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Archive-name: Changes/joanxmas.txt


Archive-title: Joan for Christmas

     The chilly moist air was biting at his face as John hurried

through the mall parking lot.  A heavy rich aroma from the many

wood burning fireplaces filled his nostrils, the grey foreboding

sky added to the message that a huge snowfall was to come.

     It was almost Christmas and John had bought his annual gifts

for his special "girl".  The packages he struggled with were filled

with lacy lingerie from the Mothercare store and on the hanger he

clung to so tightly was the his often wished for red velvet

maternity dress.

     In the infants department he had seen all the velvet dresses

lined up, green ones, red and purple, all waiting for some mother

to take them home for their little girls christmas finery.  The red

ones with the square lace collars were by far the prettiest and he

could only wish one would fit.

     It was in the "Coming Events" store that he spotted the many

more feminine fancy dresses.  Most stores were carrying the more

modern "working mother" fashions, long gone it seemed were what

John thought were traditional and feminine fashions.

     "The" dress seemed to jump off the rack and say "I'm you" a

she studied the pleated empire waist bustline.  Long sleeves with

white lace cuffs and a skirt that would grace his statuesque legs

to the ankles.  The sticker price of $150.00 almost scared him away

but it was Christmas and he just said, "I'm worth it".

     A slight rain had begun to fall and the parking lot was

starting to get treacherous, Johns car was a but a few aisles from

the mall entrance and he knew he'd soon be home preparing to wrap

his "special" presents for an exciting Christmas morning,that's

probably why he got a little careless as he darted into the path of

the oncoming automobile.

     John held the dress high to protect it from hitting the ground

as he saw the headlights get closer and closer.  He knew as they

grew brighter and brighter that they were not going to stop. There

seemed to be no sound, just a calm peaceful quite,a blur and then

white light all around.

     Trying to focus his eyes and tune his ears to what appeared to

be someone calling him.

     Then he heard it more clearly, "Joan, Joan, are you okay".  As

his eyes focus he could make out the images of a rather romantic

apartment, furnished in turn of the century decor, he was reclining

on a love seat but unsure how he had gotten there.

     His/she, it was all becoming very confusing, eyes fixed in the

direction of the voice calling "Joan" and he/she saw a young blonde

gentleman, dressed in white dinner jacket, wearing formal trousers. 

His physic indicated that he exercised regularly, his voice was

soft and caring.

     With his vision cleared, John, or was it Joan?, realized that

this handsome gentleman was calling to him/her, but why was he

calling him Joan?     

     Rising from the love seat John/Joan ventured toward the mirror

located at the end of the hall.  Nothing would have him/her

prepared for the reflection he/she eyed in the mirror.  Looking

back was a young girl, in her early twenties he/she thought. 

He/she mumbled under his/her breath,"I've been watching too many

"Quantum Leaps", lowered and shook his/her head and returned a gaze

to the mirror.  The image had not changed. A beautiful young girl

was staring back at him/her as she stood in front of that

perplexing mirror.

     "Joan, you seemed to have swooned, he said with a proper

British accent. You must have had too much bubbly at the pub,"he


     Joan still uncertain, returned to the couch, assumed she had

been dreaming, for obviously she was a young lady who had consumed

too much alcohol.

     "I'm sorry, I seem to have forgotten your name", Joan

blushingly apologized.

     "Jacque, remember you followed me all day at the mall and

we"bumped" into each other on the escalator.  You said you were

trying to find a way to meet.  The sudden stopping of the escalator

provided the opportunity.  You would have crushed all your pretty

packages in the fall if I hadn't caught you."

     It was no more clearer but what he said seemed to make sense. 

Shopping was hectic and she did seem to recall this gorgeous guy

she had seen earlier in the day.

     Had she really been drinking with this stranger?  Did she

willing follow him to this room?  The situation was "strange" but

not frightening.  She didn't feel "threatened" in anyway, just a

little "unsure".

     She tried to rise to her feet but found her knees again

wobbly, faltered and was caught by Jacque, who again lowered her to

the seat.

     He sat beside her, holding her shoulders to steady and warm

her, he asked if she was feeling better.

