, Mr. Watson, you are at hand. We needed a test

subject and you're it. Also, as I once told you, we have contracted

with your wife to erase any trace of Joe Watson from the face of

the earth and dispense appropriate retribution in the process."

     Joe wanted to learn more but she spun on her heels and walked


To be continued ...



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