     "Yes", was Joans weak reply, "maybe I could have some coffee",

she inquired?

     "Two Irish Coffees coming right up", Jacque responded.

     "Make mine "regular" with just a little cream, please"

     "Plain it will be".

     Within just a few minutes Jacque returned with an elegant

coffee service for two, piping hot coffee in each china cup.

     Jacque added a slight amount of cream while asking, "say


     "Enjoy!, he exclaimed as he lifted his cup to what Joan

noticed where moist inviting lips.

     Joan had taken but a few sips from the cup when her hand

faltered and the cup tummulted to the floor.  Her quick action

saved her from being scalded by the spilling liquid though an

amount did land on here white blouse.

     Jacque retrieved a robe from his room, turning his back toto

allow Joan to remove the stained blouse and don the robe.

     Joan thought there was more to this than seemed real.  She

stilled wondered if this was all a dream.  If it were she was going

to give it every opportunity to play itself out.

     She removed the coffee stained blouse and undid her bra but

never put on the robe.

     "You may turn around now", she said.

      Jacque was amazed at the beauty of the naked girls breasts.

They stood as equally firm globes with areola domes that appeared

to be well suckled.  Her breasts reminded him of those he had seen

of "wet nurses" in his home country, whose nipple area seemed to

swell and engorge from being "with milk" for so long.

     Joan motioned for him to explore her exposed flesh by cupping

each globe and lifting them slightly.  Jacque tongued each nipple

before taking one firmly into his mouth and suckling her like an


     Jacque was a little disappointed not finding any fluid flowing

from these lovely milk mounds but nursed at her breasts non the

less while softly stroking her soft sensual abdominal flesh.

     They explored a deep kiss, her breasts were now heaving from

the passion of his sucking and kissing.

     Joan felt a "wetness" in her panties like she had never felt


     This was all so strange to her.

     Jacques hand had worked its way through the elastic waistband

of her panties and was advancing on its target.  Joan froze in fear

of what he would find.  Was this all a dream?  Was she Joan or, she

couldn't remember any vestiges of a male name but she still feared

that Jacques advancing hand might find a penis instead of a pussy.

     Joans breath stopped as Jacques hand entered her pubic

hair,pulling the hairs slightly as his forward motion eased to a

snails pace.

     She wanted him to touch her.  She wanted to know for sure. 

Would she wake up as he screamed YOUR A MAN.  Frozen in time she

waited for his final advance.

     A sense of relief was realized when she felt soft folds being

parted and probed by Jacques large fingers.  She could feel her

wetness coating his fingers and easing their entry into her warm


     Jacque forced several fingers into her moist hole.  Joan

bucked on his fingers while imploring Jacque to replace them with

the glorious pecker she knew he would have.  In a climatic frenzy

she completed the ride on his fingers and lay motionless.

     As she began to recover she felt Jacques manhood smearing its

precum fluid on her holes entrance, not that she needed more


     She loved having the head of his big prick rub up and down the

folds of her steaming pussy but she also longed to have it rammed

home and quench the fire that was burning in her loins. 

He played for several minutes, even venturing to her "back door"but

only brushing it lightly and never trying to enter.

     Joan was not sure she was ready to have her ass rammed by such

a huge weapon, with her hand she steered his sword to the hole that

would be its sheath.

     With her excitement at fever pitch he was able to enter her in

one swift motion.  The ecstacy of the impalement made Joan gasp for

air and momentarily stop all motion.  She reveled in the reality of

having a man buried firmly between her thighs.

     There was a feeling of newness yet she mustn't have been a

virgin, there was no blood, nor any pain.

     Jacque slowly began to work his tool deeper into her beckoning

hole.  At each thrust Joan tried to capture the pounding intruder

with the strength of her vaginal muscles but each attempt was

countered by a powerful retreat and an even stronger assault. 

Their game went on for what seemed an eternity, halting in a frozen

convulsion of climatic eruptions. 

Jacques seed poured into Joans womb, warm spurts of semen showered

the entrance to her cervix, flooding her chamber with the fertile

seeds of life.

     Several weeks had past since Joan encounter with Jacque and

she was concerned that she had not heard from him again.  She never

remembered having a "one night stand" with anyone and wondered how

she let it happen.  She did recall how handsome Jacque was with a

sigh of "what will be -- will be".

     Sunday while getting ready for church, Joan felt a little

unsteady and sat back on her bed after trying unsuccessfully to

bend and put on her pantyhose.  A waive of nausea came over her and

she beat a path to the bathroom, getting to the commode with no

time to spare as her body purged itself of the tea and muffin she

had eaten for breakfast.  Wretch after convulsive wretch Joan

heaved the last remnants of that morning meal into the commode.

With the sour taste of vomit in her mouth she ran a cup of water

only to be met with more retching as she tried to use it to cleanse

her mouth.  All Joan could do was struggle back to the bed,

lowering herself as best she could and reclining in a fetal

position in an attempt to quell the tide of the abdominal pains she

was experiencing.

     Joans first suspicion was she was pregnant but when she went

several more weeks without any symptoms she decided it must have

been something she ate or was a touch of the flu.

     Then it happened again, violent abdominal pains and retching

but since she had not eaten it was only non productive heaving with

nausea and pains lacking any comparison with anything she had known


     It had now been almost six weeks since her evening with Jacque

and Joan realized that she had missed her period.  She was fairly

certain that Jacque had gotten her pregnant and she had noway of

contacting him to tell him of his impending parenthood.

     Mid-day when she felt a little better, Joan ventured to the

drugstore to get a pregnancy kit to confirm what she knew in her

mind was so.

    Feeling a little embarrassed as she set the kit on the counter, 

She did not want to answer any questions about her potential

pregnancy.  She just knew the clerk would notice the absence of a

wedding ring on her finger and assume she was some slut who "slept

around" and got herself "knocked-up".  To her relief the clerk just

announced the cost of the purchased slipped it into a bag and

returned her change from the twenty dollar bill she had handed him.

     Joan headed straight home to perform the test, torn between

her expectations of the results.

     If she was pregnant she knew she would have a beautiful baby,

Jacque was such a handsome lover but this was all so new to her,

she was still unsure how this had all happened.

     After reading the instructions, Joan placed the indicator

strip on the bathroom sink, and used the alcohol pad provided to

sanitize the area around her vulva so not to contaminate the urine

sample and give a false indication from the test. 

Collecting the sample was not as difficult as she first thought it

might be, the cup was large enough to circle her vaginal lips. 

She released a stream on liquid as the instruction had told, then

while she was "going" she filled the cup to its three quarter mark,

allowing the rest of her bladder to empty into the toilet.

     Dropping the indicator strip into the cup she waited to see

what developed.  Gradually a line came into view, it was a

horizontal line, the making of a "negative" sign, then the vertical

line began to appear, sure enough a clear "positive"sign had

appeared.  Joan was PREGNANT.

     Over the next few weeks Joan was sensitive to every change her

body was experiencing.  The "morning sickness" had taken its toll,

every fibre of her body ached.  The tingling in her breasts had

started as they developed their milk producing capability.  The

"inches" of her bodily measurements were increasing, her waist

already increasing by almost two inches.  Joan felt she could

detect a noticeable swell as she gently held the tape measure

around her middle.

     Showers became a most pleasant experience.  The playful

pellets of water bounced on her sensitized flesh producing erotic

reminders of her "condition", generating memories of the passion

that produced this child growing in her belly.  Her soft toweling

were like kisses to her excited nipples causing them to harden and

beg to be comforted further.  With an increased vigor she rubbed

her breasts hoping to quell the "full beyond capacity" feeling that

their engorgement had produced.

     Joans excitement of carrying a child had been realized, yet

there was still a sense of something not quite connected.  She

could remember the father, though she knew she was not married. 

She knew she didn't have a "steady" boyfriend so it must have been

a "one night stand", yet she hadn't been prone to "sleeping

around".  Somehow it HAD occurred, her reflection now was clearly

that of a pregnant woman.

     Joans next few months seemed to blur together.  Looking for

work was the last thing on her list as her bank account seemed to

be significant enough to carry her through the birth of her baby. 

Shopping the Malls, buying clothes took up most of her time.  A few

times she tried to retrace her steps from that fateful night in

search of the babies father but she always came up empty and

resigned to the fact that he was gone.

     Joan became a little concerned when her doctor wanted to run

some test.  She couldn't tell him much about the father, other than

race, color of hair and a guess at height and weight.  She knew

nothing of his background.  Had no idea of his heritage.  Was he

Irish?  Or German, maybe?  Was he just a good old American, Heinz

57 variety.  What could the doctor even be concerned about, she

wasn't of an age to be "high risk".  She was generally healthy. 

She was raised believe you "trust your doctor", so she agreed to

any test he thought was necessary.

     The examining room had been carefully prepared.  The cold

steel stirrups though had been replace with what looked like

plastic ones but wouldn't prove to be significantly warmer.

     Under the doctors instructions Joan disrobed and slipped into

the gown that the nurse had provided.  The feeling of vulnerability

always increased when she removed all her clothes and was covered

by only this thin garment that one could never keep fastened no

matter which way it was worn.

     Joan was so aware of her nudity as she walked toward the

table, she might as well not have the robe on.  She could tolerate

not wearing a bra but being without panties seemed and invitation

for anyone to "enter".  It was like the door to the house had been

taken off and all could seen the contents inside.  She fantasized

that people could actually look up her and see her baby.  Her

beautiful smiling baby, grinning and saying "I won't come out until

I'm ready".

     A blonde, attractive nurse named Jane, also very pregnant

helped Joan onto the examining table.  Carefully she lifted each

leg into the waiting stirrups.  She then opened Joans robe,

exposing her flesh almost to her bloated breasts.  Carefully she

applied a warm lotion across most of her distended abdomen, and

then explained as she applied a rounded shape instrument that she

was doing an ultra sound to examine the developing fetus and make

sure all was well.  With patterned motions the nurse scanned the

length and width of her pregnant tummy.

     Joan felt awkward lying so exposed and having this sexual

young nurse touching her so intimately.  When the nurse brought the

probe to the lower part of her abdomen and was going to retrace her

path upwards, Joan raised her hand and placed it on the distended

belly of nurse Jane.  She traced her hand to Janes lower abdomen

and continued until her fingers rested over the woman's sex.  Joans

fingers toyed with her examiner through the nylon uniform she was

wearing.  Nurse Jane placed the ultrasound transducer at the

entrance of Janes pregnant hole and massaged her "button" while

gradually working the probe into her canal.

     Joan pulled Janes slacks to below her bulging belly and did

the same for the cotton underpants she was wearing.  This gave Jane

unobstructed access to the nurses swollen love box.  Joan worked

several fingers into Janes willing hole while intern the nurse

worked the probe even deeper into Joans stuffed muff.  They rode

each others assault, allowing the passion to build beyond fever


     Jane stiffened first and then rhythmically rotated on Joans

invading fingers, as she climaxed she pushed the probe to the very

entrance of Joans womb, that set off fireworks in Joan like she had

never experienced before.

     She rocked harder and harder, trying to force the probe even

deeper but it had reached its limit.  With the probe locked at the

entrance to her womb by the pressure Joan exerted, Joan kept her

hips raised high in the air while she felt wave after wave of

climactic pleasure.

     Nurse Jane had just retrieved the probe and fixed her clothing

when in walked the doctor asking how the ultrasound test had gone.

     Nurse Jane just answered, "I think we got some "interesting"


     From that visit on Joan looked forward to her "doctor" visits

and was ready and willing to allow any "tests" that he thought were


     As Joan prepared to shower she was amazed at how much she had

grown.  She loved to study her pregnant figure in the mirror and

following the swollen curves with the tips of her fingers usually

brought on an intense organism.  Many times she worried that her

innocent playing might bring on premature labor.

     While examining her figure she would allow her fingers to find

the entrance of her sex.  The spot that was responsible for the

"shape" she was in.  She'd insert several fingers then use her free

hand to rotate her "button".

     Her swollen belly would rotate as she road her playful

fingers.  Her jerky bucking would soon increase to an uncontrolled

frenzy and she'd be trying to force her hole hand into that

pregnant hole.  She had been successful in getting all five fingers

but was unable to push the whole palm into her hole.  She expected

that when she was closer to giving birth she would be able to

insert her whole fist.  She had herd of "fisting" but never had it

done, she would experience it even if she had to do it herself.

     Joan grew melancholy as her due date drew near.  She loved

being pregnant, she enjoyed her bloated body.  The stirring of life

within her was an immense turn on and she didn't want to give it

up.  She began wishing she could plug her hole and never allow the

baby to leave her womb.  She watched as various parts of her belly

changed shape with the movement of thee child within.  An arm or

elbow put such a dimple on one side while the head put a large lump

to the right.  When she felt a foot push on her kidney she knew she

would have to go to the bathroom quickly.

     Not knowing what possessed her to do it she sat on the toilet

without pulling down her pants.  She just sat there an relaxed and

then her bladder released.  The warm urine began to soak her

panties, the warmness traveled down the back of her thighs and up

the cheeks of her ass.  She had wanted to "wet her pants" for a

long time and the sensation was great.  She was looking forward to

changing he little ones diapers, she recalled the pleasure it was

to lay and be fussed with while her diaper was being changed.  Oh,

how she longed for that time again.  She truly "waddled" as she

crossed the bathroom and removed her wet pants.

     Because of her "accident" Joan decided to take a shower.  The

water cascaded off her bloated belly as rubbed the soap in circles

around the distended mound.  Her skin became slick with the clouds

of soap that piled on her swollen hill, so much so that she was

standing in a sea foam of white suds.  When the cake of soap was

applied to her engorged breasts she felt the "hardness" brought on

from their ample supply of milk.  She could now toy with her

nipples ever so slightly and "bring down" her nourishing fluid. 

Her breasts still stood firm  and pointed on her chest, even with

their increasing supply of nectar they had not began to droop,

though they were exceedingly heavy and going without a bra was no

longer an option.

     These "erotic" showers always brought on a case of needing

something to fill her already stuffed pussy, that's why she had

gone to the "book store" and purchased some adult "play toys". 

Still Joan felt almost "naughty" when she would use these "toys" on

herself.  She wasn't sure why but each time she used these

implements she felt she was cheating someone out of a good time and

quite possibly cheating herself out of some great sex.

     Joans favorite "weapon"was the 3 inch round cock that was

about nine inches long and had a suction cup at its end.  She could

fasten it to the floor of the shower and ride it unmercifully while

the warm water poured down on her.

     Squatting she could impale her pregnant pussy on the shaft and

rotate her hips forcing the plastic pecker to touch the most

intimate crevices of her blossoming hole.  She would rotate

clockwise for several turns, winding her senses to a peak, then

reverse her motion, which only increased her state of arousal.

     Her thighs would strain to keep their squatted position as her

climax neared.  She had to keep from setting down on the pecker for

fear of damaging the child growing in her belly.  The intensity of

the orgasms she was able to produce must have been elevated by the

fears of driving that plastic intruder right into her baby laden

womb.  She fantasized that the child would grab the entering

weasel, hold it, not allowing it to retreat, keeping her forever

impaled upon this latex pecker.

     Joans baby laden belly was heaving to and fro, up and down, at

the peak of her climax, Joan forced her pregnant hole firmly onto

the pecker and tightened her pussy muscles around its shaft as the

throws of orgasm coursed through her body.  Her breasts began to

drip their sweet nectar, that flowed in tiny rivers down her

distended abdomen.  With her fingers she smeared the flowing liquid

into her pussy hairs and mixed it with the juices that were

escaping from her cunt and then she rested.

     When Joan awoke with a cramping sensation in her lower abdomen

she knew her time was near.  It was joyous in some ways, for she

would experience the joy of childbirth but sad in a way because she

loved being pregnant.

     Pregnancy seemed such a natural state for her, she was at

peace with her body.  She even loved the full round curves that

took over the many aspects of her once small features.

     The attention she got from men also added to the pleasure in

being pregnant.

     Joan knew her labor was in the early stages and did not want

to go to the hospital until she was close to delivery.  She wanted 

to experience the events that were to come, unhindered by the fuss

and commotion of a hospital.  She would have to start her journey

to the hospital before the pains became too unbearable but she was

willing to stretch it as far as she was able.

     In the early afternoon her cramps worsened and she began to

notice a warm fullness in her pussy area.  She attributed this to

the expanding of her pubic bones and the added blood flow to the

are to prepare the birth canal for its work.

     Joan stripped off all her clothes and admired her now ripe

figure, her breasts were drooping ever so slightly but her belly

had definitely "dropped".  During most of her pregnancy she had a

"high round" abdomen, almost as if she had a beachball stuffed in

her panties but in the last few days her belly had fallen several

inches, seeming to have lost its strength to stay erect.

     For comfort Joan dressed only in a light nightgown that she

noticed was "see through" as she began to ready the things she

would take to the hospital.  Joan would have all her nice maternity

lingerie on when she went to the hospital but for now she wanted to

be comfortable.

     For her hospital stay, Joan first packed several nice nursing


     She examined the slits that could be parted to allow her

infant access to her milk filled breasts.  Joan anticipated the

excitement of nursing her baby and was looking forward to the


     She carefully folded several nursing bras.  She had purchased

the underwire type to caress and frame her breasts while they were

exposed to her infants suckling.  She admired the lacy cups fitted

with what was advertised as easily opened with one had so you could

safely hold your baby with the other.  She had practiced often with

these snaps and knew she would be good at it when it was time to

feed her newborn.

     She packed several new pairs of maternity panties.  She knew

her body wouldn't quickly return to its pre-pregnancy shape and

after all she did enjoy the lacy expansion panel of the silk


     She mustn't forget the cocobutter cream she had purchased for

softening and moisturizing her nipples in between nursing.  She had

heard they could get dry and crack, which was very painful and

often caused a cessation of nursing.  Joan wanted to nurse her baby

as long as she could so she was going to do everything to make it


     With her bags packed and the pains coming stronger and closer

together Joan decided it was time to get dressed for her trip to

the hospital.

     You would have thought she was getting ready for a night on

the town.

     Joan had carefully planned her "delivery day" outfit.  All new

lingerie, black panties and matching nursing bra.  The matching

camisole barely covered the swell of her belly, she had dropped so


     Suntan, support pantyhose added a sheen to her freshly shaved

legs accentuating their athletic attractiveness.

     The pink with white appliques maternity top was the picture of

innocence that Joan loved to portray.  With pinafore white smock it

made her look like she should be going to a school girl party

rather than to deliver a baby.

     Dressed and ready, Joan still waited for the intensity and

duration of her pains to increase.  She could only classify what

she had felt so far as "moderate" and they were still 10-12 minutes

apart.  She was going to push it to the 4-6 minute range for she

was hoping someone at the hospital would have to undress her and

she was hoping for a male nurse.  Joan was sure they take these

things in stride but it had an erotic connotation in her mind.

     By early evening Joan had been in labor for over twelve hours

and the pains had increased from what Joan called "moderate" to

what she would now call "minimumly" strong.  On their onset they

would take her breath away but the would roll from her pubic area

to the cheeks of her ass, subsiding as they travelled their course.

     Joan was meeting the pains now with a copulating motion.  She

tried to "ride" the pains as she rode her mysterious lovers seed

filled tube.  The agony/pleasure of the pain was passing erotic

thoughts through her mind.  Joan realized that after her delivery 

she would be planning another pregnancy as soon as possible.

     With the pains just over five minutes apart an about two

minutes in duration, two minutes of hellish suffering that had Joan

wondering why she waited so long.

     Was she going to be able to endure the stress long enough to

get to the hospital?

     She knew the trip to the hospital would take about twenty

minutes and her end stage labor could advance quickly.  

     Stopped at her first traffic light, it seemed to take an

eternity for that light to change.

     Joan considered running it.

     Joan felt someone was trying to split her in two by driving a

wedge between her thighs.

     The most intense contractions were now about three minutes

apart with the rolling and splitting pain lasting almost the whole

duration, letting up only to be started again with another


     The intense pain was making the driving a most difficult task. 

     Any erotic fantasies were lost in the excruciating pain

racking her body.

     She wanted to cry out "this is not happening to me!"

     "Whose the bastard that did this to me?"

     Joans agony was unknown to anyone about her, tightly sealed in

the confines of the automobile she was driving.

     With little time to spare she arrived at the hospital, quickly

paring her car at the emergency room entrance and met by a young

orderly who quickly identified her need.

     He called back into the corridor, "gurney!, stat!, we have a

woman about to deliver."

     Joan was placed on the gurney and she felt them attach an IV

tube to one arm while a blood pressure cuff was wrapped around her

left arm.

     Someone was tugging at her pantyhose, she hoped it was the

orderly who had met her at the entrance.  With equal dexterity she

felt her panties being pulled down the length of her legs.

     As she felt her legs being lifted into the stirrups another

wave of contractions blurred the happenings from her mind.

     When she recovered her legs had been securely fastened in the

cold steel stirrups, a tent had been placed over them given some

semblance of privacy to the exposure of her most intimate parts.

     Joan felt a warm trickle flowing down the crack of her ass. 

She feared she had "wet" herself in the frenzy and excitement, to

her relief she heard the nurse say, "her water has broken, she

should deliver very soon."

     They seemed to be telling her to "push" and "hold it" at the

same time.  Her body was out of sequence with what the attending

doctor wanted.

     Joan knew this baby was going to do what it darn well pleased

and it was going to come out whether they wanted her to push or


     The strength of the contractions were now drawing her up

almost to a sitting position yet her legs were high above her head

securely fastened in those cold stirrups.

     "She's fully dilated", she heard the doctor state.  "Let her

bear down with each onset of the contractions."

     "Push!", came the order.

     "Again, bear down as hard as you can, the head is out and the

right shoulder, once or twice more and you'll be done", he


     Then, reflected in the mirror above the delivery table, the

red bloody body of a little baby could be seen.  Joan could not

tell what sex it was and anxiously waited to her the doctors


     "It's a GIRL!", he proudly exclaimed.

     Joan was happy and slept.

     It was almost midnight when Joan awaken.  Somewhat frightened

by the low level of light and lack of any perceptible sound.

     Joan groped for the call button she knew would be at the side

of her bed and pushed it time after time.

     The night nurse at the station, saw the flashing light

immediately and dispatched a floor nurse to Joan's room .

     "Where's my baby?", Joan pleaded.  "Is it alright?"

     "Your baby's fine", the nurse responded.  "Would you like to

see her?"


     "She might not have been fed yet", the nurse offered.  "Would

you like to try nursing her?"

     "Oh yes!" was Joans anxious reply.

     The doubts and wondering had returned to her mind.  How was

all this happening?  Something strange had overcome her but what

was it.

     She again had the fear that what she would find in her

nightgown wouldn't be the nourishing breasts that would be needed

to feed the baby that was going to be brought to her room.

     Was this all some kind of dream?

     Visions of the Mall began to return.  The pretty maternity

dresses she wanted to buy but found too expensive.

     The parking lot and the cold slipper driveway came into view.

     Joan was again panic stricken as the bright light shown in her

face.  She reached inside the gown she was wearing, as the light

lessened when the nurse closed the room door.  

     The nurse lay the small infant at the breast that Joan had

exposed and with hungry warm lips, little baby Heather Rose suckled

the offered nipple.

     Waves of shear pleasure shot through her as the infants

suckling grew more intense.

     Joan was surprise that such a small child could create so much

force on her tender nipples.  She could feel the warm fluid

escaping from those swollen globes.

     Joan knew she had all she wanted.

     The pain from the suckling grew stronger.  Joan freed her

other breast in an attempt to have her nurse from that one and

"share the pain".

     Her chest was burning.

     Then she was being helped to her feet.

     "Young man, are you okay?", came the question from an

attractive young woman assisting him to his feet.

     "You almost walked right in front of my car", she continued,

"had you not fallen on the patch of ice, I might have hit you.  Are

you okay?"

     "Your packages seem to be okay, whose the lucky lady that is

going to get that lovely dress?" the driver inquired.

     With a little disappointment in his voice he said, "why, it's

for me."

     "Interesting", was her one word reply.



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